It’s too hot and we know it . . . 

So today, I’m going to do my very best to give you a break from it and fix the “inelegance” . . . with images of , yes, COOL things!

Starting with something cold and juicy . . . This is one of my favorite summer treats: spread a slice of ice-cold watermelon with thick Greek-style yogurt; sprinkle it with good granola; eat it with a fork, barefooted in front of a fan, or on a cool porch; joy of life will return forthwith. 

It will be a wonderful weekend if you make this ↓ and pop it in the fridge for later . . .

For even more coolness to this delicious Cantaloupe Soup, add ice cream croutons  . . . drop melon-ballers-full of vanilla ice cream in each dish . . . chill soup bowls and spoons before serving.  Or try my nice cold . . .

If you keep this icy Gazpacho in the fridge, you can eat from it for a couple of days and never have to heat up the stove!  It’s the most delicious way to get all your healthy, organic farmer’s market vegetables in one cold dish. It’s STILL the best Gazpacho I’ve ever tasted  — sometimes I like to add a little cilantro garnish … or I use balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar, but truly, they both taste wonderful in this cold, crunchy, frosty soup!

And here’s something else that should help bring the temperature down:


Too much?  Hope you put your shoes back on!

BRRRRR, just feel that chilly wind coming off the snow . . .

Mmmm, cool, calm, and collected . . . Hear those sleigh bells ringing? A breeze off the ocean would be wonderful too but if you can’t get to the beach right now … give yourself a little treat … keep cologne and hand cream in the fridge and then have a . . .

  . . . nice cool shower.  Afterwards make yourself a  

. . . take it to the porch. . .

. . . and drink it near a bubbly little water fountain . . . because it’s the weekend and . . .

Is it working?  Do you feel cooler?  I hope so!  And one last thing . . . I would like to invite you to join me in a little celebration for this/our

Because while I was in England, I forgot to celebrate that on June 9, this blog, our blog, celebrated its first birthday!  It’s still a BABY!  Only one!  Let’s give it cake!

Everyone grab a cupcake! Light your candle and let’s make a wish!!!  And I actually have a wish that you could make come true!  My wish is that if you like this blog, you will nominate it for Country Living Magazine’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards.  We still have a window of opportunity — the contest entries have to be in by July 29, two days from now!  And if I go to New York, I’ll be sure to bring you with me!  Of course I would anyway!  OK, all together now,

B L O W !

Happy Summer Day Girlfriends, stay cool! XOXO Tomorrow is Beatrix Potter’s Birthday!

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462 Responses to TOO DARN HOT…!

  1. Deb from Dixie says:

    The was the COOOOOOOLEST post on the COOOOOOOLEST Blog….with the COOOOOOLEST girlfriends! Cheers and Happy Blog Birthday Susan!

    We are so very lucky that you share a slice of your life with us, and because of what you created, we have such an interactive sharing space in the blogisphere.

    I voted for the blog on the Country Living Magazine’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards several weeks ago………………….and honestly with all the good mojo being sent in about this blog, the judges at County Living have to see how inspiring, meaningful and exceptional the Susan Branch blog is to so many……just have to believe that we all will be taking the trip to NYC with you!

    Have a wonderful weekend girlfriends and now…..let’s all have one of those cupcakes……Happy Birthday Blog!

  2. Julie says:

    What an refreshing, invigorating post….ahh, like a dip in the Arctic Ocean !
    LOVED the video !

    THIS time you’ve REALLY done it-
    am packing my snowpants, mitten clips & chapstick.

    Have experienced every season on the Vineyard except winter-
    been dying to rent a little sea shanty for December.
    I want to trudge into town after a storm, bundled up like a bandit
    & have the shopkeeper tell me they’re all out of bread & milk.
    No problem, I’ll go shovel the sidewalks
    in front of the quaint Charlotte Inn & pretend that I’m a silent partner.
    Then I’ll shop for books, bayberry candles & scrimshaw
    and build sugar-coated snowmen up & down the shoreline…
    oh, yes, that’s the plan….take my pulse, PLEASE !
    This could be a bad case of hypothermia ! 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Blog !
    Can’t believe your only 1-year old-
    such a pretty baby & what an amazing job you’ve done !
    Bursting at the seams & bubbling over with creativity galore-
    I truly, do not know how you do it
    & you do it ALL……so extraordinarily well !

    Voted in June, for the best lifestyle blog, ever-
    wish I could vote a gazillion times
    but am going to nudge friends, family, strangers
    & any deviant with an email address
    to cast votes before that deadline.

    Hopefully, all the Girlfriends & Guyfriends,
    who entered the Beatrix Potter book giveaway
    will also vote ASAP & send the Branch blog into the stratosphere.
    NOBODY does it better……..NO ONE deserves it more !
    Good vibes & Good Luck !

    • sbranch says:

      Love the “any deviant with an email address!!!” 🙂 You are so sweet Julie, thank you!

      • Julie says:

        the prison system accounts for a millions of votes-
        they all have access to computers & free Wi-Fi.

        Just sayin’, not that I would know “personally”,
        It’s hard to believe,
        but up to now, I’ve avoided the “Big House”. 🙂

        You might want to confirm those statistics
        with “Big Bossy Martha “-
        you know, the self-proclaimed “Lifestyle Queen”-
        she would have “firsthand” experience.
        Zing, Zing, ZINGER ! 🙂

        She’s probably already traded
        ganache-covered favors for prisoner votes…..

        YOU’RE going to win-
        with or without the deviant vote !

  3. Debbie Sowards says:

    Happy happy birthday baby blog!

  4. Janine Smith says:

    Thanks for the snow shots. It’s been hot here too and I can’t stand it. I just went to vote for you. If you win and come to NY I’ll drop by and say ‘hello’. I’m in Brooklyn! Good luck!

  5. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~ Good Afternoon~
    It has rained here in Wisconsin for the last 4 days but it is still not enough. At least the grass is turning back to green~ won’t have to get ” Spray on Grass!” That stuff reminds me of the “Spray on Hair” they have for men! Remember that info~mercial? At least the weeds are green!
    Me personally, give me a balding or bald head~ au natural~like Matt Lauer~ but to each his own~
    I shouldn’t talk ~ I still get the lowlights (and highlights) done~ not quite ready to go gray~ but when it’s over 50% gray I will give it a try…maybe
    Thank you Susan for the cooling thoughts~ after all this heat I am ready for crunching leaves, football ( Packers) and sweaters!!
    Have a great weekend~

  6. Jackie P says:

    It is too darn hot here in NH, too. However, your watermelon started to cool me instantly, the Gazpacho dropped the temp a bit more, but the video of the boat crew shoveling snow from the deck, now that put some frost in my veins. Yeah! Will absolutely nominate this blog for an award. Nothing comes close to it either visually or for content and how you interact with “the girlfriends”. Can’t believe it is only one year old. On another note, to really celebrate the season, hope you get a chance to see the show at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs this Sat night — 20th anniversary for The Vineyard Sound acapella group. So good!

  7. pat addison says:

    hello again, just got back from the river, its nice and cool on the river and very refreshing. yes susan every couple of weeks we have 3-6 riding mowers go down the highway at a very stately 3-5 mph to the local gas station to fill up their gas cans and tanks for a weekend of lawn mowing. we also get a weekly parade of tractors of all sizes, driving down to the gas station to fuel up for the job they have to do for the day. its fun to watch and sometimes i sit on the front porch and wave to them as they all go by. you know its summertime when the tractors are out on the road…LOL!!!! we love the lil impromptu parades they create. nothing more fun than watching the mowers and tractors go by on their way down to the gas station. sure gets the tourists flustered and excited when they go by…hehehehehehe!!!!!!!! 🙂 well off to the shower and then get the back sprinklers going to cool off the birds. hugs……. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Must be quite a scene! 🙂

      • Julie says:

        Ha !

        Here’s hoping Pat hails down “The Lawn Mower Brigade”
        and serves them up a big, chilly cooler full
        of your “Skip & Go Naked” concoction.
        Better yet, fill their fuel tanks with it
        and save em’ a trip into town-
        that should keep their purdy lil’ engines purring til’ summer’s end. 🙂
        Her precise, detailed descriptions conjure up images
        of “Eb” from “Green Acres” leading the pack !

        Pat is a one dandy “field” correspondent, does a real fine job-
        THESE are the stories that should be leading the nightly news, by gum !
        She reminds me of that funny dame from the movie “Fargo”.

        I love the fact that she never gets so caught up
        with the roar of the engines,
        that she forgets to take care of the birds.

        Atta’ girlfriend….keep us posted…..yep, America sure does loves a parade !

        Tell those “flustered tourists” to sit a’ spell & enjoy the FREE show.
        I can think of a million reasons why a tourist might get “flustered”
        but 3 rollin’ lawnmowers & a half dozen gas cans
        ain’t one of them ! 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          No, it seems to me, that’s what they’d be touring for! 🙂

          • Julie says:

            Hit me with a hay wagon-
            whatever was I thinking ?

            I do crack up at Pat’s precious quote,
            “mowers go down the highway
            at a very STATELY 3-5 mph”….

            I have visions of
            Patrick Henry & Paul Revere
            whippin’ around on a
            mean-green cutting machines, yelling-
            “The Mowers are Coming,
            The Mowers are Coming” !

            Thank God, America has a few statesmen
            left in Pat’s neck of the woods,
            they’ve all but vanished from Washington !

            When you & Joe are zooming ’round the Vineyard’s “State Road”-
            is it just an automatic given
            that you’re traveling “stately”
            or must you allow for the adjustment ? 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            Oh we’re stately . . . the thing that tourists have to put up with here is the locals stopping in the middle of the road to talk to each other, we all know one another’s cars, so it just happens, mostly on Main Street. The fastest you’re allowed to drive on the island is the straightaway out by the airport . . . there you can go wild at 45 mph!

      • pat addison says:

        its fun to watch the tractors chug on by, the farmers usually get 2-4 in a group and off they go to the gas station, with a truck behind them flashing lights to alert traffic. gets to be quite a parade to see all assorted sizes of tractors go by to the gas station and then come back up the road again. the tourist don’t really like it as it slows them down, and since where most of them come from they have never seen anything like it so they don’t know what to do. the locals just love it and are quite used to it, should see it when there are lemonade stands up along the highway….LOL!!!! hugs….. 🙂

  8. Chris Wells says:

    I voted before I even went to the comments to read what the girlfriends wrote. How could they not pick you?! I am amazed also that it has only been a year. Anyway took only a minute to vote…(I did it at work, shh). Hope we win!

  9. Lauren says:

    I voted a little while ago…….and decided to let you know how much I like your blogs…….thank you for making me smile each time.

  10. Wow, has it been a year already? I nominated “the baby” for its’ anniversary (birthday?).

    My birthday is tomorrow (July 28th) but I’m a lot older than one. 😉

  11. Ruthie P says:

    Happy Birthday to the BEST BLOG in the world!!! I nominated you,could have written my own book on why you deserve it.I hope you win,I can’t think of one more deserving!!!! xoxo Ruthie

  12. Nancy says:

    What an awful day…..until the blog came out! 😉 I had knee surgery a month ago and am still in serious pain…got a steroid injection this morning (that hurt!!!)
    Thank you for this….love the Sleigh Bells….will go nominate our blog right now! 😉

    • sbranch says:

      Poor baby, feel better soon! Thank you Nancy!

    • Paulie says:

      Hi Nancy….
      I had some a few years back. Best relief was warm water therapy in a therapy pool…so if that is an option, ask your doctor and go for it….it made a world of difference and a much faster recov time. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon. It is not fun……

  13. Jacquie says:

    There. Done. Just voted. That was a fun exercise…to describe why I like this blog so much. Should I tell you why? Hmmm. Ok. Beautiful to look at, inspires creativity, fun, always welcoming and eternally optimistic! I could go on and on…

  14. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday to Your Blog………..A Year Ago it started……..Ooh we get a Cupcake……Our wishes have all started! Flowers & Tea for Everyone from me…Happy Birthday to the Blog and all the Girlfriends to!!! Yeah!!! Thank you for the Cooldown…….surely needed here……….the humidity… wreaking havoc everywhere! Oh the delicious recipes you shared…….thank you so much Sue! I voted for You and Your Blog when we were all traveling through England! You are truly amazing with everything you share………your kindness is like no other!
    Have a fantastic weekend! Hugs & Smiles………Barb, Ludlow, MA

  15. Marcia in Brazil says:

    It’s winter here in Brazil, so reading this post made me dream of sunny days… I voted for over at Country Living. I hope you win! I smile every time I read your posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. viv says:

    Eagerly voted for your blog. Happy Birthday wishes. I am so thankful a friend sent me a link several months ago. I just love it. I love your artwork, poems, pics and music. I love hearing the bird sounds when I check in. I loved our trip to England. I love how you put thoughts that I’ve had into words. I love the recipes. I have never tried watermelon with yogurt and granola. I just read it to my hubby and he thought it sounded good, too.
    Must give that a try. We’ve had so many days at 100 degrees or more, I’ve lost count.

  17. Happy Birthday to the Best Blog!!!! My nomination also placed your blog in the “lifestyle” category, with the aside that it includes all categories offered and MORE. I’m sure we’ll win!!!

  18. Brenda Scinto says:

    Task done – I nominated you in the “LIFESTYLE” category because you are such an overall inspiration to my life that you did not fall under any specific category! I got the BEST surprise in the mail yesterday from my dear younger sister Bonnie – a copy of “Heart of the Home” because she knew I did not have one 🙂 Love my sister and love you Susan! <3

  19. Josie A (Valencia, PA) says:

    Happy Happy 1st Birthday!! Voting for your blog put a smile on my face, just like reading it does! Hope you win!

  20. Autumn says:

    I nominated your wonderful blog and I hope you win. You deserve it. I picked the “lifestyle” category. We had to say a few words about why we chose the blog we did so here is what I said: “Susan’s blog gives me a peaceful place to come to in this hectic world we live in. Visiting her blog is like taking a mini vacation. It’s full of beautiful and inspiring thoughts. Only good things are discussed there.” I know keeping up with a blog takes a lot of time, and I thank you so much for spending this time with us all.

  21. Kathy Phenix says:

    My vote is in and it’s hands down for you, Susan. I’ve never been a blogger but I love yours and almost always add a comment. I also love the wonderful “girlfriends” you have managed to gather together. We all have so much in common. Our love for all things “Susan Branch” is #1 on the list. Can’t believe that we have only had the blog for 1 yr. I guess it’s like a good marriage–it seems like we have known each other for ever!! May we all have many more years together. Kathy

  22. Susan (in VA) says:

    Happy Blogging Birthday!!

    I needed those winter pix–I can’t believe it’s been this hot (and dry) and the dog days of August are still to come. I keep thinking that really need to move someplace where it’s about 75 F year ’round. I don’t care if it’s sunny, rainy, whatever. Any recommendations from the peeps here? 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      75, hmmm. There are a lot of places. Year round? San Luis Obispo California. Except in the deep summer it can get hot, not always, but if so, you have to get in a motorhome, drive 10 miles to Morro Bay and be cool again.

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Hawaii is between 60 and 80 year round.

    • Debra V. says:

      Yes, I have friends in Astoria Oregon. They are that cool and cooler year’round. My girlfriend used to say she doesn’t have hot flashes – she’s just hot all the time (uncomfortably so). When she moved up there in Astoria, she’s finally cool. Her husband loves it too, because he likes to putter in the yard and it’s cool enough for that. Hope this helps…but I think you’d be quite a distance from your friends in VA.
      If it’s any consolation, we’ll still be here at Susan’s blog – ready to visit any time. Until then, maybe you could try one of these cool recipes she shared with us. I can’t wait to try the Gazpacho and of course this after noon I must try one of those “Skip & Go Naked” drinks.
      Ta Ta for now, Deb

    • Judy Young says:

      San Diego comes to mind

    • Susan (in VA) says:

      Oooh. Thanks for the ideas. I’ve lived in CA (but not San Luis Obispo or San Diego) so know there are some places there to consider. The only place I’ve been to in OR is Portland (and it was very nice indeed). I’ll have to look up Astoria.

      (Thanks to Magot in VA Bch for commenting. I spent a good deal of my childhood there and love the entire area.)

      I also spent some time in Maui w/ friends who moved there and would loooove to go back. . . for any length of time. Even when it was hot, there were often lovely breezes to make it bearable. And just to mix things up, it often rained for a bit every day, but then cleared up. Truly paradise.

      Time for some internet research. (Even if I don’t end up going, it can be like a mental vacay, right?)

  23. Sue says:

    Oh my, I hope you win!!! I just did my part to help you along! 🙂 It was easy to do cause this is definitely my fav blog in the whole wide world! Can’t believe it is only one year old — it seems like it was always here — it is so much a wonderful part of my life. 🙂 I get withdrawal symptoms real bad when days go by and no new posts show up in my in-box. 🙂 And then when there is a new post I simply don’t want it to end. 🙂 I know-need help. he-he
    I can’t wait for your book to be released — it will be like one loooong blog post!
    How are your kitties doing? I miss seeing their pics & antics! So cute! I just love kitties! Ours crossed Rainbow Bridge last Nov. and I haven’t been able to make myself get another one yet. Hopefully sometime before too long……. For now, I enjoy seeing yours. 🙂
    Have a great weekend, Susan!

    • sbranch says:

      These days Girl is so lazy, she just isn’t doing anything for me to take a photo of, and if I get out the camera when Jack is around, he attacks it!!! I have a very difficult time getting pictures of these two! I keep thinking you probably don’t need to see pics of cats sleeping! 🙂

    • Sue, I felt the same way after my cat died, so I got a dog instead. But then my kitty side wouldn’t let me alone. So I looked on and fell in love with a Calico Cat just from her picture and it said she was good with dogs. Now I have the best of both worlds!

  24. Susan, I woke up this morning craving gazpacho. No joke. Wrote myself a note to look for recipes. But look! I didn’t have to search at all. Thank you for reading my mind.

  25. Shanna says:

    I chose the lifestyle category too. But I included all the other categories in my comment. Your blog really does light up my day–I hope you win–you are one of a kind, and we’d really like to take another trip to NY!

  26. Sandi Skeels says:

    Happy Birthday Blog !! I was happy to vote for your blog and…believe you should win …win….win !!!! Thanks for letting us know that we could do that!! We’d all love to tag~a~long to NY !! Fingers crossed !!!!!! Looking forward to your next posting…and tomorrow’s special birthday girlfriend!!!!

  27. Sue says:

    Voted!!!! and I too did it before I read everyone else’s comments…Lifestyle because you are all about making our Lives more stylish and fun…..I hope you win, I am ready for another road trip….:)
    xoxox Sue M.

  28. carmel says:

    And also…freezing ripe cherries (stem and all) is a great cold treat on a hot day. Like mini cold pops. Will vote for this wondrous blog. I wanted to wish our British friends on this blog a successful and joyous Olympic Games. I remember when it was held in Los Angeles (I’m a transplanted Californian to the east coast) what a terrific experience it was to have the world there. Susan, Joe and Petey – have a great time watching the opening ceremony. Should be fun!

  29. Carol Maurer says:

    Susan, I just voted for your blog. Along with the many things that I said about the blog, I also mentioned that you share with us your soul. I thank you very much!
    Carol M

  30. Kristi says:

    I voted for your blog today. I checked the “lifestyle” box but, really, your blog fits into every category. I enjoy your blog so much and I hope your blog is a winner!

  31. Laurie Walt says:

    Happy birthday to the bestest blog ever-of course I nominated you on country living, good luck!

  32. Patsy in Nixa, MO says:

    I didn’t know which category to choose, so I checked Lifestyle and then put in the comments: Because it’s a lifestyle which incorporates all of the categories. Plus we get to travel – by car, by ferry, by train, by cruise ship. Everything is uplifting and refreshing. I can scarcely wait for my next blog from Susan.

  33. Eloise Dahl says:

    So many times I have wanted to share the love I have for you and all of your many talents. I have known your heart for many years through all of your wonderful books. I follow your beautiful thoughts and terrific artwork and exciting photos.
    I was with you every part of your England trip as I have visited the same areas. Thanks for letting me travel with you as you made it so exciting. I took this opportunity to vote for your blog. (Since I poured my heart to them about how I feel about your blog it was time to also share with you.) I now look forward to a trip to New York as my daughter lives there. Thanks for being such a wonderful and positive person with such a fantastic personality. Have Birthday Blog–you are a winner.

  34. Paulie says:

    Hi Susan
    Well it is way past my bedtime, but I can’t leave without saying hello and letting you know I voted about a month ago and checked off lifestyle… sure anyone with an ounce of know will come to the same conclusion we have! You are number ONE! no two ways about it Susan, You ARE NUMBER ONE! by the way, I have been itching to try that cantelope soup and by gosh tomorrow is the day! Nity nite!

  35. Eloise Dahl says:

    That last sentence was Happy Birthday Blog–you are a winner!

  36. Cindy West Chester Pa says:

    Happy Birthday Bestest Blog ever! Susan I have a bit of music to go with your winter photos, the piece is “It’s Winter Again” by Hal Kemp. You may have heard it before. Love, love, love Skip and Go Nakeds. My girlfriends and I have made many a pitcher. I think we originally got the recipe from a little book you wrote titled “Drinks”, but I could be wrong. And yes, I went and voted, because this is the “Blue Ribbon” of blogs. As I said in my comment on the survey, after reading your blogs my day is always brighter, my mood and heart lighter. Thank you for all you do!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you too Cindy — it wouldn’t be half as much fun or interesting without all the wonderful comments from you and all our Girlfriends!

  37. Pam G says:

    I am voting for you, of course! I will try all your cool treats-hubby and I have a fruit smoothie daily for lunch. They are so simple just a cup of ice cup of water or almond milk and the fruit cut up a bit-blend til smooth. Today we had peach. Strawberries are good too as are blueberries and bananas tossed in with any fruit. Watermelon is my absolute fav. thirst quencher on a hot day.
    I hate the heat. Here it is the hottest July on record and just about the driest. My poor plants.

    • sbranch says:

      I know, some of our friends are suffering too much, “my poor plants” makes me feel sad!

  38. Doris Petersen says:

    I can’t believe it’s only been a year since you started your blog! I was happy to nominate you for best blog (I chose lifestyle too) because that’s truly how I feel. Although we’re not experiencing the horrible heat wave in Calif., I’m going to make your Gazpacho this weekend since it is going to heat up some. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds perfect to me! I hope you win!!

  39. Mary Cunningham says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sweet blog….cupcake icing on my nose! You have grown so much in the first year and I start my day with you! Thanks for brightening our lives! Love Barefoot Sparkler (Mary)

  40. Gail Buss says:

    Susan, I’m so happy I didn’t miss voting for your blog. We just came home this evening from a quick trip to Virginia Beach to see our son and grandsons and you won’t believe this but we actually flew there! Joe and I who would rather take the Queen Mary II to Ireland to avoid flying……..I still can’t believe we did it! But it was only a 2 hour flight each way! Now that I’m actually off the darn plane I can say it wasn’t all that bad! Did a lot of praying though. I can’t wait to run to the grocery store tomorrow for some watermelon which now I’m just dying to have (after reading your blog)! I also enjoyed the video of the snow falling…… looked awfully cold so I’m now cooling off a bit. Just had a coconut icey bar which cooled me off also. Can’t decide if I like the coconut or lime best! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I had fun voting for your blog! Hope you win big time! Love ya, Gail Buss (Bev. Hills, Fl)

    • sbranch says:

      We have the same taste, anything with coconut or lime, and even better, coconut AND lime, is my cup of tea! Thank you Gail!

  41. Anna Robinson says:

    Happy Birthday baby blog! I was happy to nominate your site. You are sure to win. Can’t wait to go to New York with you.

  42. Patricia Triska says:

    You have my vote!!! Yes, I am cooler now especially since the air-conditioner is always on. LOL I must try a few of your recipes. Enjoy your day!!!

  43. Joann says:

    Oh yes….cooler already!!! It IS too darn hot….but enjoying every single roasting minute of it….

    It’s the season for sunshine and gardens and lemonade and iced tea and coffee…it’s the season of HOT!!

    oh yes….I voted (for your blog, not mine)

    Love you!!

  44. Paula says:

    I was THRILLED to see the recipe for Gazpacho in this post! I enjoyed my first bowl of that delectably cool summer soup recently and was completely enamored! Can’t wait to make some! YUM, YUM!!!!!

  45. Julie says:

    Just voted. Good luck! You deserve it Susan!

  46. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the great cool ideas! We had our first rainstorm since May 5! I had to go from work my car just about half a block. It was a down pour, it smells so fresh and it felt so good, on my hot skin. Happy first birthday!

  47. Linda says:

    I did not realize that competition was even going–thanks for the heads up! Of course I voted the same in the Lifestyle but told them how good you are to all of us “girlfriends” and how responsive you are to comments…..also about taking us to England!! If you don’t get this it will be only because everyone has not heard of it…I discontined my subscription to them as there were so many ads and no content. The items shown were so expensive that the average person like me couldn’t afford them –I get that in Harpers or AD or T&C!! Happy Birthday to you sweet thang! Hope you win!!! PS Been in 100’s here–1o8 one day-ugh!!

    • sbranch says:

      We’re losing a lot of magazines because of the computer, they just can’t afford the kind of editorial they used to when they flew around the world taking pictures … I know what you mean.

  48. Deb '51 says:

    I actually got goosebumpers from looking at all those coool pictures! Serious! ‘Course, it’s only 65 degrees here and it didn’t take too much to raise them. It’s so funny, 3 days ago I asked my friend who operates the coffee shop at my work if she had any good gazpacho recipes that she could offer at the coffee shop. (The weatherman surprised us with some warmth that day 🙂 ) And here is a wonderful sounding recipe right here. You are quite amazing at that sort of thing! Can’t wait to try each of your recipes – even watermelon with yogurt & granola. Hmmm… Not that sure about that one but I’ll give ‘er a try!
    Happy Brithday, SusanBranch Blog and blogging girlfriends! Here’s a Skip & Go Naked toast *clink* for a marvelous year of friendship and love! Thank you, Sue!
    Stay cool everyone – while I try to warm my little frozen blue fingers.
    Love to you all!
    ♥Deb♥ of BuckleyWA

  49. Peggy says:

    Of coarse I voted! I hope this log goes on for many more years, I wake up and log on anticipating a new entry, it is so exciting when there is, I stop get my coffee and read every word!And play every song down load. It’s my little escape from the kids (6), and my inspiration to try new things! Love it!

  50. judi says:

    Happy Birthday Beatrix!!!

  51. Paulie says:

    While eating breakfast, I am reading this blog because last night it was way too late to get through so many lovely posts however, now ….Look at those recorded times 3:a:m ??????……girlfriends….I suspect while we were all sleeping our BESTEST girlfriend was pulling an all nighter and has not gone to bed yet! Go to bed now Susan………get some sleep…….PALEEZE……..take care of yourself! With so many deadlines looming ya need to do that because we all care!

  52. Sheila Brazzell says:

    Just returned home in time to nominate your blog.
    Ok girls-everyone who entered the drawing for the Beatrix Potter book should also nominate Susan’s blog for the Blue Ribbon Blogger Award because we all know Susan is the BEST. Susan, Thank you for a year of Happiness!!!
    Sheila in South Carolina

  53. Monita Olive says:

    Happy birthday, Blog! I have so enjoyed reading it and soaking in all your cute artwork. I voted for it over at Country Living and think this blog will win!

    Keep up the great blog!

    Hey, BTW, will you be sharing with us what you knitted on the cruise? Would love to see it.

  54. Beth says:

    I can’t tell you how much you inspire and brighten my day. Today is my Birthday Day and I love that I share it with Beatrix Potter. My aunt introduced me to her books when I was little and I have loved her ever since. I have two daughters of my own now and they love her too. I have started a collection of your cookbooks to give them when they go off on their own one day. I know they will be inspired by them as much I am. Have a wonderful day!

  55. Marie (Williamsburg, Virginia) says:

    Dearest Susan~I hope you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you and the Girlfriends. I’ve been away due to computer woes and life (all good things), but I’m now back.

    This HEAT wave has given me the perfect opportunity to play catch-up. I had to go back to the last few days you and Joe were in England. Me, my NEW computer (love it!) and a pitcher of mint iced-tea, sat happily through the past blogs to present. Oh Susan, you make me one happy Girlfriend!

    What a fun last drawing! The only one I’ve missed since I’m following you. Congrats’ Betsy (hope I have the name correct) you’re one lucky Girlfriend!

    Susan, my vote is in! I had to stop myself in the “brief comment” area, for fear I would be eliminated for writing a novel about you.

    Happy 1st Birthday! May all our birthday-candle wishes come true!

    Marie xo

  56. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Happy Birthday To Dear Beatrix Potter! XO

  57. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Thank you, very kindly! I feel ‘deliciously light and cool’! Jo- from ‘Little Women”. (My most favorite book.)
    Refreshed and pampered from the lovely jam-packed sweet blog who just turned ONE!
    You are sooo right about the refreshing shower–it changes EVERYONES outlook.
    Even tub baths for kids when they have ‘just had it’! Cures them every time.
    Thank you for the beautiful water colors. I am again mesmerized.
    You are voted to be the best blogger ever from here. The only one I follow and with great interest every day.
    Thank you for being so fun and attentive to your dear Girlfriends. You mean the world to us all, I’m quite sure! XOXO!

  58. We’ve had some HOT weather in Southwestern PA as well…thanks for making me feel so COOL 🙂

    Happy First Birthday to your wonderful blog…June 9th happens to my ~*Dear Daughter’s *~ birthday as well…she’ll always be my baby even though she turned 19! We have a tradition that the day after your birthday you eat birthday cake every morning until it’s gone…makes me wish we all had more birthdays since I LOVE CAKE…lol! Wishing you many more wonderful years of blogging.

  59. Jeannine Holmes, SC says:

    You’ve certainly got my vote! And I ran out of space telling them why and how much I love your blog. Many wishes for lots and lots more Birthdays, dear blog lady!!!

  60. Beth Keser says:

    Happy Birthday to the blog! I just voted for you and I know you will win! Even if you don’t you are our winner 🙂 I discovered you in Country Living magazine years ago- and you have been my favorite ever since. My girlfriends and I are having a “British Olympics” party this weekend with an underlying Susan Branch theme -Pimms cups, skip and go naked’s and cupcakes decorated with the British kit you sell 🙂 Want to come???
    Happy weekend! Oh, and thanks for the snow pictures and video -I needed that!!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes I do! I am listening to the Olympics and painting book, interspersed with ball-throwing for Jack . . . your party sounds like much more fun!

  61. I must have been an “early bird” you had my vote months ago!! I must say that we finally got .50″ of rain yesterday and was thankful to have it. It was our first measurable rain in 3 mos. It is too late for my flowers that all look like the end of the season which is sad since there is so much of summer left. We have tried tomatoes, corn, watermelon and honestly they just do not have the flavor this year. The price of watermelons are so high this year in some places they are asking $9 and I found a really nice man who was selling his for $5 and said to me “If it isn’t what you expect just throw it away and come back for a new one or your money back”>>>>now, you can’t ask for more than that!! You do know that when the snow if flying and the ice is on the roads…WE WILL BE’s just human nature. I have watched the cycling in London this morning and love the countryside they are showing, did you enjoy the opening ceremonies last night? I thought of you when it opened with the grass, SHEEP, and cottages….it was different and full of their history. Good Luck with the contest and your blog has brought me and others so much pleasure and treasured new friends!!

  62. Janet Reilly says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned the contest. I had no idea! It was a pleasure to nominate you…and really hard to categorize your irresistible blog. So Lifestyle is what I chose.
    As to the heat, it’s never really hot, or cold, here on the Monterey Peninsula. But I feel for all my friends on the East Coast. That heat can be unbearable. Here’s wishing you cool breezes!

  63. {oc cottage} says:

    toooo funny!
    every summer when i reach my heat tolerance
    threshold…i break out the winter rescue
    kit! namely: the White Christmas dvd & the
    Peggy Lee Christmas cd…with them i am
    able {sometimes ;} to dream myself to a
    happy place of warm & cozy…not hot &
    sticky…a place of boots and mufflers…
    not me, in so few pieces of clothing that even
    my cats are covering their eyes {and, i might
    add, hiding under the bed and gagging a little! ;}

    stay cool!!! and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO
    US, EVERYONE! ;}

    m ^..^

  64. Congrats on One year of blogging. I am so glad I found it. I just came from voting for your blog at Country Living. I hope you win. This was a nice cool post but we in the North West have been blessed with a nice cool summer so far. Hoping it gets better there.

    • sbranch says:

      At least we’ve had rain and it’s green . . . it’s our girlfriends out in the middle I worry about!

      • We appreciate that Susan, actually BROWN is not a very pleasant color for summer?? Jim is worried the grass is a goner; but, I think it will come back he hasn’t mowed since the 1st of June….I can’t mourn grass and flowers when the farmers are losing their crops. I know they have insurance but they struggle to make ends meet with their families. My flowers will come back next year…The Lord Willing.

  65. Kathryn says:

    I forgot all about the Skip and Go Naked drinks! I haven’t made them yet this summer. I better get going! Yes Susan, they are delish!!

  66. Jenny says:

    Yum. I think I’ll whip up a Skip-n-Go-Naked tonight. Sounds refreshing.

    Happy blog bday Susan. This blog is just like everything else you do –L.O.V.E.L.Y. So lovely. You are a gift to us all.


  67. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Went and voted in the Country Living contest for you and feel certain you’ll win.

  68. Victoria says:

    Dear Sweet Sue,
    Happy Happy Birthday to your Baby Blog! … which is already #1! … The most beautiful baby of all!
    If anyone on the awards committee hasn’t yet heard of your blog, after they hear from all of us and check it out themselves, the’ll surely be joining in too!
    You have already earned this award. and you soooooooooooooooooooooooo deserve it!!!… I just couldn’t say enough good things about you and your “Heart of Home” Blog …and I have so much more to say…

    Just 2 Questions:
    How many times can we vote? ( I’m thinking just one) … but I sending them 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 votes in my head, (unless there is NO limit, in that case, I’ll get busy right away!
    My hubby says, your site and photos are of the highest professional quality, consistently!! …. (usually I read the your blog to him as we are driving somewhere and show him your pictures at the stop lights). He certainly knows how much you and your blog mean to me and have enriched my life!… so he can vote too!
    …and just one more question….I think I may have missed some of your earlier blogs, so I am wondering where older blogs go?….Are they still accessible?

    Please do take care of You and take some TIME OUT from all of your absolutely wonderful work to rest, relax and do exactly what YOU feel like doing…. if that means letting up on the blog for little awhile to meet your other deadlines, we’ll certainly understand, and we’ll be HERE!! Besides, reading everyone else’s posts takes a lot of time and is very entertaining and will keep us occupied for a long while…..don’t want to miss anything!
    Sending you and Girlfriends my Love and all my Very Best Wishes!

    • sbranch says:

      Love the zeros! Love a little enthusiasm! Thank you so much Victoria, your words are music to my ears! xoxo

  69. Sylvia Cowen says:

    I have completed my voting. Good luck in the contest! Thanks for always providing an interesting, up-lifting message. :}

  70. Mecky says:

    Oh I really needed that. It is 104 outside and I have been out in the garage working. I came in for a break and to have a slice of watermelon!!

    Just think, in no time we will be missing these hot days. But for now, I am melting!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  71. Martha Ellen says:

    Thank you so much for cooler times–I knew you would send help when we needed it! It is hotter than Hades here in Va. We have our eldest grandson with us and have been doing things he would enjoy. Spent the last couple days in Busch Gardens and Water Country. Only for my grandchildren would we do this in this brutally hot weather.
    I can hardly believe it’s been a year for your blog! I absolutely love it and look forward to reading your baby! I voted a while ago for your blog as my favorite–I’ll go back and try to vote for it again-lol. Take care and have a nice slice of watermelon with yogurt and granola. xoxo ♥

  72. Christine says:

    Just voted! Thanks for sharing your joy of living with us!

  73. NancyP says:

    Well of course I would take a few, thoughtful minutes and vote for YOUR blog, the only one I try to not ever miss! Susan, you are the best friend to everyone! So sincere, no “airs” about you, so talented, yet so down to earth, so generous (I mean, to take us all on your VACATION??) Thanks for everything, girlfriend! Happy birthday!
    AKA SnowflakeLady

  74. Pat C. says:

    I feel cooler already! Can’t wait to try the soups!

  75. Say that Skin & Go Naked drink sounds great! We finally cooled off here in northern Michigan after a couple of good soaking rainy days! Heading back up though tomorrow! Hope some of our rain made it your way!
    Love you blog, art work, humor, etc. etc. etc.!!
    Have a great weekend!

  76. Debra V. says:

    Of course this was a no brainer, you should win the blue ribbon. I too voted for you to win under the “lifestyle” category. I could have checked lots of the choices, but because I had to pick one – it was lifestyle. Your blog has brought so much creativity out in my life. The things you choose to share with us are so inspirational. Love your recipes, your travels, your sence of humor. Also I love the beautiful things you share with us. The girlfriends are so much a kindred spirit and I enjoy all of it. Keep up the good stuff! Your blog is already a winner in my heart! Happy Birthday Blog!
    Sincerely, Debra V (from So Calif)

  77. Sally says:

    Just nominated my favorite blog. As my sweet 23 month old grandson would say “yup” it is yours.
    Must mention that I also vote for the gazpacho. Delicious. The best I’ve ever tasted. Lots of compliments when I serve it and easy to prepare. Also, I need to mention that last month I finally made your Chocolate sauce. Oh my, that was a HIT. So nice that the recipe makes enough that you really can share. Thanks for a year of great visits with us and counting us all as friends.

  78. Gail Marie says:

    Happy birthday! My vote is in under lifestyle as well. I’m in NYC & I can’t wit to see you! 🙂

  79. Cindy says:

    You had me at Skip And Go NAked!….oh, and YES, I’ll vote for your blog, by all means!!! Now, back to making that drink…Love, Me

  80. Terri J says:

    Happy blog birthday! And happy birthday to Beatrix Potter too. Thanks for all the super Cool thoughts. We could probably use those most days of the year, here in southern Cal, but they’re especially welcome right now, after a day working out in the garden, in late July. Hope you’re enjoying lovely ocean breezes this weekend.

    • Terri J says:

      Can we vote more than once? I just realized, nominated/voted for you last month when you were still in England and I wouldn’t want them to cancel out my vote for double-dipping or something….Keeping my fingers crossed for you to win!

  81. Kirsten Wichert from So. California says:

    Happy Birthday Blog!!! Happy Birthday Beatrix! We all voted for this blog when you were still in England!!!! If you’re not chosen I won’t believe it! Thanks for the coolness you sent my way, I needed that. Thanks for the wonderful year we’ve had!

  82. Judy Young says:

    Susan, on your way home from England, you promised to show more photos of things like Rachael’s wallpaper, Shioban’s cottage, etc, etc. We are all dying to see these…are you saving them for the English Diary by chance?????

    • sbranch says:

      No, I was just afraid everyone was tired of England, I’d love to show them!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        No Ma’am, not tired of England, no way! Love it all! XO

        • sbranch says:

          OK, good, me too, not tired of it!!!

          • Judy Young says:

            Thanks Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looking forward to that post! Any photos of Alfriston?? None of us ever get tired of hearing about England and your delightful way of looking at things! Love you!

          • sbranch says:

            Yes, I do have some pictures of Alfriston, we got there late though . . . but the winding little street through town is priceless. Thanks Judy!

          • Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

            Ditto those above—keep them coming please!

          • Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

            And James Herriot’s stomping grounds, too? — Thanks Susan!!!! Will never tire of whatever you put in the blog — in fact, I’m running behind on chores ’cause I can’t tear myself away…..

      • Suzanne Talbot says:

        Tired of photos and stories from England?!
        No way!! Not possible!!
        I loved every minute of your trip Susan, and would love to see and read more!

        Suzanne (Carmel, CA)

  83. Minette says:

    It was such a pleasure to vote for your blog as it is the only one that I read faithfully and keep coming back to read past postings! We just finished yesterday in moving my youngest son into his new apartment for his senior year in college in near 100 degrees’ weather with oppressive humidity, and your blog was such a relief to read when we came home. (Now if you could just provide something for aching backs!!!) Your Summer Book has been my “go-to” book for summer since it was published ( I even take it with me on vacations), and one of my favorite books to give as a hostess gift when we visit friends during the summer season. The response is always the same–they want to know about your other books as well! What a treasure you and your blog are!

  84. Happy Birthday, Susan Branch Blog! Back in March I wrote the administrator for your Blog asking if they could put an archive/search feature on your Blog. Kellee wrote back and said the web developer was working on it and they hoped to have it in a month or two. Have they given you a new date? I’d love to be able to go back to the beginning and reread all your posts on the days you don’t post. 🙂 I need my fix!

    • sbranch says:

      Until we get there, just scroll to the bottom of the page, there’s an arrow that says “Older posts” — just click on that, and off you go!

      • Yes, but that takes FOREVER to get back to the beginning!

        BTW, I meant to tell you on your last post about MV. We will be there for a week in September for the first time! You are will building the excitement for us. I subscribe to the Martha Vineyard On-line and get updates on my Facebook page. I can hardly wait! We’ve rented a little carriage house in Vineyard Haven and I plan to imagine I’m a resident for that week and not just a temporary visitor. 🙂

  85. Maureen MacKenzie says:

    Love this post! Just last night I dreamed it was Sunday night and a snowstorm was forcast for the night into Monday….SNOW DAY. It’s just as exciting to teachers as it is for their students. I’m ready for autumn and some winter snow. We are forcasted to receive a lot of snow in the northeast this winter so get your wood ready! Enjoy your Sunday….Maureen

    • sbranch says:

      Really? How exciting!!!

      • Maureen MacKenzie says:

        Yes, really. lol We just had a wood burning fireplace built into the house and I can’t wait to sit on the couch in my jammies watching the snow fall from the surrounding windows (you can see 4 sets of windows and sliding doors from the counch) with the crackling fire going…also it was raining here yesterday so maybe that spurred the snow dream. If it was only 50 degrees cooler it would be snow. 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          It will come soon enough (I can’t wait either!), don’t tell your new neighbors what you are dreaming of! 🙂

  86. Jack says:

    Made your Gazpacho Soup … So good! Spicy, crunchy — we had it with a couple of home grown garden tomatoes …you know the kind that bite you back when eaten with a little salt, also threw in a handfull of those little pink baby shrimp — what a meal, eaten with fresh chewy Artisan Filone bread, slathered with butter ….Yoiks, I think I’ll have it for breakfast too !

  87. Jack says:

    Monsoon season here in Arizona now — We start to get a heat build-up with a no-clouds-in-sight morning and before you know it you hear a rumble, kabang! And here comes big black thunderheads . . . the sky opens up with a downpour for fifteen minutes to an hour –the temperature drops to about 70 degrees and we get a nice cool down — put that together with ever-ready air conditioning — and Central Arizona (3500 ft ) is not a bad place to live. Golf course and mountains are green, green, green!

  88. Lisa Loch says:

    Whew…just got my nomination in by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin…Susan, I hope your blog wins! You will always be my most favourite blog…its Heaven on Earth for me when I visit your blog…{{hugs}}, L.

  89. Julie says:

    The DEADLINE is Looming !

    A quick, last minute shout out to ALL the Girl & Guyfriends-
    You only have until midnite, tonight to vote Susan’s blog
    as “Country Living” magazine’s Best Blue Ribbon “LIFESTYLE” blog.

    Shake a leg & anybody else’s leg you can grab onto…with internet moxie.
    Don’t wanna’ turn into a pumpkin ?
    Do it right here, right now:

    • sbranch says:

      I do have the BEST girlfriends! Thank you Julie!

      • Julie says:

        …it’s the LEAST any of us can do-
        you’ve done so much for ALL of us !

        Thought with the different time zones &
        busy weekend, summer schedules-
        a COUNTDOWN schedule
        & REPEATED postings of the message & link
        might jolt some 11th hour action-
        knew you were to kind to go full blast.

        Hopefully, all the gals & guys will take a moment
        during the rest of the day to post
        simple, REPEATED ticker-tape reminders with the easy link.
        They’re ALL so smart & funny, they will get the job done !

        “Pork Chop Jack” should do it to-
        the women love him & will follow his “orders”.
        Tell him to channel John Wayne & say something like,
        “Listen HERE, Pilgrims,
        if ya’ll wanna” see another sunrise
        ya’ll best vote for my daughter”! 🙂
        No one can deny a father’s love for his daughter.

        Off to finalize a “Summer Sunday Shindig”-
        Kabobs & Cantaloupe Soup, your fantastic recipe !
        No lawnmower parades
        but lotsa’ lazy, hazy craziness-
        enjoy YOUR day !

        Keep PLUGGING the blog contest, Girls-
        you know what to do ! 🙂

  90. Jenny L. says:

    Congrats on 1 year! Being able to read your blog after all my years of loving your books still blows my mind. I love the watermelon, yogurt, granola snack idea. I sadly can’t have dairy or wheat now and greek yogurt is the #1 food I miss the most. Fage greek yogurt is my favorite. I wonder if you have it in your neck of the woods. I always get to the end of summer and feel like I missed the watermelon season, so I am on a mission this summer to eat as much watermelon as possible and I am completing my mission quite nicely. We live on the east coast of Florida and even though it is hot, we almost always have a nice breeze. Off to vote for your blog right now!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes we do, I don’t want to say too much and make you cry, but yes, we do have it!!! Yay for watermelon! Thank you Jenny!

  91. Paula Jones Denton says:

    PHEW !
    I just skid (skidded?) in under the wire to vote for your blog !

    I’m afraid if I made some of that Skip & Go Naked…I might. Sounds really yummy and refreshing though 🙂

    Hope you win, Susan !!

  92. Theresa says:

    Thankyou for the Beautiful ” cool” pictures! Here in the pastures of Texas, its Hot! But we are blessed in that we have had plenty of rain! Our cows are fat and sassy and the pastures are lush! I voted for your blog on Thursday, my reason being you are so personal with your blog and your pictures, all the girlfriends can relate! You’ve been a winner to me for years! Happy birthday blog, your growing so fast! Blessings from Texas.

  93. Joan B says:

    Hi Susan – I just voted for your blog but had trouble giving them a “brief” statement as to why I love this blog. How can you be brief when describing all that you do for us with this? Creating happy hearts for hundreds / thousands of people is not something that can be be described “briefly”!! But I did my best, and I hope you win, and always, am so thankful for your beautiful blog and your beautiful self.
    Happy (belated) Birthday!
    Joan B.

  94. Gert~Iowa says:

    Susan..Congratulations on your one year mark! Amazing…where does the time go? I can remember all of us wanting you to start a blog & how happy we were that you did start your very own ‘blog’ for all of us to enjoy!! And how we are enjoying it…smile… It was easy to vote for you …just hard to describe how you touch all of us in soooo many different ways! Your blog is so versatile, you cover everything and I know your readership continues to grow as we share your blog with others…

    Thanks for this ‘cooling’ post… we, here in Iowa needed this! However, we did have somewhat of a reprieve this weekend..but next week the heat will return!


  95. Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

    Susan-one of my favorite parts of this blog is reading what everyone else has to say! And I agree with Judy, who commented that she’d like some more of England. I’m sure ALL the girlfriends are dying for some more! You have a way of making me feel as if I am right there beside you.
    And this segues in nicely to tell you that I just voted for you! Because–you offer so much to me–a positive outlook, joy in simple things, and lots of creative ideas. And, most of all, you have time for each one of us. We are important to you. Thank you so much for that wonderful quality!
    Also, guess what I got this week?? A box from CA. Yes, I ordered all my SB calendars and an Emma mug (my second). This one is the zinnia mug. I immediately unpacked it, washed it, filled it and drank while unpacking the rest of the goodies. I love the girls who fill the orders. All my stuff comes wrapped in tissue with stickers. And on the ordinary brown box, is my name spelled out in stickers! That is the greatest! I love it! You are so good to us in many ways. I just hope we are returning the joy back to you!

  96. Diane Bennett says:

    Voting for this blog is the least we can do..I feel like it is a gift to read. Thoroughly enjoy the inspiration I receive. Thank you!!

  97. queenmum says:

    Dearest Susan,
    I just re-read your post on decorating, and you have put an end to the second thoughts I’ve been having today. We went to an auction this morning, and in addition to a wonderful vat dyed tablecloth with a strawberry design ($1.00!!), and a super old drawing of a hound that I just had to have, I bought a turkey platter. Now, I have a much longed-for Pfaltzgraff turkey platter in one of our patterns, but I HAD to get this one. I answered my husband’s raised eyebrow with, “Well, it just spoke to me”, to which he replied, “It gobbled?”. It will be useful, I have a thing for turkeys, and now I am happy I bought it. It’s great. He (my husband) may even get his dinner on it tomorrow, just for fun! So…thanks again!

  98. Happy Blog Anniversary! The past year went fast and I enjoyed all your posts during that time. I copied and pasted what I wrote with your nomination for the blog contest:

    I’ve been a fan of Susan Branch’s illustrations for years and was excited when she came out with her blog a year ago. She shares the best pictures (photographs), illustrations, stories and recipes and makes you feel like you are a close girlfriend. Often she gives a link to music that fits the mood of that day’s post. I try to read her blog almost everyday and always come away feeling better about life.

  99. Gini Gould says:

    Hear ye! Hear ye! To all Girlfriends who voted for Susan in the 2nd Annual Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards Nomination: This is a reminder: WE ARE TO RETURN TO THE SITE THIS TUESDAY, AUGUST 31st (I’m quoting)- “TO VOTE AMONG OUR FINALISTS”. I just voted for Susan, and gave a powerful testimony for her. Judges will read all our nomination accounts and yell “HOLY SOCKS! THIS SUSAN BRANCH IS OVER THE TOP AND THEN SOME!!” I’m sure she will be a finalist. Let’s not forget to show up on this Tuesday and vote for our dear FINALIST!
    Susan, if you post tomorrow, I suggest you remind all readers. Most Girlfriends will read your post way before they read my Comment and they need a reminder best by tomorrow. (The jokes on me if a Girlfriend has already sent out a reminder. Haven’t read any of this new Comment page to see if my concern has already been addressed.) Let’s pack our bags for New York City, or is Susan going to stuff us all into one suitcase again?! I don’t care how I get there, but I’m gonna “be in that number when all us saints go marchin’ in!”

  100. Kathy from Heafed to the Fell, Brevard, NC says:

    Hello Darling Susan,

    You are just the MOST adorable hostess of a blog that I think there could be as well as the MOST intrepid leader of such a passel of Girlfriends as there could ever be as well!!! And you are our mother and older sister and best friend and kindred spirit and wise woman in turns just when we need you to be. The Susan Branch blog is only one year old and look how big the day care center is already!!!

    Although I read other blogs, this is the only one that I follow regularly and the only one of which I read the comments. The Girlfriends are thoughtful, caring, smart and a whole lot of fun and I aspire to be just like all of you!!! I think we are all just terrific and to quote Georgie, “Yay, we did it”. May I have one of the cupcakes please, with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea with milk and one lump?

    Hugs and Kisses All Round,


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