The Yorkshire Dales

Thought you’d enjoy a little taste of the Yorkshire Dales!


 Did you like that song?  Would you like to hear it all?  (Think, World War II, England. And try not to cry.) (We brought Vera Lynn with us, for driving authenticity.)

We drive again today, hill and dale, through the Cotswolds, to the sweet little town of Tetbury, where we will stay in this darling little rose-covered cottage belonging to our girlfriend Siobhan (the English girl in the cute coat, who took us all to Charleston, remember?).  We’ll stay here for the rest of time, ’til it’s time to say “Goodbye,” ’til it’s time to say, “Cheerio.”  The Queen Mary 2 sails Sunday, June 24.

Last night, I put lots of photos on Twitter . . . just click on the link and then you’ll see more links there for the photos.  It’s impossible to keep up with so much beauty on one little blog!  I also thought, if communications allow, I might just give you a some videos for the next few days . . . so you can smell the fresh air out there, and see the wildflowers move . . .  LOVING your comments Girlfriends; so happy you are enjoying this amazing country!

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272 Responses to The Yorkshire Dales

  1. Suzanne Markley says:

    Susan, sorry but I did have tears in my eyes when listening to Vera and seeing that countryside. I have always wanted to see some of the areas where you are and haven’t been able to so I thank you for letting us “go along” with you and Joe and look over your shoulders. I hate to see the 24th come.

  2. Kit says:

    What a cottage! So very perfect. I just told my hubby that you only have 10 days left. And we both said, “Boy, that went by fast.” But oh the great memories both you and your love have and so do all of us. I have so enjoyed this “trip” and already requested your book on your trip to England for one of my holidays, when it comes out. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Kit

  3. Jennie says:

    Your girlfriend’s cottage is jaw-dropping gorgeous!
    I keep waiting for God to send me a one-way ticket to the UK . . . really, any day now would be great!

  4. Susan says:

    This journey has been an absolute delight – thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. I just found your blog and can’t believe it! I have most of your books and even one that is signed by you (a gift from my husband–he ordered it online in 2002). I love your books and have longed to visit Martha’s Vineyard ever since “Heart of the Home”. When you are in SLO county I am your neighbor to the south, in Santa Barbara County (in Lompoc). I am beyond excited to have found your blog! I ran upon it when I Googled your name yesterday–my sister-in-law and her husband will be leasing a Cape Cod place off season and we’ll be going to visit them to see the fall colors. I was telling her that I really would need to visit the Vineyard as well and told her why (your books). I wanted to link to Amazon or something to one of your books, and voila! A blog!
    My lucky day 🙂 ~Blessings, Lina

  6. Hala says:

    Must get a Vera Lynn cd! I used to listen to her with my Nana. She worked in a munitions factory in WW2 – she said all of the girls’ skin turned yellow.
    I loved seeing the Dales again – I haven’t been since I was young. We used to stay in one of the cottages they filmed All Creatures Great and Small in as it belonged to our friend’s Granny. Fond memories of being sent to the farm in the village to get the morning milk in a milk churn – the oldest was 6 and we went on our own! …camping out in the garden by the stream…a donkey wandering into the kitchen and the mums trying to shoo it away with a tea-towel…climbing to the top of a hay-loft, fishing for minnows and keeping them in an old tin bath tub….pic-nicing in the fields with the lambs – some great memories. Thank you for reminding me, Susan!
    Best wishes,
    nr. Bath

  7. Sandy Thornton says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just came in from working in my garden. Tired and a bit too warm I thought I would check and see if you had written another letter to us and what do I find but a glorious drive and the most lovely music to soothe my soul. Thank you, ever so much, for such a refreshing visit. Oh there is just something about that place that calls to me. I’m so happy for you that you get to stay in that beautiful cottage with the love of your life! You are truly blessed!!! I must come back for another visit very soon but for now duty calls.

    Enjoy your day,

  8. Kathy Phenix says:

    My family loved Yorkshire also. Perhaps because some of our ancestors supposedly originated there. We spent several days there back in 1976, stayed in a charming B&B. Loved touring the cathedral. The dales are glorious and we searched for Mr Harriot around every corner. Thanks for stirring up old memories and for making loads of new ones. Kathy

  9. Barbara says:

    I really want to trace your footsteps on a trip to England! Next year is our 40th anniversary, I’ll be saving my pennies!!
    Thanks again for taking us all along on your great trip of a lifetime.

  10. Thank you, Susan, for putting your lovely pictures on Twitter for all of us to enjoy…they are breath-taking! xoxo

  11. kare Banks says:

    WoW… i was getting a little dizzy on your road trip there & then the cars all drove towards you on The WRONG side of the Road.. Yikes!!… i’d just never get used to That..hehe. The music was sweet… i think i’ll watch it again:))

    How nice to be staying in such a lovely cottage … it fits you nicely.
    Make sure to take it slow & just soak it all in… those unrushed moments are the one’s that anchor the heart to a place for sweet memories to come.
    Thanks once again for sharing this incredible journey with us.
    Your kitty is waiting for your return …are you bringing a special treat home?

  12. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Your pictures are sooooooooooo breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Yorkshire Dales are heavenly!!!! All of your photos take me away from Dearborn, Michigan, with my cup of tea in hand, and the sun shining in through the window. Thank you Susan for your magical vacation days sent through the blog…………God Bless your remaining days in England. (Your Twitter pictures are to view over and over again……what precious gifts you have given to us!)

  13. I have been enjoying every teensy bit of this fabulous trip!!! The countryside is beyond words, the homes, and other places you have stayed are delightful!
    Also the music you plug in!! Such a wonderful time spent with you! Thanks for telling us what “crumpets” are…I have often wondered. Looking forward to the rest of your time away…and the “homecoming”!…Sitting here with a smile and a thankful heart.♥

  14. Shanna says:

    The weather here in Northern Cal is hot–upper 90’s, and it is so refreshing to see your videos and photos of the Yorkshire Dales. Thank you for bringing some cool, green weather to us. It is truly like being there with you.

  15. Patricia says:

    That is just the cutest cottage ever! I am enchanted with the Cotswolds!

  16. Brenda says:

    I am listening to the song as I gaze at the wonderful cottage you will be staying at. Seems like our holiday just started and we will have to start back home….Oh I am loving this song, very sweet.

  17. Lisa says:

    I hope you enjoy every second you are on your vacation. These days will pass too quickly I know. I have enjoyed reading this blog so much. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I look forward to your “diary” when you get back. Perhaps that will help me get myself ready for my own trip!

  18. jeanne hedin says:

    Such a breathtakingly beautiful countryside! And is that little stone cottage just perfect, or what!?! 🙂

  19. Susan, I loved this little video. Could ride along on that trip for hours. Beautiful! But I have to admit, I dodged (right here on my sofa) when that car came around the corner. I would have to have many hours of practice before I could ever drive over there. I’d kill and be killed without ever intending to.

    Your photographs on Twitter are wonderful. Love the spotted Aga and that burger is something else! The scenes of the country side do something wonderful to my heart.

    Again, thank you so much.

  20. Debbie R from Valencia, CA says:

    Oh my goodness the time has flown. Always dreamed about going to the Cotswolds. Thank you Susan and Joe for taking us along. So much to love in that countryside. Have a glorious rest of your trip.

  21. Oh! Now there’s a hardship…staying in that delightful cottage until time to sail home -LOL!-

  22. Susan Ericksen of Bainbridge Island, Washington says:

    I am in love with that cottage….It is absolutely darling. Like something from a dream….Reminds me of the movie..”The Shell Seekers”…one of my favorites!
    There is something so warm and cozy about an English stone cottage….There is so much to be said about small cozy homes…These great big houses in America, are missing the point of the closeness of family…These cottages are quinessential. as far as I am concerned…So charming and so happy that you are sharing all of these with us. And just look at that rose climbing its way to the top…Can you find out, what rose that is???? would love to know…..♥ thankx

  23. Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

    Susan, I like the idea of giving us videos. When I view them, I feel as if I am right there. So little time left for you!! I want you to enjoy ALL there is and to soak it all in. I know that for months to come I will see England in your beautiful artwork in your blog as well as your England Diary, so enjoy! I have appreciated each and every picture and message you have given us while there. Thank you so much! I am so glad you smooshed me in your suitcase!

  24. Susie Stevens says:

    I have loved being on your vacation with you. what a beautiful place. All of it is just too charming. Smiles, Susie

  25. Oh Susan, you look just perfect standing in front of the cottage! What a great place to wind down your busy whirl wind trip that you’ve brought us on! What a beautiful place to cozy in! Is it within walking distance to the village? (is it a village?) I hope so, how relaxing that will be for you! I can’t believe it’s almost time to come home to America! My heart tugged as well when I read when you were coming back! That song choked me up! What fun to watch the video!
    Thanks Joe for the smooth drive!
    Thanks Susan for the beautiful video and pics!
    Tweet Tweet!

  26. Francine says:

    I just can’t say enough about you taking the time to include us on your trip! It’s a once in a lifetime “trip”!! It leaves me breathless! The fields, the stone fences, the sheep, the cottages! All the historic points of interest. Thank you – thank you! I just enjoy each and every time I hear from you!! You have truly brightened my summer!!!

  27. Kathie Ferko says:

    Goodmorning..Sue and Joe
    Every day’s trip gets somehow better than the previous day . I always think of a section of the British landscape as my favorite til I see the next one. The cotswold area is lovely…so is the Lake district….each area has a magic all it’s own. Thanks for letting me visit these places again….I visited 9 yrs ago this June…seems like and eternity! Am really excited about your diary….hope there are many printed…I would be devestated to miss having one. To be able to enjoy and paint/write about your journeys is a true gift. Enjoy.

    Kathie from Limerick, Pa

  28. Kathie Ferko says:

    Ps…Thanks for all the videos, twits and blogs…love

  29. Rachel says:

    I LOVE the cotswolds 🙂 And their cottages especially! I have fond memories of the little museum at Bourton on the Water 🙂
    And as for Vera Lynn- she reminds me of my Nan 🙂 My Nan used to sing her songs, and we suspect that they are actually related somehow- both sharing Welch as their maiden name!

  30. Denise says:

    I’d like to thank you for sharing your trip with ‘us’ all.
    It has to be a lot of work but I for one am appreciative and look forward to seeing your diary.
    Are the beautiful polka dot mugs very heavy? I’m imagining they’re not porcelain
    but fired clay…
    I was lucky in be in London and Edinburgh on a college trip but there is SO much more to see of the country.
    Thank you and your husband too 🙂

  31. Vicki M from Locust Grove, VA says:

    Love the cottage…just perfect! It’s funny you mentioned crumpets because I bought some on our last shopping trip…guess this trip to England has put me in the mood! (they are quite tasty lightly toasted, by the way). I also love the James Herriot stories…must be beautiful to see the area in person. Well, cheerio for now! 🙂

  32. Cindy Tuning says:

    I feel so out of the loop but am enjoying catching up. We went to SanDiego to welcome my daughter home from sea duty. What a thrill to see her ship come into the Harbor with the Navy Band playing. I LOVE your outfit a few blogs back..the skirt and sweater. You’ve been transformed! I think you’ll be coming home with an accent. Thanks for taking us with you.

  33. Gail Marie says:

    Your trip is going too quickly for me… I think you should stay longer…

  34. Dee says:

    While you’ve been in England my husband and I have just returned home (Delaware) from 31 days in California, British Columbia and Alaska. Our internet was limited, but tried my darndest to keep up with you/Joe and your travels. LOVE the cottage where you’ll be until the Queen Mary brings you back to the USA……… IF you know (or someone reading this might know)…………is there still a Liberty Art Fabric Outlet in or around Manchester?!?!?!?!? Being a quilter, I’d like to stop there when we’re in that area in October. ENJOY…..ENJOY…….ENJOY your remaining days in England, Susan (and Joe)!!!

  35. CarolK (central NJ) says:

    Gosh, talk about time flying! Thank you for a wonderful trip to England. I give you A+++ in travel guidemanship. Can’t wait to see what else you’re going to show us. Can we peek inside the cute stone cottage? Hugs…….C

  36. Patricia Triska says:

    Another day to remember. I am thankful that we can go back into your blog and be able to relive this trip again. I am loving every minutes and hour of it. I hate to see it come to an end. It has been so wonderful of you to take us all along and spend your time typing and copying away for us to enjoy the trip also. Again, I thank you for the wonderful emails that I am getting. Enjoy tomorrow.

  37. Debra Austin says:

    I so look forward to a new post from you on your blog. I am also enjoying the trip with you and Joe. I have never been to England myself, so it is such a treat! The little cottage where you are staying now is adorable, kinda reminds me of the cottage in one of my favorite movies “The Holiday.” Have you ever seen it? Something tells me you have:)
    I too love Beatrix Potter, and have ever since my two boys were babies. They are now in their young twenties! I can’t wait to read The Tale of Bratrix Potter. I requested it from my public library. Do you know if it’s still in print to buy?
    Love everything you do!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Debbie, I found that in a used bookstore, so I’m not sure, but check with Amazon.

  38. Such an enchanting cottage! Looks like the one Cameron Diaz stayed in in the movie The Holiday. I have a whole new appreciation for all things British! 🙂
    Savor the moments and bless you both for sharing this trip with all of us!

  39. Julie Cardenas in Murrieta, Ca says:

    I was just thinking how kind you are to post such a beautiful trip! I would be so wrapped up in what I’m doing, seeing, eating ~ that I wouldn’t even think about taking the time to post, let alone add all the beautiful touches that make your blog such a joy! I appreciate your generosity.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  40. Lori from Maine says:

    I’ve probably already written this, but thank you for bringing back so many memories of my 1970 trip to England. I had forgotten how beautiful Windermere, the Lake District and that whole area was. I can’t wait to visit again, with hubby this time!
    xoxo from SW Harbor

    • Dorothy Ann says:

      * Hi Lori from Maine * Sunday 6/17…2012

      Just a quick hi…couldn’t resist with a little “reply”…when I spied your post to Susan. How wonderful it must be to re-capture your memories of your wonderful trip to England, through Susan and Joe’s fabulous adventures there.

      Lori, I hope you will scan back to your “Yorkshire Dales” post to find this note to you. Then, of course, look for a direct e-mail to you tomorrow, Monday.

      * Hi from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  41. Jenny says:

    Oh my, that little house is just the perfect English home isn’t it! Lucky, lucky you! And lucky us that you’ll probably be showing us the inside of it and I can only imagine what lies indoors. Thanks for taking us all along with you Susan. It’s been such a joyous “tiny desk journey” for me.


  42. Susan Scheer says:

    Thank you for being so generous with sharing your sail and visit to England. Truly, I have so enjoyed your posts and pictures. I was there in the 80’s and am lucky enough to be able to go back in July with a renewed appreciation!! XoXo Susan squared

  43. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for the Dales…years ago, when a friend and I visited England, my goal was to visit the veterinary shop of James Herriott. In the scrapbook there is a lovely picture of the red door of his shop, but I was too scared of disturbing him if we went in! Unfortunately, he’s since passed, but it remains a fond memory. Your blog has tweaked our desire to go again, we’ve decided it will be our 60th birthday to ourselves. Thanks so much.

  44. Sheryl Baker says:

    I echo Georgeann in Texas, i.e., I, too, thought of wonderful vet/author James Herriot on reading that you are now in lovely Yorkshire. Several years ago, when I was still a working girl, the salesmen from our company were fortunate to visit that region in England, as they worked to establish a new account. Much to my dismay, not a single one of them had ever heard of James Herriot or his touching stories. At the time, I felt a little covetous of their trip. You are so appreciative of every experience and are being so thorough in your sharing of the trip with all your girlfriends that I can honestly say that I am happy that you and Joe and Petey are having such a wonderful time. I’m having a great time right along with you all! Thanks, Susan.

  45. Julie (Omaha) says:

    Think you and Joe should make this a yearly adventure ….. Bringing us along of course! Thanks again!

  46. barbara miller says:

    during your English visit, i was helping my 90 plus year old aunt as she recovers from a nasty fall ( 4 broken ribs, punctured lung,tons of bruises plus an industrial size case of the hives.) my sanity was kept by “our” lovely trip. thank you for letting us all be apart of it. i may never go there but your pictures, words and art has given me a grand visual display. please thank your dear Joe for letting us all “come”.

  47. Vivian Sutton says:

    Dear Susan-
    Is it strange that I got a little sad that you are sailing home in only 10 days? I have really been enjoying “our” trip. I was lucky enough to travel to England about 12 years ago you are bringing it all back to me. Thank you.
    P.S. Joe is so brave to drive, I’m afraid I didn’t have it in me- especially the roundabouts-eeek

  48. Linda says:

    The music in the car was so delightful–where in the world did you ever find Joe that he would allow you to play it? I think Joe needs to write a book on how to be a man that all women love! He could give etiquette lessons & how to dress, and just all around be the perfect gentleman. You are one lucky lady to not only get this trip but to be with your love who seems to be enjoying it too!!!

    • sbranch says:

      I just read it to him! For us, love was just more wonderful the second time around (or third) …

    • Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

      Linda, I don’t think writing the book would be the problem. Getting men (in general) to actually think they need such a book and actually buying it, reading it and applying it seem to me to be the greater leaps that won’t get done! LOL!

  49. Lesley Baker says:

    oooooo,that’s HOME!!!!!…isn’t it strange, I left Yorkshire and the dales when I was 5 years old… 2 years time that will be half a century ago and I”m very much a New Zealander,but still when i see the familiar scenery and buildings my heart gives a little skip..HOME!
    lovely,lovely,lovely..eee,our Sue,it’s grand!

  50. Susan A. says:

    Thanks Susan for your sharing your trip to England with me. And thanks to Joe for his great driving skills, camera skills etc. so we can see you in some pics! Your blog has inspired me so much. Hope the kitties are doing well!

  51. Gail Buss says:

    Oh my goodness……….there it is the beautiful cottage you showed from last trip that I loved. So you will be staying there…… delightful. Loved viewing the town of Tetbury and so many pics of English life. On another note, I have to tell you my English friend here who just came back from a wedding in England, brought a black Fascinator to our bunco and I tried it on and it didn’t look too bad on me (a person who doesn’t look too great in hats). I loved it! Maybe somehow we could start a trend in America wearing these dear little fascinating Facinators to different occasions or even church! I loved the red one Kate Middleton wore to the Jubilee. Well, I’m off to Twitter to see some more pics. I’ll be watching……….hugs, Gail Buss XX00

  52. Cindy says:

    Loved the video and the ride. I haven’t been there since 1960, but your pics bring the memories back! Thank you!

  53. Debbie says:

    I so enjoyed your short video…I wanted it to go on & on! I’ve been to Scotland and Ireland, but never to England. Your pictures, videos and blog posts have made me dream about planning a trip to England. Thank you so much!

  54. Jenny says:

    How lovely! We spent our honeymoon in the Cotswolds eight years ago this month.

  55. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Susan~the cottage is charming! I’ll echo my Girlfriends words and say it reminds me of the cottage in “The Holiday” as well. I’ve decorated that cottage so many times in my head…I know I can draw it from memory…that’s if I could draw. 🙂

    Revel in your remaining days.

    Marie xo

  56. HOW gorgeous!!! ALL your pics and videos! Loving every one you send to us. BTW we were in Vineyard Haven the last week of May (celebrating 40 years of marital bliss) and we did manage to walk up Spring St and snap a pic of your lovely house. Hey, it’s still there! We were just blown away be the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. Can’t wait to make it another holiday destination – maybe early fall. Since you’re close to Bath, try to have lunch in the Pump Room – and “take the waters” (NOT tasty!). ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      We went to the Pump Room! Lucky you to be on the island, hope the weather was good for you! Glad to hear the house is still there!

  57. Sandy in Wisconsin says:

    I think the cottage alone would make me move to England:):) How adorable it is!!!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s amazing how many of these there are, they are actually everywhere. But this one is very special, as it’s across a lawn from such wonderful friends.

  58. sondra fox says:

    I’m a happy woman! I opened your site & there you were with more fun news! I’ve missed you these past days. Do me a favor Sue? See if your friend wants to sell her adorable abode? Just too, too sweet & lovely. Looking at my calendar, You have lots of time yet. The way you do things, you’ll see lots more of England. Loved the video. Safe journey. Sondra

  59. Jack says:

    I’m wondering about that long high pole above the chimney on the left side in this picture .
    With no internet and no TV — do you know what it’s for ?

  60. Laura Croyle says:

    “Over hill, over dale…” (sorry, just couldn’t resist!) This is the countryside I saw from the air as I was leaving England after only seeing London 22 years ago. I wanted to parachute right out of that plane and land in those beautiful hills with all the little lambs! Sigh….it’s so peaceful looking and almost doesn’t look real. It would make a great painting, don’t you think?

    • Laura Croyle says:

      P.S. And that sweet little country cottage you’re staying in is SO Adorable!! How blessed you are! Do show us the inside, too, pretty please?

      • sbranch says:

        I’ll do that, it’s very old fashioned, not “decorated” at all, just cozy, but it’s got everything — except, no shower, a big deep bathtub with plenty of hot water, a little winding staircase to the top floor bedroom, a view past the chickens out to a field of lambs. It’s a mouse house!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s the pure peace of this place I will miss the most and try to duplicate at home. So quiet; just the crackle of the fire, the wind and the birds.

  61. Bonny ~* says:

    Is that not the most perfect rose covered cottage EVER! Treasure every moment you have left on “our” trip…I know I will! ~*

  62. Connie Martin says:

    I know you are saying to Joe “Please, please, please can I have one of these Rose Covered Cottages? And he will say “Yes”! I hope you are painting the diary to print one for all of us to buy!!!

  63. Janie Phillips says:

    Siobhan’s cottage reminds me of Miss Marple’s cottage in St. Mary Mead. I’ve always thought I’d be quite content to live there. Enjoy your stay, dear Sue and Joe! xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Janie, it is a little miracle, so quiet, birds in the fields beyond the windows, really old, with a tiny wood stove–it’s been chilly and windy here, so we have a fire right now.

  64. Gumbo Lily says:

    What a drive! Thank you very much.

  65. matty says:

    Sigh…. I got all vaklempt listening to the music and crusing my beloved Yorkshire again. How I could smell the “green” of the meadows… feel the sway of the road as it curved gently… and remember how magic it is there.

    Thank you for the video! Soon… sooon… I will be in Yorkshire….

  66. Gini says:

    Loving your travels Susan! But do NOT talk about the 24th any more until we must, OK?
    I was in the Cotswolds with my parents in 1969 as a teen. I still remember the lovely houses & cottages with their rambling roses. So much green beauty!


    • sbranch says:

      Trying hard not to think about it yet, but in a few days, I will start getting excited about THAT! 🙂

      • Sharon Calvert says:

        Just so you know, Queen Mary 2 left New York yesterday to come collect you … 😉

        • sbranch says:

          Oh, it’s on it’s way! How exciting, thank you for telling me, I’ll tell Joe! Was just thinking this morning, being on the ship is like suspended animation — seven days between shores.

  67. Jena says:

    Rain, glorious Rain! We are in drought dry Wyoming and the rain is coming down. Must be that I am envisoning the lovely drops of England. THANK GOD for the rain. The wildfires are scaring this new transplant and with every lightening strike I watch the prairie for signs of fire.

    The volunteer fire team out here in the Grassland is on high alert and no one is allowed to go to town (if they were to ask me of course) as it is TOO FAR to be back in time if the lighting catches it’s prey!

    I still love it hear and my garden is dancing with each drop, but oh what I would do for a trip to your blog right now. The dewy, dampish, rockin’ cottage could really sooth this dangerously dire soul. Best wishes and enjoy the humidity and rain and GREEN GREEN pastures. I got to a lamb docking on Monday and get to witness castration via teeth for the first time. Keep that in mind as you frolic amongst the babies! I don’t know how I’ll cope!

    Much love!

    • sbranch says:

      Happy for you and your rain! Keep dancing!

      • Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

        Farm manager, Susan? I don’t think either one of us want that job!!!

        • sbranch says:

          Better to be the one saying, go please feed the pigs, than the actual one, going to feed the pigs. Maybe. Probably depends on how big the farm is!!

    • Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

      I’ll start dancing too, Jena! I have an aunt and cousins who live in Wyoming. On our first trip out there, Larry said if he were young and single, that’s where he would live.

  68. I want to take this time to say to all the men out there and the girlfriends Dads…..HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

    • I have been fortunate throughout my life to have the most special Dad and thank the Lord for that everyday of my life. My Dad taught me life lessons and how to be a self assured, independent woman, and he is the wisest person I have ever met. Dad will be 92 on June 30th and for the first time in my life he is showing signs of slowing down and it is harder for him than me. I sent Dad his card (to FL) this week and wrote him a note thanking him for being there always for me and for all he taught me and my message to him was to enjoy his life and to be happy. I praise all Dads and truly believe a good Dad prepares you to expect a good husband….and that happened for me! Enjoy and those of you that can give your Dads a big hug/kiss I wish I could do that everyday.

  69. Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

    Hi Susan,

    I think that Siobhan is also living one of my parallel lives as well!! I love her taste in clothes as well as cottages, areas, and countries to live in. Thank you for posting the picture of the food—just my holiday-style too!



  70. Susan says:

    Susan, thank you SO much for sharing your adventures through England. I have loved it all! Brought back wonderful memories of our own trip around England a few years back. Makes me want to return, for sure! The thought of heading home in a week must be bittersweet…. sad to leave the enchantment of England, but happy to come home to your kitties….and, well, home!

  71. Yes, many of us are missing our daddies on this Father’s Day weekend. Thank you for sharing yours with us!
    This post has had me returning to my favorite places in all of England. Castle Combe, Chipping Camden, Broadway (We ate several times at the Lygon Arms!), Burton-on-the-Water, beautiful, historic Bath, Blenheim Palace and so many others. Lord of the Manor in Upper Slaughter was my ultimate favorite hotel, where we found our ‘map of the lanes’ and there it was in the Google Images that you linked to. It is on on my ever-expanding bucket list of re-destinations. Thank you for more days of wonder!
    xoxo, Chris

    • sbranch says:

      We were at the Lygon Arms yesterday, WHAT A PLACE!!! Those little short doors!!! We love Lord of the Manor for tea! We went to the circus in Broadway! We are walking in your shoes!

    • Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

      Larry and I love Broadway too. We stayed at a wonderful B&B just a few miles outside. We ate at the Lygon Arms too!

  72. JudyCnNC says:

    Your travel blog has been absolutely breath taking and definitely creates a desire to go wandering. What a gorgeous house and land your friend has. Vera Lynn definitely put the “icing on the cake.” We love all of the music from that era, my husband was born in England and really wishes for a return visit. Only health problems keep us from going.

  73. Evelyn says:

    Hi Susan, Been enjoying your posts recently. English countryside is so gorgeous. My late husband and I visited England in 1999 for 5 days. Took a bus trip to Bath and Stonehenge while we were there. Breathtaking countryside. Your little video takes me back. Looks just the same. The English are best at doing quaint. Visited on Memorial Day Weekend and it was soooo cold there. Keep on enjoying.

  74. viv says:

    What a dream of a cottage.

  75. Lee Rose says:

    I loved seeing the flash of the stone building in the side view mirror near the end of the video. Thanks for sharing.

  76. Susan in SC says:

    Say it isn’t so! Is it really so soon that we have to leave? The time has flown by, yet I have so many wonderful memories and images forever in my heart. Thank you for for taking us along. You have entertained, educated and inspired all of us, and that is a gift from a true girlfriend!

  77. I love England, and you took me there.
    Thanks! Erika from Hungary.

  78. Georgie says:

    Ah! I remember seeing this cottage at the very beginning of your trip and thinking… How wonderful it would be to spend a night there… and here you are!!!

    You look right at home standing at the gate *~*~* I’m waving from Yardville saying, “Put the kettle on for tea! I’ve got the Earl Grey! Let me grab my sweater, and I’ll be right over”

    This is the perfect place to rest, immersed with your memories… painting up a storm! It will be such a JOY to read your Journal. We can all say, “Oh Yes, I remember that day. I was there too!”

    Thanks Susan!
    Georgie fron NJ

  79. Dinahsoar says:

    Did you hear me scream as we rounded the corner and another vehicle was approaching? I daresay I’ll never get used to riding on the left side of the road. Poor Joe–it must feel like madness driving on the left side! The dales are sooooo beautiful, and the setting of Last of the Summer Wine. I can’t believe we go home in just 4 days!!..where did the time go!!???…I love America but I will be so sad to leave England….sniffle…from the suitcase via the hills of TN.

  80. Jolene says:

    I am loving catching up with your travels. It’s been awhile since I’ve read through your blog but now, it is time to get current with all the goings on!! & I have to say, that I enjoyed “Ladies In Lavender” so much that I am continuing on, playing Joshua’s other music listed to the right, on the page that it came on via Youtube, as I read through the rest of the blog! Glad you are enjoying your trip, it sounds like a dream~~safe travels!!

  81. Patty Craddock says:

    Thank you so very much, I miss England, and I enjoyed seeing a part I had never been to. When I showed your blog to my sister, when you were at Beatrix’ home, she said we are going next year. Thanks for every wonderful moment. Patty

  82. Kathy says:

    I’ve enjoyed every moment of your trip. The dogs on the ship made me sad. Please get home safe. I miss Kitty Girl and most of all Jack. I know they will be so happy to see you. Please take pictures. I’m sure Jack has grown since you’ve been gone. Enjoy the champagne and the rest of your travels.

  83. Love those winding roads… what deliciousness around each and every bend in the road <3

  84. Gert says:

    Oh my gosh…what a way to start the day!!


  85. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Yup, I agree with Gert “what a way to start the day”! I get all choked up being in the car with Sue & Joe (a fahbulous driver), listening to the beautiful music, & seeing the gorgeous countryside! Happy Monday! Thank you my dear, I loved that video!!! xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      So glad, good to see you and Gert together, here and on Twitter! Fun!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Love it, being together! On the side of Vera’s song, I skipped to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with Andre Rieu (sp?) orchestra & now I’m practically sobbing!!! Whew, need to refill my cup of coffee! Now I’m back to Vera & you all. Hugs all around my dears! xoxo

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