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  1. Thanks so much for this reminder. We get all stressed out this time of year but it’s not just from shopping and trying to make everything “perfect”….I did that for years when the kids were young but for me it was more than making it nice for five children, it was making up for the divorce that separated our family and I remember my own mother doing it for my brother and myself after the divorce.
    Besides the Christmas songs and gifts and food, there was always an underlying sadness that could not be identified. We knew that if we did identify it, we would be sucked into a sadness so profound that we might not ever recover.
    Well, over the years I have suffered many losses. A son died of AIDS seven years ago, and his death did not bring us closer. Adult children took sides as to “why” he had AIDS in the first place, others wanted some of his possessions and did not get the “thing” they wanted. I raised several grandchildren while working full time. We experienced homelessness and despair, and we have also had great and wonderful times.
    I am blessed now to be able to bless others. I still work full time and have set up a community store for my peers in a senior living building. I am living alone for the first time in fifty one years and I have my good and bad times.
    I am sixty seven, published a couple of books, working on more and living with my “new normal” which includes changes in my body and outlook almost daily.
    I did not mean to go on so, but I think this article will help a lot of people.
    I am just learning to relax and be me. I am just learning to …..BREATHE!

  2. mary cunningham says:

    I have a wonderful friend who owns a condo on the beach in Florida..I clean her house and she gives me her condo for two weeks each year…so refreshing and peaceful to walk the beach and sleep to the sound of the waves…just me and the natural beauty around me…no alarm clocks , demands , work , time to think or not….only doing what I wanted to do…in my time….bliss…serenity….

  3. pat says:

    Very true words … I love a good, even silly comedy movie .. time with my special girlfriends … a long warm bath … and a small glass of bubbly, all great stress relievers for me ……. a last one .. reading your blog! I live in S Africa and I love to read about lifestyles in other countries!

  4. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Thank you for the stress relief, very good advice my dear! And, a chocolate & a Hallmark movie helped last night, too!! xoxo

  5. Tricia Neron says:

    My favorite stress relief, Susan’s blog and books and calendars, etc.

  6. Becky says:

    I love your site, articles, and products so much! I wish there was a way to “pin” them for quick reference. I want to have a Susan Branch Pinterest board;)

  7. Marle says:

    Cooking from ANY of my SB cookbooks collected from the beginning. It’s like going home for me.

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