Day Two, Queen Mary 2

Hi Girlfriends! OK, the coast is clear, everyone out of their suitcases!

  All you wonderful stowaways, get dressed, we’re going to lunch at Todd English!  After lunch, the Queen Mary offers so many choices of what we can do next . . . You can choose between dancing lessons (today it’s the Slow Waltz), or line dancing; or off to Canyon Ranch fitness, or a watercolor art class.  We (Joe and I) have to be at UK Immigration Inspection at two, I think you should all make yourself scarce (passports being required and all that).  I’ll meet you at the Hostess Corner for needlework and knitting, or maybe you’d rather do the Martini Mixology class.  OR, the ocean air might have gotten to you, so you might want a nap!  Tea is at 4 pm.  Or, go stroll the deck, nine times around is three miles!  Tonight, the dress code for dinner is Formal.

Look what I just did!  How exciting!  It let me put up these flowers!  OMG, and look, I got a photo up!  It would not let me do this yesterday — Joe thinks maybe not as many people are on their computers right now!  Could be . . . now we’ll see if it goes through.  This is our Cocoon!  See the computer, that’s where I am right now.  See the view?  That’s our view. We love it.  Can’t believe we got all our stuff in here!

 Lowely’s (you know who Lowely is) Uncle Michael is on board!  We went to his room to have cocktails last night. They have one of the most amazing rooms on the very back of the ship, two stories, with a view over the pool!  Very modern, all sparkly, with a spiral staircase and glass tables.  Nice to go visiting on our home away from home.  OK, off I go.  Saving these minutes until I have more to say.  I feel like I’m really pushing my luck and want to make sure we get at least this! Have a wonderful day!

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203 Responses to Day Two, Queen Mary 2

  1. jeannine leonard says:

    What a wonderful treat for all of us, this is going to be so exciting… thank you so much!

  2. Judy Mattson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vacation with all of us! This is a trip I doubt that I’ll ever take in person, so what a blessing that I get to take it through your eyes and words!

  3. ellen says:

    Thank you for taking us on board. I love it. The best I’ve done before this is a couple of nights and a tour of Queen Mary – docked permanently in Long Beach! I don’t think I’ll get seasick on this trip either.

    • dottie says:

      We spent the weekend on the QM docked in Long Beach years ago for our 25th anniversary! Loved it –not as good as actually crossing on one but crossing is a dream plan we have had for some time now — need to do it before we are too old to enjoy it. I’m taking notes and lists.

  4. Maureen says:

    I loved my experience on the Queen Mary 2.
    I went 7 yrs ago when we returned from London.
    We went over on the Star Princess.
    I am thrilled that it all is such a wonderful experience for you.
    My father loved the library on the ship.
    The food was wonderful too. You’re right boy can you eat on the ship.

  5. Kim says:

    it all sounds so wonderful! and one must always loose weight before going on vacation, just so you can eat what you want when you are on vacation, I mean you have to enjoy all the good foods served, right?

  6. Wendy Louise says:

    Oh- What a great room so cozy and vast at the same time, what a view !!!!! I love this little blog so glad you have sunshine and that MOON last night it was so bright like a mini sun ! I can’t wait to eat tonight but for right now I’m off to finish planting flowers in my wonderfully inspired Susan Branch Kitchen garden, lots of Marigolds!!!! OXOX And so much more !
    P.S. Have a wonderful romantic dinner tonight, I know you both will look smashing !

  7. Judy says:

    Thank you for bringing us along. This is a lovely way to sail. I can watch out your window without feeling the least bit queasy.

  8. PatsyAnne says:

    I LOVE your room – it looks like a wee ones would live there – a tiny fairy house for the cruise, aren’t you lucky. My little 3-yr-old granddaughter and I were outside today and I taught her to pick dandylions and blow off the seeds (she called them “ticklers” – and to hold a buttercup under her chin to see if you are a happy person – well she’s only 3 and understands happy)… While she was twirling to spread the ticklers in the air, the stem flew out of her hand – she was astonished and asked what happened to it so I told her that a fairy had taken it for their garden – she spent some time running around their huge treed yard looking for the fairy garden and her house. Enjoy your fairy house and the cruise – you two deserve every minute of happiness! If you come across any dandylions, please let me know – Ellie will so happy. (and yes, I know you don’t spell dandylions like that but when I was very young it was the only way we all spelled it – for they are “dandy lions”)….

  9. Wanda Lee says:

    Dear Susan,

    Hello there delightful lady and fellow artist!

    I am so excited and have been chatting like a little magpie to my dear hubby all about your blog.., and now your trip to England on The Queen Mary, no less!.., He still doesn’t quite realize what I’m ‘a-yappering’ on about with such unabashed enthusiasm..,, yet I remain a loyal fan with your amazingly delightful art work, writing, your many books, etc., and I wish you bon yoyage and much delight and success on your trip!

    I can hardly wait to follow you and see what fabulous adventures await with you and your honey, Joe..,Yippee!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

    Hugs and much good cheer, Wanda Lee

  10. Kathy Phenix says:

    Love your room aka “Cocoon”. Doesn’t seem at all tight, even with us all there. Don’t I wish!! I’m just a tad jealous but thrilled for you and Joe. You’re probably just finishing tea! Enjoy. Kathy Phenix in Melbourne, FL

  11. Joanie B from San Diego says:

    SWEET!!! Love sharing your adventure, and thrilled with your successful download, will keep this short. Have a wonderful time!

  12. Marilyn says:

    Hi Susan,

    How cool that you are now able to broadcast from the Queen Mary! Love your room. It looks very cozy and of course, the view is beyond wonderful.

    As far as the activities on board, sign me up for everything! 🙂 Life is too short not to seize every opportunity presented.

    The pictures from NYC were really beautiful. I’m not sure everyone really appreciates what a fantastic city it truly is.

    Wishing you and Joe a perfectly wonderful day!!!!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  13. Donna says:

    This is so much fun! Yay for posting your art and photo! When I was crossing the Atlantic 54 years ago I remember the stewards pushing carts on deck at tea time. I was sitting in a deck chair watching for whales and had my cuppa and feeling so special. You are bringing back some happy times! Do they still have shuffle board tournaments? I’m guessing that the QMII is bigger than the Independence but all those years ago the adult’s nighttime bar was turned into an ice cream parlor for the kids during the day! Yum!

    • Jacquelyn Wirthlin - Las Vegas says:

      Donna, loved your reference to the Independence. The husband and I sailed around the Hawaiian Islands on the Independence 15 years ago. It was his birthday gift to me for my 50th. It was a great ship. Don’t know if it is still sailing or not.

  14. Wanda Lee says:

    P.S. ~ Oops!.., I almost forgot to also mention that the ‘cocoon’ looks so inviting, snug and delightful!.., I’m glad you were finally able to post some art and that picture, which of course as all pictures are.., is indeed ‘worth a thousand words”.., Fun!

    ..,And with tea at four and visiting ‘Lowely’, your dear uncle Micheal in his two story, sparkly room for cocktails last evening, while I’m just over the moon daaahling! ~ I figure that you should.., amongst all of the other delights that so aptly describe you, Susan Branch.., I think that perhaps in honor of this illustrious occasion that you dearest Susan, that you are indeed deserving of a salutation of, ‘a daaahling’ or two, to be sure.., (Especially whereas you are headed off to England, ).., Wink.

    Cheerio, Wanda Lee

  15. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh….how I love to be a stowaway! ‘Our’ room looks amazing…(smile)and that view is so wonderful! To be able to sit at your desk and gaze at the blue sea…ahhhhh I will meet you for some needlework then tea! And yes.. We (Tom & I) have our formal wear all picked out & set aside for tonight! I am so excited and can hardly wait!

    Last night I was watching your captions view & it was pitch black! But this morning I could see the ocean with some small white caps..which I’m sure don’t effect your big ship!

    See you tomorrow!

  16. Linda in Texas says:

    Well, I just did something wrong and my post disappeared. I just hate that.

    What I was saying was–Is that Pete I see stowed away with you? Lucky boy going back to England.

    Oh so many choices of things to do. How do you ever decide? Definitely tea at 4 p.m. But slow waltz lessons or watercolor? Knitting or a nap? I can’t decide! Good thing I don’t have to. I’ll just do what you do. lol

    For the past hour I’ve been singing/humming “Oh little playmate come out and play with me, and bring your dollies three…” I need to refresh my memory because I can’t remember all the words. That’s where the humming part comes in.

    I hope you get someone to snap a shot of you and Joe at dinner in your formal attire.

    Enjoy. As I know you are.

  17. erica says:

    Hi Susan and Joe!

    WOW, I love the room with a view! Hey, can you hear the water swoooooooshing at night when you’re trying to sleep? I love the sound of swooshing water. Water lullaby. Prop me up on the deck, okay, so that I may hear it. Thanks. My activities for the day would be three times around the deck (one mile – 5, 280 feet is enough) and then I’ll be enrolling in the watercolor painting class. I’d like to improve my skills and get past painting stick birds on a stick branch! Hey….but I could do a variously colored blue watercolor page….that would be water and sky…my view from your balcony, maybe put my toes with pink polish up on the rail in the forefront. Yep.

    In reality I’m working in the yard today. Y’know, the weekend warrior activity. The sun is finally shining after days of rain. Beautiful British Columbia is green because of it!!

    Enjoy your evening, hope you take a photo of you two all gussied up! XO

    As always,

  18. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Good Evening Queen Mary 2 Travelers….Just flying by…checking in…Have The Most Fabulous Time at The Formal Dinner…. Eat Drink & Be Merry Sweet Sue & Joe….Dance Under The Full~Moon! xoxo Poof! I Love Your “Cocoon”! so Cozy & Wonderful….Herbster Says….More Champagne Please! 🙂

  19. Barb from Ohio says:

    Wow!! I can see why you call it a Cocoon! looks cozy, though, with a love seat, desk and even TV. And the view from your own balcony must be spectacular! Hope it stays clear so you can see all the stars and moon for rest of the voyage. I’m sure you saw the big flower moon last night, the biggest this year. Glad we all get to come along on the trip with you; your so descriptive when you tell us what you’ve been doing we really don’t need pictures, but is is wonderful to get one once in a while. Can’t wait to see pics from England!

  20. Cheryl Danley says:

    We leave to head out on our Carribean cruise this Friday. I hope our room is as nice as yours! I’m reading everything you’re posting so that we know what to do when we get to our ship. I loved your wisdom of just bringing along one black suit and changing out the jewelry/scarves for dining. LOL! I didn’t even think about going to a gym while on the cruise. Do I really want to work out on my vacation? hmmmmm…have to think about that one! My BIG concern: that our luggage will make it to Miami with us! We leave Boise, ID and fly to Denver, then from Denver to Tampa; then, Tampa to Miami. Hope our luggage makes all those flight changes along with us! I don’t want to be in the same under wear for a week, God forbid!!! >.< Thanks for all your posts, Twitters and pics!

  21. Sara Holiday, FL says:

    Oh my!! Choices, choices, choices!!! Sounds like you are having a blast! 🙂

  22. Sandra Davidson says:

    I was on the Queen Mary site looking at all the things they offered and the state rooms and I would love to take that trip if I could talk my husband into it and spending the money. But I will sure read about yours everyday. Thanks for sharing, have fun.

  23. Noelle says:

    oh Susan, this is so spectacular, when I saw there was a post, I was so excited. Oh do show us the view from the deck if you can, and the dining room, and did you take the waltz classes? That sound so romantic.. your room is lovely. N

  24. Carol Heach says:

    Amazing view!! Sounds every bit as wonderful as you’d hoped! ??-what is that on your window/door?

  25. Jane alexander says:

    Susan, I’m SO excited to see your room! And the view!! AWESOME. And very happy you got to go visit someone in the REALLY fancy part of the ship. I looked at the web site you gave us and saw the pictures of them. Love the line of all of us coming out of the suitcases! Absolutely, we are on board! Have a grand evening! Couldn’t see the moon here in New Jersey last night, but perhaps we will tonight.
    Love to you and Joe,
    Jane Alexander

  26. Jackie says:

    Wow, this is great fun! I’ve yet to go on a cruise, so I shall really enjoy yours and take note of things. Already checked the video, and it’s just sky, water, and a wee bit of boat, for now. enjoy

  27. barb bussell says:

    Wonderful that you can post the pics and let us ride with you, Susan! I see that your little tea table is set and I see Joe’s odd little Souvenir-Man propped up there by the….is that a flat-screen t.v.? Looks so cozy, Susan. I’m so thrilled for you, and for US, to be able to ride on your coattails like this! Thanks a million, for a once-in-a-million experience, dear!

  28. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    You’re right – very cozy room with a view!
    You and Joe like to walk so sounds like you’ll have plenty of opportunity to walk off dinners and tea!!
    Let us know if you’re going to any of the classes! Are you going to the knitting corner? (Between naps of course)
    Glad for the update!

  29. Cyndi in NC says:

    Yay you got the photo up!! Love the Cocoon! I know you all are having a ball. You enjoy everything you have time for and we’ll gladly tag along. Have a blast!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Linny144 says:

    Just sounds so dreamy. I love it. Keep savoring each moment.

  31. Carolyn (SoCA) says:

    I am loving this trip, so far! The room is wonderfully cozy! and that endless blue-view is relaxing. I can’t wait for dinner!

  32. Donna Ackermann says:

    I am checking your blog ten times a day. This is the closest I’ll ever get to this wonderful trip and I am totally cherishing every comment you make. Thank you Susan for including all of us on this wonderful journey.

  33. Sheila Brazzell says:

    Susan and Joe,
    What a cozy room you have, with a beautiful view of the ocean. We are going to have such a fun trip! Can’t wait to hear about the formal dinner. I spy Pete sitting
    on the desk. Jack will be missing him.
    Sheila in South Carolina

  34. Mischelle says:

    Oh my goodness! Fun! I cannot wait to see and hear more! How long are you actually on board before your arrival in England?

  35. Mischelle says:

    Oh my goodness! Fun! I cannot wait to see and hear more!

  36. Carol Maurer says:

    What a great room you have on the Queen Mary 2! The bed looks as though it would really be hard to get up in the mornings…. so soft looking! You guys did really good to lose all that weight! Enjoy the food now 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more, perhaps tomorrow.

    Carol M

  37. Laura Croyle says:

    Yaaay!! You were able to put up a photo! Sweet, cozy room, er, “cocoon”! 🙂 LOVE that you have your own deck/patio! And what a View! Does the ship gently rock you to sleep at night? (I’ve never been on a cruise) How is the outside air temp? Is it warm? Bet it’s rather crowded in your suitcase with all those stowaways!!

  38. Terri J says:

    Thanks for giving the all clear – that trunk was getting kinda stuffy with such a big crowd, in there 😉 . Wow! What a view! Seriously, this is just amazing – that you can write to us and share photos – just about instantly — from a ship out in the middle of the ocean?! (then maybe they weren’t kidding us about those flying cars, either. one of these days, we just might have ’em…).
    So much to choose from there too – hope you and your guy are having the time of your life!
    (I’ll be hiding in the needlework class till the next all clear 😉

  39. Judy says:

    Such wonderful temptations – I would love to try all the choices of daytime entertainment. Will that be “high tea” every afternoon? How wonderful for you and Joe to have a friend on board – will they let you take pictures of their room? We are so thrilled and excited to be tagging along – Judy C sends best wishes

  40. Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

    oh! I noticed you have the little sailor boy, taking a return trip to Merrie olde England!! how fun for you Susan. And how fun, also, to know someone on board, Lowely’s uncle!! And, I see your Emma Bridgewater teapot as well. Makes everything more “homey” – have a marvelous time!

  41. Carol says:


  42. Lois Burgess from Nova Scotia, Canada says:

    Thanks Susan for taking time to blog in — I’m so glad the computer let you do your wonderful thing! 🙂 So glad you’re having a great day 2! Did you and Joe see the full moon? It would be lovely over the ocean — on the ocean!! Love your cocoon and especially the view. Better let you get back to the fun…happy sailing adventures!

    P.S. They’ll never find me stowed behind the picture frame–it was the cosiest place to get “squared away”. lol

  43. Linda... Gardnerville, Nevada says:

    Yippee…you made it onboard and you made it on the Internet!!! What more could a girl need!? How fun…enjoy your tea, enjoy your nap, enjoy your view and dance to your heart’s content! …Life is gooooood!
    Did you see the ‘super moon’ last night? It was quite spectacular here on dry land.

  44. Kathie says:

    Gosh. I missed the bridge…..and right now, the Mary2 cam is dark. Must be night where you are? Oh, lots of questions. One main one, though. I wish I could get more plastic sleeves for your 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ recipe cards. I have your 11 1/2″ binder and I’m working on putting all of my later mother-in-law’s recipes in them. I’m going to blog about this and I’ll send you a link, later. Sixty or so years of recipes from her, she was a very sweet woman and a great friend. We miss her so much. Anyway, I love how the plastic sleeves display the half-sheet recipe cards on both sides. It’s so easy to use. I’m making the book for all the family members so nieces and nephews and cousins will all have Elaine’s recipes. You’ve inspired me to do this. Can you help find the sleeves for me? So many recipes….so little time. Hope you are having a great crossing. Are you ever sea sick? I got a little queasy looking at the virtual tour of Mary2. But I would love to go to England by ship, so much. I wish I could take a pony trek through Ireland. I’ll have to get in shape for that one. Thanks, Susan, for taking us along with you. Kathie, in Odessa, WA.

  45. jeanne hedin says:

    I don’t think I have to tell you this, but enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Looks like great fun. O.K. . . . now back in the suitcase. 🙂

  46. Julie says:

    Gorgeous view-
    but hey, how did “Pete” the Sailor Boy
    end up in your cabin ?
    Thought he was keepin’ company with the Boy Kitty Jack
    or has “Pete” got an evil twin, we don’t know about ?

    Sweet Sailing-
    Beware of Pirates…looking for gold & Sailor Boy dolls !

  47. Susan,
    I’m so thrilled that you will be able to take us along on your adventure. Your website has become my safe haven and daily dose of inspiration and beauty. Thank you for all that you do. I have been a collector of your work for years! Did you say you were working on a travel journal during the trip that you will publish when you return? Would love to see some glimpses of your journal…those are my favorite posts. Enjoy your trip and keep us posted along the way!

    best, Jocelyn

  48. Gumbo Lily says:

    Martini mixology sounds fun! Enjoy sailing!

  49. So glad you were able to post photos ! Thanks for sharing your voyage with us . Living vicariously thru you ! Love the ocean ! Wish there was one in Missouri! 🙂

  50. Hey is that Jack’s sailor? Jack is on the hunt at home. What’s on the door? It looks like a banner…..wish we could visit over tea.

  51. Debbie in So,Ca. says:

    Now I feel at rest… now that I see we..”You and Joe” are all settled in! Do I detect a little bit of home decorating hanging from your window door? I cannot read it but it looks so “You”. Sorry to say I missed your Bon Voyage wave, not that I didn’t try…just miscalculated Eastern time, very disappointed in myself.
    Congratulations to both of you for losing 15lbs each!
    Looking forward to the rest of the trip! And want to hear about everything you get to eat!

  52. Country Gal says:

    WOW ! Looks amazing . I hope you can post your trip as you go. Thanks for taking us with you it will be fun ! Have a grand day !

  53. Treese says:

    Yippy, pictures! I can’t wait for more. I agree the cruise we took up the coast to Alaska was food, food, food. I was so sick of eating I would hide sometimes so I wouldn’t have to go to dinner! LOL! That was a first for me. Plus, the food was all gourmet. After the cruise I thought I would never eat again. LOL. But, I did workout on the ship and took 2-3 dance classes a day and I loved walking around the deck so it wasn’t too bad. I may be going to Beatrix’s place in the fall so this will be a sneak preview. Have fun.
    Treese/ Colorado Cowgirl

    • Treese says:

      Hey, I see the little sailor in the photo. A prefect place for the little chap.

  54. Joann says:

    It’s actually quite cozy!!! Or I should write cosy like they do where you’re going!! I’m having fun already and it’s only day 2!!!

    Have fun with your formal night tonight—-


  55. Darlene (nyc) says:

    The view is so beautiful!!! I love it and your room looks so cozy!! Have a wonderful dinner!!

  56. Barbara Belcher says:

    Good evening,
    How wonderful! I actually feel like I am there with you, how cool is that?
    I have been to Europe and England several times … about 10 years ago. Wish I could be there in real life NOW. I love all the things you write and add to your blog. You make me smile everyday and it warms my heart when I see Susan Branch on my email box! Have a great time and keep the pics coming our way. Thanks so much for your kindness and perky attitude which rises me up, since my husband passed away. I have a reason to “get up!”
    See and read your blog. 🙂
    More later.

  57. Nancy M. says:

    Oh, I am loving this …… feel just like a stowaway! thank you!

  58. Betty says:

    Your cabin looks lovely. Sounds like you are having a great time. All brings back memories of when I sailed to England from Australia in 1963……..the cabin was shared by four of us (two bunk beds and no porthole):) Didn’t matter as we didn’t spend much time in cabin. Those were the days! Keep enjoying and hope you can send another pic. sometime. Thanks for taking us along.

  59. Oh, I am so glad to get out of that suitcase! Hungry! Food! Do they have buffets? I would not like formal, no I would not! Give me a cozy little table for 2 any day! Are you going to get to eat at the captains table? Now that would be fun, I know my husband would love that! Ok,I am going to walk the deck then come back at hit your balcony and a cup of coffee! Ooh! what luxury! Thanks for bringing us along!
    Oh, I love that you have the doll there too!
    Toot Toot
    tweet tweet!

  60. Mary says:

    Wow Susan, thanks for taking time to include us!!! Such an exciting trip…hope pictures of Tea time turn out!

  61. Laurie says:

    Oh, how lovely! I have always wanted to travel to England via boat. But alas, for now I shall live vicariously through you. Thank you for taking us along!
    Just curious…how did you lose the 15 pounds?

  62. I see your teapot and little old sailor friend! Sounds so fabulous!

  63. Julie (Omaha) says:

    Thanks for letting us out, was getting a bit crowded in there! 🙂
    Enjoy, enjoy!! Gotta go find my knitting needles!

  64. Karen P. -Wisconsin says:

    Beautiful view from your cozy little room!!! Lowely’s uncle’s room is two stores with a spiral staircase?? Oh my! Fancy-schmancy! Wonderful activities and to just stroll around the deck in the fresh ocean air and sunshine must be heavenly!! Sail on, girlfriend! We’re all right here with you!!

  65. Cindy says:

    I missed a day. I didn’t realize you were on the boat. Looks like lots of fun. Hope you have a great trip. Can’t wait for the posts. bye-bye

  66. Becky from Long Beach says:

    First, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your trip with us! You have no idea how appreciated this is right now! And YAY for pictures!

    Second… how intimidating would it be for a watercolor teacher to have Susan Branch show up for her class? : D

  67. janet says:

    I love being a stowaway like all the other girls here – and thanks for letting us know what the day’s activities are. I can almost smell the ocean breeze and feel it rippling past. Hope you and Joe are loving this time! – janet from Texas

  68. DENA from New Orleans says:

    so love this its like i am with u what an experience you r giving us, looking forward to the days ahead,but enjoy this time as a couple!!!

  69. Pam says:

    You are on your third day already! Is the time going by too fast for you? Did you get to see the full flower moon last night? Your cabin looks very cozy. Had no idea you could have a private deck. Did you take a picture of yourselves at the formal dinner? Hope so. Good evening.

  70. WE LOVE CRUISING! Especially trans-Atlantic cruising, plenty of time for rest. I’m sure you have been to England as well. We are big fans of England, the Cotswolds being my personal favorite. Mr.P and I love walking and biking the Cotswold Paths. Praying for your safe travel and a wonderful time. Losing the 15 pounds up-front was SMART! When in Europe, I eat cheese! A lot.
    I must tell you….you are an inspiration to me. I love your art and wonderful stories. Keep up your hard work… is making a difference, truly!

    Ronda C Porter
    The Domestic Curator

  71. Denni from MN says:

    Yeah, for the photos on board! How great to have a deck off your cocoon – it makes those moonlit nights so-o-o romantic! I’m thinking Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr-oceanliner! Be sure to describe any delicious tidbits, possible future recipes! I’m so happy I found this blog, it makes my day! Thanks for sharing your fun adventure, and, will you be going to Wimbeldon?

  72. Lori says:

    Is that an Emma B teacup I see? Did you bring it with you or does the ship have EB pottery?

  73. Tana Griffith says:

    Boy, do I need this vacation! I think I will hit the line dancing and then take my smocking and sit with the knitters. They are always a lovely bunch and will let you do any old handwork. Then a walk around the deck. Can’t wait for dinner. Have never had a formal gown (and I’m 63) until now! Think I will sleep on a deck chair tonight. This is so much fun. Thanks you two for taking all of us.

  74. Lisa Jorgensen says:

    This is great Susan! So fun to be along on your exciting journey.
    Have you done any artwork yet?
    What a cozy room. I am thinking I am stowing away in a large trunk like Lucy on I Love Lucy.
    Enjoy every minute!!

  75. Suzanne Talbot says:

    I could live in that room forever Susan! And the private balcony – pure heaven!
    And I see what looks like a photograph behind “Pete” – Could it be a photo of Joe’s Mom?
    Would be a wonderful way to honor her by taking her photo and Pete along on your trip in memory of when she took Joe when he was 12.
    Thank you soooo much for taking the time to include us on your travels.
    But please take plenty of time for romance for you snd Joe!
    Suzanne in Carmel, CA

  76. Lindy says:

    This is soooo exciting, thank you for the inclusion!!! We went to see my daughter perform in Titanic the Musical yesterday. She played Kate McGowan (I Want To Be A Ladies Maid)…what a show. What a story…thought of you and Joe and pray your journey is safe, exciting and all your sea dreams come true!

    Happy stitches. Lindy in Holland, Michigan (home of the 2012 Stem Festival) The tulips were 6 weeks early this year…ooops.

  77. Tawni urrutia says:

    Okay…i’m popping out of the suitcase for a second to squeal with joy and clap my hands with delight!!! The super full moon, the darling cabin, classes on martini mixing, oooohhhhh thank you for bringing us! Back to my berth in the suitcase, i’d hate to loose my pillow!

  78. pat addison says:

    hmmmmm nice room, nice view and so far so good…no sea sickness. i may just survive this trip. 🙂

  79. Judy says:

    I so thankyou for sharing your cruise across the pond with all of us !! It is sooo wonderful to see !! Thankyou so much 🙂

  80. Coni (Nashville, TN) says:

    I had to laugh at the fact that they’re holding watercolor art classes on the ship. Do they EVEN realize what creative talent is onboard? 🙂

  81. Your room is exactly like the one we had nine years ago, Susan! My husband and I loved to sit on our little balcony and soak in all the sights and enjoy a cup a tea. One of my favorite memories was waking up one morning and seeing the Portland Head lighthouse in Maine ( we were on an autumnal cruise to New England and Canada for our 30th wedding anniversary on the QM2’s inaugural year) outside our window! I ran out on the balcony to take photos of it.

    We also dined at the Todd English restaurant on board one evening — it was so romantic!



  82. I love your room!!! I feel so much better in cozy little spaces, makes me feel safe. Thank you for taking us with you, so much fun!! What a great idea to bring your own cups, so charming!

  83. Patsy in Nixa, MO says:

    When you were heading for England, I was on a bus heading to Iowa for The Tulip Festival (which turned out to be a Stem Festival because of the weather), and I missed seeing you off. Will we get to see your return, or are you flying back?

    I see that someone else noticed that you took your very own special teacup. I understand perfectly. I know all the hotels and motels have nevermar table tops now, but I always take my crocheted coaster for my nightstand.

    Your room is going to get crowded with a lot of new Girlfriends. I told everyone on the bus that we could catch up with the ship and go to England with you just as soon as we returned from Iowa on Sunday.

  84. pat addison says:

    whew got a bit stuffy and cramped in that trunk, think i’ll go join the mixology class, and maybe go see if there is a buffet somewhere. think i may ride this voyage out in a deck chair, love soaking up the sun. okay i know be back in time for high tea and then formal dinner…what to wear,,decision decisions!!! 🙂

  85. Nancy Jane says:

    I am so excited for you. We just got back from visiting family who lives in England now. I will get to relive my trip all over again with you. The baby lambs, the stone walls, the old buildings, churches, the rolling country side, castles and manor houses. It was so much fun, my first trip there and I am ready to go back. I did not get to the Lake District but it is on my list for next time. Did watch the movie, “Miss Potter” while we were there. I enjoyed some of the cooking shows on the BBC, nice change from what I was used to. OH, yes and the pub food and the little bakeries in the villages. We spent most of our time in the Cotswolds, York and Edinburgh, Scotland. My new favorite saying which I saw everywhere was, “Keep Calm and Carry On” from an old WW II poster. It was my trip of a life time. Looking forward to all your posts.

  86. Charlene H. from So. Calif. (S.F.Valley) says:

    I’ve been trying to be quiet on your blog. Whew…so hard to reach the keyboard while in your satchel…sneaking on board. 😀 (BIG smile) Thank you for sharing all this, Susan! What a thrill! I even joined Twitter to just follow Y.O.U. I so enjoyed the virtual tour of the QMII. My, my, my…what classy digs!
    Please thank Joe for sharing so much of YOU with us girlfriends during this fabulous crossing. Truly, I don’t know that my hubby would be so generous. Looking forward to the pictures…especially the Formal attire. 🙂 Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Blessings to you across the ocean miles… …

  87. The photo you posted today of the deck with the sun shining was just amazing! I think I should be content forever just floating around on the ocean on that boat! Yes I think I could be very inspired to even volunteer to mop the decks or whatever to come aboard!
    Let me out of your suitcase Susan as soon as the coast is clear!

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