Spring; Time of Rebirth

I love this quote, love it for this time of year, April love, Spring, the time of rebirth . . . here’s a song for you 

May your days be filled with good things, the kindness of a warm cozy bed, the inspiration of God, the colors of a rainbow, the joy of a wild apple tree, the generosity of the sun, the whimsy of a hummingbird, the  wonder of the moon and stars, the fragrance of something baking in the oven, the music of the breeze, and a little quiet time to yourself to contemplate all these things.  

 Deep breath . . . Ahhhhhhhh.  XOXO

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172 Responses to Spring; Time of Rebirth

  1. Mary Spring says:

    What a beautiful posting …you have got to love these messages ,,we all must keep faith, hope, and a lot of love…once again dear Susan and Joe , thank you both and have a blessed Easter season!!!! with love

  2. Tora says:

    Lovely post Susan, have a blessed Easter.

  3. mary lou says:

    :)Beautiful – peace , hope, and love.

  4. Gail Buss says:

    Dear Susan and Joe………..thank you so very much for this beautiful gift of faith and love. The MUSICA was so beautiful and just lifts us up…… know I will listen to it again and again…………Your lovely message was just perfect. May God bless you both during this Easter season and beyond! Gail & Joe Buss, Bev. Hills, Fl

  5. Bobbie Ann Picard says:

    Beautiful post!! Thank you!! Many Blessings for Easter and Everyday!!

  6. Anne says:

    Perfectly put 🙂 Happy Easter to your family from mine. Thanks for the fruit compote recipe – definitely will be served with our ham tomorrow – can’t wait! Love, love the picture of your little Jackie-boy. I swear I almost kissed the screen when I saw his cute little mug….what a sweetie he is. Hope everyone saw the Pink Moon last night – it was a beaut. Take care for now and thanks again xxoo

  7. paulie says:

    What a beautiful post! My favorite bird, the Peace Dove, my favorite song, The Prayer,and my favorite two artists…….It can’t get any better than that? thank you Susan and Happy Easter to you and yours! xx

  8. Belinda says:

    What a beautiful and sweet post. May you and your family have a blessed Easter.
    Sheridan, Arkansas

  9. Lynn says:

    Lovely way to start the day. Hope Easter is truly a blessed one for you and Joe and your precious furry babies.

  10. Jean D. says:

    Dear Susan,
    What a peaceful, beautiful post to start the day. Thank you. Wishing you a joyous Easter.

  11. Debbie Anderson says:

    Simply beautiful! I plan to take a break from all the news programs for the next week and just listen and read uplifting things. Thanks, we all needed your blog!!! Happy Easter to everyone.

  12. Sharon Calvert says:

    Lifting up others: you do it so well! May God continue to grant you your heart’s desires. From Lexington, KY … have a joyous Easter!

  13. Wendy Louise says:

    That was so beautiful to start a beautiful weekend, here in New England. Thank-you sweet Sue! Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Everything ! OOXX 🙂

  14. Kim says:

    Thank you, Susan. As I begin a busy day of preparing to host Easter dinner, your beautiful artwork, thoughts and music will stay with me.
    Happy Easter to you and Joe.

  15. Martha Ellen says:

    Tears of love and gratitude to you friend! ♥ xoxo

  16. Linda From Sudbury says:

    You always have a beautiful uplifting message. Wishing you all the blessings of this Easter season.

  17. Mel Mel says:

    What a beautiful post! Wishing you and everyone else out there out there a very Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  18. Country Gal says:

    Lovely post and photos ! I can smell the flowers so fresh and pure ! Have a wonderful weekend !

  19. Mary Cunningham says:

    Happy Easter Susan and Joe and the Kitties! Many Blessings to you!

  20. Kathleen O'Connor says:

    Gods Blessings to you & Joe & Happy Easter!! Your kind dear soul is evident and so VERY appreciated!!! The song was SO moving & beautiful- I will also listen to it ..again and again!! You are an Artist deep down to your beautiful soul and share SO much with all of us LUCKY ones out here!!
    Enjoying your recipes this weekend – and so many will be speaking of you across our tables on Easter Sunday!:)
    God Bless You & Continue to ENJOY !
    With So much appreciation & admiration,
    PS I came across a Peter the Rabbit -(small stuffed animal) & (in all places) -CVS – he is now paired with my The Tales of Peter Rabbit book sitting on my foyer table. 🙂

  21. Linda Pintarell says:

    I tried so hard to smell the lovely blossoms while listening to the Andre and Celine sing so beautifully…and I think I did…honest!! A blessed Easter to you and yours! Linda in San Diego

  22. Nellie says:

    Beautiful post, Susan. May this be a joyous Easter for you and Joe! xoxo

  23. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    This is lovely Susan~ So much to be grateful for…..Have a beautiful Easter!

  24. Lin says:

    LOVE that Cohen quote!! I’m putting that on my blog! Thanks, Susan! Happy Easter – Happy Spring!

  25. Susan Bryza says:

    Just beautiful! Thank you.

    Susan (Lewisville, TX)

  26. mari1017 says:

    Blessed Easter to you! A beautiful post on a beautiful morning here ♥ I have that quote and print hanging by my desk – love hearing the birds singing just before dawn ♥ Joyous Easter! Happy Spring!

  27. Carolyn Weaver says:

    AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!

  28. Carol Heach says:


  29. Joan Lesmeister says:

    So lovely, thank you dear Sue! Blessings to all this beautiful Spring and Easter! xoxoxo

  30. Suzanne says:

    May you continue to blessed with your gift of giving of yourself, as you are like a spring day, always giving us the inspiration, the push to find the best in ourselves, the fun of art whether in our colors or craft and just the sincere caring of all of us in your everyday life. Thankyou Sue and wishing you, Joe and the kitties the happiest of spring and the blessings of Easter.- East Longmeadow, Ma.

  31. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Thank you Susan for a beautiful and calming post to commenmorate a special weekend for people of Christian and Jewish faiths.. Just right!
    May peace be in all our hearts!

  32. Kristin Esskew says:

    From the 30 stems of daffodils that have graced our table since last Sunday to the fabulous Rainbow Jello on our Easter dinner buffet, I thank you for your continued enthusiasm for this beautiful and imperfect world and inspiration to embrace each moment and make it special. Happy Easter!

  33. irene talaasen says:

    Hi dear, Susan. What an inspiration you are with beauty and faith. The Faith quote this morning was a huge blessing!! Have a Blessed Easter! He is Risen!

  34. Kirsten Anne Wichert of So. Calif. says:

    Simply beautiful! Happy Easter!

  35. SharonS from Calgary, AB, Canada says:

    Happy Easter, Susan, to you and yours. Thank you for the lovely post.

  36. I think that you make God smile.
    Happy Easter to you, Susan, and your Joe.
    Thank you for all the joy you so easily give to us.

  37. Karen P - Wisconsin says:

    Absolutely perfect Easter greeting. Thank you and Happy, blessed Easter to you and Joe! xoxo…kp

  38. Stacey says:

    Oh! Thank you. Bless you! I am married to a Episcopal priest and also the choir director (classic, yes? 🙂 ) and we have had a service everyday since Palm Sunday (sometimes twice a day) and I really, really needed and am blessed by this post. I am going to try and make your blossom picture my desktop background so I can remember to just breathe. May you have a truly joyous and Blessed Easter. Alleluia! Love you. Stacey

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Stacey – after you figure out how to make the blossom desktop background, will you share it with the rest of us – or at least those of us super non-techies still struggling with how to send a text message? I know, I know – time to join the 21st century ….

      Meantime, Happy Easter (and be sure you make some quiet time for yourself!)


      • Stacey says:

        If you right click on the picture, there should be a drop down menu and it should say save as background…just click that and then go peek at your desktop. Or you can save the picture to your pictures, and then go to your control panel, then to settings/appearances and follow directions to change the desktop/background. Hope that helps. I’m off to the main Easter morning celebration….then dinner and a nap! Alleluia! He is Risen!

        • Marianne says:

          It worked!!! Considering my technophobia, it must be an Easter miracle 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to help me with this and a very Happy Easter to you and yours, Stacey!


  39. Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful post! May you and your family have a very Blessed Easter!

  40. zinnia patch says:

    ahhhhhhhh is how I feel after reading your post, Susan! Happy Easter to you and Joe!!!! Thank you !!!!!!

  41. Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Have a wonderful day full of chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and ham! xoxo Debbie

  42. Ann Y. (Adamstown, PA) says:

    What a beautiful and meaningful post….right back at you and yours. The blessings of Spring, and Easter, and LIFE !

  43. christie ray says:

    No words…simply peace…

  44. Deb from Dixie says:

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face……The Prayer always touches my heart. Thank you for your words of peace, faith and remembrance. Remembering that Spring and Easter are the time of renewal ……a time to reflect on and cherish the simple joys in life.
    The Leonard Cohen quote is powerful, it reminds me, for all our struggles dealing with loss……that the cracks are not just pain…..they are the way the light shines in, to show us the way through it.
    Susan, you will never know how much this post meant to me. You wrote the perfect words, added the perfect music at the perfect time.
    Thank you for your loving and kind spirit, and Easter Blessings to you and Joe and all the girlfriends.

  45. Laura Croyle says:

    How Beautiful!! Love the quotes and the apple (?) blossoms! Thank-you! Today is a Glorious, sunny day here in the Pacific NW, but c-c-cold! (it froze overnight!) Got lots to do today to prepare for tomorrow. Happy Resurrection Day, tomorrow!! “You are inscribed on the palm of His hand” ~ Isaiah 49:16

  46. Karen says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Susan!

    I hope you and yours have a blessed Easter.

    Hugs, Karen

  47. judi says:

    Easter blessing to you and your family. Ah, my memory can smell those blossoms even though I now live where there are none. Amazing thing the memory. Hugs.

  48. SUSIE STEVENS says:

    Hi Susan. I absolutely love your posts. The one about ironing…as soon as you told how it smelled..my mind went back to ironing at mommy’s. I press things but can’t say that I iron..well not like the old days growing up. LOL Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  49. Lori from Maine says:

    Happiness, love and peace to all of you ~ Susan, Joe and the Girlfriends near and far.
    xoxox from SW Hbr., Maine

  50. Donna says:

    So beautiful, Susan! Thank you and Happy Easter! XO

  51. Susan Havey says:

    Easter Wishes to you and Joe and the kitties, Susan.

    Who cannot feel hope, joy, blessings and love when reading your blog, Susan.
    May the Easter Bunny leave you chocolate eggs, warm scones, and many hugs both real and online as you and yours rejoice in the beauty and inspiration of the Easter message. God bless!

    Susan in Spokane

  52. Jeanette says:

    Susan, Simply beautiful, your artwork and the quote. Wishing you an abundance of Blessings this Easter and always. And, some sweets for the sweet too!
    xoox, Jeanette

  53. Chris Wells says:

    Blessings to you Susan and Joe, and all the girlfriends. Thankyou for such a beautiful post. It makes us breathe deeply and just enjoy. Have been sitting on my porch all morning with family, just enjoying being together. It is truely a beautiful day! Happy Easter everyone!

  54. Mary says:

    Easter Blessings from Minnesota, Susan. 🙂

  55. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh Susan…what a beautiful post! Blessings and Happy Easter to you and Joe,


  56. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

    Easter Blessings; Susan & Joe,
    This song really touched me. I haven’t heard it in a while and today is when I needed this or something like it the most.

  57. Robin Murray says:

    Thank you for this blessed post. So very inspiring and the music is divine. I wish you a Happy Easter. I wish we were at our vineyard house for Easter, have to wait ’til May!!

  58. Sherry Moran says:

    Lovely post! Thank you. I’m taking your Compote receipe tomorrow when we go
    to our son’s for Easter lunch. Gotta’ go to the store as soon as I finish this. I’m really looking forward to your trip to England, with us along for the ride.

  59. Marilyn says:

    Thank you – A true lift for the spirit.

  60. Sarah Powell says:

    The most perfect words of wisdom, felt deep down in my bones. Thanks, S

  61. Marilyn says:

    Thank you – a true lift for the spirit

  62. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Happy Easter to all…it is dark, cool, and rainy here today in central Minnesota–I’m hoping the sun comes out tomorrow. Do we get to see what your Easter table looks like tomorrow? 🙂

  63. Rita from MN says:

    Peace and beautiful wishes to you, also!

  64. Sheri says:

    Happy Easter and blessings to you and your family!! My kitty pepsi sends wishes to your kitties!! =)

  65. Barbara from SoCal says:

    Thank you for posting this. Have a wonderful Easter!

  66. Jan from Northern CA says:

    That was wonderful! Our wishes that you and Joe have a blessed Easter and a wonderful trip abroad. Speaking of Rainbows, I just returned home from CA Grand Assembly with the Rainbow for Girls. There is Faith, Hope and Love in our youth. They are smaller in number than in my younger days in Rainbow, but they still raised $72,000 for their Grand Service Project this year, the Adaptive Sports Foundation of San Diego. They give me such joy to watch and make me smile just like your posts.

  67. Perfect . . Thank You Susan Branch . . Easter Blessings to You and Yours

  68. laurie says:

    such a beautiful post, your little black and white beautis so much like our louie, my blog post today I wrote of memories and when i came to read yours his little face was waiting, I so enjoyed the video!it brings back memories of happy times for sure, thankyou for sharing

  69. The Leonard Cohen quote is just perfect for the Season! Thank you for sharing it and may all the blessings you give be yours as well.

  70. LindaSonia says:

    Happiest Easter to you and yours!!

  71. Sweet Mormor says:

    Dear Susan, The Prayer is my favorite song and at this Autumn season of my life I listen to it often. I am hoping tomorrow will be a day of renewal for me as I am losing my mother to a severe illness and my “partner” of 18 years is leaving – so I feel kinda alone right now. May Easter be a rebirth and inspiration to us all! I love your writings and artwork and have for many years – you have many dedicated followers and you make so many people smile! Bless you!

    • sbranch says:

      Go into nature and breathe deeply, so sorry, too many things at once. 🙁 Blessings . . .

      • Chris Wells says:

        But tomorrow always brings a brighter day, it’s a promise He made. You just have to hang in there today and put one foot in front of the other. I have been there and it WILL get better……and better than you could have imagined. Am praying for you Sweet Mormor.

  72. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Good Day * Susan and Joe

    Susan, How absolutely beautiful is your post today….the music, the flowers, the quotes and your thoughts. How sweet of you to take the time to reach out to us today…special moments in time to connect via your Blog.

    This gives me the perfect chance to reply and wish you and Joe a joyous Easter and Spring…and all that awaits you as you both get ready for your sailing adventure next month.

    It also let’s me say to all of our wonderful girlfriends, both near and far,
    Happy Easter! Happy Spring! I am so happy to be a part of this posting community, joining you all in this wonderful circle of friendship that we all know as, “Susan’s Blog”.

    Susan, you always fill our days with good things!
    Love from,
    * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

    • Lori from Maine says:

      Hi Dorothy Ann~
      Happy Easter from my family to yours. Hope all is well on Cougar Mountain. It is lovely to be a part of this circle of girlfriends, isn’t it? I’m off to make some Easter bunny sugar cookies – my Mom will love them and she’s coming over for dinner today. At 93, she’s not too old to enjoy bunnies and cookies! Hope you have a wonder-full day!

      xoxo from SW Hbr. Maine (where it’s only 36 degrees! brrrr!)

      • Dorothy Ann says:

        * Hi Lori from Maine *
        Happy Easter to you and your Family!
        Thank you for your Happy Easter Wishes.

        I was planning to send you a quick post today, Easter Sunday, and then…saw your wonderful reply. I am so happy to connect with you again via Susan’s Blog. Wasn’t her posting a lovely Spring note to all of us girlfriends?

        So, to catch up with you…How was your Boston trip and “The Boss”? Perhaps you wrote about it and I may have missed your comments. Hope it was awesome!

        Oh my…you will be in the “sugar cookie zone”…baking some delicious Easter treats for your family and your sweet Mom. She will certainly enjoy those Bunny cookies, especially since you made them! Have a happy day and a wonderful dinner.

        I am preparing a Honey Roasted Chicken for my husband, Ron and I for our Easter…so it will be just us…(our daughter, Tracey, who lives in Southern California with her husband, will be flying up here for a long Mother’s Day weekend next month). After dinner, some of our friends will “hop” by to join us for dessert.
        Easter lemon cupcakes topped with whipped cream and lemon jelly beans, of course!

        Keep in touch…dear Lori from Maine and if it is something you would like to do..lets’ think, once again, as to how to give each other our e-mail addresses. ??

        Oh…stay warm today…you have 36 degrees…oh my! Here in the Pacific Northwest we are almost into a Spring mode…temperatures are getting warmer…today will be in the 50’s. Still in the 30’s @ night, though.
        Happy Springtime!
        * Dorothy Ann from Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  73. Esther says:

    A simply beautiful post. Thank you for the lovely song, too!

  74. Kathleen Willliams San Diego, CA says:

    Happy Easter to you and Joe …. you bring life’s little pleasures alive on your blog. I’m so excited when I have a new posting. It’s the next best thing to having the postman deliver a real old fashion letter. Thank you and God Bless!

  75. (Another) Linda (in GA) says:

    Absolutely beautiful! So simple, yet so profound….

    Thank you and Happy Easter!h

  76. Mia Sophia says:

    Just beautiful…short and sweet perfection! Thanks to YOU!
    Big Hugs…

  77. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    Happy Easter everyone! ♥

  78. Ann says:

    Happy Easter to everyone!

  79. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    You didn’t put the warning that we would need tissues! LOL! Sniffle, sniffle! Love to you and Joe and the kids and have a wonderful Easter Day! Smiles as I am wiping tears! But happy ones! And Ahhhhhh, deep breath is right… Ahhhhhh

  80. Hi Susan,

    I love your post…Sometimes I get caught up in all the festivities such as chocolate bunnies, baby chicks and then a sweet reminder happens. It is so nice to stop and reflect what Easter is really all about. Thank you!
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  81. Nancy M. says:

    Happy Easter to you, Joe, Girl Kitty and Jacque! 😉

  82. Barb says:

    Hi Susan,

    Your post touched my heart…..thank you so much. It’s like a sign from up above for me. My Mom has been in Heaven for eight years now and my Dad for six. They were such loving, giving, caring parents and had kindness for everyone.
    Thank you for the kindness you bestow upon all of us whom are able to enjoy your blog each and everyday.

    Blessings and Happy Easter to you and Joe.

    Barb, Ludlow MA

  83. Noelle says:

    Happy Easter to you Susan and Joe! I am so excited about the trip! Can’t wait to travel along with you. Thanks for all of your thoughtfulness, I am so grateful for you!

  84. Kathryn Rehrig says:

    Dear Susan–Thank you so much for your wonderful posts! I enjoy each and every one as they speak to my heart. I loved your “piddling” post and have enclosed a link to Rick Bragg’s essay on “The Fine Art of Piddling” which I hope you can take a minute to enjoy. Can’t wait to go to England with you.
    Happy Easter,
    Best, Kathryn

  85. Sara says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Many thanks for your post today. I feel filled up again because of you. Happy Easter, Happy Spring.
    Peace, blessings and love to you.

  86. Bee Stevens says:

    Happy Easter – lovely post. A stray cat that I have been feeding and
    made a bed for on my back patio had 5 kitties this week. The redbuds
    here in the Eastern Panhandle of WV are glorious this year.

  87. Debbie in So,Ca. says:

    Dear sweet Susan & Joe, thank you for the inspiration joy, love and blessings that you give so freely to us, just like God’s love, we are all blessed in our daily lives by all that you give!
    Happy Easter and Spring!

  88. Carol Deiber says:

    God Bless you Susan and Joe!

  89. jeanne hedin says:

    Thank you for the special post during this season. Blessings to you and your household!

  90. Joann says:

    Dear Susan and Joe…

    May the blessings of the Easter season fill you both with renewed hope and love….for God’s only begotten son gave His life for us….

    Springtime—such a glorious reminder of the circle of LIFE!

    Blessings and JOY,

    Joann in CO

  91. pat addison says:

    what a beautiful post, wishing you and joe a very Happy Easter and to everyone, Happy Easter, many blessings of the season and Happy Spring!!! hugs…. 🙂

  92. carmel says:

    Thank you so much, Susan. You completed my day that was filled with unexpected graces and added even more. Answered prayer. Many hugs to you, Joe and the kittens. Joyous Easter to you and all the girlfriends of the blog (your dad too).

  93. Buzz'n Bea says:

    Amazing Love, how can it be? That YOU, my God, should die for me. I/we are blessed indeed.

    Have a Blessed Easter, Susan and Joe

  94. Happy Easter to you and your family, too 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  95. Molly says:

    Oh, I wish I could smell those flowers. Happy Easter.

  96. Sandy Richmond says:

    That’s how the light gets in.. Happy Easter everyone!

  97. Janie Phillips says:

    Happy Easter, Sue! xoxo

  98. Connie Messer says:

    Thank you for your love and caring heart. Your work is far reaching and appreciated by many.

  99. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    “Happy Easter” to you dear Susan ! Ya know what?…..You just, “get it!” I hope you have a Lovely Easter Sunday and enjoy the day with those you Love. “THANKYOU!” for the beautiful post. It reminds me to remember that… FAITH is stronger than fear. May you forever be Blessed………….XoXoX

  100. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Rejoice Sweet Sue…Happy Easter Morning to You & Joe & Girl~Kitty & Jack! & to All of Us “Kindred~Spirits”…†♫ The Prayer †♫ is a Most Beautiful Song Sue…(Goosebumps)… Taylor’s 8th Birthday Party was Filled with Magic & lots of Giggles & L♥ve….( & Now We Count Down to Your Birthday Darling~Sue) :-)…My April Girlies! Yay! Yawnnnnnnnnnnnn….I’m Sleepy… just finished Coloring Easter Eggs…Where is The Easter Bunny?….L♥ve & Joy for Your Easter Sunday! & Lots of Glorious Easter Pixie~Dust! Let’s All Eat Drink & Be Merry! Twirling! xoxo Poof! Hippity~Hoppity Easter is Here! †♥♫ 🙂

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