I think, today, I’ll take you back for more Autumn Adventure, but first, MUSICA (haven’t played this one in a while) . . . and now, is everyone comfy?  Do you have something to drink, maybe a cookie too? I’ll wait . . . . OK, here we go . . .

Very early this morning, Vanna, dressed in peach-colored chiffon jammies; still wearing the pink satin mask that keeps the morning light out of her precious private environment, reached into the hat, swirled and swirled to find just the right name . . . and pulled it out, gracefully, as only Vanna can.  Our winner is . . .

Diana Hall!

CONGRATULATIONS DIANA (and not related to Joe!) — I just signed your book, here it is!  I wrote you an email to tell you you’re the Lucky Winner . . . wishing once again, I had a couple thousand of these books lying around!!!  I hope you’ll leave a comment here and tell us all where you’re from; and let us congratulate you ourselves!

Diana’s package will soon be winging it’s way home to her . . . with a little extra surprise . . . inside, in addition to the lucky leaf I brought from Connecticut, a copy of my first book, Heart of the Home, which I rescued from the Library Book Sale, one of our new collectible Christmas Ornaments for 2012, the fat, cute, antique-store measuring cup, into which I sunk a green pear-shaped candle in sand we brought home from where we walk to the water every day, along with  some seashells and sea glass, for a little Martha’s Vineyard DNA, and,  because life is short, and girls just want to have fun . . . I put in a little surprise (teeny tiny), to light the candle, a box of “Cunard” matches we brought home from our trip on board the Queen Mary 2.  Hope Diana loves it all and it causes some redecorating to take place!

And now, I feel it’s my job to cheer everyone else UPPPPP!!!  I’m so sorry if you aren’t Diana Hall, but then again, you’re wonderful YOU, and that’s pretty darn fabulous too   . . . so let’s stop thinking about it and go back to Connecticut, OK?  Cause I have something to show you!

Here we are tooling along; it was a cool overcast day on a leafy country road, we have no idea where we are, we’re just following the dots on the map that say, “scenic.”  But I like barns, especially if they have an American Flag on them, so I say, “Joe!  Stop, let me take a picture of the flag on the barn!”  (Take note of the sign on the right, girlfriends . . . “Turkey Farm!”)

Joe pulls over, saying, “Wow, look at all the white turkeys!”  I get out of the car to walk around it and take the picture of the barn across the street, but suddenly these guys see me, and immediately jump up and start running towards me, really fast, using their wings for lift.  And because I’m unfamiliar with the habits of turkeys, I turn around and RACE back to the car, get in and close the door fast, because I don’t know if they will just fly over that short little fence and GET me.

But then, I begin to see how cute they are, with their fat bodies wobbling back and forth as they run . . . .  they are gentle adorable creatures who just want to look at me; they think I carry turkey food in that big red van.

Here they are, I want to sing a turkey song to entertain them!  I’m wracking my brain for a turkey song!

Then while I was standing there admiring them and talking to the babies . . .

A mule donkey ( 🙂 ) walked right into the picture . . . so, just in case the first one didn’t turn out, I took another video . . .

I liked reassuring them, I wonder if they believed me?

I loved this crazy peaceful kingdom.

So then I ran across the street to get my barn picture for my American Flag collection . . .

And because adventure requires sustenance, we went to the Ekonk Turkey Farm Store and got two of these cider donuts, still warm from the oven, and hot coffee with lots of cream to dip them in.  This Farm is wonderful . . . besides the bakery, it has pumpkins and dried corn and a truly fabulous Corn Maze too . . . if you’re near  Moosup, CT, this would be a very fun place to visit; I bet the leaves there are in full color by now!

I don’t think I showed you how Jack handled the idea of us preparing to go away . . .

I think he had something more like this in mind!  Of course, not on TOP of the car … 🙂

Here he tries to divert Joe from the subject of maps!

And this is what we had waiting for us when we came home . . . Girl Kitty!

. . . and Jack helped us unpack . . .

. . . while Girl looked on, reciting  The Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change . . .

Our trees have been talking constantly lately . . . shhhhhhh says the wind as it passes through the leaves; I can hear it right now, and see it, blowing through the treetops outside. I did more fall cleaning over the weekend, getting ready for my girlfriend’s visit this week, hanging clothes, blankets and sheets to flap on the line, being outside getting good advice from trees.

Look at his little paws!!

The wedding was just as romantic as I hoped.  The singing was successful!  The groom didn’t run from us, no one fainted, the guests had all had enough Peah Ci-da (or the equivalent) to be appreciative!  Joe videoed it too.  Only thing, he forgot there was a microphone on the camera, right next to his mouth, and sang the song, with what words he could remember, a capella, through the whole thing!  So funny!  We both burst out laughing when we heard it; he moaned, eyes rolling in his head, “What am I DOING?” 🙂  Cutie pie!

After his solo performance, he put the camera down and forgot it was still on, so it sat there staring at a candle for about fifteen minutes. Please pass him a Peah Ci-da!  I’ll post some photos of the wedding soon, and I’ll show you this video as soon as we learn how to edit movies on iMovie, but please, don’t hold your breath!  Have a wonderful day Girls!   Congratulations to Diana! xoxo me

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  1. Deb Schwall says:

    Congratulations on your singing! Sounds very successful! A retired teacher I know changed the lyrics to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and sang it to her husband at a small gathering of friends and family for his retirement party. I always thought that was such a wonderful gift. Your wedding singing reminded me of her. You know, your friend will always cherish the song – and the video you took? I loved how your husband sang! How funny!!! What a fun time!

  2. Gini Gould says:

    It’s so good to be back “in the saddle…” reading your posts and girlfriends’ comments, Susan! I’ve been away- too long, so have many posts to catch up on!
    Must tell you that you are such an amazing encouragement in my life! You have taught me, by your example, how to respond to people with positivity, even when their words are sad or otherwise. Thank you so much for this treasured gift; it is truly becoming automatic! And the more I encourage, the more I think encouraging thoughts. Can’t put a price on this gift from you, Susan, and I mean it from the depth of my heart.
    I love your kitties. So loved, so precious they are! Want to share a brief story about one of our 3 grown indoor kitties (really cats, but I like the word kitties better). This is about Tucker Babycakes Gould: he is a big Tuxedo kitty, black and white of course, long haired and as fluffy as all get out (I gently brush him every day so he doesn’t get fur lumps). He’s hilarious in everything he does, such as sitting on my computer keys when he thinks I’ve spent too much time reading your blog, and not enough time with him. He takes up all the keyboard so the surprise is what buttons did he push this time when he gets up and leaves? Well guess what! The other day he turned your blog screens upside down! Yes, totally upside down. My husband had to do diligence to get the screen rightside up again. What a laugh that was. It didn’t seem to bother Tucker Babycakes that he caused a ruckus. How could I be mad at him, he’s so cute and precious.
    And lastly, when I saw your adorable video of the turkeys waddling towards you to say “hello!”, I thought: if I didn’t know they were approaching Susan Branch, who else do I know who would attract turkeys in such a fashion? NO ONE ELSE CAME TO MIND!! You are unique in multiply ways Susan; only you could attract several hundreds turkeys to come to you to receive your greeting. My, they sure have a lot in common! Great blog!! And again, thank you for your gift of positivity; I think of you every time I encourage someone! So many hugs to you for who you are!

    • sbranch says:

      You make me so happy to hear you say that Gini — the power of love. It’s that wonderful perfect quote: “He drew a circle that kept me out, heretic, rebel, a thing to flout, but Love and I had the Wit to win, we drew a circle that took him in!” Oh the power we all have! 🙂 Thank you so much, yes I’m a turkey-attractor from way back!! xoxo to you too Gini.

  3. Congratulations Diana! How exciting for her, what a treasure from Susan she has received! Oh Susan what a wonderful trip you are continuing to show us! Those turkeys are a riot! Ham for Thanksgiving it is, or at least not white turkeys from CT! Don’t think I could do without turkey! SORRY! Loved the donkeys, did you ever read Brighty of the Grand Canyon? Loved it! Found a copy at a book sale a few years ago and had to buy it! Wish I still had mine though! I am blessed to have a few of my childhood books! Joe how hilarious! Can’t wait to hear him singing along, and watching the candle burn, I’ll have to get a glass of ci-der to go with! Oh I wish you had tons of those matches! I looked at the picture and said wait! Susan has added something to the gift! Is it? Yes matches! I have been collecting matches for over 50 years! What fun!
    Enjoy you girl friends this week Susan!
    Happy y’all!
    Tweet Tweet!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Susan I forgot to mention the song! After spending a week in Cape Cod with several friends for a surprise birthday, I got home and started searching for the record, before I started using a computer, and now have several encluding a two cd set of Patty Page’s songs! I love that song! The old post cards they showed with this song were fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Mary A. says:

    Hi Susan,
    Really can’t understand why Jack can’t travel with you 🙂 I travel all the time with my cat, Tiffany. That’s why they invented those soft sided carriers…
    Seriously, Jack would be a perfect gentleman, I just know it……Mary

    • sbranch says:

      We traveled across country with Girl and she was wonderful, better than I’ve ever seen her! I thought she might just faint as we drove out the driveway and not wake back up until she got on the other side, but she did great. I always feel like “There’s no place like home” is the theme of cats. Our trip cross country was SO MUCH more fun with Girl along, in the hotel rooms every night.

    • Not every hotel will take a pet and even the vacation houses we rent that allow dogs won’t allow cats. Do you sneak yours in? I’ve been tempted to, but my cat cries the whole way to the Vet in the car that I worry she’d be terribly unhappy out of her element. I guess I’d have to do a test run and take her out for a day’s drive to see if she ever quiets down before attempting a real vacation with her.

      • sbranch says:

        For us, we did sneak Girl in. We were traveling for a while, and got tired of being turned away — and she is such a good ladylike kitty that wouldn’t do one bad thing . . . so since we had a bunch of luggage, we filled up the luggage cart with our stuff, stuck her, in her box, in the middle, covered it with a jacket or something and in we went, and she was great the whole time. Almost adventurous! In the van, we made a place for her litter box in the back, because we were driving almost all day, and just left the door open on her sleeping box unless we stopped the car, then we closed her back up.

  6. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Hi Susan * Cougar Mountain Temperature: 51 degrees @ 1:34 AM

    So…you titled this new Blog…”Autumn Adventure”.

    Well…I like that, especially since it is autumn…the leaves are turning colors, from green to golden brown to the most beautiful red-orange, the night air is brisk with frost definitely on the pumpkins, and turkeys are running to greet and meet you!

    Wow! That’s not exactly what you thought you’d encounter on your country-road-drive, is it? Your “Autumn Adventure” turned into more of an Alfred Hitchcock movie adventure, “The Birds”….or in this case…”The Turkeys”!

    You were very brave though, Susan, although not at first, as you ran to the car. But, for gosh sakes, there you were, a few minutes later, cooing and gently talking to them. They are cute, for sure! White turkeys, who knew?

    You really did deserve a delicious cider donut after that adventure!

    I have to say, Girl Kitty is so sweet and Jack, being just who he is…so adorable, added to your delightful October 15th newsletter. I enjoyed it so much…thanks for sharing that funny “Turkey Farm” video.

    Now..let’s cue the confetti!
    Congratulations Diana Hall…a very lucky girlfriend.

    Susan…Have a wonderful and happy time during your girlfriend’s visit.
    Luv… * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Dorothy Ann … they arrived last night, are all tucked in right now, the house is mine! 🙂 And it’s clean! (within reason.)

      • Gert~Iowa says:

        Oh Susan…have fun and enjoy your friends! Aren’t friends one of the most precious gifts God has given us? Bye..have fun!!!

      • I think that is what I love most about company! My WHOLE house is clean at one time. I love it!

        • P.S. Having been to MV now I was wondering what you and your girl friends will do while they’re there–just visit or do you take them sightseeing? Will it be the shops? The beaches? The Woods Walk? Or historical sites? I’m sure a few of those wonderful restaurants will be on the agenda at least for lunch. Does Joe find something to keep himself busy, or does he tag along?

          • sbranch says:

            One of my girlfriends, Elizabeth, just bought the house down the street . . . so that’s really what everyone is doing, they’re here to look at her new house!

  7. sondra fox says:

    I have a Thanksgiving story to tell.
    Once upon a time, a little girl had a grandma who wanted to raise a turkey in her basement. The grandma fed the turkey well. Everyday the little girl would go to the basement to see the turkey. The turkey & the little girl became good friends. On Thanksgiving day, when a turkey was served at the Thanksgiving dinner, the little girl sat quietly looking at the platter of cut up turkey meat. She didn’t eat any turkey that Thanksgiving Day. After dinner, the little girl quietly went to the basement, and there, strutting around full life, was her friend, the turkey. She ran upstairs, found her grandmother & gave her a huge hug. As for her friend the turkey, he lived a good life strutting around the little girl’s yard. The End, but yet, the beginning. (this is a true story) Sandy, (the animal lover from way back)

  8. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Happy for you that you have CA GFs all tucked in (in your clean house!), tell them HI from the rest of us! Enjoy your time together! Lucky Joe & Jack with a houseful of delightful ladies! xoxoxo

  9. Bobbie Ann Picard says:

    I loved your blog, as usual!! You make the simplest event into such a special, sweet, memorable time. Thank you, you make my day sweet and bright, when you share with all of us!!!
    My wish for you today is a heap of special sweetness!!
    Look forward to your next one.
    Bobbie xxxxxxxx

  10. Lynn Cooper says:

    Great picture that you painted of Jack on top of the car. Can you make it into note cards to sell? Cat lovers would buy them, I am sure.

  11. Carrie says:

    Dear Susan,

    A “head in the freezer” on Susan Branch’s Blog… I coughed up my cornflakes and then aspirated them as I began laughing when I continued reading. Now I ask you, where else would you find such diversity in a blog? Talk about good yucks first things in the morning – great for the endorphins. Not making light of my fellow follower’s plight mind you, ufda!

    Yesterday I received my order from Hill Top Farm! I ordered a slew of books including but not limited to a “… facsimile of the first ever printed Tale of Peter Rabbit, this book features the hand-written story and original black pen and ink illustrations originally privately printed by Beatrix in 1901, with help from her future Fiancé Norman Warne.” That simple little book was my first read of Petter Rabbit – how about that? What a way to get introduced.

    Because of the fun I’ve had with water colors since perusing your blog, I also ordered a few other of the books about Potter. And I would not be a good steward of my monies if I didn’t snag a dish towel or two. It was my birthday last week and I had a wonderful week but what a way to top it off with these items from Hill Top!

    Have a smashing time with your West Coast gal pals! Carrie

  12. cheryl ralston says:

    Hi Susan, We were there Monday, Oct. 15 driving all over the island enjoying the sights. I looked for either Girl Kitty or Jack in the windows so I could recognize your home!! 🙂 Well, no such luck but did see wild turkeys along the side of the road as well as some lovely fall leaves, farms, and pumpkins!! What a glorious place to visit. I am back in CA now and miss those beautiful leaves already!!

  13. Mary S. says:

    What a wonderful turkey farm!!! They turkeys are sooooo cute the way they ran to you, and I love that there are donkeys in with them!!
    Here is my BIG ROTFL: “…while Girl looked on, reciting The Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change . . .”

    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  14. debbie jones says:

    Hi Susan,
    I can’t tell you how much I love everything you do!! My best girlfriend from California sent me one of your calendars one year for Christmas & I have been following you ever since. You make everything so fun & exciting. It’s like Christmas morning everytime I go on your site. Don’t ever stop what you do! You make me smile & feel happy!! 🙂

  15. Robin, NV says:

    Congrats Diana! I have enjoyed this book for many years and I know you will too!

  16. Amie in CA says:

    Girl Kitty has the sweetest eyes. I want to give Girl Kitty a cuddle and a pet. 🙂 xoxo

  17. Georgie says:

    Susan! Another wonderful post journeying through the countryside. I’ve been here at the end of the line… but keeping up! Life seems to get so busy sometimes. I appreciate you offering a virtual vacation break which gives me time to come up for air!

    XOXO Georgie

  18. salave says:

    I always look forward to Saturdays when I get to check in your website and read your blog! Diana Hall is very lucky indeed to get your book “Heart of the Home”…I got mine from Strand bookstore, very good condition! I check Strand for your books, I check Barnes & Noble stores near my area of anything Susan Branch! At work we have this nice young lady who cleans our pantries and our ladies rooms, I printed her some of all your “free stuff” – she was very happy! I love to print your blog, however, I’d rather read them again and again and again….luv ya

  19. salve says:

    Would you believe I misspelled my name! It’s Salve NOT Salave – LOL! I saw it after I just clicked Post Comment….smile

  20. Evelyn says:

    I cracked up laughing when I saw all those turkeys running toward you. How funny!

  21. Mama Bear says:

    I had to laugh when I read about you telling Joe to stop the car so you could photograph the barn because I do the exact same thing…..I love drives on Country roads and taking photographs of whatever catches my eye.
    I’ll bet that those Turkeys wouldn’t be in such a hurry to greet someone if they knew how close to Thanksgiving it is but wasn’t that a special sight.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Mama Bear

  22. Deborah thomas says:

    Congrats to Diana! You are right Susan, the trip was so cheerful, we are all winners here! I love the fact that the simpler a gift, (leaf), tiny surprises, the more value something carries! Or, maybe it is just this sisterhood we are all part of here at your special place! Thank you for the Turkey farm tour! There is one nearby here where I use to take the kids when they were little, and they look like your friends in the video! We use to get the donuts too, and pumpkin ice cream, what a treat! Anyway, your ride that day was very special, I can just feel it.

  23. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    Just finished reading all the comments on this post and want to thank everyone who wished me well and for the congrats! So sweet of you all!! I had my special treat waiting for me when I got home from vacation and I put it in my office to await my opening the next day when I went through all my mail. Just seeing Susan’s handwriting on everything and knowing it was lovingly packed was just as special as the gift itself!! Thank you all. I love the love that expressed here on this blog and there is a “sweet, sweet feeling in this place”! I am still deciding just where I will keep my treasures.. The cookbook has a home with my other SB cookbooks but the candle, etc. will probably stay in my office for a while so I can gaze on it while I work, since I work from my home. Still can’t believe I won!! Keep the faith girls.. It really can happen to you!!

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