Go See Twitter!

Hi Girls, I was able to send lots of photos to Twitter this morning . . . much easier than sending here to the blog!  I got out the Spy Cam last night in the Chart Room and also showed you the Captain’s Table, we are truly having a wonderful time on this amazingly romantic ship . . . Go see!

Tomorrow is our last full day at sea!  We arrive in Southampton at 6:30 am on May 11; pick up our rental car, and we’re on our way, off onto the wrong side of the road; please, Watch out England, here we come!
 It’s 7:30 am and we have gale force 8 winds!  Blowing up out there!  Heavy clouds flying across the sky; the sea is dark; rolling swells with whitecaps; scawy (this needs to be pronounced phonetically) but beautiful in the way of Nature.  There are hard little thuds when the ship hits the sea, or when waves slam into the side of the boat; you can hear the wind trying to get into the crack of the door, there’s a tiny howling; I’m feeling aware that we’re separated from the surreal scene outside only by a nice thick, extremely substantial, glass door.  Good!

It’s cozy and warm in the rocking, sometimes creaking, cocoon, stateroom.  Even though it looks like it’s raining, it’s not!  Room service brought us delicious crunchy potato pancakes, watermelon and pineapple slices, English muffins and orange marmalade, coffee and cream.  The TV plays soft classical music, violins and cellos to start the day; and I can see the sun is trying to break through.  Another day . . . I get my haircut at 11, but now, I think it’s time for a nap!

“Sing Ho! for the life of a bear!”
Loved this from Dorothy Ann!
“My soul is full of longing
For the secret of the sea,
And the heart of the great ocean
Sends a thrilling pulse through me”.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow –
Luv from * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *
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166 Responses to Go See Twitter!

  1. Mary Spring says:

    Don’t we see blue skies in that horizon ??? ..you are almost there..!!!!!!

  2. judi says:

    Loved the pictures! Those shoes are a hoot – were they to match her dress? Had to laugh at everyone bundled up on the lounge chairs on deck. I remember doing that on the first warm (probably 50 degrees) day up north in the spring.

    I love water but don’t know if i could handle being out in the middle of the HUGE sea. I agree – need edges:) Sounds like a good morning to read and have tea. By now the weather has probably changed. Hang in there. Ta ta!

  3. judi says:

    Had to add – on the the map showing your present location – I SEE EDGES TO THE EAST:) Land ho is not far away. Big HUGS!

  4. Kim S says:

    Wow it is hard to believe you are already almost there! I love the pictures on Twitter. It is such a beautiful ship. And the views from the ship — it is such a beautiful world. Thanks again for taking us along♥.

  5. Paulie says:

    Wonderful Pics……. Love the luxury,but not anxious about going from sea legs to land legs though as that is always such a trip (virtually) in itself and the thickness of the glass on the door is just not enough between sea and me….hanging on for dear life….very happy to be there in spirit only…….but enjoying the ride from here big time! So looking forward to your book of memories of this trip….can’t wait!…….. So psyched about it! Happy painting Susan! Happy Touring to you and Joe! and Joe Drive Safe!

    • sbranch says:

      You’re fine, you are wearing soothing sea bands, and now you’re having a cozy nap in the cocoon with your book. You are loving it!!! 🙂

  6. Miss holly says:

    This certainly beats that ride you had last year when you missed the ferry back to M.V.!!!!! Enjoy every second! Beatrix Potter’s house is getting closer and closer!!!!

  7. do I think you might be not that far south of wild, wet, windy, wonderful west Wales now? This is my weather, and I’m sorry you are experiencing it. Land Ho!

    • I shall go out to St Davids Head and wave hard as you go past . . I’ll be the one standing in the middle of nowhere dressed in full wet weather gear looking a bit daft on the isolated headland . .

      p.s. you will need very strong binoculars to see me from that distance, as you will be going up the English Channel, not St Georges lol

    • sbranch says:

      I totally understand. But perfect for tea drinking and reading!

  8. Colleen says:

    Hope you are having a spectacular time! Can’t wait to see the photos that are to come. Safe travels!

  9. Jeanette says:

    Susan, It does look very scawy out there…thanks goodness for the blue sky on the horizon. Heading over to Twitter to check put the photos. Here’s to calm seas ahead, a great haircut and a splendid day!!! Warm, cozy hugs, Jeanette

  10. Vicki says:

    Here in Cincy it kind of looks the same weather wise. I would much rather have your view though! I don’t twitter, but I am going to try to figure it out to see the pictures! So glad you and Joe are having a super time…Soon you’ll be on terra firma…can’t wait to hear all about it. Thanks for bringing us along!! Enjoy my dear friend!!

  11. mary says:

    Dear Susan, Just finished looking at your pictures on twitter! I am really enjoying this trip. Isn’t technology just the best. I am so looking forward to your arriving in Southampton on friday. Thanks for all your sharing.

  12. Doreen Strain - Florida says:

    Susan, the pictures are wonderful. The one looking over the captain’s table makes me feel like I’m right there overlooking it myself. Thanks for sharing I’m really enjoying “our” trip. Land Ho pretty soon! FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  13. Barb says:

    Hello Susan,

    Your photos are so beautiful and captivating! By any chance have you seen any glimpses of “sea life” passing by such as dolphins or a whale? I am enjoying every post and every picture. Thank you so much for bringing us along!
    Hope you have a restful nap and enjoy getting a new haircut.
    Hugs & Smiles Barb, Ludlow MA

    • sbranch says:

      I look out there constantly, am truly mesmerized, and even hypnotized, but no dolphins or anything like that yet…maybe too cold? Not sure.

      • Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

        I’m more concerned about the icebergs. Has anyone else been looking for them? Maybe I’ll join some of the other girlfriends for a nightcap and relax a bit. By the way, who was snoring last night?

  14. You’re spoiling us! What will we do when you return and we no longer have “Mornings with Susan Branch”….

    Thank you also to Dorothy for her Longfellow quote. Beautiful!

  15. Jackie P says:

    Can’t believe this ocean voyage is nearing it’s destination. Been tracking your course all week via Cunard site. Thanks for the memories. Land-ho!

  16. Country Gal says:

    Loved the photo ! Bet you cant wait to get there me either its been years since I have gone to England . Have a safe and good day !

  17. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    Oh, I am having such a wonderful time!!!… I could stare at the sea, or whatever body of water I am near, forever!!! It is mesmerizing and I don’t get nearly as much done as I think I will.. just because, who can take their eyes off that beautiful site!… Not sure how I would deal with the all the rocking and rolling of a storm like that, except maybe some Baileys in my coffee!! LOL… and cuddled in the cozy coccoon, listening to music… what would make it even more perfect would be a little fireplace (the electric kind for sure :-)….I am getting so excited to see land and be on our way!!! Oh, the places we’ll go!!

  18. Betty Marie says:

    Wow! Loved the photo of your champagne glasses and the ship at the bridge.
    Now I think I will go and make oat meal with blueberries.
    “Top of the morning to you both.”

  19. Sweet Pea says:

    You are masterful at illustrating with words and paints. You take me away.
    You are one great girl. xoxo thnx

  20. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh Susan…I love all those pictures over on Twitter..esp..the red shoes…maybe to match her dress…smile… Breakfast sounds marvelous! Fresh fruit! Yummm! Last day on the seas…enjoy..then England…look out! hee..hee

    Blessings dear friend ..smooth seas ahead!

  21. Peggy Cooper from Pueblo, CO says:

    Scawy is right! Hoping you have smooth sailing from here on out. Can hardly wait to see the beautiful gardens of England, but first want to see the new haircut. I need mine done, and I’m always looking for ideas for a new do :o)

  22. Margaret says:

    The rain storm sounds scarey to me!! Have you seen any wild life, whales, dolphins and birds in the middle of the ocean? enjoy your last day!

    • sbranch says:

      I thought I saw a bird the other day, but it really couldn’t be! Unless he could just flap and flap forever!

      • Jackie P says:

        You may have seen a bird. One time when I was whale watching about 2 hours off shore, near P-town, a small bird landed on our boat! Someone on the boat (who was a member of the Audubon Society) commented that birds often “hitchhike” on ships during their migration across the sea. The bird stayed with us all the way back to land and when we got very close to shore, he flew off. Very cool!

  23. Janet Rowland says:

    Love the pics on Twitter! Is that your husband with the red shoes? Wow! What a wonderful journey you and he are on. Enjoy!

  24. JoEllen says:

    I love our boy Henry W. L. How could you not? I’m getting my hair cut today, too! Not nearly as exotic as in the middle of the big, blue (rocking) sea, but still! I heard England’s polishing up to be ready for your adventure. xoxoxo

  25. Patricia H. says:

    It’s all so exciting! Thank you Susan. I love that poem as well. I reached into the crevices of my mind knowing something was there and remembered this:
    We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.
    John F. Kennedy

    Susan- when you dock in England on Friday we are heading to Cape Cod for a long weekend- Mary is dancing at an Irish dance competition in Hyannis. It’s all excitement on Friday! x

    • sbranch says:

      How fun for you and for Cape Cod! 🙂

      • Janet says:

        I remember President Kennedy saying that – I was about seven I think. [I was kind of a nerdy little girl who was always watching the TV news or documentaries with my news-junkie dad]. In another part of this speech he mentions that humans beings have the same ratio of salt in their blood as is in seawater – and that we came from the sea and will always be drawn to it. You must really be feeling that pull this week, for sure…

        • Patricia H. says:

          My friend and I were both saying how calm the sound of the sea makes us. It’s so true! Btw, we plan to go to the JFK museum in Hyannis. Never been so I’m looking forward to it. Xx

  26. Lisa G. says:

    Ooh, you’re getting a haircut on board! Cool!

    Your yummny breakfast and classical music sounds lovely.

  27. Tana G says:

    I saw all the wonderful pictures on twitter. You are so wonderful to do all of this for us. You didn’t get a picture of me on the deck chairs thank goodness, but I do see lots of people sleeping on them also! The ocean is beautiful, if not a bit terrifying. I think that is why I don’t travel often. Hate not being in charge. I think I would need the captain to let me sit up on the bridge. Enjoy your day, you old mariner you.

  28. *Auntie* says:

    Fantastic pics on Twitter!

    Thank you!!!

    Gentle hugs,

    “The miracle of rising yeast is a spring in miniature.”

  29. Dinahsoar says:

    I’ve been keeping tabs on you and Joe, but thought I’d better check in so you wouldn’t think I’d fallen overboard. Don’t want to cause a panic or anything. I’m loving this trip. The food is fab, so is the music…and the people…I am a people watcher for sure but especially love hearing their ‘story’….and those red shoes?!…what a sight. Today is a bit rough–wind and all, and looking out the widow, seeing the water hitting it —-‘scaaaaawy’. So I’ll be laying low –thinking about how quickly we’ll be there..can’t wait!! Hope you get a great haircut today!!

  30. irene talaasen says:

    So fun to take this trip with you. Love thinking of Tea and your beautiful music to go with it. Keep having fun!
    Blessings, Irene

  31. Edie says:

    I am so excited to be along with you on your amazing journey. Is your little black outfit with different accessories working out for you? It is so great to see the inside of your stateroom. What a cozy place to relax. The best to you and Joe. Can’t wait to see what we are doing in Merry Ole’ England.

  32. Did you know that George H.W. Bush and Barbara are on board!

  33. Pat Mofjeld says:

    So are the drops on the window spray from the waves? What level are you at? Will go see the photos. How exciting to almost be to England! Tell Joe to take it easy on those roads until he is used to the wrong side of the road! LOL!!! 🙂

  34. Linda Pintarell says:

    Loved the Twitter pictures…especially the one with the rainbow. It just gives me a relaxing feeling to think of you sailing across the seas. You are bound to that ship and for that specific amount of time you can choose your adventures of the day, meet new people (that’s my favorite), relax, and generally just enjoy the ambience that surrounds you. Enjoy!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s SO relaxing, that really, I just LOVE sleeping!!! People are sitting in the open spaces, all drifted off!

  35. Jacquelyn Wirthlin - Las Vegas says:

    Love the pictures! Think I owned the red shoes in the 70s…lol. Hope the sea calms down for your last full day aboard. Yes you are getting close to England so almost time for us Girlfriends to find our luggage and pop back inside. Can’t wait to find out where we will be staying. Thanks Sue and Joe.

  36. Karen Saunders says:

    when we took a cruise last October….we had some rough weather and I loved it. It was cozy in our room….a little hard to walk but fun. I’m so excited for you!! Good times.

  37. MoeWest says:

    Cruise ship humour:
    Priorities change, as you age.

    An elderly lady was standing at the railing of the cruise ship holding her hat tight so that it would not blow away in the wind.

    A gentleman approached her and said, “Pardon me, madam.. I do not intend to be forward but did you know that your dress is blowing up in this high wind?”

    “Yes, I know,” said the lady. “I need both my hands to hold onto this hat.”

    “But madam, you must know that you are not wearing any panties and your privates are exposed!” said the gentleman in earnest.

    The woman looked down, then back up at the man and replied, “Sir, anything you see down there is 75 years old. I just bought this hat yesterday!”

  38. viv says:

    Loved all the pics. Happy haircut and happy times ashore.

  39. pat addison says:

    good morning is it time to get up??? hmmm cloudy, rainy, think i will go find a class to join. hope its not too rough out there, off to go take care of the chickens, ducks and turkeys!!!! have a good day today. hugs……. 🙂

  40. Mary Spring says:

    Oh…Wow !!! …not a twitterite..but just checked out the photos you posted on twitter !!!….love them !! especially of you and Joe..the ocean pics..and of you both toasting right before you left….thanks a million…

  41. Ann says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pics and description of life onboard. When I looked at the pic of the brave folks bundled up and sitting on deck chairs I wanted to look to see if Bette Davis or Deborah Kerr were sitting there. Can’t wait to see a pic of your new haircut!

  42. Karen D says:

    So glad I could see the pictures even though I don’t have a twitter acct. Would love to get an iphone… Looks like a fabulous time! I always sleep so well on the cruise ships.
    Have you seen any shows or music? Are you taking pictures of the food? I would love to go dancing on that ballroom floor! Were the dresses beautiful? Aren’t those YOUR red shoes!?
    So fun to be with you! Can’t wait to see England too! Love from CT – it’s rainy here too!

  43. Judy from Oregon says:

    Great pictures I loved the one of the red shoes!

  44. Silvia Niomi says:

    Sooooo, one more full day on deck, aye matey? There will be dangers along the way….. firstly mermaids, zombies,…… Blackbeard.

    Then it’s ‘Land ahoy’.

    I hear a rumor…… Jack Sparrow is in London, hellbent to find the Fountain of Youth…..

  45. Marilyn says:

    Awwww…..I can’t see the Twitter pictures here at work because our IT Dept. has disabled social media sites, but you can be sure that I will check them out after work!

    Looking forward to arriving in England!

    Wishing you and Joe a great day!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  46. Love all the pics. The weather looks yucko….perhaps the reason I may never take a ship to England 🙂

    How did the haircut go with the rolling sea?

  47. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    OH MY I had a blast on Twitter looking at your pictures! Loved the one with the champagne glasses with the Statue of Liberty behind! How cool is that floating Castle you are on! WOWeeeeee!! Loved the red shoes, he isn’t in Kansas anymore is he? LOL! What FUN!! Whooohoooo for you and Joe? BTW how are the kids doing back home? I know they are missing mom and dad so very much!! Can’t wait to see more of your adventures! I am enjoying the recliner view of your trip from my laptop! LOL!!

  48. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Susan and Joe……..loved seeing the pics on twitter……….I hope those shoes weren’t Joe’s. Can’t imagine he would wear anything like that especially in MV! Think he’d be the laughing stock of the island. It is so much fun to be along with you on this trip and reminds us of last year! I know that you are seeing all kinds os sights on the ship! Only another day to go until you’ll be traipsing around the English countryside. I’ll keep checking in for more photos and news! Gail Buss, Fl.

  49. Martha Ellen says:

    Enjoy your last day on board sweet Susan. I think you have found the pot of gold! Lovely picture of the rainbow! You are one of those people that really gets what life is all about. Thank you for sharing it with us! I’m so excited we are going to England! xoxo

  50. Nellie says:

    Absolutely LOVED the pics via Twitter – especially the red shoes and the self-portrait in the elevator.:-)

    We’ve had that drizzly rain here this morning, so I feel that I’m right along with you with the mist striking the windows.:-)

    One more day! How does time pass so quickly?! ? We must be having fun!:-)

    xoxo Nellie

  51. Vickie in Olympia says:

    Oh I adore with the picture of you and Joe in the elevator. It already looks like a painting! In a couple of the pictures I swear I saw the clouds move and felt the ship sailing. Had no idea male red shoes were formal wear, my universe is expanding. LOL

  52. Bobbi Jo says:

    I am so enjoying this trip with you – even the rough sea isn’t bothering me. Thanks for the posts – I forward them to my sister and she loves them as much as I do.
    Many hugs!!

  53. Rosemary says:

    Loved the elevator picture! You two are so cute! I am having so much fun and love your attitude about the waves, wind, rain……I think that sounds inviting, having a day like that. I cannot wait for the book, your book! BTW…I bought The Forgotten Garden, thanks to you…and am so enjoying it.
    Also, look up to the sky this evening. Our daughter is flying to Paris overnight, leaving JFK late this afternoon. You may not be in her flight path ✈…but she is pretty excited.
    Twitter is working great for the pictures. Thank you, Susan Branch!

  54. Holly says:

    Well… I caved, and finally signed up for twitter… to see your pics! The trip so far has been amazing. The sea is beyond enormous, just seeing pics of it makes me queasy! The pic of you &Joe in the elevator is so cute! Your outfits are a cross between Laura Ashley & Annie Hall! Just add cute hats for England. So cute! Well, your missing some cool weather here, it’s been hot & humid. I’m looking forward to the rest of the trip…. SO MUCH! Check out this blog Attic 24, she lives in England & is so sweet! Thanks for taking us along!

  55. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Hope the winds calm down soon for you. How many ladies are in your knitting group? How nice to knit out at sea!!! Be careful to not drop a stitch with all of that rocking movement from the rough seas. I will say a little prayer for your safe arrival to your destination in England on Friday. I am not on Twitter, so my daughter will help me to sign in later when she returns home from her job at The Henry Ford ( museum and Greenfield Village). Can’t wait to see your pictures! The Titanic Artifacts Exhibit is currently at this lovely museum in our hometown of Dearborn, Michigan! (Many items that were brought up from the actual sunken Titanic ship on display. They have a replica of the grand staircase and visiters love to have their picture taken on the steps…pretty cool! (Also, the 3D version of The Titanic movie showing.) My daughter has always been obcessed with Titanic so having her very first summer job during this exhibit at The Henry Ford makes it so special for her and being able to save money for college!!!! Oh..oh…I’m writing too much……parden me….. Keep having fun……Good bye !!!!

    Titanic movie is being shown through September, lots of people have and will come to see all all of this exciting Titanic history!!!

  56. patti frain says:

    Wow, I am such a nut about weather…I would just love sitting there watching the weather. How cool, as long as you are all safe and warm inside. I would probably have trouble sleeping. Can’t wait for you to get to shore and see Beatrix Potter stuff. That’s all my babies used (all 4 of them). I still have the china piggy banks and baby cups & plates. I think I even did some needlepoint of the bunny’s for my 1st born. Waiting for more pics, enjoy it’s all going way too fast!!!

  57. patti frain says:

    OMG my picture came up… I was working on that yesterday. How cool am I. I got my picture up, but I will be honest and say I’m not quite sure how that worked. I’m still learning much. That pic was taken when I was at the ballet. Two of my son’s are professional ballet dancer’s. They are so cool.

    • Karen D says:

      How did you do it? I tried to figure it out but … nothing.

      • patti frain says:

        I really wish I could tell you, but I don’t know… Just keep fooling around w/it (and get someone young to help, they seem to know so much more about it…20 something)…I’m learning though and yes the pace seems slow. But it’s really cool when you start to understand it…

  58. Sandra says:

    Oh my gosh…doesn’t seem possible you’re almost finished with the cruise. Seems like it just started! Breakfast sounds delicious.

  59. Victoria says:

    Oh! Sue! So cozy! I’m there right with you! Just can’t get enough of staring at the ocean… a little rockin and rollin is okay too!… just lulls you to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    Love your pics… Please have someone take a picture of you and Joe so we can see how spiffy you look, especially with your new haircut!
    …I don’t want to get off the boat, but I’m excited! Where’s the first place we’re going?… or, is it a surprise ??
    …I’m sure glad you’re driving… it’s confusing enough to me to have the steering wheel on the other side of the car, let alone driving on the other side of the road… Oh! my goodness!!! … I think I’d take a taxi, love those big London taxi’s!
    Sending you Lots of Love! …..Glad you’re enjoying every second! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      We’re going to our little apartment in Tenterden in Kent! Stopping for lunch on the high cliff “somewhere around Eastbourne” says Joe.

  60. Barbara Belcher says:

    Another warm and fuzzy feeling opening my email and seeing … “Susan Branch”, it is like opening a present on Christmas morning.
    Safe travels and thanks for all the photos. 🙂

  61. Karen R says:

    So Sorry to hear that you have posted the pictures on Twitter. I do not participate in Social networks so am sorry that I will miss them. Perhaps you can post them on your Blog when you get home. Hope you are having a great time.

  62. Love the twitter pics! The red shoes are hilarious! Thanks for the elevator pic, that is what I would be doing, taking pics! We are getting the rain today, but sunny tomorrow on thru the week-end, going to Biltmore Estate for a picnic with Our son and his family, the 2 grands we watch 3 days a week. Susan, that picture of the champagne glasses with the statue of Liberty in the center is absolutely wonderful! One more day at sea, then getting our sea legs, guess all us gals have to squeeze back into the suitcase! Don’t forget us! We want to see England!!!!!
    Thank you dear Susan This is such a special trip! Glad you got some pampering time in and that they gave you a good cut!
    Yes the sea looked pretty scawy out your window!
    Looking forward to the secret gardens of England! 🙂

  63. KATHIE fERKO says:




    • sbranch says:

      Ask the other girls how to do it, it’s actually pretty easy if you get a little help!

    • Suzanne Talbot says:

      Hi Kathie,
      You don’t need to join Twitter to read Susan’s tweets or see her pictures.
      Just Google Twitter @dearsusanbranch and her page will come up.
      Then you can read the tweets and tap on the twitpix to see the photos.
      Hope this helps,

      • Kathie Ferko says:

        Hi Suzanne…

        I did what you told me to do to get susan’s pics on twitter but I only get the watercolour picture of the ocean…what do I do next? I am so un techy!

        • Kathie Ferko says:

          Dear Suzanne.

          There was a problem with my joining confirmation…I did need to join…but now I can look at all the tweets and photos…It was fun…Loved the elevator one and the one of the corner champagne bar.

          Thank so much for the help
          See ya on the blog!!

        • Suzanne Talbot says:

          Sorry that didn’t work Kathie.
          Try this link:

          • Suzanne Talbot says:

            If the link isn’t blue and you can’t just click on it, type it out on your search – google or whatever you have.

        • Kathie, I do not have Twitter and I just click on the Twitter Susan has at the top of this blog, and you can read part of the tweets and I’m just clicking on the images on the left and then you can click on each picture and see what she has posted (not all pics are of the cruise she has others). Hope you can at least see her pics. Good Luck

  64. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    Oh Susan! You and Joe in the elevator….It’s really real !!!! You look SO Happy!!
    And you make SO MANY of us happy!!! It has been such a fun first ship trip
    for me and am SO HAPPY that we get to play and share in your Beautiful Life!!!
    And… I have been meeting so many nice “Sardines” at night in the suitcase!!!!
    We talk about how much we just LOVE You and share our outside-of-suitcase
    daily adventures!!! And….I don’t want to be the annoying kid sister….but,
    I LOST a sock last night! I’m feeling bad about the “charlie-horse” thing and
    left my shoes outside of the suitcase…just in case! If you or anyone sees it…
    it is white and lemon yellow with “I “heart” Susan Branch” cross-stitched at the
    top…a Bon Voyage gift from my Mom! And Chrissy, I’m still feeling really bad about you sleeping out on the cold….windy….dark….balcony the other night…is
    the crick in your neck better ? Good news Kate…I found a bar of soap! But,
    I don’t have a bed or a bottom sheet….should I just hold it? Deborah, I’m
    trying so hard to be good….I’ve had 16 glasses of orange juice today…..so,
    I’m thinking the charlie-horse should be okay…..but now I’m worried about…..
    well….um….the potty? I know Jeannie…Sue & Joe are so cute together…they
    have a way of making everyone they meet feel special !!! Oh and Silva….did
    you notice what was at lunch today…….Sardines!! Charlene, if we keep on
    giggling all the time….we are gonna get in t r o u b l e…..What’s so funny?…
    No really??! I think Christine has the most beautiful sparkly sequined formal
    dress ever… Under her life jacket! And I’m thinking Pat seriously saved her from the sharks….Hero!! Speaking of dresses… well now I’m embarassed cuz,
    well….I am wearing the Same Outfit that I left New York harbor in !!! Laura,
    you do know how to Tea Partay!!! Uncle Michael is a really good piano player
    and so, so, many of the “sardines” Can SiNG!!!!! Loved having a few sips of
    your pink champagne but now my head is feeling kinda fuzzZZy!! And now, I
    want to SING “Moon River” but I’m known more for my hummming ….if ya know
    what I mean!!! Truly, truly, we are having the Best time…but, I’m a little
    worried…Okay… ya know what the say when you travel…..”Bring an extra
    suitcase for souvenirs”….well…..ummmm….are We in the EXTRA suitcase????
    XoX with a “wink” and a “:)” Dawn “thanks for playing with me!”
    “Oh and Chrissy…I saved my tea scone for ya!!!”

  65. Susan, when you can are you going to share the pics with the blog vs Twitter for the girls that can’t get Twitter?? I know you can’t now; but, 2 months there are going to be so many pics it probably will be impossible for you to show us all of them. Very appreciative what you are sharing and once you land you enjoy your trip and don’t feel pressure to always check in with us…we totally understand!!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll have lots of photos when we get on land and back to communication … it was a little hard in the middle of the Atlantic, but I think it was amazing we got what we did!

      • Yes it was and you are so thoughtful of “us” and some of the Girlfriends are having fun with each other in the suitcase esp. Dawn…..once you hit land the sight seeing begins and you please put “us” on hold for your early morning time….we want you and Joe to enjoy every minute and don’t worry about us we have each other to have fun with while we wait for your updates!!!! Get a good nights rest the real fun is about to begin…

  66. Pam G. says:

    do you think you’ll gain weight-the food sounds amazing! any seasickness with the turbulence (sp)? England here we come-yeah!!!!!

  67. Jane alexander says:

    Susan….I think I would feel a bit scared with the ocean right ourside my door, and vulnerable….but the potato pancakes, watermelon, pineapple, etc. calmed me down. Many smiles to you and Joe.
    Jane Alexander

  68. Diane from Washington state says:

    Susan , I was beginning to panic because I felt so out of touch for a few days! lol. Now I am all caught up with you and Joe and the girlfriends! I even went on Twitter to see all of the wonderful pictures….loved them all! I especially loved the one of you and Joe! Thank you for having such a wonderful time for all of us and sharing. On to England soon…yay! Hugs to you!

  69. Diane Byrum says:

    Love the reflection picture of you and Joe in the elevator–you both look so English! A gentle sea rocking is a wonderful way to sleep–just like rocking a baby. Travel mercies are with you 🙂 Is tonight another formal night? Those red shoes are quite the statement for who ever was wearing them. Stay cozy and enjoy. Can’t wait to see your ship-do! xoxo

  70. Bonnie L says:

    Dears Susan and Joe,
    So fun for me to see what you are enjoying! When we cruised my husband upon returning to our cocoon would always walk in and then immediately walk out to the railing….he loves the deep blue sea! The first time I saw how very deep blue it looked I understood the name Navy Blue:) However, when I experience what you are going thru today I order green apples, crackers, dry toast, with my tea! I have never been to England and am so looking forward to going there with you! Thank you so very much for sharing your journey. Love and Blessings from our present location, a campground near Louisville.

  71. Joan in TX says:


    Almost there! We’ve reached the continental shelf!

    • Karen D says:

      Hey! We are almost there!! Wish I had this link earlier… oh well. Be fun if you had something like this for the next part of the trip! … just kidding… sort of

  72. Rose Utterback says:

    I’m so sad. I don’t have twitter!!

  73. Pat Johnson says:

    I have sooo enjoyed my trip across the Atlantic!! I may never get to do this in person, but I can’t think of anyone I would rather stow away with than you and Joe. You have brightened my day thus far and I can’t wait to see more. Loved the red shoes!!! Hugs to you both!!

  74. Georgie says:

    Oh Susan! You are doing it! Sailing, blogging, tweeting and tea-ing!!! I am trying my best to follow with just my iPhone from our wonderful travels in Hawaii. I can’t wait to catch up completely once we get home on Saturday. I am smiling thinking of you having tea while we are eating pineapple! Here’s to the journey 🙂 and to the sheer joy of sharing it with others. <3

  75. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Hi again..Susan * Hi to you too Joe * Thursday * 5/10/12

    The Twitter photos are absolutely fabulous…you caught all the fun, excitement, drama (a dark and stormy view from your cocoon), and serendipity that can only be found on a sea voyage!

    I love the pic of the “elevator couple”.
    You, Susan, so adorable in one of your classy travel outfits and Joe, so dashingly British in his casual slacks and jacket.

    I smiled at the photo of the gentleman traveler, with his amazing red shoes. I think he had his “colors” done before he came aboard! Or perhaps he is planning to enter the dance contest in the evening, after dinner? I am sure, though, that he made quite an impression on everyone. And you, dear Susan shutterbug, you captured it all.

    That was very sweet of you to post the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem that I sent to you via your previous Blog.

    Land will be within your reach very soon… and “all ashore that’s going ashore”, and that means you two. Can it get any more exciting than that? I think not!

    Luv from, * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain *
    P.S. Oh! Is that really Southhampton, England that I see in the distance?

  76. Margot says:

    That poem would be my husband’s theme song, as he has been going to sea for 35 years!!! Not in such luxury as the QEs, but he loves it never the less.
    I am glad that the pitching is not bothering you and Joe. Soon you can say, Land Ho! LOL

  77. Darlene (nyc) says:

    Good morning Susan, I’m loving all the beautiful pics you’ve shared especially that gorgeous rainbow!! I made a wish! Can’t wait to arrive in England and join you and Joe on your adventure! Than you so much for taking us along….hope we’ve been well behaved stow-aways!!!

  78. Barb from Ohio says:

    Hi Susan, I just revisited your blog again this morn looking for new posts. Love the pictures from the ship, but don’t know about those rough seas from yesterday, not sure I’d be able to cope with the waves crashing again my glass door like that! Glad you are having a wonderful time and I can’t believe this first part of your trip is almost over. I’m looking forward to posts and pics from jolly old England where I’ve never been but am going to live this vicariously through you! Thanks so much for being so faithful to all of us with your daily updates, tweets and pics!

  79. Lynn McMahon says:

    Hi Susan~
    Just wanted to let you know I was looking in one of my magazines and saw an article about international flea markets. Wasn’t sure if you knew about this but thought I’d share.
    In London, they have The New Caledonia Market ~AKA~ The Bermondsey Market which has antiques and vintage items.
    Here is the information~
    Held every Friday on Bermondsey Square on Tower Bridge Road
    Phone (012) 7969-1500
    Starts at 5:00 a.m. and the good deals go fast! Plan to arrive as soon as it opens.
    Expect to roll up your sleeves and dig. The best treasures are frequently hidden amidst junk!
    If you go have fun!

  80. Angie(Tink!) says:

    ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*. It’s Morning Here…but with Your Time Change Sweet Sue…Out To Sea On Your Way to England…I do Believe it’s In The Afternoon for You & Joe…& Soon it will Be Tea~Time…The Last Night On Your Beloved Queen Mary 2 Amazing…Exciting…Magical! 🙂 I Just Had to Tell You that it was Beyond Fun Connecting with You on Twitter yesterday Morning….Modern Day & all it’s Technology…Mind Boggling! 🙂 I’m Wishing You & Joe a Glorious Rest of Your Cruise across The Deep Blue Sea….I Have Loved Loved Loved “Traveling” with You…Tonight We shall Twirl across The Dance~Floor….sipping Champagne Cocktails….Breathing In All The Magic of The Sea! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Love & always Friendship…xoxo Poof! P.S. Extra Special Pixie~Dust Everywhere! Yay! ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.

  81. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    When I first read this, I was sad, because I don’t do twitter, I thought I couldn’t see your pictures. But I can!! Yay!!! and they were so fun! You’re the best. First we travel by train with you, and now the Queen Mary 2!! I feel like I’m reading a great novel, and can’t put it down!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh so good Lisa, you got on Twitter! Sorry I had to do it that way, but my motto is “whatever works!”

  82. Jack says:

    I’m familiar with hug e swells — during the invasion of Iwo Jima we had to stand 8 hour
    Plane watch and take off from the ocean having 15 foot swells ….those swells would drop out from under the plane during take off — before we had flight speed and down we would come with a huge crash …..so they Attached JATO– jet assisted take off — under the wings .
    Then timing was an issue — it had to be fired at just the right moment to be effective …
    It doesn’t matter , ocean swells like that can affect a huge ship just like a small boat …..rock and roll baby ….

    • sbranch says:

      Today Dad, it was flat, sunshiny, there were seagulls flying alongside the ship, just a beautiful wonderful day. It takes a while to get used to the immensity of everything — the boat, the water, how much food there is, the rooms, all of it, and then suddenly, just when you’re getting it all figured out, the seagulls show up, and it’s time to get off! To go find more immensities!

    • Joan Lesmeister says:

      Thank you Jack for your service to our beautiful country! God Bless! xo

      • Patricia H. says:

        Jack- my grandpa was involved in the Battle of Leyte Gulf on the DE Samual B. Roberts….

      • judi says:

        We second that too Jack. Thank you! Susan I hope you have videoed your Dad telling of his service time. Just some snippets on your blog from him would be very interesting too.

    • Dawn from Minnesota says:

      Dear Mr. Jack,
      I just saw the necklace “Dream” that you gave Susan….and it’s a funny
      thing…I have been thinking about you and her all day. I just Love to
      read your comments with each other back and forth….sweet….funny…
      and filled with teasing, that only a father and daughter can share!!! It’s
      kinda of crazy…I know it’s Mother’s Day,,,but it’s making me so miss my
      Dad….and how happy my Mom used to be everyday! And, well, you see,
      when Susan wrote about how much she loved your hands….and showed
      a picture….they look just like… My Dad’s!!!! So, if you don’t mind…. I
      will always look forward to your comments….I might not get all the
      inside jokes….but it will always make me happy…cuz, I can tell she loves
      and respects you a lot! And, we all know about Father’s & Daughters…. daughter’s will always be “Daddy’s Little Girl!”
      I can tell that you are Smart and Funny….and now I have to add BRAVE!!
      “Thank You!” for your service….Take Care Mr. Jack XoXDawn

  83. Becky says:

    Just went on Twitter for the first time ever and spent the last hour checking out all of your pictures. Now Im hungry, want to go to the ocean and fill my front porch with lanterns every night. 🙂 Thanks again for all the inspiration you bring to my life each day. <3 Hope you are loving every minute of your vacation because I am loving every minute of being a stow away!

  84. Sharon in San Diego says:

    Thank you for the spot of tea we just shared, Susan. I was enthralled with your sea stories. We had alot of catching up to do, us two! We began with Jack and his sailor boy-friend. What a nose that one has on him;magnificient. Your adventures are in full-swing, I see, You sea. With fondness for crumpets and jam, I have enjoyed every minute of it.

  85. Laura B Jenkins says:

    Update from twitter from Susan:
    “We get off the boat at 9:30 am, taxi to car rental place, get car, then we are ON OUR OWN, which is much more dangerous than it sounds!”


  86. judi says:

    Susan just twitted at about 1:00 p.m. est. Thurs. afternoon that – tomorrow morning (Fri.) they get off the boat at 9:30 a.m. (England is 5 hours ahead of USA eastern time) and then will take a taxi to the car rental place and then – be on their own. She asked that this be posted for those who do not follow twitter. Then…we will be seeing and hearing a lot from her:)

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Judi! A miracle just happened and I got on — it’s almost 9 pm here, the sun just went down. Had the most delightful din din with an English couple, I hope you all got your fill of the chocolate souffle and whiskey sauce!!!

  87. CarolK (central NJ) says:

    We’re almost there already!! I haven’t finished exploring the ship yet! If you find a way to slow down time, please let us know. It would be nice to linger longer in all the fun places we’re going. Can’t wait to see your new do. Time to re-pack Kiddo….

    • sbranch says:

      We are repacked, and ready to go! We meet in the Todd English restaurant for breakfast by 8:30 at the latest and we’re off the ship at 9:30 am. Everyone will need to suck in, to fit back into the suitcases, so we go undetected. Sleuth-like.

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        No problem, I’ve lost 2 pounds on this trip with the walking down the halls, treadmill, and speed walking ’round the boat!!! Sleuthful are we! xoxox

  88. Nina says:

    O Susan this is sooo much fun! I may never get to go on the Queen Mary 2 but that’s ok because I have had a taster of it thanks to you and Joe! Have a great trip when you land on shore and stay safe! xxxx

  89. judi says:

    Yipee, you are now (Thurs. 2:36 p.m. est USA) on the marine traffic radar and are straight south of Penzance which appears to be the western tip of England. It says your ETA is 3:45 a.m. We can now follow your ship into the English harbor. Not sure if they have a super duper webcam like NY does.

  90. Susan in SC says:

    Just wondering . . . Will you and Joe be giving us all a little “spending money” when we arrive at the Lake Distict? I really would love to bring home some Beatrix Potter souvenirs.

  91. Heartsdesire says:

    Oh, Susan, this has been so much fun, even the stormy seas. Splendid looking couple in the elevator. Looking forward to more posts, more photos and lots more fun.

  92. Jack says:

    Thar goes our diet down the drain! Your Mother’s Day package from Ben & Jerry arrived today — all good stuff– yummy, And lots of it …Jeanie said, Thank you Sue you’re the best “Other” daughter! Who would think, with all you got on your plate you could take time and remember — you are really special! And ya done good! Dad

  93. trish says:

    susan, i relate to your tenacity and my appreciation for sticking with getting this post live wins you another sweet scone w/ clotted cream from me!
    enjoy Beatrix Potter, takes more great pics and i look forward to the next scenes from your travels.
    ox t

  94. Chrissy Thrower says:

    LAND HO!

  95. Kathie Ferko says:

    Thanks to all who replied to the problem I was having getting on twitter. Things are ok now…got on using both methods suggested..The link on the blog and joining twitter….not that I will use that part much. The photos are awesome…can’t wait for the ones in England.


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