Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!  Here’s a little special Musica for our blog Daddy and a little bit about him from my book of memories . . .

A lot of you are getting to know my dad because he’s been bringing his funny comments to this blog for a while now.  It makes it so fun for me, I love it!   And lots of you, maybe missing your own daddies, have adopted him!  That makes it even more fun!


Some of you know why I call our family his “pork chop family” but in case you don’t, here it is, a little family legend: One of the things my parents had in common when they met, is that they loved pork chops.  So when my dad proposed, he said, “Let’s have a pork chop house, get some pork chop furniture, hang some pork chop wallpaper, and have us a whole bunch of little pork chops running around.”  I’m their first pork chop.

 Here he is, bon vivant, handsome man about town, hanging out with the Beatrix Potter People.  They’ve been friends for a long time!  They’re on my kitchen windowsill keeping each other company till I get back.  Big Father’s Day kisses Dad, XOXOXO from me and Joe, and of course Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and all the rest! Have a wonderful, wonderful, gingerbread-eating day!  See you soon! P.S. Can’t go without saying, thank you for everything!!!

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  1. Sandy Perry says:

    Happy Father’s day to your Dad and all of our Dad’s. This is so very sweet of you to post this for your Dad. Hope he has a great Father’s Day and you and Joe are still enjoying England. Is Father’s Day different in England or do they even celbrate it? I am enjoying our trip with you and Joe thank you for taking all of us “Girlfriends” XOXOXOXO Sandy

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, it’s Father’s Day here too, we are staying with our friends, and the son is coming to make us all dinner in honor of Father’s Day!

  2. Deb '51 says:

    What a sweet tribute to your porkchop Daddy! (oo la la – very handsome, too!)You are blessed in many many ways, dear Susan.
    Happy Father’s Day to Joe and all Daddies out there.
    Buckley, Wa

  3. Nina says:

    Happy Fathers Day Susan’s Dad Jack! You did a great job so far!! xxxx

  4. Ann says:

    I hope your Dad has a wonderful day with his plate of pork chops – even though one is missing. I’m remembering my Dad today also. Do you know Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem? I’ve used it on my blog post – you can read it here:


  5. Darlene B says:

    Susan, Beautiful tribute to your dad!! Happy Fathers Day to Jack!!! Thank you Susan for sharing him and thank you Jack for the gift of Susan!!xoxo

  6. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~Happy Father’s Day~
    In Heaven & here on Earth~

  7. Charlene says:

    What a wonderful post, Susan. I lost my Dad two years ago at the age of 84 and miss him terribly. He was the most wonderful man and best Daddy a girl could ever hope for. He and Mom gave me and my brother and sister the best childhood one could imagine. Your childhood reminds me a lot of ours. He, too, served in WWII where he participated in D-Day and he loved to tell his Army stories. He had many tribulations in his life but never lost his faith in God nor his wonderful sense of humor. He had the best laugh and I fortunately got to hear it often. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad and to mine in Heaven.

  8. Donna says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Susan’s Dad Jack! I think I know (from that handsome picture and the gleam in your eyes) why Susan’s Mom went around singing all day. You sound like an awesome Dad too! Have a wonderful day. :D.

  9. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Jack and to all the Dad’s out there. Oh, how I miss my Dad, but my delicious memories are with me always. We’re spending the day with my Hubby/Dad and family…it doesn’t get any better.


    Marie xo

  10. Terri from Swansboro, NC says:

    What a wonderful tribute blog to your Dad… He sounds like an incredible man and how blessed are those who know him! I finally got a chance to look at the twitter pictures and WHAT a burger! And the scone, OH MY I have been trying to make them so that they taste like the ones I had in London. I even got a bagged mix at World Market from England and it still didn’t taste the same. I guess my search for recipes isn’t over! In search of the perfect scone recipe! LOL! Loved all the pictures!! Happy day to you…

  11. Siobhan from Santa Monica, CA says:

    Happy Father’s Day Susan’s Dad! Your first little pork chop is quite a honor to you!

    Just having my tea and catching up on a week’s worth of posts….I feel like a “borrower” stashed in your pocket. I’ve never enjoyed anyone else’s vacation so much in me life!

    And, you’re saying Joe drew that ship all by himself on the cup? Um…hidden talents!!

    I’m gonna scoot over to twitter and see what else you’ve been up to…so needed this lovely view of England. Thank you will never be enough. And, I’m a jealy bean that the other Siobhan gets you now! But, please say hello for me. The Siobhans of the world are all sisters! xx and oo to you, Susan. You are loved!

  12. CindyK (from Minnesota!) says:

    The recipe sounds wonderful Dawn! Thanks! Even my own dear husband says it sounds good, and he doesn’t care for pork chops I’m sad to say. But, I will be trying this one this week!!!!

    • Dawn from Minnesota says:

      hi there neighbor! …..from Minn-eh-so-ta…… 🙂 Don’t be sad….. I
      bet this would be just as good with the other white meat….Chicken!!!
      Did you hear the THUNDER last night???? I wonder if Pat got alot
      of knitting done???? 🙂

  13. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Happy Father’s Day to Your Wonderful Daddy Sweet Sue! We All Love Jack! ( & You are Right We Have “Adopted” Him!) Yay! 🙂 I Miss My Daddy Everyday…Walter (We always Call Him “Waldo”) He’s Been in Heaven coming on 5 years…ahhhhhhhhhh…Just Breathe… so I was Flying By & I Love Your Blog to Your Dad…Sweet Dreams Tonight Sweet Sue & Joe…Savor Your Last Week in England…Oh My Word…The Days Have Flown so Fast! Happy Father’s Day to All & To All a Good Night! Love & Hugzzzz xoxo Poof! !✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫

  14. I loved reading this tribute to your dad and all the other tributes by the girlfriends of their dads, too. Dads do hold a special place in their daughters’ hearts. My daddy has been gone for 38 years. He was only 65 when he died. He was a hard-working peanut farmer who was a shade-tree mechanic, a Mr. Fix-it, and a God-fearing Christian. The only song he ever sang was Amazing Grace in the seclusion of the congregational singing at church. He was a good man, and I’m proud to have had him for my Daddy.

    Happy Father’s Day to your dad, Jack our Blog-Daddy. (I just love that! Makes me smile every time.)

    Hope you’re having a beautiful day in England today.

  15. Pat Johnson of Paso Robles says:

    Happy Father’s Day to your Dad – you have shared the stories of life with him. My father is not with us anymore, but he was as jovial and fun as your Dad. I miss him so much. Thanks again for sharing your life – and I am soooo happy he raised such a wonderful Pork Chop!!!! XXXXOOOO

  16. Oh Susan I am all choked up! What a sweet tribute to your Dad! He has got to be just strutting today! What a fun pork chop family! How I would have loved that! Singing and dancing oh my! You were truly blessed, and still are! Have a wonderful last week in England! I bet the kitties are anxious to have you and Joe back!
    Happy Fathers Day Jack, Can I adopt you????

  17. Nicksgranma says:

    Oh Susan, my dad used to call me his little pork chop also! I sat with him today in 90 degree heat,brought him flowers, shared my soda and a few good stories and then had to say good-bye. He passed 16yrs ago but I always enjoy going to the cemetery,sitting a spell and being sooo pleased that he was my dad. No tears..just happy times!

  18. Darlene H. (way out west) says:

    …I would say, you look like your dad, especially his smile. Don’t you think? My father and mother had their first date at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA and went there for their fried chicken that was oh, so famous! I guess during the war (WWII) simple things like fried chicken and pork chops were held in high order! I am all about the simple things in life! I hope your father has a wonderful Father’s day. I am sure you make him very proud!

  19. Susie says:

    Dad’s can really be great, can’t they Susan?! Of course I don’t like to make a big moulage about mine . . . oh, I’ll tell a few people, but I don’t like to make a big moulage about him (FYI “moulage” is a fancy word I learned from Barney Fife – one of my dad’s favorites). Hugs, Susie

  20. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Hi Susan * Father’s Day…Sunday…June 17, 2012

    Today is quite a special day for all of us girlfriends, those who have their Dads with them, those who have their Dads some miles away from them and those who only have sweet and loving memories of their Dads.

    I am one of those who has cherished memories of my Dad. He called me “baby” and sure, I was the youngest of three, so it seemed o.k. when I was young. But, as I grew up, and was dating, I used to tell him not to call me “baby” when he met a new boyfriend of mine. Dad was fine, calling me Dorothy Ann, right up until the the time we left on a movie or dinner date. Then he would smile that amazing smile of his and say, “Drive carefully, and Good Night, Baby…”

    I just knew I should have a little box of tissues nearby as I read your Dad’s Day tribute to your wonderful Dad. And, I was right! What an extraordinary and loving salute you presented to your Dad and you shared it with all of us.

    Sharing is something you really enjoy doing, Susan. It’s a gift you have! Not only have you shared some of the most amazing tales and pictures of your trip to England, but also you share your Dad with us too. You even wrote that it’s fun for you and you love how we are all joining the “J.P.S Fan Club”.

    As for me, I have been “getting to know” your Dad through his charming and funny and oh so witty posts. Is it any wonder why we all are captivated by him?

    “If you are reading this, Jack, Hi from me to you. Happy Father’s Day”.

    Susan and Joe, what do you have planned for this week?
    * Luv from Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  21. Patricia from Philly says:

    Hello Jack, and Happy Belated Father’s Day!
    You have a terrific set of dimples!
    I hope your Father’s Day was everything you hoped for… and then some!
    We Girlfriends are grateful each and every day that you “sowed the seeds”
    for your “little pork chop family” that eventually grew into what is obviously a very wonderful group of offspring, which includes your very creative and inspirational daughter, Susan!
    She showers us with the joy and beauty the world has to offer, each and every day.

  22. Happy Father’s Day one day late!!!!! My dad passed away at age 70, so it is nice to be able to celebrate with your dad, who seems a lot like mine. he loved F-Troop, too!!!

  23. Rachel says:

    I hope your Daddy had a wonderful Father’s day 🙂 I called mine, back in England… which is where I think Father’s Day has one up on Mother’s Day- because they are the same around the world!

  24. Georgie says:

    A wonderful tribute!!! Dads are such special people, and I just know as special as sons are… for they too may be fathers one day… little girls will always be daddy’s little girls. We have a special space in their hearts forever, where we never grow up. <3 How I love that little comfortable place… protected from the world 😉

    Happy Father's Day Susan's Dad!

    Happy Father's Day Georgie's Dad!

    Happy Father's Day to All Dads!

    Georgie, Yardville, NJ

  25. Susan, after reading all of the Father Day tributes especially to your Dad…do you think his ego is bursting at the seams?? haha I’m sure his wife and you of course can bring him back down to earth if need be?? Now that Jack is a celebrity of sorts do you think he will want a “spin off”…..just sayin!!!! Hope you have a lovely week of adventure and more fun!!!

    • sbranch says:

      He’s a Leo, he can take it! 🙂 My dad has the happy gene too, he doesn’t really ever come down to earth. Just more excitement about the next thing round the corner.

  26. Connie Michael, NC says:

    What a sweet, sweet tribute to your dad. And are you ever a cutie pie in that picture! Ah. My dad passed in Jan 2010…..he was my buddy in childhood, and my friend in adulthood. I’ll always miss him. So, Daddy Jack, you have one darlin’ daughter and she has one handsome, sweetheart of a dad. If there were more dads like you around the world would be a much, much better place! Hope you had a wonderful day, all! chm xoxo
    P.S. What do you hear from Kitty Jack?

    • sbranch says:

      I hear that he’s still playing catch! That’s what I wanted to hear, because I’m so hoping he remains engaged!

  27. Marcia in Brazil says:

    Here in Brazil, we celebrate Father’s Day on the second Sunday in August. Happy father’s day to your dad – he sounds wonderful! I’m especially thankful for him, because without him, we wouldn’t have our favorite pork chop: you!

  28. judi says:

    Well, I just got off skype with my sister and we celebrated our Dad’s (what would have been – I think his 105) birthday. We had wine and both took our computers outside – me in FL her in WI recalled lots of wonderful, humourous memories. Isn’t technology wonderful!!!! Dad’s are a really special group of people. Someone needs to tell the younger generation that:) Susan, your DAD is sooooo special and those of us that don’t have ours with us anymore celebrate with you the gift of your Dad. Hey, Jack you are soooo great!!!

  29. Lori from Maine says:

    I’m a day late, but Happy, happy Father’s Day Jack! You sound like a sweetheart and remind me so much of my daddy. So…here’s another “stepdaughter” sending you love!
    My dad was in the Navy in WWII as a lot of the girlfriends dads seemed to be. He arrived in Providence, RI (after being in Kodiak, Alaska for over a year) on Christmas Eve. Our family (I wasn’t born yet!) lived in the Boston area. The men were told they couldn’t have leave and had to stay on base. Well, my Farmour (my Swedish grandmother) always had a huge Christmas Eve dinner and would have loved nothing more than to have her little boy home. So, as the men were marching into a building, my dad and a buddy marched the other way – kind of like a Three Stooges move! They walked right out the gate and started hitch hiking – an officer picked them up and drove them right to Boston! 🙂 🙂
    Dad arrived home just as the family sat down to dinner – of course everyone was thrilled to death!! During dinner, Dad leaned over to whisper in my Mom’s ear…that he was AWOL. They waited until a bit later to tell Farmour. He turned himself in the next day. My Mom said she’d go visit him every day.. the two of them sitting on chairs facing each other with a rope between them!

    I always loved that story because I could imagine Dad doing something like that. He was a little devil…in a good way!! He always had us laughing, especially at supper time, that was the best part of the day for all of us. He passed away 25 years ago at age 67. I miss him so much. I’m so sad that he didn’t get to meet his grandsons, but I’ve made sure they know about him. He had heart disease and it was a touch and go sort of thing for 10 years. I live by the advice he gave me…Always be grateful for every day. Even if it’s a bad day, find something good about it and embrace it…Thank you daddy, I always do and always will.
    (sniff…) xoxo from SW Hbr. Maine

  30. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    oH Susan……LOL ………I’m wondering what else they had “for sale” in that motorcycle shop???? 😉

    • Jack says:

      Could you be a little more specific , Dawn from Minnesota . Like just exactly , what is it you are seeking in a motorcycle shop ?

  31. Jack says:

    Let me think –how can I say this so it’s perfectly clear ……First, I just want to thank all you lovelies out there in bloggerville for making my Fathers Day the happiest ever and to wish You ALL a Happy New Year , in that ::::
    Any given Fathers Day appreciation year , of course , follows the final celebration after the preceding one year elapsed time , identified as Fathers Day and the current one
    automatically hence the next 12 months period (1year) would be that as yet to happen one year period preceding the subsequent and upcoming next and forthcoming Fathers Day !
    Therefore and ergo …..Happy New Year , girls …..! 😉 Blogdaddy Jack


  32. Janet says:

    Loved this post! Happy Belated Father’s Day to your Dad, you’re so lucky! Mine passed away at 15 minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve 2008, at the age of 83 after a short illness. Prior to that, he’d still been riding his bike! I miss him so much, and even more so since I reconnected in 2010 with Dave, a boy (now man) I met when I was 13 and we live together. They’d’ve loved each other. Dad was fantastic, and always, always did fun things with us. As Charlene said, he and Mom gave me and my brother the best childhood one could imagine. My Dad also served in WWII, in the Coast Guard and always told the best stories about his time on board, especially about rescuing a little black dog that he and his shipmates taught to surf! He even had a picture of it. Anyway, I miss his physical self, but I have so many great memories!

  33. Dinahsoar says:

    Your father was such a handsome young man! And he’s still a peach in his older age. I love the pork chop story and the way he proposed to your mom….from the hills of TN.

  34. Robbie R in Texas says:

    So funny…I looked specifically to see what your dad may have written and he did not disappoint!

    Happy travels, Susan & Joe, and have a safe voyage back!

  35. Happy Belated Father’s Day/New Year’s from me too! I’m the late one, mahahahaha!

    I adore porkchops! I must have them for my birthday dinner every year, once I get back to my ingleside from my yearly trip to Green Gables <3

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