Three Layer Carrot Cake

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  1. Sarah Chasnoff says:

    I bought this cookbook in 1986, the year I was married. The illustrations are charming and the recipes are delicious!!! I’ve made this carrot cake many, many times for birthdays and Easter. It is so worth it in every way!!!

  2. Heather Olsson says:

    Susan, thank you for including this recipe on your website. My cookbook has still not been unpacked from our move across country a few months ago.
    I make this recipe every year for my daughter’s birthday which happens to be my birthday as well. It would have been quite disappointing if we couldn’t have kept up this tradition.

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  4. Desiree bagnell says:

    I’m such a huge fan of all your books, every year my mom and dad got me one after I was out of college! In the day of digital access, yours are the only books I will never part with!! I love this recipe, it brings smiles to every special ocassion, tomorrow I will make it for my 92 year old grandmother!!

  5. Kat Rhea says:

    Oh! Soooo happy you put this recipe up! I have saved all your calendars since 2000 because I just can’t (won’t) toss them out. But I needed this really quick and when I go searching for something from your calendars, they are so rich I bury myself for hours and hours. Thank you for all your wonderful gifts that fill our hearts and our bellies.

    • sbranch says:

      You are so welcome Rhea . . . I also put this Carrot Cake recipe (and the method for the Cupcakes!) in the newest edition (30-Year Anniversary) of Heart of the Home . . . to make it easier to find. It’s too good to hide!

  6. Yum, love carrot cake. never made it myself though, Thanks for posting sounds delcious. Simon

  7. Linda K Foster says:

    One of my friends brought carrot cake to my husbands retirement party Sunday evening, here in Michigan. It was sooooo good. I told her we have our own family recipe we pass around but hers was so much better even. Could I please have a copy of it? I was so surprised when she showed me this! Your book! I said “I’m sure I already have it then! I just need to make it!”
    😂😂😂 thank you for a very scrumptious carrot cake! I will be using this recipe from now on Susan!!

    • sbranch says:

      I know, I humbly agree that this is the BEST carrot cake ever. Three layers! It makes amazing cupcakes too. They don’t fall apart like so many carrot cake cupcakes do! HERE’S the recipe… they’re also in the new Heart of the Home. Thank you for telling me! xoxo Happy Husband’s Retirement!

  8. Sue Green says:

    Susan, I have followed you since the days of monthly recipe publications in Country Living. I used to tear all of those pages out every month and I had quite a collection. When I discovered your cookbooks, I was quite happy. Keep sharing your gifts and talents. They are so enjoyable to read!

  9. Laura T Quinn says:

    This carrot cake is a family staple for us. I’m 62 and my hubby makes it for my birthday ever since your book came out. My son loves it, and today we’re making it for my 85 year old mom’s birthday at her request. I have and love all of your books! Thank you for your beautiful work.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you back Laura, yes, I so agree, that cake is DELICIOUS! 💞 You’re making me hungry! Happy Birthday to your mom from me! xoxoxo

  10. Irene A says:

    The carrot cake is my husbands favorite birthday cake. The cookbook as a whole is wonderful, I’ve made so many of the recipes I consider it a kitchen staple.

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