Little Vases make me Happy . . .


Quilts and flowers belong together, don’t you think? It’s another place where nature and womankind meet.   In the great and ongoing project of organizing my photos, I realized how many I’ve taken of little vases!  So I thought maybe you’d enjoy a day of flowers, girlfriends . . . This bud’s for you! 

I look for vases pretty much the same places I look for old quilts.   Little ones like this one can be tucked into small spots, bathroom window sills, bedside tables, or cupboard shelves — this turquoise one is on the sideboard in our dining room.  A little vase doesn’t require an armful of flowers.  Just a couple of blooms from the garden and voila!  I’ve done something to make the day better!

This guy lives on the shelf over my kitchen sink.  At night he cavorts with the Beatrix Potter people. 

We dug a hole in the backyard to plant a new dogwood tree this spring, and found this bottle in it!  Joe brought it in to me.  I was so happy.  Hello, I said in vase language (which I speak fluently), Welcome back.

Off they go to the bathroom, next to my reading chair, and Joe’s-side-of-the- bed . . .

This is the best spot on earth for a human to put her nose. 

Was making a tray for tea, needed little spot o’ color in the middle . . . it’s just a plain old glass jar with something that grows wild over on the side of the barn.  A place for everything and everything in its place. 

Made this rose bouquet for the coffee table.  There’s mint in it.  So when someone smells a rose, they get a double whammy. Even innocent flower-lovers are my victims. 

My stove has a shelf.  It’s my ever-changing seasonal stove-top scene that this little bouquet is the centerpiece of.

This bird vase is one of a pair I rescued years ago at an estate sale, hiding on a top shelf in the dark corner of a pantry.  My eye caught the white gleam, and I went, oh yes, come on down.  Now they welcome guests at almost every dinner party we have.

 This mini Grecian urn does duty year-round.  For $3, this little vase has given more joy than any expensive fancy cut glass vase could ever do. ♥ 

Old creamers and sugar bowls make wonderful little vases too.   Would you like to see my vase cupboard?  It’s right next to the kitchen sink; I knew when I grew up I would have a vase cupboard.  None of these little vessels were expensive, but all of them have some personality trait that drew me in, like the yellow fish on the top shelf…he’s silly and he looks very good in the guest bathroom.

 I’ve been stalking vases since I was in my early twenties, which means I’ve had plenty of time to pull this together.  Was I supposed to look at the tiny one on the bottom shelf with the duck on it and say,

oh no, stay where you are, I have enough now?  No.  I rescue them, give them a good scrubbing, and make them feel useful again.  I’m a green recycler of all old things. This just goes to show what a dedicated hunter-gatherer can do in her spare time. ♥  Like in the quote below, I am “glad to the wood.”

 We felt that all things were like us people, down to the small animals like the mouse, and things like wood.  The wood is glad to the person who is using it, and the person is glad to the wood for being there to be used.    Native American brilliant person, Joe Friday.

 Have a wonderful day, girlfriends!  xoxo, your pal for life, Anna Susanna Dana (someday I’ll tell you the entire name that goes with it…when we know each other better :-))

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131 Responses to Little Vases make me Happy . . .

  1. mari1017 says:

    Love your post this morning!!! Quilts – love, but not many have I – BUT, little vases are one of my passions – and I collect them like crazy!!! Never too many, all colors, sizes, shapes, dates – all charming – you put a big smile on my face this morning reading your wonderful blog – I just knew you loved these too!!! Such a small source of joy, but soooooo wonderful – ♥♥♥ have a wonderful day, Susan!!!

    • sbranch says:

      My kinda girl ♥ Aren’t we lucky? xoxo

      • mari1017 says:

        ♥♥♥ we are!!! such a kindred spirit for all of us – that’s who you are! ♥♥♥

        p.s. my friend just got me a 4 pc white porcelain canister set – wood top with white standing heart on top – at auction – I had spotted it online at the link she sent – $3!!! Can you believe it? We went to lunch and she said – guess what I got at the auction? – 🙂 Beautiful set – even better in person than in picture! lol – just had to share 🙂

  2. Terri says:

    I love quilts and the comfort that comes with them BUT I love gardening and the harvest of flowers that I can put in all kinds of found containers! Thanks for sharing your passions with us! From one kindred spirit to another! Wish I could share a picture of my small flower garden out back with you. Here in Germany, it is cold this summer and more rainy than normal, my tomatoes are struggling to turn red, but my flowers seem to be bursting at the seams! Gratefully so!! Blessings to you Susan!!

  3. Oh don’t get me started on the little vases. I have em’, I love em’ and they just bring such fun to a room.
    You have some great ones there. REALLY liked the very first little greenish one. So cute!
    Thanks for sharing your collection with us. It’s good to know I’m not alone!

  4. Pom Pom says:

    Hi Anna Susanna Dana! I love all your vases! I have a little brown jug that needs some cosmos this morning. Love the quote on top! My sister-in-law (come over to my blog and see her adorable house!) recently had friend-help arrange the flowers on her daughter’s wedding tables and when her friends did not do as she asked, she WAS a bit miffed! Note to self: when helping friends with flowers: OBEY. Have a great day! Just confirmed: husband and I going to Maine for my fall break. DELIGHTED!

  5. Lin says:

    It’s pitchers for me……..mine get filled more with flowers than anything else. Loved seeing all your sweet bouquets and your collection of vases, Susan – a real day brightener for me!

  6. Gert says:

    Oh Susan…I absolutely “love” all these wonderful vases! I too have a few (but nothing like your collection!) smile.. Course the flowers that grace these vases are what make them become the center of attention!!! Lovely!!!!!

    Blessings…love this blog!!!
    xoxo Gert

  7. Rachel Lucas says:

    Just finished the stressful (neck aching) job of icing 60+ wedding cupcakes for a customer…he came to collect them (bride’s daddy, cute!) & now I’m snatching a quick rest with a BIG cup of coffee & this beautiful post. Gives me butterflies in my stomach! To ruin a quote from (one of my) favourite movies Amadeus…”one reads such things, & what can one say but…Susan?!” Perfect, as always. Love you xoxo

  8. Mary Lou says:

    ….and I thought I was the only one. It is wonderful to find so many like minded and softhearted folk still sharing this weary world. It makes it a better place and us better people.

    • sbranch says:

      I used to get mail, wonderful mail, and think, I wish these people all knew about each other. It would really cheer them up to know there are so many like-minded, good hearted, hard working, great people in the world — we hear way too much about the other kind….And now look!

      • Lori says:

        Oh yes, we are all part of a wonderful family … must be the *Branch* side of the family tree! : ) It is affirming to know that there are others out there picking flowers, fluffing quilts and trying to make our spot a liitle brighter. Thank you Susan.

      • Mary Lou says:


        • Pat Mofjeld says:

          I’ve thought the same thing–it is so good to know there are so many like-minded people out there…kind of reinforces my own habits of quilts, flowers, books, etc. and makes me feel there is hope for the world afterall… 🙂

  9. Margie @ Lavender Cottage says:

    Lavender Cottage has a huge laundry room with many cupboards, 3 of which are my vase cupboards! My favorite “vases” are my antique mason jars, clear and a particulary lovely shade of blue. However, I also have bits and bobs that I use for garden flowers (i.e. lone creamer, antique medicine bottles….). Susan, I was interested to hear that you add mint to your bouquets. I do too – the scent is heavenly and it last forever!! Gotta run – Have a great Thursday, Girlfriends!!

  10. Deborah says:

    It IS very cheerful to open your (our!) blog and check in with friends! It has rapidly become my daily pattern in the morning! Today’s pictures of flowers and vases are just lovely, very picturesque! You have a true ‘eye’ for the colors and combinations that really work! I love the sweet peas.
    Isn’t it great when you unbury something in the yard? We found old toys, that had to be 30 years old,…my brothers ‘army men’ and doll clothpins! I had to keep them my kitchen window sill too! Amazing what little treasure they are. Have a great day Susan,(and everyone) and enjoy all that crosses your path! I know you will!

  11. laurie says:

    what a lovely collection, I always love coming here to see whats new,, I could never have what you have in a million years,, (no room,, not enough money,, ha ha ) truth here,,but my having the ability to come and see your world is just amazing,,thank you Susan Branch for sharing,,

  12. Ann Y says:

    Love the post today ! I have always bought little vases ( at discount stores when I see them…love to put flowers in as little favor gifts when I have my girlfriends over) but you have inspired me to shop for unique ones from now on. I agree….I love little creamers for vases – have one right now on my kitchen table – filled with zinnias ( LOVE THEM, the cut and come again variety becauase you can “cut them and they keep coming back!), black eyed susans, a rose, and some basil. You get and share the feelings of so many of us girls…it’s the little things that make your home YOU and make everyone feel you care and that it is the best place to be. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas…have a beautiful day !

  13. Sarah Powell says:

    You are torturing me!
    Although I do have a “small” collection of vases on board and always have fresh flowers on the table, it’s Nothing like your pictures.
    BUT, am getting a nice collection of shells. xoxo Sarah sv/ El Tiburon

  14. Anita says:

    I’m new here, but feel soooo at home. I don’t know how I’ve missed this blog for so long. I’m also a hunter-gatherer of vases, especially green glass ones. I have a shelf above my kitchen sink, where I keep a variety of small bouquets all summer. (It’s the next best thing to having a window there.) Loved seeing your collection, thanks for sharing. Reading your blog–what a great way to start my day. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      It’s new! That’s how you missed it! This is our second month of meeting like this! Welcome! Gladda meet ya!

  15. Kim says:

    Good Morning Susan,
    Reading your blog with my morning cup of coffee has become one of my favorite ways to begin the day. I’ve always enjoyed the beautiful artwork and happiness that comes from reading your books, and now getting to know you through your blog is simply delightful. I feel an instant connection with every post.
    Just last week I was organizing my vase cupboard which is in my laundry room. Like you, I have been collecting these treasures for many years. I enjoyed getting to visit your vase cupboard and see the sweet little flower arrangements you created in them. But, best of all, I love when you said “Voila, I’ve done something to make the day better.”
    Oh, and that little vase with the duck on it was the first thing my eye went to. AdOrAbLe!!

    • Jeannie M says:

      Ooh! I too love the duck vase! A group of couples and husband and I started collecting everything ducky after a trip to Duck NC for a surprise birthday week for a dear friend!

  16. Country Gal says:

    Lovely post this morning. I love little vases as well . I collect different sizes of jugs in many styles and colors they make great vases ! Your collection is fantastic ! Have a beautiful day !

  17. Deb says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we are more alike than different? How wonderful to be able to say “Me, too!”, and feel connected. Thanks for making it possible in such a beautiful way, Susan.

  18. Sheryle Towle says:

    I love your little vases. I have a few vintage bowls, but really need to look for some vases now! We are heading to Cape Cod next week for a few days. Very excited! Do you have a favorite spot in Chatham? Falmouth?

    • sbranch says:

      Route 6A has some good little antique stores and is a beautiful road to drive. There is a very old restaurant in Falmouth. It isn’t fancy; the locals go there; we especially love it in winter because you come in from the snow and there’s a big fireplace, almost big enough to stand in, in every room. It’s called The Nimrod (because during the Revolutionary War, when it was down closer to the water, it was hit by a cannon ball from the enemy ship “Nimrod”). They have a piano player some nights. I’m not even sure about the food, but it seems like it was at least OK. We just like it there.

  19. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Good Morning…. Anna Susanna Dana!…Amazing as Usual…:-) L♥ve All Your Vases….& Oh My Goodness Sweet Sue….how I L♥ve All Your Flowers! I am Sniffing them via the Computer….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sweet Scents from Mother Nature….Glorious!…..I too…can relate to this Blog…I am always Snipping Flowers from our Tiny Courtyard Garden…& Putting them in Unusual Containers….Poof… Instant Vase!:-) Flowers Everywhere! Thanks for a Wonderful way to start My Day Sweet Sue….xoxo Poof!♫♥….I Am “Glad to The Wood” ♥

  20. Becky says:

    Reading your posts and seeing the photos puts a smile on my face each morning. Thanks so much!

  21. Jacqui G says:

    Definitely the bright spot in my work day, opening this blog up and drinking in the beauty. Love all the girlfriends who are just like me too! Thank you Susan 🙂

    Your friend,

  22. Sandy COls says:

    Hi Susan, you must be such a delightful lady in person because so much sweetness come through your writing and photos. I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL your blog posts but today’s, with speaking fluent “vase language”, was especially charming…I sent it on to a friend so she could enjoy it too.
    Sandy, in Georgia

  23. Maryellen says:

    Hi Susan – I love your little vases and the idea of putting mint in the “bokays”! I had an herb garden in my front yard for a while. Although it has turned to “lawn” – the mint has spread throughout and it smells so fragrant when you mow. I never thought of putting it in with cut flowers – you are such a genius of the small (and most important) things!

  24. Judy C in NC says:

    Some antique wandering needs to happen for me – Vases – Me too! I collect them, I use them, they are my needlful things. Bowls are also needfuls – along with Fire King bakeware – Yes, I do need an antique browsing trip. You inspire me to pursue my happiness.

    Jumping up and down with glee – my 2012 calendar just arrived and it is everything I wanted it to be. So beautiful – so Susan – so lovely and all mine. Thank you for creating it. Judy C gives thanks

  25. Marilyn says:

    What a beautiful post this morning! I completely agree that everyone should have a vase collection.

    My personal feeling is that if it holds water, it’s going to have a bouquet in it. 🙂

    I particularly love flowers in glass jars. There’s something so basic and pure about that image. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and how very much I loved to pick wildflowers for my mother.

    Is there anything better than a bouquet picked by a child?

    Have a wonderful day!!
    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    • K. Ross says:

      A wilted violet can stir my heart when in the hand of a child. And don’t forget the “pretty rock” that usually accompanies it.

      • Marilyn says:

        So true, K. Ross! When my sons were little boys they would shyly hand me a hand-picked bouquet, or a single flower………..well, I melted on the spot.

    • Wendy Schreiber says:

      There is nothing, nothing that beats a bouquet picked by a child…such wonderful memories of mine!

  26. What a fun collection…and something you can always look for! I love the little white bird with the pink roses…how precious! I LOVE your blog! Can I just stay here all day! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  27. Ann says:

    I love that idea of adding a sprig of mint to an arrangement! I’ve lots in the garden but we don’t use it much – I just sniff it as I go by. I too have a small collection – I’d like to add to it but my house is miniscule! When someone new visits they usually say “you need more room” – and I do – but I loved the lady who said “I can see you are an artist!”

  28. Linda says:

    Your daily entries add ‘sparkle’ to my day and remind me to soak in ‘the little things’. Such joy! Keep them coming ~ Love’em-love’em-love’em!!! Linda

  29. Nellie says:

    What amazing treasures you have found! I’d love to go antique shopping with you! You seem to have much better luck than I for finding the unique! I love fresh flowers around the house.

  30. queenmum says:

    Dear Susan, Thank you for this warm and sunny post on a grey and gloomy day! I especially loved the Sweet Peas…one of my favorite fragrances…May I share with you a site to look at? Stoneflower Pottery ( the site of a local (for me) woman who makes, among other things, little handthrown “Mommy Vases” for the short stemmed flowers our children/grandchildren/neighbor darlings pick for us. They are wonderful, and each comes with a stroy card, as does each of her pieces. As the potter creates chickens I shared with her your Nancy Luce story and now I can share something of hers with you! By the way, I love your blog. It is so nice to “hear” from you so often! xoxo

  31. Sharon from Maine says:

    Hmmm Anna Susanna Dana, now you have us all wondering Susan! I love all your cute little vases. Just right for one or two little blossoms for those special spots in your home. And I grinned about the guy on your sink cavorting with the Beatrix Potter people at night —- I can just picture it, just like the movie Toy Story! Thanks again Susan for brightening my day!

  32. K. Ross says:

    It’s so nice to know that there is someone else who likes to personify inanimate objects! My mom and her brother started it, and to this day, I “talk” to objects that can’t verbalize with words. My kids think I’m crazy. Once my uncle rescued a broom from his back porch during a snow storm because he didn’t want it to get cold – ha ha! So keep rescuing and talking to your vases, Susan Branch!

    • Connie B says:

      I thought I was the only one who did that K. Ross!

      • K. Ross says:

        Well, Connie, sometimes I think I get carried away . . . I have been known to buy the last toy Easter Bunny at a store because I “felt sorry” for it sitting alone after the holiday. And cups with broken handles? Good grief, you’d think they lost an arm – ha ha!

        • Carolyn Ann says:

          When I buy something with an imperfection or notice something I have has gotten chipped or dinged, I tell it “don’t worry, I love you just the way you are.”

  33. Donna Szybowicz says:

    I have vases with flowers all over the house. I usually start my day with seeing what options my garden has provided me with for that day. Sometimes it’s not even a flower, sometimes it just foliage. Hosta and rex begonia’s are beautiful in a crystal vase. I have mint in the vase where I sit and read, I sometimes reach over and rub a leaf between my fingers. Enjoying is about the little things.

  34. karen saunders says:

    I love the flowers that God has blessed us with….and the birds. I have a hard time picking them because they are so colorful outside. But you know what sometimes I do pick and put in vases? A weed or two. A dandelion or a white one that grows all over in Oregon. It has a special smell and reminds me of my childhood following my brother through fields…playing ‘army’. karen s

  35. Rosanne says:

    You’ve also “done something to make the day better” every time you share your enthusiasms with The Girlfriends. Your blog is the perfect accompaniment to my morning coffee. Yesterday I put down your darling shelf paper (the blue with cherries) under my sink area, and it looks wonderfully fresh and cheerful. You are the Queen of creating things both practial and pretty. Thank you!

  36. Jeannie M from NC says:

    Ooh vases, chipped lonely creamers even small creamers or vases snuck away from my granddaughters (age 2 3/4) tea set that I found for her! Anything that can hold flowers, I love them!

  37. Sharon from Maine says:

    Susan, wanted to share with all our blogger friends that I went to A.C. Moore craft store and they didn’t have the latest issue of “Where Women Create” that features you, but said they should be getting it in this week, so I’ll have to go back. I did end up buying the June/July issue, though, because it looked so interesting. I got 50% off with a store coupon and they said to go online for more coupons, so that’s good to know for all of us who are wanting to get the August issue featuring you. I know a lot of us are pinching pennies these days, so thought I’d pass this along.

  38. Melissa says:

    I just found your blog earlier this week:) I kinda’ feel like we are kindred spirits. I think that every room should have blooms in it- even if they are just pretty weeds! Love all of the great vases you have amassed over the years, too. Thanks for making me smile:)

  39. What a beautiful blog post. Makes me warm and fuzzy reading it, since I “rescue” a lot of old vases and tiny pitchers too! And I collect little porcelain birds whenever I see them, and tuck them in my bookcase.

    I was wondering what the pattern is on the plate in photo #11, the one with the rescued bird vase. It looks familiar, and I think I might have some of it tucked away somewhere.

  40. LOVE all of your little vases! Your home is so welcoming and inviting makes me want to come for a visit for real! As much as I love your quilts and these vases… I am in wonder as to what that awesome appliance is that is hiding in photos 3 and 8…..

    • sbranch says:

      LOL that “awesome appliance” is my stove! It’s a 1950’s OKeefe and Merritt that I got because it’s the same kind my mom had! I’ll have to put up a picture of it someday soon.

  41. pam says:

    Oh how I love all those tiny vases filled with flowers. I need to make sure I plant sweet peas this fall so I have a nice winter crop. I could practically smell them from the photo. xo

  42. Coni says:

    What a lovely & unique vase collection you have! I think I’ll start collecting them to give away. Who wouldn’t love to find a miniature vase full of beautiful, fragrant flowers on her desk, front porch, or car first thing in the morning?

    Thank you for helping us appreciate the simple things in life. You are a true American treasure!

  43. A simple comment today….

    Your blog is a joy to visit!

    And what more could anyone ask, of a blog?

    Thank you…


  44. I love your collection Susan. I have a bit fo the same sickness. Little old vases everywhere. I have a cupboard in the basement for mine, and they bring me joy each time Ican choose just the right ne for whatever is blooming:>)

  45. Barbara (WA) says:

    You did it again – spoke right to me! I have a vase cupboard in my kitchen, too, and my very favorite vases are small ones. I have a teeny one that hangs from a cute metal holder on my kitchen window sill with three pansies in it today. I am so enjoying reading comments from like-minded people. Thank you!

  46. joanne says:

    mahalo nui (great big thanks), susan, for your blog… speaks to my heart… just like little vases… and old quilts… and random heart-shaped stones and glass and shells… great big aloha hugz to you… from lil isle in the big pond of the west… to the lil isle in the big pond of the east!

  47. Sherryl says:

    Oh my goodness Susan! Now I want to collect vases too! Your collection is so charming!! My mother and I just moved in together and it seems that now we have three of everything (why three instead of two? I don’t know). And although we don’t seem to have room for all of our joint treasures – yes, even after gifting friends, family and the Goodwill with a great many items – I still want to collect vases! hmmmm – surely I can find room somewhere… under my bed perhaps?

  48. Michelle A says:

    I really enjoy ready your blog, it makes me feel happy. I love the vases, they are so cute. And the flowers are beautiful. Your yard must be awesome. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  49. Laura Jenkins says:

    hmmm…must be a cousin of Rosanna Rosanna-Dana? Nature has a way of inspiring awe with flowers…the colors, the scents…I always take time to stop and smell them… 😉

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, when she bounced off the walls, pretending to be twelve, with the fluffy half slip on her head, like a bride? I relate.

  50. Ginnie says:

    So much beauty, and I love your comments about each. Makes me laugh! Thanks.

  51. Connie B says:

    Delightful read and pictures…and to think that I thought I was the only one to whom little objets d’art spoke! Mostly my little “finds” say, “Take me home with you to live among the other treasures you love!”

  52. Ann says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your vase collection. My collection is not as vast, but each one has a story behind it. I collect cream and sugars, so I usually grab one of those when I have just a few flowers to show. Thanks for the daily smiles, Susan.

  53. deezie says:

    You are just hysterical to read, do you know that? well you are. Loved the quilts, was it yesterday? I think so.
    I love small vases too. I adore all bottles that are dug up from the ground like that. I never thought of having a vase cupboard, now that is what I am going to do this week. The whole post was fabulous, just like you Susan Branch!!!!
    happy day

  54. CarolK says:

    Wasn’t one of Guilda Radner’s character’s from SNL named Anna Dana Ramma Gamma or something along those lines? LOL Your parents must have been fans.
    I have a collection of vases scattered around the house but since my two catz want to eat every plant in sight I just keep little glass vases on my kitchen window sill out of their reach filled with clipped parsley, basil and chives all ready to snip into salads or whatever. Flowers seem to be out of the question around here in Central Jersey. We have so many deer wandering through our property and they just LOVE the sweet peas growing on the garden shed and the sign pole out front. They ate all the flowers off my hosta and the day lillies and as soon as the mums start to bloom, I’m sure they’ll eat them too. I bet you don’t have that problem on MV. Have a great Kiddo…..I enjoy your blogs.

  55. CarolK says:

    Almost forgot. Am I seeing things in the picture “old bottle top of stove”? I swear I see a little chippie poking his head out of a flower. It’s the little purple flower to the left. See him???

  56. Marianne Ingersoll says:

    Thank you so much for your tid-bits of life! I try to also have flowers here and there in little vases around the house. I now own a lake house on Lake Michigan and I’m filling it up with quilts, vintage, hooked rugs, AND old vases I collect! I need more cupboard space for vases than anything else! HA! My blue hydrangas are awesome this year and are happily in bedrooms with a litttle michigan fern to accent. Need more vases!!!

  57. Jennie says:

    Amen to all your little vases- little bouquets here and there are exactly what I do, my Mom and her Mom- we collect wonderful little containers (the more unique, the better) and have little bits of color all over the house. In the kitchen is always a must- over the sink to enjoy while washing dishes. I adore your ‘vase place’ Power to us ‘rescuers’!

  58. Karen P says:

    My goodness, Susan, do you realize what joy you bring into the lives of all your “blogging girlfriends?” Such a charming blog again today that we ALL seem to relate to! Love it!!! And I must compliment you on your photography skills! Very professional, indeed! (By the way…a side comment as I’m sitting here at my desk overlooking the backyard….can goldfinches get any more adorable when they fly?! Their little flying pattern is like a song!…..swoop…tweet-tweet-tweet….swoop…tweet-tweet-tweet! It’s as though they’re just happy to be alive! I think if I could be any creature, I’d be a goldfinch!) Hope you have a “goldfinchy” kind of day! xoxoxoxo Karen P.

  59. Jan says:

    I love little vases too! I have sitting on my kitchen window sill one of the old blue milk of magnesia bottles. It makes a great little bud vase for my roses. I also have to tell you Susan- I was so excited to receive my books I ordered from you. I couln’t believe they were really signed by you! That really is your signature, right? I have been a Susan Branch fan for a long time. I have a collection of your stickers and have used them often in my scrapbooking. I really enjoy your web site and everything you write! Thanks so much!

  60. Adriana Mazzini says:

    Love reading your blog! Remembers me of things I already love and inspires me to do new things! It’s a thrill to see when you have a new post, and a blessing to be considered one of your friends. Please, keep spreading the love!!! Hugs from Brazil

  61. Sharaon - Oh says:

    You now have become a good habit. I look forward to seeing what you have posted and I wish you lived next door.. I can tell you after being in the florist business for over 30 years your flowers arrangements are a celebration as they should be along with your collected containers. Thank you !!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      Well, that’s a compliment! Thank you! You notice I try not to push my luck by using more than three flowers! 🙂

  62. Carol C. says:

    Loved the quilts!! Love the vases and flowers — just wish I could really smell them!! Thanks so much for adding beauty to my day!!

  63. Giovanna says:

    Greetings Susan,
    I just got in from weeding the garden. What a great way to de-stress from a day at work. First stop, your blog! So fun to check in with you and all the lovely ladies who contribute. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments. I’m a vase hoarder…well actually I scour yard sales and flea markets for the sweetest little containers. I need them!! Whenever I visit a friend or a co-worker has a summer birthday, she is gifted with whatever beauties are in bloom in the garden and her own vase….with ribbons and bows added for flair. With all those I’ve given as gifts, I have an equal amount ready, waiting and used often here at home. Yes, the cardboard is full 😉 from RI

  64. Carlie says:

    You are a breath of fresh air! I finished reading your message and went outside to snip my last three little Secret rose buds. I recently bought the most adorable little vase at a flea market and it’s been just crying out to be filled. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to finally do so.

  65. Margie from Lavender Cottage says:

    What a day – a very dear friend of mine left our earth today. When I got home from work I went out an picked tons of flowers from my gardens and put together three bouquets, dedicating them to her. They’re scattered throughout the cottage; kitchen window sill, workroom and living room. As I walk by them I’m going to try to remember a fun, happy memory about Zep (there are tons to chose from!). What would we ever do without flowers?? Good Night, Girlfriends!

  66. Brenda says:

    I do not have a vase cupboard but I do have a couple of vase shelves downstairs in the storage room. They sit next to my canned goods from our garden. It certainly makes the trip to the storage room worth while.

  67. MerrieSherrie says:

    What an absolute delight!!! Your cupboard brought back memories of our dear neighbor, Rula, who adored gardening and had shelves and shelves of wonderful vases in her backroom. What would life be without people who spread happiness?! Love you! …Sherry xx

  68. Barbara says:

    I have very few quilts but I love them dearly. Your little vases are just really special! I like them very much. I have several different collections around my house and love each one of them.

    Hugs XX

  69. CAROL O. says:

    Good Day Susan….
    you wowed me again…love, love the little, tiny Vases…and so adorable with the beautiful flowers you grow…all of them…oh no…not another thing for me to collect…you know…I just use anything cute…Cream and Sugar cups…old bottles I love to find and keep….we all have unusual cute things in our old cupboards that would look adorable tucked on a shelf with pretty flowers…Susan…having so much fun reading your blog each day…and getting to know you…you are fabulous…and I am so glad I discovered you all those years ago…when you wrote your first book…and oh…..I just made the DRY BONES RECIPE…YUMMY…

    • sbranch says:

      You just made me hungry! We have spareribs in freezer….must go there!

      • CAROL O. says:

        Good…Enjoy the ribs….I did….and oh…Read GIRLFRIENDS

        • CAROL O. says:

          SORRY…Did not mean to send…I just read The Girlfriends Book…(again)…cover to cover…loved it like I never read it before…(my fave)….and of course…like my granddaughter (91/2) said…Grandma…Susan signed your book….!! Lucky me….

  70. Mimi Sue says:

    I’d rather have several small vases of flowers from my garden than a huge bouquet from the florist. I keep a little vase by my kitchen sink year round. So cheerful! Love your collection. Mimi

  71. Siobhan says:

    My gosh but you are a cheerer-upper! This blog makes me happy EVERY darn tootin’ day!

    Thanks a bazillion. I am so grateful for you!


  72. Dawn says:

    Wow!!! SO much beauty!

  73. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Beautiful bouquets in their charming vases! We went to a church rummage sale last night and not one charming little vase, I guess somebody beat me to it – was it you? Hmmm. Lovely blog my dear! Thank you!

  74. Jan says:

    This is really fun today ~ talking about flowers and little vases. I collect them as well, not a lot, BUT there are two that are my very favorite and they are ….. ta-dum … YOURS …. that I got several years ago. One of them is white w/pink trim on the top and little green dots all over and it says (in pink writing) … “It’s The Little Things That Mean The Most.” The other one is all-over green with white leaves and then there’s a white band that says … “Contentment” written in pink with a little pink heart on either side of it. I also bought each of my daughters one and they loooove them! I raise roses, so I always put one rose, sometimes two, in your little vases and have them sitting out. However, my little kitten, Zoey, likes to eat roses, so I have to whisk them away to the bathroom and shut the door, but each time I go in there, I see your little vases with the roses ~ pure delight! Is there a possibility that you could sell little vases again on your site? I bet they would sell like hot cakes! Thanks, Susan for brightening our days. PS … My sister is visiting Martha’s Vineyard now with her daughter and enjoying every second. I think they’re visiting the farms today. ~ Jan (Colorado)

  75. Liza-Ann Tucker says:


    I LOVVVVEEEE the decorating posts. I collect Milk glass pedestal vases & Holly Hobbie porcelain. You & Holly could be kindred spirits I think 🙂

    Keep up the amazingly inspiring writing & Pics.

    Your biggest Canadian Fan, Liza-Ann Tucker 🙂

  76. Carol Ann says:

    I have always loved little vases and always keep a small one filled with roses in my bathroom and kitchen. My favorite are three little thick,hand-blown glass jugs with handles, each having a different shape, that I got in a glass factory in or near Mexico City. I like the idea of basil and mint in a vase, since we have so much in our garden. Love your collection of small vases.

  77. Helen says:

    Susan, enjoying these frequent glimpses into your creative home life! I had commented a while back about your store in AG – so happy that at least I was able to enjoy it one time while at Pismo Beach and buy my adorable pillow with the cherries/strawberries on it (it was in one of the pictures that you posted of the store :). Recently purchased your “Willard” collection that you put together – charming and fun to display…..finally as of yesterday was able to get of copy of Where Women Create….with you in it! When we were leaving the bookstore….my husband commented that I seemed pretty excited:)…..I was….;after collecting (and giving) most of your books and now following your blog….I feel like I know you! You just touch hearts with your warm way. Any chance those wonderful pillows of yours (and chair pads) on the Kmart website will ever go on sale? I am coveting the Home Sweet Home pillow with smoke coming out of the chimney of the little cottage 🙂 Please keep these blog posts coming! And speaking of “coming” when does your new book (Pancakes?) come out? Can’t wait!

    • sbranch says:

      I hope we can get those hooked rugs, chair pads, and pillows on sale someday…I’m working on a special purchase of them that would allow a reduction in price! Made a new recipe for chocolate pancakes today and there are no words for how delicious they were! Working hard on the book! Writing stories for it too.

  78. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE this post (ok, I LOVE every post) – but this one was just extra joyful. It so much about who you are and what you stand for – the beauty in the little things.

    I have little vases full of flowers too. My favorite is a Jadite vase that I got years ago in a thrift store for $3. I love that any little kind of flower – or a few dollars worth from the grocery store even – will make something delightful. I take pics of mine too!

    I can’t tell you how much I’m loving the blog. It brings me such JOY.

  79. Care Kester says:

    Susan, Darling….can I be your neighbor? I would just LOVE you as my friend and neighbor. So many times you post things that I do! I just love your blog…..we are kindred spirits~

  80. bj says:

    Your blog is my go-to place when things get hectic around here. I just love everything about it..all the quotes you use…the fonts you use.(I’d love to be able to use such cute ones..the ones that go up and down and all around)…the subjects you use. I love little pitchers, vases..cute cans and jars for my blooms, too. I just don’t have any this yr as we, here in West Texas, are in such heat and drought.
    I love checking your FREE STUFF so I can pick up some of your cuteness.
    hugs, bj

  81. Mary says:

    LOVE all your little vases sooooo much!!! I love vases, too, but I don’t have nearly as many as you! If I had a separate closet for them I bet I would have a LOT more than I do now!!
    Thank you so much for posting all these beautiful photos!!!

  82. Barbara says:

    Hi Susan!
    I have a vase cupboard too! Lately I’ve been saving jars, jam jars, wide mouthed jars, little skinny jars. I fill them a third of the way up with different colored dry beans from the market then I bury a little battery powered tea light in the beans with just the light sticking out. works great outside on the picnic table!
    Just wanted to share with you!
    Love your blog!

  83. caroline delao says:

    a late post but little vases are also a favorite of mine, each one is a tiny display of natures beauty that can be appreciated throughout our homes. and bring smiles to all that pass by.

  84. Shelly Fletcher says:

    I got behind on your blog, so I grabbed a cup of joe (kona) and have been sitting at my computer reading away. I was pleased to see nestled in your collection of vases the “silly yellow fish” vase. I have one! I almost sold it but decided it was too precious to part ways with. It now sits on a window ledge in my art room holding Berol pencils, extra fine Sharpies, battered paint brushes and a ruler. Maybe I should put flowers in it instead *=)

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