Uh Oh

Trying something: So far I haven’t been able to upload any photos onto the blog or to Twitter!  How will we live without photos?  Let’s just see if we get words!!  But while I’m at it, I should say OH MY, it is beautiful out here today.  Not a lot of trees, but expanse of calm blue water, fresh ocean air, and plenty of sunshine; we had tea and breakfast delivered to the Cocoon (other name for room), which comes with down comforters and pillows — and a balcony with chairs and a little table and a view to forever.  I have a great photo of the Cocoon.  Tried six times to put it up.  If we can’t do it while aboard the ship, we’ll wait until England!  Loved your Tweets after you saw us go under the bridge!  Wasn’t that amazing that we could all do it together?  Let’s hope for lots more of that.  XOXO P.S. Hi Dad!  (Now I will try to post this . . .)

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  1. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Oh Susan your send off through the New York Harbor was spectacular!!! My husband and I watched and waved as the web cam followed the Queen Mary 2 pass under the bridge!!! Enjoy being a “queen” on your luxurious ship….you deserve to be pampered!!! (Today was our daughter’s Senior Prom. The weather in Dearborn, Michigan was sunny and 71 degrees and perfect for taking pictures of all of the “princesses and princes” all dressed up in their formal attire!!! Lots of memories made!!! However, I twisted my ankle in the morning and had to hobble all day long…..oh well….moms just keep going.)

    • Carilyn you are so right about Moms we are like the Energizer Bunny!! I too twisted my ankle in a hole in our front yard last week and I am miserable and so sore!!! The bad part was I knew that dip was out there and walked across it anyway!!! I remember my daughters proms and how beautiful she looked I will always cherish those memories. Enjoy your daughter’s upcoming Graduation!!!!

  2. Paulie says:

    Some pics came through but just four, missed the bridge. Following you and with you on this trip. Since you have so many to read here I will remain in the mist for the trip….but I am here with you……….. So don’t trip on my spirit or my luggage……..

  3. Paulie says:

    Sue those four pics I got were from UTube…….is knowing that of any help to you? I am not technically bright so not sure how that worked or I got them…lol…….I thought it was twitter notices that sent them to me…….told you I am not too technically oriented….lol It is the age of my brain that is at fault here……….lol

    • sbranch says:

      We also can’t post from youtube! No photos can be moved around in any capacity … wah. I’m taking them though, lots of them, so I’ll show you all later!

  4. Bobbie Ann Picard says:

    Looking forward to following you every step of the way!!!! Thank you for allowing us to go with you!!! Love you and Joe for it!!!! Sooo excited!!! Have fun and be safe!!

  5. Pat M. in S.B. IN says:

    Enjoying this trip right along with you. The ship is beyond beautiful.

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