Potatoes Anna

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  1. Ana Rosas says:

    I recently made this for my birthday, I chose them mostly because they are named just like me…. and I have to say they are delicious. The recipe seems simple, but the taste is extraordinary, everyone complimented me on them.
    Thanks for sharing great recipes that are so easy to make.

  2. Charlotte Delise says:

    Love your website. It is so unique and beautiful. Please include me in your email newsletter

  3. Leslie says:

    You’re 1st Christmas book was given to me by mother and says “love, Mummy, 1991” I was 31, now am 55! And I still cherish that book and added 2 others, the “Vineland” and the “Heart”. I so enjoy reading cookbooks, especially really old ones. But I had never seen anything so charming as yours. All your quotes; I wish I’d said that. And your artwork. What a joy to take out and read every few years and/or new moves. Absolute raves for your carrot cake, lemon chicken and lemon noodles and apple pie. Haven’t been brave enough to try oranges and onions!!
    Thank you for your nostalgia offered with such food for the eye!📺

    Ps I am an Anglophile also.🇬🇧

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