Welcome Willard People!

I knew you were coming so I got ready!  First off, click here for my new theme MUSICA (which you will understand if you’ve read the Willard ~ eeeek!). 🙂

And now, HELLO WILLARD PEOPLE! Welcome to the Blog! MusicaSince I wrote the Newsletter, guess what!? So excited and happy to tell you, that the Giveaway I mentioned has just been doubled ~ because look what showed up 

A Fine Romance by Susan Branch, Chinese version

Do you know what this is?  It’s

A Fine Romance by Susan Branch

in Chinese!

A Fine Romance

Here are my two children meeting for the first time.

Beatrix Potter Hilltop Farm in Chinese

Yes! It’s the just published (but only in China) Chinese version of our book A Fine Romance, Falling in Love with the English OneWorldCountryside. Now I have the extreme privilege, among other things, of taking the Chinese people up to Hilltop to see Beatrix Potter’s legacy! 



Who would have ever thought it possible!? I’ve been pouring over the book, looking at all the details. They did such a nice job. They even kept the watercolored first letters on every page because they thought they “looked pretty!” Even when I mentioned that it might not make sense in Chinese because those first letters have nothing to do with the text ~ they still wanted them which is one reason I really like this publisher!


It’s almost, page for page, exactly like the English version…and it’s a real book you can hold in your hands, because did you know, studies are showing that reading “real” books is healthier and increases intelligence? They are! 


See the little writing around the poppy? And the captions? They made sure all the movies were there and the music too! And where there are English words,they used a cute little handwriting font.miracles

Chinese version of A Fine Romance by Susan Branch

I’m trying to see it through their eyes. I wonder if they say the same stuff to each other in China? I bet they do.get-attachment.aspx


Now they know more about us than I ever imagined. They know that there are idiots all OVER the world. Isn’t that funny? I am happy to be an idiot in the quest for world peace. Chinese version Susan Branch A Fine Romance

Like this, now they know this! I signed the contract for this book over a year ago, but I didn’t realize how I girlartwould feel when it actually arrived. I’m honored, but not used to it yet. None of my other books have ever been in any language except English . . . But as the song goes, you are my lucky star . . .⭐️

Chinese version of A Fine Romance by Susan Branch

Here’s the recipe for Rachel’s Lemon Butter cookies! There Yikeswill be people in China eating Rachel’s cookies! I wonder if they changed the part about how Joe and I met and all of that ~ the one hotel room, the robe like armor, etc. Maybe one of you reads Chinese and can tell us!

IMG_4018I get to take them to Siobhan’s house too! I wonder if they have fairy lights and pink sofas in their kitchens the way Siobhan does? Probably they do! I hope some of them write me!Christmas lights


Notice the little bits and pieces, some of the English writing is still there, all the hearts, the captions, the watercolored underlines, the little arrows, are all still there. They took such good care! What a small world it is.

Chinese version A FINE ROMANCE by Susan Branch

Here we are about to discover King Richard’s childhood castle, remember?  And the arrows pointing to the castle ruins are still there! That Chinese lettering is so cute! If I would have been born in China I would have LOVED that handwriting. It’s like little pictures. They must all be artists over there!IMG_4001

Here’s the part in the book where I saw the Irish seagulls as the Queen Mary 2 passed under Ireland . . . in Chinese! I immediately sent a copy to the Thomas Crane Public Library because I was told they have a very large Chinese population in the Quincy (near Boston) area . . . it will be a surprise, I hope they like it!

And the rest of the books I kept. So far. I mean it’s only been a couple of days.

Fairy Tales do come true

Oops, there’s one right now!


Look at that watercolored title! So my thought is that we might have a little east meets west as our second my cup of teaGiveaway, and include, with a signed copy of our rare Chinese Romance book, a canister of that delicious Gingerbread Tea I mentioned in the Willard, perfect for the season! So even if you can’t read Chinese, you can have a cup of tea and look at the pictures! So now when you leave a comment, you’ll be entered for Two Giveaways, not just one . . . there will be Two Lucky Winners. We just doubled the odds!



All the books in both of these Giveaways can be  personalized just the way you’d like, including the out-of-print Christmas from the Heart of the Home. Which means you might have some pretty good little gifts here ~ a mug and some fairy tales are always appreciated at the holidays!


And you might be asking, will we be selling the Chinese book in our web store?  And the answer is, yes, kinda. We got a few of them, not very many, they are in our web store My favorite fairyright now . . . but they are expensive which probably has something to do with our dollar and their (what is it? Yen?). Plus, they cost a LOT to ship them over . . . so we don’t figure we’ll run out of what we have too soon. But IF we do run out, and IF you don’t get one and IF you still want one, the new plan is that we will then take preorders so we Fairy1know how many to get, and do a one-time purchase just for our Blog Girls. We’re not going to carry this book because of the cost, which is something around $40 each, but check it out if you think it’s something you might want to have. I don’t think there will be too many of them here in America, and they can always be an interesting conversation piece!

So now, let’s change the subject and do a littlehome cookingShall we? With Mas Musica? Oui! I’ve always just naturally gathered healthful winter fat to protect myself against wolves and starvation in the freezing cold, but already On a planethis year, from all the sitting, I’m afraid I could feed an entire wolf pack all by myself. So I’m looking to get a little healthier so that when I finish Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams (BTW, that’s a new little piece of art I did for the book yesterday ~ of me, on the plane, landing in Boston, singing my fear song ~ it’s dawn outside that window, on a very stormy day ~ but I digress big time), I can go out on the road and you will still recognize me!  So in the quest for that, I thought I’d give you Joe’s recipe for the most delicious, crunchy tender salmon steaks in the world!fat friendAnd just in case you’d like to make this, but good salmon is hard to come by in your neck of the woods, call Louie at the Net Result here on the Island (1-800-394-6071 and tell him Joey sent you) and he will overnight you the most delicious fresh fish imaginable, in a box also filled with Martha’s Vineyard sea air for which, believe it or not, he charges NOTHING ~ and they have everything, including oysters, clams, and Lobsters, fresh cod, and this delicious salmon.


The magic in well cooked salmon is in the crust! And no one does it better than Joe.cookingIMG_3636

If I was the one making this, I would ask Louie to cut off the skin for me. But Joe knows just what he’s doing . . . gets his sharp little knife under there and wastes not a shred. You definitely want the skin off so you can make it crusty on both sides.


Then he rinses it in cold water and pats it very dry with paper towels.Creativity is MagicIMG_3646

And cuts it into steaks


which he liberally peppers and sprinkles sea salt over . . 


He put the tiniest bit of olive oil in the pan — 2 tsp. — and heated it over high heat until, as he put it, the pan was “shimmering.” This is what a shimmering pan looks like.littlemagicIMG_3667

He added the fish to the shimmering pan, with the skin-side up, he then salted and peppered that side. The salmon cooked, uncovered, over medium high heat for about eight minutes until they were toasty brown. For good browning, none of the pieces should be touching each other. And if you have a thinner piece, like we did, make sure it cooks for a shorter amount of time.IMG_3669

When he turned them over, they looked like this. Already I want to pick off a piece of the crunchy crust, that little piece hanging off the left end of the piece in the front would be perfect thank you.cooking

salmon recipe

But I didn’t have long to wait. Another four minutes on that other side, and voila! Once again, Joe B. Hall shows dish towel art susan branchhis cooking genius, totally up to the magic. Tender in the middle, crisp on the outside, healthy all over! Serve it with a squeeze of lemon and a crisp green salad and you will go to bed laughing at how healthy you are.

Alrighty then! I’ve now managed to swallow up a large chunk of your busy day! I hope I’m satisfied. I COULD actually go on! I have tablescapes to show you, light and shadows, quilts! Oh yes, there will be more.Jane AustenOK, I hear you, but one more thing, please don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your Willard yet, they take four days letterto all go out, if you’ve signed up, but haven’t gotten yours by Saturday, let us know ~ be sure to check your spam folder first.) ~ And be SURE to leave a comment at the bottom of this post (click on those tiniest letters that say comment) so you’ll be entered in the drawing for the GiveAways! 

Oops, one more thing ~ I found this wonderful photograph I thought you might like to use as a screen saver for the season. Just click there. We’ll put it up in the web store under “Free Stuff” soon along with lots more festive things for the season ~ it’s that time of year!Susan Branch WinterOrchardHouseWinter Isn’t it gorgeous? We were just there a few months back ~ it’s Louisa May Alcott’s House, Orchard House, in the snow. So, romantic. Can’t you just see her and her sisters throwing snowballs in their long skirts? I’ll leave you (finally, whew!) with that lovely thought. Enjoy your day Girlfriends! God Bless our world, and especially beautiful Paris.  XOXOTime ...

And don’t think I did this all by myself . . .


it takes a village

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2,084 Responses to Welcome Willard People!

  1. Janie Scholes says:

    Love reading the blog and Willard. They just take me away to a lovely place. Such a nice break in my day!

  2. Patricia Edde says:

    Your posts always touch my heart and your watercolors fill me with joy. What a great Thanksgiving present. I wish we could have met all those years ago back in Reseda, California – what a blessing that would have been. Maybe we’ll meet in a lifetime yet to come.
    Speaking of coming, are you ever going to plan a book signing up here in Iowa (the northeast corner to be exact)? Sue Grafton was here once in Decorah. Her husband’s brother married a local woman and there she sat in Java Johns (one of our great little coffee places) and there I didn’t sit because I didn’t know she was there. Drats, I could have gotten the scoop on Kinsey Milhone. I guess I’m rambling but its all to say that you and Joe should drive your van up here and sit a spell.
    Nuff said except that I wish you and yours a very blessed thanksgiving.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, there’s a Barnes and Noble in Cedar Rapids we are going to try to get to. Hope that works for you!

  3. Theresa says:

    Is it to late for me to be in the contest? I hope not!!

  4. Gail says:

    Just read both blogs today! God bless our beautiful world(walking outside instead of shopping) and Happy Thanksgiving. Love your books and beautiful art.

  5. Louise Bugeni says:

    Your blog posts are always a delight. In Australia we don’t have Thanksgiving and I have always loved ready about the celebration. Love your talent and appreciate you allowing us a peek through your windows.

    • sbranch says:

      Maybe you could start it? I think it’s our very best holiday. Just don’t let anyone make it about shopping! 🙂

  6. Deb says:

    love the house in the snow screen saver! Thanks!

  7. Georgia in Kona says:

    Well I’m one of those girlfriends in Hawaii, therefore will probably never get to one of your signings until I get to move to central coast Cali. My dream. I know you’ve heard it a gazillion times from others, but you are such an inspiration to me. I left a very old house we had renovated in So. Cal for what we thought would be paradise here in Hawaii. Well it’s not & that’s all I’ll say. I miss my house of 28 years so much and all it represented.
    I’m a New Englander born (so I was raised to believe – Pennsylvania ) and raised in Cali from age 11. Drove route 66 11 times untill i gratuated from high school. My taste & style is everything you write about & photo journal, which is why I so cherish you. Btw: my first book was a gift from girlfriend in the early 90’s. I too have one so very simular. Remember those Itty bitty pictures that would come with the larger ones when you developed the roll ? My journal is so full of those with that yellow sepia tone. Well enough of me. Thank you again for all you represent for us girlfriends out here in cyber-ville, your books, calendars, reading suggestions, & of course your beautiful art work.
    Blessings to you, Joe and All your families this Christmas Season.

    • sbranch says:

      I hear a longing for home in your writing . . . 28 years is such a long time, and all those memories. It must be hard. Hope you get back soon.

  8. Melissa says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! What joy your writing brings–thank you for making each part of the year even more wonderful with your recipes, writings, lovely quotes, and beautiful artwork. What a remarkable talent you have for giving pleasant things to look forward to–new books, new posts, new Willards, and even just flipping your calendar pages! I’m thankful for you:)

  9. Dana Burton says:

    My heart is full….sitting here this morning enjoying my coffee, sunlight setting shadows across my kitchen, no sound, except the refrigerator running, clock ticking and a nearby train going by with horn blowing. I love living close to the tracks. This is my Black Friday Morning….wouldn’t have it any other way.😊 Thinking about the blessing of family and friends and what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had yesterday. I hope you had a wonderful day too! Mr. B and I will be doing some Christmas decorating later and as always, I will go to your blog and books for inspiration. Love you bunches! XO

    • sbranch says:

      It was just such a lovely day yesterday . . . I’m painting in the glow of it! About to go peel me off a little chunk of turkey!

  10. Sheron Fitch says:

    I love the sweet, relaxing moments your blog and Willard creates for me. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Vikki Dueker says:

    We say goodbye to Thanksgiving with much thanks and look forward to cherishing and capturing many more memories especially during our Christmas season. You have been a wonderful example Susan and good teacher of keeping each day alive and close to our hearts and the value of family and friends. Keep spurring us on to greatness in our own homes.

  12. Cindy K.Beranek says:

    Hi and a late Happy Thanksgiging!!!!!!! I LOVED your LONG post, it was GREAT!!!!! I have a question a while back I ask if you would post a few pictures of your EMMA 1/2 pint mug collection and you said yes. Did I miss the pictures? I do not get WILLARDS.

  13. Gail Rose says:

    I am so stuffed from yesterday, we were so blessed to have 11 come for turkey. I’m resting today so I wanted to take time enter the drawing. Hope I’m not to late.
    Say hi to Joe for me.

  14. D. L. Galletti says:

    Happy Thanksgiving !
    Greetings from the central coast of CA-where I am spending the holiday with my family in my hometown of Hanford. Loved your idea of getting out in nature on Black Friday instead of shopping! Just finished reading Fairy Tale Girl and looking forward to Isle of Dreams. Never knew you lived for a bit in Carmel. (I am now a resident of Monterey)
    Always on the hunt for your books, I was so excited last month to have found copies in a local used book store. Found your first book, Heart of Home, as well as Vineyard Seasons. Could not understand for the life of me why someone wouldn’t keep your books. But glad they didn’t so I could now be the proud owner of them! Then that same week, a friend found a copy of your first Christmas book for me!
    I recently purchased your 2014 edition of Autumn and have made your apple cranberry crisp twice. De-licious ! Everyone loved it. It was on the dessert table yesterday.

    • sbranch says:

      So happy to hear that! Yes Carmel. I rented the cutest little house in one of those small neighborhoods near the downtown. It was darling, but it was a bit too far from home! Which was the point I guess!

  15. Miss Marion says:

    We’re having a little “white Friday” on Black Friday here in Northeastern Wisconsin. Just enough snow to dust the lawns and leaves and cars and all the nooks and crannies. I love to come here on days like this to see what you’ve been up to (quite a bit from the sound of it!). Thanks for sharing!

  16. Monica D. says:

    I can’t wait to read your new book! The story is so romantic and your artwork is an inspiration. I’m so glad you share it all with us!!

  17. Dawn Walther says:

    Susan…you are oh so talented!

  18. love your blog and artwork. thanks for the entry!

  19. Meg says:

    Love reading Willard and your blog. You are just like an old friend to me. So exciting about your book in Chinese and the possibility of movies

  20. Carolyn Cunningham says:

    I love your blog and can’t wait for your new book! I’ve never met you but feel like you are a very good friend!!

  21. Stacy N. says:

    Your blog and Willard are my favorites to read. Your pictures and words bring me such peace and joy. Thank you for all you do. I hope you and Joe and the kitties had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Looking forward to a beautiful and magical Christmas season.

  22. Theresa says:

    Loved reading the blog and Willard the past couple of days (as always :-))…you’re so funny, there were too many things that grabbed my attention to repeat them all, but love the Beatles song about turning 64 (congrats to Joe a little early), the quotes, especially the Rumi quote I didn’t know….looking forward to rewatching Little Women and other old movies I try to revisit each year, thanks for the reminder! I could go on, but to paraphrase I’m sure I’ve delighted you long enough 😉…lots of good wishes for the season, and thank you!

  23. Kedra says:

    In this world of shootings, political “incorrectness” etc. I want to thank you for letting me stop a minute to appreciate what your home and mine are “about” and that it’s OK.

  24. Nancy says:

    I’m sitting down reading your blog as I take a break from cleaning my kitchen, after having hosted five generations of our family for Thanksgiving. A few couldn’t make it for various reasons so there were only 34 of us this year. What a privilege to be part of a such a loving, close-knit and caring family! I just want to thank you for inspiring me to savor each moment of my life, and not just live it but to REALLY LIVE IT~Thank you ♡

  25. Julie. Vance says:

    What a fun giveaway! It would be a real treat to win.

  26. Judy Humphrey says:

    I don’t know if you heard about the Valley Fire in CA. Cobb Mountain was my home for over 20 years. I raised my children there. We have so many memories that the FIRE can not take away. Unfortunately, the neighborhood we lived in is “just ashes in the wind” now. 🙁 I had a very difficult time dealing with the loss of all our friends and neighbors’s homes. The houses we rented, and the one we owned were also destroyed! I was so down and then one day, I remembered your blog and got out my iPad and read. It made me feel so much better, so I ordered your new book and read it way too quickly. Thank you for your optimisim and lovely art. You are an inspiration to so many girlfriends! XOXO Judy. P.S. I am so jealous that you got to meet the Beatles! Lucky you!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh I’m so sorry Judy, no I hadn’t heard of that fire. So awful when that happens, such a terrible loss. Sending love to you. xoxo

  27. julia walker in Cincy says:

    I had no idea I’d end up here when I began searching for a Susan Branch book for a Christmas gift tonight! I’ve spent almost 2 hours and have the Xmas spirit now. Thank you Susan for sharing your beauty and joy. I look forward to reading your blog from now on!

  28. Cait says:

    New fan of your work and what a blessing it would be to win a few of your books for my new collection! Lovely post, always a treat!

  29. Deb K says:

    So enjoy reading your blog. It is a soothing and inspiring escape. Thank you.

  30. Sandra kohl says:

    I have been ill for a while on a kidney transplant list it has been very hard your site has brought me comfort and happiness I am introduced to music I have not heard see beautiful photos and inspiring quotes.. Thank you so much for brightening my days

    • sbranch says:

      I am so happy you are here Sandra, thank you for writing. Please get well soon, my prayers are with you and your family. XOXOXO

  31. Ivy says:

    Thank You again for your beautiful work. Have a wonderful holiday.

  32. Myky Barnard says:

    My days are always better when I read your letters! Such talent in all your beautiful artwork, your writing, your quotes and I could go on and on. Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving day~~so much to be thankful for and glad your day was happy too. We enjoyed a rainy day today just thinking of all our blessings and how much we enjoyed being with those we love! Thanks to you for sharing so much beauty in so many ways!!!

  33. Jan Akright says:

    Your website, blogs, Willard, love of England, items for sale, books, pictures, everything you create and write inspire me and make my heart happy!
    Thank you, Susan!

  34. Hi Susan, Hope you had a lovely holiday counting your blessings from God above, and enjoying friends and family. I am a nurse, and it was my Holiday to work, so I took care of the sick, the old, the insane, and the dying. Its all in a days work making life as meaningful and special to people in the hospital. When I get home my unwinding time is spent looking at your blog, the books I have collected and your lovely ideas for making life special. Thank you for being you, and keeping us sane and our hearts at home, even when we are not, working at really hard jobs. You are lovely to come home to.You have helped make my home a special sanctuary from all going on in this world. Please dont ever stop. Love Melissa

  35. Victoria says:

    You’re goodness and tender heart inspire me!

  36. Barbara Harris says:

    Kitties are the best helpers, except when the vacuum cleaner comes out. Then they all hide!

  37. Renee Sanders says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent, love and joy with us. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned to your work for peace, inspiration, and sometimes an answer. My wonderful mother-in-law gave me one of your cook books, all I did was read it over and over again. I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t realize it was a cookbook until after my first child was born (18 months later). The amount of times I have read them and I swear each time I find something new.
    At this time in my life I have moved from west coast to east coast and I had no idea what a culture shock that would be. One child stayed behind, one came with, but has recently informed his Dad and I that he wants to see the world. So this Thanksgiving I first had a little pity party for my hubby and I. Then back to your books, first “Autum” then “Christmas”. It gave me renewed strength to accept a new chapter in our lives and that many more chapters will be on their way. I look forward to reading your new books.
    All the best.

  38. Laura Verbick says:

    What wonderful ways to create a warm inviting home! Just found this site through a friend who has long loved Susan Branch. And I’ve tasted many of the recipes from “A Fine Romance” book she loves. Nice reading for a stay-in weekend!

  39. linda tiller says:

    All the lovely details of your warm and welcoming home inspire me to be most thoughtful in the environment I create in my own cozy home….not only for guests, but for myself too. For some folks a sparse and uncluttered look might be welcomed, but for me the homey warmth of treasured possessions is sweet and reassuring.

  40. Thank you, Susan for your always wonderful blog posts, and Willard too. Reading them never fails to make my day brighter.

  41. Susan…love your books and blog. Just read Fairytale Girl. You just keep being that girl! Love from a kindred spirit….

  42. Brittany says:

    Thank you Mrs.Branch for your warm words that always leave an impression on my heart. As my two little ones are tucked in bed and my husband is in the garage working on my car, I am cuddled in a cloud of cozy blanets reading my Willard. It’s freezing raining right now outside. I am gearing up for the cold with my mukluks and flannels. I look forward to your posts. They comfort me and leave me wanting to be a great wife and mother. Thank you again! I look forward to hearing about your year as the days approach. It sounds so exciting!

  43. Teresa says:

    I have enjoyed your artwork for many years and while searching for some gift ideas I came across the blog and newsletter and have spent several delightful hours “catching up”!

  44. Melinda says:

    Traditions are wonderful,they are funny, some are happy, some sad in remembering.
    Each day as life moves on into the new we try to keep and love the old while making
    New and happy memories for those to come in the future. Susan you conjure
    Happiness, joy and creativeness in each of your followers. Thank you. Melinda

  45. Devon from Denver says:

    Please, oh please, come to the Tattered Cover in Denver on your book tour!!!!!

    • sbranch says:

      It is ON our list — please go to their Facebook page and make a request for me to come, it is a HUGE help when people do that!

  46. patti says:

    Oh I just love, love, love that book in Chinese. Our Matthew went to China this past June with his Ballet Company from Richmond. They had a cultural exchange and a couple of dancer’s from The National Ballet of China came over in February and danced with Richmond Ballet’s in Don Quiote. Then Richmond Ballet went over this summer and danced for a few weeks in Beijing, Shanghai and a couple of other cities. I was so happy for our son to have such a great experience of dancing in China with the National Ballet. Wow will he ever have stories to tell his grandchildren !! B O O M <3 Well I'm just going to have to get that book to add to my Susan Branch collection of, "Everything Susan Branch 😉 " I love you Miss Susan…

  47. Lida says:

    Always love your blog and your sweet illustrations.

  48. Donna Wagner says:

    I am so glad I grabbed a cup of tea and sat down to enjoy Susan’s most recent blog. Truly, I needed that! Thank you for the gorgeous pictures you have painted and those you have posted from your camera shots. Your painted ones are alway my favorite yet I love seeing your kitties in action. Thank you for sharing your joy. I am excited for you about possible TV/Movie contract; I’ll be hoping! I hope to see you in San Francisco at City Lights. I gave the thumbs up on their Facebook page. Thank you Susan for always making my day better. <3

  49. Kathy O'Rourke says:

    Really have been enjoying the blog. It is a comfort to find someone who enjoys the holidays as much as I do and wow, over 2000 comments I think there are a lot of us. Congrats once again on your memoir. Happy Holidays all!

    • sbranch says:

      There are a lot of us kindred spirits out there, more than we know . . . who love home and homelife the best. xoxo

  50. Sharon says:

    Dear Susan,
    I so enjoyed reading your book “The Fairy Tale Girl”! I am looking forward to getting “Isle of Dreams” as well.

    I hope you and Joe had a lovely Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving falls a month earlier here in Canada. We had a recent heavy snowfall so everything is covered with a blanket of white and sparkling! Cozy days for getting our home ready for Christmas. Hope you are snug and warm too and stay well.


  51. Barbara Patterson says:

    Thank you for all your delightful ideas. I just ordered my 2016 wall calendar…a leap of faith! (I’m 82+) and the new book…can’t wait!! Meanwhile, I’m checking out your cookie jar!
    Merry Christmas!

  52. Michelle Huff says:

    I have enjoyed your books and artwork for twenty years now, but I just found your blog! I keep “Heart of the Home” on display in my kitchen on a wrought iron cookbook stand from Italy. I am looking forward to “catching up” with you as I spend time reading your words!

  53. Jodie Lynne Anderson says:

    Would love to have my name entered into the drawing for the Christmas book!

  54. Carol from PA says:

    Those lucky, lucky Chinese!

  55. Sue Shanahan says:

    Am I too late for the drawing?!?

  56. Carolyn says:

    I love your cookbooks and calendars, and now my local bookstore stopped carrying your calendars. But for your website I would be without your cheerful monthly and daily greetings. Thank you….your talent and outlook on life is so uplifting.

  57. Marsha MacLean says:

    Dear Susan,
    So glad to be able to sit here and write a spell after the events of today so close by in San Bernardino and my Redlands… You always remind us to look for the special blessings and I’m doing that tonight! It’s all-important to keep our chins up, in between keeping our heads bowed, isn’t it? Praying with thanks for our law enforcement and fire – emergency personnel.
    With love, Marsha

  58. Sheryl from Magalia CA says:

    Am I too late? Well, if I am not this is the first chance I’ve had to read the entire Willard. This brings me here to ask to be put in Vanna’s drawing for the two prizes. Willard was great, just long for me…I am a slow reader. Just got my desk calendar…I cannot live w/o it. I also started reading my Fairy Tale Girl………………ohhhh….it’s so inviting…just have to settle in on Sunday with a tea and read read read. Bye.

  59. Angie says:

    Your blog and email letter are pure joy and entertainment. I am going to go to the Changing Hands Bookstore (independent) FaceBook page and tell them they need you. Not want but need.
    Thank You for the house download. It allows me to dream of snow, tea, wooly socks and a good book in front of the fire place. Your book of course!

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