Another Ordin-ary Day

Just another ordinary day around here ….  MUSICA

Those shirts are bowing deeply!  You can see our leaves really haven’t changed too much on those trees.  I just wanted to say Hello this morning …. I think we should give the drawing a couple more days … so everyone has a chance to enter.   I’ll get Vanna to do her magic on Monday Morning!

We’ve been busy this week …. Tomorrow my girlfriend Jaime is getting married!  I have to sing, along with Jaime and our other BFF, Martha, a song, after dinner, to the groom!  I am not a public singer, but this is what Jaime wants, so I’m doing it, which means I’ve been at Martha’s practicing!  The song is I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight!   Close your eyes, shut the door, you don’t have to worry, anymore . . .  Martha and I are the back-up singers!  This  is Jaime’s wedding invitation, she asked me to take pictures, which I will love to do, because this is going to be one beautiful wedding . . . and I’ll see if there are any she might let me share with you. 🙂

Then, next Wednesday, four girlfriends come from California and fill up our guest rooms!  So I’m having fun making it cute around here.  So far, we only have a tinge of orange running along the treetops to give us a hint of what’s coming.  But tonight, things might be changing.

The leaves in our kitchen are in full color!  Pretty soon the big maple tree in the backyard will have just this same color. I’ve been calling around this week, trying to find a Honey Crisp Apple Tree on the island, we want to plant one in our garden.

While I’ve been spreading watercolors on our book and writing with my black ink pen, Joe hung the dried corn on the door and washed the porch ….

To decorate it with all the farm stand stuff we brought home from the trip — we’ve been walking in the windy woods too; there is a real chill in the air, the clean smell of the ocean, but the sky is clear blue and the sun is warm . . .

It’s beginning to feel a LOT like fall on Martha’s Vineyard!  But the scary thing is that we have a hard frost warning for tonight . . . so this evening we have to throw old sheets over the mums and zinnias still blooming in the garden, to keep them from turning black, so they’ll still be pretty when the girls come–it’s a long time until Halloween!  We aren’t ready to give up the garden yet!

I put a wreath on the door and Joe brought out the ladder to get the small pumpkins on the door ledge …. doing our part to cuten up the neighborhood.

And here’s the person who does his part to cuten up our house … it’s your Hello Kitty photo for the day …  Jack, this time last year . . . He is just as cute now, but smarter and even more precious if this is possible.

When I went to the grocery store yesterday I picked up some big fat pork chops, which made me think of you …. thought you might like to do what we’re doing this weekend and make this defraptious recipe that’s perfect for this time of year — your family will melt all over the floor for the love of you for making it.  Apples and sweet potatoes, raisins, cinnamon and stuffed pork chops?  All baked in one pan?  Who could ask for anything more!  The sweet simple things of life!

Bye for now girls, have a WONDERFUL weekend.  Don’t forget, if you don’t know yet, we have a wonderful giveaway going on here (scroll down to next post if you haven’t seen it) — you can leave as many comments as you want because Vanna knows to only count each one once …. so feel free!  Let us know what you’re up to!   I just called to say I love you! xoxo

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432 Responses to Another Ordin-ary Day

  1. Susan, you are an inspiration! Summer was indoors for me this year due to a medical problem but I have been re-reading all the Willards, some very old that came snail, and of course, your blogs. “Our” trip to England really “got me out of the house” and now that I am on the mend I can go again!!! I wear your apron and feel like I am in your kitchen! You make so many of us “girls” happy! Just want to say thank you.

  2. Debra V. ~ Southern California says:

    Love your laundry waving in the breeze. So fun and picturesque! The fall colors in your kitchen really are cheerful! Now you’ve inspired me, even though I don’t see a lot of leaves changing the way they do in the East, I will pull out my Autumn garlands and help nature make colorful splashes in the house and the garden. Love those garlands, and how they help to create a beautiful enhancement of the season… My favorite season too! *** I will make those chops this weekend with Lamb, should taste delicious! *** Enjoy the wedding.

  3. Vicki Panzarino says:

    We are suppose to get a hard frost tonight also. I’ve picked every last zinnia, rose,daisy, aster, lemon verbena, etc and have wonderful bouquets all over the house. Love getting in that “last hooray”. Anxious to get a glimpse of the wedding. Hope your “singing” is as much fun as it sounds. Aren’t special occasions with friends just the best! Make some wonderful memories this week!

  4. Ann from VA. says:

    Ooooooo….Ijust love your garden!!!♥

  5. Mary Rice says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey full of adventures and beauty with us.
    Love each touch point, Autumn, kitchens, outdoors, houses, kitties and more, so much fun!

  6. Elaine says:

    Lovely photos . I do love your home ! Oh stuffed pork chops sounds soo YUMMY ! and best of all done in one pan WHOOHOO !thanks for sharing this recipe ! Have a wonderful day !

  7. Ronda says:

    My boys, hubby & son, and I are going to Chicago tomorrow! We are going to see a concert Saturday night…but I will have most of the day Saturday & all day Sunday to explore the city! There is Chicago Fabric Yarn & Button Sales that I would like to stick my head in! And I would like to go to Chinatown. Do you have any suggestions? Have a wonderful weekend! And enjoy your girlfriend time next week!


  8. Starr miller says:

    Helllloooo Susan,
    Getting warmer here ( Chicago) tomorrow-crazy FALL.
    Love your photos and thanks for the delicious recipe! Can’t wait to try it.
    We are building a small ranch and I look forward to having friends over as you are now.
    There can never be enough girlfriend time! Live it up.
    I am also giving a shout out to “check the girls”. It is Breast Cancer Awareness month, of course. Since I have now have joined the statistics for this awful disease, I value- salute – cheer! every hard working nurse and doctor as they passionately treat and console far too many patients. They are angels on earth.

    • Chris Wells from West Texas says:

      We are there for you Starr. Have you on the prayer list. Keep letting us know how you are doing. Chris

  9. Joey says:

    Oh I was sooo hopin’ you would post today…glad to hear California is coming….it will brighten up their day to see some fall colors! I am sure Jack will entertain them when you cannot…our Fall in Indiana is a bit more colorful than yours so far, but we will enjoy yours too when it gets there, which is probably tonite with that hard frost coming! off to spend some time in the kitchen, portabello burgers are on the docket tonite…yum! enjoy the weekend!

  10. Holly Saveur says:

    The kitchen and garden look so cosy!
    Hope you have a wonderful wedding…would love to see some of the photo’s you take….please?

  11. Jo says:

    Knowing what you’re doing for your friend for her wedding and the courage it’s taking has filled me with feelings I find difficult to express. What a treasure of a person you are, Susan. I wish I had found you earlier in my life because you really speak to the heart and all of us need that desparately. God bless you, Sweetheart!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Jo! It’s scary, but I know it will be over fast! I do like being part of this girlfriend’s wedding, it truly touches me, they are a wonderful couple who finally found their soul mates.

      • When I use to sing in public I was able to overcome my stage fright by being willing to look foolish (because that is how I would feel if I forgot the words). Once I was willing, I never messed up! The words I’d memorized always came out of my mouth even if I continued to feel nervous.

        • sbranch says:

          I think I’d be better off writing them on my hand!

          • Pat Mofjeld says:

            ugh, me too! Makes me nervous to even think of it! By the time you read this, Susan, it will be over! “Public Speaking” was the LAST course I took when I was getting my degree because I was always afraid I might not finish the coursework and why would I torture myself needlessly! LOL! 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            It turned out to be just plain fun! By the time I did it, it was more like singing in the car with friends rather than being “on stage” or anything like that!

  12. Giovanna says:

    Hello Sweet Susan,

    Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos of your New England exploration. Next time you’re in the area (RI), you’ll have to stop by for a cup of tea. At present I can’t do much entertaining….my kitchen is in a worse state than your’s could ever be in! Sawdust everywhere, a few cabinets were installed today, the new garden window goes in on Tuesday and someday…at the end of the month maybe, I can cook again. It’s not just the kitchen. The family room and dining room are all packed in a PODS and the floors have been re-finished. Yes, everything will sparkle and gleem when it’s done, but for right now I’d love to be cooking up a nice batch of your butternut squash bisque.

    Enjoy the wedding and your visitors. Tell us all about it when you can.
    much love,
    Giovanna 🙂

  13. judi says:

    Love Joe’s shirts on the line. Perfect day here too for clothes drying….humidty lower and a low of 69 this morning! YIPPEEE. First time since May it has been that .”cold”:))) Your kitchen dec are so cute and oh, Jaime’s invite so beautifully captivating. Have a delightful time celebrating happiness with your friends. I can’t believe we didn’t hear a little squeek from the “big” Jack over that pork chop recipe….ha, ha. Have always meant to tell you that you live just “where you were meant to be” – the island next you (Nantucket) looks/is shaped JUST LIKE A PORKCHOP!!! Hugs! judi

  14. Deborah says:

    Love your pumpkins, especially the ones above the door. I’ve got my out, too even here on Oahu. White ones with pistachios on the table, orange on the old dresser and paper mâché in the sitting room. Very fun and pretty.

    BTW the Warm Milk Cake was amazing!!! I did share it but, truthfully ate more than my fair share (well, my husband has said he’s not much of a sweets guy).

  15. Robin Murray says:

    Love all you autumn festivity! Although I love all that you do! I have every book, stickers, recipe keeper book and really anything I can get my hands on. (not always easy to find) I hope you have a lovely time at the wedding and sing loudly : )

  16. Blessings to Jaime on her Wedding Day and also to you Susan the Singer!!! I’m sure it will be a gorgeous Fall Wedding!!! I also have a very special day happening tomorrow, Angela has her Senior Recital which is 1 hour of her singing Arias/Special Music which is required for her Graduation in December. I haven’t been feeling well but wild horses could not keep me from attending….I have the desserts all ready for the reception (minature red velvet cupcakes, brownies, apricot/raspberry pastries)….in my heart I know it will just be a beautiful afternoon. Enjoy the weekend everyone good luck Susan.

  17. Deb Schwall says:

    I believe I can smell the ocean, too, just from reading your blog! l live by the great lakes where one can get that unique smell of rushing water, also! Love the fall pictures of your mums and always the pictures of your kitty! I think I will go to the store for pork chops, honestly? can’t resist that luscious fall recipe!!!

  18. Barbara A. says:

    Hello Susan,

    As always, reading your blog is such a highlight of my day! Thank you. I love your sweet kitty! He is such a character! And how brave are you to sing in front of everyone, good luck! I am sure you and Joe will have such a wonderful time at the wedding! Enjoy!

    • sbranch says:

      I am certain I will be having a Pear Cider before I do this singing! 🙂

      • Laura says:

        Maybe two? I listened to Norah Jones sing that song on you tube…..ooooooh la la…va va va voom………I do believe the groom, Joe and Martha’s husband will melt into puddles when they hear their girls singing it. You must get in touch with your inner torch singer….you three will be gorgeous!

  19. Cathy M (WI) says:

    Fall has been interesting here in our neck of the woods. Some of the trees have lost almost all of their leaves and some haven’t even turned yet! Temps moved back and forth from 65 to 50 each day this past week. Cold and rainy this weekend, perfect for staying indoors and cooking. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you post. Have fun at the wedding and I’m sure you all will be wonderful singers!

  20. Jackie says:

    Dear Susan,

    Wow…have been gone for a week and just catching up with your blog again and what fantastic blogs they have been! Feel like I have been on a whirlwind trip of the East Coast and fall in all its glory! Phew! And, on top of that, my favorite part of your house at this time of the year…the pumpkins on top of the front door!! I have loved this every time I see it…wish I could do that at my house! AND, you extended the time frame to enter for fabulous prizes. I tell ya, is this a great country, or what!! Happy Fall!

  21. susan of westfield,mass says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just love your blog. I read or re-read it everyday. It bring me such joy. I have a dear friend that I visit once or twice a year VH . You help me from being homesick for my island,thank you. Fall is my favorite of year to visit….we leave in two weeks. P.S. love all the pumpkins, but what is the green jug on the step…it’s beautiful. Have a great day.

  22. Pam Rudzki says:

    Temps here have gotten down to freezing in past weeks. I covered the tomatoes, but it was just too cold. This week has been gorgeous. In the 70’s during the day & 40’s in the morning. Yesterday I decided there was no hope for the tomatoes & cut the branches up & disposed of them.
    Love this time of year! Fall is my favorite for many reasons. I miss fall in Ohio. Thanks for sharing your fall photos with all of us.

  23. Cathy from Oregon says:

    I just got home from an estate sale and guess what I found??!!!! A copy of “Vineyard Seasons” – {{Happy Dance}}!!!!!!!! Now I have 30 minutes to myself, before picking up kids, heading to the grocery store, and starting dinner, so………………. I’m sitting with a cup of Earl Grey tea, a pumpkin bar iced with spiced cream cheese frosting, and reading my new, most precious of books. Happiness 🙂

  24. Gail from California says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve really enjoyed all your new posts. The leaves are so beautiful and the cute homes with all their charm. I just love fall. Glad to hear you and Joe had a wonderful time. Thanks for taking us with you. The pictures in your post of Jack, are priceless!!! Have a great time at Jamie’s wedding, and with the girlfriends.

  25. Pom Pom says:

    Your pumpkins are VERY cheery! I hope you get the “go ahead” and take lots of pretty wedding photos!

  26. Betty says:

    Looking at your beautiful photos and reading about what you have been doing, I almost wish it was Autumn here! Not really, I’ve been looking forward to warm weather for a while now. I think I should go back and read your Spring posts to get me in the mood for summer:)
    Have a wonderful get-together with your friends and I’m looking forward to maybe hearing about the wedding. Hope the singing goes well.
    Betty, from Melbourne. ox

  27. Rhonda Orozco says:

    Susan, I read your blog all the time because it puts me in a festive mood! I have to finish fall decorating. Enjoy the wedding! Rhonda Orozco

  28. Linda in Michigan says:

    Susan, When do you find time to breathe? You are always up to something….all wonderful! I’ve always loved to sing with my sister. We always sang as we did the dishes growing up. She is going to California this year for the winter and I will miss singing those songs with her. Have a great weekend.

  29. Barb says:

    Hi Sue…. Love your yard decorations……such beautiful vibrant fall colors and the crisp laundry waving in the crisp cool air. Love your indoor decorations too…….so cozy and warm and inviting. What an honor for you to sing at your dear friend Jamies wedding…… will do fine….as all of us GF’s know, after we head you singing a song to your Mom way back in May on your blog. 🙂 Fall weddings are beautiful…congrats to your friend Jamie and put on your dancing shoes and have a great time. We have a freeze warning for this evening with temps dipping down to 29 degrees…cha cha chilly! Love you to! Hugs&Smiles Barb.Ludlow, MA:)

  30. Jeanette says:

    Susan, I was in meetings ALL day!!! And, had a nano at a break to check your blog, ’cause I do every day and now that I’m home I can truly savor it! This weekend I must create, cook and nest to fill the cup up, it’s depleted this week. Think I have most touches of the season inside and out. I made the most-darling wreath last weekend and leave the front door open (we have a storm door) just so I can look at it ;). Dorky I know, it’s the little things…

    Sounds like you’ll have a delightful weekend. Have a fun at the wedding! Are you walking around the house saying, “me, me, me,?”. Getting ready for your concert??? You amaze me!

    Sending lots of warm autumnal love right back to you!

  31. Deb from Dixie says:

    Your home is So COZY, your kitchen just glows, feels so……warm and inviting, comfy, and snuggly. A bit of Autumn wonderfulness…….Joe, Jack, Girl, a cup of tea, a fire in the fireplace, wind blowing through the beautiful trees and you all……. snug as bugs in a rug! Ahhhhhh…..purr-fect!

    Jamie’s wedding invitation really makes you think…..all about the journey and keeping the Hope alive, thanks for sharing it.

    So, the big question is ????? Do the back-up singers have a name? Are you introducing yourselves as “Jamie and the Vine-Yardettes” or some clever name……just in case, someone might want to book you three talents… the future??????
    Have a wonderful weekend Susan and Girlfriends!

  32. Ruth Thomas says:


  33. Winette Jeffery says:

    Dear Susan and Gal Pals,

    One of my “gifts” to my girlfriends from Florida to Tennessee to here in
    Virginia is to forward your blog by email and send my own news to them!
    Susan, I have followed your cookbook trail since your firstborn — so please
    know many who follow have done so for so long and love that technology lets us visit
    What lovely scenes and comfy places you find!
    My gal pals and I live in a little town on the Chesapeake Bay called
    Poquoson (po co sin) meaning “the great marsh” in the native language
    of Pocahontas…. We are close to Jamestown and Williamsburg! Autumn
    is just beginning to show here.

    Autumn love and hugs!
    Winette in Poquoson, Virginia

  34. Karen C says:


    I am truly impressed that you are singing in front of everyone for your girlfriend’s wedding. What a wonderful friend you are! Good luck and have a great time!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Hugs & Best wishes to you and wedding party.

    • sbranch says:

      I am a good friend, aren’t I! 🙂 Who would willingly do this??? I don’t know! Trying not to think about it!

  35. Deb Schwall says:


    I was reading all the blogs about singing, and it reminded me of a friend who changed some of the lyrics to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and sang it to her husband at his retirement party of close friends and family. How special and touching it is to sing to someone close. Enjoy the moment. (Have kleenex tucked away!)

  36. Rejena says:

    Cool beans. I LOVE that porkchop recipe and am seriously thinking of making it this week.
    Honey Crisp apples are the BOMB!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Windy Wyoming

  37. sondra fox says:

    Oh happy day! You wrote a blog today Susan! You’re such an interesting person who can keep up with all the things you love to do, because of that wonderful energy within you. The stuffed pork chops is a MUST at our house this weekend. We love stuffed pork chops & I’m anxious to try your special recipe. Thanks for the pictures of Jack. I adore him. I’ve told you all before that we have a white & black cat that adopted us. His name is Bootsie. You guessed it, he has four white paws that look exactly like boots. If a kittie comes to our door, I feed it. At 10:30 A.M, our front door opens to an array of gorgeous cats who want me to feed them. Sometimes there’s two cats, sometimes there’s five. Well, anyway, Bootsie “used” to be one of the strays that came to our door, but little by little, he decided to live in our garage. He has a wonderful bed, which I wash each week. He gets vet care when he needs it, with lots of hugs & pats every single day. He looks so healthy now. I’d love to have him in our house, although our Wire Haired Terrior isn’t very fond of Bootsie. Jack chases Bootsie “if” Bootsie runs. If Bootsie stands still, they’re the best of friends. Jack washes Bootsie’s ears when Bootsie stands still. I was wondering if your two cats are let outside? Cats live better lives if they live inside all the time, however I’m not being judgmental, just wondering. Happy weekend, Sandy

    • sbranch says:

      My cats live inside … Girl goes to the driveway to roll in warm sand, once in a while, and does it all very furtively, then runs right back in looking like she’s just robbed a bank. Jack’s not allowed out.

      • judi says:

        Love that! Our beautiful calico Sassy did the same thing. If she got out by accident she rolled in the sandy dirt and raced right back (thankfully) into the house. Indoors is a happy safe life for sweet kitties.

    • Karen Saunders says:

      my wire-haired terrior Hanna loves to chase anything that will run, but our cat McKenzie is off limits….I have this feeling, however, that when i’m not home….. and God bless you for taking care of the hungry cats… I do the same. Not too happy with the cats with a white stripe down the center that the cat food brings. Hanna killed a small skunk the other night and it upset me. It got in our fenced yard somehow, which is hot-wired because our big stray, Jake (a rescue from the road) climbs over. How I would love to be the ‘cat-lady’ someday…..

    • Sandy, they’re probably just playing when Jack chases Bootsie. My male Westie chases my female Calico cat and she can easily jump up onto something or defend herself if he gets too rough. She’ll often circle around behind him and surprise him with a jump onto his back. They’re such fun to watch! No one has ever gotten hurt. He’ll run at her sometimes and she’ll jump straight up into the air above him. Meanwhile he’s skidding across the room trying to stop. In the morning when I let them out of their respective rooms, they always rub up against each other as to say “Good Morning”. They say that dogs and cats actually get along better together than two cats.

  38. Joann says:

    Oh my goodness Susan…honeycrisp are my very favorite and you know WHO loves them, too!!! OH YES!!!

    The organic ones are 2.99 a lb here— so we have to savor every bite!!

    I’ll be thinking of you singing…. that’s what GF’s are for!!


  39. Debra Austin says:

    Hi Susan!
    Just finished reading your latest post with much enjoyment! Loved seeing your laundry blowing on the clothesline:) It took me back to my childhood of my Mom also hanging clothes to dry. I grew up in the late 50s-early 60s. I could almost smell the fresh air scent of the sheets/pillowcases. Your home always looks so cozy, especially during the holidays. I have finally gone into fall mode at my house! I have a vase of beautiful purple mums on my coffee table, and sitting next to the vase is my copy of your Autumn book:) I can only hope that when my husband and I retire, we will be able to take fun/exciting trips as you and Joe take. I’ve never been to New England, maybe someday! Happy Fall xoxo

  40. Jen from Sebastopol says:

    I think you enjoy life to the fullest, you are an inspiration to me and I’m encouraged to get up and enjoy the day.

  41. Elaine in Toronto says:

    Hi Susan,
    Enjoy every second of that minute singing. You will be so relieved when it is over you will want to do it all over again. They may want an encore, you know.

    I just wanted to let you know which Emma Bridgewater mug I chose. The little shop in Elora was charming – so much to look at. I love Christmas and they had one small mug with a poinsettia pattern I took a shine to. The pattern is now discontinued. It is so pretty I didn’t mind the size – propably that’s part of its charm for me. Enjoy the wedding. Hugs to all, new bride and groom, too.

    • sbranch says:

      We are hoping there will be an encore where everyone will sing along “I’ll be your ba–bee tonight!” That will be fun! So many Emma cups I haven’t even seen — I love it that they discontinue patterns, but it’s also disconcerting!

  42. Jack reminds me of Hercule Poirot…that little mustache is totally cute!

  43. Mary Black says:

    Hi Susan!
    Just want you to know that we’ve tried your stuffed pork chops over here and it is now our new favorite to have in the colder weather – which will happen very soon now. My family (daughter, son-in-law, 2 cutest grandkids) love them! So easy to make too, and we can get all the ingredients here (in China). Helps us not to feel so homesick, although this has been our home for the past 8 – 10 years. I do miss the autumn season in the states. Love to see your home all dressed up for the fall too. Keep it up, and enjoy the wedding – one of life’s big moments to share with friends.
    Happy trails,

    • sbranch says:

      You are making my pork chops in China? Now I have heard it all. How wonderful. That’s just exciting to me! I moved to New England from California, all within the same country, but I am still homesick, no matter how much I love it here, which I DO, I am always homesick for the land where I was born. So I have a vague idea of what you must be feeling. I’m sure food is a huge help to make it seem “normal!” But what an adventure you are having!

  44. Susan Kellam says:

    The pork chops sound yummy–all my favorite ingredients! Can’t wait to try them.

  45. Kirsten Wichert from So. California says:

    Love the photos! I especially love the kitchen photos (last blog-of the stove)and this time of the table by the window! I have some old ladder back chairs with reed seats. When I got them they were blue (dark) but I’m thinking I’ll paint them black because I love the way your kitchen chairs look! Thanks for the idea, Susan.

  46. Miriam says:

    Love your “ordinary days”!!! Did I really hear you say that “Joe just did his laundry”?…….what a guy!!! A real keeper!!!!! Hope that you can get some pics from the wedding……You will do so well at the reception!! Everyone will appreciate that you are “up there” and not them!!!!! You have such a lovely speaking voice, I imagine you have an equally lovely singing voice, as well.. Enjoy the day! You bring so much enjoyment to us all!!! 🙂 xoxo Miriam p.s. Can hardly wait to make your delicious pork shops….thanks so much!

  47. patti says:

    I wish I could get the pic up of my Mr. Jinx the cat laying on my table w/all my fall things. He’s a tuxedo cat that someone left on my porch one cold winter day. They rang our doorbell @5am and left poor little kitty in a bag he could not get out of!! We are not cat people, as we have 2 dogs. Our little Miss Elsa hates cats, our older Mr. Hemmingway is a little more tolerant. Anyways, now we have Mr. Jinx who lives in the basement and comes up at night after we put the dogs to bed. We love our Mr. Jinx. We also have 4 kids, 1 granddaughter and of course the husband, Mike. Just thought I would share w/you. Bye, thanks for the pics. I am learning all the time how this computer/blog things work… 🙂

    • Chris Wells from West Texas says:

      Hi Patti, Love people who rescue….even if you didn’t mean to. That’s pretty brazen to drop and run after ringing the doorbell. One of our dogs is a ditch dog (found in the ditch on the side of the road) and our cat, Katherine Rose, came to work in a co-worker’s engine compartment of his truck. She was only 6 1/2 to 7 weeks old, according to my vet. She has been so traumatized she runs and hides if an outside door is opened. We can not get her to go out, and I finally gave up on that project. She seems happy in the house. So glad you found a way to make it work in your house! You are a good person.

      • patti says:

        Love, love, my animals… It is said that something wonderful happens when a mother dies. It just so happened my husband’s mom died in the fall before we got Mr. Jinx… I think she sent him to us to help us when we are sad. He has been a wonderful friend <3

  48. Elaine says:

    I just love getting to see a beautiful fall day! How I miss the seasons I used to see for most of my life! San Antonio only has one season……HOT! I hope to return to the beautiful midwest someday and enjoy all 4 seasons! Change is beautiful every 3 months! Have a great weekend! I continue to love your blog!

  49. Karen Saunders says:

    Wow! I love your curved porch railings… marvelous are those. We are all caught this year, I think, between still hanging on to our summer flowers, excited about the crisp fall air and looking forward to the snow and Christmas. It’s just a mish-mash of enjoying it all….kinda like a ‘weather-stew’!!!

  50. Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

    Just another ordinary day… for our extra-ordinary group of girlfriends!! It’s such fun to read about everyone’s Autumn days. Susan, enjoy all the magic of Jaime’s romantic wedding. I know your photos will capture all of the little details in a very special way. ♡ What a happy celebration of love!! I’m looking forward to a heartwarming Girlfriends’ Weekend with college friends. We are going to a
    B & B near Madison, Wisconsin. Dear friends run this cozy Victorian inn. So, we know it will be a wonderful weekend together, sharing old memories and making new ones!
    Warm Autumn hugs to all.
    Dawn ♡♡

  51. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    I have had pork chops with apples on my mind for over a week now, so I really have to get cooking! I like your curvy porch railings!!

  52. carmel says:

    I love the sounds of trees rustling in the wind and what could be even better than bowing shirts waving at us as well. After a tough week, it was so renewing. Jamie’s invitation is inspiring and oh so sweet. I wish them both the very best. You’re singing will be lovely too. After all, you sang the “rain barrel” song so well. How could you miss at a wedding especially with “back-up” singers! 🙂

  53. Susan Roubal says:

    Brave, brave girl and such a good friend to sing at the wedding reception! I totally agree about Honeycrisp apples. I planted 5 small trees about five years ago with a companion Wolf River apple tree (it blooms at a similar time and helps with pollination). The time went by so quickly. Now they are large trees and I had wonderful apples on all of them this Fall.
    The Honeycrisp…well…simply delicious! The Wolf Rivers have been a wonderful surprise- they are an old variety that grow H-U-G-E, even way up here in the cold Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The average diameter of each apple was 5 inches!!! They are a baking apple that holds its shape perfectly. I have had some very tasty apple crisps, rustic tarts, and even apple cake! Get that tree in the ground ASAP! Susan R

    • sbranch says:

      When does the Honeycrisp bloom Susan? Pink or white? Thanks for the pollination tree, that’s always important… I will also look for a Wolf River! What kind of yield on these trees, BUNCHES of apples, or just a few?

      • Susan Roubal says:

        The Honeycrisps bloom “mid-season”, which for us this year was early June, I think…but it is so variable with the helter- skelter weather up here. We had a string of 85 degree days in March followed by hard frosts, which fooled many plants and trees into early flowering. I think the blossoms were white with pink centers. I also planted a decorative crab apple to draw in the pollinators. Since my husband recalled the huge size of Wolf Rivers from his childhood, I was reluctant to let too many develop on the still “bendable” branches, but it seemed there were usually two apples per spur. Such big pretty apples, too, deep crimson with tiny yellow flecks and snowy white inside! So big- mine were about 14 oz apiece! Only needed 3 for a good sized pie! “Surround” non-toxic spray seemed to work really well to keep pests off the apples, it is a suspension of kaolin clay! Check out “Gardens Alive” as a source. I think I’ll go get an apple right now. What is your favorite apple recipe?

        • Susan Roubal says:

          Susan, sorry I wasn’t clear on yields. Keep in mind this is my first year of any significant crop, but the Honeycrisps were more prolific-multiple per spur and more blossoms per branch with the one dwarf tree very dense. The Wolf River was more spread out- definitely a pretty tree with well spaced, bright red apples all over. I think I’m falling in love with this old variety- and I love its “crisp” in the pie, too.

  54. Merci says:

    OMG, Susan, you are having too much fun! Each season has its beauty and Autumn is just glorious! Enjoy the wedding, let your voice sing out, and then enjoy your BFF’s visit! As always, your home is beautiful, restful and most welcoming!

  55. Michelene Thomas says:

    I loved the little movie of Joe’s shirts drying on the clothesline. I could almost fell the wind and smell the freshness of line dried cloths. I have recently moved into an apartment and alas, I no longer have a clothesline. It truely is the one thing I miss most about apartment living. Love your blog!

  56. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Have a wonderful time at your girlfriend’s wedding! Your home looks beautiful and I can’t wait to try your pork chop recipe!! Will I have to test the pork chops for doneness with a meat thermometer? I’ve not cooked pork chops for many years. But I think my hubby would love your recipe and I will try making”” them for him next week on Sweetest Day to surprise him!! Whenever I make a “Susan Branch” recipe he just loves it., as they are soooooooooo delicious!!!! Thank you for all of your Autumn inspirations!!! P.S…..Those shirts could look like spooky white ghosts hanging upside down blowing in the wind on Halloween!!!!!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      He will love them I promise! Pork has changed, it’s not the danger food it once was … if you cook them as the recipe suggests, they will be fine. I like your spooky ghosts!

  57. Lisa Bee says:

    I’m in Ontario, Canada and happy to have come across your blog 🙂 the trees here are full orange and red , colour is on it’s way!

  58. tina gasparett says:

    Love going to your website when I get home from work at midnight and finding a new blog. Would love to see Martha’s vineyard someday.

  59. Theresa (So Lake Tahoe, CA) says:

    Today’s blog is a cornucopia of Autumn wonderfulness! Love Jaime’s invitation, and I agree, you are so brave. I can barely do any kind of public speaking – never in this lifetime could I sing in front of people. Then of course I can’t carry a tune, but you have a sweet singing voice. Yes, you sang that time on the blog a few months ago, I remember it

  60. Kathy Thompson (in Rialto, CA) says:

    Count me in for the drawing. It ‘twould be the perfect end to a perfect jaunt through New England. Ahhhhhhhhh…autumn is finally here!!! Thanks for a wonderful sightseeing tour, Susan.

  61. Celtic Heart says:

    First, I need to say I’ve been hacked! I’ve been looking back over posts I missed while I was offline due to techy probs and there are posts made under my name that I didn’t make!!! How can I post when my computer is away having a new hard drive installed? Anyway, a techy friend who helps me out says it’s sorted it now. Fingers crosssed.

    Moving on . . Autumn is firmly here too, and the weather is halfway decent today and tomorrow! Time to enjoy it if your road and home have not been washed away in the horrendous flash floods over the last two days. Did you see the images on the BBC from Scotland, where the appropriately named man Storm lost the corner of his house, just gone, oh! and the darling and picturesque little village of Clovelly, what a mess, how frightening! Even my drive was a river of water for about 6 hours the like I’ve never seen before, but it was nothing compared to the misery of others.

    Love all your Autumn/Fall decorations. I especially love your step, if it were mine I’d be decorating it all year ’round! Not sure which pictures are my favourites. Anything with pumpkins in gets my vote. Pumpkins are in short supply this year, due to the abysmal summer, or lack of it. Still, one can always console oneself with mugs of steaming hot chocolate, gently laced with Cherry Brandy 😉 and sliced of pie made with canned pumpkin.

    Good Luck with your singing! Enjoy the wedding day!

  62. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

    Good Morning Susan,
    It is 4:13am my regular time now to start my day thanks to you.
    I found the Honey Chrisp..OH, my GOODNESS where have they been hiding! They are the best apple I have ever had,EVER…….No wonder you want to plant a tree. They are so good,thatI would never consider to put them in a pie as cooking would really change the flavor, but like you to add them to a salad it would truly enhance the texture and the flavor of a salad. My mother just found them at her market in New Jersey and she too can’t get enough of them.
    You will do just fine singing today. We never know what we can do until we are willing to try. Just like you found out in your thirties you can draw. So you must be able to sing really well and you were heard by someone who told you so. I liked your voice when you sang the childrens song. There you were just giving us a little rendition but I could tell if you were to really sing in full voice it would be lovely. Thinking of you and this wonderful day you will be sharing with your friend.

    • Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

      P.S. I just saw your”I just called to say I love you” Well Susan, I am taking the liberty to speak for all the girlfriends. You have no idea how you fill up our hearts with all you share with us. You were there when I was in need of something more in my life and your here everyday with sharing the little things in life that mean so much and some how we all take for granted. You shine the light needed for all of us to see that the “Ordin-ary-Day” is a gift. We LOVE you SUSAN!!!! XOXO

    • sbranch says:

      Martha and I are (strangely) sort of known for when we are at dinner parties, and get into a corner and sing! She has a wonderful voice and can harmonize, which throws me right off, but it’s still fun. Of course that makes all the other guests leave the room; but we always have fun! Now for the wedding, there was likely a huddle somewhere; what can we get them to do! And voila. It’s one thing to sing in a dark dining room, it’s another to stand up at a wedding. But, that’s where we are, and tonight’s the night!

  63. Sandy Richmond says:

    Susan, Have fun at the wedding and with your CA friends! A song among friends at the wedding – what a memory! Your house , yard and garden look perfect for Fall. Enjoy! I’m off with a friend this morning to do a little shopping, stopping at an apple farm, and then out to lunch. Perfect fall weather today! Have a great weekend girlfriends!

  64. TJ says:

    Hi Susan,,

    I just called to say how much I care…

    Love all the sentiment in Stevie Wonder songs…love Honey Crisp apples, so refreshing…love the pumpkins with the blue/purple flowers…love the pork chop recipe, making this for Sunday dinner, perfect for family or entertaining…love the cozy, charming ambience of your blog…

    I just called to say I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

  65. Kathy says:

    wonderful stories you have shared. Love it.

  66. Ann Y. says:

    Hello Susan….along with the others I also LOVE your laundry on the line. I really enjoy “hanging out my wash”…and it reminds me of my mother and our neighbor Helen…they would go for a walk and comment on people’s wash lines and the highest praise they could give was “she hangs a nice wash !” – meaning all the shirts are together, all the towels, then the socks….I think of them and bless their memory everytime I hang out my wash. Thanks for the post – I was worried I would not get in the drawing because my home computer has the “black screen of death” – but I have a loaner laptop and am back in the world. Funny how we love old things but are so attached to our technology. Hope you have a great Fall day – cold her, frost last night, my day to clean the house ( I prefer to think of it as loving my house….so lucky to have a cozy, comfortable place to live with the love of my life) and then out to the yard to cut back what caught the frost, and move the lawn furniture back into the basement for a long winter sleep. Have a great weekend, and thanks for all the inspiration you give us all !

  67. Francine says:

    Lucky girls – coming to stay with you!!! When is it my turn???? Your kitchen looks darling with the fall decorations. The girls will be cozy and comfortable, for sure! Singing at your friend’s wedding? You are a true friend, that’s for sure! I don’t think that is something I would EVER attempt! We have a nasty weekend here – lots of rain, a good weekend to stay in, clean, and put out my Halloween decorations! Next weekend, I’m having a Halloween brunch for my small grandkids, and then we are all going to the pumpkin farm! Sound be fun! I used to do that with my older grandkids, then I had a lull in the action, and now I’ve got some little ones again!!!! I call them “the littles”. A couple of them and I made paperplate skeletons last week! So cute!!! Check it out on-line. Just type in paperplate skeletons!!! Have a cozy weekend! I may have to try that recipe. Oh! Do you have a pumpkin soup recipe? I was at a place that served pumpkin soup that tasted just like liquid pumpkin pie…they served it with a dollop of whipped cream and some nutmeg sprinkled on top – and I did look up some recipes, but they all seemed kind of spicy! Come on Vanna…….pick me! : – )

  68. Karen L., in Memphis says:

    Good Luck with you performance tonight. Weddings are such special events to celebrate. I have a busy day today finishing up the fall decorating, pansy’s to plant and tailgating goodies to finish up. Have a wonderful time and all my best to the Bride and Groom. Happy Fall!

  69. Sandy Wozniel says:

    I thought your snow pictures were my favorite. What a warm & fuzzy feeling. ( I loved the little tree outside your window with the color lites peeping through the snow.) Your fall pictures have dropped me to my knees. The bittersweet , and the wooden bowls, pumpkins etc. I love it all. I can’t start my day with out looking at your site. My friend went to CA for a visit and was sad she will miss our fall colors in IL, so I sent her your site to visit. She loved it too. Love, Sandy

  70. Connie says:

    It was such a joy to read through your Blog today. I loved the little pumpkins over the front door AND the recipe which I will try.

  71. Betsy in Pennsylvania says:

    Two of my best friends (over 30 years each)are coming for lunch this afternoon. I am running around like a chicken without a head. Why???? Because I love them and want everything special for them. I can feel myself needing a break so I say “let me go see what Susan has to say”. I read and an ordinary morning at your house always seems like a celebration of life to me. I am so blessed to have two dear friends who could care less if I serve them PB&J as long as the Earl Grey is hot. Thank you again, as always for getting me to see the beauty going on around me. Happy Fall! xoxo

  72. What a treat to see some of the houses of New England on your blog. Makes me wish we had planned a trip this fall — so beautiful. Thank you

  73. Karen P. - Green Bay, WI says:

    Beautiful blog again. I love the fall garlands over your window. What is that beady looking one? Is it wooden beads or pompoms or something else? Very cute!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s small pears and apples, and I’m not sure what it’s made out of, I found it in a basket at an antique store when we were on our trip!

  74. Kathie says:

    Are those Quinces on your step. I can SMELL them. I love the smell of quinces. It’s a smell that makes me pucker up. Lovely days, autumn. Thanks for the visit.

    • jack says:

      I visualize wearing my QUINCE aftershave next time we ever meet —
      —-can`t wait to see you “pucker up “

  75. Sheryl Baker says:

    I am going to make a concerted effort to keep the rain here today (northeast MO). May the wedding weather there on Martha’s Vinyard be spectacular!

    Autumn is my favorite season, but I tend to say that about each one of ’em when they’re at hand! After this summer’s extreme heat and drought conditions, I fear we’re not going to have a lot of colorful foliage, so thank you for taking all of us girlfriends along for the New England trip. How pretty everything looked! You and Joe know how to take a drive, that’s all I can say.

    Hugs to you, Susan B.

  76. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Sending prayers & best wishes to Jaime & her beloved on their wedding day! And, what a great song, that’ll be sung by such dear friends so have some Pe-ah Cidah & croon! xoxo

  77. “I just called to say I love you” beautiful musica! Your white shirts look like upside down ghosties floating in the merry little breezes! I love your home in the fall! Course I love it in all seasons! Oh, I hope you send us the music from the wedding, I just know after the pear cider it will be beautiful! Even without the cider actually! Jack is so cute, I bet he still plays like a kitten.
    Have a fun week-end, and enjoy your CA friends, I just know they will enjoy you and your little isle!
    Hugs to you, Joe and kitties!
    Tweet Tweet,

  78. I’m sure you will find it wonderful fun singing with your friends for Jamie’s wedding. It’s another warm memory you’ll share with your friends. Hope the weather is perfect–(that could be the only fly in the soup) Thanks for the new post so full of beautiful Autumn. Our colors here in Mi. are at peak now, but we’re having a blustry, rainy day today—feels so cold!!!! Nice to be indoors with two pumpkin pies in the oven. Sending Jamie wishes for a wonderful marriage and happy future together for them.

  79. Debby Moreau says:

    Susan I was just looking at our own SPCA site and came across this little cat.
    It’s a friend for Jack and Girl. This little fella has a white mustache just like Jack!

  80. Debby Moreau says:

    whoops Susan can you remove my link, it goes right to my facebook page, my mistake, aaaaaaaaaaaaa, technology!

  81. Dawn from Minnesota says:


    “Hi Susan! How are you?!”

    ” 🙂 oh …….I love you too! ….too cute!”

    “Are you excited for the wedding?”

    “Hahahah….I know, I would be too!”

    “I should think that I would like Jaime….for I Loved her invitation….her spirit!”

    “Me? Well, we have a college football game, gonna make some carmel corn for the guys and just doing a bit of laundry.”

    “Oh lucky you and your clothesline! I am so jealous! I pretend my clothes are out blowing about in the fresh air as I toss in a sheet of Bounce Outdoor Fresh!”

    “But, I have yet, to actually walk outdoors and say to myself, ‘Wow! It smells just like a dryer sheet of Outdoor Fresh Bounce!'”

    “Yay! An idea for dinner! Oh YUM! that sounds so good! And gotta love a good pork chop story! Hey Susan, what word exactly made you think of us when you said, ‘big, fat, pork chops’? LOL ! I am just kidding, honest! I know, I know!
    I’m just teasing ya!!! If Bret called be babes after the corn chowder…..I might just get the full Dawn-a-babes after these pork chops!!!”

    “What are you gonna wear to the wedding? ……ummmm, I don’t know….how sexy is it? You have great taste and panache’ you can pull it off!”

    “oH! I am so excited! Bret and I might go to Kimmyland next week before he leaves for Germany!”

    “Oh my goodness, look at the time! You better get ready!”

    “You will! Encore is definitely in your future and perhaps a new tradition!”

    “What? Sugar Crisp cereal?…oh! Honey Crisp apple!!! Yeah, I love them too!”

    “Well….. go eat your apple, and get ready for a good, good, night!”

    “LOL!!!! You crack me up Susan! It could happen you know!”

    “Well, Bob Dylan has been known to mumble!”

    “Thanks for calling…..yeah we do …..uhuh….oh Susan!”

    “Bye Bye”

    “Yeah? I will….you too okay?!”


    • sbranch says:

      You just called to say you love me . . . right? I’m wearing all black velvet, dress, coat, short boots, and because it’s going to be cold, there’s also a cape kind of thing! xoxo

      • Dawn from Minnesota says:

        Yep! and I mean it from the bottom of my heart!
        Black Velvet! Love it, Love it, Love it! “Bliss!” to the bride and groom! Sweet Dreams Susan…I have a funny suspicion that you are gonna sleep like a Babe-eee To-ni-ii-ight!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Wow! Gorgeous! xoxo

  82. Betty Warren says:

    70 degrees here today in Eastern Kentucky. The mountains are starting to turn their glorious colors and I’m waiting for the bittersweet to pop open so I can cut some for the house. Happy Fall!

  83. Brenda says:

    Hi from Brenda,
    (of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains)

    “Sweater Weather!” What a wonderful heartwarming time of year. Your leaf-peeping trip seems like a lovely success. The vintage dishtowel with the embroidered, appliqued apples must have wanted to be in your new kitchen. It must have kind of stayed out of sight until you got there …maybe it sensed you had finally come to rescue it. It looks darling on your stove, and seems like it belongs right there!

    I, too, have a weakness for vintage linens and needlework… especially if it has darling little French knots. My Mom taught me how to embroider, and nothing made me happier than a new design freshly “ironed” from a transfer onto a pillowcase or dishtowel, stretched into an embroidery hoop, and a colorful collection of pretty embroidery floss just waiting to fill my needle! In fact, I can close my eyes, and almost smell that fresh toasty smell of a hot iron pressing the design transfers onto the fabric….heaven!

    Oh, how ironic that you should be the one to find your own book in the cardboard box! Did it recognize you? How I would treasure that beautiful little rescued book! I only have one of your sweet books, which I found at the cutest little bookstore in Clayton, GA. The shop kitty there comes to greet you at the door, and follows you around all the aisles, playing “in and out the window” with your ankles until you reach down, rub him a little behind the ears, and give him a proper affectionate greeting… which sets off his heartwarming motor…. purrrr. One of the nicest sounds to the human ear …. or heart.

    By the way, I love the “bowing” and “waving” shirts out on your line in the refreshing fall breeze! I’m “waving” back, now…. bye bye!

    Take care,

  84. Minette says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your last three posts. Just what I needed for inspiration after the last two busy weeks at work. What a celebration of Autumn! We are still waiting on the big parade of colors here, but we at least have been enjoying the cooler weather. Your New England trip was so much fun to read about and the photos reminded me and my husband of our trips there when we lived in NYC. I love seeing all of those old houses in their natural habitat! That doll house was absolutely magnificent and love thinking about who made it and played with it, and how it was furnished! What a really fun trip! We have been enjoying making recipes from your Autumn book for dinner, and my husband has now run out to get those thick pork chops to make tonight (college son is home for the weekend!). With you as our inspiration, we will make this a perfect Autumn weekend!

  85. Ann Y. says:

    Hey Susan – commented earlier today but I think my computer is playing games…but wanted to say what I forgot before….Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom…how lucky they are to have you sing for them on this special day – wishing them, and all of us, happily ever after !

  86. CarolK (cent'l NJ) says:

    Please have Joe video tape your duet, P-L-E-A-S-EEEEEEEEE…..and don’t forget to put it on you blog. I’m sewing like crazy little wool pin cushions. I bought one at the Hitching Post in East Sound, NH a few years back and thought it so cute I wanted to make a few for gifts. So far I have finished six, stuffed half with lavender buds and blanket stitches circles on the top. I’m on a r-o-l-l !! Have a great time at the wedding this evening. You’re going to be just fine……Hugs from NJ…..

    • sbranch says:

      Your pin cushions sound wonderful — are they for gifts?

    • Ann Y. says:

      Great idea – I agree !

      • Carol K (cent'l NJ) says:

        Yes, I thought they would make cute Christmas or b’day gifts. I always keep a basket by the front door full of little things to give when friends come calling bearing gifts. I have so many wool piece left over from my rug hooking and this little craft fit the bill.

  87. Gumbo Lily says:

    I like your ordinary days! Much.

  88. Kathy McKinstry says:

    Hi Susan,
    Your house and yard look beautiful! The fall leaves garland that you have hanging over your double windows in the kitchen reminded me of one you showed us last year. It was a single strand of fall leaves hanging in front of your kitchen window (I think. ) You may have used string or twine and small clothespins to keep them in place. I can’t remember if I saw this in one of my books (I have looked but no luck) or on your blog or in a Willard letter. Do you know what I am talking about? I would love to see it again and make one with my grandchildren to hang in our windows.
    Thank you,
    Kathy from CT.
    P.S. can’t wait to make your pork chops and apples!

    • sbranch says:

      I have used small clothespins, I have also just used a needle and thread! It’s been in one of my calendars, and also on the blog. Hope this helps! Have fun Kathy!

    • Deb from Dixie says:

      Hi Kathy,
      Yesterday I was going back in the blog posts looking for a recipe for Susans chocolate sauce…..and I ended up having so much fun reading blog posts…….I think the Blog would make a wonderful book….it is so chock full of wonderfullness! ♥ ♥ ♥

      So, to your question, I remembered seeing the leaves in the window photo, you are looking for from last year. I am going to put two links in this email that you can cut and paste in your browser to take you directly to those blog posts….just scroll down to see the leaves in the window…..each post has a leaves photo from a different angle.

      Also, if you go to the very top of each blog post, there is a little arrow that points backwards…if you click it, it will take you back to a previous post. It takes several minutes to go backwards if you are going “way-back”….LOL. Hope this helps…..the threaded leaves are very pretty.



      Happy Autumn,

  89. Karen Saunders says:

    i was wondering, we had a pear tree that had 3 different kinds of pears grafted on it and a plum tree that had 2 different kinds of plums. i didn’t even notice the plum until i saw they were shaped differently. do they do that with apple trees as well? in our small orchard we had a few pests…..bears and raccoons. one night our auto light came on and there were 3 raccoons in our little plum tree!!

  90. Susan Ericksen of Bainbridge Island, Washington says:

    Susan, Iknow that you have been so busy having fun with the wedding and all, but when you slow down and have a little “Susan Time” there is a movie that you may enjoy….It is of similar vintage as Mrs. Miniver…and maybe you have seen it…it is “Since You Went Away” with Claudette Colbert Monty Wooley, Joseph Cotten, Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple (teenager age)…..It is lengthy, but good on a blustery dark October night! Black and was nominated for 9 academy awards….. SO good for that time….I LOVED it! I ordered it through Netflix…do you have that where you live? it is a nice service….Anyway, if you have seen it, time to see it again!!!!! Happy October!

  91. Diane says:

    Your blog just thrills me. My first love is calligraphy , but your artistic spirit has invaded that Thank you so much.

  92. Susie Branch says:

    Here in Burkburnett, TX. the leaves have just started to change. I love Fall and have already decorated my house because I was having Garden Club Meeting at my home. My daughter lived in England for 5 yrs. We were lucky enough to be able to visit here several times. I loved your pictures there. It was just as if we were back. I met you first in Country Living Mag. with your Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. Since it is the same receipe I use my children thought I was publiched in the mag. What fun. Thanks for all you do. Susie Branch

  93. Linda in Texas says:

    Thinking of you and the wedding this late afternoon. It’s even later where you are so the wedding may be in progress already. My best wishes to the bride and groom. And I have to say, like so many others have already, I think it’s really sweet of you and Martha to sing with Jaime for her groom. I think I can hear the harmony already. I’m going to be imagining all the lovely wedding things for the rest of the day.

    And black velvet–ooo la la.

    As always, thank you for sharing with all of us. The wonderfulness is seeping in out here in Texas.

  94. Carol Maurer from Eureka, CA says:

    Susan~~~ I see that you are getting ready for Halloween now. I bought a pumpkin at the store today and hope to find a couple of smaller ones. Seems all Safeway and WinCo sell are large ones. Could go to the pumpkin patch, but it’s really expensive. Perhaps next week, at the farmers market…. if I remember.

    Have a great time with your California friends. I know you will.

    You are so sweet to sing at your friend’s wedding! You will do just fine.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Carol M

  95. dottie (in the OC in SoCal) says:

    Well — this OC girlfriend was in Ohio for the last month and has had great fun catching up — the measuring cup is SCRUMPTIOUS so I had to comment. I did do some gathering of great old things at an antique mall that was closing — and picked up a few things at a wonderful Thrift Store — best a fuzzy white chenille robe with a shawl collar and hood to cuddle my chin down into on cool nights. Will take me a while to read all the comments but I do so love seeing what y’all are up to — oops, that TX part stems from a double dose of TX on our cross country round trip. Loving the year in review of the fabulous Jack wtih the cute mystache face! LOVE the kitchen re-do — especially the wonderful floor! Good work. Dottie

  96. Lois Burgess says:

    Hi Susan 🙂

    Thanks for another beautiful blog! My favorite season is autumn. Here in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia it is truly the land of plenty! Our farm markets abound with fresh fruits & vegetables and our countryside has been ablaze with color! Thanks for sharing your contagious love of the simple joys of life once again :)) I hope you had a wonderful time at your friend Jamie’s wedding — I know you & Joe did. Looking forward to pictures :)) hugs!

  97. Debbie Gage says:

    Susan, you bring a tear to my eye.
    I love that you remind us that there is beauty in everything. I have been drawn so inward lately – I lost my oldest grandson recently. He was 23. My heart is so broken, and I try to be strong for my daughter and her family, but then I come home and am lost. You help those of us – ALL of us – with serious sadness, illness, “issues”, etc., to find a new perspective and see the loveliness that surrounds us in this world. I simply cannot thank you enough for taking me away from things for a while and making it so that when I come back to my reality, things look a little bit brighter. Truly, there are not very many people in this world who are capable of that, but you are one.
    My kindest and most sincere thanks to you.
    Love from one of “the girlfriends,

    • sbranch says:

      I am so very sorry Deb . . . he was so young! Awful for you and your family. I love that you are here. I don’t have the right words for something so terrible, but please know you are in my prayers. xoxo

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        My prayers to you and your family Deb, for your loss. Yes, this blog is a lovely respite, thank you Susan. xoxo

        • Debbie–just couldn’t not reply to your post as one of the many girlfriends in Susan’s community. One of my son’s childhood friends passed away two weeks ago–just 22 and a brilliant mind. Such tragedy makes no sense. My heart breaks for you and my friend. Thank you Susan for offering a space for each of us to venture out of our own worlds in both good times and bad–so sorry for your family. D

    • Deb from Dixie says:

      Thinking of you and praying that God gives you strength and comfort, as you go through this time of such sadness. I am so sorry, loss is so personal, yet so close to us all………I know your heart aches…..and at times it is hard to be strong for others, when inside you are in pain too.
      Be gentle with yourself, and know that your girlfriends here are sending many prayers.

    • Linda in Texas says:

      My sincere sympathy to you, Deb. Such a loss is heart crushing. You are in my prayers. May God’s mercy bind up the broken-hearted ones in your family.

  98. Susan Kellam says:

    Okay, they say “third time’s a charm”, so this is my third time to post a comment and I REALLY hope I’m the lucky winner!

  99. Donna from Stony Brook, NY says:

    I love you too,Susan

  100. Janet Hundley - Grafton, WI says:

    Jack is most adorable. Love that Joe took over and made sure the porch got decorated.

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