Minutia; Simply the Best ♥

Look, Minutia!  A new word for my favorite thing, the small stuff.  Prettiest musica for you!  Singing a song about the place I like best.  You can listen and watch videos at the same time if it’s not too crazy for you!  Say Hello to the Honey:

My best littlest thing . . .


See why I don’t get anything done?  I’m at his beck and call.  I really do have  .  .  .

I’m in a piddling mode of mind, doing a little of this, a little of that.  Hanging dishtowels in the pantry to dry . . .

Ooops!  Look at that, how pretty!  I look out the window while making my tea, grab the camera and out to the garden I go to take a picture of the weeping cherry . . . take a big drink of fresh spring air . . . such a bright day!

Then, back inside to iron my kitty scarf to take on the trip.  Jack watched the ironing board set-up with total fascination!  I love the smell of ironing; hot, clean laundry soap (and a little bit of my mom too!).  Doing the kitchen dance. 

Thinking about Easter dinner, the centerpiece will be the easy part!  What to serve with the ham . . . one thing for sure, we’re definitely having this:

Old-fashioned, delicious with ham,  so easy to make — we only have it once a year, so it’s special to us . . . the recipe is in Heart of the Home, if you have it.  What are you making — doing??


I can’t seem to stay indoors . . . !  I think you can see why!  Could you smell the wind?  Did it smell like ocean air?  We’re only two blocks up from the harbor, out under the weeping cherries!

Did I show you the first present Joe ever gave me, A long, long time ago?  It’s an old cuff link from the first Queen Elizabeth; he made it into a charm for my bracelet.   We knew we’d be sailing on one of those boats someday!  (Sooo excited, makes my tummy flutter!)

On our way now, out to our walk, must get our exercise!  Lots of work to do today.  Until later girlfriends,  happy spring day, Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy everything! 

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  1. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    Susan, I just love your ironing picture today. It too, reminds me of my mom. Gosh, they ironed everything, didn’t they! I have two very vivid pictures in my mind when I think of my mom~ her hanging laundry on the clothesline, and ironing. There is something I love so much about both of these chores. A little story~ We have had my husbands grandmothers old metal ironing board for years. The little gadget that locks and holds it up underneath was broken, so I couldn’t use it. When rearranging my craft room last fall, I was looking for something I could make a magnet board out of. Always try to use what I have around the house as much as I can. Well, the idea came to make it out of grandmother Tina’s ironing board! My husband took the legs off, mounted some hanging brackets on each end, and hung it on the wall for me. I thought about painting it, but left it as it was, a little rust and all. I love it! It is just darling with button magnets, and tiny clothes hangers holding project ideas, invitations, postcards, etc. So fun to re-purpose items with meaning…… my other favorite here today is your re-purposed cuff link. What a wonderful charm! Looking forward to those posts about your charm bracelet.~

  2. Sarah Powell says:

    Love Jack, love the new birdie card, love the fruit compote, love the pink flowering tree, adore the CHARM (Oh Joe!), and that Purple Scarf – SO YOU!
    H A P P P Y E A S T E R
    Thanks for keeping me sane.
    Love, Sarah

  3. Helen (Brentwood No. Cal) says:

    Every year….just like clockwork….make the stuffed eggs for both Thanksgiving and Easter from your Vineyard Seasons book…the best! (I add finely chopped green onions – the only change). We are headed to our trailer in Pismo Beach the day after Easter for the week – have been looking forward to walking on that beautiful beach looking for shells and sand dollars, walking to the pier in town, picking up clam chowder from “Splash”, to Nan’s used Book Store, to the Green Bargain thrift shop……the only thing missing is your darling shop that used to be in A.G.! Thankfully I made it there and did some shopping while I had the chance…..it looked just like your house:). Happy Easter!

  4. Aggie says:

    I am smitten with your kitten. Corny I know, but Jack just knocks me out with his abundant cuteness. The fruit compote sounds wonderful, but I am on the hook for ambrosia, so will have to make it another time. Happy Easter to you, Joe and kitties !

  5. Candice says:


    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter — the time of re-birth! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you many chocolate surprises. Give that little boy cat a pat on the head from me. He is too cute for words.


  6. Dee Ann says:

    So excited that we will be able to travel via you to England…thanks for including us on your adventures. Love your springtime blooms.

  7. Vita says:

    Happy Easter Susan! You got me inspired to get out my Easter things and decorate a little. This is the first year without children my house, Boo Hoo. So, I wasn’t feeling very excited to do anything for Easter this year. Thank you for your continual inspiration.
    Love You,

  8. Kirsten Anne Wichert of So. Calif. says:

    Happy Spring, and Happy Easter To everyone! Susan, I just love the last photo you placed on the blog today. So peacefull……I think I can feel the wind and smell the ocean! Ahhhhhhh, perfection.
    My son asked me “What’s gotten in to you?”. I guess I’ve come back to life……baking and cooking…..haven’t done much in years. I had to think. After a while I said ” It must be Susan Branch’s Blog!”

  9. Well, what a day I have had and I’m here to write about it which means that I survived!!! although I am weary and the weekend hasn’t even begun?? I may have used all my “gas” in one day and the other two will be run on fumes…..we cleaned the house, and I grated the carrots for my cupcakes…..phew…then began the cupcakes and I think I used every dish in the cupboard and then some….I must say the end result was well worth all the work. I only baked them today and tomorrow I will decorate them with tiny coconut nest with jellybeans in pastel colors. My worried hubby (only because I have been under the weather for afew months) asked me “why do you do it”….and I said to him because Susan did and so many girlfriends and they just looked so pretty and yummy and I wanted to do it for all of my family that is coming tomorrow!!! He just smiled while he sampled one without the icing!!!! I love that he cares so much about me and that was why he was eating a carrot cupcake!!! ha I baked the turkey since the oven was already heated so that much is done. I also was thinking that someday when things quiet down and it’s just Jim and I all gray haired and wrinkled I will have such wonderful memories of all the “fun things” I did on Holidays and I know that will make me feel a sense of pride and it also passes on the Traditions which means we will always be remembered for making things special. We went to Church Services and that gave me some more inspiration to get this Easter Weekend started and that meant making everyone an Easter Bag full of goodies and Jim bless his heart comes out holding a Russell Stover’s Coconut Cream Egg (smashed??) saying what’s up with this poor fella and after hearing that somehow it got smashed he was saying well we can’t have that…..and it didn’t hurt the taste one little bit!!!!

  10. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Well Susan, you’ve probably already gone to bed but you’ll hopefully get this in the morning…Do you have a good recipe for scalloped potatoes or do any of your books have one in them? Thanks! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Oh yes, I’m a scalloped potato fool . . . love them. Go to page 97 in Vineyard Seasons. I make them with sausages in them, but you don’t have to, just leave them out (better yet, do half of it with the sausages for the leftovers . . . soooooo good!).

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        Thankyou!!! I’m heading for the bookcase with your books in it. Hate to admit it but in the past have used Betty Crocker boxed but this year we are adamently avoiding MSG so I’m doing a lot more from “scratch”. No complaints, though, as now I’m officially retired and have more time to spend cooking, which I really enjoy. So we’ll have your fruit compote with your scalloped potatoes this year–thanks! 🙂

  11. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Susan, Loved seeing this blog and I watched it all along with my granddaughter, Kathryn (11), who is visiting for Easter with her family. She loved seeing Jack trying to get the ball of yarn. We also just finished before this watching Anne of Green Gables and we both sat there crying like babies…..it was so wonderful and we enjoyed it so much together. Memories are made of this! We will be looking into sequels. I love ironing too. Thought I was the only crazy one……love the results too. Happy Spring and Easter. Gail & Joe and Kathryn, Beverly Hills, Fl

    • sbranch says:

      Eleven, what a wonderful age to watch Anne of Green Gables with your grandma! That’s a memory!

  12. Kathy in San Diego says:

    The description of the ironing smells, etc. takes me right to my 97 yr old mom. She has ALWAYS hung her sheets, etc. out on the lines and in a certain way. She would never let me or anyone help because she wants them “just so.”(i.e. folded her way and taken in a certain way to be set on the ironing board for ironing!). Sadly, this past Mon. when I was visiting, she actually let me wash, hang out, bring in, iron, AND fold the sheets–first time ever. Sadly, it tells me she is getting a little too tired to do it anymore! And…Imthink I passed the test! 🙂
    She still lives alone and is of very sound mind! We are blessed. Her actual 97th bdy is Easter Sunday, so we will have a big family celebration. Have a wonderful Easter!

    • sbranch says:

      Happy birthday to your mom! Happy Easter to you all . . . loved that sweet ironing story.

  13. Pam says:

    Happy Easter Susan and Joe xx

  14. Vicki says:

    Happy Easter to you and Joe!! Spring is in full bloom down here in Cincy. Giving myself the 1st pedicure of spring. Want to be ready for sandal weather! Snuggle little “Minutia” for me.

  15. Joan B says:

    Oh Jack, I just love that cat!
    Happy Easter & Happy Spring to everyone –

  16. I have the same Joy of Cooking book! Inherited from my grandmother… I love it and use it ALL the time… I can never remember such basic things as pancakes or biscuits…

    Have a happy Easter!


  17. Kathy McKinstry says:

    You live in paradise Susan, you and Joe! Thank you for the videos, I love your little movies especially of your yard and house. It’s just beautiful, you are very lucky to live in such a lovely old home on Martha’s Vineyard!
    Kathy from CT.
    p.s. My sister and her husband just got back from visiting her friend on the Island, they had a wonderful time! My brother in law told me today that on one of the days that they went to the beach for a walk, he took his sweatshirt off and used it as a pillow. He felt like taking a rest and just wanted to lay down in the sand and listen to the ocean and feel the sun on his face. Can’t get a better vacation than that!

  18. Teresa G., Lafayette, CA. says:

    God bless the Comcast man! He was here on Easter Sunday to fix our internet that has been out for three weeks! I couldn’t believe they were scheduling work, but we enjoyed our day at my folks and got home in time to let him in. First thing I did was check your blog – boy, I’ve missed you! This was my first Easter without my pups. The Navy has one of them, and the other two are in San Diego, CA. going to school. No Easter baskets to set out in the morning, just a phone call. *sigh* It is most definitely the little things as I rejoiced at a text from my daughter saying “I’m becoming you!” (and it was said in a positive tone!) She made a huge spread and fed all her roommates as well as her brother and his roommates. She cooked up a storm and for all those kids who didn’t get to be home for Easter because the spring break didn’t match up, well, they got a taste of home instead. Had to share my proud mommy moment. Happy spring to all of you! XXO

  19. Georgie says:

    Oh! Isn’t is WONDERFUL to see the first thing your special Joe gave to you! How precious to see the Queen Mary cuff link!!! What wonderful memories it holds… seconds, minutes… decades of love and heart flutters.

    My Joe gave me a little Wee Forest Folk car with 2 mice in it. Every time I walk by the curio and see it, my mind can go back to the very point in time when his surprise became my cherished gift, and my heart lept a mile and did handsprings.

    Wishing you even more wonderful memories at every turn of your upcoming adventure… up, hill and down, flowers, dusty roads, thatched cottage roofs, meadow views that go on and on…

  20. Ilene says:

    Happy Birthday, Susan, from another April 12th girl! I’m so glad you are taking us with you on your trip to Beatrix Potter’s Lake District! It is at the top of my list, and I can’t wait to see how much you love it! I loved Sharon Lovejoy’s photos from her visit there, and I know I will love yours too! Have a wonderful birthday! With love and best wishes from, Ilene

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