Happy Monday!


The Fairy Tale Girl

Those are words from my new book, THE FAIRY TALE GIRL ~ I’m designing bookmarks for it now, I think I’ll put this on one of them . . . I am so excited . . . the book is at the printer ~ it won’t be long now!  I just received the color proofs . . . and thought you would like to see.

The fairy Tale Girl color proofs

The printer sent these sample pages so I can check the color and the cut-lines and make sure everything is being printed inside the borders.  They looked pretty good to me!  They wouldn’t let me keep them, wah, I had to okay them and send them back!   Thank goodness for cameras or I might not believe it happened.


I had to paint fairies for the new book, here is one of them, I love her.  We have these tiny blue butterflies here on the Island that come for only a couple of weeks in the spring and float down the dirt road with us in the mornings, two or three at a time.  Like magic. So I modeled my fairies after them, except of course for the hands and feet!  ANYWAY, I just wanted to say . . .


I’m still trying to catch up and get life back to normal.  I just finished designing the covers for the 2017 calendars.  The manufacturer always needs those first, for their catalog.  I have to say, painting “2017” was shocking.  I had to go check, I couldn’t believe I had the right date, but IMG_1459I did!  So they are done, and right now, I am deep in the throes of writing a new WILLARD ~ I figured it was about time!  You have all been so patient.  I checked with the Twitter girls last night and everyone said they wanted a long one, so prepare yourself.  You might have to take the day off.  After that, believe it or not, I will have nothing on my plate.  N O T H I N G, I can empty my trash and it will stay empty!  How do you like the sound of that?  I’m pretty excited.  I even got the title for the cover of book two of this Fairy Tale painted:


That book is all written too, I’m way ahead of myself ~ I can work to finish it with art and photos more slowly and over time.  Right now, it’s time-out for fruits-of-labor enjoying! Already there’s more time for appreciating the little things that make life sweet, taking the camera out on our walk, having naps with old movies, eating lobsters, taking Jack out to the garden so he can munch the grass and I can admire things like this:


The island is frothing over with hydrangeas these days . . . this one is growing under our bird feeders.

vineyard haven harbor

We went out to dinner the other night and watched the sun set over the harbor . . . such a gorgeous evening. Now you know why I call it Isle of Dreams. 

Vineyard Haven Harbor

Hard to believe you can sit right there and have all that just for the price of a glass of wine and a plate of deep fried oysters.  Wow. Right?

August 2010 174

We went out for a walk after dinner last night, just as it was getting dark . . . middle of August and quiet, summer nights in our neighborhood, crickets cricketing.  You should hear what I hear right now, at 6 a.m. . . . . Not a sound from my studio window but birds singing, cool air flowing in and just the barest light in the blue sky beginning to show outside. My favorite time of day.

Count your blessings

That’s what I’m doing! There’s one of my blessings drinking out of the sink!  

It takes me about four days to write and design a WILLARD, then I send it to Kellee so she can work her magic on it, which means we Jackplan to have it all ready to go by August 18th.  Once we push the “send button” it takes about three days for the whole thing to go, it has to be sent in batches (so we don’t destroy the Internets), so if you know anyone who would like to have a WILLARD, they’re free of course, and all you have to do is sign them up and boom, it will show up in their email box (if you don’t see yours, always check your spam folder because some computers might (rudely) block it).  And FYI, there will be a mighty fine Giveaway involved in this WILLARD ~ and all kinds of other surprises too. I’ve warned Vanna she might actually have to work when it comes out so she should plan for it! I’m a real tyrant with that girl.

flower border

fun is good


Blog Daddy had so much fun with all your comments and best wishes for his birthday.  Thank you for letting him feel how special he is.  You are a power for good. You can take pride in having totally MADE someone’s day. ‘Course you do that for me all the time!  So, there you go.  Spreading sunshine. Love you ~ have a wonderful day!  XOXO 

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1,261 Responses to Happy Monday!

  1. Dawn Spoon says:

    I just found your lovely page a couple of days ago. I absolutely love it & Willard. Lost myself in Willard. It was a much needed “escape”. Keep up the great work!! Amazing!!

  2. cathy bullard says:

    Have loved your cookbooks since your very first one. I have all of your snail mail Willard’s.

  3. Susie Wiley says:

    You are so blessed with creativity, kindness, and a heart for others. As you inspire others with your gifts it makes this journey thru life a pleasure!

  4. Maria McGrath says:

    It is soooo wonderful to have you back again. Looking forward to receiving your new book.
    The most important thing I’ve learned in getting old is : it is the little things in life that are so meaningful. That is why I so enjoy your letters! I live on a small lake at the base of the Adirondack Mts and also looking forward to fall – it is a spectacular season and my favorite.

  5. Laura from TX says:

    Thank you Susan for another delightful edition of Willard! You have no idea how much I enjoy reading those and your blog with my morning cup of coffee!

  6. Bonnie says:

    Your messages always leave me feeling very content with my life and my beautiful surroundings. Thank you so much for that.

  7. Jean Admire says:

    Oh…you play Rummikub, too!?! NOW I know we’re girlfriends 🙂

    — and an owl bookmark to boot! The owl is my favorite land bird, has been since I could choose something of my own to love besides my Tiny Tears doll named Ellen, the name I wish I’d been given. If I’d had a daughter, she’d have an Ellen, for sure.

    Not long ago in an Art&Healing class, I found out that the owl is Minerva’s symbol — the wisdom pours out of both the goddess and her winged extension. Now, I make no claims to wisdom, but my years as a school librarian and grade-school (K-8) teacher have at least let me touch wisdom occasionally — usually at the shoulder of a youngster sitting at my knee during read-aloud time.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us, girlfriend — hope you don’t mind being my silent partner the next time I play Rummikub 🙂

  8. Kathy Scott says:

    Susan, you have inspired me for many years. Each and every time I receive Willard I get inspired about something you have done. I just finished a photo wall in our powder room & whenever someone comes to visit I tell them go in the bathroom and shut the door. The next thing I hear is either 30 seconds of quiet or many ahhh’s! What fun! I am so looking forward to your new book, thanks for putting your memories down on paper and sharing it with so many girlfriends. XO Kathy

  9. Joy says:

    Thank you for your Wonderful self! Williard 🙂

  10. Cindy Figgatt says:

    Can’t wait for the new book to arrive!

  11. Debi Creighton says:

    Oh…to run away…even on the internet is such grand folly. Thank you for the gift….Debi

  12. Marie Phen says:

    Looking forward to reading “Fairy Tale Girl”! Have read “A Fine Romance” twice.
    A pleasure to meet you and Joe at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena, CA last year. Hope you can come again!

  13. Joanne Dahlman says:

    Just spent the last hour and a half enjoying your blog. I gave my notice to retire today and as I was reading your letter, I decided that my wonderful husband and I will finally be able to visit Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and other places in New England. You bring so much to life with what you write. Speaking of writing, luh luh love your info about the POSSIBLE demise of the Post Office. I too am a letter writer (loooooove pens and paper) and feel it can easily become a lost art. Keep up all your wonderful news. It’s like sitting with a friend when I’m reading what you have to share. Thank you Susan!

  14. Debbie Schwalbe says:

    So enjoyed “hearing” from you again. I’ve missed Willard and was glad to see “him” back. Congrats on your new books!

  15. Jeanie Miller says:

    Oh My Gosh…* Today was a wonderful day…I spent most of the day (after I took care of my flower garden)…I just kept checking out all of your notes, new books, Willard excitement in Smallville, etc…I loved each and everything about it! And of course your very fun Giveaway… I can’t wait to check out your new books…I’ll be back soon…Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jeanie

  16. Arlene Burger says:

    Looking forward to your new book because I so enjoy Fairytales.

  17. Lynne Phillips says:

    Congrats on finishing your newest book. Enjoy the rest of your summer, autumn is just around the corner.
    Live and blessings to you and Joe

  18. Jennifer Burrows says:

    When I saw that “Willard” was here I just had to read it. Just wonderful – like receiving a long awaited letter from an old friend. Being time-poor this
    morning I just skimmed through it as I wanted to see everything – not wanting to miss anything. I cant wait to revisit Willard later tonight when
    I will have that quiet time to myself to settle in with a mug of hot chocolate
    and devour every word! Although our Australian winters are far more mild than what you experience – by Melbourne standards it has been a cold winter.
    Thanking you in anticipation for an enjoyable evening tonight here in Melbourne, Australia. Jenny B.

    • sbranch says:

      Our last winter was much colder than usual too . . . get ready for summer! xoxo Nice to see you here Jenny B.

  19. Gabrielle Benson says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration! Everything you do provides stress relief and happiness!!!!!

    • Roseann Copeland says:

      I so agree Gabrielle! This is pure stress relief. Thank you Susan for making this world a brighter place. I am on the verge of something new and you dear friend (because you make us all feel dear) are inspiration!

  20. Trish says:

    Like so many of your other hundreds of fans, I’ve loved your creativity since I bought your first book. Your talent just makes me smile. Congratulations on your new books, and thank you for sharing your life with the rest of the world.

  21. Helen Cannon says:

    When I feel in need of a feeling of peace, I read your blog. Thanks


  23. Pam says:

    Love your blog and books so much, cannot wait for the new tour!! Hope spring comes early.

  24. Deb says:

    I so enjoy each of your inspiring books, the way your writing pulls the reader into each story you tell and the awesome watercolor paintings! I can’t wait to read “Fairy Tale Girl.”

  25. Pat Harmon says:

    The beauty of your work just astounds and absolutely delights me. One fine day I was in a quilt shop, a favorite place anywhere I am, and I saw a piece of material that sang to me. Calling me like a siren song. When I saw your name on it I knew why. Luckily, I ferreted out several more and was happily floating out the door with my new toys. I have since collected many more delectable pieces for my collection. Your store is my candy shop. I am excited to hear about your new books. Will be getting your calendars also. Just cannot throw out the old ones-too beautiful! God blesses us with so much beauty! ❤️ Pat Harmon

  26. Heidi Carroll says:

    Your books, artwork, blog and Willard are a great escape from a hectic world! Calms me right down! Thank you!

  27. Barbara Rockwell says:

    Please never loose you enthusiasm and joyful outlook on life. You inspire all of us and show us a happy side of life.

  28. Kathy Domenichelli says:

    I love Willard and all the cookbooks of yours I have. I just got your Countryside book and would love to have the prequel to it.

    I am blessed to have discovered your material. Keep up the good work.

  29. Nancy Policastro says:

    I enjoyed all your news. Lovely blog! Thanks!

  30. Cate Brown says:

    Thank you for taking us all away to the Fairytale Land!!!
    I have loved you and your artwork for years and years!

  31. Evelyn McKenna says:

    Your work is absolutely charming!

  32. sue lopez says:

    WE just started making homemade sauerkraut and OH MY GOODNESS! It’s so easy I am embarrassed! I wish you could taste some of it so that you would think we SLAVED FOR DAYS over it, but I guess you can watch a very short clip on youtube to see just how amazingly easy it is, research how it is PACKED with probiotics (don’t worry friends if you don’t even know what that means, I didn’t for a long time either, but it’s a very TRENDY word these days!!) I think during the fermentation process it produces some addictive power because I AM ADDICTED and wanted to share!!

  33. Janet Rowland says:

    I love everthing you do! Just looking at you drawings puts me in a good mood,! I was lucky to meet you whenyou were in Hudson, Ohio on your last tour. I have almost all of your books and I love them. The recipes you shar are wonderful. When I am having a bad day, I make tea and pick one of your books and just enjoy! Thank you for what you do.

    Janet Rowland fromBrecksville Ohio

  34. Lucia Ann France-Bryant says:

    Love the colors! I feel like I’m right there with you. Can’t wait for the book!

  35. Joanne Fara says:

    Susan, you are pure genius!!!!!

  36. Joanne Faraci says:

    Susan you are pure genius!!!!

  37. Carolyn Thomas. says:

    So looking forward to your visit at Sourhead Susan, I shall be there with
    my picnic basket and rug and to have my booked signed.
    Love Carolyn.

    • sbranch says:

      Perfect! Now help us pray for no rain . . . we can start this far back for insurance. Otherwise we’ll go have our picnic in the 12th century church that’s right there!

  38. Terilee Peavler says:

    Dear Susan, you are such a blessing in my life! Things not going so well right now, unfortunately, and just when I think NOTHING can make me feel even a smidgen better, WILLARD comes and I float off to a magical place out there…….
    So, THANK YOU – you just can’t imagine how much your words and quotes and art help me to feel so much better. Not an easy thing to do at this time!
    I also must tell you that I have made a “convert” for you – my daughter’s best girlfriend. I knew she loved all things British and suggested to my daughter (Cheyenne) that we give her a copy of your “A Fine Romance” for her birthday. WELL!!!! She ate it up with a spoon, was in total bliss, and even used your book as a guide for her upcoming HONEYMOON!!!!! Yes, she went to as many of the places as she (and he) could that you wrote about visiting in the book. She LOVED it, and now loves YOU, of course. So, that made me feel good, too, that she loved it so much, is completely “onto” you now, and that you have another forever fan.
    OK – sorry – this is way too long – just had to tell you the anecdote about the honeymoon, I thought it was so precious and hoped you would, too.

    Love your Beautiful Spirit, Susan, and THANK YOU for sharing it with us!

    Terilee Peavler

    • sbranch says:

      So nice to “give” someone an inspiring thing that brings them happiness. That’s just wonderful Terilee. I hope everything gets better for you, I love how you enjoy the joy of others. xoxo

      • Roseann Copeland says:

        Ah ladies this is such a sweet post. Both of you ladies make me want to cry tears of joy. This is a wonderful community! I wish you all well
        and may your days be filled with joy and encouragement. It”s there (joy) we just have to look for it (sometimes it comes in small doses), but it is there! Feeling so thankful for this lovely community of friends.

  39. Yvonne Hurrell says:

    Love all the pictures! Enjoy that beautiful island.

  40. Judith McCarthy says:

    Thank you for sharing. My caregiving days get long and this was the perfect way to renew. Sending hugs to you all!!

  41. Barbara Gommerman says:

    Thanks Susan for keeping us all in the loop of your goings on…..
    I don’t know where you find the time.
    Looking forward to your new books and when you go off on your next adventure to Scotland….it’s like I’m stowing away in your trunk!

  42. Rita Joyce says:

    I love reading Willard, your blog and have been a fan of yours for years. I can’t wait for your new book and calendar. Your artwork and creativity are amazing!


  43. Kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for the fun coffee break and happy updates with your letter. You are an inspiration and gift us with your work and generosity. With warm thanks and smiles! Kathleen

  44. Kay says:

    I am excited to read your new book and have already pre-ordered my copy! I have been a fan for years, and even have an autographed copy of Christmas From The Heart of the home signed in 1990! And, I have to add, the only good thing about August coming to a close, is that I can turn the page of my Susan Branch calendar!

  45. Catherine Wheeler says:

    I work at an international law firm and so my days are filled with “legalese” swirling around my brain all day and so I always anxiously await your blog to give me a much needed break. Love your photos (Cape Cod is my favorite place) and your life stories. Thank you for giving me a sweet escape! PS – we are the owners of three adorable cats.

  46. Alysse Dorrian says:

    My Mom has been a fan of yours & read your books to me since I was little..we would pick a recipe from your books & make them together..Some of my greatest childhood memories, include a “Susan Branch Book”! Now, that I’m 31, I have my own collection of your books & Mom just loves the fact that she has rubbed off on me so much! I would LOVE to win & share it with her..she absolutely deserves it, after all the hard work she put in to raising me & my sister:) My Mom & I absolutely love you & your talent to pieces! Thank you, for keeping “Imagination” alive..it can be hard to find sometimes!

  47. Mary says:

    Just back from a trip to Denver to see one of my daughters and while there I read “A Fine Romance” that she had. REALLY enjoyed it and am recommending it to a dear friend who is originally from Manchester, England. Keep up the amazing, talented, writings and paintings.

  48. Martha Kormondy says:

    Always so glad to read your news! Going to Cape Cod for a wedding next weekend, I will wave hello across the water! Can’t wait for your new book! Martha

  49. Kemi Ramsey says:

    Thank you x million for your wonderful, colourful, exhilarating creativity and love of beauty! A Willard just lifts my spirits so high…and walking with you and Joe through the woods and to the sea…a fairy tale is right. I cannot wait to read the new book(s). All this plus the best soundtracks – enjoying all the vintage big band tunes now- for reading. Am in heaven for sure! So grateful to have found you!

  50. Judy Evans says:

    So excited for your new book ! Absolutely loved A Fine Romance, I felt like I went with you ! Enjoy your must deserved rest.

  51. Cindy says:

    Sitting in my place in the mountains and reading your blog, as I smell the smoke from the fire not 7 miles away…as the crow flies….is a blessed moment of no stress …..some normalcy on this 101 degree day…your blogs are always uplifting but I have to say this one is truly a God send today. Thank you and Joe for the prayers.

  52. Barbara Elaine says:

    I am still enjoying your creations after all these years. It all started with that first cookbook.

  53. Jonna Green says:

    I can’t wait to see the new book! So exciting!!!! Your books inspire me daily!
    Thank you!!!!

  54. Nany LaDuke says:

    Can’t wait to get your new book I am so excited

  55. Sue LaMarche says:

    Why is it that reading your book (AFR) & your blogs & all your other comments – I feel better about life. It leaves me with a bit of “fairytale” in my heart. I thank you for your light-hearted humor & for the God given talent of transporting all of us into another place… a “feel good” place. The world needs lots of that right now. Thank you again!

  56. Amanda McClain says:

    Thanks SO Much for the Williard! I needed the good news, good read, and the fun! Looking forward to your new books. Congrats on completing them! I am completely with you, even here in Florida I smell the hint of Autumn in the air.

  57. Gwenith Walter says:

    My word for today–Jubilant!

  58. Carolyne says:

    I am sooo very excited about “The Fairy Tale Girl” to come during my Birthday Month~! My 87 yr. old Mom is as anxious as I to read it too. I’ve told her about Part II coming in the Spring and she has enthusiastically told friends to expect gifts of books in the year to come. How wonderful your writings have inspired so many and the word is spread word-of-Mouth among girlfriends young and old!

  59. Dear Susan:

    I am so looking forward to your new book. I adored your English book, which was nostalgic for me as I had been to many of the places you wrote about. The format of your handwritten text with photos and watercolors is inspired and inspirational. A Fine Romance is truly one of my favorite books–and I have thousands of books.

    It is often said that writing about happiness is boring, but I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and your newsletters. It is heartwarming to read about the happy life you have created and your delight in it. I really appreciate your sharing it with us.

  60. Lee Ann Swindle says:

    I have several of your cookbooks and love them so much! Your illustrations are beautiful, and everything you write about brings such happiness to all of us followers. I love your homes, they look so homey and cozy. Thanks for all the happiness you bring to so many!!

  61. M. K. Dawson says:

    Love the sunset photos!

  62. Sharon Brown says:

    My absolute favorite meal is one enjoyed looking out over the water. Thanks for that picture.

  63. Roseann Copeland says:

    I feel better about life too after reading your blog and Willard. You should have seen me few hours prior. I was feelilng so despondent about some terrible news I had seen on FB. I vented on my FB page and then decided to keep it private. There is enough ugliness out there. I want to do something positive with my journelling and illustration skills too. I am on the verge of something special! I am believing it and am planning to carve out time to make it happen.
    Thank you Susan for sharing your gifts. I can’t wait to get my book and the one I ordered for my friend Cathi who introduced you to me (via FB). Shh! it’s a surprise birthday gift,but I have to wait until November to give it to her!. I can hardly wait! God bless and be well ( all of you) 🙂

  64. Ann Murphy says:

    You are so inspirational!!! I think you’re amazingly talented and always look forward to seeing your work ~ thank you for sharing! We’re east coast neighbors; I live over on Cape Cod and share your love of hydrangeas ♡ Enjoy your day!

  65. Melissa Woodward says:

    I love the descriptive way that you write. It transports me to the very place you are describing. I can smell the smells, see the same wonderful scenes, and feel the magic. I love your store in Arroyo, but have not been there in quite some time, because we moved to Southern California. I hope to go back soon. Love you and your creations.

    • sbranch says:

      We closed the store several years ago . . . got a little caught up in what everyone did around 2008. So sorry, it was a very fun place!

  66. Gertrude Tai says:

    I just love your blog. Awesome !!!!!!

  67. mollie genrich says:

    I love,love,love all of your writing,blogs,books,and whimsey,just everything.Please keep up all of the magical works.

  68. Sheree McMahon says:

    I truly believe that if everyone in the world read your blog every morning there would be no wars, no anger, no hatred and everyone would walk around greeting each other with love in there hearts and smiles on their faces. Thank you Susan for the answer to world peace!

  69. Kristi Colbert says:

    Thank you for your beautiful art, writing and photos. I have followed you since The Heart of The Home. I’m so grateful you’re still bringing all that joy to us and the world! Thank you to you and Joe for the prayers. In No. CA the fires are better. Now the smoke is bad. Can’t wait to read your latest book.

  70. Always get excited to receive your emails, you are so creative and talented. Enjoyed your book “A Fine Romance”, let’s a persons imagination take them along with your adventures. Would love to read your new book, hope I can win a copy and share with my daughter, we both love your artisty and gift of writing.
    Lucy McInerney

  71. Bettina Nelms says:

    Love everything you do!

  72. Mary Assaf says:

    It is a happy day each time I receive Willard. I love your book A Fine Romance. Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up I just re-read a little bit of it. I love the scrapbook style and all your wonderful artwork and quotes. I would love to win your new book. Like you, my fingers are crossed.

  73. Lynda Baier says:

    Hope to win a copy of your new book. It’s fun to see pictures from another cat lover. We have a sable Burmese, Fuji, that my husband and I love to pieces!

  74. Zoe Greenwood says:

    Whenever I am feeling a bit under the weather, for whatever reason, I read your blog and it makes me sunshine, even when it is raining. Thank you for being you and for bringing such wonder and such love to the world!
    Zoe Greenwood

  75. Elizabeth says:

    You are a treat! Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us!

  76. Mary Fasold says:

    Greetings Susan from my super shy black & white polydactyl…Polly Esther…and me!!! She sat and watched as I placed a quote from your recent Willard on the antique blackboard hanging in my pantry AKA art\ painting room. It’s your comment about opening the creaky gate to autumn and winter. The change in light and sounds in our yard made it clear that it’s almost time to move on to that wonderful part of the year! May the coming seasons bring you and those you love many blessings! Mary

  77. Rita Sundin says:

    Beautiful!! Always Beautiful!!

  78. Rosario Bernier says:

    I can’t wait to get your new book. Have a great rest of the summer.

  79. Susan Burnett says:

    I always look forward to your blogs – a cup of coffee, a comfy chair and a little music – what more could one want on a rainy day! Touring Scotland is on my ToDo list, too, so I will really enjoy “traveling” with you via the internet!

  80. Dawn Walther says:

    Looking forward to your new book!!!

  81. Peggy McNeill says:

    I enjoyed the video interview about your first book and was curious about the paper and pen you use in order to erase the pencil lines you use . I scrapbook the old fashioned way ,cutting and paste ing and struggle to get straight lines.have just recently discovered you through A Fine Romance and appreciate your work so much.

    • sbranch says:

      If you go up to the top of the blog and look under ABOUT ME, you’ll see something called MY ART STUDIO … look at those posts, lots of info about paper and pens.

  82. Carolyn Tavares says:

    LOVED this issue of Willard – I really needed that! 🙂 It took me away from all the realities of life for a while — Thank You!

  83. Karen says:

    Wonderful to hear from you! I’ve missed your,

  84. Eszter says:

    Dear Susan!

    These are really wonderful giveaways! I truly enjoyed your book “A Fine Romance” and can’t wait to find out more about your and Joe’s story. And even though I’m an adult, I still enjoy reading/watching Fairy Tales (Do you like the series Once Upon A Time? And what did you think about the latest Cinderella movie?), so I’m really looking forward to reading YOURS.


    • sbranch says:

      Hmmm, I loved seeing our Downton girl in Cinderella. Haven’t seen Once Upon a Time, do you like it? My new book is pre-Joe — another love story, and starting over — both the new ones are prequels to A Fine Romance. Thank you Eszter!

  85. Lisa YB says:

    Hello Susan, What a nice break on a Monday to read what you have been up to.
    I look forward to your new books. You bring such joy to my live with your writing & your beautiful artwork. What talent!! I live in VA. & also look forward to the change in seasons. Blessings to you, Lisa

  86. Coco Vance says:

    I love the pictures of your cats! And is that McCoy pottery I see in one of the pictures?!

  87. Nancy Ice says:

    I love reading…especially your books!

  88. Jennifer Sitz says:

    I think your stuff is great.

  89. Cindy Pittman says:

    You make me smile whenever I pass my calendar or see your writings. Thank you for bringing sunshine to each day! Cats, flowers, teacups, books, recipes–I could live in a Susan Branch world every day!

  90. Tiana Smith says:

    Thank you for this wonderful website; one of my favorite places to visit.

  91. Heather Keidel Hayes says:

    I just adore the Willard and all the works by Susan Branch! I always seem to receive my Willard just when I could use a little pick me up. Keep spreading the sunshine and the reminders about the simple things in life. <3

  92. Suzanne Sullivan says:

    I am so looking forward to reading your newest book, The Fairy Tale Girl, as I loved and savored reading A Fine Romance! I hope I win this contest!! 🙂

  93. Susan Kennedy says:

    As a former Islander ( Franklin St. resident) I enjoy keeping the connection with that magical place through your work. I recognize the dirt road to the breakwater inlet and other shots. Makes me smile way out here on the west coast. Thank you. Would love to win ♥

  94. Irene says:

    I just love your books and artwork!! A Fine Romance I read in its entirety without putting it down except to have dinner. I felt like I was traveling with you! I shared it with 3 of my neighbors who loved it and now have their friends turned on to you! Looking forward to The Fairy Tale Girl!

  95. Jean Fierbaugh says:

    I just love your work and the collection of Beatrix Potter figurines you have. I remember reading her books as a kid.

  96. Patricia says:

    Love all your books, recipes and Beatrix Potter collectibles, but especially love A Fine Romance and looking forward to the new book.

  97. BECKY ALLEN says:

    THANK YOU for another WILLARD!

  98. FELICIA ADAMS says:


  99. Hilary says:


    Just received my new 2016 Heart of the Home calendar and desk blotter! Glad you added the blotter the past couple of years. This is my 13th wall calendar and I save them all! (Not to mention the cookbooks, books, etc.) Some things are just better than technology! Thank you for sharing your gift all these years!


  100. Kay K says:

    Your website and writings are SO refreshing !!! reminding us of the simple blessings we have every day. Love your pictures, drawings also. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

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