Good Morning . . .MUSICA We are, right now, in the midst of a beautiful inspiring Ad for Victoriasnowstorm here on Martha’s Vineyard, delightfully cut off from the real world, not just any storm, they’re calling it a blizzard. Sometimes, I have to say, working at home has its snow treedrawbacks. You forget to get out of your jammies (until someone drops in, then you think, OMG, L👀k at me!), you lay out your newly designed calendar pages all across the living room floor (generally making a mess wherever you go), you stand staring into the fridge and then eat it all ~ so excited about something you’re painting, that you just leave the open extra-crunchy peanut butter jar and the sourdough toast crumbs on the counter and run back to the studio ~ which means your house gets a little disgusting to match your darling self in jammies and shawl, BUT, on a day like today, I take it all back, I’m grateful because it is heaven to snowy dawnbe cozy at home, listening to the crackling fire, smelling the smoke, in my jammies, warm in my plaid shawl from Scotland, laying out my calendar pages, eating everything in the fridge, drinking tea with honey and milk … and feeling pretty sure (and safe), that in the pouring snow, no one will stop by! Taking deep breaths, and wishing I could slow down time . . . I love winter, everything so much easier now, than in the summer when the windows are open and the birds are singing and all I want to do is run out and play!img_2849

Right now, it’s just counting my blessings, trying to make something out of nothing, blank piece of paper in front of me, never knowing for sure what I am doing, but trying hard to do it, snow falling outside the windows, squirrels hanging from the bird feeders, purring noises coming from my art table . . . the clock ticking on the mantle . . .saying hello to you here and on Twitter (you can go there and just look, you don’t have to join, just in cases😘), then knitting and TV and bed and then do it all over again . . .


This is the view from my studio window right now . . . snow pouring down, spirals flying off the barn, piling up at the tops of the picket fence, making snow flowers in the tree branches . . . snow

cozy fire

I walk through my sleepy house to go to my Studio in the morning, as I have for so many years, the old floors creak here and there, muffled noises of snowplow come from outside, and I am overwhelmed for the moment, so grateful that I got to grow up and meet Joe and move here, to this old house I adore so much ~ a house that’s more like a parent, protective and safe, like a mom or a dad. 💖 So cozy, it’s hard to tear myself out of bed in the morning ~ I stay a while and listen to the house and the wind.


There’s my honey, a man and his castle, the barn. He was up early, “It’s snowing” he yelled as he ran out the door! The man loves to shovel snow. Don’t ask me why, he just does. Another blessing to be added to my very long list.


I do my part . . .


We kept a few lights in the kitchen ~ along with candles and the flames in the fireplace, they make a perfect cheery contrast to darker shorter days . . .


The lights are still on our kitchen porch too, we keep them year round, they looked good on the summer night of Joe’s birthday too . . .


This place is the perfect place for dreaming . . . and I’m definitely dressed to go dreaming . . . and no, I don’t mind if you come along…🎵🎶


I thought you’d like to see the photo the Sisters sent from the Holy Nativity Convent . . .  Isn’t this just darling? This should be their Christmas card next year! Pure love. They have Hygge totally under control! Thank you all for your support of the Sisters ~ so many of you responded to that post by ordering candles and clocks and all the other wonderful things the sisters make… they are ecstatic, you’ve made their day/year, and filled those 17 little stockings with peace and good will.  I just have to say, for the upty-ninth time, I love us!sweetnessflowers


I love him too. My kitty. Now when he rubs his head on me, I rub my head on him. We are simpatico together. I get him, he gets me, and all is well in la-la-land.Do not disturbsantiago

So here I am, painting away for the next calendar, thinking to myself, as I watercolor my letters to the tune of the ticking clock, “What will they like? What can I give them . . .” meaning you, and hoping I guess right . . .  I do dream it . . .if you dream it


Oh, and I was thinking, maybe I should make my own mugs? I mean other people have done it, I ought to be able to figure it out. So, for starters, I made a paper one. Just fooling around . . . but isn’t it cute?


As you know, my boy Jack hangs out in the Studio with me, sometimes asleep, but other times he’s going after something . . . like my new Scottish plaid heart (sent to me by Elizabeth) which was hanging on my “fridge.” This is his “you caught me” face. See the pillow on top of the fridge? It didn’t used to look like Jack, but I blacked in the nose and mustache with a black marker and now it does! Life and all it’s little bits and pieces, ahhhhh.happy! flowers

 I do have to get to work though, we leave for California at the end of next month, I’ll be meeting (in person) the screenwriter who is still hard at work on the script for our (not-ThreeBooksgoing-to-happen-but-still-a-fun-thought-anyway 😜) movie or series or whatever it will be.  It was just this time last year when I first heard someone might want to make a movie from my trilogy of books, and so we’re going to meet under the HOLLYWOOD sign when Joe and I get out to California ~ her idea! A place I’ve never been! So, how fun is that?  And also, that book signing I mentioned? It is for sure going to be on March 18th. I don’t know the exact time yet, but Apple watercolorI’m assuming it’ll be in the afternoon ~ at the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo, CA. Did I hear someone mention road trip????  I hope so! Lots of wonderful EVERYTHING in the SLO-town area in March, Spring!  Ocean, sunshine🌞, and beach restaurants, cute downtown shopping, antique stores, nearby towns filled with charm, wineries, farmstands and good restaurants . . . on and on. Put the Beach Boys Kokomo in your MUSICA, start learning the words, sing along in your car and and come on down (or over, or up)!  Until then, dear friends . . . Enjoy! Next time, on the blog, I’ll show you more of England!HeartThrobswinter word


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757 Responses to DELIGHTFULLY CUT OFF ☃️

  1. Sue says:

    Dear Susan
    I just saw the picture you were painting of a mother and child. Before I even scrolled down to see the entries I had missed earlier this morning I knew it had to be you and your lovely Mother. I hope you are going to frame a copy of it and give it to her for her birthday that is coming up. I know she would cherish it , and love to have it hanging on her wall, or on a table in her room. Please don’t wait a year until the calender’s come out.
    RE a comment made by a reader before about a mug with round bottoms. I think that they mean one where the actual sides of the mug are not straight up and down. I have two mugs I love where the top inch and a half slant inwards, and then the bottom two inches bulge out like a ball giving one a nice round place to warm your hands. I love them. I hope you can visualize what I am saying.
    I wish I could get half the things done in a day that you do… You’re amazing.
    I hope you find more blue glass… Bye for now.

    Love, Sue


    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Sue… good advice, and yes, I have the picture of that mug, although I have not yet seen it offered from a private label company, I will keep it in mind. xoxo

  2. Helen says:

    Any chance Scottish shawls will show up in your store 👏❤️

  3. Mrs, Mary Elizabeth Lawrence aka MiMi says:

    Susan, I was thinking you need a Kit Cat clock. Remember those our grandparents had. Well I ordered one from Amazon and love it. It looks so cute ticking a way its eyes moving back and forth with its tail. Its great for a cat lover like you. Just a Mary Lawrence

  4. carolyn williams says:

    I hope I’ve done this right Susan! I don’t get along with the computer!
    Maybe I should just send you a nice hand-written note. I’ve heard that
    this could be coming back. We need it. I wrote to you back in July 2016
    about a sad relationship that had to come to an end after 9 years, and you
    gave me some strength to help me through it all. Thank you always. I’m
    still working on it, but it is much better. So, tonight I decided to become
    a part of your “blog”. Hope I did the right thing and you get this message.
    Also, I’m so excited about the “possibility” of a movie or TV series being
    made about you. I will keep my fingers & toes crossed! Do you have any thought as to who you would like to “play” you? I’m going to think about
    it also and pass it along to you. In the meantime, have a lovely time in Calif.
    and I hope this gets to you!!! Best Always!

  5. Virginia says:

    Hope you noticed that PBS is starting a new series tonight–‘Victoria’. It’s a fictionalized account of Queen Victoria’s youth and it’s supposed to help fill that hole Downton Abbey fans feel. I’m sure they will repeat it during the week if you miss it tonight. It sounds wonderful.

    And–different topic–we always had two cats at a time. When one would go to kitty heaven, we’d get a new kitten. All of them mutually loathed each other. ‘There’s room for only one cat in this house and it’s ME’. Your idea of getting two kittens at once is definitely the way to go. There is a great cat rescue center on the Cape–lots of adorable kitties there. But I hope you won’t need to visit for a very long time.

    • sbranch says:

      I just recorded it! Yes, it’s two at a time. If I would have gotten two when I got Jack, they would have loved each other (at least tolerated) and left Girl Kitty alone ~ instead Jack was always after her, wanting to play and she would have none of it. I just wasn’t thinking. I’m usually a better cat psychologist!

  6. Kathleen Trepp says:

    Dearest Susan…..
    Such a wonderful and cozy blog today…..I have been sitting here so long, reading every word, I had to get up in my nightie and robe and check out my front door for snow…6:02 pm time to begin dinner prep……I am in Colorado and we expect a big storm today and tomorrow…..feels cold enough, but not here yet…..I moved here from Santa Barbara, so I can agree with your love of SLO and yet also the privilege of the dramatic seasons, though I also love the ocean and year round citrus, herbs, flowers and Farmers’Markets………so it is always a gift to have lived both realities.
    Because we are sitting here in the middle of January’s calendar page, I have always wanted to know why you used to fly a beautiful balloon on the box for January 8th… no longer do, but it is my birthday and thought it must be special for you too?
    I also wish to place my vote with the landslide agreement that we all support your suggestion of mugs and perhaps a teapot and sugar and creamer……….what could be more fun!!! Along with the movie….and perhaps down the line a special small book all about preparing tea for our best friends…….invitations, napkins, and music…………I have cared for my precious granddaughters and a few of the neighbors and one year served a tea birthday party for A.A. Milne…the children were about 7 and 8, with the hit of the day being all the honey served with spinners……….what a clean up!!!
    We are all so blessed with your talent and generosity and send prayers of thanksgiving for you, Joe, and Jack each evening!!! Love, Kathleen

    • sbranch says:

      It was my Grandma’s birthday, and the balloon should really still be there. Because on that day I always call my mom and we talk about her. So the celebration continues even though if she were here she would now be 108 years old. Happy Birthday to you Kathleen! Thank you for your kind words, love your tea party! I have a tea book on the back burner (along with way too many other things!).

  7. Teena says:

    Susan, (including the wonderful, beautiful paintings).
    Just finished Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams last eve. and I was sad to finish, because I wanted the book to go on and on…..when you write, you make the reader feel they are there, and experiencing what you are describing…..really.
    I first read A Fine Romance, then The Fairy Tale Girl. Of course, I HAD to read the remaining book. Love them all……..
    I was privileged to meet you in Goshen, IN at the small bookstore, in the fall of 2013, I believe. Time flies.
    You are a busy lady, and appear to make each moment count…….
    Mugs would be great! Your upcoming CA trip seems rather exciting, as well….
    I thank you for sharing many moments from your life with us all, taking the time to do so, and I just wanted to express my appreciation….

  8. Charissa says:

    What loveliness in this post!!! I would love to be snowed if there was a man who loved to shovel snow. I Love you and Joe:) (We capitalize the word Love when we use it sometimes. It means the True kind of Love;)) I haven’t been snowed in since the 70s, but I told Tom we were pretending this weekend. Luckily, it was stormy all weekend to add to the effect. I could have done without the tornado lol We had candles, pancakes, thai coconut soup, pot after pot of tea, twinkle lights, sweaters, fireplace, heated blankets, football, games, old movies on TCM, a limit on mobile devices and chores and lots of cuddle time. Thank you so much for inspiring us!!! We needed it. Glad no one stopped by or they would have seen our crumbs too;) Your house looked totally HYGGE!!!

    Of course you should do your own mugs! It’s the most natural thing and sure to be a big hit. Just wondering also about those meditation tapes? Did you find a way to get them made? I would be first in line for both.

    I was so glad to hear that all the Girlfriends visited the nuns’ website. YAY!!! I love my candles from them (they smell like heaven hee hee) and I am going to order my dad something laser cut for his birthday. If I may say, I thought that their “uncle” looked similar to your dad and made your visit all the more special. Thought about you over the holidays and your loss. Nothing right to say. So I just thought some more for you xoxo

    Can’t wait to hear about your meeting under the HOLLYWOOD sign!!!! OHMYGOODNESS How darling is that?! You are always doing the cutest thing I ever heard of whether you thought of it or not:) Thank you for everything you do for me. You make my heart smile! xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      Always love hearing from you Charissa. I haven’t had time to do the meditation tape yet, I hope I can get to it. Working on the 2018 calendars now, they’re due very soon, and then Joe and I catch the train for California for my mom’s birthday. Always weighing priorities, wish I could just do everything all at once! 😘

      • charissa says:

        No worries. I was just wondering. I know how busy you are and must feel pulled in all directions sometimes.
        I saw your mug on Twitter!!! ABSOLUTE DARLINGNESS. I CAN’T WAIT:) XOXO

  9. Sharon in San Marcos, CA says:

    I just saw your fun new paper mug on your Twitter feed. Adorable!! And a thought popped up. I know that all of us girlfriends are hoping for various mug designs, but in addition to those, how about a special “annual mug”? Just thought I’d mention this idea, because I know that you are sitting around at home with nothing to do and nothing to think about right now … As if!
    Loved the pictures of your shop – I would have spent my life’s savings in there, so I’m glad I didn’t know about it when you were in business!

    • sbranch says:

      Ha ha ha, I think I know what you mean! Was thinking of making special editions (while having nothing to do 😘), like Emma does, and retire them after a while …and maybe even a “collectors” cup, like you suggest, a new one each year. I believe we’ll be starting with 3 designs, but I have SO MANY ideas, it’s awful to choose only 3! Still, those 3 are pretty heavenly.

  10. Candice Black says:

    Dear Susan,
    No snow here, we have only had rain and gloomy days! Perfect for snuggling in a cozy throw with a Gladys Taber book. I visited our local public library and brought home 5 of her books! I am reading The Stillmeadow Road at the moment and really enjoying it. So much what she writes relates to the way things are in the world today, she had much foresight! Having written these books over 60 years ago.
    The town where I am from has the first county public library in the United States, we are so lucky to have such a jewel in our county!

    • sbranch says:

      Loved reading the history of your library. You are so right, a jewel! And even more so because they carry Gladys Taber books. That is definitely not true of all libraries. You’re very lucky! Happy you’re enjoying them. Yes, I agree, she is a person of pure common sense.

  11. Jennifer Bonynge says:

    Love the idea of mugs/cups that say “you” with their beautiful designs! Thank you for your happy posts. This will be a challenging 4 years ahead for we folk here in the U.S. (and perhaps the world???) and we need to keep spreading that love to each other. XOXO

    • sbranch says:

      Absolutely.💞 And writing letters to our Congress so they vote the way we want them to. People first. We have this MASSIVE economy. There is plenty of money to pay down the deficit (doubled with two unpaid-for wars they got us into, and made billions on) and still give us an amazing country, we could drench our children in good schools, health care, good roads and bridges, clean air and food, for ALL. If OUR tax money is spent on us, and not on helping the rich be richer and corporations who are at this time, raking in BILLIONS with outrageous prices for medicine, insurance, sometimes oil, greedy banking practices foreclosing on us, lobbyists always in the ear of our elected officials, paying for their re-elections, and they get away with it. Grr. Okay, stop. 😊 Yes! Keep spreading the love to each other, we are the world, we are the children!

      • chris consentino says:

        oh, my yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once again, dearest Susan, you’ve hit it on the head!! I’ve been calling my senators, esp re: the cabinet-nominations…..sooooo scary!! esp, sect’y of state (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) and sect’y of education(NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) and, I even asked what the “chain-of-events” is when they receive a call. interesting. EVERYONE…..WRITE, CALL, E-MAIL…..DO IT!!!!! it feels good, cause you know you’re doing something!!!!!!! today is Michelle Obama’s b-day…happy, happy to her!!!!! she’ll be missed!!!!!! oh…and, wait one moment….sect’y of health/human services…tom price….invested in a medical-device co…SHORTLY before he had legislation passed to benefit the co….and, himself!! sooooo, NOOOOOOO to him as well. wow. it never stops surprising, do it?? oxxo

      • Regina Carretta says:

        ….and to respect each other, and to honor differences of opinion….Rep. John Lewis has taught me to express my heart, in a clear and respectful way….he has taught me what true sacrifice for my fellow person, for country really means…..caring for our children, our workers, our health care, our environment starts with RESPECT…..I hope we grab at each chance to increase that, in ourselves…..(bought orange tulips at the Pike Place Market today as the fish sellers threw their fish for all who watched…and ferry boats in the rain on Puget Sound…..grab at the beauty we have and share it!) Love you Susan!!!

        • sbranch says:

          So right! I’ve been to Pike Place Market, that was such a fun place to go! I couldn’t believe the throwing of the fish! You’re lucky to be close to it Regina!

      • kim irey says:

        Well, I stopped by again to see if anything had improved but unfortunately I see it has not.

  12. Linda "Who Still Says Land !" says:

    Posting once more as do not see in comments section. The leave a reply field comes up with the name and email address of the last person that posted. You have to remove this to add your information. Thought I would point this glitch in the system out. Susan, did you have a 15x17x embossed Santa sign made or marketed years ago? The image seems to be hand painted on very heavy embossed metal with a hanging hook to be placed on wall. The depth of the sign is two inches. In the corner is SB and heart. The detail is amazing. Found at antique shop during holiday season and am thrilled with the treasure of the find. Unable to post photo here so added to Friends of Susan Branch FaceBook page under comments / visitors. The possibility of purchasing your in the works tea cups is eagerly awaited. Perfection for the first cup of tea of the day. If anyone knows about the sign please let me know. Have searched online without results of finding one similar. This is the same Santa image as on the yard flag offered years ago but with a red background with wording of Christmas below Santa image.

    • sbranch says:

      Oh! I saw your photo on Facebook Linda, thank you for posting it … unfortunately, I didn’t make that or have it made. I imagine someone probably just helped themselves to my art to make it. Happens sometimes. Thank you for letting me know, not that there’s anything I can do about it, but it’s good to know what’s out there. xoxo

  13. Yvonne Sullivan says:

    Luv the cup idea susan but what bout teapot dishes cookware about a mixer.yvonne from ohio💕

  14. Kathiellen says:

    Dear Susan,
    I have to add another comment because I just saw the second mug that you twittered ( with the cute little things all over it ) and my heart is flying all over the room!! I want THAT MUG REALLY BAD!!! I wish you could take “pre-orders” for the mugs like you do for your new books!! I also agree with a lot of previous comments….a mug with Jack on it would be so sweet!! He is such a neat kitty-guy!! Goodnight! 😴💤

    • sbranch says:

      As soon as we figure it all out and have some sort of delivery date, maybe we will put them up for pre-order … just want to make sure we have all our i’s dotted before we do. Thank you Kathiellen! Gotta do a Jack mug someday, that’s for sure!

  15. Sandra Barton (Provo, Utah) says:

    Dear Susan: Hi! Just wanted to thank you for sharing your trip/visit to the convent. It was so fun to see all the rooms filled with so much creativity! Loved the fireplace and stockings photo. We have had a cold winter here in Utah so far and quite a bit of snow so if we are having an “in” day I have just been cozy in my fleece sweats!!! My version of pajama day! And when it is a tend great-grandchildren day we all just get cozy in fleece! LOL!!! Your blog brightens my day, thanks to you and all the GF who comment. Stay warm and safe everyone! Hugs! Sandi 🙂 p.s. yes to mugs please!!!

  16. Debbie Boerger says:

    Just had my daily dose of Susan 😉 She is the very best medicine in good times and difficult times.
    Your painting of MLK is wonderful. I have to remind myself where “we” began in the South and see the progress. I wasn’t on the Pettis bridge, but I was in Mississippi, and did a small part in the 60’s. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, and I know the harm caused by the cruelty of the system. But the fight never stops, as the haters and the fearful will always have another plan of attack, ie. voter IDs. So much energy expended, so much human potential wasted……Go, go, go Marchers on the 21st!!! Let our voices be heard. Boy, we are going to be some kind of hoarse after 4 years of this, right, girls?
    No wonder the Russians beat us to Space, 1/3 of their engineers were women, but we could count on a few fingers our female and Black engineers at that time.
    Can’t wait to order my cups!!! Thank you, Dear Susan, for all the work involved. Makes my neck and shoulders ache remembering being at my drawing board for hours. But so satisfying when it comes out well.

    Debbie in Tampa…..for now

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, those are the lucky days!

    • Terri Major says:

      hi Debbie,
      Just saw the movie Hidden Figures. A well told story of the amazing Black women involved in NASA at the Langley Research Center. We need more of these stories to be told. Indeed we all have something to offer this world.


  17. Dear Susan
    my girlfriends and I drove to Santa Barbara in 2014 to your book signing and had a fantastic time. I read your post about the Apple farm March 18th visit and quickly booked a room. You were not sure of the time yet and I wondered if I have to sign up for it or if staying there(I love this place)would ensure us a place.WE have to get up early for our drive from Norco Calif. Can’t wait till March.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s 2 pm ~ I’m not sure if you have to sign up or not, but call and let them know you’re staying there and see what they say! Happy to know you’re coming!

  18. Sylvia in Maine says:

    Thank you to the Sisters and you for sharing the picture of their beautiful Christmas tree. I hope you convince yourself to design mugs because I would love to have one! Happy winter!

  19. Victoria Miller says:

    Susan, I truly enjoy looking at your lovely photos of your wonderful snowy place on the island. However, I am glad I am in San Pedro CA and all we have to deal with is a bit of chill in the air (goes all the way down to the 50s, and even high 40s at night– YIKES!) and, finally, thank goodness, RAIN! And, of course, we don’t complain about rain, not at all! Even if it does make scheduling the walks to the grocery store and library a bit more complicated. So wonderful to see the greens becoming bright and revived looking! Rainy days are good for staying indoors in pajamas (or a reasonable fascimile thereof) and reading and drinking coffee, and later tea, and later wine….. And YES, YOUR OWN MUGS! Someone posted an adorable mock-up you had done on the ‘friends of’ page on Facebook, and the one shown here is also delightful! Thank you for all the joyful wonder and whimsy and beauty and happy you bring into the world, and into my life! And I do hope one of these days you create another book. Your books are complete treasures. Kindest regards to you, Joe, Jack and all the friends! May we all have a scintillating 2017!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll definitely do another book. Just have to finish the calendars, then go to California for a month. When I get home, I’ll be ready to start something new.

      • Victoria Miller says:

        YAY! When you come to Cali, be sure to pack umbrellas. We are, thank goodness, having a wet winter. In fact, the great news is Northern Cali is officially out of the drought. We have a ways to go, but we were actually flooded early this week. So wonderful to see the ‘green’ outside really green again! Enjoy, enjoy. And you and Joe appear to be masters of enjoyment! Keep up the great work (and play!)

        • sbranch says:

          Wonderful news Victoria! I’m so glad ~ I know it’s going to be all green when we get there, and maybe the lupin and poppies will be in bloom!

  20. Debbie Boerger says:

    Wonderful video of the Bottle Tree Garden. Lovely idea. My fabulous next door neighbor in Maine, talented glass artist, quilter, felter, years ago hung jars along our dirt road with little battery powered lights inside. She and her husband began a tradition of doing an old fashioned Halloween for the kids on the road and their friends…everyone pitched in. My Tom drove a neighbor’s small tractor towing bales of hay for kids to sit on up and down the road. It was hung with these lights. Just magical, with all the squeels and giggles. Her husband spent many hours constructing a haunted walk in the woods. We had apple bobbing, etc. A few years later, she wove green twigs into open work (before they were in all the stores) and put small white lights inside, powered by little solar chargers. Those hang on her trees out in front door yard year round. I can see the magical lights from my loft bathroom roof window, they peek through the trees between our homes. So comforting to know they are there.
    Now all the little ones are grown up and in various school, but that magical Halloween was one of my best “Coupon” memories….memories we save to use when we need beauty or happiness from our lives. To put the icing on the night, we had a massive pink aurora that covered the entire dome of the heavens, so strong you could see only the brightest stars. Walking home in the lovely pinkness, my heart was bursting with knowing this was the way to make the world a better place……..

  21. Susan, love the idea of your mug and can just imagine my hands cupped around it. I would probably,have apple spice tea in it because I like that in the Winter. Love your descriptions of getting all nestled in while the snow falls. Why isn’t rain quite as magical! I think here in Chester we must have been the only part of the UK that hasn’t had any snow this winter. I noticed yesterday that one of our hydrangea bushes actually has leaves coming out on it and the camellia bush by the front door has pink buds waiting to burst out! It’s crazy. I am not quite ready for spring yet, I am still in the mood for canoodling! Loving the Jack pillow. How very cute. You could sell those I am sure! Hope that you get everything you need to,get done, done before you have to leave again! You’re taking us with you, right? I sure hope so! Happy Winter and thanks so much for sharing yours with us. Xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      I’m not ready for spring either, and luckily, we aren’t getting any yet! It’ll be in full bloom by the time we get to California!

  22. Pam says:

    Susan, I cannot wait to purchase two of your mugs. One will be for my best friend who lives 650 miles away and one will be for me. When we speak on the phone, we can both have our hands cupped around your mugs filled with tea and feel even more connected than ever!

  23. Anne says:

    Hi Susan,
    I am reading your Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams right now- even amazoned a copy to mother-in-law in Minnesota today! I’m late to the game but just discovered your books after having your blotter calendars on my kitchen wall for the past 2 years! Looking forward to reading the next book. Small world– my sister lives in SLO and is also an artist! Hoping to make it there for the book signing! ……..and my 16 year old daughter says she wants to live where there are seasons (:

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, once those seasons take hold, it’s hard to shake them off! Hope to see you all in SLO! I’m so excited ~ all that rain means the hills will be green and maybe even the lupin and poppies will be out!

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