Stuffed French Bread

4 Responses to Stuffed French Bread

  1. Diane says:

    This is absolutely the very best to take to parties or just to enjoy at home. I make this every year during the holidays. It’s a must have.

  2. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh! Thank you for posting this recipe. It has brought back the best memories👩‍🌾💕, my father passed away in 1981 when our oldest was just 4 months old. He loved clam dip during the holiday’s along with a big box of chocolates. We now live on 50 acres in Tennessee trying to leave a legacy. Retired & enjoying life… I have two of your cookbooks that I am filling with our family recipes for our girls. So important for us to bring back the family unity, Sunday dinners & reunions. I think with all the Covid etc. has hopefully us all understand how important “Family” truly is. Gatherings with homemade recipe’s from friends, family, grandma, great grandma, on & on is memories we will never forget. Thank you for writing again, you truly made my day.

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