January 28, 2011

‘m so excited because my newest line of quilting fabrics, the "Friends" Collection from Quilting Treasures and Cranston is almost here! It actually has been here, but it’s already gone, so it’s almost here again! We previewed it last week at our booth at the ROAD TO CALIFORNIA QUILT SHOW…and sold out every scrap. More is set to arrive the second week of February. In the meantime, we’ve been getting mail requesting the pattern for the new Friendship Quilt we had at the show — we kept hearing how much everyone liked the 3-d flowers — and we sold out of that too! But now we have it HERE, a free pattern for you to print out! (We have more sewing patterns and How-To’s, for aprons, chair cushions, dish towels, baby bib, potholders, and all kinds of fun things in case you’re looking for a project.) If you’re interested in my fabric, please ask your local quilt fabric shop if they are carrying it, and if not, will they please carry it! It’s so much more fun to be able to touch it and play with it; it’s beautiful quality, but if you really can’t find it, we will have it here.



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4 Responses to January 28, 2011

  1. Carolyn says:

    You’ve done it again! You’ve inspired me to make a quilt top from my scrap pile, using fabric that my children and grandchildren might recognize and inspire sweet memories of bygone days. Also, I’m going to make each of my girls and grand daughters an apron from the adorable “vintage” pattern you so gracious allowed me to print out. Thanks!, Girlfriend Susan!

  2. Lisa Muncy says:

    Thank you so much Susan!! I’ve starting reading all your blog posts I’ve missed, and was so happy to see this apron pattern you’ve graciously given us. I can’t wait to get started making aprons as gifts for my loved ones, this pattern is beautiful! Thanks!!!

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