More Little Things . . .

The first title I almost always think to call my posts is  “Little Things.” Apparently that’s what I like to write about and today is no different.  What other way can I say it?  Wee Bits, Small Units, Hardly-There Stuff, Trifles, Diminutive Moments?  Whatever they’re called, they go really good with MUSICA, and I have lots of them for you today!

First off, we’ve been hearing from our girlfriends who’ve been using the photo of my house in the snow as their computer wallpaper — they’d like a springtime view!  Me, too, so here we go! Pink weeping cherry trees bloom out back here in April; it doesn’t get more spring-like than this!  If you’d like to open your computer every morning to this scene, it’s really easy; take a look at our free computer wallpaper.  We have several for you to choose from; we have Jack looking at the bug on the floor too!  (Don’t be afraid of it, nothing will be permanent; you can change it anytime; push the buttons and it will just happen like magic.) Hope it’s what you had in mind!

Utterly enchanted!

The next little thing is Really Little!  You might remember that Judy and Kellee discovered this miniature book in an antique store and gave it to me for Christmas?  So darling!  Such a perfect gift!  How could I not fall in love with it!?









And the first thing I think when I fall in love with something is, “I bet the girlfriends would love this too!” So we went on a hunt to find the creative detail-oriented, artist woman who makes these books, by hand; one at a time; no two exactly alike; fat little darling books! They’re the real thing, with color pictures and everything; and not even one inch across!  Perfect if you have a doll house or a Peter Rabbit room!  Or if you just love tiny things.  So, as of yesterday, they’re in our web store (if you click on it, scroll down, it’s in the 3rd row)!   We didn’t get a million of them because you can see the work involved in making them, and not everyone wants a tiny little book!  But, for as long as they last, if this is your cup of tea, here you go girls, from me to you with love.

I sort of put my little book wherever I am; sometimes it lives on a shelf in my studio where I can see it every day (just out of the way of my CAT who would dearly love to play soccer all over the house with that little book before eating it); but here’s where it is right now — in the Peter Rabbit Room.  (Because my BFF Elizabeth Nordlinger is coming from California today; the room’s all fixed up, clean sheets are on the bed, we opened all the windows yesterday for freezing clean air; it’s perfect now, with flowers and cozy for HER.  Hi E! xoxo)

The next little thing is this:  Krista contacted me from her home in California; the Betsy-Tacy Rose Chintz teacups are in a box on their way to her.  She wanted me to tell you how touched she was by all your interest and support!  Me too!  Loved this giveaway and all the great comments it spawned! 

Here’s another little book you’ve asked about; it’s my Dinner Party Diary; only 5 ¼” x 3″ — it’s the one I told you about last week.  I’ve been writing in it for almost twenty years! I suppose if I would have thought about how long I would be keeping this book, I might have chosen a different style or size for it; but I really didn’t plan it!  I just started, and then I just kept adding to it. Over the years, despite it not being the most beautiful book in the world, I’ve grown attached to it.  The first entry is dated Sept. 23, 1993 — it was an autumn party in the garden under the rose arbor where I wrote that we had lemon chicken with mashed potatoes, and “leaves fell on the table.” (My darling wonderful knitting friend, Debbie Ware was there!  Must show you, prepare to die of charm overload when you see what she makes!).

Not sure if my paper is more “breathings of heart” or demonstration of skipping stone gathering no moss.

 I never tried to make this book perfect . . . I love stickers, so I used stickers; it turns out I always used a black pen, so there’s a cohesiveness to the look of it.  I didn’t care if my handwriting was perfect, it’s not a book for publication (who knew there’d be such things as blogs and I would end up showing people!?! Should have made it cuter!!!); it’s been just for us and for the memories.  And you know, it would be a wonderful thing for someone to find in an antique store in fifty years, is what I’ve always thought. 

I tucked in a few memories such as this leaf place card I made for my mom; there’s also a supermarket receipt for food for one of the parties (interesting to see what things cost), some tiny cards I got from people and one funny food-oriented comic I keep in there from Joe.

The little things that make life sweet are worth their weight in gold; They can’t be bought at any price and neither are they sold. 

I always tried to include the names of my guests, describe what we had to eat and drink, what flowers and table settings I used . . . any little details that I wanted to remember. Country Living Magazine still has a few photos from this shoot on their website!  If you’d like to see the food!  My scalloped potatoes with cut-out purple and gold potato leaves is there!  (If the MUSICA has stopped, click if you want it to start again!)

Sometimes, like in the photo below, I didn’t have the perfect sticker, so I would draw and paint a little something . . . the cocktail glass for instance.  Like I said, nothing fancy.  Just breathings is all . . .

I’ve felt the need to leave strict instructions in some of my other diaries!

I shouldn’t be reading about baked bananas and ice cream right now.  Or grapefruit and avocado salad!  It’s too early, and I’m holding out for a bowl of hot Cream of Rice cereal with fresh blueberries when I get done here!

I will never forget this party.  It was the middle of a dark winter and I asked everyone to wear bright colors: lime green, hot pink, orange and turquoise!  No black!  No matter how cool you were.  One of my girlfriends wore a small-brimmed straw hat; she had completely covered the round-hat part of it in fresh, real, pink rosebuds, baby’s breath, blue bachelor buttons and other tiny flowers, glued on, very tightly, in concentric circles.  It was gorgeous.  She made everyone happy with that hat!  It was such a dark, snowy afternoon, I lit every lamp, and candle I could find and filled the house with flowers; I was on a mission to give us all a time-out for the unrelenting stream of dark days! The music was perfection! We had a piano player; he played Polka Dots and Moonbeams on the piano!  I listened sitting in front of the fire.  Just me and the fire.  Ahhhhhh.  Yes, other people were there, but it was just me and the fire and the piano for a moment. 

And here is my latest entry, the one I showed you the other day.  It’s a little thing to do, this kind of diary, but as years go by, it turns into a big thing.  You can see how much fun it can be!  And it’s never too late or too early to start writing down the breathings of your heart.  If you’re one of the members of the Daring Girls Club (whom I’m apparently going to be speaking to on the phone this weekend) . . . I’m sure you’re way ahead of me on this!

♥          ♥

 OK Girls, off I go . . . I made Banana Fritters yesterday, I’ll show you how I did it if you come back tomorrow! Love and Kisses, me xoxo

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293 Responses to More Little Things . . .

  1. Jeanette says:

    Susan, Good Wednesday Morning to you! Thanks for the precious wallpaper selections! I’ve already refreshed mine! It’s a balmy 54 degrees here in Central IL after a night of pounding rain, storms and wind. Didn’t sleep much…Your blog always brightens my day, spirit, moment! THANK YOU! Your journal is precious and I love it just the way it is. It is perfect. What a lovely reflection of the special times spent with family and friends. I love stickers too!!! And, I can’t tell you how many of your I’ve amassed over the years. I use them somewhat sparingly because I don’t want to run out! Sending you bushels of love and hugs on this Leap Year day. xoxo, Jeanette

    • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only SB sticker “hoarder”! Every Jan 1st I sit down with my SB & a couple other calendars and add stickers as I go thru to add water delivery dates, birth & death anniversaries and other notes! Even my husband likes seeing the stickers on his Ansel Adams calendar!!

      • Janet says:

        I do exactly the same thing with my homemade paper calendar. Just a skeleton grid of computer-generated boxes when I get started but full of SB charm when I’m done. So much fun to sit and work on on New Year’s Day while the men are hunkered down in Footballville.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Love the little Peter Rabbit book. I am always fascinated by miniature items. What lovely memories to look back upon in your book. I have heard of ladies keeping books on what they served to guests so as not to repeat the menu, but your little diary is much more interesting and cuter too! Is it snowing at your place? A big storm will be coming through Sioux Falls today.

    Priscilla in SD from CA

  3. Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

    The music was perfect… or I read slow enough that it lasted through the whole blog! I always get so inspired with your ideas and JOY! I’m going to tweak the Dinner Party Diary to fit my family (we don’t have a lot of friends) and record our family get-togethers. I love the fact I can use stickers to decorate (I’m sure you have some in the web store, right?) I can’t even draw stick figures. What a lovely way to record life and relive the celebrations over and over! And, whats even more amazing… it had a natural birth! It wasn’t something that you had to struggle to make it happen! The “little things” indeed. I love you Susan Branch! And all the girlfriends too! BTW, where are we on that Susan Branch National Holiday Convention???? xoxox

  4. Martha Ellen says:

    Susan I love your diary of dinner parties in your home! I have a similar diary that I keep for my gardening–what works in the garden–weather–composting results and many other things.
    Everytime I come here I am inspired to embrace more and more of life! Thank you! ♥

  5. Rae Ann says:

    The pink blossoms on your trees look great this morning as I sit in western Minnesota where it started snowing last night at 8 PM and is still snowing…schools closed…my hubby braved the storm to drive the 40 minutes it takes him to get to work…looks lovely outside…but so do those pink blossoms…love the idea of your party book…a friend of mine in Michigan shared a book she keeps of how she decorates her house for every season, every month…fun to look at…lots of ideas…thank you Tammy T…and thank you Susan…speaking of Peter Rabbit and Easter, yesterday I got a sweet book for my grandchildren…”The Truth about the Easter Rabbit”…if I was a technologically savvy as Susan I could post a picture, but I am not…hence no picture…but the book is done in antique post card-y pictures of bunnies…fun…off for a cup of cocoa and to check out your shopping website for the Peter Rabbit book~my son David LOVED/LOVES Peter Rabbit…he had a wind up musical Peter Rabbit growing up~he is in his 30’s now~and he use to chew the ears…ahhh…sweet memories…

    • sbranch says:

      We used to carry that book in our web store — isn’t it darling!? There are other books like that in the collection, classic stories like Little Red Riding Hood.

      • Rae Ann says:

        I will have to look for the other books done with post cards…thanks for the tip…xoxo…

        • Susan Bryza says:

          I saw “The Truth about the Easter Rabbit” in Barnes and Noble yesterday when I was picking out books for my granddaughter, age 5. I send her a book a week. She loves to receive mail and it helps her parents to have a new book to read to her before bedtime. Now she is even beginning to read some of them by herself!

  6. Tammy Heller says:

    Good morning, Susan! I do feel like a winner every time I read your blog!!…I really enjoyed your “Party” journal….I remember when I received my Country Living magazine with your fall party feature!..I still remember the Potatoes Anna recipe with the potato leaves!….and I love all things Peter Rabbit…esp. love your Peter Rabbit room….since my firstborn’s nursery was a Peter Rabbit nursery!…My mother-in-law and dear friend made a Peter Rabbit quilt…which I will have to get out and take a picture for you!!!

  7. Laurie Walt-Illinois says:

    Good Morning! I like little snippets of information, I can pick and choose my inspiration for the day! When I became a Grandmother I started writing down the little things that the grandkids would say. Someday they will love to read them! Have a great day!

  8. Lori says:

    Thank you for allowing us to take a peek into your diary of dinner parties! You have a fun visit with Elizabeth – the Peter Rabbit Room is darling as ever. I just spotted my first robin of the season, on a rainy morning in Indiana. : )

  9. Betty Marie, Pa says:

    Where to begin.. I have taken the time to read your older sights and I have laughed reading your trip back home from NY on the Patriat Boat, cried over Nancey Luce, and today had my breath taken away for a second when I saw your drawing of the birds.
    I can’t get enough Jack (the smart kitty) that he is, and I have sat for hours writing down your recipes.
    Yesterday I made baked beans from scratch and today I tried the English way to eat them on toast YUM!
    I start my day with you now. Have to have the Musica and the “Little Things”

  10. Barbara from SoCal says:

    Your blog is the first thing I check every morning when I wake up here in So. California. I read every word and “pretend” I can hear your voice telling your life events. You’ve got the best ideas!
    I loved taking a peek at your “Dinner Party Diary” 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing …………. you always make my day.

  11. Kirsten Anne Wichert of So. Calif. says:

    I so love it when I go to the blog and there is a new one, and I haven’t received the email notification yet! I usually am behind and need to catch up.

    Sometimes, in life, the little things are the most important. Loved what you wrote today (as I’m sure everyone else does too). I wish I’d kept a journal of parties and friends, etc. I always thought there would be a better time to start, so I never did. I even have a lovely house guest book that I totally forgot about. One day you wake up and realize “What the heck am I waiting for?” Life goes by so quickly the older I get!! I’m glad to have your example, now. In fact, I often go back to older blogs to remind myself of these things. The guest book I referred to is really to leave in the guest’s room. They write whatever they want about their visit ( there are some question prompts, too). It would make a great keepsake also. I’m afraid I missed some great opportunities. Well, I guess NOW would be a good time to start. No more regrets.

  12. eugenia says:

    Visiting is just like sunshine on a very dark day.

  13. Jack says:

    This is a perfect post for those trapped at home in a blizzard ….so much detail to sort out and all dedicated to the upbeatness of life …… However , as your father I better have a peek
    Into those “other ” diaries you commented on !

    • sbranch says:

      Ha ha! (Not talking about it!) Speaking of blizzards, we just got back from our walk — cold out there; Joe says there’s snow on its way in a few hours!

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      Oh Jack, I read your comments on here and they remind me so much of things my own Dad would have said and it makes me miss him so much! Here in central Minnesota we aren’t in a blizzard but last night we had freezing rain, sleet, slush, which ended with about 6″ of wet snow and it is still snowing! It looks like a winter wonderland outside, though, and drives the schnauzers absolutely crazy outside–don’t know why but it turns them into silly goofs, running and chasing each other! But whatever the weather, it was fun to read this post (as usual!). 🙂

  14. Good morning Susan, How can it be that I’m first to reply today? Thank you for the perfect Music–I love that song, and have it on a disk by John Denver which I play often. Your little book is charming and so you! It’s wonderful to keep memories like that to review. These are precious memories of moments you might otherwise forget pieces of. If anyone ever questioned it, things like this prove that you’re the “real deal”–not some hat you put on just for the occasion. Love being your girlfriend!

  15. Georgie says:

    Oh how that “little” book warms my heart! I need to avoid perfection and just dive in and get started making one for me. (sometimes I just don’t for fear it won’t be good enough…) There are so many happy little memories to capture 🙂 Thank-you Susan! When we look back we find it is Life’s “Little” things that really are the special. foundations of the heart!!! Thank-you once again for sharing with us.

    Good Morning Girlfriends! Enjoy the gift of an extra day!
    Georgie – Yardville, NJ

  16. Chris Wells says:

    Thanks for another inspiring blog. I feel like an addict….I’ve had my fix for the day, I read my Susan Branch. It makes all (the girlfriends) our lives a little brighter, what a gift you are to us. This is my year of being Thankful…I am writing down all the things that make me smile and make my heart sing. You are in my list! Chris (West Texas)

  17. Holly says:

    Thank you for the blossoms, the sunshine & all the little things you remind me of. I agree with Kirsten, life is short! We should do exactly the thing that makes us most happy, be with those we love best & have more fun.

    Those four girls of the “Daring Girls Club” made me laugh & smile. And, they made me miss my little girl who is all grown up and far away. What memories they are making!

  18. First, your party diary is just wonderful! Such a terrific idea. I’m in the very long process (in my spare time, haha) of painting an unfinished dining room table with whimsical designs, and am thinking of leaving room somewhere for guests signatures and little drawings, sort of a permanent reminder of good times.

    Second,*swooooooon*!! Your friend Debbie’s knitting is just enchanting! I’m a knitter too, but nothing that complex. I’ve bookmarked the page and added her to my Etsy circle and favorites for future purchases. Thanks for sharing her link!

    ♥ Carolee

    • sbranch says:

      Oh I’m so glad, she is so talented, I wish more people knew about her!!

      • I’ll give her a shout out on my personal FB page (more people there than the art page.). Quite a few knitting friends too. I notice she’s in VA, and am wondering if she’s familiar with Juniper Moon Farm? A wonderful yarn CSA there. Just received my share a couple of weeks ago, and it’s lovely yarn to work with. 🙂

  19. Care Kester says:

    Oh, Susan! Blessings to you! It’s our LEAP day….an extra day. I say that calls for FUN and creativity…..and maybe a bowl of ice cream with raspberries! I just LOVE, <3, LOVE your blog and how I wish we lived close to each other!!! I do have a question…I HOPE so much to hear an answer!!! You turned us on to Emma Bridgewater! Oh dear!!!! She is now offering a Diamond Jubilee crown dish and I WANT IT! (I have a Queen memorbilia collection!) Are you going to sell these in your store? I can't figure out how to convert the 100 (funny mark) to US dollars! Can you PLEASE help me, Girlfriend!!!!!????? Long live the Queen!!!!!! Thanks so much for your friendship! It just brightens my day so much! Oh and yes, I love Peter Rabbit and will HAVE to quick hop on order and get a mini book. I want a Peter Rabbit garden so bad….maybe someday! I'll just keep collecting rabbits in the meantime! Ha! LEAPERS CREEPERS! Make it a special one!

    • sbranch says:

      We’ll have the cups; we can get a dish, but which one is it?

      • Care Kester says:

        It’s the crown candy dish! You can? You can get it?!?!?!? I’m so excited!!!!!!! It’s the Diamond Jubilee Crown, Product Code 1JUBO11397. Thanks for replying!!!!! Oh my lands, I’m about ready to LEAP out of my skin!!!!!!

        • sbranch says:

          OK, I did look at that . . . It’s going to be almost $200 — is that OK with you. I can have Judy special order it!

          • Laura says:

            I love the diamond jubilee tray also!! My husband gave me two of the tea towels for my birthday….soooo cute…I love Emma!

  20. Marilyn says:

    Susan, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one creating desktop wallpaper from your blog! (I always felt like maybe I was doing something wrong.) Something always, always catchs my eye that I want to capture because one can never have too many reasons to sit back and smile. 🙂

    Honestly, you make us smile every day.

    I love your dinner party diary. What a great idea, and how lucky your guests have been over the years to be able to experience such wonderful hospitality from you and Joe.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    • Janet says:

      Hello Marilyn in Dallas – I have the same thoughts about the wallpaper. I’ve always thought the rule was to ask permission to save someone else’s photos etc. I know millions of people save things without asking – and most of them aren’t going to do anything dishonest or try to make $$ with it or anything… but some do. So I always thought it was just better to ask first. Although I have been poking around on some websites where it’s not possible to save photos etc because their product designs would be at risk. There’s a lovely store in NYC that sells THE MOST gloriously-beautiful table linens I have ever seen – and they’re wildly-expensive [$1200 for a tablecloth and 12 dinner napkins – eeek!] so I’ll never own any of them – so I just want to look at them/admire them etc – but the website blocks the photos from being saved. And I don’t blame them one bit. It’s probably takes months to hand-produce their products and they are so very beautiful – I’d do exactly the same thing.

  21. Nellie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your book of memories with us. I think of all the parties/people who have been at our table, and I’ve had no record of it!:-( Years and years ago, I had started filling out index cards, which I slipped into my recipe box, to keep a record, but that soon fell by the wayside.:-( I’m determined to begin again, with your inspiration!:-)
    Have a great day, and enjoy the company of your friend from California! xoxo

  22. Jean D. says:

    Oh my gosh, I love your dinner party book! What a wonderful idea. I wish I had started one twenty some years ago. As I am getting older I am realizing how much I can’t retrieve from the archives of my silly brain. It would be so great to have a book like this to page through and relive fun gatherings spent with friends. Not to mention the added benefit of knowing what you have served and to whom so you don’t duplicate meals. I will try to start my own dinner party book – as you said, it’s never too late! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  23. Gail Buss says:

    Lovely computer wallpaper, but I have your white picket-fenced garden on mine and I love to see it everyday. Hope I can have one of those someday complete with a hot hanging on the gate and all the pretty flowers surrounding it on the outside and all the good veggies on the inside! I was thinking that I should make a book of everyone who visits us here in Florida. Yes, memories are made of this……..we love having all our friends and relatives come for a visit! Then the problem is (especially with the grandchildren) I don’t want to let them leave. I’m working on just being happy for the time I have with them.
    Happy Leap Year Day today! Gail Buss, Beverly Hills, Fl

  24. Suzanne, East Longmeadow, Ma says:

    Morning Sue,
    Your dinner party diary was such a great idea, so creative and such a nice way to keep the memories of all the fun parties, and friends alive. As the years go by its amazing how much is forgotten, so keeping this little party journal is so sweet. I try so hard to keep a journal but I’m just not good at doing it every day, I envy those who can keep one religiously.
    Love the little Peter Rabbit book so cute! I have a tiny Tasha Tudor book signed by her that I treasure as well.
    Looking forward to the new recipe……Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  25. Jan says:

    Loved reading and seeing the entries from your dinner party diary! I write in my cookbooks, notes about who I made the recipe for and for what occasion – but having a book to write it in would be great! I, too, love stickers and have a collection of yours- love’m! Designing any new ones soon? I’m also a scrapbooker.
    Have used many of your stickers on my pages. Am a Peter Rabbit fan also, so loved the little book! Freezing rain here overnight but is suppose to warm up a little today. Will be back to work soon so will miss being able to check in every morning. Have to mention the comment from your Dad – how sweet, and classic!!
    Love,love, love those parents!! Have a great day!!
    Jan – Mt.Morris, Michigan

  26. Country Gal says:

    A wonderful post and photos ! I love your book , I to am a sticker nut I love them. Thats awesome that you do wallpapers for others . I have thousands of photos I took over the years that I use for my wallpaper and my blog . I try to photograph things every day , I am an amature photographer it is a passion of mine ! Have a wonderful day !

  27. Karen Saunders says:

    yea!! we woke up to SNOOOW!!! i’ve been waiting all year for it!!

  28. ellen scott says:

    good morning susan, our last day of february and it is raining but somewhat mild here on the shores of lake erie near cleveland ohio, i just wonder if march is going to come in like a lamb or a lion…reading your latest notes i was reminded of when i kept garden journals and i still do to this of my favorite ones was one that had places for notes for each month and some vintage pictures that look like they were taken from old garden catalogs. i would write about the weather and how the plants did and what i planned on planting that spring, some other gardening information too . it was alot of fun and it is fun to reread them not just for entertainment but for information that i can still use. enjoy your last day of february. have a great day

    • sbranch says:

      Always surprising to me how often I go back to my diaries to remind me of something — like remembering exactly what date we did such and such. Very handy to have!

  29. zinnia patch says:

    Hi Susan! Just wanted to let you know that your Little Things – Wee Bits- Small Units – Hardly -There Stuff – Trifles and diminutive moments just make my heart sing!!!!! So glad you share them! Thank you!

  30. Nina says:

    Hi Susan I love the wallpaper, up until today I had your house in the snow as my paper but I have changed it for the cherry blossom one. I have a real thing about trees I can’t get enough of them! Here in the Vale of Evesham they do a blossom trail and every year I promise myself I am going to go! This year I definately am! I’m sure there is a website for it you should take a peep i bet you would love it!
    Secondly I love your little book what a great idea! I too am a scrapbooker and have used lots of your stickers too. In fact its my Scrapbooking gettogether tonight so looking forward to that. Here the sun is shining and its a beautiful day, hope you have fun with your friend! xxxx

  31. Linda Wattier says:

    First things first. Just ordered the little book. So excited. This spring when I can get windows open I’m going to redo our guest room as a Peter Rabbit room. Have been getting some figurines off of ebay. Will paint and make a quilt special for the room. Maybe some border wallpaper. So excited to get started . Thanks for all your inspiration. Sunny here in the Black Hills of SD and 42 degrees. Had 8 inches of snow yesterday. It is very pretty. Have a wonderful day to all girlfriends.

  32. Darcy K says:

    Love the dinner party book, which I’ve never thought to do. However, I have always written myself a postcard from all the trips I take. Great fun to look back on. Also, we have a Coleman tent trailer we camp in and I have a trip journal inside that I log all our camping trip stories in. They go back to when my adult children were babies, so great fun to read. Too bad I’m not artistic like you, so alas, no illustrations(unless they could be stick figures only!) Darcy K Los Alamitos, Ca

  33. Nancy M. says:

    I was having withdrawal….I mean I know you have a LIFE but…….;-) enjoyed this blog post! thank you!

  34. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    So in addition to SB sticker hoarding – I have a variety of the SB screen savers from over the years! Get some weird looks when I take my lap top into the Apple store and tell them not to do anything to my wallpaper files!! They don’t understand “out of print” wallpaper designs! Right now the “When I begin to write about flowers I lose all sense of restraint. . .” Beverly Nichols quote on bright green with sweet appliqué flowers is on display. I change with the seasons and holidays!
    Talked to my husband this boring (on assignment in Woburn, MA) and he echoed Joe’s forecast! Said it’s supposed to start snowing this afternoon! Stay warm and safe!

  35. Paula K. says:

    Thank for the beautiful wallpaper and the lovely post. There are several to choose from so I think I’ll have to switch off between pictures. Jack needs a turn gracing my computer too with that debonaire mustache!

  36. Katy Noelle says:

    Oh, I’m having the most curious feeling….a feeling that I’ve known for a very long time, now….a familiar inspired feeling and it has your name written all over it! HM! Apparently, you and I go way back but I’ve never quite thought about it that way (being a young whipper snapper, myself – HA! ;)) and you don’t quite know me but….I’ll bet that I would seem familiar to you. I would seem familiar to you because you’ve had a big impact on my life. (Sorry, I’m typing as the revelation comes…) I’ve loved entertaining since before I even knew what I was doing (think teddies having tea =D) and, through the years, you’ve inspired and given such a flavor to my love of it. Well, sitting in my chair, I’ve just gone on a very pleasant little trip down memory lane, myself.

    and, I have to say something else. Just having something very painful happen (I’ll be fine…. =]), I’ve come here and hearing the musica….and reading your cheery words and seeing your springy home – I’m so soothed and encouraged. Don’t you find that that vintage music is so cheery – especially in Jan-March. Just the ticket! So, thank you….. =]


  37. Carla says:

    Stickers! I love them too, and I sure do miss finding yours at Michael’s, Susan. Problem was , when I got them, they were so pretty, it was hard for me to use them.

    It was so much fun seeing how you used the, and seeing your creative memory books… O’ yes, what a find if someone found them in an antique shoppe..but somehow, I bet they never make it there..too beautiful, not to be handed down.

    Lovely blog today..O’ and the little book is sooo cute tucked into the knick-knack. What a treasure of a room for a lucky guest, Beatrice Potter.

    Do you know of the “Cottage Tales of Beatrice Potter” by Susan Witting Albert? I found them to be quite a good read, especially in front of a fireplace or tucked in a cozy bed.

    And of course, wasn’t Renee Zellweger good as Miss Potter?

    • sbranch says:

      Loved that movie!

      • Joanie B --San Diego says:

        I just discovered the cottage tales written by Susan Wittig Albert . I think that they take up where the movie ends, so it continues her story. I started giving my boys the little Beatrix Potter books in their Easter baskets when they were small. I was actually giving them to me, 😉 in the end, after they grew up. Now I have a grandbaby and will read the stories to him eventually. I have a small Peter Rabbit herb garden with a rabbit topiary, rubber boots and a chipped Peter Rabbit plate. Helloooo to all kindred spirits!

  38. Linda Pintarell says:

    Love your party book! Had a little get-together Saturday for a friend who is leaving to return home to England (that will make some of us envious-she is from Cornwall area). It was a beautiful California day and we ate out on the patio – seven of us. Took a memory picture for Sue to have (us too) – that might be the start of my memory book. Linda in San Diego

  39. Katy Noelle says:

    OH, and (now that the golden mist is lifting….heehee! =)) I’m charmed by your friends prowess with knitting needles. and, I TOLD my husband that we should just use the little guest book from our wedding (that only has two pages used….) as a dinner journal but he said, no, and it hasn’t been cracked open again. =( BUT! =) It’s never too late to start….yup!

    You’re so engaging….it’s hard not to leave a comment, you know! (LOL! =D)

  40. Lady Jayne says:

    I’m looking out of my window at weeping willows touching the pond…all our snow is melting and it’s almost balmy here in Barrington, IL
    Love Beatrix Potter and all her friends, have you ever been to her cottage in the Lake District? You would swoon….over and over!
    Thanks for delectable writings Susan…you brighten my days!

  41. pat addison says:

    good morning susan, good morning everyone. its snowing here, we have a couple of inches on the ground and more coming, big flakes are coming down now. as for me i am enjoying the nice warm fire in the woodstove and a big cup of hot coffee to thaw me out. let the chickens, ducks and turkeys out for the day and how those ducks can go swimming in icy water on a snowy morning is way beyond me…bbbrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! but i’m going to be heading back out to feed them and refill the water tanks and duck pool, if the hoses aren’t frozen!! love that tiny book, didn’t think those were around anymore, hmmmm guess i’ll have to start haunting the antique stores again. you all have a great day today, stay warm. hugs…. 🙂

  42. Christine Anderson says:

    Thanks again for smiles in the morning!
    My wallpaper is the bed with the quilt at the foot and the basket pillow! I collect basket embroideries both in color as yours but i especially love the white on white!
    I also have many glass baskets the same shape which i refer to as the figure eight baskets!
    I look forward to your blogs and love you for them!!
    Christine, Covina, CA

  43. Joan Lesmeister says:

    I loved having tea with you & all your gfs this morning, while discussing “Little Things”, & the pictures are devine! A lovely way to start the day – leaving the room singing & dancing to “Polka Dots & Moonbeams”! ♥ Joanie

  44. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    Hi, my name is Terri and I am addicted to the Susan Branch Blog! LOL!! Oh how fun this early morning addiction is! LOL! And then, I go back and read it over and over again! No calories unless I make your delicious recipes. (Went to the Country Living link and it was just awesome!) And it doesn’t cost anything unless I find myself browsing the web store! LOL! Thanks for a wonderful blog this last day of February, Happy Leap Year Day! Smiles!

  45. Rosemary H says:

    Love reading your posts…makes the morning a little brighter and the day a little lighter…I’m inspired to start my own “breaths” book. Thanks for bringing your life into mine.

  46. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    I just loved this Susan! Thank you for sharing your personal party journal! It’s so charming, and such beautiful, fun memories. I love to journal too, having several themed ones; gardening, travel, kitchen happenings. The problem is I don’t always keep up with them like I’d like. So I’ve been focusing on keeping up with my daily journal, and I love when they are decorated. The problem there is, if the pages aren’t decorated, then I just don’t journal. Sooo, have been thinking that maybe I should just write, and not be too concerned with the decor. But I really do LOVE the magazine pictures or stickers I add. I just don’t always have time to do that. What to do? Can you tell me, do you use stickers in your every day journal. That does seem to be an easy, fun way to highlight the pages. I guess one would need to have lots of stickers on hand? I hate to ask, you give so much to us already, but I know you’ve said before you’ve kept journals for years, so just looking for any tips you have on being consistent. Thanks so much Susan!
    p.s. Your spring picture is absolutely gorgeous!

    • sbranch says:

      My everyday journals are stuffed full of memorabilia, after around 1996, photos started sneaking in, but barely, my last one is the best looking, but none of them are ready for prime time! My England Diary is the prettiest one, I also have a garden diary I’ll show someday.

  47. Christie Ray says:

    Darling Sue…there are buds on my japanese lilac trees by the front window…much squealing and laughter when I realized they hadn’t died (after just planting them after July last year). My weeping cherry in the left corner of the yard can’t bloom soon enough, and the dogwood on the right corner of the yard has buds…along with the Bradford Pears that are ready to burst with white fluffy blossoms! I have just received notice that my 2 tiny peter rabbit books are on their way…1 for me and one for sister-in-law..both of us over the moon for Peter:) Just last week, dear girl, I was straining my eyes, but determined to make the miniature books…as I had seen your post when you received yours. I had no idea it had actual pages!!! I covered some tiny craft store books with green craft paper, made a tiny drawing of Peter on a tiny white square of watercolor paper, outlined with rapidograph pen and then added watercolor. When that turned out, I had to progress to The Pie and the Patty Pan…as that is sister’s next favorite….well, it was a task, but still precious. then on to The Tailor of Gloucester and Squirrel Nutkin. Grandson came this weekend and loved setting them about little mouse Eliza’s house in the cupboard. So when I peeked in your store and saw your little book, I was again…beeeeside myself!!!!! Were you reading my mind? Surely you were picking up on the teeny weensy wavelengths that travel from girly girl girlfriends and back:) Thank you thank you thank you! and then to see your journal….I love the journal! I went back through my guestbook/journal/memory keeper that I started when we moved in this cottage last June. How thankful I was that I had tucked little things…receipt from Cheekwood when we took grandson to see the train exhibit, tickets to see Keb Mo, Tony Joe White, Delbert McClinton, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, here in town…sweet notecards from friends, along with their signatures as they visited, drawings and written messages from the grandchildren when they “spin” the night with Grammy:) All these little memory making things. THank you, again, for sharing little wonderful snippets of life with us…they touch us in ways you can hardly imagine…your girlfriends from afar.
    Much love today…as I finish the last sips of coffee from my Emma Daffodil cup…they are in bloom here,now:)))

    • sbranch says:

      Doesn’t your garden sound wonderful right now! We know it’s coming up here, but first, apparently we’re going to get some snow later today!

      • Christie Ray says:

        Oh, I am so very jealous….we have had little to no snow this winter. I light up the fireplace as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees! Enjoy these last days of winter:)

  48. Karen P - Wisconsin says:

    I love that Polka Dots and Moonbeams…..never can get enough of it! So dreamy….played it over and over again while going over and over this darling blog today! Love your party journal! It takes a lot of patience and commitment to keep up with that and to make it so adorable every time. So fun! And Debbie Ware’s knitted cuteness! Oh MY!!! Thanks for sharing that link. Have a wonderful day….hoping for a fluffy, bright snowfall for you today. We got snow mixed with rain, making icy slush! Yuck!

  49. Ann says:

    Oh my what a wonderful post today! I added so many little quotes and pics to my “Susan Branch Folder”. Enjoyed the Country Living article and made sure to save the napkin envelope instructions in the SBF. I loved the peek into your dinner party diary mostly because I just love your stickers. You have brightened up a rainy day for me.

  50. Marie says:

    I cannot imagine any time of year that your house wouldn’t look utterly charming. You are truly blessed. Thanks for being so generous and sharing some of those blessings with us. xxoo

  51. pat addison says:

    just mentioning that the “singing nun” is on TCM right now, love that movie and those cute lil songs. enjoy. hugs…… 🙂

    • pat addison says:

      hello everyone, just read the sad news that Davy Jones ( lead singer for the Monkees) has passed away today from a heart attack at age 66. he was one of my favorites as a kid, loved peter tork as well. such sad news on a snowy day here. thought you all would like to know. 🙁

  52. Teresa G. says:

    Ohhh!! Loved, loved, loved today’s blog. The Daring Girl’s Club put a lump in my throat. How remarkable to make an impact on so many people’s lives, Susan! It sent me back 40 years when my best friends and I started our own club. We called it the Oobie Is Club and we created our own language so we could write notes in our secret language. Took forever to decode them all, but was so fun! There’s something magical about that part of your childhood when imagination knows no boundaries. I taught third grade for years and when my students liked a writer or an artist and tried to emulate their style, as would be their tendency, I always told them to add with their signature “Inspired by” and the inspiration’s name whether it be Dr. Seuss, E.B. White or Van Gogh. I’m going to start my dinner journal this weekend and the front page will be an “Inspired by Susan Branch” page. This definitely calls for buying more stickers. Thanks for the excuse to help the economy AND the inspiration, dear Susan! Oh, and I keep forgetting to add where I’m from…….Lafayette, California. Have an inspired day, girlfriends!

  53. REBECCA from the Heart of TEXAS says:

    In a bit of a rush today and will return to obsorb the full delight of this mornings post and visits with all the girlfriends out there….But just had to say have an eventful day, it’s LEAP YEAR, and we have this marvelous extra day to enjoy those dimi moments, little things and all those precious tiny heart warming “stuff” that make all things beautiful. May each of you LEAP into a new adventure every day. XO XO

  54. Patricia says:

    Thank you for the peek into your dinner party diary! I’m horrendously nosy so it was a thrill to look inside. (Actually, I always say to my husband “nosy no, curious yes.”) I love the little Peter Rabbit book- it would be such a special little gift for Alice and her dolls who live in the doll’s house….I’ll start saving up and hopefully they won’t sell out! I can picture it in a tiny little basket on the dolls table for Easter.

    Patricia (and Alice, too- when she gets home from school!) from upstate NY xx

  55. mary from nj says:

    Hi Susan! I just wanted to tell you I saved the pages from Country Living that you wrote about in this post. I remember how happy I was to see them in that issue. I still have them. I have enjoyed your art and recipes for many years! Thanks for sharing your talent!!

  56. peg says:

    Susan! Great post today!!! Love your journals. I was just jotting some updates in my Sharon Lovejoy garden journal yesterday…and, noticed, somehow 2010 and the first half of 2011 zipped by without one entry!!! Where WAS I??? I ask myself! I know there was some gardening happening…but sadly, no notes ♫ ♪♫!! I love to put things in my journals, too. Stickers, of course. Pressed leaves & flowers. And, like you, if I don’t have the right ‘something’, I get brave and doodle a little picture and then use my colored pencils to dress it up a bit. I simply love journals….it’s obvious, too, ’cause I’ve several different ones all started, stopped – added to…….will make for interesting reading for the poor soul that finds them years from now! Thanks for sharing your’s. I’m sure the FOSB would love to see some of the pages from your travel journals, too! Happy Leap Year, dear friend! ♥

  57. Paulie says:

    You make my heart sing and you always add to the joy in my day! Such a beautiful weeping cherry blossom picture……oh if we only had that now…….sitting and waiting for the next March storm to move in. Great for skiers but not for non skiers, lol! I was so into spring fever which always tags me in February……..but your light and cheerful blog sure does lift the weight of the winter blahs…….thanks a bunch Susan, I needed that!

  58. Suzanne from Georgia says:

    A lovely post! Thanks for sharing your party journal. How I wish I had started that so many years ago. For awhile after I built my screened porch, I did write about the parties I had there; but got lazy and gave it up! Time to rev it up again…thanks.

  59. Hi Susan 🙂

    I love your springtime view! I tried to get different tabs on my blog, but couldn’t get it to work. I’m going to have to ask around.. I wanted to have a gardening area, a writing area, and plain old life at Ingleside area. Right now, everything is just there together smushed nice and cozy.

    Oh I do love seeing your dinner party journal… makes me think of my gardening journal. maybe I’ll follow your idea and post some pictures of that. I love seeing other people’s gardening journals 🙂

    Would love to know how to make banana fritters! and I’m soooo happy to know when you blog now!! I feel so up to date 😉

    Thanks so much for all that you do,
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  60. Ginnie says:

    Such an abundance of loveliness! Thank you so much, Susan!

  61. Brenda says:

    Oh I love this idea, I may have to adopt it. I have guest books in our two extra bedrooms that we have in this big house since moving from the city. One with twin beds, when the grands stay, but my best friend claims one is her bed. Another with a big bed and its own bath downstairs in the walk out where another friend, whom snores and admits it, so she wants to sleep away from everyone else and claims it is hers. But we have others coming and going and nice messages left to remind us of their visit and I love reading them. I am thinking this would be a great thing, besides a reason to do some crafting decorating another book to use. Thanks for inviting me for the visit today. I loved the music, played it twice! Very ready for spring!

  62. Debbie K North central Mass says:

    Oh what fabulous memories your post reminded me of today! My grandmother would have a guest book for company to sign when she would entertain, and it would also include a menu of what was served, who was there, things she’d change etc. It was always such fun to sign “the book”, and then years later, to see how our signatures changed from scribbles to just-learning-to-print, to showing off our cursive! Years later, when she was in a nursing home, she still had a guest book for us to sign, but it also became a communication book between family members who would visit at different times.

  63. Pam Rossi from Montana (formally NJ!) says:

    Hi Susan,
    Oh, you are such a gift! This is an especially wonderful blog for me as I used to keep a journal and actually made books at Penland School of Crafts. So, I’m going to start again. I’m also a knitter and can’t access your link for your friend Debbie Ware that you included on this blog. Is there another way I could see what she makes?

  64. Jacqui G says:

    How inspiring you are! I love to keep party & dinner journals, but now I want to make them fancy like yours…just love you and your dinner journal to pieces! I’m throwing a bridal shower for my sister Jill and I’m going to write all about the plans…she’s getting married on a cruise ship and it will be a nautical theme…got to go and write NOW haha xoxo Jacqui

  65. Tamar Weaver says:

    really nice. thanks.

  66. Kimi says:

    Hi Susan

    Well I for one love anything little! kinda brings back childhood memories like seeing things all small and cute you know like fairies, now don’t laugh I’m normal? I so enjoy your site Susan its a way to just go and feel the love and adventurer! I love looking at your illustration. Peter Rabbit is one of my favorite story books as a child. I have some pretty old ones, I just sometimes love to look at them and sometimes even walk right into the story being a artist my imagination just takes me there. Keep up the your good work in this world of many changes and not all good. I hope your world stays the same! XOXO

    • sbranch says:

      Nothing ever stays the same — that’s the good news and the bad news!

      • Kimi says:

        Good Morning Susan

        Yes nothing stays the same this is very true! but one thing can stay the same and that is the love of your heart this is what I mean! things around us change but hearts can only grow stronger when one or two agree! “It what we make of our world… and happy you are in it! XO

  67. Sue C says:

    Not sure if it’s snowing yet on the Vineyard, but it is here off 495. Your picture of the weeping cherry tree in blossom was just what I needed this afternoon…thank you so much !

  68. Pam T. says:

    Speaking of “Little Things”, how’s this for a fun coincidence…I printed your darling Owl Bookmark for myself a few days ago, then decided I would rather share that one with my friend. I gave it to her and she commented that she would happily laminate it and return to me, and print out another for herself later. (She knows your site, I just reminded her where to find them). She did laminate it for me, but I couldn’t let her print out her own…I really wanted it to be “from” me. (even though it’s from YOU truthfully). So, I put one into a cute note card and sent it off in the mail. Isn’t it lovely to get mail from a friend sometimes? Here is her response in my email the next day “You know what I like about US? We can still be excited and happy about the little things in life. :)” So, it’s universal. We love the little things. Thank you for helping us keep connected to the joy we find in the small things! Cherry blossoms and kitties chasing bugs are definitely on that list! 🙂

  69. Pam says:

    Your dinner party book is such fun Susan. Lovely idea to bring back happy memories. Love the spring wallpaper too. I noticed today we have some crocuses on the front lawn and some daffodils in the back garden so it’s definitely getting spring like.

  70. Patsy in Nixa, MO says:

    The eye clinic appointment desk scheduled me for the Springfield office instead of Nixa so I missed my eye exam and won’t have new sunglasses before I go to FL, I spilled a glass of acai-blueberry-pomegranate juice all over the kitchen rug and tile, my refrigerator frosted up (freezer too full) and has to be unplugged for twenty-four hours (food moved to the garage freezer and refrigerator), then I got a “Branchie” (your blog), and all is right with the world. The problems just floated away on the cloud of happiness created by your pictures, sayings, musica and ever-optimistic attitude.

    I love your party journal. When I do my theme dinners (lunches), I put the pictures, invitation, menu, etc. in a plastic sandwich bag and store them in a shoebox. Now I know how to preserve them properly. My journal might have to be a notebook or scrapbook, however. Thank you.

  71. Sharon Byars says:

    So enjoyed this break in my day. It is raining here in Morro Bay, CA. My hiking group still went on our Wednesday am hike in SLO in the rain. Came home to your blog and hot coffee!
    Love your diaries. So wish I had started that years ago. So many fun dinner parties, especially the “theme” ones. Now is the time to start. Have been using your stickers for years. Thanks for the wonderful comments and photos!

    • sbranch says:

      And now we just came in from a walk, delivering cupcakes to girlfriend in snowflakes the side of, what? Cookies!

  72. Teresa says:

    I loved this blog entry!! I especially love the Sinatra in the background- what a sweet song!! 🙂 This made my day. 🙂

  73. Hi Susan

    I loved listening to the music of “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” as I read your post. This was one of my dad’s favorite songs to hum. He was a wonderful “hummer” and whistler. We often went fishing together at a local dock when I was young, and I loved listening to him make music this way for hours. He hardly ever sang the words to songs, but one he did sing, that I loved as a child called “MAIRZY DOATS” was funny and sweet and made me laugh. Sigh…such wonderful memories that you’ve given to me on this rainy afternoon.

    The Peter Rabbit book is adorable! I can’t imagine the patience it takes to make one book like this by hand. The artist is so talented. It is a wonderful treasure to enjoy.

    I really love your dinner journal idea, and I think the most charming part of it is that it is so real! It is not perfect or prettified, it is just all you, at your natural happy best! This is the stuff life is made of — the ordinary, common moments recorded and remembered in our hearts and minds. My Mom passed away in January and I have been sorting through her belongings. One of the most wonderful things for me is to find all the little notes she wrote to herself and inserted in books and cookbooks, etc. She also saved many first drafts of letters she wrote to her sisters over the years. It is as if I am reading her diary, and I am savoring every word.

    I’m about to begin dinner — I am making an Italian style spinach pie tonight. I’ve been eating low carb trying to lose a little weight for my daughter’s upcoming spring wedding, but I am going to cave and eat the pie crust tonight…I’m looking forward to it!!! 😉

    Have a very enjoyable evening! Can’t wait to seeing your banana fritter recipe in your next post…they sound yummy!



    • sbranch says:

      Cave and eat the pie crust! LOL! Love it. I ate cupcakes today. More than one.

    • janet says:

      “MAIRZY DOATS” – Is this “mares eat oats, and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid’ll eat ivy too – wouldn’t you?” My husband grew up singing this in his family too! It took me a while to figure out what they were singing! Sweet memory:-)

  74. Gail in NJ says:

    A few years ago I decided I wanted to start a journal. My mom had passed away and we found 30 years of her journals tucked under her bed. I do remember her writing most nights before she went to sleep. What a treasure these are!! How comforting it was to go back and read the simple entries of our life. All the little and big things that happened. Some of those little things were almost forgotten.

    I discovered your “Book of Days” and it is the perfect way to journal. Just enough space to jot down my thoughts without getting overwhelmed. The pictures and quotes are just so sweet, makes it all a pleasure. I am on my third journal this year. Just discovered the place to write the year on the outside binding. So happy I started the journals (yes, a little late at 57), thanks for the inspiration!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh you are a baby. Plenty of time for lots of writing!

      • Karen C (from the heart of the peidmont, Greensboro NC) says:

        Okay, I am inspired to take up journal writing again. I thought that at 50 I was too old, but after some thought, I say why not. I am going for it. It’s a leap day decision. 🙂 Watch out world!

        • sbranch says:

          I never thought about it while I was writing them (as anyone can easily tell if they were unfortunate enough to have to read them!) but if you like to write, are interested in writing, they end up, if you do it long enough, to be very good practice!!

  75. Jennie says:

    Lovely post! Such happy things like spring and miniature books, and good memories.
    I kept a little book called ‘the Anniversary Diary’ where I chronicled every wedding anniversary day and trip my husband and I took. Sadly, after thirteen years there will no longer be any more entries, but I am so glad I did it because I know that someday I will appreciate those memories. It’s so good to record things and not entirely rely on our memories to remind us!

  76. Emily Merrill says:

    Oh thank you for sharing Debby Ware she has the most adorable baby hats and goodies:)

  77. Karen V (Connecticut) says:

    Hello Susan,

    Thanks for the pretty spring picture (snowing light, fluffy flakes here right now!),and the inspiration to start that journal! I even bought a pretty journal, but have been a little lazy and procrastinating….I’m going to put my first entry in today! The snow here is pretty, even though my mind and heart are wishing for spring, especially after seeing your lovely spring landscape!
    Loved peeking into your dinner journal, I still have some of your recipes torn from Country Living that date back to the late 80’s/early 90’s…I’ve been a SB fan since way back then!
    Happy Leap Day to you and all the girlfriends!

  78. claresgabby says:

    Happy Leap Day! As usual, when I saw you had blogged, I knew I would have a “happy” lunch! Thank you for sharing your party book. I still have that issue of “Country Living” and remember it well. I am inspired to have a party!! (And, maybe even start my own book!)….Pam in Porterville, California

  79. Vickie in Olympia says:

    Do you think the DARING Girls Club will ever have franchises? I just love it and have so many friends who fit the bill and sometimes need just a little reminder of how special they are. Thanks for reminding us and keeping us uplifted.

  80. Gloria Groza says:

    Hi Susan! I enjoyed your Blog today as always – All the Little Things! I have a collection of miniatures, so I might have to ask for the Peter Rabbit book for my B’Day in March to add to mine. I also loved the idea of a Party Journal! I have jotted mine down on 3 x 5 cards and they are fun to look at, but a journal is sooooo much better! ALSO, been meaning to ask if you have seen the Early Spring edition of Country Gardens? It has a wonderful article complete with pictures and illustrations (from her books) entitled, “The Cottage Gardens of Beatrix Potter”! You would love it! I got mine at Lowe’s. Just one more thing: Is the recipe for the Apple Sauce you made for the Special Breakfast in any of your Cookbooks? If so which one and if not, could you share? Thank you for brightening my days! Love, Gloria from North Texas (Nevada)XOXOX

    • sbranch says:

      That sounds like my kind of magazine! I will look for it. The applesauce is a new recipe for my new Breakfast book coming in the fall . . . can you wait?

      • Rae Ann says:

        I can’t wait!!!…have put it in a note at the bottom of my September Susan Branch calendar…

      • Gloria Groza says:

        Ok, I kind of had a feeling…….

      • Chris Wells says:

        Gloria & Susan, bought that magazine a few weeks ago and meant to say something to the girlfriends. It’s a Better Homes & Gardens publication. On the cover it says to display until March 6th….so hurry.

  81. Mia Sophia says:

    Another beautiful blog! I have been buying and collecting children’s books since I was a teenager. As an adult, I was lucky enough to work in a charming children’s book store for 5 years. My son was read a selection of books every night. Beatrix Potter was always one of our favorites as we loved bunnies too. We had 3 bunnies at various times…Raquel Rabbit, Rita May Rabbit and April Abby. My new grandson has the Beatrix Potter crib sheets and I will hand down my son’s Peter Rabbit children’s dishes when he is eating solid food. How precious is that tiny book! And I loved a peek into your party diary…a treasure of fond memories. I use your ‘Book of Days’ to keep some of my favorite quotes…two down and more to fill, decorated with additional SB stickers, of course! Thank you for sharing your life, your love, your spirit! It is a real treat for us all. Happy Day!

  82. Angie(Tink!) says:

    ♫♥ Polka Dots & Moonbeams ♫♥ Perfection Sweetest Sue…You & Your BFF Elizabeth are going to Have so Much Fun….I can already Hear You Two Giggling with Joy… 🙂 I’m Wishing You The Best Time….Twirling into Friendship…Thank You for The Springtime Wallpaper! Gorgeous! are You having More Snow? Perfect for Elizabeth…Stay Cozy & Warm…sending Hugzzzzzzzzz & L♥ve & Always Lots of Pixie~Dust! Yay! xoxo Poof! ♫♥ Bye Bye February & We Welcome in The Month of March! Wow! 🙂

  83. Debbie Anderson says:

    Love, love, love you post! Thanks for sharing your book.

  84. Hi – Happy Leap Day! I sooooo long for some warm weather! I will just have to be satisfied with the hope of it for now. I love love love cherry blossoms. Your photo is delicious. My brother in law (and he’s my neighbor too), has some wild cherry trees just starting to blossom in his front yard. They smell incredible! Every time I walk by I have to go up and inhale deeply just to keep myself hopeful about spring. It has been cold by our Pacific NW standards – we are having snow and sleet here today! It’s usually in the 50’s right about now.
    That tiny book is so sweet too. Thanks for keeping me distracted today!
    xxxxooo from Lynndee here on Vashon Island in Washington State.

  85. Linda I says:

    Thank you, Susan for opening up your dinner party journal for us. Sometimes I just need someone to show me their ideas and it gives me the fuel I need to get going on my own. I often write about my parties in my regular journal–or rather YOUR journal b/c that’s the one I use. I LOVE it!! I had a hard time writing before, but about four years ago when I started using your Days Journal, it has become so easy and fun! You’d think the same pictures and quotes would become old,but every year they seem new again. Plus, I write my own quotes, etc. up and around all the edges. I am glad for the new picture for my computer. It will be March tomorrow and I needed those beautiful blooming branches.
    Love ya!

  86. Verla says:

    Are all the cute stickers in your journal available for purchase, and if so, where? I was very stocked up for use in my own journal keeping, (really brings a journal to life. Have also, made cookbooks with them.) when they could be found in scrapbooking stores, but the ones here (in Wichita, KS) don’t carry them anymore. Please tell me where I can find them!
    If that party journal ends up for sale in a shop someday, the person who gets it will be very blessed indeed.

    • sbranch says:

      We do have a few stickers in our web store, but what we have there is the end of them — they aren’t being made anymore; sorry!

  87. Rettabug says:

    How amazing that you’ve kept at this book for so many years. It makes me wish I had one, too.
    I smiled when you said ‘nothing special’…you just drew a little cocktail glass…as if anyone else could have made such a perfectly sweet illustration. You don’t credit your gift enough! I can’t draw at all & can barely cut fabric straight with a ruler. Your sketches & the sweet words that accompany them are wonderful *minutia*…there’s a good title for your blog posts!

    I’m off to check out all your wonderful links to Debbie & the Country Living site. Thanks for sharing so much of your world with us, Susan.


  88. Mary says:

    You give me such wonderful ideas! I love the Party Journal! We will break ground for our retirement home next week in Cary, NC. I have recorded our holidays over the last 46 years, and with your idea for the journal, I hope to transfer them from my computer to a lovely journal like yours. Perhaps I can make some of the more recent ones into some fiber / mixed media art work. Thanks for all the “little things” you share with us!

  89. Bee Stevens says:

    Grand post for a dark, rainy day her in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.
    I love your party journal – I have a garden journal but it is just notes
    of what I planted etc – makes me want to start a new one. Peter
    Rabbit book is adorable – I have an old, old Peter Rabbit book that
    I had as a child – an Aunt would read it to me and scare me so much
    that Peter was doing to be killed by Mr. McGregor that I had nightmares
    so they had to have her quit reading it to me. I too have SB stickers that
    I have been hoarding – maybe my new garden journal!! Thank you for
    your little things that we all love.

    • sbranch says:

      Your aunt! Somehow I feel like our family must be related to her! Able to make anything scary!

  90. Lois Burgess from Nova Scotia, Canada says:

    Hi Susan,

    Sigh….it was lovely to come home from a meeting at our local library and read your blog. When I came out to get in my car I found it had been dusted by soft, fluffy snowflakes. Did you get a lot of snow today? Had so much fun looking at your friend’s knitting site!! I fell in love with the pear ornaments. I have always liked fruit ornaments as my dad’s hobby was gardening –he especially loved fruit trees. So it always brings back memories of my special dad. I think I may started collecting handmade fruit ornaments to create a themed tree for Christmas this year. A new little dream has been born. Thanks Susan!!

    P.S. I had never heard of the Betsy – Tacy books so I requested them from our regional library and the first one arrived today. I am looking at it now as I type.
    May your visit with your friend be a delightful and memorable one! I know it will be!

    • sbranch says:

      She got a snowstorm so that’s a very good start — we like to keep it interesting for the California visitors!

  91. Alice in Wisconsin-land says:

    Two things:

    Years ago, when Country Living magazine was still quite new, I cut out a full page that had a gingerbread man on it that you had drawn. I matted it and had it in my kitchen for years. Since it was a thin magazine page, it didn’t hold up forever; would love to get a “real” copy of that picture to frame.

    Some have mentioned putting stickers on calendars – I give calendars to several on my Christmas list – there are so many designs available for nearly any interest anyone would have – I carefully take the wrap off the calendars and put a “Happy Birthday” sticker on each recipient’s birthday on his/her calendar. It’s fun during the year when they come upon it and when they tell me they found it.

  92. Susan in Vermont says:

    I love that the first title you think of for your blog entries is “Little Things” — my user name on ebay is Nice Little Things! I was selling for a few years and that’s exactly what I was listing. Feel free to use my user name on your posts….! Every day is better when there is an SB blog to start with; today I’m ending with it because life got in the way, and it’s also a perfect way to end the day. In my part of Vermont, we have about 2″ of snow and more coming tonight and Thursday — yaaaay!
    Gladys hugs,

  93. Samantha says:

    So very lovely Susan! You have inspired me to start keeping my own journal for occasions such as these! I love hosting people and loving on them with food and drink and good conversation so it would be very fun to write down the memories. The art of these things are dying (and yet reviving all at the same time) and I want to keep them alive/revive them as much as possible!

    Hope you have a wondrous day!

  94. Cyndi Harp says:

    I just won two auctions on Ebay for Peter Rabbit mugs. I can’t wait to get them. I love Peter Rabbit, always have so it was nice to see him here today. Have a great one all.

  95. Jude Butterfly says:

    I love everything about the blog. It’s so endearing. I had a complete love affair with Tasha Tuder for years and years. She loved miniatures and I had so many of books. Some really old ones too. When I sold all my possessions to move to Costa Rica, I advertised all my children’s books one weekend in the paper. It wasn’t common for a southern lady to have so many of Tasha’s books because she is known primarily in the north. Anyway, a lady drove up and she nonchalantly asked if I had any books by Tasha Tuder. You can only imagine how delighted she was when I took her into my Magic Library and she saw my collection. She was from Vermont and had been following Tasha for a long time. It was truly serendipity and it made parting with my treasures a little easier knowing someone got them that truly loved them.

    • sbranch says:

      I used to sell my paintings (I did for a few years before I wrote books) and was encouraged to put them in galleries, but I just couldn’t do it. I would have a show every so often and sell them that way; I wanted to meet and talk to the people who were buying the paintings! So I understand how wonderful it was to find the perfect person for your beloved collection!

  96. Lesley Baker says:

    Hi Susan!..from an EXTREMELY windy Tauranga,New Zealand…
    I’ve just received a Peter Rabbit postcard book that I ordered..some to send and some to frame…one of a little mouse,sitting on an embroidered cloth,threading a needle..that one will be framed for my Mum for mother’s day so she can hang it in her sewing room; one or Mrs Tiggywinkle doing her washing,and another of a mouse with a dustpan and broom ,will be framed to hang in my laundry room…..framed pictures in the laundry..who woulda thunk it!???not me,not prior to your blog inspiration 🙂 thank you!
    if anyone’s interested, it’s a dover postcard book..just google dover publications(don’t know if I can put links to commercial sites on here?)

    • sbranch says:

      Sometimes the blog removes all or part of links, and sometimes, no rhyme nor reason that I can see, they go through. But mine always go through, so here’s the link to Dover Publications for anyone who’s interested!

  97. Lisa G. says:

    I enjoyed seeing the Country Living piece.

  98. Sonia says:

    I love my visits to your blog! I have long admired your artwork and have just recently found your blog! Oh happy happy joy joy!! I do love little things and stickers and tiny miniatures are so fun. A friend gave me your garden scrapbook as a birthday present a couple years ago and I enjoy it so much ( one of my favorite all time gifts) …each year I will add another page to it with special memories of that season and pictures of my favorite plants. You give us much joy with the little things!!
    Miss Bloomers

  99. Nancy B says:

    What a great post! I hope I can find the date for the CL magazine. I may even have it in my collection. I have been a subscriber for many, many years. I especially liked reading about the Daring Girls Club. You can be very proud of yourself for inspiring those young girls in such a positive way.

  100. Kari says:

    You inspire so many and the hearts of the your Daring Girls Club are forever tattooed with love for you! What a beautiful, fun, creative story. I think the Girls Club should take up your idea of the Party Diary and make their own Meeting/gathering log book and over time it will reveal the best secrets of all!
    Thank you for so much,
    PS I made your French Eclair Wreath and it was really delicious, very impressive in size (!!!!), and so fun to watch it come together! Happy Days!

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