January 23, 2011

alentine’s Day, like every day, can be brightened by the smallest things — all it takes is a surprise break in the routine to make life just a little bit sweeter. Start the day off right for a beloved other: make morning coffee, stir some chocolate syrup into it, top it with whipped cream, and sprinkle on tiny colored candies (the kind you put on cupcakes). It’s OK to serve this with heart-shaped toast. For the little beloved others, they like heart-toast too, with cherry jam on it; or do what my mom did, make oatmeal, tint it pink with food coloring, sprinkle over cinnamon hearts.
or your girlfriends? The real people that Valentine’s Day was invented for? You know what they like….

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Sending prayers to Brazil and to Australia for their losses in these terrible floods.
Valentine girlfriends the world around. Thinking of you…..

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