Tea Party Invitation

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  1. Diane Shoup says:

    Your art work makes me smile! Thank you for sharing your stories, friends and family with us all.

  2. Brenda says:

    So glad YOU are in charge! FUN IS GOOD!

  3. Laura says:

    Sue, every time I read your blog I admire you as a person even more! Thank you for the beauty, kindness and generosity that pours out of everything you do! Blessings!

  4. Sandra says:

    So sweet, thank you! I’m going to have a Tea Party just because of your invitations! I’m going to make scones with homemade jam and cream and a poppy seed cake, because I’m English!

  5. Bev from Colorado says:

    I recently visited the Celestial Seasonings tea headquarters nearby with my daughter and grandchildren. We toured their facility where they store huge bales of tea from all over the world. Saw where they make their tea bags, package them, and box them up. Thought of you and the fun of having tea parties.

  6. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Susan, I love your tea party invite. I used to have a lovely little cream-coloured tea set when I was a little girl ( I’m a year older thsn you). Years ago I spotted the same tea set in an antique store in palest blue but it was $75 – a little out of my budget. Then last fall I spotted another set in palest pink. It was $69 but this time I didn’t hesitate. I display it on a glass cake plate with a music box of two little Victorian girls holding hands. It will make a lovely Valentine centrepiece. Did I mention it was pink? So sweet.

  7. Kathy Kennedy says:

    Dear Susan
    I am having a brunch with girlfriends next week and your beautiful pictures and recipes always inspire me and make it more fun. Thank you

  8. Brenda Brady says:

    Thank you for the invitation. I plan to use it for my valentine tea.


  9. Mary Pacey says:

    What a beautiful way to subtract the years and become a young child again with friends–real ones this time, not the stuffed bears and dolls from childhood. Great way to share new treats. Thanks for the assistance in fun.

  10. Shelley from Home says:

    Look so forward to reading your blog, it’s inspiring!

  11. Renee Martinez says:

    I will have a tea party now that I have cute invitations! Thanks you!

  12. Joan Kelly says:

    There is nothing better than sharing a cup of freshly brewed tea with special friends. Thank you, Susan, for all your inspiration.

  13. Amy says:

    I just love it every time you post an update, Susan! I savor every word and picture on the new post. It makes me smile and brightens my day! Thank you!

  14. Sherrill K. says:

    Very cute invitations…great reason to have friends over during the day. : )

  15. Jo Bentley says:

    Enjoy your blog very much also reading “A Fine Romance” it is darling.
    My friend and I host a tea party often and really enjoy it. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

  16. Maria Gulden says:

    So Pretty!!! Printing them up for my next tea party and asking everyone to write a favorite recipe on the back to swap. This way we will have a reminder of the date we got togehter in our recipe boxes.

  17. Annie says:

    Dear Susan,
    I may not have won the books, but I DO believe I did win anyways. I mentioned I was hosting a tea party for my book club soon. I picked Northanger Abbey and A Fine Romance. I now have adorable invitations to send out for our gathering. Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Though….I still hope I win the next prize. Your signed book would be our door prize. Also, my mom moved in with me last fall. For Christmas, I bought her your “signature” tea. She will need a refill since she LOVES it! Finally, I have the same Johnson Bros. china. The teapot is a match!! Thanks for your generosity!

  18. Alice Schueller says:

    Oh a tea party filled with love! Thank you!

  19. Libby says:

    You and your stories, and parties, and paintings, and home….make me smile every day! Thank You!

  20. Marti Long says:

    Love all the red and white china which is something I have quite a bit of also. So good for Christmas and for Valentines Day. I just may have to have a party!!

  21. Jean says:

    Love the teapot. I loved your book, A Fine Romance. Keep up the good work. Your newsletters mak for happy days!

  22. Teresa G., Lafayette, CA. says:

    I think you have just started a whirlwind of tea party planning! I’m all set with my card stock ready to print. Although to make it a real SB party, I’ll make it a “twine party!” 🙂 And since my birthday is the same as Paul’s (Jan. 29) my party theme is all set! Thank you, Susan!

  23. India lounsbury van eck says:

    Brought me back to a day in 1997 on the Martha(!) when my then five year old son fell in love with a stuffed cat who looked very much like your reading kitty. He named her martha and she still resides at the top of his closet waiting to be loved by his (future) little ones. Thanks for the memories..

  24. Judy C in NC says:

    Oh what fun, Susan – as director in charge of fun, I think you have definitely started a good trend – I have come to love the tea parties and the brunch ladies on my block all know to expect it when they come to Judy’s house. I also require them to wear hats – gloves are next I think – hee, hee, won’t that be fun. Set, ready and go. JC

  25. Sherry Loomis says:

    Sweet invitation! I haven’t had a tea party since my niece was 5-She’s 19 now and not into it! But these invitations make me want to do it with some GF’s asap! Thanks for your inspiration!

  26. Gail Steinmeyer says:

    Yay!! I love these invitations! I’ve been wanting to plan a tea party with the Downton Abbey theme, including the manners we learned about in the special bonus episode. Of course we’ll wear gloves too!

  27. Holly Heaslip says:

    Everyday is an excuse for a tea party!

  28. Holly Heaslip says:

    I think everyday is a wonderful excuse for a tea party!

  29. Margie Basile says:

    I don’t need any more motivation than this! Thank you! When I see you get ready for Valentines Day it reminds me of the wonderful hours I spent with my mother decorating the shoebox to create a mailbox for the exchange of valentine in my grade school classroom. Doilies, cuspids, hearts and beautiful ribbons and many appy memories of creating!

  30. Beth Barnat says:

    I already left a comment to win the address book, but just had to comment how much I love reading your monthly newsletter. It puts a smile on my face and in my heart. Thank you so much, Beth Barnat

  31. Mechelle Siudy says:

    I fell in love with you and your art through Country Living.
    You still make me smile. 🙂

  32. Celeste says:

    How wonderful to be able to do so much of what you want to do and to enjoy living with it and from it. Love the clips and quotes and the drawings are as cheery as the tea, cup and pots!

  33. carol fraser says:

    Your invitations are going out to six friends and my Mom. We’ll enjoy tea using Petit Point by Royal Albert…and I may just need to try your tea with the lavendar. It sounds luscious! Enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

  34. Raenell Cannady says:

    Thanks Susan for the Invite to print, it is lovely. Anxious for yet another one of your generous prizes…you make me feel so giddy like a child, hoping and hoping to be there winner. Smiling………have a great day!

  35. Arlene Burger says:

    I have at least one Tea Party a year. And my homemade lemon curd is the Best Ever! Thanks for making me smile so often.

  36. Mary Anne Bomberger says:

    I have been a fan of yours for many years having received one of your cookbooks as a gift. Just recently, I’ve discovered your blog and renewed my love and enjoyment of your artwork! It’s like visiting with an old friend when reading your blog. And I’m thinking of using your invitation for a meeting I’m having Valentines week to turn it into a tea party. Sounds like a fun idea for a committee meeting! Thanks for the idea.

  37. Anne says:

    Too cute. Thank you, the invite is such a nice gift. I am so inspired by your blog entries.

  38. I love reading your blog. A tea party with friends sounds like a great way to warm up this winter season.

  39. Barbara Freitas says:

    What perfect timing! Thank you Susan….the Tea Party invitations are just what I needed for the Valentine Tea and Treats gathering I’m having for a few of my special friends. I’ve already printed out the lovely gift of your invitation design, and added them to my collection of goodies for the party. One of the favors I will have at the place settings, are mini creamers with little red heart flowers in them, and I’m so excited that your invitations fit right in with that theme. I’ve been looking for a teapot that would be “adorable” on the party table…..and I think I just found it…….now, I just hope that Vanna finds my name while she’s swimming around in that pool of entries! Thank you for all the joy you share, and all the smiles you put on our faces when we read your words and see your sweet art from the heart. I have been a fan of yours for many, many years……and I wonder how is it that I’M getting older, and YOU are not! <3

  40. Carol F. says:

    Everything you create—books, blogs, recipes and your gentle spirit makes my heart smile. Thank you for all that you do for all of us lucky “girlfriends”.

  41. Pat Triska says:

    Love the teapot. It would look great with the other ones in my collection. Happy Valentine’s day.

  42. Mary Compton says:

    You always provide such inspiration! I think I’ll have a tea party for my friends at work. Maybe combined with a trip to the Oregon coast. Such fun.

  43. Catherine Barr says:

    How Lovely the Valentine invitations are Susan! I have been hosting Valentine Tea parties since 1996 (yes – based on YOUR influence!). My party is “THE” party to go to – (Vanna would be so jealous!!) Lol I can’t wait to use these invitations this year. Thank You always for the *JOY* you bring to my life! XOXO

  44. Terry says:

    love love love anything tea! I am having a tea party and we will all wear hats (and maybe gloves) and your invitation is perfect!

  45. Kathy Kiefer says:

    Dear Sis Susan – Love your art, love your writing, love your spirit !

  46. Marie Morris says:

    This is so darling! And so are you!

  47. Sue says:

    I feel so old that I liked Susan Branch stuff before there was a Blog and giveaways 🙂
    Nice to meet you through the magic of the Internet.
    Better yet in person…any thoughts of THAT give-away?? 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, and although I would prefer a coffee club, I shall have a Tea Party should I win .

  48. Lovely…and perfect for tea with my granddaughter!!
    Happy Valentine’s

  49. Sharon Thompson says:

    Oh, what a perfectly lovely teapot!!! And guess what? I have Rose Chintz dishes, plates, cups and saucers – how perfect is that? A Tea Party using your darling invitations, a red and white check tablecloth, red satin bows (with long streamers)tied to the lamp over the dining table. Is this a wonderful gift for dear friends? A perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day here on our little Cranberry Farm. Thank you dear Susan for inspiring so many and shining your light of inspiration and love on these cold winter days.

  50. Karen Strebeck says:

    Love you!

  51. Rachel Ramos says:


  52. Ann in Pasadena says:

    Hi Susan,
    Perfect timing! I’m having a tea party at the end of the month and I will use your darling invites to confirm the day and time. I will also study your photo of the pretty Valentine’s tea for “tea table” ideas. Thanks so much for the color and beauty you bring to our lives!!

  53. sue kyle says:

    sue, i’m happy i saved your message for this day which began very early negotiating with the craftsman redoing my wood floors…and the day slid downhill from there trying to do a small favor for my son. Then came time for reading your message. hurray! i adore the mini valentine banner & i am dreaming of making a few for my girlfriends!!!
    Bless you. sue

  54. Bea says:

    Love to sit and read your posts, as they brighten any day, especially on a cold winter day.

  55. Sarah says:

    I look forward to reading your blog. The tea pot would be something to treasure.

  56. Marilyn Taylor Young says:

    I’m just now starting to watch Downton Abby and I love tea, tea parties, gloves, little cakes and everything cute of every color. Can’t wait to serve tea!

  57. Jo Ann Moulds says:

    I don’t know what happened to the comment I just sent, but I don’t see it anywhere. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the lovely inspiration you share. I hope Vanna pulls my name from the mix for your generous Valentine’s give away. That teapot would be heaven.
    Jo Ann

    • sbranch says:

      We have lots of Girlfriends commenting, I’m a little backed up with “approvals” — love to read everything plus we get lots of spam sprinkled in which I try to weed out . . . I’m pretty sure you’re in the 189 comments waiting now, but it doesn’t matter, love hearing from you and Vanna knows only to choose one from each address. We are good to go!

  58. Cindy Whitney says:

    What a wonderful treat for us…you’re such a kindred spirit. Your blog always brightens my day. Love everything it contains, the music, the artwork, the recipes,the photos, the creativity of you. Have a wonderful day! Take care, Cindy

  59. Eve Broadley says:

    Hello, Susan. 🙂
    I’m married to a Yorkshire lad, David! As he says, Yorkshire first, British second. “E by gum.” We got married in the US and honeymooned in the Lake District. He knows how much I love the British countryside and all things lovely. Of course we hit every touristy spot, including Beatrix Potter’s home, Hill Top. I was in such awe to be stood right there, in her home! It was like a pilgrimage. I lived in West Yorkshire with my handsome, British hubby in and out for five years as I was fighting for custody of my kids back in the US. I was homeless and jobless in the US, but my heart wasn’t complete without my kids so I had to leave my hubby behind as he had a job and would be able to support me while I tried to get back on my feet. I finally got lucky and found a job, got a car, got my own apartment, and finally got custody of my youngest and have my 2 older kids with me too. Dave and I have been managing our crazy life together thru Skype. We probably talk and spend more time together than most married couples. We’re physically together for 2 weeks in the Spring, 3 weeks in the Summer and 1 week during Christmas/New Years. It’s not what anyone would consider a conventional marriage but it’s still one that’s as loving and committed as any other. I love him to the moon and beyond! He’s coming after Valentine’s this year for 2 weeks and he booked a boutique hotel, a broadway show, fancy dinner for a long weekend in NYC…just the two of us! When I saw the Emma Bridgewater teapot going for a GIVEAWAY…well, I’ve had my eye on that since you’ve carried it, I LOVE hearts…but found it out of my budget. So, as I’m lucky in love, I hope I’ll be lucky in the draw for this lovely, lovely teapot as I have plans for a tea party, homemade strawberry scones, jam and cream with my wonderful Yorkshireman. 🙂
    P.S. I loved your book…A Fine Romance. It was so nice reading about how you enjoyed a lot of what I too have seen and experienced…about what I consider my other home, England! Ta, luv. xo

    • sbranch says:

      There’s a thousand ways to happiness and every single one of them is a pure blessing. Lucky you Eve, who doesn’t love a wonderful Yorkshireman?! xoxo

  60. Eve Broadley says:

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blogs and look forward to all the pictures you post. I also love all the English goods and collectibles you offer. Especially loving the Emma Bridgewater Hearts teapot on GIVEAWAY! Crossing fingers as I’m planning a special Valentine tea party for my British hubby.

  61. Linda says:

    Dear Susan, I think I need the teapot to go with the cup on the woodpile! I found a picture of the cup sitting on the woodpile on my phone. I was absolutely floored wondering whose woodpile with the cup on it and who had taken the picture with MY camera! But you see, I’m a non-techy person. A friend explained that I must have hit copy or something like that while on a blog and it copied the picture to my picture file. I looked back through a couple of your blogs and sure enough there was the picture that was on my phone. I sure thought it looked like your photography and sure enough, it was!

    • sbranch says:

      How funny. That would confound me too, to find something like that on my phone, something I recognized, but where from!?

  62. Erin Reilley says:

    Susan, You are always so inspiring. I love the tea pot. Your books are truly lovely. Thanks for making life more beautiful!

  63. Dolores Ashworth says:

    Love your pictures…all your art…the way you decorate… I collect blue and white china and ironstone. Blue has been my favorite color since I was a little girl and I still love it. All my things look like yours except in blue. I do have a few complete sets, but my favorite to use is all the mismatched blue & white. When I have things set up for a buffet with the family, it’s fun to watch to watch the kids sometimes pick out their favorite pattern. Again, I love your photos and pictures…they make me happy!

  64. Elizabeth Zawacki says:

    I would have a tea party for all the young girls in my neighborhood – between the ages of 8 and 18. I have one child – a son (21 yrs.) and missed out having tea parties with girls. I “borrow” my neighbors’ daughters for fun things like baking cookies, etc.

    I love your blog, and have several of your books. They are so cozy! My sis-in-law loves reading them when she visits.

  65. Pat says:

    Love the teapot and your inspiration!

  66. Holly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your world, your art, and your kindness with our world. There is something to be said for living in a “Smallville” that words just do not do justice. Thank you, again, thank you…

  67. Sue says:

    New follower here with 5 granddaughters! A Valentine Tea Party is a perfect idea!

    Thank you!

  68. Trisha says:

    I have loved your website, calendars, books, stickers, and gifts for years! I never tire of looking closely at all you do…very inspiring! It must be sooo much fun!! THANK YOU for sharing your art and kind quotes 😀

  69. Lanette P says:

    These are adorbs!! Any chance you could post some “Valentine’s” to give out at school? We love vintage! This gave me a GREAT idea for Christmas gifts! Matching Christmas cup and saucer, scones and Christmas tea for Christmas morning for all my sis-in-laws!! I had the WORST Christmas this past year, totally disorganized, not knowing what to buy anyone, wrapping on Dec. 24! NEVER AGAIN, I am writing down idea’s every month for gifts and FUN THINGS to do with my family!! Thank you for being who you are. You inspire me to do sweet things!

  70. Anita MacQuarrie says:

    Thank you for being so genuinely kind.I still can’t believe you responded to my little Facebook note when I was in that flutter moment.All I can say is “Thank you”.

  71. Dee says:

    “Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” Lucy Maud Montgomery
    Hello kindred spirit! Thanks for your blog, your books, your art, and for sharing!

  72. Judith Mellenthien says:

    I love to receive your blogs and see the interesting items you write about. You are so talented and such a sweet lady. I love “A Fine Romance” and am on my second reading of it. My niece, Lisa, has all of your books and loves them along with your calendars and other items. You are so generous to your readers with the wonderful gifts you give. I would love to win one of the gifts to give to my niece. If not, I already feel like a winner just for having you and your wonderful blogs in my life. Blessings to you and Joe.

  73. Malia says:

    Love this! I want to be able to “pin it” on Pinterest but there is no link! 🙁

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