Hi Girlfriends!  How are you?  I’m fine, still working on our new book, I’m on a roll and so excited about it.  I know I keep saying, ‘SO close,’ and we are, but not quite done. I’m painting page 243 right now; I have up to page 247 laid out and ready to be written in pen and painted, and three more pages to finish writing after that.  Which means the book part of A Fine Romance will be done.  After that, only a few more things: the Index, Table of Contents, Copyright Page, Title page, and the flaps and spine for the cover — the end papers are done.  It sounds like a lot, but compared to where I was when I started, it’s a drop in the bucket! Book writing is funny. You do page one and you think you will never be done; you just plod along.  And one day,if you don’t give up, and that’s a big IF, it’s done! And it seems so strange!  You get to go out and learn how to live real life again!  You also get to do spring cleaning, Which is something I can’t wait to do this year.  I have done nothing to this house all winter, it needs me! It needs my little vases of flowers, and perhaps some new spring sheets, perhaps they will be pink!

I love my dust bunny, especially the pink bow in her hair.  I never get to show her enough!  She has the perfect attitude for spring cleaning, you can tell by her smile.  The reason she’s so happy is because that while she cleans, she listens to this MUSICA and knows all the words to this song. It’s perfect for washing dishes on a spring day with the windows open.  (I know, it’s still too cold for most of us, but I have a case of) 

And a brand new issue of my favorite magazine on the face of the earth showed up in the nick of time.

Here’s an inside page . . . Photographs of photographs usually aren’t that great (not mine anyway) but the general gist, the takeaway that I got was . . .

We should be paying attention to PINK. This issue was so festive and cheerful, it took my fever down a full two degrees so I thought I would give you some of my own brand of pink!

Can you almost smell them? So Pink! It’s my own “Branch-Like Living Magazine.”  Free on your local internet news stand now.♥

What magazine worth its salt wouldn’t have a recipe in it?  So let’s drink to Pink!

Pazzazzy start to the day, keeps us in the . . . OK, I promise not to do that. ♥

Anyone having a birthday this week?  This is for you …♥

Love Pink embroidered vintage dishtowels.  They are so cheerful!

 One of my favorite things, this little child’s cup.  Doesn’t say a thing on the bottom, but it called my name from a shelf in an antique store a long time ago. 

 Last spring, Angelique tulips in my garden. From the Gardening section of our magazine.

And every so often I feel the urge to Paint in Pink too.

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed!

Coconut CakeI tinted the frosting PINK to make it a Circus Cake with animal cookies and gumdrops.

 Joe and I went to the Gift Show a couple of years ago and because I love Pink, I had to have a photo of this. 

Pink roses in my picket-fence garden, I forget the name of this rose, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of these!

I use seashells to decorate in the Summer . . . I have them everywhere, in the bathroom, on the porch, on the adirondak table out back . . . 

I found this cheery little pillow case with all the tiny French knots at a yard sale!

We used to have this wall-hanging in the Vintage section of our webstore, but I think it belongs to one of you girlfriends now.  I kept a picture because it is so adorable!

 Some of you might know that for a few years I worked for a company designing pajamas.  That was fun!

My garden seems to know the words to the song too, it certainly looks happy!  You should see it now.  Everything full of promise, but that’s all, just a wing and a prayer, waiting for spring!

Homemade applesauce in Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz

A little selection of rose and pink depression glass at a summer dinner-party bar.

 Here we are again, back at the Gift Show in New York, looking at pink ballerina sheets!

 I’m sure this was originally part of a pitcher and washbowl set, but something must have happened to the bowl, because the pitcher was all I found.  Maybe that’s why it was so inexpensive.  I use these pitchers to serve water and ice tea at summer parties (or whenever I need a giant vase).

First sign of spring — quilt-flapping under the maple tree.

A “before” picture of the arbor — Joe rebuilt it and painted it last summer, with climbing Pink New Dawn roses, so romantic.♥ Especially with fireflies and candlelight.

And to carry the theme through, this was my orangie-rosey-pink breakfast this morning!

I guess that’s all for now girls.  Joe just got back from the hardware store and said, “It’s 52 degrees outside! Let’s go for a walk out to the water!”  And I am saying, “YES!”  I hope you all have a wonderful day! ♥ Next time we get together, I’m going to take you to California!  For some fun in the sun!

  And I promise I’ll update the blog more often as soon as I turn the book in. Thank you for being patient — I love reading your comments! ♥ I’m taking a few days off from the book to design next year’s calendars!  So that’s what I’ll be doing when we get home from our walk. I have so many ideas! Can’t wait to start doing it. Everything needs to be turned in and done by April 1, so you can see it won’t be long now! And then I’ll be doing the Happy Dance right out to the garden! Love you!  xoxo

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691 Responses to PINK

  1. Sherrie Collins says:

    I LOVE all of the pink – it’s my favorite color! I can’t wait to put out my pink Depression glass and Johnson Brothers’ British Castles dishes. Next week I’m going to England for spring break. I will be thinking of you. My husband has planned a whole day of Jane Austen for me in the country. So excited!

  2. Marian Luther says:

    YES! PINK! Can’t wait to get my own copy of UK Country Living celebrating my most favorite color of all! (which I personally think is the best color ever 😉 And thank you always, Susan, for all of your posts. We adore them when we can get them but knowing the quiet time in between is because you are working to bring us yet another wonderful book makes the wait worthwhile; so excited for it!

  3. Liz says:

    Honestly, whenever I don’t think I can manage another day of cold, wind, and wet, I can read your blog and it is an instant pick-me up! Thank you, thank you! And, thank you too for your Morning Thunder recipe. My husband and I are working on losing the Winter-10 (you know, sorta like the Freshman 15); our Vita Mix is our new best friend and this recipe will be a welcome addition to our mornings.

    P.S. I have those watermelon jammies!

    • sbranch says:

      My girlfriend in England LOVES her VitaMix. I don’t have one, do I need one?

      • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

        Susan, The new vita-mixes are amazing! We have an old one and use it all the time. You can make soup in them–warm and ready to eat straight from the mixer! I mostly make smoothies. We love ours!

    • Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

      I try to make morning smoothies several times a week. I read somewhere to add a tsp of flax oil to the smoothie (you cannot taste it and it’s one of those healthy oils) . I keep blueberries frozen and always add a handful of them as well. 🙂

      • Kathy, Orange CA says:

        I use a Blendtek blender every day only because it fit under my kitchen counter better. If you can’t eat the required veggies and fruit every day that nutritionist recommend, this is the best way to do it. I put an apple, a fist ful of greens, carrot, blue berries, strawberries, celery, cucumber. I make it different everday. Whatever I have fresh and whirl it around in seconds it becomes a delicious drink. I watched the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dying. A great inspiration. I have lost weight since I started and feel much better.

  4. Hello Susan,
    I love Pink.
    Blue is my first favorite color and pink is second.

    Thank you for all you do!

    I love the dust bunny!

  5. Jaimee, Nampa Idaho says:

    I LOVE your “Pink” Blog!!! It makes me want to go home a do pink all over! I am looking for a way to organize all of my vintage pillow slips, dresser scarves, doilies etc from all the past generations. I think I’ll do by COLOR. Then tie off with that color Rick Rack. Also from my Grandma, way back when…. I LOVE your pajamas, I have 4 pairs off them, you are all I wear to Bed. : ) XOXO

    • sbranch says:

      I have never heard that before! 🙂 I like your idea of organizing everything by color!

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Where did you find them??? Someone said they had one with a gingerbread man!!

    • Jane F. says:

      It’s a great idea, and it really helps. I bought some of those canvas storage “tubs” (open on top?), and labeled them “red” (Christmas/Valentines); blues/greens; yellow/gold/orange (for autumn); pastels (Easter/spring) etc. Then separated out all my decor and linens into the separate boxes and lined them up on my linen closet shelves. It is great to just grab the box I need when I change out my seasons.

  6. Genie Blatecky says:

    Greetings and smiles from Raleigh, North Carolina! Hubby just returned from Abingdon, England. : ) Had to smile when I spotted the round china wall plaque on your blog (“When this you see, remember me”), as my mother gave the same one to me years ago. I lost her 4 years ago, but the “joy” she created every day of my life lives on. She used to say, “Contentment consists not in getting what we want, but in enjoying what we have.” Oh! Have you ever thought about having a Susan Branch line of greeting cards?

  7. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    This post is definitely PRETTY IN PINK!!!! I have come to love the color pink, though my heart still belongs to blue… but they make a beautiful combination! Oh, those roses….dreamy!…. your little bunnies are so cute too!… I especially love the Somebunny Loves Me one with the hat!… maybe a bookmark in the making??? Are we too demanding?… sometimes I fear we(I) might be. Your art is so beautiful and such a spirit lifter!… thanks for keeping us in the loop! I am with everyone else in counting the days to the new book, though I am sure it will be here before we know it!!! It is sunny here today after a gray/rainy day yesterday, but that was o.k… I think we might be having our last fires of the season in the fireplace and that is kinda bittersweet, but by then will be ready to sit on the porch or patio and feel the breeze in my face.. I am thankful for the rain/snow we have had because our area is no longer in the drought condition from the scorcher of a non-spring/summer/fall we had last year!… Take care Susan and enjoy these days.. how exciting to finish a project.. almost makes the fingers twitch just a little faster I’m sure!!!
    Great week to you and all the Girlfriends!

  8. Nellie says:

    Pink! What a favorite color around here! With three daughters, we had much pink around while they were growing up.

    Those pajamas – I happen to have three pairs of them – two for cool weather, and one for warmer weather. Wish I had another for warm weather.

    Loving that pitcher! So many of those bowls and pitchers became “only one” through breakage. When I was a child, I hoped to one day be the recipient of the blue patterned one my grandmother had, but alas! It didn’t make it that long.:-(

    What a cute illustration of that “dust bunny!” If mine were that cute, that would be why they seem to be hanging around so long.:-)

    Those pink depression dishes remind me of my own, part “inherited” from Mother. Pink Dogwood depression glass is a favorite of mine. I remember one of your posts, a while ago, about pink glasses. It motivated me to go looking the next time I was out “antiquing,” and I have found several that I brought home with me since then.

    We have sunshine here today, with high temperatures in the low fifties. I think Spring is on the way!

    xo Nellie

  9. Dinahsoar says:

    I’m certainly ‘in the pink’ after reading your delightful, wonderfully lovely blog post. I’m giddy for spring too. And no apologies necessary–we gf’s don’t want to burden you–you are a very busy person, so we’ll be patient and wait for all the goodness you are producing. Of course we love reading as many blog posts as you are able to write. You know exactly how to make our day and make life better than it already is! We love you Susan Branch. And Joe too…he’s a great guy, I just know it. Can’t wait to go to California!!…from the hills of TN.

  10. Teresa G., Lafayette, CA. says:

    Don’t worry about us, Susan. While I love an updated blog, I know you’re working like a fiend to get the book done and if I’m beside myself with anticipation, I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling! Have a fun walk in the sunshine and now I have to go get my pink dishes back out. (What was I thinking putting them away after Valentine’s Day?!)

  11. Cathy says:

    I too have an arbor similar to yours here in my backyard in Southern California. It has Zephrine Drouhin roses (coral-pink) growing up the sides.
    I am curious if your arbor with the Pink New Dawn roses has ever blown over? I am guessing you have strong winds on the island.
    My greatest fear is for a strong Santa Ana wind to come along and blow it right away!

    • Linda from Lancaster Co. PA says:

      Cathy, I am thinking of getting Zephrine Drouhin roses. Do you like them? I know you live in a different climate, but how long do they bloom? Do they really repeat bloom? Is the color light coral-pink or darker in color? I hear they don’t have many thorns so that would be a great plus! If you have time, I’d love to hear from you.

  12. Kate says:

    Happy for you and happy for us that your book is almost done. I know the day I get it in the mail it will be a day for celebrating and stopping everything to look at every page. Happy Spring!

  13. Pat Johnson of Paso Robles says:

    Just returned from a visit with my 3 little grand-girls – who absolutely LOVE pink! In fact they are known to fight for the right to have PINK! Twins are 4 1/2 and the little one with the strawberry blonde CURLY hair and very fair complexion is 2 1/2…they LOVELOVELOVE their Funny Grandma. I love pink as well and have many dishes that are pink – including Johnson Bros. Rose Chintz and depression glass set. Happy to hear I am not the only one that lives with sea shells = but at my cabin in Newport, WA I spread them around during the gray days of winter – it brightens up that snowy day. Again – you are a trooper, working hard to complete our book. I am sooo proud of you. Know that you are loved and appreciated!!!! XXXXOOOO Pat

  14. Elaine McCallum says:

    Thank you for the update I have preordered
    The book and can hardly wait. We have a all group of girls on Facebook that love everything you do and appreciate you sharing so much. One “girl” lives in Boulder Creek Calif and is going to try to go to one of your book signings and get books for the group

  15. Charlene H. (S.F.Valley) SoCal says:

    Thank you for this post, Susan. I so appreciate ALL that you are accomplishing…blogging, finishing “our” book, creating calendars, and reading all these comments! I try to hold back, to give you one less thing to read, but interacting with all the loving Girlfriends and you is just too hard to resist! I savor/save reading your sweet blog like a delicious bit of dessert! Thanks for being such a loving, shining moment in my day.

  16. Angie V says:


    I have been getting Country Living magazine for years, but I see yours is British Country Living. Do you like the British issue? Do they have good articles, etc? Thanks!

    • sbranch says:

      Really good. It’s very different from the American version. It’s a lot about the English countryside and the people making a difference there. Lovely photography, lots of inspiration, and has recipes too.

  17. Carolyn (SoCA) says:

    Greetings, Susan,
    Thank you for taking time-out to create a “pink internet magazine” for us! You truly make everything just a little more fun! I ran (well, sauntered) out and bought two copies of UK Country Living, one for my friend and one for me. I want to eat it up! It is so delicious!

  18. Daralyn Ruchalski says:

    I am so excited you are starting the calendars for next year! This year I bought a wall calendar and the desk blotter. I am enjoying them so much. It is like a breath of fresh air each time I change the page 🙂 thank you!

  19. Mary Martin. (From Hermitage, TN) says:

    Your blogs always brighten my day. Thank you.

  20. Judith Gravlin says:

    Loved the new blog with everything pink! But I have a question, the March issue of “Country Living” is it the British Edition? I’ll be sorry to hear if it is because it looks lovely and I’m assuming since it is March it will no longer be available at the newsstand 🙁 but it certainly does not match my March Issue of the American Edition! I should pay closer attention and look for the British Edition at my local book store!

    • Cindy Stokes says:

      Hi! This issue does not match mine either. Your issue is WAY cuter than mine….the articles look good as well!
      This has been a great post Susan…well they all are but this one just draws me in. We have had sooo much snow and rain, the pink, the “Dust Bunny” (which I love!) and well…all of it, give me respect from my Ohio weather!
      Thank for that!
      Cindy in Ohio

  21. Judith Gravlin says:

    Loved the new blog with everything pink! But I have a question, the March issue of “Country Living” is it the British Edition? I’ll be sorry to hear if it is because it looks lovely and I’m assuming since it is March it will no longer be available at the newsstand 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      It is, but maybe you can find it!

      • Julie Marie says:

        Ladies, the British Edition of Country Living is available at Barnes and Noble book stores… they are almost a month behind getting it always , my store just got the March issue in today, so YES, they will be available there for a long time!… Susan, I did what you did, and subscribed through Amazon… but they tell me my first issue will take about 16 weeks for it to start, so in the mean time, I buy mine at B&N… can’t wait to get mine in the mail like you do, love it!… I am such an animal~Nature lover and you just cannot beat this magazine!… xoxo Julie Marie

        • elizabeth says:

          Also available (generally) at my Giant grocery store in Maryland! Love it….favorite magazine. It does disappear quickly though so check when the magazines come in. Also ask at B&N if you don’t see it….they may have additional issues in stock room.

        • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

          My lovely husband picked one up for me today while I was getting my hair cut – he had to hunt for it! Did anyone notice that lovely dwarf apricot tree developed in France??? I so want one of those! I wonder if it would thrive in a large clay pot? Hoping that they can be imported soon! Love the entire issue – I can see why so many GFs were so positive about this magazine! Perfect way to welcome spring this week!
          Cheers to all! 😉

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        The newstands always get it late in the month–at least that is the case at Barnes and Noble… 🙂

        • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

          I got mine yesterday. I love the camellias!!!

          • Laura says:

            Did you girls see the fabric “curtains” covering the lower cupboards in one of the kitchen pictures….sooooo cute and just like my great-grandma’s, but she had red and white gingham. Also, the artist who moved to Wales and makes the felted wool birds….beautiful!! This issue was exceptionally wonderful….just like you Susan and adorable Girlfriends!!! Xxxxooooo

          • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

            Yes Laura, I love those cupboard curtains too. I do that too. I even have some fabric like the fabric in that picture. Not enough for curtains, but maybe an apron!

    • Judy Young says:

      My local Barnes and Noble bookstore has it in, many copies in fact. Check bookstores that sell magazines

      • sondra fox says:

        MUST RUUUUUUUNNNNN out to get the Brit Country Living magazine at BN. I just ordered it, but my first issue won’t arrive for months! You girlfriends are so very helpful! I always have a “list” to check out right beside my computer. My “list” is always full of great suggestions you girlfriends provide me with. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

  22. carol oliver says:

    Hello Susan,
    delightful blog today…enjoyed it…but Pink….Will Joe like Pink sheets?
    I would…and I am confused, I thought you finished the Book…remember the crying when you finished the last page? you said you cried.
    your Home is already Perfect…no spring cleaning necesary….you had it Perfect when Romantic Homes…I think that was it…came and took photos of your Home for next years magazine…you did so much to get ready…the Home was perfect.
    thank you for the bright and cheery Blog….see you at Remnants…
    Carol O. in So. Calif. with the Red Toile Gravy Boat…xo

    • sbranch says:

      I did cry, but that was only the writing of it, not the actual putting it in pen and watercoloring it. Plus there’s all the extra bits, like the Index and table of contents and the spine, so I still have a little ways to go. See you there Carol!

  23. sandy says:

    Hi Susan! I love pink! I’m not a girlie girl and thinking pink was too much that, when I was younger I shunned it. Then I read Barbara Someone’s book, Color Me Beautiful, and learned I look best in pink, so guess what? It became my favorite color! Would that clothing makers would figure out pink is good all year round, not just Spring and Summer. I long for pink sweaters. Love this blog, so cheery today. Thank you sweets! xox sandy 🙂

  24. KAREN from Charleston SC says:

    I absolutely LOVE pink!! So, I enjoyed this BLOG VERY much!!! Can’t wait for your book to come out. Read down a little further and you’ll see why I need it now!
    My sweetheart of 47 years and I are going to start going through a very old huge trunk with LOTS of old goodies inside. No telling what we’ll find; most things from his grandmother and great-grandmother.
    Susan, remember when I wondered if my hubby and I could swing going on the Queen Mary 2 because of the cost? You wrote back and encouraged me to look into booking an inside stateroom since they were reasonable. Well, you were right, and am beyond thrilled to report we are spending two weeks in Merry Ole’ England and then returning back to the US on the Queen Mary 2!! Since my love has cancer coming home via the Queen Mary 2 sounded like the PERFECT way for him to rest after enjoying England. Thank you SO much for spurring me on to not be frighten to take the plunge to sail on such a beautiful ship. We are leaving in May.
    If you only had two weeks to sight see in England, what would you recommend? I covet your ideas as I know they would be perfect. Thanks in advance from one of your faithful followers.

  25. Judy Young says:

    LOVE the PINK blog!! One of my favorite colors….the sky here tonight was full of pink swirls. I must go out at lunchtime (from work) tomorrow and try to pick up a copy of the British Country Living. It is so much better than the US version. I have bought CL (not the British one) since it came out in the seventies, but just lately the issues have been really boring. I wrote them a letter last weekend and complained that over 60 pages of the latest issue were full page advertisements! I even went as far as to tell them that they should contact you Susan to breathe new life into their magazine! (I remember your wonderful pages with recipes). I told them too, that if they featured you (a monthly column or similar) that their circulation would soar!! Something to think about!

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing about “pink” things. Absolutely loved it.

    • sbranch says:

      Good for you for writing them, they need to know. Magazines are having a tough time these days, I feel sorry we’ve lost so many. xoxo Thank you for thinking of me Judy.

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Thank you from me, also, Judy. I wrote them a similar letter a couple of years ago. The American Country Living magazine is mostly ads now and the photos and few articles are always pushing a “modern” look. I have hoarded the old copies–full of antiques and real “country” decor, good recipes, articles featuring wonderful people like Susan. I have them sorted by month so I can pick up all of the March issues, for instance, and be immersed! I used to be so excited when I found one in the mailbox but no more and not for several years. I pick up the British version at Barnes and Noble but they seem to get it so late in the month. I’m wondering if a person subscribes to it, if they get it any sooner in their mailbox? But it is full of antiques, recipes, gardening articles, etc., like the “old” American Country Living magazine used to be. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want to listen to their readers… 🙁

        • Judy Young says:

          Hi Pat,

          I too have hoarded most of my old copies of Country Living, they were really good back in the day. I will use your idea of sorting them by month so I can refer to them easily. I have all the Christmas issues (of every magazine I ever bought) saved together and I look at this stack beginning in June and July. If I wait until November there just isn’t time to implement ideas! Call me naive, but why is it that some magazines have so much content and others are mainly advertisements. Example, the “Where Women Create Magazine” hardly has an ad in the entire magazine. I am cancelling my subscription with US Country Living, they are giving it away at $12 a year, but it’s not even worth that much!

          For all you anglophiles out there, Britain has another wonderful magazine along the lines of the British Country Living, it’s called Country Homes & Interiors. You can find it at Barnes and Noble bookstores. I discovered it in June, 2012 and that issue is a gem. So much good color and content, including gardens, recipes, pink stuff, great articles on local people and their crafts, houses, lifestyles, vintage things, it’s truly marvellous. You won’t be disappointed! Check it out. Thank you girlfriends for supporting my letter to US Country Living! I appreciate that!

          • Janet [in Rochester] says:

            “Pink stuff…” [love this]. :>)

            PS – thanks Judy – for the tip about “Country Homes & Interiors” – I’ve been looking for something else since I too gave up [American] Country Living about 8 years ago.

        • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

          I agree Pat! Great idea to sort old mags by month for decorating and cooking ideas!!!

    • Chris Wells from West TX says:

      That’s a great idea. I have been disappointed in CL for some time. I get out old issues (I have a lot) and reread them, they are much more interesting. And what’s with the new size of the magazine? Don’t see that as an improvement…it’s the content that’s the problem. And a Susan Branch column would be most excellent. I shall right this week.

    • lesley kemp says:


      • Angie V says:

        I used to love Country Living!! and now it is just not “country” to me. I so miss the days that I was excited when my
        Country Living came in the mail. I will have to subscribe to British Country Living. I wish they would bring back the old Country Living or that I had kept ALL my back issues. The pictures, articles, recipes, etc were great. I loved them so much I shared them and now I wished I had kept them. Boo-hoo!

        • sbranch says:

          I’m with you, wish I still had them all!

          • Lynn McMahon says:

            ~I miss Country Home magazine!~
            AND talking about country/vintage/antique things~ I don’t have a problem when some country/vintage/antique things get “flipped” or “re~invented” ~ I have done it myself ~ but for me~I usually like old, vintage, antique things the way they are~ lived with and loved!

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Lynn, I miss Country Home, too. I kept the December issues for years–now I wish I had kept all of them! It seems like they may have come out with seasonable “specialty” magazines a couple of times since…? I’m just trying to figure out how one goes about subscribing to the British version of Country Living, how much it is, and if one can send a check instead of using a credit card. Any information, girlfriends? Thanks. 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            You can get it on Amazon … I think it’s around $70 — comes from England, but to me it’s worth it!

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Thanks. Will check it out. Couldn’t figure out how much the subscrip. was because it was given in pounds (naturally) in the magazine. Will check on Amazon. Has to be cheaper than running to Barnes and Noble every month… 🙂

  26. Gail says:

    What beautiful cheer-filled pictures! Lovely! What a great find that pillowcase was – love it!
    I’m longing for any color at this point in our Minnesota winter. The first green we can usually find will be on the willow trees. My kids roll their eyes a wee bit at how excited I get, but I think they are secretly excited too! (Only it’s still a ways off.)

  27. Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

    Susan, is that picture of the Country Living Magazine the British issue or the American version? Thanks. 🙂

  28. Lydia Alejandro says:

    Ola Susan!
    I am a pinkie, my granddaughter is a pinkie
    also! I was excited to see all your pink items, like
    The flowers, china cups, linen…well all of it!
    Yawoza…how much excitement can my little
    heart take? Thank you for sharing some of your
    magic place with us girlfriends. I enjoy your
    blogs! Looking forward to buying your
    new book!

    Your Pinkie Friend,
    Lydia Alejandro

  29. Linda says:

    Your “magazine is much more enjoyable than Country Living…..I used to subscribe but finally quit when the ads took over…I counted pages of content vs ads and it was overwhelming the amount of ads. I get to look at so much eye candy on Pinterest that I have given up most of my magazines. I wish we had the really good ones back like ME’s and Country Home and House Beautiful.
    Your lovely antiques make me yearn for the ones I had to sell. I ordered a beautiful old washbowl aobut 100 years old on EBAY and they didn’t pack it right and it broke in transit…….I cried to think it had survived all those years and there it was in tons of pieces because of someone’s carelessness. We tried to reglue but to no avail. I love your pink as I am a pink and blue pastel home decorator (for moi!). It is so soothing to live with. Congrats on the book…I eagerly await mine! It was warm in Idaho today and my back is hurting tonight from too much gardening!! (But worth it) Love the bunnies!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I hope you didn’t throw it out! ~Re~use the pieces for a mosaic craft project of some sort!

  30. Marilyn S. says:

    I love this “pink post” as pink was my mother’s favorite color. Our kitchen had pink metal cabinets when I was growing up, her favorite flowers were pink roses and she loved pink depression glass. Don’t you just love it when a person has a favorite color their whole life and everyone knows what it is and if you give them a gift in that color, no matter what it is, they will love it!!

  31. Debbie P ~ Weedsport, NY says:

    What a pretty, pretty blog post, Sue! Now is the perfect time to freshen things up with the pastels, isn’t it? And PINK is the softest, sweetest and most feminine of the pastels…just love the feeling it evokes.

    One day, a long time ago, George and I were having a discussion about something…can’t even remember the topic now…but he chose a negative outlook and I was trying to put a positive spin on things. He finally said “Well, you know, Debbie, you always see the world through rose-colored glasses.” “Thank you!” I repied. “I love my rose-colored glasses…they make everything so pretty!” He just gave me “the look” and that was the end of the discussion. 🙂

    I liked the suggestion from another girlfriend here about doing separate posts about other colors…maybe a whole post on blue…or yellow….or purple. It’s easy to be inspired when you see so many beautiful photos of the one color.

    The anticipation for your book is growing daily…so proud and happy for you! No one deserves the attention more! You go, girl!


    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      Agree! Count me in as another GF who would love to see Sue’s “take” on all the other colors too – including brown, gray, black and white! :>)

  32. Pam Baker says:

    Dear Ms. Branch,
    I just wanted to say thank you. Actually those two little words are woefully inadequate and in some ways are an injustice to the real feelings.

    My soul grows wings and is caught on the breeze of your pictures and prose. I cannot adequately describe the panacea your work is for me.

    Now, enough of the fluffy…on to the good stuff. I am a bit giddy thinking you might not have ever heard of them and that I might be the first to share with you. And I confess I will be disappointed if you’ve already heard or seen them. It’s a collection of BBC documentaries about farming life in England. The first one was about the 1600’s and was called, “Tales From the Green Valley”. I haven’t been able to find whole episodes on YouTube but the others, “Victorian Farm”, “Edwardian Farm” and “War Time Farm” are all on YouTube in their entirety. I have simply devoured them this last 2 weeks as I am very interested in farming and homesteading. There is also another series called “Victorian Pharmacy” which was quite entertaining especially since I am a nurse.
    There were some interesting recipes she made in the various kitchens that I am going to do some research on and then to try.
    Anyway….once again, thank you for sharing yourself and your loves with us. It is most humbling. Best of luck with your new book.
    With hearfelt gratitude and appreciation,
    Pam Baker

    • sbranch says:

      I will look for them, they sound wonderful! Thank you so much Pam!

    • lesley kemp says:


  33. Pam Baker says:

    P. S. I live in the same town that Rudyard Kipling wrote prolifically. His home is called Naulakha. Unfortunately it’s not open to the public at the moment. And I live a short drive from Tasha Tudor’s home. It’s a good place to be, this little spot of Vermont!

    • sbranch says:

      I wondered if his house in Vermont was open to the public — let me know if you hear that it is! Have you been to Tasha Tudors?

      • Pam Baker says:

        Alas, I have not been to Tasha Tudor’s home. Isn’t that always the case. You never see the things closest to you. My mother doesn’t live very far from Mark Twain’s home/Harriet Beecher Stowe’s homestead and has never visited! She plans to rectify that with her Red Hat group. But she and I did discuss it this very evening and we decided a trip to neighboring Marlboro was in the works in the near future. I will let you know how that turns out!

        • sbranch says:

          I’ve been to Mark Twain’s house, if you love Mark Twain, you will LOVE his house.

        • Mary says:

          We lived in Farmington, a stone’s throw from the
          Mark Twain home. A friend in the Embroiderer’Guild,
          Elaine, replicated the aging drapes in crewel embroidery….outstanding….and a sole effort on her part before changing her address to Heaven. They are
          not to be missed.

          • sbranch says:

            What a great thing to know! Thank you Mary!

          • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

            Impressive!!! We just don’t embroider like we used too.
            The flower sack towel kits or pillow case kits I have been looking at are $$$.

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        Would LOVE to see Tasha Tudor’s home! Have been a huge fan ever since my first principal gave everyone on the staff copies of Tasha’s Christmas book “Take Joy!” as gifts the first year I was a teacher… Have lots of her other books now too but 35 years later, still have & use ‘Take Joy’ every year. Love her scenes/art & especially her values. To me Tasha is the American Beatrix P! :>)

        • sbranch says:

          Not sure if you’re on Twitter Janet, I follow “Tasha Tudor and Family” and you can too! Natalie, who does the tweeting, is a sweetheart!

          • Janet [in Rochester] says:

            Thanks for the tip Sue! I’ll check it out. I fell in love with Tasha’s little world when I was given “Take Joy” – her descriptions of farm life, her family, her animals [especially those corgis], all the homey little scenes… I never finish reading anything of hers without thinking “if only.” :>)

        • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

          I agree Janet. I have always seen a comparison between the two women, and was proud that we have our own American version. Before my children were born I bought some books with poems and Ms. Tudor’s beautiful illustrations. I read poems to the boys before they could sit still for a whole story.

  34. Theresa says:

    Thank you for this post…. You are such a busy girl! I love your idea for the E magazine! Your art and lovely home and garden could continue to entertain the girlfriends!… Just kidding with you ! We are enjoying spring here in the pasture as baby calves are popping up everywhere! It’s a wonderful life that we have all been blessed to have! Spring blessings to you from the pastures of Texas!

  35. Asha says:

    Thanks again, Susan, for a wonderful blog!!!!! Think Pink for Spring! LOVE it! LOVE this blog. When I think pink, I think of “Pink”, the pop singer. Love her! Most of all, I admire you for all you are accomplishing and worrying about us girlfriends looking for your blogs! We do miss them but we understand how busy you are and we want you to take good care of yourself. So, don’t feel guilty about taking a break – you deserve it! Thanks for the recipes. I recently made the Carrot Spice Cupcakes with the Cream Cheese frosting! YUMMY!!!! Brought them to work and they were gone in a heartbeat! Love the Dust Bunny and all the pink dishes! Love ya! oxoxox

  36. Hello Susan! Greetings from Across The Pond!

    Someone once challenged me to count the number of shades of green in the countryside . . I think I can set the same challenge on the colour pink today . . oh, scrolling down those beautiful roses on the link . . I adore roses, one can never have too many roses . . David Austen or Peter Beale roses to look forward to in just about two months when RHS Chelsea happens . . a highlight of my year, I take the phone off the hook, put a ‘do not disturb’ on my door, and spend the week in front of the television hoping one day to be there in person . . sigh . .

    Singing “Spring, Spring, Spring” now . . while our temperatures linger marginally above freezing still and the wind chill factor taking everything to frosty levels as a late blast from Siberia whoooshes across the UK . .

    I have spent the day banging away on my felting machine, trying to make felt eggs for Easter . . not having much luck though, but have some lovely, brightly coloured, natural dyed merino wool tops to work with and am having lots of fun.
    My Great Grandmother used Johnson Brothers stoneware. I still have a few pieces, much loved but far to fragile to use now.

    ahhhh . . . longing for the warmer days ahead when the pink roses and tiny, paperlike pink geraniums, highly fragrant pink cloves, carnations of many shades of pink, deep pink foxgloves, tall pink hollyhocks, the coral pink dark centred poppies, and pink osteospurmums burst forth . . I even have a pink lavender plant or two!

    Failed to get on here yesterday, computer said “No!” so, having devoured your beautiful pink blog (along with some National Trust Chocolate Coated Cranberry Biscuits and a mug of tea) I’m off to read what the other Girlfriends have to say!

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Blue may be my favorite color inside, but PINK is definitely my favorite color in the garden. Between Susan’s pic of her garden and your flower descriptions I want to start my 2013 flower garden!!! Love your biscuits and tea too!

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      OMG! Counting the greens in the UK would be an impossible task – there are more greens on those islands than anywhere else on earth! :>)

  37. Julie Marie says:

    Oh my gosh Susan!… just when I think I have all of the Emma Bridgewater cups I can afford, you put on a new one I cannot live without!… I ordered the “Year in the Country~Easter” one… it is sooo adorable!… I like to use a different cup for each of the Seasons, and this will be my new Spring cup for coffee and tea… it looked like a different style than most of hers, so I did a little checking and see that it is Emma’s husband who did this one, how fun!… so, we may not get groceries for a week, (just kidding!) but I will have my new Spring cup!… your shop is the only place I shop anymore!… sitting here in my jammies, cup of tea by me, enjoying your daddy’s cute comments, and “shopping at home”… re~reading your “Pink” post… Springtime bliss!… love you, xoxo Julie Marie (I think I am addicted to your blog… can that happen???)…

  38. Juliana - Jackson, NJ says:

    I can’t think of a better word to describe this post, other then CHEERFUL! It just brightened up my day! But then your posts always make me feel better. 🙂 Who doesn’t love pink? Oh! I am so glad you will make time to do next years calendar – I think I have every one you made, and have saved them all. They are a diary of sorts, marked the milestones of my kids lives, all sorts of events that might have been forgotten! As always, thanks for all that you do for us! Hope all the good feelings that come your way from all of us ‘girlfriends’ make it spring in your home all the time!

  39. Not to rub it in, Susan, but it is supposed to be 89 degrees here in Arcadia, CA today! Hope you and Joe had a wonderful walk.


  40. Marsha MacLean says:

    Dear Susan,
    I took your spot-on advice, called up one of my girlfriends, drove to Long Beach, and went to the Royal Rendezvous of the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth! We had tea in the tea room, stood out on deck for all the fabulous festivities and booked a room aboard ship so we didn’t have to drive home so late.
    It was perfect! So glad you said it would be worth it, because it definitely was! I kept saying to anyone who’d listen, “my friend Susan said this would be wonderful!” LOL
    It was, most certainly a delightful event… And a highlight of Spring Break for both of us schoolteachers. I took lots of pictures to share with my other girlfriends and just had to write this morning, now that I am home again, to say a huge THANK YOU!
    Hope you have a good day finishing up our book. 🙂
    Sending encouragement your way!

    • sbranch says:

      That so interesting — you went! And to think she used to be the ship everyone took to England! It’s been a while since we were there with my mom and Grandma, but I thought they did a good job “leaving it the way it was” — we stayed overnight too — could you feel the history?

      • Marsha MacLean says:

        I absolutely felt the history! We felt like we’d stepped back into time, especially since the music being played on deck before the meeting of the queens was all vintage…
        There were a lot of great reminders of the past… Many vintage items still in place, and wonderful photos from when she sailed…plus menus behind glass from the old days.
        Just charming!

  41. sondra fox says:

    Aha, there YOU are!!!!! It’s OK for you to be quiet. Actually, I don’t know how you get soooooo much done. Loved your PINK blog. Don’t you just love it when a masculine man wears pink? I know I do. To me it says, “you betcha pink is feminine, but I’m proud of my feminine side & I’m not afraid to show it!”

    I ordered the Brit Country Living the other day. Now I have to wait. I’m not good at waiting. It’s supposed to arrive in May. I know I’ll just love it. I used to subscribe to Country Living (USA) when you did the lovely illustrated recipes. When all that went away, I quit taking the magazine.

    I’m not trying to make any of you feel jealous (perhaps you love the cold, snowy weather), BUT, here in So. CA it’s like summer. We sit on the patio each day taking it all in, knowing that we’ll soon be in over 100 degree weather. When it gets past 90 degrees, I stay in the air conditioning, feeling much like a snail under a rock. All my work gets done in the early morning during the summer.

    Our dog Jack (Wire Haired Fox Terrior) had his fifth birthday last Fri. At last he seems to be minding us. On all of the other dogs we’ve had (Shultz, Pepper, Annie, Doggie) they’ve always started paying attention at around two years. Our Jack is one piece of energy though. We adore him. He’s a snuggler as well, after he gets tired out.

    You haven’t mentioned the big storm you had last week, so I’m thinking it didn’t bother you folks that much. We always keep a look out when we know storms will be coming to your area Susan. (Sandy from Chihuahua Flats)

    • sbranch says:

      I know it’s beautiful in CA, but listen, we get this exquisite torture at this time of year. We have to wait. And wait, and get all wild every time we see the littlest thing that happens that means spring is coming. We wait. Suddenly we have a nice day, and it is like getting out of prison, because of the waiting, we BURST outside, the entire island does it at the same time. I kind of like that!

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        And some of us like having the four seasons, it never is boring that way. The last snowstorms are wonderful ones–heavy wet snow that is melting as it falls. It washes the grayness down and gives the trees, bushes, and grass gradual melting watering. That is why it is so green here in the summer. My husband, who came from CA, tells how he used to color the grass brown in his coloring books when he was a child. His mother tried to correct him and he pointed out that the grass WAS brown in the summertime…The last fires in the fireplace while watching it snow are kind of sad to me–I love the cozy feeling, “nesting”. Yes, I start to look forward to spring and summer and fall, too, but I think Winter is my favorite and I don’t think I am the only one… 🙂

        • Chris Wells from West TX says:

          You have GREEN grass? That’s novel. Ours is brown, winter and summer!

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Ha Ha, Chris. Ours’ is green spring, summer, and fall and then turns white in the winter! 🙂

      • erica says:

        ….ha, ha….”exquisite torture”
        I can relate to the bursting outside bits too! Love your humour!

  42. Hi Sue!

    We’re so “tickled pink” about your book! Fall can’t come soon enough!

    I thought of you when I read this quote; so apropos for today’s world:
    “Sure my rose-colored glasses don’t let me see the world for what it is NOW but what they allow is the chance to see what the world would look like if people cared enough to plant more roses.” ―Matthew Goldfinger. What a grand thought! Our world planted with more roses!…or peonies please? lol

    Blessings & Happy Spring!
    Hugs & Cherrio! Bunny XO

  43. Hi Sue!

    We’re so ‘tickled pink’ about the book! Autumn can’t come soon enough!

    Thought of you when I read this quote because you have the happy gene:
    “Sure my rose-colored glasses don’t let me see the world for what it is NOW but what they allow is the chance to see what the world would look like if people cared enough to plant more roses.” ― Matthew Goldfinger

    Happy Spring!
    Hugs & Cherrio!
    Bunny XO

    • sbranch says:

      Perfect quote, and yes I do love rose colored glasses! As you can see by our girlfriends, the world is actually filled with people who plant roses all the time!

  44. Victoria Miller says:

    Thanks for the post as you head towards the finish line with your book. YOU GO, GIRL! I’m so inspired, I’m thinking of getting my poetry book out of the computer and into the real world. I’m not worried about selling it, I’d just like to have it in nice book form, particularly to give a copy to the person who inspired most of it. So, you are helping to give me the lovely little push I need in this direction. Thanks to you, I’m really feeling in the pink!

  45. Marcia in Brazil says:

    Pink is my favorite color! Spring is my favorite season! I love this post…

  46. Harriett says:

    A question? First, love the pink but I am truly intrested in one of the glasses on your summer bar. It is the closest to the gin. Tall tumbler, looks more clear than pink, has three rings around the middle. I have four of those glasses: dark blue with white rings. They were my aunt’s. I am sixty-seven and she had them for years. Would you or anyone know anything about them?!? Should I take a picture and send it to Country Living for an assessment? THANKS!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sorry I don’t know anything about them except, they are cute! Another antique store purchase.

  47. Jane in Pennsylvania says:

    What a pretty pink, breath of fresh Spring air this post was. Thanks for brightening the wintery day we had today. And I still have those pink pajamas. 🙂

  48. Carrie says:

    Hi Judith,

    Just picked up the UK edition of Country Living from Barnes and Nobles this afternoon. They said it is received the middle of each month the magazine is issued for, so the March issue is what they have just put out. Yip yip! Given them a jingle, bet you’ll find they have one ready for you!


  49. Ellen says:

    Loved your “pink post”…I have all of your wonderful jammies and wish there were more! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration. : )

  50. Nancy West says:

    Thanks for sharing all your cheery thoughts and pictures! You always come up with such great ideas.

  51. Marianne says:

    Dear Susan,
    Love love love the pinks! Can’t wait for the book. I preordered to make sure. Love the roses the antiques everything. I’ m in heaven and so inspired every time I check out your fabulous blog.
    Luv to you,

  52. In answer to an earlier question about British Country Living being on the newstand now…it’s probably still there. That is the most current issue here in the states. It takes them forever to reach us (not sure why in this day and age of fast travel). We’re getting the March issue just about the time the April issue is coming out in the UK. I’ve had a subscription for years (and saved them all) and sometimes I get worried that I’ve accidentally let my subscription expire because the next issue is even later than usual and I end up buying one from the bookstore (usually on the same day it shows up in my mailbox!), so then I have a copy to share.
    Thanks so much Susan for spreading so much happiness here. You are such a spirit lifter!!

  53. N. Jean says:

    I absolutely love the color of pink, I was so inspired that I went out and bought some more pink things to decorate with. Also, I went to a color draping class many years ago and learned that everyone can wear the color pink! How lovely.

  54. Sandi says:

    What a scrumptious post! Loving all the pink. I have a whole set of JB Rose Chintz too and my heart always does a little pitter pat whenever I see them on someone else’s blog. They say Spring so well, don’t they? Thank you for a lovely and interesting read. Enjoy your weekend.


  55. Beverly Brewer says:

    So enjoyed the pretty pink post! I especially love pink and yellow together, too, and think it is such a cheery combo, but I guess I love all the pastels of spring and summer—spring green, lime green, mint green, all shades of blue, lavender, apricot and on and on and you paint your sweet illustrations with the softest blends! But I also loved the black and white dalmation puppy with the red ribbon in the doggie treat recipe, too! Years ago, I did an embroidery from a stitchery kit of white wicker chairs clustered together against a spring green background and there were many different kinds of stitches used, including french knots. I have this beautiful wall hanging still and never tire of it—it’s in my kitchen and it brightens my “kitchen time” so much! Thank you for all the hours you are putting into what will become “our” favorite book!

  56. anne says:

    Hello Susan…….I’m just getting to read your blog, and I’d like to thank you for the cute birthday cupcake! It made my birthday very special that you were congratulating the birthday girls (and guys). As I always tell you, I absolutely love your blogs. They take me away from the daily routine.

  57. Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

    where did they get those hot pink baby’s breath? I’ve never seen them in that color!! must have 🙂

  58. Cyndi in NC says:

    The past few weeks have been horrible for me, my dog is sick. He has to have surgery hopefully Monday. The pink roses lifted my spirits, they are beautiful. This blog entry was so pretty and made me feel a little better. Thanks Susan. *S*

  59. Jack says:

    Hot summer day ……about 5:00 pm, out on patio deck …….tall narrow glass of crushed ice , shot of Tanqueret …. topped with Schwep ‘s Tonic Water —–Big slug …..AAAH !
    Burp, hidden:-)

  60. Janis in Southern NJ says:

    Loved this refreshing “Pretty in Pink” Blog Susan. And yes today IS my birthday so I appreciate the wish and smiles too = ) I treated myself to my very first Emma Bridgewater Mug. My coffee never tasted so good. Happy Day! XOXO Thanks for all your inspirations every day……..

  61. Sreekala says:

    Dearest Susan,
    As usual, your post lighted up my day. I’m not a big fan of pink per se – it doesn’t go well with my complexion 🙂 – but I certainly loved the pink festival today.

    Would you ever consider reprinting your Girlfriends Forever? Looking back at my Mom’s generation, I see that few of them ever held on to a friend past school days and consider few of their colleagues as friends. I on the other hand cherish my friends who have been with me since school and have grown up sharing the milestones of their lives with me all the way. With the miracle of the internet, now we can find our old friends and get to know them and keep in touch all over again. I thought your Girlfriends book would be an ideal gift to my own girlfriends to let them know how much I love and appreciate them. Please, please, please consider reprinting it!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve been thinking I should do that!

    • PatStansel says:

      Great idea about reprinting Girl Friends—-may I also suggest Autumn!
      I didn’t know about them when they came out —- I didn’t have my iPad then.

      • sbranch says:

        Those were the two we’d been talking about!

        • Pat Stansel says:

          Yipee!!! Talking about it is the first step. I have your first
          Three books & Summer, love & the little Christmas books
          My favorite part of Vineyard Season has always been the
          Autumn section.

          • Judy Young says:

            You really should consider reprinting Autumn and Girlfriends forever Susan. I don’t have the Girlfriends book and with the popularity of your posts, I am sure that most of the GF would love it. Autumn was your best book so far as I am concerned. So much deliciousness packed into what I think is the perfect book size. I am so grateful that I do have a copy of Autumn and would be devastated if I had seen it at a friend’s house and was not able to get a copy of my own. It’s a truly fabulous book!!

            Of course, A Fine Romance will surpass Autumn I am quite sure, and being from England it is going to be especially meaningful for me. My mum in England fell last week and broke her hip (at 89 years old), but she is already back home and people are coming to the house to take care of her. My Dad who is 90 is also doing what he can to help. My brother, who lives in Spain flies back and forth to check on them.

            Spring begins this week and it’s supposed to be warm here every day. The birds are singing up a storm, they know it’s almost here! Have a great week everyone!

          • sbranch says:

            Sending love and prayers for your mom and dad xoxo I’m really thinking about doing those books, maybe after I get this one finished.

  62. Terri (Richmond, VA) says:

    Susan, I just had to tell you that I just ordered a vintage towel from you, and just ordered your first 3 books from Next week will be like Christmas with everything arriving by post! But I would also like to add a cautionary tale. I do not know if it is the time change or that I was extra sleepy, but for some reason when making a morning smoothie, I stuck a spoon in the running blender. I will be spending some time this weekend finding the rest of the pink stuff on the ceiling and top of the cabinet! I did make another, sans spoon, and it was yummy!

    • sbranch says:

      I did that once, quite the experience. But I do think you only do it once.

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Kind of like when I accidentally stuck a rubber spatula in the mixer blades while it was running? Hmmm…now I turn it off to scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl! 🙂

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        I can relate, Terri. STILL finding little bits of sticky around my kitchen – several weeks after I shook a quart of apple cider that had been hiding in the back of my fridge since Oct. Forgot all about waiting a bit. Like a goof, opened it immediately & well, you all know the rest of the story… Good news though! I was able to save about 3 cups of a DELICIOUS champagne-y [and organically-produced] vinegar!! :>)

  63. Thanks for reminding me to go get CL British! Love that magazine. And I love pink in the Spring. This got me in the mood. I’m headed to California tomorrow – a little further North to San Francisco. One of these days we’ll have to go by train!

  64. joan d. says:

    Love your pink-themed blog! I was tickled to see you pictured the adorable vintage wall hanging which I purchased from your on-line store. It was a “must-have” with its little bird and charming thoughts of far away loved ones. At the same time I bought a darling brown bird mug for sipping my tea. Both items have been much admired by friends and relatives, and are loved by me. Thanks!

  65. Carie says:

    Thank you for the Birthday Cupcake!!!! I celebrate mine on Tuesday!! (3/19) It is like you posted the “Pink” just for me………… did, didn’t you????

  66. Sandy Forbes says:

    Oh, Susan! Our tastes are SO MUCH alike! Your last post honestly brought tears to my eyes! Why (even I wonder)? I suppose my soul is hungry for the sweet, pink (!) parts of life. I’m a wife to a wonderful but very logic-minded computer-oriented man and have two amazing sons (but definitely not into girlie-girl stuff). Even my closest friends (my sisters) aren’t pink-ie girls. I hope you don’t think I’ve gone overboard, but I wanted you to know that I really do love your posts, so THANK YOU!!!

  67. Laura Croyle says:

    Pink! Pink! I love Pink, too! Such a fun post! So full of Spring!! I just preordered your book today! I’m Sooo excited! I can Hardly Wait! Thanks So much for giving us little glimpses of it from time to time. I know it will be super special because it sounds like you’ve put your heart and soul into it. I hope you’ll post your book signing schedule when you get it planned out. Would absolutely love to meet you in person, although I feel as if we’re already friends. (as I’m sure all the other girlfriends do, too!) Do you ever feel overwhelmed at those events?

    • sbranch says:

      It’s my favorite part of book writing … but when you’ve been working alone for a long time, at first, coming out is a bit overwhelming, but always fun.

  68. erica says:

    Here’s to the allure of pink.
    I’d be blue without it. xo

  69. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    TGIF!!!! Anything green this weekend? Have a good one! I have been humming my favorite Irish tune all day….Christmas in Killarney, by Bing Crosby…..sounds like a great book to me?! XoXoX and a wee four leaf clover!

    • sbranch says:

      TGIF Dawn!

      • Dawn from Minnesota says:

        Grab your scarf…put on your snow boots….and come on over! Pizza, wine, and for you I’ll even toss in a green salad! It’s snowing that old fashioned movie snow and we have a fire starting…..: ).

        • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

          And more Sunday night into Monday! Good thing as the first snow has already melted! 🙂

  70. Ruth Thomas says:

    Pink is my new favorite color – my husband just painted our bedroom white and I can’t wait to go in there tomorrow and put it back together with new pics and curtains and maybe even new bedding if what I currently have doesn’t match! I am an avid thrift store/yard sale queen so I always have a stash of stuff waiting for a place to land. I’m not creative, but I’m going to buy that Country Living magazine tomorrow and see if I can get some inspiration! New calendars – Woo Hoo! But, the book is the BIG thing – can’t wait to get it and then share it with all of my friends. Happy Spring, Susan.

  71. Gail Marie says:

    Are you going to do an enhanced e book version of THE book with videos & musica???????? You could, you should… Yes!!??

  72. judi says:

    Love your happy pink post:) My husband says, “Thank YOU”, for the lovely cupcake for his birthday (3/14). Last night went to a 4 birthday celebration- my grand niece 3/13, my brother-in-law 3/17, high school chum 3/14 and my husbands. March is a busy birthday month.
    It has been snuggley cool down here in the evening and morning – LOVE IT cause I know what is coming – low’s in the high 70’s! UFF DA Happy Saturday to everyone:)

  73. Mary says:

    Is it any wonder we love you so??? Want to be inspired? Go to Susan! Feeling a
    bit blue and needing a hug??? Knock on Susan’s blog! Want to rediscover the
    child in you??? Check in and join Susan at play! Want the reassurance that life is
    good and can be made better??? Just join our beloved Susan over a cup of tea!
    Our cups overflow with the bounty of your caring, sharing and grace, Susan dear.
    This love note is mentally written on pale pink parchment, in a deeper hued pink
    ink, tied with a baby pink silk ribbon with an Audrey Hepburn rose tucked in it.
    Is it any wonder we love you so????

  74. Barb in MN says:

    Good Morning Susan!! I just finished reading your blog and got lost in happiness!! We have lot’s of snow on the ground here, and it is still in the forecast; BUT your lovely pictures of PINK and Spring just blew in a breath of fresh air 😉 I am AMAZED that you fit in all the art and writing that you do, it makes me feel a little dormant and you challenge me to GET BUSY!!
    I am off to have a GREAT day now ~ Thank YOU!!

  75. Carrie says:

    Dear Fairy Godmother,

    Thank you for the wonderful gifts in your webstore under “Free Stuff”!!! So fun to change my wallpaper on both home/work computers – picked your house with the blossoms – could it be more idyllic, I think not. But then there’s the stationary! Looooooooove the blue border with flowers, scallped edges in red and the blackbird quote at the bottom. And how about the printable postcard from the cover of your soon to best seller ever, “A Fine Romance”? Well, I’m going shopping for a new printer and it’s going to get a healthy workout.

    Many, many thanks to you for such a generous gesture. You’re a real peach!


  76. Jack says:

    This may be hard to believe but, your birthday present is actually 1/3 greener than it was !………naaaahhaa,!

    • sbranch says:

      Did the leaves fall off?

      • Jack says:

        Oh yeah —no nothing fell off –are you drinking Tequila again ?

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        Speaking of green–your last post on the blog was titled “Pink”. Being that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, should we expect another titled “Green”??? Just teasing… 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          I wanted to Pat, but I really have to get the calendar done … I celebrated by doing the March page for 2014!

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Understand completely. I’m sure there are deadlines and even when it goes in, possible revisions, etc., etc. Having a book published is a “process” and it all takes time…and I’m sure about now, you are ready to have it done and on its way and move on to other things…like not working on the book! 🙂

  77. Georgie says:


    I am so enjoying the PINK, all the shades, all the things, all the CHEER! It’s been such FUN to catch up with all of the girlfriends 🙂 Kind of like a BIG pajama party sharing all of our Favorite things… organizing by color… a Vitamix ( i so want to get one, but there are so many to choose from…)

    It’s SNOWING today… with Thunder! YIKES!!!

    I’m cheering you on as you paint 4 calendars… and I’m quietly trying to keep Spring from springing until you get done (tee hee!). That way you won’t feel too pulled in many directions.

    Thank You for the PINK, the Cheer, and themany pages of A Fine Romance!
    xoxo Georgie (Yardville)

    P.S. 17 year anniversary for me and my Joe today! Nothing special planned, BUT that in itself is SPECIAL!

    • sbranch says:

      What is the difference between a Vita Mix and a blender? Is it just a stronger blender? Because it’s very expensive, I would like it to shop for and wash the veggies too! Happy Anniversary Georgie!

      • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

        As far as I can tell, it is a “Super Blender”. A friend has one. He puts whole apples (core and all), etc., in it. Sometimes when he is telling me all that he put in it, I could gag. But supposedly it does such a thorough job of chopping (pulverizing) that it is okay and you are getting more nutrients. But they ARE extremely expensive and it is kind of “over-kill” for smoothies… 🙂 (Oh, apparently they heat up because of their extreme speed so you can throw in vegs and have hot soup right out of it…) 🙂

      • Georgie says:

        Vitamix is a very POWERFUL blender! It can chop or liquify. My sister has one and loves it. It IS expensive and there are so many selections. I just don’t know how to choose which one. Plus… would I really use it, or would it end up just being a TOY. (Folks like to make frozen ice cream in it too with cream and frozen fruit…) I looks just wonderful, but I just can’t take the plunge… YET! xoxo

  78. Rosanne (Oregon) says:

    Just had a precious week with my darling daughter and perfectly pink 5-year-old granddaughter. We baked and decorated cookies (the sprinkles are the most important part!), put together an Easter house kit, played games of Memory and Candy Land, read stories, picnicked in the backyard, had 7 rides on the beautifully restored carousel in the park downtown. My heart is filled to the brim with love, but had to take the girls to the airport today (sniff), so was happy to see your pink blog today to help me keep seeing through rose-colored glasses.;)

  79. Debbie Selam says:

    Loved your salute to pink which is also my favorite. I adore my Pyrex bowls in the pink and white pattern of gooseberries; looked high and low to complete the set of four. I also simply adore Fiesta’s dishware in Flamingo pink. The quarter’s almost over, and I found a lovely pattern for flounced skirts for the little girls in my life. Guess what colors of fabric I purchased – hot pink florals and polka dots along with bubble gum thread. Now I have a project for spring break. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how I’m looking forward to the new book. Happy spring cleaning. Debbie

  80. Judy Young says:

    Just got back from shopping in 85 degree weather here in Texas, and purchased the April issue of Victoria magazine that is all about Britain. It has the big headline BEST OF BRITAIN and the photos are glorious. Just thought you all might like to check it out!

    Also, the library had on hold for me, two Gladys Taber books! Now I need some cold weather so I can curl up with some hot tea and my books!

  81. Jack says:

    Pineapple and cottage cheese …….ain’t that the catsas. ….:-)

  82. just cats says:

    Love your orangey, rosie, pink breakfast bowl. 😉 Deb

  83. Debbie Selam says:

    Loved your pink spring post. I too love the color pink, especially my pink and white Pyrex gooseberry bowls. It took a while to find all 4 bowls. I also appreciate the new Fiesta dishware in Flamingo pink. Just found a cute skirt pattern for the little girls in the family, and you can guess the color of the fabric I chose – hot pink florals, hearts, and polka dots. Of course, I also had to get the bubble gum pink thread to match. A project for upcoming spring break. Looking forward to the new book, and I really enjoy your blogs. Breath of spring. Debbie

  84. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Top ‘O the morning to ya….

  85. Julie Marie says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Susan and Joe and kitties!… xoxo Julie Marie

  86. Cindy Tuning says: your pink post! As a fellow lover of pink this post made me very happy. When you saw that Lava pitcher minus the bowl are you sure it called out your name and not Cindy? They do sound a little bit alike. It made me gasp it is so gorgeous. I have a general purchasing rule. If it makes you catch your breath….it’s a keeper. I meant to write as soon you posted but we have been very busy getting ready for our Saint Joseph’s Day Table. His day doesn’t get quite the same press as St. Patrick but it’s a day we look forward to with the food and sharing and blessings. Happy St.Patricks Day to you and yours and also Viva San Guisseppe!

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, I do think I heard Susan! 🙂 Happy Saint Joseph’s Day … and Saint Patrick’s Day!

  87. Debbie Selam says:

    It’s me again. I did not mean to post two replies, but after the first I got a message about duplicate messages and when I checked later, the first message wasn’t added. So I typed another last night. This morning I tried to delete one message, but I was unsuccessful. Oh, well – pink deserves extra attention.

    It is a beautiful Sunday morning in central Washington. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you and yours. Hope you didn’t get pinched. I was sure to put on my Stanford tee with the tree. My husband and I are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the NCAA bracket; we’re big March Madness fans, rooting for Gonzaga University. Have a great day, Debbie

  88. Peggy Cooper says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Susan, Joe, the kitties and all the girlfriends. Was hoping for a GREEN post today. I know, I’m just greedy :o)

    • sbranch says:

      I did a GREEN March page for next year’s calendar instead! I was there, only somewhat virtually (for now!).

      • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

        Might that be similar to the geranium-filled basket with the Beverley Nichols quote & green background?? That’s my March screen saver – this year shared with the Some Bunny saver! BTW the Beverley Nichols quote prompted me to search and led me to his book “Down the Garden Path” – it’s next on my night stand but the parts I’ve read so far are delicious! I can see why it’s so popular among gardeners! Thank you! 😉

    • Chrissy Thrower says:

      Me too, Peggy!

  89. Judy Young says:

    Just wanted to add to my previous post regarding BEST of BRITAIN issue of Victoria magazine (out now) has a 4-page article on The Legacy of Beatrix Potter with a lovely photo of Hilltop Farm!

  90. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

  91. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Oh my. . .I have a wonderful cat & hummingbird story to share! It has a happy ending so no worries!
    I’ve felt so bad for a long time because our two marmalade male cats have a lot of teeth extractions (which our vets tell us is common with these cats). Well this morning it was a good thing! During their morning outing in the yard, my buddy Sandy finally caught one of the hummingbirds that he has long coveted! He was bringing it upstairs to me when I made him drop it! Expecting to find a crushed hummer instead she flew up to our high, white painted ceiling trying to get away! I immediately flung open the sliding glass doors & screens, sent Sandy back out while I scolded husband . . well for the next 40 minutes she explored our living and dining rooms! We closed the cats in our bedroom during all this. She finally was exhausted and settled in a spot low enough for my husband to cup her in his hands and set her on the balcony bench. We put a bunch of red freesias next to her & closed all the sliding glass doors. What happened next still amazes us. She was chirping a lot inside. When she was outside she continued. . .the male found her. He sat next to her and she opened her beak like she was screaming! He opened his beak and she fed from his!!! He flew back down to the pineapple sage flowers for more nectar then back to her. After a couple “refueling” trips, she had enough energy for them to fly off together!! So I guess it’s not just the cardinal males & females who exhibit the behavior! We don’t know if she was his mate or offspring. We’re hoping that she continues to thrive! Now my husband knows why I’m so quick to keep Sandy away from the bush when they’re outside! 😉
    Hope the GF are having a calmer Sunday! Have the corned beef, pearl onions, & carrots cooking in the slow cooker! Off to meditate and then finish Easter & spring banners to mail to friends and family tomorrow! Hope the GF are having a calmer Sunday!

    • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

      P.S Thank you to you and your “technical assistants” for the Dust Bunny screen saver! Have it all ready to use starting on April 1st for spring cleaning month!

    • sbranch says:

      Sweet story and happy ending!

    • What a wonderful story! To be able to observe the intricacies of nature so closely and have it end so well.

    • Chris Wells from West TX says:

      Kerry, love your Hummingbird story, how sweet. Our Hummers just returned on the 15th. They are special birds! We had one trapped in our garage once. I finally caught it after it was exhausted, and took it out to the feeder and stuck it’s little beak in the hole of the feeder. I had to do it several times and then it started to drink on it’s own and flew up into the tree. How sweet to know they actually take care of each other!

  92. KAREN from Charleston SC says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink!!! Another favorite of mine is the classical blue & white patterns and rooms done in a blue and white theme. Do you have any rooms decorated in blue and white in your home?

    Also, if you just had two weeks in England, what would be your favorite places to visit–all for the first time? Thanks in advance for your ideas!!!

  93. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Good Morning! Had to start my Birthday today with your blog, & eat my birthday cupcake – delicious, thank you very much! I know you’re painting & writing, just want you to know I’m thinking of you & hoping your creative juices are fast flowing & the end is near (for this month’s deadlines, that is!). xoxo

  94. Tawni urrutia says:

    Good morning Sweet Susan!
    I made the coconut cake Saturday night for my mother-in-law’s birthday…beautiful and delicious…thank you so much! I’m so proud and happy for you, not to mention thrilled for us, for the conclusion of your latest book. I can only imagine that you’re exhausted to the bone. But that really GOOD exhaustion, the kind that comes from working hard and making MAGIC!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Tawni Urrutia in Lodi, Ca

  95. Laura says:


    I love that magazine too! I get the digital version on my ipad so I can carry an entire library of it wherever I go but I still like to pick up a print copy because there is nothing as soothing as turning pages while sipping some fresh brewed coffee. This Saturday was my daughter’s 12th birthday & I shared the cupcake with her. Blessings to you Susan & let’s pray that spring soon arrives to all of us with snow still covering the ground. 🙂

    Laura in Illinois

  96. I think I might be having blog withdrawal.
    :0) Just kidding… but not really. No, really… LOL!

  97. Joy B says:

    LOVE all the pink! Especially the pretty teapot you painted. And the cute cake with the animal crackers parading around it, what a great idea. And the Johnson Bros. dishes. And… it’s all wonderful. Thanks.

  98. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    Hi Susan! Hoping that you feel “in the mood” as you create today! My Dad was an artist and sometimes the hardest part was being “in the mood” to create. I am amazed at how many coexisting projects and deadlines you have! I often wonder if you always remain calm and serene as you paint or if you ever lean back in your chair and let out an…”Ooh-Ooh!”
    Good Luck… hoping you are in the mood…and just in case… “Ooh-Ooh!” from me to YoU! xoxDawn

  99. Susan Ericksen of Bainbridge Island, Washington says:

    Hey Susan! Changing the subject…but did you know:
    this is Girl Scouts 100th year celebration….I know you were a girl scout and so was I ….from Brownies to high school….I loved scouting…the weekly meetings, the summer camps, and all the wonderful memories of the girls and the leaders and all of our projects to earn badges! How about a blog about Scouting! I bet there would be a great many replies from all the girlfriends, with many many stories…..I can remember one in particular (of thousands!) we were a small group (maybe 12 of us girls) we were about 6 or 7 years old and our leader, one of our moms, was teaching us how to do cross stitch…We were embroidering dish towels (which were flour sack squares) huge!!! We had BIG designs of strawberries on them…We Brownies were so excited and so intent on our work, one of the girls stitched the entire strawberry to her wool pleated skirt….when she went to get up it was totally stuck to her skirt….I will always remember that and how we all laughed and so did she!!! so fun and so many scouting memories…

  100. judi says:

    Hoping you are taking a breather now and then from your writing/calendar tasks and getting a little walk in between rain/snow showers. Ah, tomorrow the equinox! TTFN

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