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y kitchen porch is the secret gateway to our house…down the driveway our friends (and the UPS man) must go;

. . . past the picket-fence garden . . .

. . . dipping under the wisteria arbor. No one uses the "real" front door of this house … if they do, no one hears them, no one comes. They have to search out the kitchen entrance to find us. Its kind of like the welcome mat to the house, so I want it to feel, you know, welcoming — with chimes and romantic flowers, such as . . .

hen we set up my new favorite thing, this small water fountain into which we dropped a couple of seashells, in honor of the fact that we live on an island!

o over the Memorial Day Weekend, I did what I do every year, filled my wheelbarrow with good compost we make from our kitchen scraps, pulled the pots out of the barn, got my gloves on and into the dirt.

watered everything well, until the old bricks and pots began to take on a bit of the grotto feel, with the gurgling water, the spring breezes, the butterflies and bees zipping by.

sit on the steps, wipe my sweaty brow, and drink a glass of wine as the sun goes down, listen to my fountain, watch the birds throw water around in the birdbath, aware of the neighborhood noises of dinners cooking and children playing, and think happy thoughts. Zee porch? She is done.

ow for my tiny garden tip of the day, because it is the little things in life that are the best … when you bring in roses to put in a bouquet, include mint. It really pops the fragrance of the rose … you go to smell the rose, and get the mint too.

That’s it…and remember June Moon Tune Spoon.
That says it all.


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10 Responses to Container Garden

  1. Laura Croyle says:

    Absolutely Loverly!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Angie(Tink!) says:

    I Love Love Love You My Sweetest Sue! (& Your Joe & Kitty toooooo) xoxo Poof! & Oh My Goodness Your New Blog is Beyond Magical! Yay! I’m Twirling Into Your Spell! 🙂

  3. Barb K. says:

    Susan…I am in love with your picket fence and your garden. It feels like a place you could just wander and relax all day long. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sandra Arix Kazanjian says:

    LOVE,everything you do…. I am thinking your “little pink flowers with no tag” might be “forget-me-nots”, but not sure. Hard to tell about the size, but the leaf appears similar to me. They also come in blue and have tiny blooms, like 1/4″-1/3″ across maybe. If your flowers are MUCH bigger, then it may be something else. Looking forward to visiting my sis later in the summer, so I’ll be walking by to sneak a peek at your yard. She lives on the street straight out your front door that intersects yours. Have you spotted the garden plot nearby with the musical instruments catching water and maybe even holding birdseed?

  5. Debra says:

    My comment….This beautiful glass with the grapes on the sides…I think it is related to my glasses. I only have 2 left. They were my Great Aunts, and I too drink wine out of them. Do you know anything about them? I’d love to purchase more.
    PS: I love your porch and garden pictures. Your house is truly inviting…I love the fact than you have to enter the “Heart of the Home” the kitchen.
    Lol, Debra

  6. Denise Leavensd says:

    I believe your pink mystery flowers are soapwort, the leaves of this plant were used long ago to make a cleaning lather. Also called bouncing bet, it grows easily along arid roadsides and other difficult places — showing how easy it is to grow. Saponaria, the genus name, has 40 or 50 varieties. Yours looks like what I’ve got growing in two pots for the past 8 years. Many times I’ve dug up a bit from my pots and given to others.

  7. Susan Simon says:

    This blog has been added to my morning routine… great way to start the day; a cup of coffee and your pictures, artistry, and yummy photos and treats! Thank you so much for sharing. Did you ever find out what the “little pink charmers” are? I’d like to know, too.

  8. Brenda says:

    Love this new blog! And your garden/porch looks like your artwork. Beautiful!

  9. susan desimone says:

    I love front door potted gardens… I place scented geraniums right by the entrance and when we brush against them they release their beautiful scent. Pots of herbs and cherry tomatoes…just because..
    Its a nice way to say welcome home after a long day 🙂

  10. suzanne says:

    I’m wondering if your pink charmers are pink phlox??? It’s a little hard to tell w/o seeing the leaves better… all looks wonderful, though. I am doing a little post and linking to your blog today!


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