April 18, 2011

PoppyWas in the car last week, driving through the wine country out behind San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California; then heading north up Highway One past Morro Bay, to Cambria, feeling free as a bird driving through the rolling green hills, clumps of bright orange California poppies in bloom in the "spring-green" grass on the side of the road. There were almond trees looking like pink clouds; wisteria covered gates, cows in the grass, and rows of twisted grapevines that made the hillsides look like Tuscany; oak trees and old barns dotted the landscape. On the other side of the highway, the sparkling Pacific Ocean, and the coastline that looks like the edge of a jig-saw puzzle-piece.

"Oh Joe, turn up the radio!" Windows rolling down. Ecstaticness taking over.

Bette Midler singing; no choice but to sing along ….

ere we go, get ready, click here and sing with me …

rom a Distance…
the world looks blue and green,
…and snow capped mountains, white.

rom a distance….the ocean meets the stream, and the eagle takes to flight.
From a distance….. There is HAR-mony,
and it Ech-oes through the la-a-a-and….
It’s the voice of hope, the voice of peace, the voice of eve-ry man…

y heart swells, her words are my dream; I want to put on my Girl Scout uniform and salute the world.

nd speaking of eagles taking flight — here is a bit more nature grandeur to make your day…
(Did you know Eagles mate for life, are monogamous, and raise their young together? )

e’re driving across country, leaving L.A. on April 26 with fortifying cucumber sandwiches in an ice chest between us; heading back to Martha’s Vineyard following spring home… where I’ll be putting a wreath on the door, kissing the kitty (can not wait for this!), gathering lilacs, breathing in apple blossoms, and getting back to my studio and my book; writing you. Going the long slow way, across this beautiful country, all for the inspiration! Will wave from freeway!


ust a little planet celebration, our beautiful world. Happy Earth Day!

Thank you Julie Gold for writing such a wonderful song.

To Do List:
Go to Farmer’s Market: "Buy Local, buy fresh."
Start a garden; plant everything for a salad: herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. Plant things to encourage birds and bees; they like purple, yellow, blue; and they love flowering trees. Pop in a few sweet pea flower seeds where they can climb; they smell like heaven in the spring and, like hyacinths, are perfect food for your deserving soul.
Start a compost heap; your egg shells, vegetable peels and coffee grounds will make your tomatoes bigger and your roses will love you.
Dry your sheets and air your quilts on a clothesline (bury nose in them as you carry back into house).
Look at your April calendar and make those delicious Banana Fritters for Mother’s Day.

rom a distance, we are looking so good! xoxo

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