Good Bye Queen Mary II

Our last day was so beautiful!  We started off by walking around the deck six times —  which equals two glorious miles of very nice view and clean ocean air!  The sun was shining, there were seagulls flying along with us, Irish seagulls, because that’s the closest coastline!  We’ve never been so happy!  We’re almost there!

We’re packing now and putting our twelve (12) bags, yes, embarrassing (and that’s not even counting your bags!!!), outside our room for collection right now.  We’re probably going to take up the whole hallway.  While I’m typing, Joe is putting the bags out. Then we go to sleep (or we try) and then we dock at 6:30 am tomorrow, May 11, and disembark at 9:30!  It’s hard to leave because it’s been such an awesome trip (awesome really is the correct word!) but wonderful to know we get to do it again in about seven weeks!

Here we are, earlier tonight, in Lowely’s charming Uncle Michael’s (he’s between me and Joe) beautiful two-story stateroom for a Bon Voyage to the Queen Mary cocktail party!  They (Michael and Ken) are off to Rome tomorrow, and we are off to Beatrix Potter’s House via lots and lots of gardens!  That’s my new haircut, which actually, despite the fact that to you it probably looks just the same as it always does, is a really good haircut!  I will have to travel on ships every two months for the rest of my life because I always get my best haircuts on ocean liners!  Too bad, but it must be done!

I can’t believe whoever is in charge of the internet on this boat just let me put up these  photos; I will not push my luck and just live to believe that in England I will have more of everything a person needs to do a blog in less than three hours per post!  But tomorrow girlfriends, we are going to pick up our car, then all pile in (I know, difficult for us all to fit after what they’ve been feeding us, but we’ll work it off soon, by walking around wonderful gardens!) for the trip east to Tenterden in Kent, where we have an apartment (don’t know exactly what it will be like!  It’s an adventure!) on the High Street!  We will be stopping for lunch at the same exact place we stopped the very first time Joe and I came to England together.  The restaurant is perched on a cliff over the water.  You’ll like it!  I may not get the computer hooked-up tomorrow; we have driving, map-reading, unpacking, and grocery shopping to do, but I’ll try!  Depends on the internet-powers-that-be!  We stay in our Tenterden apartment for two glorious weeks.  Get ready because we’re going to take you to some wonderful places!  My dad and his wife Jeanie got this dream necklace for us just before we left. ♥ XOXO

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169 Responses to Good Bye Queen Mary II

  1. Patricia H. says:

    It’s been a wonderful trip over!! I love your skirt and the necklace Susan! My best friend lives in Margate- enjoy your time in Kent! Xx

    • sbranch says:

      No doubt that we will, free as birds, no where we have to be, just the wind, the green, and us. xoxo

  2. Sweet Pea says:

    I’m sad to jump ship… we had so much fun ! 🙁 …but Ohhhhh so much more is ahead of us!!
    Love the photos Susan and BTW dahling you look marvelous!! xoxo

  3. Mary Spring says:

    Wow…this is all so VERY EXCITING !!!! ‘ Love it all and thanks for bringing us !!!! It ‘s been so much fun !!!

  4. karen says:

    So glad I found your blog earlier today! What a fantastic virtual trip for me!!… I’ve never been on an ocean liner.. they are like a city within!

  5. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    The necklace….your Dad…. Honestly, I have been thinking of the two of you today! I love reading the comments between you and your Dad, it’s the sweetest (and sometimes the funniest) part to me. “Dream” that word has so many, many, meanings doesn’t it? I hope that your dreams keep continuing on……..
    Take Care and “thank you” for sharing “you!” XoXDawn

  6. Julie says:

    Feel like I’m watching an updated version
    of “As Time Goes By”.

    Judi Dench & Geoffrey Holder are being replaced,
    by an American couple, Susan & Joe-
    a little bit younger,
    but….with a whole lot of the same charm.

    Here’s to a safe landing & awe-inspiring travels !
    Don’t forget to BRAKE for Hedgehogs-
    Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle would never forgive you !

    • Julie says:

      Meant to say Geoffrey Palmer-
      there is quite a bit of difference,
      between Geoffrey Palmer & Geoffrey Holder !

  7. Debra V. says:

    I agree, you don’t look like you gained a pound. Enjoy the wonderful English menu you’re about to start. Eat some Crumpets and lemon curd for me. Along with some wonderful English Tea at 4, with delicious finger sandwiches and whatever other delights await you two. Enjoy every minute of it! I know we’re enjoying the trip with you. Be safe and I know that the Lord will continue to watch over you.

  8. Mary S. says:

    Oh, oh, oh, oh….!!! So exciting!!! I am going to print out a map of England and mark on it every place you go!!! And Irish seagulls – how cool is that?!? 😀
    THANK YOU for taking us along!!!
    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA (Mary Shearer on Twitter)

  9. Janet says:

    Thanks for posting today. I know how much more difficult it must be to do in the middle of the ocean. And you’re on vacation too! Most people get to leave off their daily work when on vacation.
    And what a great photo – you’re wearing one of your Autumn blues, aren’t you? That lovely turquoise! So nice… just makes you “pop” – Sue – as we say now. When I was introduced to the seasonal color business – on “The Phil Donahue Show” – in 1983 I think [yikes!] the consultant said that’s how you knew someone was wearing one of “their” colors – if you first noticed the person [face], not the outfit. That’s certainly true here. Very pretty. Enjoy your last evening on board and rest up – sounds like you’ll have quite a long and busy day tomorrow! Which reminds me – I better start my own packing… :>)

  10. Jackie P says:

    Just checked to view the QE2’s position and you about 7 hours from landing in Southampton! Each morning this week — after walking the dogs (Bentley and bro Winston) — I make a pot of tea, open the laptop and pull up your blog. It has been such fun tracking your voyage. (So many rays of white light guided you across the great blue Atlantic!) Looking forward to the garden tours and, of course, Beatrix Potter!!!

  11. mari says:

    That crossing went so quickly! Must be all the lovely pictures and blogging that you do for us (glad to be out of that suitcase soon and into the English countryside 🙂 ) That necklace is such a loving gift from your dad – perfect!!! fyi ~ you do look lovely in that color – and so relaxed and happy!!! It reflects in your face and in your posts ♥ Onward, now, to Kent! Happy Trails 🙂

  12. Mary Spring says:

    P.S. I’m reading several comments about how folks can’t see photos on Twitter…I don’t no means am I a computer person and I’m not connected to Twitter but those photos are coming through all the same quite beautifully…..keep trying..friends !!!

  13. judi says:

    So happy you were able to do a post today. You all look wonderful – love your outfit and glad you’re happy with your haircut – looks cute. TWELVE bags – uff da! Ha – are you renting a van to get to your apartment:) Just kidding. What a lovely gift from your family. Land legs in the morn!

  14. Nellie says:

    Here the time is 6:45 p.m. I’m hoping you have been fortunate enough to fall asleep as it is probably at least five hours later where you are! Way past your usual bedtime!

    It has been a marvelous journey across the Atlantic. Thank you so much for taking us along. I’m in need of all that walking around beautiful gardens, and I haven’t even been eating on the ship!!:-)

    The time is going to pass so quickly! I just hope there is time enough to see all we need to see.:-) Enjoy!

    xoxo Nellie

  15. Laura Croyle says:

    It all sounds So Wonderful! Love your outfit and your haircut, BTW. Can hardly Wait to see the English countryside! How fun to rent an apt! Oh, please Do take Lots and Lots of photos! Sure hope you don’t have any trouble posting them! I’m So excited!! Can’t thank you Enough for taking us all along!! Good thing you brought 12 bags to fit in as many of us as you could! 😀

  16. judi says:

    Oh, I am sure you are able to post now cause you’re working off others signals/strengths – just like when you were in NY harbor:) Easy peasy from now on:0

  17. Jack says:

    You and Joe lookin’ good — and you had me feeling sorry for you — having all that good food
    And only one stomach each ….

  18. Jacquelyn Wirthlin - Las Vegas says:

    Can’t believe we are almost there! I packed a bit lighter as the Husband has had experience with my luggage, cruise ships and rental cars. We had to put the top down on a rental convertable to contain it one time in Hawaii … that was embarrassing… :>) . Love all the pictures and all the hand holding you have given us during the crossing. Thank you Sue and Joe. Looking forward to seeing everything through you!

  19. Cindy Berry says:

    Lovely haircut Susan – you are so ready to charm the Eng off the English!!! Can hardly wait to see Beatrix’s cottage” in person”. You must read the Susan Witting Albert Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter when you can – they are a delightful taste of the world of Beatrix. Have fun!

  20. Barb from Ohio says:

    Oh, it looks like you had a beautiful last day aboard ship. It’s been fun but there will still be a ton more fun when you get ashore and start exploring. I hope to see the English country side, quaint little cottages, those beautiful gardens you have been describing. Can’t wait!

  21. Joan Lesmeister says:

    We’ve had a wonderful time on the ship! Thanks so much for sharing with us, it has really been great, and I’ve loved checking in everyday on our adventure! And, really cute clothes you (& Joe) wear dear sweet Sue, & a lovely haircut! Sweet dreams (you might have to leave your necklace on), happy landing errrr docking, & safe driving, & see you at Tenterden. Blessings to you and Joe! Love, Joanie

  22. Martha Ellen says:

    Susan you look so beautiful in your lovely outfit–Joe looks handsome and very well rested. Be careful riding on the wrong side of the road! As an English colleage of my husband says-“the correct side of the road.” Can’t wait for our new adventure to begin!! ♥

  23. Country Gal says:

    Fantastic photos . Thanks for all you are doing to include and take us with you . Like I have mentioned before it has been years since I have been back to England . Looking forward to next two weeks as you are ! Have a wonderful safe arrivel.

  24. Dana says:

    This is so much fun to read. I’m in WA state and the weather this week has actually been sunny. It’s nice to read about going abroad, something I haven’t done yet. Thanks for posting, I’ll keep reading. I like your skirt. 🙂

  25. Karen D says:

    Fabulous! What a great trip this is!!!
    You look so hap,hap, happy!!!

  26. You both look so happy and you should (you deserve this)… of everything wished for you for the next 7 weeks… safe and have the time of your lives!!!

  27. Deb says:

    What a wonderful trip so far – and so much more to look forward to! I can’t wait to see photos from Tenterden, some of my ancestors lived there in the 1500s. Maybe there are some relatives still there. Thanks for taking us along!

  28. Wendy Louise says:

    You both look terrific!!!!! We’ve had a marvolous time, I especially liked the walks around the glorious deck! That definitely is your color, I love the skirt. Hope you sleep tonight, you, we have a big day tomorrow. Thanks again and again for this wonderful trip!!!!! OOXX 🙂

  29. mary anne helms says:

    Tenterden is the nicest village. Be sure to go to Leeds Castle as my dearest English friend has just been and she thought it fabulous…and I am sure you have my favourite ..sissinghurst..,..on your list! Fantabulous &be sure not to miss Rye and Winchelsea as well as Chartwell! There is so much to see in that part of the country. And ask locally about private gardens open to view under. the NGS scheme in aid of local charities. I. am not there until July when I stay in quaintThames side village before visiting Bridgewater in Stoke. Happy happy trip!

  30. Jack says:

    OMG Chocolate covered Carmel Corn……more wine please !

  31. MaryAnn says:

    Susan, thank you to both you and Joe for your generous gift of sharing your trip with us. It has been a great voyage, from reading your blogs and tweets, enjoying the view from the bridge and “touring” the ship! Looking forward to the next part of our adventure. Cute haircut!

  32. Lynn McMahon says:

    Good Evening~
    What a coincidence~ Prince Charles & Camilla did the weather today on the BBC!
    It was shown on The NBCNightly News tonight at 5:30.
    Did anyone else see it?
    He actually did quite well!
    Goodnight & Sweet Dreams All!

  33. Wonderful color on you (the outfit). It’ll be good to get my land legs back!

  34. Jennifer says:

    Your almost to my little island. I can’t wait to see what adventures you will be taking us on! Jennifer x

  35. Betty says:

    What a wonderful voyage it has been! I can smell that fresh sea air …. lovely:)
    Now I can’t wait for the beauty of English villages and gardens!
    Happy days to you both!
    Betty (Melb.)

  36. shelley says:

    What a wonderful trip so far can not wait to see Beatrix’s house and the gardens. Thank you for taking me along.

  37. Annelies says:

    So sad to leave the ship…but looking forward to all the gardens. I promise not to pick any of the flowers ( but will sniff them all). Thanks for letting me come along. I am having the BEST time!!!!

  38. Carolyn mixon says:

    Wishing you and Joe a smashing good time – am loving your words describing your voyage – just enjoy –

  39. Joanie B from San Diego says:

    You both look so relaxed and happy. I hope that we (your stoaways) can keep up with all your explorations. I will be the one squealing in the back seat at every amazing bend in the road. Thanks for taking us along, toooo amazing.

  40. Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

    Whoooppppeeee! We’re nearly there! This WAS an awesome week – hugs and kisses to you and Joe, the most generous, beautiful, loving couple in the whole universe! We all got together last night and voted you the Best of the Best! xoxoxoxo

  41. Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

    It’s been a great cruise, Susan, despite the cramped and noisy sleeping conditions with all the girlfriends!!! I woudn’t have missed it for the world though!! I had to chuckle when you mentioned that you will be taking a cruise every two months just to get your hair cut. I can relate. I only recently found a great haircutter for my hair—I had to leave my last great haircutter behind when I left NJ in 1989. Sad but true.

    Prayers have been sent up for the driving/navigating. It does seem to take two people to drive, one to do the navigating and one to do the actual driving.

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      And the wife to do the “back-seat driving” and making comments such as “Stay on the OTHER side of the road!!!”, “Look out, don’t hit that guy crossing the road!!!”, “Shouldn’t we have turned back there???”, “Are you going the speed limit???”, etc., etc., etc.! 🙂

  42. Jan says:

    Before I forget, I have to tell you I loved the photos on twitter!! Your hair looks so cute short. (Wish I had the courage to cut mine like that.) Can’t wait to see the gardens and Beatrix Potter’s house – sooooo exciting!! Enjoy your lunch tomorrow, how romantic!!

  43. Wow, everything looks wonderful! Thanks for taking us along…love the updates.

  44. TJ says:

    Hi Susan,

    You and Joe look wonderful! Must all that fresh ocean air. Love your darling outfit, the color is perfect for you!

  45. Sandra says:

    Oh My Gosh…12 bags?! That’s darn amazing! I’d say the adage “never carry more than you can run with” doesn’t apply here -LOL-.

  46. Sandy Richmond says:

    Wow, that was fun! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  47. Karen P - Wisconsin says:

    On to more fun adventures! Can’t wait till you get to Hilltop!!!!! Yay! So excited for you!!!!! xoxo…

  48. LindaSonia says:

    12 bags?!?!? Yikes-a Mikes-a… with they all fit in your rental car??? LOLOLOL!
    You guys look great, especially you Susan, you literally beaming!

  49. beebarbs says:

    Oh, “Dream” is right! We can hardly wait until you show us where we’ll be next!

  50. Linda Pintarell says:

    Looking good, Miz Susan. That is what five days of rest and relaxation on a ship crossing the ocean will do. Sounds devine! Looking forward to the rest of OUR journey. Glad to hear you are staying put for a few weeks and “branching” out from there. Can’t wait to join you in your escapades.

  51. patti frain says:

    Dear Susan, this has been so much fun and I am learning so much. I ordered clotted cream from England this year for a recipe. My husband went to Ireland and England for his graduation from college (a thousand years ago). We hope to go someday… I probably would have 12 bags too. Like I always tell my husband, a woman can never have too many bags…

  52. Diane Harris says:

    Thanks for the photo of deck chairs, there is something so wonderfully architectural about them! I want to cruise just to sit in them and photograph them.

    Take oodles of pictures of gardens and houses, this is a dream trip of mine. Be safe!!

  53. patti frain says:

    p.s. Love, love, love your sweater and skirt:)

  54. Linda says:

    Oh goodness, we’ve arrived…. so excited to get started… Beatrix Potter’s , I can’t hardly wait…

  55. LindaH says:

    Your outfit in the picture is adorable! I hope tomorrow goes very smoothly, arriving at your apartment, and getting set up there. Looking forward to seeing pictures of England! Glad that you get to enjoy another ship ride home!

  56. Pat Johnson says:

    Oh I can hardly wait to see the apartment and the places you visit. I am also a Beatrix Potter fan. Thank you for allowing me to be in the state room with you. Hugs….Pat

  57. Sarah says:

    You look radiantly, gorgeously, happily thin!
    xox, S

  58. Mrs.Pettigrew says:

    I can’t wait to see what you see on your travels on land. Going to watch”Miss Potter” in anticipation of your Beatrix Potter tour. You both look so happy, like little kids at Christmas time. Wishing you safe travels~

  59. viv says:

    Love your haircut. Looking forward to our adventures ashore.

  60. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh Susan we have so many bags to add to yours…and we hate to leave the ship tomorrow but can’t wait for the adventure ahead of us!

    Sleep tight…(Btw your new haircut!)

  61. Gail Buss says:

    Hi Susan, I never knew they had 2-story staterooms on board the QM2. How lovely. When I read you had 12 suitcases…………..I lol…………..your Joe must be a gem! Can’t wait to see all the upcoming pics as well as your blogs! It’s been a blast. Thanks so much for all you do. Hugs, Gail Buss XXOO

  62. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan!!! You and your hubby look so nice and very rested!!!! Wishing you safe travels tomorrow morning…….let the mainland adventures begin!!! I’m so excited about the gardens……hopefully the flowers are ready for all of us to see!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!

  63. Pamela Jewett says:

    Oh Susan, what a lovely time was had by all. You should wear these colors a lot. They look fab on you. And yes, I can tell you have had a haircut and it is a good one.
    Looking forward to what England has to offer through your eyes.
    xoxo Pam

  64. Juliana says:

    Wow – can’t believe we’re almost there! I love this ship! I didn’t realize that there were still cruises like this! I hate to leave, good thing there is more excitement to look forward too! Love the water – but really excited to explore England!!! Yay!

  65. Rachel says:

    My old stomping grounds 🙂 I grew up in Kent! Can’t wait to see the rest of your trip- I am told the bluebells are just now out!

  66. Lisa R (northern Arizona) says:

    Oh, the picture of the deck is gorgeous!! I was laughing about your twelve bags. Every time we go on a trip, my husband says, “you know it would be easier to pack two larger bags instead of your fifteen little ones.” lol ….Can’t wait to see the gardens!

  67. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Love your haircut!!
    Have been following the ship’s progress online – so exciting to see it nearing Southampton! Take care driving! The next two month’s will fly by! Before you are back onboard we will have shared lots of gardens and adventures!
    I need to get hollyhock and zinnia seeds started! Monday the arborist and his crew come to begin removal of the 60+ year old pine which has succumbed to pine bark beetle! So sad. They think that the house was built after the tree was here. They won’t remove the stump or roots because they’re massive and removing them may damage the retaining wall and house foundation! So we have to try to plant a new tree amongst the roots! Maybe an acacia or other drought tolerant variety! Any suggestions welcome – tree must love sea air!
    The kitchen design guy was here yesterday taking measurements! Can’t believe that by Labor Day my kitchen will be of this century!!
    What an exciting summer for all of us!
    BTW is anyone attending ALA (American Library Assoc) convention in Anaheim? My daughter and I are going to exhibits – we could plan a FOSB meet-up!!

  68. Jack says:

    FYI–the odds of being killed riding in an airplane —– 1 in 11,000,000
    —the odds of being killed from snake bite ———–1 in 120,000
    —the odds of being killed riding in a car ————–1 in 88
    Motto lesson : ok to fly , however not ok to ride in a car , especially with a poison snake !

    These are actually true odds as reported on TV ……..

  69. Cathy McC. says:

    Oh, it has been a Bon Voyage, but I am quite ready to follow you through some beautiful English gardens. (We had a Baltimore Oriole visit our Indiana flower garden today!) Looking forward to checking out your home away from home. Is this your abode for the duration? Do you think we’ll all fit? Get your land legs on and enjoy the sights! Thanks for all that you have shared. Ethel

  70. Karen Saunders says:

    I don’t think I can stand it…..I’m so excited you’re going to Miss Potter’s house tomorrow. Hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight!!

  71. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Rise & Sine Sweet Sue…shhhhhhhhhhhhhh….I Know it’s Very Early Your Time…Love Uncle Michael’s Stateroom! & This Photo of You & Joe Gorgeous! An Excellent Hair~Cut! ok Docking at 6:30 am (Your New Time) & Off The Queen Mary 2 at 9:30am…& You are right… not Sad cause You will Be Back on The Ship in 7 weeks! all Beyond Exciting….I have Loved “Our” Cruise Across The Sea….12 Bags…Not too bad considering How Long Your Adventure is…I Have 3 plus my Make~Up Vintage Case… 🙂 I’m all Packed & Ready to Go Ashore! I Love Your Dream Necklace from Your Dad & Jeanie…Perfect! So Taxi The Car Then Lunch at Your Very Romantic Restauraunt…& Then The Apartment…Home for The Next Two Weeks….Heavenly…Beatrix Potter’s House Awaits You Sweet Sue & All Those Lovely English Gardens….Twirling with Delight My Dears! Land~Hoooooooooooooooo! Time to Dance a Little Jig…Jigitty~Jig! 🙂 so Happy You Two are so Happy! & Now a Little Bit of “English”~Pixie~Dust for The Most Magical Adventure….Ever! xoxo Poof 🙂

  72. Yvonne Harvey says:

    It’s almost half past midnight here in NC, so it’s almost 5:30 am across the pond. You should be docking in about 1 hour or so. I’m so excited for you! Hopefully you’re still catching a few winks… otherwise you’re too excited to sleep and already awake and sipping tea from your Emma Bridgewater heart mug. :o) Time to move on to our exciting land adventures in England!! Cheers!!

  73. jane townsend says:

    Its been a great voyage! I have been able to watch The Queen Mary dock this morning whilst eating my breakfast. Welcome to England and enjoy our lovely country.

  74. CindyK says:

    How exciting to think we are about to dock and travel England! Can’t wait to see Beatrix Potter’s place!! You all look so happy in the photo! And the necklace is beautiful, what a thoughtful gift! I’m loving all the photos!! It really felt like I took a cruise too! How fun!! If you can, I’d love to see some photos of the English food you will be having! Now get some sleep, it’s a big day tomorrow!! 🙂

  75. Janey says:

    I started to catch up on your overnight tweets and blog update just as you landed at our sunny climate. I hope your twip is better than you imagined. Are you travelling all over England from your base apartment? You are on track for your best holiday yet. I know you will adore Hill Top and Near Sawrey. I leave a little bit if me there everytime I visit. It’s a really quaint and delightful place. Joe will love a pint of English Beer in the Tower Bank Arms a few hundred yards away. Remember to post your postcards in the village postbox because you will be following in Beatrixs steps as she sent her letters to her ever so happy recipients. I will wave as you pass my home up north to get to the Lakes. When you see Haydock Island on the M6 motorway that us the enterance to the road I would use.

    Can’t wait to get more catch ups and pictures of your twip. Lov and hugs Janey x

  76. Leslie says:

    The sun is out in Southern England along with your arrival, and WE are sooo glad! Thanks for bringing it along with you. Staying in a place for a while is the best, clever you! Please go to Great Dixter while you are in Kent. Have a safe journey, the traffic in southern England is dreadful. But you have TIME!!

  77. Anne Hamilton says:

    Hi Susan and Joe, welcome to the UK. The forecast for today and tomorrow is good. The sun is shining and the bluebells, at least in Buckinghamshire where Alexander and I live, are beautiful. They have waited for you. Tenterden is a beautiful little town with some lovely shops and a great atmosphere. It is not very far from my father’s home and I occasionally take the kids there after visiting with Dad. I wish you a wonderful trip. I have been following your tweets across the Atlantic, it sounds as is your voyage was magical. I’ll be following your trip eagerly on Twitter and your wonderful blog. Have fun and take care driving on the left over here. Alex hopes that Jack is OK and not missing you both too much. Love Anne xxx

  78. Pam says:

    Have a wonderful time, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. What a lovely gift from your dad and Jeanie 🙂

  79. Ann says:

    Oh Susan I do hope the sun comes out for you when you get here! Its been so so wet! But it does make all the gardens look so GREEN! I have a feeling you will bring the good weather with you and I’m so looking forward to seeing Hilltop in the sunshine – somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Why haven’t I…. its not far away!!

  80. Marsha says:

    You look oh-so-gorgeous in that darling skirt and sweater set! I have really loved hearing about the trip so far. Thanks for packing us in your suitcase, Susan! Have a great trip over to Tenterden… we’re all looking forward to hearing about the gardens. 🙂

  81. Colleen says:

    Have a wonderful time! I can’t wait to see the gardens. Love the haircut!

  82. Laura says:

    Where did you get your skirt? It looks so pretty! Have a wonderful first day in ENGLAND…Fun, fun, fun…yay!

  83. Cindy Tuning says:

    You must be so happy to be on land and see beautiful trees,flowers,grass and cute cottages, the kind you only find in the UK. Ted’s cousin lives in Kent and just had a baby.I sent out a gift to her yesterday.So, if you happen to pass through Sittingbourne in Kent…give a wave toward Bobbing Hill. Is that a cute name for a neighborhood or what!!! Hope your apartment is everything you dreamed it would be. Have fun!

  84. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Love your outfit Susan! Can’t wait to see all the sights….

  85. Verónica says:

    Thanks Susan!!! with you I can travel too.

  86. Balisha says:

    I’ve been following you on this fabulous trip. You look so happy. I’m looking forward to seeing Beatrix Potter’s house…do you think that Peter Rabbit will be there?

  87. Diane says:

    I’m sooooo enjoying traveling along with you and Joe. I’ve never been on a cruise, so your description and pictures are really wonderful to me. Can’t wait to see and hear all about England. My husband and I were in London and the English countryside many years ago and now I’m longing to go back. If I can’t be there in the flesh, I thank you for allowing me to be a fly on the wall and experience your travels right along with you!!

    Diane in North Carolina

    ps – I’ve been putting in some quality time swinging in my birthday swing and wondering what you must be doing on your trip. The swing has turned out to be the best place to think about friends and faraway places!

  88. CarolK (central NJ) says:

    I’m sooooo excited. This is my very first time in another country and living it through your eyes ~ next best thing to actually being there. I’ll be on the computer every day looking at our next great adventure in England. I’m so happy I could just cry. Mind your Ps and Qs and show us lots and lots of pictures. Could there be a travel book in your future ~ England through the front door? Hugs and happy trails to uuuuuuuuuuuuu….

  89. Sharon says:

    Say Susan!!!! I just looked through all of your posts during your cruise, and it looked absolutely fantastic! Since I don’t have a twitter account, I will just have to follow your blog! I love, LOVE the photos! So amazing! I am looking forward to seeing more in England!
    Oh, and yay again for your beautiful haircut!

  90. Betty Marie says:

    Your second home is awating your home comming. The trip was just fab… and the roads welcome you to new adventures. Doesn’t get any better then this. Thanks for taking us along. “Top of the Morning to you both”.

  91. AndiM says:

    Your blog looks great up on the big Promethean board in my elementary library. I just shared your blog site with my fifth grade library class. I am encouraging them to follow a blog that they would like or even make one of their own. Wishing you more happy travels.

  92. Susan Simon says:

    I know you are, right now, in England! Oh, how wonderful! I hope we get to see your apartment in Kent, and that you have gorgeous blue skies and such fun unpacking, grocery shopping (we did that in Scotland, it is great fun to go shopping and looking in the UK!) and getting settled in. I am sure there are a gazillion comments, so I will keep this short. Our sail over was grand… so this part of the trip I know will be the same! Have fun!!

  93. Paula B. says:

    I’m thinking you left the ship several hours earlier this morning. I hope it’s a glorious spring day there as it is a ten here on the New England coast. Hope everything went smoothly with the luggage, map reading, car getting, etc. That two story “stateroom” is my idea of luxury. Here’s to the trip, let the adventures begin!

  94. Dinahsoar says:

    Yay!!!! We made it…crossed the ocean alive and well. I’m SO excited. Our very own arpartment?????!!!!!…and in the High Street????!!!!!!! Wowser. You rock. The QM2 is awesome, a fantastic ride, but being in England is making me giddy. Lets get this show on the road! (I love that we have our own car–but am a bit nervous about our driver–would that be Joe?–having to drive on the ‘other’ side…hope I’m not too much of a back seat driver…I may have to keep my eyes closed a lot–but if I do, I’ll miss too much. What a conundrum! Maybe I’ll just pray extra hard instead.)…from the suitcase via the hills of TN

  95. Pam Woods says:

    Love the hair, love the necklace, loved the trip… can’t wait to see the gardens and Miss Potter’s house. So glad we’ll al be able to stretch our legs a bit!! Sure does make me want to save up my pennies and go oceanlining!!! Thank you, thank you for all the posts (even with all the difficulties) – you are so faithful. Gives me something wonderful to look forward to every day. Blessings, Pam

  96. Nancy says:

    Thanks so much for taking us along. This is so much fun!

  97. Donna Ray says:

    Hey Susan,
    Cute skirt, cute hair, cute husband…’ve got it all, girlfriend! Happy travelling on land! Does it take long to get your “land legs?” Can’t wait to see the apartment and how you put your lovely touches around it. Also can’t wait for the gardens and Peter Rabbit…..oh, this is fun! As always, DonnaRay

  98. Nina says:

    Hi Susan that was sooo exciting! Love your new hair do and your outfit is gorgous! Have you ever been to Eastbourne while you are down there it may be worth a visit. They have spent a lot of money developing the harbour and there’s some lovely resturants there. My brother in law and his wife live there so we visit often. Boy we are all going to have soooo much fun on this trip! xxxx

  99. Kimi says:

    Ahoy Susan

    Every one looks so nice in your picture! I love your skirt and matching sweater Your soooo modest!!! A beautiful way to be Susan, this is why I like you so much you are very grounded humble, like a Humble-bee! I look forwarded to others travails. Enjoy you day, stay healthy be happy send more pics…. Ps Joe cute!

  100. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    Vacations put such happy smiles on faces!!! Well, on to the next adventure.. Oooh, an apartment for two whole weeks!!! Can’t wait to see what we have coming next!!!! Oh, and 12 bags!!!! Wow!!! 🙂

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