Emma Bridgewater Factory

Are you ready to see the Emma Bridgewater Factory?  I hope so because here it comes! Visiting her factory here in England is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long!  And now, we did . . . Let me sing a happy song . . . and take you places you’ve never been before!

I just had to show you this  . . . I love English public bathrooms, they’re all so different and cute, you never know what you’ll get; lots of them have wallpaper, cute old tiles, framed paintings, and pretty paint colors; some of them even have hand cream in them! It’s practically like home!  This one, with duck carvings over the door and a chain pull on the toilet, is up a narrow green-painted staircase, on the third crooked floor of a famous old bookstore called Scarthin Books in Cromford, Derbyshire (pron. Darbyshir).  Thought you’d like to see it! (Wouldn’t want you to miss anything!)

So there we are (if you squint and look really close) at the far left end of those buildings, see the teeny silver sliver?  That’s our car, parked in front of our cottage where the peacock (now named Darcy; had to name something Darcy!) lives called “Weathericks” in Wirksworth where you should all go someday (and say Hi to adorable Jean for us) because it’s heaven there as you can jolly well see! We got in that car, and drove about an hour away to the Emma Factory.


So, off we go  . . . we follow GPS when we go anywhere, and it’s really good; I don’t think it’s ever made a mistake, but it takes us on all the shortcuts no matter how small, harrowing, narrow, and out of the way the road might be.  Sometimes we find ourselves climbing teeny weeny remote mountain curves and think, this just can not be bloody right!!! People living on country roads in England are probably standing in their yards shaking their fists at the sky (at the GPS satellites) for bringing fun foreign drivers like us into their neighborhoods.  I wouldn’t want to scare anyone, but I can’t help but laugh when I see this (drying my hands on my pants.)  When Martha Stewart travels, do you think she screams in the car????  Is this normal? Probably not.  I promise you, it’s not always like this.  I just like to give you the best of the best!


For extra relaxation, we break up the driving with bookstores, pubs (pah sida!), antique stores, canal walks and ducks, which more than makes up for dodgy cow-path roads.  Checking the bird book we found out the duck-like one with the white bill is a Coot, and those cuties with the huge feet are the baby chick coots.

It’s a little over an hour drive through festive little towns festooned with flags and bunting for the Diamond Jubilee; GPS (England calls it “Sat Nav”) takes us to Stoke-on-Trent, the home city of the Emma Bridgewater Factory — this was the first picture I took as I got out of the car.  So excited!

Cute for the factory workers!  Stoke-on-Trent was the center of the world when it came to gorgeous dishes; bone china, earthenware, pottery, it was all made here, Johnson Brothers, Wedgewood, Spode, the very finest and most beautiful was made in Stoke.

But it all fell apart (I will never understand why as I still cannot get enough beautiful dishes!); this city, totally built on the dish industry, went into a serious and very sad decline.

The bottom of Emma mugs are as beautifully decorated as the rest of the cup!  I fell in love with Emma Bridgewater, her desire to do everything the “right” way, her conserving ways, her attention to detail, when I saw my very first mug.  She retires designs after a while, which is the good news and the bad news, they become much more collectible that way . . . so the one you see above is no longer being made.  I love this cup, it says “Love & Kisses” on the outside, and “Best Friends ” on the inside!  How could she discontinue the most perfect gift in the world?  I don’t know!   I also love that her dishes fit in just fine with my old flea-market-collected sets of dishes.  Because really, she makes them the exact same way as my antique dishes were made, and in the exact same spot!

(I love the way the English tell you ↑ they want you to slow down to nothing.)  Stoke-on-Trent, with all the empty factories, and talented workers was the perfect place for Emma Bridgewater to put her “pot” business (“pot”=”dishes,” in Stoke-talk).  They needed her, and she needed them.  So, when all the rest of the world was turning their back on Stoke and the pot business, that’s when Emma began making dishes there; she took over the old Charles Meakin factory, and began to hire.  She ran toward the burning building.  And she’s young, only in her 40’s now!

I think that Emma’s factory must be a bright spot in Stoke.  Prince Charles even visited the factory in 2010!  What an honor!  And the roses?  Of course!  They can grow roses right out of pavement in England!  Am I happy?  Yes, I am.

So off we go on our tour, Joe and me and maybe six or seven others, led by a sweetheart named Jan, there in the spotted apron (they call polka dots “spots” in England).  Inside each of those boxes (molds) is thick earthenware creamy pot mix; it’s either a cup, a jug (what they call a pitcher), a bowl, or one of the other shapes they make, the old way, one at a time.  I was truly surprised to see how MUCH goes into one little cup!

The factory was decorated for the Jubilee, just like all the rest of England!  And this is only one room!

 Each piece works its way through the factory, that’s a lot of pot moving!  Stopping at each station for the individual treatment it needs before it finally makes its way across the sea to us in our studio, or out to the rest of the world; truly “Handmade in Stoke-on-Trent.”

I loved how they had plenty of jugs and cups for their work!

Custom-made sponge stamps are dipped in paint and put on the mugs one at a time! The sponges are hand-carved too, right there in the factory!

Here’s Jan telling us how they come up with some of the sayings they put on the cups with decals (one at a time – can’t quite get over that!); the yellow is a kind of sealer that burns right off when they fire the pots.  Crikey!

Shelves of production go on and on; the rose pattern is hand-painted on the cups.  This is how the colors look before they’re fired … which brightens and darkens them considerably.

An English factory always takes time out for tea!  Good news is they never have trouble finding a nice cup to have it in! (I’m doing a terrible job of telling you exactly how the pottery is made! This website has a much clearer and detailed explanation of how everything really works at the factory, in case you have more questions, Dad.)

Because I’m not very techie; I’m more interested in the people side of things . . . we could tell how proud everyone was to be working there; proud to be making all this British beauty, proud to be part of such an amazing craftsman tradition; this woman pulled off her glove to show me her Jubilee fingernails!  Love it!

I waited until tea time to sneak Petey into the picture!

Oh yes, like all good English establishments, the Emma Bridgewater Factory has its own tea room — also, a gift shop!  All my favorite things!  And best of all, there was a design studio where visitors can design their own cups!

  How wonderful, we wanted something special to bring home to remember this trip by (not that we’ll ever forget!). Our own mugs!  Lovely!

So I made an “ENGLAND  2012” cup, and Joe made a “Queen Mary” cup.  Isn’t his ship perfect?  He is so talented, my guy!

They give you paint, special pencils to draw with that will burn off during the firing, and they show you how to fix the drawing if you make a mistake!  They let you practice and have sponges there for people who want to use them.  The color goes on sort of pale, but gets much clearer and brighter once it’s fired.  You can choose any shape dish or cup they make and just sit there, draw on it, paint it, and drink tea to your heart’s content. In the end, you’ll have your very own Emma Bridgewater cup!  One of a kind!  Worth the trip across the Atlantic!!  We left them there, they’ll fire them, and ship them home, they’ll be there when we get back!  Pretty neat, huh?

Then, of course, we went shopping and absolutely fell in love with this cup celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Yes, we got one, couldn’t help ourselves.  Too cute.

AND, we loved it so much, we thought you might fancy one too!  Would you?  I hope so, and if you do …. just leave a message in “comments” at the bottom of this post (click on the really pale gray letters!), you’ll be entered for a drawing!  In a few days, we’ll randomly pull out a name (I hope so much it’s YOURS!!!); we’ll LOVE to send you this memory of our trip to England!

And one last thing before I go . . .

Another bit of a surprise, news from the real world: you know how last year we ran out of our calendars?  So this year, we asked to get them early … and guess what, Kellee wrote to tell me they just came in!!!  Both the 2013 12 x 12, and the mini calendar!  The rest of them will come at the normal time. We are going to try really hard not to run out this year!

OK Girlfriends, that ought to keep you busy for a while.  I will give you one last little hint about the next post . . .

This was the sky over Beatrix Potter’s house. . . a dream just came true.  Does that mean an angel got his wings?  I think so!  Bye for now, xoxo, Girlfriends Forever! Me.

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1,251 Responses to Emma Bridgewater Factory

  1. Barbara says:

    I love traveling with you and Joe…..what a treasure it would be to have a keepsake mug

    • Celeste says:

      I am loving every minute of your trip. I also have a new apprecition for what goes into making that amaving Emma Bridgewater pottery.Thanks for taking us with you! Safe travels!

  2. Susan, I hope it is ok for me to write this…. I have read most of the comments since you left New York and bless your generous heart to take your “quiet time” to blog to us on your trip of a lifetime and it is greatly appreciated. I have read many sad comments where some girlfriends are feeling low and disappointed with their lives and the word jealous have surfaced from time to time and I can completely understand where those feelings come from when you are struggling with the day to day problems of your life and others seem to have it all and living the good life and I just want to say to those ladies….we all have different paths to go down in this life and the Lord has a plan for each and every one of us…all I want to say is don’t compare your life to anyone elses when it is all said and done we all have sadness and happiness to endure and celebrate….in the blink of an eye your life can change and we all have one thing in common we are all loved by the Lord equally and he has given each one of us gifts; some will use their gift to reach out and touch the World, others will use theirs to touch a loved one or a neighbor….as long as we each love one another and do the work of the Lord there isn’t anything impossible for us to achieve. I always remember a saying and I will paraphrase….we never know the trials someone is enduring and until you walk a mile in their shoes never assume their life is perfect. I truly believe that how we handle the trials shows our true character and I’m not an expert and have had my share of hard times and I’m sure there will be more to come it’s called Life I just want people to be happy and appreciate what they have in life not what they don’t. Believe and share in everyone’s happiness.

    • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

      Deborah, you seem to be a wise woman! 🙂 Yes, everyone has a different life and a different cross to bear. I think the word jealous when referring to Susan’s good fortune is more of a compliment and we are all thankful that she shares all the news with us. I especially love the photos and videos. Such a delight.

    • janet says:

      Beautifully said!

    • TerrieInAtlanta says:

      Deborah ~ it saddens me, too, when people use the word “jealous” when responding to the joy and generosity Sue shares with us…every word, moment and picture of her long-awaited dream vacation! Luckily, our Girl seems able to shrug off these infrequent mistakes – for surely they are words spoken in haste, and unintentional. We all rejoice in every piece of happiness that not only comes Sue’s way, but also drops in the laps of every single Girlfriend on Earth! xoxo

  3. Sue says:

    I would love to win the beautiful mug! I was born and raised in Dorset but have lived in Canada for a very long time now!! Thanks for taking us with you on your wonderful trip.

  4. Silvia Niomi says:

    Hi Susan,

    A jubilee cup
    to sip my tea
    while next to my pup
    delighted I’ll be

    I love England’s beautiful countryside. Weathericks is just charming. Do you and Joe get a chance to go for your daily walks? So much history around that area; not just a couple of hundreds of years, but hundreds and hundreds of years of history.

    I sure learned a lot about England’s pottery industry. That’s too bad that it has dwindled. I never would have known anything about Stoke on Trent, if it wasn’t for your post. I and my mother-in-law have dishes from England, I bet that’s were they came from. I learned much about Emma Bridgewater Pottery. What jolly pottery. That looks like a fun place to work….. probably doesn’t even feel like work. If only all work was like that. Oh well…..

    really enjoyed this post, looking forward to visiting Beatrix Potter – heavenly, I’m sure.

    xoxxoxxxoooo, arrivederci

  5. Nancy D. says:

    Am loving your trip blog! The Emma factory looks fantastic and I really love the mugs you and Joe designed!!! Can’t wait to see Hill Top with you!

  6. Lorraine says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying the English adventures along with everyone else. I’ve made it a bit of a ritual to make myself a cup of tea before I read a new post. Its so much fun. We were last there in 2006 and enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully, we’ll be back there next year. In the meantime, I would love an Emma mug. Also, will you be bringing/sending more Emma mugs home to sell?

    Have fun and happy travels…

  7. Lorraine says:

    One more thing I forgot – there are times I wish this were like Facebook and I could “Like” so many of the other comments.

  8. Christie says:

    Oh yes! I love that mug! My son is halfway through pharmacy school, and he will be celebrating his graduation in three years by taking his mid-western ‘Mum’ across the pond–my lifelong dream. Love following your adventures. I’m getting fantastic ideas for our trip!!!

  9. Laurie Cooksey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful travel adventures with your online friends! And thank you for your generous give-away, too! I just ordered 2 of your 2013 calendars!

  10. Edie says:

    I loved the trip to the Emma Bridgewater factory. Thank you so much for thinking of us, as you wend your way through the countryside.

  11. Irene S. says:

    My daughter and family live in England, west of London (they’re moving back to the States in August). She & friends have done day trips a couple times to Stoke on Trent. That pleasure I haven’t had. However, we did visit HillTop and the Lake District and loved it (even my husband and three grandsons!) You are so brave to drive lefty — my husband & I decided we weren’t going to do that!
    Enjoy and savor the rest of your trip. We both watched the boats on the Thames on Sunday on BBC America.

  12. Courtney says:

    Hello Sue! I was a few days behind on reading the posts, and so much has happened. The Emma Bridgewater factory was so exciting to see. I want to visit myself and make my own cup, though it could never hold a candle to yours or Joe’s! The bluebells are stunning! I think it would be worth the trip just to see them in person! Maybe some day! Thanks for allowing us all to travel along with you. Reading your posts truly brightens my day! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures in Beatrix Potter’s part of the country!

  13. Mary says:

    What a beautiful and inspirational trip you are on! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see it for myself one day. : )

  14. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Are you finally in heaven after seeing Beatrix Potter’s house! How exciting!! Can’t wait to see the photos!!! ( My son received a baby dish set made of china with Peter Rabbit designs…..so precious…..23 years ago.) Enjoy your cool weather. In Dearborn, Michigan we had 90 degree temperatures and will have this heat through Monday!!!! Loved, loved, loved those gorgeous yellow climbing roses near the pottery factory….I vision them in my backyard one day….oh, to dream!!!!!

    • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

      Carilyn, I live close to you, had that same hot day yesterday with the delightful breeze and low humidity with made it a perfect day!! Friends of mine live in the Lakes District and when they visit us they say SE Michigan is sooooo similar – all our lakes and boats. We have our very own Michigan Lakes District!

      • Carilyn Wolski says:

        Do you participate in the annual Wolverine Lake Tikki party every July? My husband’s cousin invites us and we so enjoy the spectacular fireworks over the lake!!!! You are so blessed to live on that beautiful lake!!!!

  15. Danielle says:

    Thank you for such a fun little tour! I just adore my 2 Emma B mugs and thank you for the history on the area. It makes me treasure them all the more. I’ve so enjoyed your pictures from your trip. Hope to be able to do the same one day with my family. Happy travels! P.S. Perused my SB books today and am making 3 of your recipes this week 🙂 I’ve never made a recipe from your books that I didn’t love!

  16. Laurie says:

    oh how I wish I were there with you! I can’t wait for our big retirement trip to Western England and Wales in three years.


  17. Laurie says:

    oh how I wish I were there with you! I can’t wait for our big retirement trip to Western England and Wales in three years.


  18. Lisa B. says:

    Thank You for taking us along with you to England. It is my greatest dream to go there someday. I watched the river pagent on TV and would love to win the mug as a fond memory of a spectacular day.

  19. EsSuzy (from South Carolina) says:

    Sue, I would love to win the mug!! This week I found a Royal Doulton tea cup at the Flea Market!! It’s my wedding china pattern! Thank you for showing us the Emma Brigewater Factory. XO

    • EsSuzy (from South Carolina) says:

      Bridgewater, that is. Susan, have you had an Elderberry Squash yet? If so, how was it? If I remember correctly it reminded me of lemonade. And, yes, girlfriends, this was my week at the beach. Doesn’t everyone use their week at the beach to go to the Flea Market? XO

  20. Gail says:

    Hi Susan….I’ve loved..loved…loved your trip to England as I too love all things British. My American daughter is married to an Englishman, living in the West Midlands, and we enjoyed watching the Diamond Jubilee at the same time, BBC there and BBC America here….we chatted online at the same time which added to the fun!
    Anyway, your trip is my dream trip and I certainly hope you have a “travel book” planned after this trip! I want to do the same things you have! Thanks for the tour of the Emma factory…high on my list too! That mug is special! Happy and safe travels! GK

  21. Kathy says:

    I haven’t checked in since you have been on your trip – so GLAD I did! The factory was really interesting and now I am off to read (backwards) what has been happening with you on the trip that I have missed. (Is going backwards in time kind of like driving on the wrong side of the road? – “wrong” side only for certain folks:) Have a great time on the rest of the trip!

  22. jeannine leonard says:

    Loved the tour of the factory! Cannot wait for Beatrice Potter’s house.
    Thanks for taking us along.

  23. Sue Rideout says:

    OMG Hope I’m not too late! Just read your blog and I love how you are sharing England with us! Been so busy with Wedding Gown alterations that I haven’t been online lately. Have fun!

  24. Lynn S says:

    I’m really enjoying going on this trip with you. I’d add going to the quilt museuem in York and going to see Jane Austen’s coverlette to the trip. (My dream trip). Love the pottery shop!

  25. Karen C (from the heart of the peidmont, Greensboro NC) says:

    Love, love your post! Hope I am not to late to enter the drawing. Would love the mug for a spot of tea. Some how I have developed an English accent in my head every time I read your blog. Can’t wait to see where your travels takes us all next.

  26. Kati says:

    Oohhh…I just love tea! I think I have a bit of English in me somewhere. I would love to explore every nook and cranny in the factory. How fun that you got to make your own mugs! What a special way to remember your grand trip to England.

  27. Cathy from Golden, CO says:

    I am enjoying and loving every dip and turn. Such beauty across the pond. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. xoxo

  28. Helen Ayres says:

    Hello Susan

    Lovely to read your blog post on your trip to Emma’s factory. My American friends are always so *interested* in everything English – it’s quite humbling :o)

    You and your husband decorated some gorgeous mugs there! As an aside, we do call them jugs here too, ‘pitchers’ is reserved for large jugs and tends to be used in more moneyed circles – it’s a aspirational term, just like gardening implement as opposed to spade ;o)

    The mug is a lovely memento of our soggy River Pageant – poor HMQ, standing in the rain for 4 hours!

  29. Cindy Johnson says:

    Hi Susan and Joe! I look forward to each new blog. Thank you for the time you
    give taking pictures so we can join you on this trip. Oh, how I loved the eb tour of the factory. Have you ever been to Louisville, Ky. to visit Hadley Pottery or Louisville stoneware factories? Fun visits for all of us. Oh, and a really cool place to visit is Bybee Pottery in Bybee, Ky. The floors are “hilly” due to the layers of clay built up over the years! Hoping for a chance to have an eb mug.

  30. carol shapiro says:

    Hi Susan,

    OOOOOHHHHH I have been reading your blog right along on your wonderful trip—the Emma Bridgewater pix and comments- terrific- would love to win that mug for sure!!! It’s been fun following along stateside all the Jubilee activities…and your blog made it even more special…!!!

  31. Jane in Pennsylvania says:

    Please enter me for the drawing. I love Emma Bridgewater. Thanks for the tour!

  32. Denise Crandall says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you for all the inspiration and taking the time to include us in your fabulous trip! Another wonderful thing you brought to me are the Decorah eagles! In case you haven’t had time to check on them….they’re doing great! D-12 branched yesterday and is out there again as I write this :-))! The mug is awesome…. so nice of you!

  33. Marsha says:

    Thank you Susan, for all your lovely posts. This year, I am not traveling, and must admit to feeling as though I wish I were. Nevertheless, what a joy to be able to virtually travel with you. I’d LOVE to receive the mug… actually have a Wedgewood tea set from 1952, the year Elizabeth was crowned! Such a lovely thing… have fun!

  34. Deborah Winter says:

    Can’t wait to hear/see about Beatrix Potter–yes, I was wondering about it and why I didn’t see a specific post so I was very pleased to read today’s blog. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime Susan; so much fun to live vicariously through your travels. This was one of your best ideas yet!!! Also, Petey cracks me up!!!

  35. Janie Phillips says:

    It’s fun to see where my EB mugs got their start and, of course, now I want more of them! I remember you saying they’re like potato chips, and you were right 🙂 The mugs you and Joe painted (his ship is great — who knew he was an artist too?!) are wonderful — so cool to have those in your collection. And the Jubilee mug is awesome! xoxo

  36. Theresa says:

    It has been lovely following your England tour! Thank you so much for bringing us along.

  37. Pat S says:

    I have so enjoyed your travel blog and what a delight it would be to own this commemorative mug. You’re the best!

  38. Cindy West Chester PA says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I have enjoyed every moment. Now I know that I will have to go to England someday!!!

  39. rita baker says:

    WOW! Over a thousand comments. At first I thought no way could I win, but remembered that I for sure won’t win if I don’t comment. So, love those “spots” ( & your handpainted mugs). Joe is quite the artist himself-love his ship! Keep having fun, & much thanks for letting us come.

  40. rita baker says:

    Love those spots! Thanks for taking us along!

  41. Brenda says:

    How much fun you are having. I went for the ride with you up that windy street and I have to say I would be hitting the breaks every 2 minutes! I love pottery, dishes and would love to win one of the Jubilee mugs! I am still following you on your journey, I am loving all the beautiful pictures you are sharing. Thanks so much!

  42. Noelle Sweeney says:

    Oh Susan I would love to win that Diamond Jubilee mug, it’s beautiful. I love going with you everywhere and love the Petey sitings.. that is too funny.. where’s Petey now? lol Noelle

  43. Donna Valentine says:

    Thank you, Susan, for taking the time to share so much with us…the Emma Bridgewater factory looked so fun and beautiful, and what a treat to design your own cups. Thank you for thinking of us and for holding this special drawing! It has been nice to follow you on your trip!! I can’t wait to see the Beatrix Potter photos too. I so loved the “Miss Potter ” movie. Take care and be safe…Love, Donna 🙂

  44. Kim says:

    I hope I am not too late to enter my chance at a mug. I am saving your posts for perfect, quiet, uninterrupted moments when I can indulge myself in some healthy daydreams and thoroughly soak it all in!

  45. So glad to share this trip to my ancestral home with a fellow Anglophile. Between your travel journal and the Jubilee coverage on BBC America, I am not quite *so* jealous not to be abroad this year. I kept glued to the telly during about 7 hours of flotilla coverage, and hoped you got a chance to watch a portion of it while you there too. Rule Britannia and Long Live the Queen! Safe Journeys.

  46. Pat Simon says:

    Now I MUST start another collection. Thanks for the Emma post – so beautiful and so interesting.

  47. theresa says:

    That would be wonderful ! What a great idea to give a mug away! 🙂 Hope I win .

  48. Debby of SLO says:

    Sue! love touring with you and Joe…love every nook and cranny and lambie and cuppa tea! it is amazingly fun to get to see England through your eyes and Joes’and the Emma Bee factory was the best! well, all of it. i just had to say hi too…thanks!
    luv, Debby

  49. karen says:

    wonderful blog post….such a wonderful journey you are on! so excited to read each post and your pics a marvy! Hugs *

  50. I’m loving the vicarious trip to Olde Blighty. I love Emma Bridgewater pottery, too.

  51. Gail Marie says:

    All of the lurkers are coming out for the mug lotto! Me!me! If we don’t win, can they be purchased in the states? Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. Joe is a saint… And quite the artist as well.

    • sbranch says:

      We have them in our web store, not sure if that design is there or not …. I did ask Judy to see if we could get it!

  52. Sharon Avinger says:

    I’d love to have one of the keepsake mugs! Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with your blog friends. I’m loving it!

  53. Nancy Narma says:

    Being of Scottish decent, I’m so proud that the Queen and Prince Phillip and Family celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. She has touched so many lives on her journey along life’s highway just like the Queen Mother did. I would be thrilled to receive the Royal Flotilla mug!! It would take a place of honor. Please pick me oh numerator……<3

  54. Diane says:

    I’m enjoying your tour of England tremendously! I am crazy in love with England- just got back from London about the time that you left, and I’m already ready to go back! (Truth be told, I want to live there!) I collect pottery, so I really love this stop in particular. I hope I win that mug- I LOVE it!

  55. TerrieInAtlanta says:

    Hi, Sue & Joe! What a wonderfully delicious post you did on Emma Bridgewater’s place ~ almost too homey to call it a “factory”! Didn’t you just love…erm, LURVE the bright blue trim on all the industrial buildings? Seems like everything she touches has a bit of magic in it. Please, honey, kindly DO add my name to the oodles of friends who are hoping to win the lovely commemorative Jubilee mug. I will gift it forward to my “mum,” as we were lucky enough to be watching the entire fleet cebration together due to a cross-country family gathering. Hurray for graduations (3), May Crowning, school plays, Baccalaureate and, of course, THE JUBILEE for bringing our family together! xoxo

  56. Elaine M. says:

    I so love reading about your trip, it should be a book. My husband gave me
    my first Emma Bridgewater cup for Valentine’s day this year(after several
    hints). He too brings me coffee in bed in the morning. He’s also an artist and enjoys all of your pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  57. I hope I”m not too late to join the fun. I love the mug!!! I love sharing your trip and hearing about your fun and what you see. I love seeing Petey carried everywhere.

  58. Rosie says:

    likely too late for the cup, (hope not!) but just want you to know how wonderful it’s been following/accompanying you on your adventure! So lovely, and exciting! – and I, too, can’t wait to see Beatrix Potter’s house, yay! ♥

  59. Mrs.T says:

    Oh, I agree — the account of your trip, and the wonderful photos, all embellished by your artwork — would make a truly lovely book. I am so enjoying reading about your travels and seeing so much of what you are seeing. Bless you and Joe for being so kind as to share your trip with us. The Emma Bridgewater factory is a truly amazing place and I would love to win a cup if it is not too late.

  60. Kathleen Kelly says:

    I would love to win the beautiful teacup! Am loving your blog about your travels!

  61. Jessica D. says:

    That tea cup is so cute! Your travels are making me want to go to England so badly!!! So glad you took us with you!

  62. Christine Polkovitch says:

    I’m even more in love with Emma Bridgewater after reading this post! Thank you so much, Susan, for sharing this special England trip with us!

  63. Angela says:

    Susan, thank you so much for taking the time to blog about your holiday. I look forward to each entry. You make us feel like we are with you every step of the way. The “Emma” tour was wonderful! 🙂 Great pictures.

  64. Saundra Nelson says:

    What a great way to “tag along” on your trip. Lovely pictures and videos you have taken. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Sherry Moran says:

    I’m do glad she’s in S-on-T! It’s nice to know some things are still made in England. What a great benefit to the town, also!

    Now I understand better all the work that goes into any of the Emma Bridgewater items and I really want one!

    Thanks for all of your posts,

  66. Marie Fluck says:

    It’s all sooooo exciting to travel with you! I check out your blog everyday in anticipation of what exciting place you two are at next. I’ve been to the Poconos for 5 days and couldn’t wait to see what I have missed while I was away!! You are so Blessed and thanks again for blessing us with your joys. Hugs, Marie Fluck

  67. Gosh, Susan, I had to be reminded of you through a blogger in New Zealand! Love your work and you look right at home with Emma Bridgewater and Beatrix Potter! A fan and friend of Sharon Lovejoy! Thanks for sharing your trip. Love England as well. xxoo Nancy

  68. Rachel says:

    Thanks for taking time on your trip to put up all of these wonderful postings. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one!

  69. Carol in KS says:

    The photograph of you standing under the Emma Bridgewater sign reminds me of the photographs we took standing outside your shop in Arroyo Grande a few short years ago. It was a real treat to be able to see your work in real life, wander through the displays you created, know that you had been in the store/might pop in any minute. Had a wonderful visit with one of your sisters-in-law! Non-fiction really is more lovely than fiction!

  70. Lynn says:

    Susan – Your travel blog is so wonderful! I wish I could see it all in person. Thanks to you, I ordered the “60 Years a Queen” mug from Emma Bridgewater! The blue matches my English teapot perfectly. I love drinking Saturday or Sunday tea out of it at breakfast time. I truly appreciate that Emma’s factory is in Stoke-on-Trent. I got a sad awakening last year, when I realized that my beloved Spode Christmas dinnerware is now made in CHINA! And some of my peices from England were part of a bad batch, where the rim color pealed. So, if I want to have a complete set, I now have to replace with those made in China. Anyway…I just wish Emma was not so expensive – I would buy mugs for everyone I know. I did buy two for my sister-in-law and her husband last Christmas. Maybe one a year or so, would not break the bank. I would love to continue to support this company, and keep those jobs in England! And thank you for the posts. I truly enjoy reading them each time.

    • sbranch says:

      They really are expensive, I think so too, but that’s the difference I guess of paying your local workmen a living wage or having it made in China and not! It was the same thing with Spode, they were just no longer able to compete with the people who were making things in China. I just hope people support Emma so she doesn’t give up. So difficult when you have to compete with Wal Mart!!! Emma cups are a special gift, a reward, or they have to be saved for!

    • TerrieInAtlanta says:

      Oh, no, Girls ~ not in CHINA!! My everyday pattern is Spode’s Blue Italian because of the color combination and the old-fashioned “British” feel to it. A special surprise was seeing it on the table at tea time in the servants’ quarters on “Downton Abbey” … I literally danced with happiness! Such an amazing PBS broadcast, don’t some of you agree?

  71. Caro says:

    I love your posts. Being married to an engineer who has to have a “reason” to drive from point A to point B, I’ll probably nevery get a chance to explore like you do with Joe. You’re one lucky gal!

    • sbranch says:

      He could come look at the stone makers, carving stone outside York Minster Cathedral, to replace blocks they used in building it somewhere in the 12th century! That’s quite an engineering feat, but nothing like when they put it up the first time!

  72. Stephanie says:

    This is helping me to relive my trip to England with a girlfriend after graduating from college! I had to get out pictures to share with my kids! Thanks for the wonderful memories, Sue, and inspiration for another trip down the road!

  73. Maralena says:

    I have been so enjoying this trip you are sharing with us all! I am afraid to get on a boat or plane…silly huh? But true none the less, so this is such a thrill for me every time you post! Thank you so much!

    I read the Biography of Beatrix Potter last year and was so moved by her in so many ways. And if I ever did go to England, that would be the first place I would want to go…to her house! Ah, the Lake District! Wonderful!

    Have you seen the book Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden? It is a beautifully drawn and painted journal of a lady from England. She also had one call The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. You can find them on Amazon. So sweet. Anyways, I will thinking of you over there and loving every post you share!

  74. Oh, thank you for taking us on the tour with you! I’ve loved Emma Bridgewater’s pottery ever since Victoria magazine did an article on it in the 90’s. It’s just perfect!

  75. Mickie says:

    Susan, I am really enjoying yours and Joe’s visit to England. I sit down with a cup of tea before I read your blogs, and I feel like I am right there with you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to share with all of us your vacation. Now I’m going to leave and continue drinking my tea while I google Emma Bridgewater’s site.
    P.S. you look real Spiffy in your skirt and jacket outfit.

  76. Judi D. says:

    Susan you did a great job touring us through the EB factory! Just loved every minute of it!

  77. Patty says:

    Been on a trip of my own and just catching up with the blog. I would love to visit England some day but anything longer than 2 hours on a plane is not my ‘cup of tea.’ And I don’t do well on the water — that is why I love touring with you and Joe and of course, Petey.

  78. Anne B says:

    What fun to have visited the factory — and to have been in England for the Jubilee!

  79. Michele says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. You’re a woman after my own heart, taking pictures of the WC! I recently did a video in the bathroom of a tea shop!…

  80. Mary Louise Watt says:

    I’ve enjoyed your calendars and cookbooks for years to say nothing of Beatrix Potter. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of your trip; I’ve bee n reading a lot about Queen Elizsabeth (I remember her on newsreels when I was a child just a few years younger than she) and have fallen for her; my maternal grandfather was from England so maybe it’s inborn. I hope I win the cup; I also love English dishes; I have Minton and Spode.

  81. Marilyn the nurse says:

    I have just loved reading your travels. Have been to England twice but never gotten to this area. Will put it on my list for some day. I believe you must have awarded the mug by now – if not put me on the list. Know you are having a wonderful time!

  82. Phyllis says:

    I’m enjoying this trip vicariously. Will be keeping all the information for a future trip, hopefully. The writing is so homely and I feel like I am with you.

  83. Phyllis says:

    I’m enjoying this trip vicariously. The writing makes me feel like I am right along on the road. Appreciate the videos, commentary and the music. Thank you so much!

  84. Chris Zolenski says:

    What fun to make your own cups to remember your trip!

  85. Anita Nichols says:

    Dear Susan,
    What a lovely time you have shared with me. I love the tour of Emma’s pot factory. What a delight. It would be such a joy to win a mug celebrating the Jubilee. Even more so because you brought this opportunity for all your grilfriends here in the states How thoughtful you are!!!


  86. MARILYN P. STALEY says:

    I cannot for the life of me, find the proper place to make an entry to win an Emma Bridgewater mug. I want to thank you for taking us all on your vacation to England, as for many of us, this is as close as it will get To go to Beatrix Potters home/museum and gardens, also Jane Austen’s home and gardens, and of course all of the picturesque villages and gardens along the way. I woke up each morning to see if you had posted a “new adventure”. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do for us…. THANK YOU

  87. Laurie says:

    I found your blog on a Google search when trying to find info on this mug I found at a thrift store for 25 cents. I had been using it, now I will display it instead. That factory sounded great, thanks for sharing. I may blog about my one-of-a-kind mug. With your permission, I would like to link your blog to my post about the mug.

  88. I’m so jealous of you, I’d honestly have a field day in there! Emma Bridgewater is such a classic, beautiful brand.

  89. Wow! Great post – I love all of your pictures and information. If I ever return to England, I’d love to visit the Emma Bridgewater factory. I’ll have to remember to use your page as a travel guide.

  90. Scott says:

    My friend has broken her Emma Bridgewater golden retriever mug, she is devastated, I would love to find a replacement for her to make her happy. Do you know if more are being produced? Thank you

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