Good Morning!  This is the like the post between posts; this is the intermediate post.  Like a freeway offramp, leading to another freeway, which will come later. The Drawing and Giveaway are still ON, if you don’t know about it, read the next post down to see what it’s all about.  I wanted to make sure everyone has time to sign up before I let Vanna pull our winner out of her Santa hat!  Just leave a comment to get yourself entered.  In the meantime, pour vous, zee French MUSICA . . .

While we wait, some reading entertainment:  We ran out of calendars last year, not everyone got one — so I thought I’d put up this year’s December calendar page here . . . something to read, ideas for December decorating and fun . . . and then I thought, since you’re being so patient, that I would make you tea . . . Just a quick one . . .


Everyone take a cup!   Get comfy, I have snacks coming . . .

This delicious, molasses-y, bendy, chewy, crunchy-edged thing.  O treat of treats.

It gets that special crunchiness if you toast it, maybe even twice, so the edge sort of caramelizes and crisps up, making the insides even more chewy, so you have to pull on it a little bit with your teeth, and then, you butter it, drippingly, with savorment.

. . . and then you bite it.  And make it your own.  Eyes to heaven. Thank you so much. What is it you ask?  A little miracle, in a can.  For when you are too stinkin’ busy to live, but you need coddling and love … and you decide:

This is your answer for treats on the run.  And truly vintage . . . I have at least one of these in my cupboard at all times, would not think of being without it:

 You probably guessed it!  It’s been around for a long time . . . you probably have it in your cupboard too!  But just in case!  My mom would toast and butter a slice of this “B & M Brown Bread” (available in most grocery stores, btw); she would put it on a little plate, bring it around behind my back and slide it under my nose, as a little surprise when I was doing homework.  A person doesn’t get over such things very easily. Niceness is a wonderful thing from a mom. Now I do it for myself.  And I thought, if you never heard of it, you might want to put it on your shopping list. For those “one-ingredient cooking days.” (I just looked it up, if your store doesn’t have it, you can get it HERE . . .)

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten, that chocolate chip cookie recipe is coming soon, I’m saving it so you will still love me when I have to announce that only one person won the drawing (scroll down to the next post for the details)!  It will be our consolation prize!  But remember, if it makes you feel any better . . . you have a lot better chance of winning THIS drawing than winning the lottery!  Much better! Until then, Boum, darlings, enjoy the day! ♥ 

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  1. Ivy Z. (Upland, CA) says:

    I have never heard of the bread in a can either. It looks interesting. I will have to try it. I’m wondering if my Mom has heard of it. We were both born and raised in southern Calif. Can’t wait to try it! I hope it’s not too late to get in the drawing. Thank you Susan for sharing your beautiful home! Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Joni says:

    Really, bread in a can! Who would have thought of that? Even more shocking, it tastes good? Is this located in the bread aisle? Canned bread……..

  3. Clair Lambright says:

    Well, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and have never heard of B & M Brown Bread. Must be that one can of bread is not BIG enough for us here in Texas!!!??? Just kidding, it sounds wonderful. I’ve heard of baking bread in a can, but this sounds way better!! 🙂

  4. Belinda Battaglini says:

    My mouth is ready for bread in a can and a cup of tea with a dear friend! I’ll get started with tea and toast until I can find or order brown bread! Thanks so much for all the comfort moments you share with us!

  5. Have to try this…it sounds so yummy!

  6. Bevy A says:

    Thanks Pam T. I’m in So. Cal. also, I will be going to Stater Bros. to pick up my B&W bread in a can! Several cans so I can donate them to our local food drive. Also, Thankyou Susan for this wonderful and delicious idea!

  7. Cate says:

    I just was reading some of the posts and thought how funny it is going to be when the B&M company wonders why in the world there was a “run” on their brown bread suddenly. Hahahaha.

  8. Suzy Petersen says:

    Susan, my mom used to make brown bread in a can when I was growing up. I haven’t thought about that bread for quite some time. It brought back many happy memories. Thanks!

  9. Joan says:

    Yes Yes, Yes – brown bread in a can! Had forgotten all about it and can’t BELIEVE it is still around. Good things last I guess.
    Thanks for reminder!!!

  10. Sandy Richmond says:

    I’ve never tried it, but have seen it on the shelves. It looks good. If it is gingerbready, I am going to love it! Looking forward to the weekend and getting our tree.. Have a great weekend!

    • sbranch says:

      I would call it gingerbready for sure!

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Okay, Sandy–it is right in with the canned baked beans. Look for the blue/red can–easy to miss! You’d LOVE it!!! 🙂 Kind of is “comfort food”–like beer cheese soup or mashed potatoes… 🙂

  11. Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

    Never have tried the brown bread in a can..If ever I see it on a shelf, I’ll grab a couple 🙂 I’m commenting on the little saying on your December page, Susan. A week ago I had an Open House for friends/family – I operate a home-based cosmetic business. Well, I realize now how OLD I’ve become. Starting at 5:00 setting up my “shop” and the food, and the house for all-day guests….let’s just say it was EXHAUSTING – after it was over, and I realized I don’t think I’ve sat down since 5 AM…and pretty much eaten nothing…at 9 PM I couldn’t think, couldn’t MOVE, but was ravenous! My daughter came over and said she’s make something for all of us to eat. Grilled cheese and tomato soup (Trader Joes – roasted tomato/red pepper)….and put a big dollop of pesto into the soup. she commented – not the greatest dinner, sorry. Me: this is the BEST dinner I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! it truly hit the spot!!!

  12. deezie says:

    Oh Susan,
    You Make me so happy when I read a new blog post.
    I have never ever heard of bread in a can before now. But of course me and one of my daughters ran to the store to see if it were true and guess what? I found it right in the bean section like you said. We picked up a few cans, hoping we would like it. My daughter opened one the second we got home and toasted and buttered it and ,,,,, it is amazing!!! I was shocked. I make my own bread, I don’t buy the bread in the store but now, oh my we will have to get this. I do have a question though? how do you store the rest of it? freeze it? just put in a bag for another day?

    Happy day Susan

    • sbranch says:

      I just put it in a bag and in the cupboard until breakfast the next day, or tea in the afternoon! So happy you like it!

  13. Sharan says:

    Susan, My Gram used to have brown bread in her kitchen too! I miss her terribly and this brings back happy memories of her. I was just unpacking our Christmas decorations and came across the Elf on the Shelf that she bought for me (47 years ago!). They are popular again and I feel lucky to have my original. And if feel lucky to have such great memories of my grandmother. I still feel her love.

  14. Teresa Smith says:

    I’ve never seen or heard of bread in a can in the grocery story. I used to make bread in a jar, using canning jars. They made Wonderful surprise gifts.

  15. Ruth says:

    I think the bread in the can is a East Coast thing – especially a Massachusetts thing. I grew up on it – B&M bread and their wonderful baked beans!! I haven’t had it in a long time, but it is now at the top of my grocery list. Have a wonderful day everyone – Christmas is on its way!!

  16. evangeline says:

    I am wishing for “toast and tea”……… is rainy and there’s a chill in the air…perfect weather. one of my very favorite words! I appreciate the inspiration…no matter your age you CAN start toward your dreams….that makes me “feel” hopeful, excited, and encouraged…hope you have a lovely weekend.. Looking forward each day to your posts…evangeline

  17. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    “For when you are too stinkin’ busy to live but need coddling and love…”… I LOVE that and have been in that mode more times than I can count ! Especially lately, and one ingredient cooking is the BEST!…. LOVE this little “in between” post!! I received my Willard yesterday but am saving it for a time when I am not “too stinkin busy to live”… :-)… I think maybe after work today.. Excited about this weekend.. Saturday after work.. get the Christmas tree… Saturday night.. going to the St. Louis Symphony to hear The Messiah!!! AWESOMENESS!!…Having the boys for football and food on Sunday!!! Then my hubs is off on Monday for a personal day and that is my day off too!!! We get to do something spontaneous!!! YAY!!! THen it really will be Christmastime for sure!!! Enjoy your weekend Sue and Joe… Happy Days!!!

  18. Debbie K North central Mass says:

    Oh, Saturday night supper…baked beans and franks (or ham) and brown bread.Yum!

    • Christie Ray says:

      I had heard that was a New England tradition..Baked Beans and Brown Bread..or Boston Bread? …on Saturday night. Down south, for us, it was tomato soup and pb&j sandwiches;)

  19. Ruth Elder says:

    I JUST SAW that bread at the grocery store yesterday and wondered about it and left it on the shelf. When I go back tomorrow, I will bring 2 cans home to share with my children while they do homework.

  20. Lori from Maine says:

    When I was growing up, we had baked beans, hot dogs and brown bread for Saturday night supper. I wasn’t crazy about the brown bread back then, but I’m sure I’d love it now. I remember it did come plain or with raisins. As someone else posted, then it would be time for baths and shampoos to get ready for church the next day. My dad would collect everyone’s shoes and polish them (I can still smell the polish, mmmmm). To our southern and western girlfriends – when we have a public supper here in New England, it’s almost always baked beans, hot dogs, cole slaw and chop suey. Oh, and yeast rolls and every pie you could ever think of. In N.E. chop suey is elbow macaroni with tomato sauce and hamburg – I don’t know if it’s called that in the rest of the country or if it’s one of those “New England things”, but it’s yummy and everyone has their own recipe.
    Thank you for the “in between” post! I love the December calendar page, I was going to mention that to you. When I turned my calendar page over (on the 3rd or 4th 😉 ) I enjoyed reading it so much. How can one person have so much talent??? Have a wonderful weekend Susan and girlfriends. Hope there will be baked beans and brown bread eaten all over the country!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    xoxoxo from SW Hbr., Maine

    • sbranch says:

      xoxo Lori!

    • stephanie says:

      Such a great post! I love hearing all these stories.

    • Hello Lori, your comment about your Dad polishing everyone’s shoes sure brought back Saturday Night memories of my childhood. My mother was so loving and made sure all of our shoes were polished and shined weekly and I carried that on with my daughter and made sure her shoes were always clean and shiny. I truly think that is a lost art today?? I always heard having clean shoes was a good first impression and I have to admit I normally do look at childrens shoes. My mother also had an assembly line on Saturday nights of washing 3 girls hair and then rolling our hair so tight we went to sleep smiling haha and again I did that to my sweet daughter and now I wonder how she ever managed to get any sleep. I do think some trends are better left in the past and things are just more relaxed today. Thanks for the Memories and have a Wonderful Holiday. Blessings

      • Christie Ray says:

        This was the rest of our saturday evening tradition, as well. Is it showing our age, that our parents cared enough about our shoes being polished for Sunday morning? We also washed our hairbrushes, of course after the shampoo. My dad would dry my hair with the tube of the hairdryer that normally attached to the “bonnet”. It would take forever, as my hair was long…and then he’d say, “now, go show your mother.” With 4 children, he certainly did his part, in the Saturday evening rituals. So thankful for incredible parents.

      • Lori from Maine says:

        Deborah, I remember the rollers too. Ouch:( ! Blessings to you too.
        xoxo from SW Hbr.

    • Hey, Lori,
      I grew up in Gorham, Maine, and “American Chopsuey” with ground beef, Campbell’s condensed cream of tomato soup, and elbow macaroni was a staple meal. I loved it. Even in CT I would make it often for my hubby and two boys. Sometimes I added some cubes of Velveeta cheese and topped it with sautéed onions. Delicious, filling, easy, economical, and usually provided some leftovers. What part of Maine are you living in, Lori? I’ve been in CT for over 40 years, but I still think of Maine as home!

      • sbranch says:


      • Lori from Maine says:

        Hubby and I live in Southwest Harbor, on Mt. Desert Island. You’ve probably heard of our more “popular” neighbor, Bar Harbor. We’re on what’s referred to as the “Quiet Side” but it’s getting busier and busier as the years go on. Nice to hear from you!!

    • Dawn from Minnesota says:

      Hi Lori, just wanted to let you know that a girlfriend (me!) just ate brown bread for the first time, up in the Northern part of the country….where it is snowing like a snowglobe right now!!! I ate the first piece of bread fresh from the can, while another piece toasted…..and then, while I buttered and ate that piece, another was in the microwave heating up… see, I wanted to try it all ways!!! I like the toasted and buttered way best!!! My tummy is very full and I may have to fake-eat my dinner tonight! I liked it, I liked it!! It’s been a long time….but, I think… the flavor reminded me of a candy called Mary Jane’s….molasses….but in cozy bread form! In Minnesota, your chop suey is called our Hamburger Goulash/Hot Dish….elbow macaroni, tomato sauce/stewed tomatoes, hamburger, and red kidney beans…..and every Mom had her secret dash of this and dash of that! 🙂 Funny thing, Saturday nights my freshly washed hair was full of Dippity-dew, rags, and spoolies! And when all the stuff was in our hair to make it curly and beautiful……my Mom would put a pair of our clean underwear on our heads to keep everything tucked in…….but usually, by morning, something always managed to fall out of a leg hole!!! And, while all this was happening, my Dad was shining the shoes! We really are, much more the same, than we are different!!!! 🙂 Uh-oh….my daughter can’t get the car up the driveway….better go find my red shovel!!! Take Care and thanks for the memories!!!!! 🙂

      • Lori from Maine says:

        Underwear on your head! What a great idea. Mom bought me a frilly pink hair bonnet (I guess that’s what they’re called) I thought it was pretty snazzy!!! (:

    • Kathy says:

      Growing up in South Dakota, we called the elbow macaroni, tomato sauce, hamburger dish, Goulash!

      • Sara D finally in Georgia says:

        I grew up in Connecticut and we called it goulash too. Elbow macaroni, stewed tomatoes, aground beef and sauteed onions…yummy!

    • Sandy Richmond says:

      Hi Lori, I grew up in Minnesota and have lived in New England now longer than I lived in Minnesota. What we call chop suey here in New England, we called goulash in Minnesota. It’s the same thing! We polished our shoes too so they were ready for church. Sometimes we had to use some Vaseline to get my patent leather shoes to shine.. I hadn’t thought about that in years.. 🙂

    • Pam Bengier says:

      My dad also polished shoes on Saturday night – what a great memory. He kept all of the supplies in an old lunch pail of his – which I now have.

    • judi says:

      Interesting what you call chop suey we in MN would call goulash. Also:) when you said “hamburg” – the first time i heard that was my neighbor from Erie, PA. I said you mean “hamburger”? No, she said, “hamburg”. Uff da, I said:) Never heard THAT before. Hamburg is a town in Germany:)))) Then a friend from New Hampshire said it that way….so I discovered it’s an Eastern thing:) This country is soooo interesting:)

      • Lori from Maine says:

        I’ve meant to comment on your “uff da” for a while Judi. My grandmother was from Stockholm and Grandfather from Norther Sweden (Lapland). They didn’t say uff da as much as my uncle did. I even have an uff da tee shirt! It’s fun to wear because not many people know what it means. I also called my grandmother Farmor – I thought everyone’s grandmothers were Farmor and Nana. I love the Farmor usage – it’s so special!

    • Marianne in Hidden Meadows, SoCal says:

      Oh, Lori — you brought back such a wonderful memory for me! On Sunday nights during the Ed Sullivan Show, my 3 brothers and I would all sit at the breakfast counter with newspaper spread before us and various colors of shoe polish all lined up (brown or black for the boys and usually white or navy or tan for me), and we’d polish our shoes for the school week as we watched Ed and Topo Gigio, the cute little mouse who always asked in his funny little accent “Eddy, kiss me goodnight” and all the other wonderful entertainers on the show back then. Life was simpler then, but so fun!

      • Lori from Maine says:

        My brother and I watched Ed Sullivan too – remember the Beatles? I loved Topo Gigio – I wanted him for a pet!! Another memory was watching Lawrence Welk (sp?). I thought the bubbles coming up were magical and the Lennon Sisters were wonderful. After they sang (if it was early in the show) I had to go to bed! Ahhh, sweet memories. You’re right, life was so much simpler and I think, sweeter.

        • Janet [in Rochester] says:

          We were an “Ed Sullivan” family on Sunday night too! I think just about everyone watched Ed! But first we had to get washed and “jammied” – then we could watch “Lassie” and “Sea Hunt” [I think] and also “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” because my dad was a nut for anything educational on TV. Then Ed came on. I remember the Beatles when I was 7, and guys who could spin plates on sticks 10 feet in the air, and Senor Wences with his “talking fist” and Topo Gigio and literally every music and comedy act in the world! How did TV ever get away from variety shows? They were the best in the 60s for sure… :>)

  21. cindy says:

    Loved the Dec. calendar page! One of my favorite food recipes is bread with butter, sugar, and cinnamon toasted in the oven. When I was a little girl in the 60s we lived in England in a house with only a fireplace for heat. In the mornings my Mom would warm the kitchen (where we changed clothes) by fixing this treat. To this day it represents comfort and warmth!

  22. Betsy in Pennsylvania says:

    Sometimes I think you have a crystal ball! My sister and I were just discussing B&M Brown Bread the other day. We can’t find it in our markets any longer and both of us are on the hunt. We would slice it and put cream cheese between two pieces…..YOM-MO!!! With a cup of Earl Grey who really needs to win the lottery. Like you said ,it’s the little things that add to our life. Happy Holiday Susan and best wishes with the photo shoot. Tell the kittiy’s to smile for the camera. xoxo

  23. Lucy says:

    Good morning, Susan,
    You stirred up many memories of my sister enjoying this Brown Bread. It was her favorite.


  24. Barb McDuffee :-) :-) says:

    Oh my goodness! I remember this bread in a can. Totally forgot it was part of my Mom’s pantry when we were kids. Mom is in heaven, and the house no longer exists, but thanks to you Susan, the memory does. Hugs and Sunshine to you and yours! 🙂 🙂

  25. Pamela C Betz says:

    Your blog is the first one I check each morning and I was lucky and found a copy “Autumn” on Amazon. I paid dearly for it but since I buy my own gifts I was thrilled.

  26. Deborah Norling says:

    I wish I had a way to take a poll to see how many of us went out yesterday to find brown bread in a can ! I found the beans with the same brand name..but no bread…I pictured all of the “girlfriends” madly dashing about from store to store in a desperate search for brown bread in a can…”Oh, the power of Susan” !! It will be interesting to see if the ..bean the B&M head quarters notice the surge in brown bread in a can, sales While out searching…I was reminded of something Susan and others have said in the past….it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey … I did meet some of the nicest people while out hunting….most remembered it..and stopped to share child hood memories, which made the search a pleasant endeavor.

  27. stephanie says:

    I LOVE brown bread and didn’t know it came in a can! If all goes well I’ll be picking up a few cans today at the store and be eating it tonight! Great post as always. I so adore everything New England – so I’ve loved all these stories of New England dinners with brown bread, hotdogs and baked beans from all the girlfriends. Having had no electric (thanks Hurricane Sandy!) for 2+ weeks – this would have been a great product to have on hand.

    I’ve always made my own brown bread (I make it in old coffee cans!). Here is a recipe from a pamphlet I bought years ago at “Old Sturbridge Village” called “Old New England Recipes” by Bear Wallow Books:

    Boston Brown Bread

    2 c. buttermilk
    3/4 c. molasses
    1 c. raisens (optional)
    1 c. whole wheat
    1 c. rye flour
    1 c. cornmeal
    3/4 tsp. baking soda
    1/2 tsp. salt

    Combine buttermilk and molasses in bowl. Stir in raisens and set aside. In another bowl combine all dry ingredients. Blend into liquid mixture. Pour batter into two well-greased coffee cans (5 1/4 inch x 3 3/4 inch). Cover the cans tightly with foil and place on a rack or trivet in a dutch oven. Pour boiling water to a depth of 1 inch into the dutch oven. Place lid on oven and simmer over low heat 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Add more water to dutch oven as needed.

    (personally I cook these in my big canning pot with a cake rack in the bottom.)

  28. Debra V. ~ Southern California says:

    Oh yes, I do remember that bread in a can too. We always had a can of it in the pantry too. Also I remember my mom made a very similar brown bread and baked it in a coffee can. It was yummy as well. Thanks for reminding me of this bread I can purchase off the store shelf. I will be sure to share it’s goodness with my family this Christmas season. Maybe it will be a favorite memorie of my family long after I’m gone to heaven. But while I’m still hear I’m going to treat myself to this wonderful bread today. It’s true, it is a miracle in a can! Especially toasted and bathed in butter. Yum!

  29. Actually, I just discovered Vermont Country Store has tins of date nut loaf that sounds similar to the steamed puds we used to have. I think the ones my nana made are no longer available.

  30. Martha B says:

    Growing up, we always had B & M brown bread with hot dogs and baked beans for Sat. night supper, too. You’d slice the brown bread and butter one side, then grill it in a pan with melted butter–yummmm. Don’t think I have any on hand now, but am going to put it on the shopping list.

  31. Betty says:

    Love your blog, Susan…please include me in the drawing! Merry Christmas!

  32. Christy in SoTex says:

    Oh my goodness, Susan! What a blast from the past you’ve brought me today! I knew what it was the minute I saw the first picture. My mother used to keep this in the pantry, too. I had no idea that they still made it. Imagine that. She’d make a pot of navy beans and ham and serve B&M brown bread with it. So, so good! What a wonderful memory you’ve brought back to me!

    Thanks, Susan!
    PS: Adding this to my grocery list right now!

  33. Faith rose says:

    Susan Thank you for this post, i’m sick and this little post made me happy!Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to give us a little something!Hope you have a great day! Faith

  34. Katy Noelle says:

    Oh! You’re just wonderful, You! 🙂

  35. Paulie says:

    Good Afternoon Susan!
    Oh my, I recognized that sweet to eat before I even saw the can! Boy does that ever bring back great kitchen and mamma memories! To tell you the truth I had completely forgotten about it though so todays post was a real bonus to me!
    As for entering the contest, well I sure would if I had better luck, but seeing as how I never win anything I gave up entering any at all …..saves stress, lol! The tea cups are adorable as can be though. Good luck with getting the house ready for our Yankee Peddlers. How awesome! They are super smart in their choice ! xx

  36. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    I’m sitting here at my computer sipping tea and munching toasted B&M brown bread with raisins–toasted twice in my toaster oven–spread with butter, and I am happy to report that it is just yummy–and fat free!! I found it at my local Kennies Market. Checked the baked beans aisle first and didn’t find it, so I asked at the customer service desk. They keep it above the salad bar. There were three cans on the shelf, and I bought two. It’s definitely something I will keep on hand in the future. Kennies had it priced at $3.99 per can–worth every cent!!

  37. Carol Maurer from Eureka, CA says:

    Hi Susan~~~ Thanks for a post to read this morning! Am off to work in a few minutes. I will savor the B&M bread all day, lol. I’ve had it before…. my cousin, in New Hampshire introduced it to me years ago. Very good. A bit different as it’s not really sweet, but sweet enough.

    We woke up to frost this morning! Winter is here.

    Am anxious for the cookie recipe. Got all my ingredients that I will need for baking and will buy them all tomorrow at the store. Next week will be filled with baking and smelling the great smells of cookies.

    Carol M

  38. Barbara from North Grafton, MA says:

    OMG, Brown bread. Our family of 9 kids and 2 parents ate this every Friday night with hot dogs and beans. We never toasted it as my mother always heated it up in the oven. What memories… Can’t remember the last time we all sat around the dining room table and ate a meal together as we are soo spread out from one part of the states to another. Miss those times and try to continue this tradition with our 2 boys ages 23 and 21. These are the times that I miss our mother so much as she was always continuing our traditions. We would never miss a Friday night meal.

    • sbranch says:

      Life in a big family is just amazing — I’m sure it’s so in small families too, but big is the only way I know — and it was wonderful!

  39. Jack says:

    Couldn’t find your wonderful canned beans in the bread –( dontcha just love bean and raw onion sandwiches “on fresh white bread ? )
    — so anyway ,not to be missing out ……I opened a can of Bushes Brown Beans and plugged them in all around that loaf — how tasty and the browning of the slices in the frying pan sealed most of the beans into place –goes so good with sliced fried Kielbasa ……!

  40. Jamie Bergeson says:

    I just love your blogs and all your ideas!!! Can’t wait for the chocolate chip recipe!!!!

  41. Joanie B from San Diego says:

    :-O I had totally forgotten about that bread!!!! I remember I loving it as a girl too, and I can smell its crispiness in my mind, I am putting it on my grocery list too, for an emergency treat, yummy! I just love this blog, I get a happy jolt after every read, now I am off to make finger sandwiches for our Ladies Christmas Tea, more good fun!

  42. kathleen dohack says:

    I can’t remember if I entered or not so if not, here I am, entering. Love your blog so much, it is so sweet and memory-provoking. Thanks

  43. Pat Holland says:

    Hi Susan,

    My mother also served brown bread when we were children, which we loved. She now lives with me and I am going to get some to share with her. She will love that. Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory. And, thank you for the moon bookmark from the Willard E-mail. Last year, I printed one for each of my grandchildren and they sometimes call me when there is a full moon and tell me the name of it. I am going to do the same for 2013. I might put the bookmarks in their stockings. I fold the bookmark, put packing scotch tape on both sides and trim it, leaving some of the tape around each edge and it looks laminated. Have a wonderful time with the Yankee Magazine people next week. I’ll be thinking of you.


    • judi says:

      I do that too:) Scotch packaging tape seals my recipe cards, homemade boxes, bookmarks:) and I have just become obsessed with cutting around the bottom of cereal boxes about 2 – 3″ up and papering them with designer/scrapbook paper then putting the packing tape around each edge. I use them inside drawers as dividers/etc. Hey, they work and are kinda cute:)

  44. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:



  46. Pat K says:

    I remember this canned bread from years ago but never tried it!
    Happy Holidays Susan to you and yours!
    Love your art!

  47. Tina says:

    Another wonderful childhood memory. I used to love Boston Brown Bread. I’m going to go out and buy some and recapture a little bit of my childhood!

  48. Jan says:

    I’m so happy I’m not too late for the drawing, Susan! What cute things and how fun it would be to have a tangible reminder of the joy you’re sharing as you prepare for Christmas. I have had brown bread from a can and agree it’s yummy. My favorite bread in a can, however, is a date bread my mom would get once in awhile when I was young. That was a special treat at my house.

    • sbranch says:

      Lots of people have mentioned that, I don’t think I know about it … do you remember the brand name?

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Susan, FYI: Vermont Country Store has it–same brand from childhood. Our local stores don’t have it… (LOL–they aren’t paying me! 🙂

        • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

          And as some of the girlfriends have commented, we, too, ate it with cream cheese spread on it…that was, growing up in Iowa! 🙂

  49. Sharon - Ohio says:

    I remember the bread in a can, not sure it was the same brand being from the south but I remember it being really yummy. Would like some right now with that tea I can’t seem to get to thru this screen. lol Good to hear from you, know you ar busy. Hugs and XOXOX

  50. Tiffany Thiele says:

    Susan, you inspire and delight! My dear friend Melody bought me one of your cookbooks many years ago. Though while Melody and I live too far apart to visit often, I always think of her and her warm personality when I see your email newsletter pop in.
    Thanks for all the beauty you bring to the world!

  51. Rhonda P. in Woodson, TX says:

    Never heard of the “bread in a can” down here in the south! My boss is going to look for it at a Central Market. Looks wonderful!

  52. Arlinda says:

    Bread in a can. I’ve been thinking of this all night. That’s not good because I went to the market this afternoon and just happened to find it on a shelf. I need to shed some pounds before the Christmas main event. Saying I’ll eat just one is a lie. Maybe can I can watch my husband eat it. What do you think?

  53. Sharon Cloyd says:

    Loved your post and reading the comments. Have never had canned bread, but I too will be checking out the local grocery stores. Your posts make me smile after a really long day at work, I am an only child and always envied large families…I enjoy reading about everyone’s family traditions and makes me realize that I should start up a few more with my son, who is also an only child. Thanks Susan!

  54. Debby says:

    I would like to win.

  55. Marlene says:

    Ah yes, brown bread in a can, remember it well…got to try it again as an adult!
    Thanks for the memories Susan….

  56. Kathryn from CA says:

    Thank you for that delicious tip! I had not heard of this bread, and will definitely run out and get some! BTW, will you be carrying the Heart of the Home Poem dish towel in your shop again? I do not see them on the website. Thanks!

  57. Sharon Cloyd says:

    What does it mean when it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”? Is my comment actually posted?

    • sbranch says:

      It means that I am slow .. Because this blog seems to attract spam to the point of ridiculousness, I have to approve each post. Which I love anyway, because it’s so fun to read them, but if I’m busy with something and don’t get on the computer, and this is the result. So sorry, but better late than never!

  58. Barbara from NC says:

    I grew up eating brown bread (my mother was from Boston). It is also yummy
    with cream cheese!

  59. Pat from Long Island says:

    Susan, I am living this holiday season vicariously through your blog. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. We were hit badly by hurricane Sandy and my house is gutted and in the long process of repair. In retrospect we’re blessed, my neighbors have many more hardships to bear and mine are just inconveniences. I am so missing the excitement of the season; baking, decorating, wrapping, hosting parties, although, for sure I will be indulging in the “spirits” a little hot toddy anyone? I just wanted you to know how much I look forward to your posts during this season. I would love one of Joe’s wreathes, if I didn’t miss the deadline for your drawing. He did a nice job!

    • sbranch says:

      Pat…wishing you all good luck on getting things back to normal … terrible storm that was. I love your spirit! Embodies the season — you brave resilient New Yorkers. xoxo

  60. Susan, I just finished reading all of the comments (something I haven’t done in months) and I had to laugh at how many times “bless your dear patient heart” you responded with “check near the baked beans”…..honestly it gave me so much joy. Please do not take this as a negative comment because if I can find humor at this stage in my life believe me it is funny!!! I have to admit I have seen brown bread in a can forever and have never tried it. I wonder how many girls will find theirs with dust on the top of the cans?? haha All it takes to start a product stampede is just what you did with this blog……plant a seed in everyone’s mind (just like commercials), and off they go on a scavenger hunt looking for cans of brown bread!!! I might even have to put a can on my grocery list for next week and in honor of all the girls who were raised on “hot dogs, baked beans, and brown bread” every week (how in the world did I escape that trend)?? I will give the bread a try. Did anyone else grow up with Franco American Spaghetti in a can?? eeww it was to sweet for me and I think we might have had that once a week!!! I also remember Swanson’s TV Dinners or was it Banquet?? and bless my Mother’s heart we had to beg her to try one vs her wonderful meals she worked so hard to prepare. They had to be prepared in the oven and weren’t worth the energy they took to bake them (no microwaves). I loved the Turkey/Dressing with peas…, I wouldn’t even dream of eating one. I think the big draw was convenience. Thank you so much for making me laugh today I truly needed it. Have a Wonderful Weekend.

    • sbranch says:

      It probably would have been smarter if I would have said that the bread was often near the baked beans when I did the original post! 🙂 Always fun to find something “new”, vintage food!

      • Lori from Maine says:

        I loved Franco American spaghetti! Actually, I still have a little can of it every so often 🙂 !!

    • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

      Ugh, Deborah–yes, our family grew up eating that icky stuff out of the can called “Spaghetti”. I’ll never forget when I had REAL spaghetti at someone’s house and never went back to the canned stuff. “Bland” isn’t even the word for it… 🙂 We also thought the best eating treat was chicken potpies! Now, those we loved!!! Thankfully, I married someone who thinks the same though we’ve “graduated” to homemade ones topped with puff pastry, using frozen vegetables and leftover rotisserie chicken from the store! These childhood food memories are making me hungry!!!

  61. Susan in Maryland says:

    Trader Joe’s is selling Hobo Bread, same idea. very yummy toasted. I put a slice turkey and cranberry sauce on it a few weeks ago. Delish!

  62. Christie Ray says:

    I am so incredibly behind…and just now catching up on your posts. That teacup and note pad and live wreath are just too cute for words. And I am salivating over the brown bread in a can; I have never seen it and will have to make a search around town. I love your Christmastime posts and share your sentiments…must have traditional with a touch of whimsy:)
    Blessings for the holidays, dear friends and kitties,

  63. Jean O'Hara from Tracy, CA says:

    I never saw bread in a can – looks quite interesting. Maybe I will try it one day, because I do LOVE bread!! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see your house after it is all done up for the Yankee magazine people. 🙂

  64. Carol S. says:

    I would so love a decorated wreath for my front door fashioned by Joe and you!
    Happy Holidays from upstate New York.

  65. Ann from VA. says:

    I also keep a can of B&M brown bread in my pantry at all times! Toasted with cream cheese slathered on top is my favorite way to enjoy this unlikely gem….

  66. Julie says:

    I would not have guessed I could be tempted by bread in a can, but you’ve done it Susan! Curious to see where/if my grocery has it.

  67. -Gloria H------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ says:

    I never heard of canned bread, but after reading all the posts, it sure brought back some memories. I didn’t realize so many other fathers polished everyone’s shoes on Saturday night. Saturday was such a ritual… shopping, cutting the grass, washing the car, cleaning the house, getting everything ready for Sunday church, bathtime ! Times seemed so simple than. Thanks for the memories and I am going to check our Pick N Save for bread in a can 🙂

  68. Shelly says:

    I have been following you for years and can’t imagine my life without you in it. Everyday I race to see if there is something new. You have brightened up many a dark day. Thank you for all you do for all of us!!

  69. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for making each and every day so special for me . C

  70. Florence Rozler says:

    Susan, brown bread, to die for . Haven’t had it in years,can still smell it and taste it. On my list with cream cheese and done in an iron skillet to warm,Heaven !!!. thanks for reminding me what I was missing. {I’ll never get thin this way} Happpy Holidays from Lancaster, N.Y.

  71. Quiltnut says:

    I grew up eating brown bread in a can…i rather liked it. It brings back a lot of childhood memories. I love reading your Willards and the blog. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  72. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Just a “little note” to say a “big thank you” for your adorable “freebie” stationery I printed out to hand write my Christmas letters on!!! I just love the snowman amongst the Christmas trees!!! Also, thank you for the Christmas bookmarks I printed out to use as stocking stuffers for my college-age son & daughter. (They love your artwork so!!!!) God Bless You! (P.S. Can’t wait to try some of the Christmas cookie recipes featured in your recent Willard. Which one is your favorite?)

  73. Debbie from White Bear Lake, MN says:

    I couldn’t find B & M bread in MN, but my son is bringing me 5 cans from Massachusetts for Christmas!

  74. Dena says:

    I Love this stuff!!! the one with raisin are the best, i eat it for breakfast , or snack, But cant find it at my store, they sell the beans but not the bread, so i order online by the case, its a good food to keep on hand for storm backup food, You can Top with a little ice for a quick dessert, So yummy hot or cold.

  75. Laurie says:

    Hi Susan,
    The concept of bread in a can did not immediately whet my appetite but somehow you have managed to make it look and sound delicious. I have your 2013 calendar to replace your 2012 calendar – the months go by so quickly but your calendar makes me stop and appreciate the little stuff…thanks for that Susan! Wish you and the kitters and hubby, the best for the holidays.

  76. Dorothy Ann says:

    * Good Morning Susan *

    I’m liking your “post between posts”. I’m liking the December Calendar page.
    I’m liking the tea (chose my cup, the one with all the little red hearts on it) and the delicious B&M Brown Bread. I’m liking the tea towel with the cute quote and treats (what’s Apricot Dream?) from you and your kitchen, your “Heart of the Home”.
    I guess you could say, I’m liking your new post.
    It has one ingredient, Deliciousness!

    I received Willard on Wednesday… thank you, and I think it’s:

    W Wonderful.
    I Inspirational.
    L Lovely.
    L Lively.
    A Artistic.
    R Remarkable.
    D Delightful.

    Happy Weekend!
    * Dorothy Ann on Cougar Mountain, Washington *

  77. Patty from Michigan says:

    Dear Susan! I am now on a mission to find “B&M Brown Bread” oh I hope I find it here in Michigan! Oh, and thank you for writing your “Christmas Joy” little book, it’s one of my favorites and I sit and read it over many times every December. Merry Christmas!

  78. Gert~Iowa says:

    Well, the greatest news! We found the brown bread, with raisins I may add! The first store in town I called didn’t carry it anymore..sad! But the other one had it….but only 3 cans were left!! When I heard that I wondered how many Susan Branch followers do we have here in our city..that might have put a run on the B & M canned brown bread!! lol Well, after we have some for breakfast I shall tell you just how amazing it is!!


  79. Pam Bengier says:

    Hi Everyone!
    First, I loved the post about the garlands and Joe’s wreath. Everything is so pretty. I live in Orlando, so have also learned to use the greenery from my garden for decorations. Ever spray painted palm branches gold? They are pretty.
    About this post – I had seen recipes for brown bread, but did not know that it came in cans at the grocer’s. I looked today and there it was on the shelf! I look forward to trying it. Thanks, Susan, for the pretties and for telling us about the bread.

  80. TJ says:

    Hi Susan,

    Did you forget to tell us that you have a “one ingredient” treat at Costco on the book table?

    Super Sleuth that I am…your secret is no more. I purchased two of the most beautiful scrapbook kits…”Scrapbook – Simple 1 2 3″ by Susan Branch. One for me and one is a Christmas gift for a friend who gave me my first SB book years ago…your more than wonderful Christmas book.

    Oh-h-h JOY! The SB (pun intended) kit is about one-inch thick and loaded with goodies…truly a one-ingredient wonder.

    Best wishes for your photo shoot!

    TJ (in VA)

    • sbranch says:

      Isn’t that great! So much in one book — I forget sometimes to tell everyone…I think we carry it here in our webstore too.. I’m so glad you found it TJ! xoxo Thank you!

  81. Sherry Palla says:

    We got SNOW last night! [Just enough to cover the ground…but still very pretty!] Susan, you are so kind to call us girlfriends darlings!!! THANKS!! That helps make my day! Gonna make gingerbread cut outs this morning and of course soak up the Christmas carols and hymns!! Merry December!! xoxo

  82. Barbara Adam says:

    Part of my morning routine is checking your blog! Always a treat when there is a new post! (I remember brown bread from when I was a child, my mother loved it)

  83. Maureen says:

    Maybe a can of bread is all it takes for an enjoyable morning of reading comments.
    I do especially like the childhood memories. Ok. I like all of the personal stories. 🙂
    Have a good weekend! I’m joining those on the canned bread quest. Has anyone found it in the Detroit area?

  84. mary spring says:

    …wow…actually this is for Pat A. in Oregon…(for filling me in about Schmultzi and Black Peter)…I just got an e-mail from my younger brother in Gent, Belgium…he recently gave a lecture there on Microscopy and Bioimaging …(which I know nothing about..except that my bro is a genius…at any rate, he saw Sinterklass and Zwarte Piet in Gent and took a photo for me…oh my, Zwarte Piet is one you do not want to meet !!!!!…thanks for explaining all of that for me, Pat…love you all !!

  85. Tawni urrutia says:

    Good morning Susan! My kitchen smells heavenly, your Christmas Coffecake is baking in the oven, sending cinnamon-spice deliciousness all through out the house. It’s my Susan Branch way of saying, get your booty out of bed and let’s get our Christmas Tree!!! Happy Saturday!❤❤❤
    Tawni Urrutia in Lodi, Ca

  86. Sandy Wozniel says:

    Oh, Susan, you bring back so many happy memories! Yes, my Mother loved brown bread in a can with butter. I’ll try it toasted. xo

  87. Susan Roubal says:

    Susan- Thank you for reminding me of the B&B sitting in my pantry! I have never tried it toasted! Oh my, I know it will be good. My Mom used to slice, spread it thickly with cream cheese, and top it with another slice to make a tasty “snack-wich” we would pack up with a lunch and take on long trips down to the lower peninsula for Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa. Four kids and Mom & Dad happily munching B&B in the Vista Cruiser station wagon. Cut in quarters on a pretty tray it makes a party snack.

  88. Jan says:

    Have never heard of this bread in a can either. Sounds like a special little treat.Will have to try. Enjoy your quotes from you and different people. Have written some of them down to use in my scrapbooking. Where do you get them all?
    P.S. Don’t count me twice on the drawing but couldn’t resist leaving a comment on this post.

    • sbranch says:

      No, it’s OK, Vanna knows not to count twice … I’ve collected quotes forever, from books or if I hear one on TV!

  89. Debbie of Washington says:

    I get so overwhelmed with nostalgia sometimes when I read yours and the girlfriends posts! Gives me that little prickly feeling in my nose when my face is thinking of crying! I love you all, and – Thanks For The Memories!

  90. Erin says:

    I’m in the south, too, but grew up a Yankee, so I’m well-familiar with Boston brown bread in a can. Haven’t looked for it in stores here, but I bet I’ll find it! We Georgians are quite sophisticated, you know. 🙂 The giveaway assortment looks darling. Whoever wins it will be delighted, I’m sure. I know I would be! Just heard the mail truck arrive, delivering a Christmas present, I’m sure!

  91. Erin Perry says:

    B&M Brown Bread – does that take me back! We lived in Azusa, a small Southern California town about 20 miles east of LA., but my dad was from up state New York and every winter we followed his family tradition of having baked beans (with salt pork) and brown bread on Saturday nights. He made wonderful baked beans and my sister and brother and I were always so fascinated by bread that came out of a can! I haven’t had it for years – but after reading your post on Dec. 6 (the 13th anniversary of my dad’s passing) I went right out and got a can. Looking forward to some this weekend. Thanks for bringing back this memory and especially at such a poignant time of year for me.
    Erin in Morro Bay

  92. Victoria says:

    Oh Susan! What a sweet memory your brown bread has brought back to me!
    We used to call it Boston brown bread and can remember my mother fixing me brown bread and Philadelphia cream cheese sandwiches when I came home from school for lunch. Yummmmmm! We a used to all walk home for lunch back then. Memories of our cozy warm kitchen and biting into those soft yummy sandwiches is enough to keep me smiling all day!
    If you haven’t ever tried with brown bread with cream cheese, you’re in for a treat! I would have never thought up that combination myself, but I sure am glad my mother served it with so much love back then…I’ll just have make some soon!
    Thank you Susan!

  93. Pam Fortune says:

    Hi Susan
    Well I have just learned something new, I didn’t know that you could buy bread in a tin! I wonder if you can get it in England? I would love to try that. I am always ready for a tea break. Thanks for that!

  94. Marilyn says:

    I have heard of this bread, but never tried it. Now I will run to the market and see if I can find it there. It’s Ok to have the drawing now as I just know it is my turn to win and I am already signed up for the delightfulness.

  95. Maria M. says:

    Sooooo… after ordering the bread through Amazon, I was at a local supermarket yesterday buying my cookie ingredients and–lo and behold–they had the B&M bread. It was in the baking aisle of all things. I brought home two cans and had a party in my mouth this morning. Awesome, Susan.

    BTW, I asked Santa for two of your Heart of the Home Poem Dishtowels (pictured above) to match your recipe box and was sad to learn this week that he’s run out of them. *sigh*

  96. Holly says:

    I’ve never tried the canned brown bread, but it sounds yummy. My mother used to make persimmon bread, steamed in a can. We lived outside of Petaluma, CA near the ocean, and many old farms. In the Fall, she would see so many trees still heavy with fruit, and would ask if we could pick and split with the owners. But they never once wanted their half, so we would cart home boxes of persimmons, heirloom apples, pears and walnuts! We four kids were so embarrassed over all this, plus we knew that hours of peeling fruit were ahead of us! However, we loved the persimmon bread in a can. It was always made at Christmas. I haven’t made it in 25 years, but just bought persimmons. I hope it’s as good as I remember!

  97. K. Ross says:

    Your little world is always so inspiring and magical. Love it!

  98. Mary in Phoenix says:

    I too, like many others, have memories of this brown bread from childhood … Yum! Wanting to share the memory with my kids when they return at Christmas I called all the grocery stores in town and found out that stores in AZ haven’t had it in a while. Maybe the power of the Susan Branch blog will make them rethink that! So, being the resourceful person that I am, I checked on Amazon and found out that I can order an entire case of 12 for $36! We’ll have some to eat and some to give in little gift baskets with tea. Even comes with free shipping in 2 days if you’re a Prime member 🙂 Here’s the link:

    Can’t wait to see who wins the special gifts from your (and Joe’s) heart ♥ Knowing just how it feels to be a recipient of one of your amazing giveaways, I am already happy for the person who sees their name on your next post 🙂 Ho~Ho~Ho!

    • sbranch says:

      Won’t be long now Mary! I’m a decorating lunatic around here right now, but soon I’ll post the winner and the cookie recipe!

      • Mary in Phoenix says:

        Don’t know how you do it all … inspiring the world, reading every blog post, hosting a contest, and prepping your home for Christmas like you’ve never done before… AMAZING! Hope you’re decorating sesh went well today and that you can sit and sip a cuppa tomorrow while admiring your efforts . All the best with Yankee Magazine. I’m sure your home is the best they have ever photographed … as the “Heart of the Home” shines through ♥

        • sbranch says:

          We loved it, drove to Edgartown in case the garden center there had something else to send us to the moon. Thank you Mary!

  99. Liz Thomas says:

    Dear Susan, my mom always toasted the brown bread, too, and I loved it. It was always in the baked beans section of the store. When I had kids of my own I’d smear cream cheese on it and the kids loved it. I checked, nope, none in the cupboard, so I’ll get a few cans before they all arrrive at Christmas. They would have been so disappointed if I had forgot the “brown bread”. Thanks for the reminder!! Merry Christmas to you and all the girlfriends.

    –One of your newer girl friends!!

  100. judi says:

    Well, I have to catch up here. I have never heard of bread in a can from the store either. B & M are the ONLY beans I use in my bean casserole – the best.

    I used to make date bread, orange bread and banana bread in cans. Seems to me we saved the ones that were from vegetables and gold inside. The ones that were ribbed inside – no good – hard to get the bread out. I will have to write myself a note to check our local store for the B & M bread. Sounds delish. I have been crossing my fingers and toes that you would get snow for your magazine shoot. Sniff. Snow came to MN 🙂 wish I could blow some to you.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sort of turning my dining room into a snow room, so bah humbug on the snow! I’m making my own winter! 🙂 But don’t give up on the blowing it our way!

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