Kellee called today to tell me about the exciting things happening at the studio . . . several of the things we’ve been working on for the last few months are starting to arrive and she wanted me to let you know!  Beginning with our Girlfriends Charm.  They’re here!  And they’re gorgeous! MUSICA, yes. xo

Pretty in pink and decked in flowers, engraved on the sterling silver core with “Girlfriends” on one side, and ♥SB on the other.  Yes, it has hearts!  Isn’t it wonderful?  I’m so happy!  You can read about it by going Here.

The Girlfriend Dream Charm comes in a clear bag with this quote-card to make a perfect gift for the mom, sister, and best-friend girlfriends we could not live without.

And that isn’t all . . . look at this! 

Oh yes, the Martha’s Vineyard ♥ SB Dream Charm is here too . . . so we know we’re not the only ones. ♥ 

I love the swirly ocean on the Martha’s Vineyard charm.

Our new ♥SB Dream Charms fit all the popular bracelets out there ~ they look so pretty together on a chain or ribbon around your neck too.  In one month, a third charm will be arriving to join the others. It will invoke the green vistas and winding hedgerows of the English countryside and will be engraved “A FINE ROMANCE.”

 I could just cry!

But there’s still another surprise:  Do you remember my bobeche (bow-besh)? It’s that little saucer in the photo above that sits on the top of any candlestick.  Once in a while you can find them with dangles, like mine with the stars.  I bought these somewhere years and years ago and use them for Christmas, New Years, winter breakfast parties, or summer nights outside under the moon.  I just love the way the stars twinkle in the candlelight.  Originally the saucers were designed to catch melting wax from the candle, but I still use them even though my favorite Swedish candles don’t drip . . . because they’re so pretty.

Because I love them so much, I have looked for years for these same bobeche for you, but to no avail.  I could not find them anywhere. I found other shapes, but no stars, and my heart was set on the stars.  So after last year, when they were the sparkling centerpiece on my sideboard for the YANKEE Magazine shoot (the holiday issue with my house at Christmas comes out at the end of next month ~ see?  We thought it would never get here, and now we’re almost there!), I thought, that’s it, these bobeche are too darling,  maybe I could have them made?  And so I did!  Proving once again, as my mother always says, “where there’s a will there’s a way.”  And they just came in!!!  We have them as a pair and they’re a bit expensive, but they last forever and ever.  You can pass them on.  You can give them as a wedding present.  They are worth it. And, the good news is, this is only September, plenty of time to find a good sale, save some money, and then come spend it on bobeche!

And speaking of sparkle, NOW LOOK!  Are you kidding me?  This too?

Yes, indeedy!  These brand new Emma cups honoring Beatrix Potter have just arrived.  Bunnies on the outside, birds on the inside.  We have them!  I have my name all over one of them (I know, you’re shocked!), being shipped to the island even as we speak! And we have the cutest new Emma linens too . . .

And that’s the big news for now.

Here we are, still in Kansas today, with the view from our window of the cutest van in the whole world.  Last night at Watermark Books in Wichita, we had our last book signing until our second printing comes in (at the end of Oct).  If any of you want a first edition copy of A FINE ROMANCE, you can still get them at the normal retail price. We saved some extra boxes of first editions, brought them with us, signed them, and left them with the bookstores as we went along, but they are going fast.  You’ll find phone numbers beneath each of the dates on the EVENT PAGE.  Lots of photos of the book signings and many of the wonderful people we met along the way are there too.

I can’t tell you what a complete joy this last month has been to me.  Meeting so many of you, wandering the country, a true joy.  Our book has been a blessing in more ways than one.  A little time off will be nice, a visit with my dad will be wonderful, and then more events when we get to California.  And in between, I’ll meet you right here!  Bye for now!  Happy weekend Girlfriends!  xoxo

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315 Responses to KELLEE CALLED!

  1. Chrissy says:

    Oh Ms. Susan! I just LOVE the Beatrix Potter mug! I wish I could justify spending $50 on something my 4 year-old daughter will more than likely break. Although she hasn’t broken her little Hunca Munca mug, yet. Happy Fall! I’m loving this weather. It’s got me making homemade pumpkin bread and making apple chips in my dehydrator. Yum!

    • sbranch says:

      I know they’re expensive, I wish they weren’t — it’s really the shipping of pottery from England that is the most expensive, and then of course, Emma doing what can’t be done, making china NOT in China! With real artisans. But that’s part of the beauty of these things. I just had a pumpkin muffin (made by my dad’s darling wife Jeanie) with my deeee-licious cup of tea here in Arizona! Happy fall Chrissy!

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Good idea on the apple chips!!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am still enjoying A Fine Romance. I have been savoring a little bit every day as I don’t want it to end. This is hard as I really want to just sit down and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I love, love, love the new goodies added to your shop. I ordered the Girlfriends charm today and plan to get the other ones. I was really disappointed that I was not quick enough to get the Peter Rabbit Emma mug, but your customer service represenative assured me that there are more on the way. What a sweet young lady she was, by the way. Please keep the great things coming. I have been a fan of yours for many years. By the way, I am an avid counted cross-stitcher and would love to see your designs charted for cross stitch. Safe travels.

  3. Arlinda says:


  4. Jan says:

    Oh, no! Went to order my Girlfriends Dream Charm and they are out of stock. Are we getting more? I really, really hope so.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, we’re getting more, very soon. When am I going to learn how to judge things? I just never know if people will want them and seem to never get enough! I won’t give up!

  5. Cindy Tuning says:

    Are we there yet??

    • sbranch says:

      That is the perfect question. The eagle has landed. In Arizona, we’re at my dads, am looking to update the blog soon, he says I need to!

      • mary spring says:

        … Yes !!.. “That is the perfect question.”…’just got back from the Seattle/Tacoma area.. (oh, my !!! ).. although I have a lot of catching up to do, we would love to hear how you are with your dear father !!.. with love and take care, as always……

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Yay! Safe & sound. Hi Blog Daddy & Darling Wife!

    • Cindy, I was always the quiet one in the back of the car. So glad you’re along to ask the proverbial question! 🙂

  6. Lori says:

    Our Charming Miss Branch!
    I just purchased the beautiful little Martha’s Vineyard charm for a dear friend (who lost her husband to brain cancer – their favorite vacation was on your sweet island)!
    So sorry that I missed out on the Peter Rabbit mug! Any chance that you’ll be carrying the “Flopsy” Emma Bridgewater mug too?

    • sbranch says:

      What a perfect thing to give your girlfriend, she can wear it next to her heart for all the lovely memories. Not sure about the Flopsy mug, they are so alike! Would you want both? Because if so, I can ask Sheri to order them too.

  7. Our dads are always right!❤️ Hope you’re having a lovely visit with your family!

  8. Susan ( an Ohio gal in SoCal ) says:

    When you were in Kansas, my pen pal Debbie had you sign a bookmark for me, which I received in the mail yesterday. That was so sweet! I wanted to be sure to thank you for it, and for taking the time to visit with the girlfriends as you go from place to place. I’m hoping to be able to be there in Pasadena. Fingers crossed! Do you mind if we bring the book that we had pre-ordered to be signed in person? Maybe I should check with the bookstore; they might require a sale. Anyway, it’s all been such a heartwarming experience – from meeting pen pals to having the lovely book to chatting on your blog and possibly meeting you in person. No wonder the girlfriends are growing in number!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sure you can bring your book, but some bookstores do require that you also buy a book (I’ve heard that they have problems with people buying them on Amazon, bringing them to be signed at events which are paid for and put on by the small bookstores, and not buying books, so I do understand why they might do this) — best to give them a call so they can tell you if they have any book signing “rules.” See you there Susan!

  9. Deborah says:

    So sad the Girlfriend beads are sold out (well, happy for you!). When will they be available for order? Hopefully for Christmas. :-/

    • sbranch says:

      More are on the way, I’m hoping they’ll also come at the end of the month! Shocking to me how fast they went! There must be a secret code when I post about something new, a pony express going between the girlfriends that tells them something has arrived!

  10. Barb Kucera says:

    Hi Susan,
    Love, love, love the charms and hoping you’ll get more in soon. In the meantime, I’ll be dropping hints to the kids for the perfect Christmas gift. Always planning ahead 🙂
    Enjoy your visit with your dad….he’s adorable!!

  11. Sue says:

    You are a new addition to my “yet to meet” friends! Your book about your trip to England was so delightful, inspiring. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  12. WCC says:


    Going thru something that is unnerving me to my very core. If you’ve got just a couple words on what you do when you feel frightened and what has worked for you, would appreciate it. Many thanks for your encouraging blog.

    • sbranch says:

      Frightened is a big thing. I’m so sorry. Walks with nature help me and meditation. And knowing that nothing ever stays the same. And tea with my best girlfriends, enveloping hugs from Joe, plus crying and praying and saying, thank you God. I just prayed for you, xoxo sending love.

    • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

      Trust in your faith, and take walks. Know that we are praying for you!

    • Marty says:

      Dear WCC:

      If you have a pet or could adopt a pet, you may find that they are very empathetic and soothing in a time of distress.

      There are so many things in this world that frighten us, some never happen although they cause anxiety, some unfortunately very real. I try to sort out what I can do something about and give the rest over to God, or others, or karma–whatever your belief system tells you is a power beyond you.

      Just know that others have shared your state many times during all our lives and that we are thinking of you and hoping that time and friends will see you through this. You are in the thoughts and prayers of many, including our very best girlfriend who has brought us all together in this blog.

      I keep a quote that helps me in my daily calendar. I hope that you will find meaning from the simplicity of a child’s story.”Promise me that you will always remember -you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem,and smarter than you think–C. Robin to POOH.” I am pretty sure that it came from one of Susan’s earlier books. This too shall pass.

  13. Alice says:

    I’m still enjoying the glow from reading A Fine Romance and am getting deeper into reading everything about Beatrix Potter. I’ve mentioned it to my young adult daughter and tried to explain my history and how much I loved all things Susan Branch- books etc. She was cleaning out her old things today and surprise- she had her own history- some of the very first checks she ordered were Susan Branch designs! She remembered ordering them because she loved the designs and quotes. And the next generation is hooked…

    Also ordered a copy of THE book from Iowa City store to send to a friend- they were very nice and sent it right away.

  14. Aah! Too many fun things! Sounds like such an adventurous road trip. Love the public bucket list! And I think I just may have to go shopping. You have some wonderful new little treasures. Have fun!

  15. Judy from KC, MO says:

    I grew up on Lake Michigan but now live in Kansas City. I was happy to see the photos of Lake Michigan again. How I miss the sound of the waves . There is something so healing and peaceful about the water. My bucket list has a home by the ocean or great lake on it. Keeping my fingers crossed and the prayers going up! Enjoy your travels and time with your Dad. Oh like the Crater too very cool.
    Was a blast meeting you in Kansas City at the book signing by the way.
    Safe journey !

  16. Kathi Horton says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love reading your blog! I am looking forward to purchasing your new book and reading it on my sectional in my 50’s retro house. I have been out of touch for a while so I went back and read your Christmas blog from last year. I LOVE houses as you do. When driving by houses, I always imagine what they must have looked like in the 50’s when it seemed a more innocent and easier time. And . . . I would love to know what these houses look like inside and see how each is decorated. I always wanted a little house as you did, however, it took me a lot longer to accomplish my dream.
    I am 67 years old, and I write to you from my first house, a little house and the lovely woods around it that have been on loan to me for slightly over a year. I am so in love with this house, I can’t believe that I live in it. I call it my “little house in the woods”. I wake up every morning and open the shutters, soak in the sun and hope no one will come by and say my vacation is over and I have to leave. After I steep a pot of tea, I take my cup over to the living room/dining room windows, all 12 feet high of them and gaze at my little woods. I wonder if I have already gone to heaven.
    I would send you a picture but I don’t have a scanner, guess snail mail will be the answer. I am a born and bred New Englander and find the area’s magic keeps me in hugs all year long. So glad you have made Martha’s Vineyard your home and enjoy its warmth and seasons. Keep up the wonderful job on your books. I can never get enough of them!

  17. Kathi says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love reading your blog! I am so looking forward to reading your new book. Please keep writing your great books as I cannot get enough of them!

  18. Lynn Cooper says:

    You are having fun out there on the road. When I saw the picture of Arizona and the border, I remembered the light and how different it is from the east coast. The last time I was there was when my son was in second grade and we went to Tucson in the spring, when the desert was in bloom. I appreciate the bits of info attached when you get to a new city or place. I never knew there was a cowboy capital of the world. Did you and Joe buy any cowboy hats, or do you already own some?

    • sbranch says:

      I own a cowboy hat because I’m from the west and all my brothers are cowboys, but Joe is an easterner and although he does have cowboy boots, no hat yet!

  19. Gina D. says:

    Just thinking of you today as we browsed new iPhone covers…. yours would be so cute! Maybe someone else has already asked, but we would love to see you design a few.
    Say hello to the West Coast from the East Coast for us!

  20. suzanne says:

    Loved reading about your road trip, it has brought back many happy memories of places we have seen, and excitement of planning new adventures!
    I was born in NH, raised in AZ, and now live in Washington, so I understand your love of the open road and the grand folks along the way…
    thanks for sharing your story !

  21. Sheryl M. says:

    Just wanted you to know that I use your calendar in the medical office where I work. It is hanging right next to the scheduling window and our patients are always commenting on it and reading the stories, quotes, poems.

  22. Marty says:

    Hello Susan :

    I hope that you are enjoying every minute of this much deserved “mini” vacation with your family.

    Although it is wonderful to read about the reunions that you are having with so many of your girlfriends and admirers, I wondered if you could tell us about the people that you may have been meeting who up until now, do not know you. Do they ask about the van, the sheep, your book, your life on the East Coast?
    Many of us may have forgotten how we first “met” you if it was over many years ago. What fun it must be for you and for those who are meeting you for the first time on this truly wonderful trip. Like the line in “Casablanca”–it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

    • sbranch says:

      We donated one of our books to the library in Leisure World where my mom lives yesterday, received hugs from the librarian and nice people came up to say hello. Most people, when they come up to us, want to say hello, shake hands, and most of all, they take pictures. Everyone has a phone! And they send them to daughters, wives and friends.

  23. Bob Wilks says:

    From the 69 year old ‘guy friend’ in a small town in Tennessee..,
    I’ve ordered the tea…both kinds!
    I’ve never used loose tea before…I may just brew
    a cup (have a strainer, but never used).
    If I try a pot, what kind do you use and how
    much tea? Thanks!

    • You’re making a difference.
    God bless you and Joe.
    • Gladys Taber would have had a blog.
    • “A classic is a book that has never finished
    saying what it has to say.”
    —Italo Calvino
    • Two books you may not have crossed paths with:
    – Winter Solstice-Rosamunde Pilcher (2000)
    – A Passion for Books-Terry Glaspey (1998)
    : very small book–110 pages with quotes
    about books and reading.

    • sbranch says:

      Hey Bob, so nice to see you here, lovely comment! A spoonful of tea … it sort of depends on how strong you like it. Some like it very dark, other’s just like slightly beige water! You can try it all, but a level spoonful is a good start. When you ask “what kind do you use?” are you talking about the tea pot? Because you can either use one that boils water on the stove, or an electric one. Or even a saucepan can boil water. Put the tea in the strainer, pour boiling water over it, and let the tea steep in the water for about 3 minutes. Stir in half and half or milk, honey or sugar, lemon, or none of the above. I think Gladys Taber would have had a blog too, she had so much to say! xoxo Have a wonderful day!

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