Happy Monday!


The Fairy Tale Girl

Those are words from my new book, THE FAIRY TALE GIRL ~ I’m designing bookmarks for it now, I think I’ll put this on one of them . . . I am so excited . . . the book is at the printer ~ it won’t be long now!  I just received the color proofs . . . and thought you would like to see.

The fairy Tale Girl color proofs

The printer sent these sample pages so I can check the color and the cut-lines and make sure everything is being printed inside the borders.  They looked pretty good to me!  They wouldn’t let me keep them, wah, I had to okay them and send them back!   Thank goodness for cameras or I might not believe it happened.


I had to paint fairies for the new book, here is one of them, I love her.  We have these tiny blue butterflies here on the Island that come for only a couple of weeks in the spring and float down the dirt road with us in the mornings, two or three at a time.  Like magic. So I modeled my fairies after them, except of course for the hands and feet!  ANYWAY, I just wanted to say . . .


I’m still trying to catch up and get life back to normal.  I just finished designing the covers for the 2017 calendars.  The manufacturer always needs those first, for their catalog.  I have to say, painting “2017” was shocking.  I had to go check, I couldn’t believe I had the right date, but IMG_1459I did!  So they are done, and right now, I am deep in the throes of writing a new WILLARD ~ I figured it was about time!  You have all been so patient.  I checked with the Twitter girls last night and everyone said they wanted a long one, so prepare yourself.  You might have to take the day off.  After that, believe it or not, I will have nothing on my plate.  N O T H I N G, I can empty my trash and it will stay empty!  How do you like the sound of that?  I’m pretty excited.  I even got the title for the cover of book two of this Fairy Tale painted:


That book is all written too, I’m way ahead of myself ~ I can work to finish it with art and photos more slowly and over time.  Right now, it’s time-out for fruits-of-labor enjoying! Already there’s more time for appreciating the little things that make life sweet, taking the camera out on our walk, having naps with old movies, eating lobsters, taking Jack out to the garden so he can munch the grass and I can admire things like this:


The island is frothing over with hydrangeas these days . . . this one is growing under our bird feeders.

vineyard haven harbor

We went out to dinner the other night and watched the sun set over the harbor . . . such a gorgeous evening. Now you know why I call it Isle of Dreams. 

Vineyard Haven Harbor

Hard to believe you can sit right there and have all that just for the price of a glass of wine and a plate of deep fried oysters.  Wow. Right?

August 2010 174

We went out for a walk after dinner last night, just as it was getting dark . . . middle of August and quiet, summer nights in our neighborhood, crickets cricketing.  You should hear what I hear right now, at 6 a.m. . . . . Not a sound from my studio window but birds singing, cool air flowing in and just the barest light in the blue sky beginning to show outside. My favorite time of day.

Count your blessings

That’s what I’m doing! There’s one of my blessings drinking out of the sink!  

It takes me about four days to write and design a WILLARD, then I send it to Kellee so she can work her magic on it, which means we Jackplan to have it all ready to go by August 18th.  Once we push the “send button” it takes about three days for the whole thing to go, it has to be sent in batches (so we don’t destroy the Internets), so if you know anyone who would like to have a WILLARD, they’re free of course, and all you have to do is sign them up and boom, it will show up in their email box (if you don’t see yours, always check your spam folder because some computers might (rudely) block it).  And FYI, there will be a mighty fine Giveaway involved in this WILLARD ~ and all kinds of other surprises too. I’ve warned Vanna she might actually have to work when it comes out so she should plan for it! I’m a real tyrant with that girl.

flower border

fun is good


Blog Daddy had so much fun with all your comments and best wishes for his birthday.  Thank you for letting him feel how special he is.  You are a power for good. You can take pride in having totally MADE someone’s day. ‘Course you do that for me all the time!  So, there you go.  Spreading sunshine. Love you ~ have a wonderful day!  XOXO 

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1,261 Responses to Happy Monday!

  1. Tom Carr says:

    A snappy “hello!” and “heartiest congratulations!” to Susan …
    from an honorary Girlfriend (’cause you once told me I, too, could be one) ….

  2. Phyllis Modgling says:

    I first “met” you years ago when I started buying your stickers and just hoarding them because they make me feel good! Thanks for your wonderful blog. When I read it, I feel all is right with the world, even if my Dachshund, Roswell, did just steel the tortilla chips and run outside! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

  3. Lynn Oaks says:

    Hello! Love your books!! Would love to be a winner 🙂

    Thank you so much!!


  4. Susan Roquet says:

    Looking forward to your new book(s). We’re close in age and grew up with all the same fun times. Love old movies, Downton Abbey, tea, gardens, quilts, your artwork. Hope I win!

  5. Sherri Fabbri says:

    Dear Susan,
    I was so happy to read your latest Willard! I can’t wait for your new book! I don’t remember if I commented yet to be included in the latest giveaway or not! (Brainfreeze!) Are you going to have people take pictures of the new book in special places again? I was so excited when you put my picture in your blog of my book on my patio chair with my British things around it! I enjoy creating photos like that! I’m going to talk to the Mountain Bookstore in Sonora about getting you for a signing! They are a great local store in the foothills of California. Hope they go for it! Hugs!

  6. Patricia says:

    Thank you for being a friend, I love who you are and so happy that you share all your talents with us and take us along on your trips. Your cookbooks are such treasures and I have so many favorite recipes that my family thinks they are our recipes now. Stop by anytime, patricia

    • sbranch says:

      Right there is what I hoped for when writing every cookbook, I wanted so badly to slip into the slot of “family favorites” — Thank you!!!

  7. Amy Miner says:

    Seeing the world through your eyes always makes me smile.

  8. Carol C says:

    Loved the Willard and the post! We’re packing up for a month long motorhome trip. Getting together my books and projects to take along. Taking Gladys and Fine Romance. One year ago my sister and I were in England and did many of the things mentioned in your book. It was a trip of a lifetime and rereading FR will help me relive it while Jim and I are making new memories on this trip. Life is SO good!!!! And your blogs point up the joy! Thanks and blessings.

    • sbranch says:

      You are going through England in a motor home? I cannot picture it on those roads, so I think they must have some nice tall narrow ones over there!

  9. Becky Nexsen says:

    I just love all of your work! I’m not sure which I like best, your art or your writing. They are equally magical! I adore the pictures of your home with all of the adorable touches here and there. It looks like the most wonderful place to spend time which is exactly what a home should be. Thank you for sharing your time, your talent, and your special life experiences with all of us!

  10. RuthAnn Hart says:

    Susan, love reading your blog and your creativity, your illustrations are awesome. Have most of your cookbooks and calendars, love them all. Would love to come to Martha’s Vineyard someday, it’s on my bucket list!

  11. Melanie Sprouse says:

    Just want to let you know, I am IN LOVE with your kitchen!!!! 🙂

  12. Michelle says:

    I’ve got every one of your books and look forward to any of your publishings. I can’t wait until the new one comes out.

  13. Susan Stanislawski says:

    You bring sun to a rainy day!!!…Love all of your cookbooks and “A Fine Romance”. Looking forward to your new book!!!

  14. Sally Snow says:

    I so enjoy you and your many talents. I read my copy of your book, “A Fine Romance ” all the way to England last year. I hope to meet up with you on one of your future trips to California. My sister and I have your calenders going back many years.
    The best to you, Sally Snow

  15. Meg Trager says:

    Of course, no one’s life is perfect, but yours looks quite idyllic — if you like old houses, cats, loving friends and having a fresh talent to delight others. Personally, I like all those things. You are blessed. Thanks for spilling some of those blessings onto us. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      We all have the power, in our individual tiniest bits of the world, our homes, to make it pretty darn idyllic … once you go out the door, it’s different, but inside, we have the power! Thank you Meg!

  16. Robyn Harris says:

    My Dear Susan,
    I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters that introduced me to you, your cook books and the love for Martha’s Vineyard. I have been a nursing supervisor for that last 22 years and a nurse for 40. As you can imagine my work days can be stressful. You will never know how your calendar minister life and peace to my soul in the midst of craziness, and gently reminds me that there is more to life than work. It brings me such joy to be able to escape with you for a few minutes everyday as I keep your calendar on my desk. My husband and I are planning a trip this Oct to Martha’s Vineyard, I will be thinking of you and the wonderful creativity that emerges from this little peace of heaven called Martha’s Vineyard! Thank you Susan for just being you and inviting us all into your world. Many Thanks! Your a Friend, Robyn

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you for what you do Robyn! My best friend was a neo natal nurse for something like 40 years, recently retired, and there are really no words for my admiration of what you do. xoxo

  17. Teresa Simmons says:

    I have been a fan for many, many years. I live vicariously through you and your travels, art work, and books. I have all of your cookbooks. I truly and throughly enjoy everything you do.

  18. Kathleen says:

    Love the flower pics – especially the roses and the hydrangea.

  19. Deb Buonocore says:

    I have followed your artwork for years now; it’s a celebration of the simple life, which I am enjoying this summer in my 500 sq. ft cottage in historic Ocean Grove!

  20. Madeline Makara says:

    I LOVE all of your wonderful artwork! Been a fan for many many many years. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping I will win something!! 🙂

  21. Madeline Makara says:

    Pick me !

  22. Jennifer Cohen says:

    Just read your Willard and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us all. Looking forward to reading your latest book.

  23. Cindy Henkelmann says:

    Thank you, so much, for the joy you bring to our home. My girls and I just adore you books – including “A Fine Romance”, which finds us yearning for a trip to the Lake District in UK. Your precious illustrations look just like my youngest (age 19) who loves braids, bicycles with baskets filled with flowers, precious little birds and animals. You have found your way into our home and hearts.
    Fondly, Cindy and her girls

  24. Annette Gallego says:

    Hi Susan! I had the good fortune of coming across your blog just a few days ago…and my heart found a home! Kindred spirits!!!! Thank you for not only sharing your amazing talent, but for sharing a glimpse into your world!

  25. Linda Hufham says:

    Loved reading this Willard and seeing all the pictures, especially of Jack. I love cats, too. Love your house, where you live, all your books, love all you do. Really enjoyed reading A Fine Romance. After reading it I ordered Beatrix Potter’s A Journal. Love it, too. I have promised myself I’m going to order some of your tea soon! And have a cup while re-reading one of your books. I look forward to all your Willards. Thank you for sharing your artistic gift with us. You bring such joy.

  26. Evelyn Vincenzi says:

    How have I lived without this? So happy to have found it now at least!

  27. Kim McCloud says:

    I absolutely love all of your books! My friends started me on collecting them. I was getting them from people for my birthday and Christmas because they felt they fit me “perfectly.” Wow, were they ever right! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us!

  28. Rene Boyes Murdo says:

    I love your work and I love to give your books as gifts. I am very excited that you have a new book coming out. I would love to be considered for any of the giveaways that you have. Thank you Rene’

  29. Melinda Marchand says:

    Congratulations on getting your new manuscript to the printer! I cannot wait to see it. A friend gave me a signed copy of “A Fine Romance,” which I keep on my night table, never far when I need a dose of your special blend of warmth and joy. I love retracing some of our travels to England — York, my favorite city. And you stayed at Stourhead! We stumbled upon it on our way to Dorset, and it was such a lucky detour. That day they were setting up for a rock concert, overlooking the bridge. And you’ve provided inspiration for another trip to visit all the places we missed. I’ve been a fan since I received “Heart of the Home” as a wedding present a loooooong time ago. Thank you for all the bliss!

  30. charlene says:

    Your blog is beautiful as are your illustrations! Whimsy and thoughtful!

  31. Carol Ignoto says:

    HI Susan, You are the very Best! I love ALL your books and I plan on buying your new one!..I just love your cats! Jack is the Best..I have a cat just like him and his name is Riley..I must send you a picture of him some how!…Your Talent brings such sunshine to my day! Thank you! Have a Beautiful day!…Carol–Kansas

  32. Sally says:

    Your creativity, Susan, a cup of “java”, Willard and a cool late summer morning. The only thing missing is your new book. Looking forward to its release!

  33. Ky Jennings says:

    I love the latest Willard ~ and, I especially like the pictures of the BP figures getting a bath. I’m so looking forward to a “Fairy Tale Girl”. Bon Voyage!

  34. Francine Werlinger says:

    Loved the nice long Willard!!! And the chance to win something in your giveaway. Thank you!

  35. Sharon C. says:

    Thank you for the latest “Willard”! I am so excited for the release of “Fairy Tale Girl”, and now I see another book coming in 2016?! Susan, you have been busy!!! XOXO

  36. Mary Fabris says:

    Dear Susan,
    I love your blog and all your illustrations. I have been buying your cookbooks since the beginning and other books. I heard you speak one time in Haverhill/Bradford, MA and you signed a “Heart of the Home” cookbook for me. Dying to read the book on the English Countryside and your new “Fairy girl” book.
    Always looking in my garden for fairies 🙂
    Thank you for your great site and also insight ♥

  37. Carrie Joy says:

    Love re-reading my Susan Branch books! Just about ready to break out your Christmas book! Just yesterday I printed a fresh batch of the “Start slow and taper off” bookmarks”~enough to make for my entire Homemakers Club! What fun!

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, someone on FOSB wrote the other day to ask us to explain what Start Slow and Taper Off meant!!!

  38. Tish Dersnah says:

    Reading anything from you makes the world seem like a kinder, cozier, more beautiful place. Thanks for that.

  39. Patsy Altman says:

    Thank you for brightening my mood and my day by sharing your cheerful outlook on life through your writing and art!

  40. Jill Smith says:

    I cannot wait for the new book! So excited!

  41. Penny says:

    I love all you do! Look forward to your Blogs and Willard. Thank you.

  42. Rita Mars says:

    I cannot wait, watching the delivery truck every day, watching for my friendship mugs to come, one for my sweet sister and one for me. I love everything you create and I just want to follow you around, oh that sounds creepy! Lol……loving you in Texas!!

  43. Sharon Daly says:

    Love your stories, love your photos (especially of the water), love your illustrations! I feel like I am on vacation when Willard arrives.
    With much love and thanks.

  44. Linda Graden says:

    This is like waiting for Christmas morning! I want it all! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  45. Susan Holt says:

    Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to read it.

  46. Lynne Tharan says:

    When I was a library director (for twenty-seven years), I bought every book Susan ever wrote for our library’s collection. I have many in my personal collection as well and pull out the appropriate one for each season. Thank you for sharing your Williards!!

  47. Veronica says:

    Love your happy art! Always a mood lifter! We all feel like girlfriends because you share so much of your life with us – photos, recipes, ideas, daily moments, etc.! Don’t ever stop! XOXOXO

  48. Pat says:

    I wait until I’m finished with all other posts. Then come back to yours, drink my coffee and look at not only the pretty things (like the rose) but chuckle at the kitty antics. Thanks.

  49. Betty Mundy says:

    Loved reading the new “Willard”! It was a great way to begin a new day. Enjoy reconnecting with the outdoors and summer!

  50. Denise says:

    I particularly love your use of quotes in your writing! I always find them inspiring and definitely helpful! If you were not a dream catcher of the dreams of others, I would not know Gladys Tabor, William Morris and others. Thanks again for sharing your dreams!

  51. Phyllis Higgins says:

    I always love to read your Willards. I love your art work. So if I could I would choose #3 give away. Yes it is just a test piece but an insight as to you and the art. Already have Autumn book, and movie nice, but for me #3 would now be #1. Thanks.
    It is great to watch and enjoy your travels and books.

  52. LoriAnn Ferrer Plock says:

    Love, love, love your blogs. So excited for new book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. LoriAnn Ferrer Plock says:

    Ugh, I posted wrong email address above. Love, love, love your blogs. So excited for your new book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Kywa Hammond says:

    I would relish such a gift and will share it as well, because, because, because

  55. karen powell says:

    I love the Willard!! It is so relaxing to sit back and with a cup of tea and read. What wonderful things you write about and all the cute artwork. Your drawing have inspired my daughter to start painting and drawing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents and life with us. 🙂

  56. Jocelyn Knepler says:

    I do believe in Fairy Tales! In fact, I’m living one.

  57. Dianne Wright says:

    Would love to win!-! Live it all…

  58. Diane Verdier says:

    Love your books, recipes and especially your calendars (I receive one every Christmas from my daughter) Thank you for what you do,

  59. Holly Thornton says:

    I have adored your art for many, many years. You speak “happiness” to me!

  60. Barbara rauh says:

    You always are so happy that you make me happy… Thx barb

  61. Kathy says:

    Oh happy is the day when I ponder the chance to win one of three WONDERFUL prizes. Treasures, really, which are even better than prizes. Yay!

  62. Sarah P. says:

    Hi Susan! Thank you for providing periodic distractions from my work day! I have loved all of your books – A Fine Romance was so beautiful! I can’t wait for Fairy Tale Girl – I share my love of your work with my mom and we love it all and love to chat about it!

  63. Jacqueline Bates says:

    I have loved your artwork for many years, since I bought my first stickers. Your desk mat calendar brightens my desk and my day.

  64. Lesley says:

    Good Evening Susan: I am a “newbie” to your Willard, but not to your books. My mum has been ever so kind in buying me your lovely books, calendars and recipe books throughout the years. You have a gift and I appreciate you sharing that with us all. I look forward to possibly meeting you in the near future. Fondly, Lesley

  65. Andrea Cummings says:

    Greetings from East Sandwich! I have had the great pleasure of meeting you at Cape bookstores over the years, Booksmith in Falmouth, Titcombs in Sandwich, and way over the bridge in Plymouth!! I own a small fortune of your goodies over the many years. I recently turned 40 and I am proud to say I still love to play with stickers. I am a foodie and scrap booker and have every single book and sticker you have ever created. Every time may husband and I are on the Vineyard I think I should just pop by and say hello, my husband thinks that stalking, I do not agree 🙂 Looking forward to the cooler fall weather. Big Hugs from Cape Cod

  66. Marcia Bamber says:

    Susan: I love everything about you. I first was introduced to your art when I purchased some of your stickers for scrap booking. I love your designs and how you capture life itself in your beautiful drawings.

    Have not read any of your books, but would love to. Thanks for brightening our days looking forward to more of EVERYTHING!

  67. Robyn Leo says:

    Please enter me into your contest…would LoVe to get a Susan Branch token of any kind! Love your work Susan!

  68. Yolanda says:

    Loved your Willard. Am looking forward to reading your new books. Am new to your blog but have enjoyed it immensely! You’re my kind of girl. Also love your stickers and calendars.
    Thank you so much!

  69. Heidi Harrison says:

    Have always been a fan. Looking forward to reading your new book! Hope I win 🙂

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