Valentine Cookie


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  1. Shauna Woodall says:

    This is awesome, as we say in SoCal! My husband loves sweets — there’s no better gift, in his book! (I, of course, wouldn’t touch a thing. No … not me … I’m above that … almost never touch the stuff … almost … maybe just a piece … to make sure it tastes okay … fine — move over and make room!)

  2. Denise in NY says:

    This is the version I know. It’s so sad.
    On a lighter note what a great idea for a cookie! You are the go to person for every holiday!!

    The Water is Wide -Original lyrics

    The water is wide. I cannot get o’er
    And neither have I wings to fly
    Give me a boat that can carry two
    And both shall row my love and I

    I leaned my back up against an oak
    I thought it was a trusty tree
    But first it swayed and then it broke
    And so my false love did unto me

    Oh love is handsome and love is kind
    And love’s a jewel when it is new
    But love grows old and waxes cold
    And fades away like morning dew
    Morning dew
    Morning dew
    Like morning dew

  3. Gretchen says:

    happy birthday

  4. Lynn J says:

    Would like to have the recipe with a border so it could be used as Valentine decor in a frame for my kitchen. Also bought your calendar to go with my checkbook. Thanks for the tributes from different authors and your artwork.

  5. Judy Hahn says:

    I love your calendars I picked one up for about twenty years.

  6. melissa quarles says:

    Nothing says love like a giant delicious cookie with a glass of ice cold milk! thanks susan for another fantabulous recipe!

  7. Joan H. says:

    Thanks, Susan ! This will be perfect to bake, in a heart- shaped cake pan I own . I bought it many years ago & haven’t used it in awhile . The cookie recipe sounds delicious . Happy Valentines Day to you & Joe too . Best, Joan H. 🙂

  8. I love it thank you …. Can’t wait to make these…. <3

  9. Love your site,thank you.

  10. Diane Ranft says:

    Love this idea.

  11. Pat says:

    Sounds good! I love your snippets from poems and books and songs too 🙂

  12. Kirsten Anne Wichert says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Do you think these will bake well in my cast iron heart muffin pan?

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