Hi everyone! Well, it’s almost time! The Queen Victoria leaves tomorrow at around 6pm … we start boarding at 1 pm . . . shakey shakey, Happy, but always with a soupçon of fear thrown in. Why? I don’t know. I was born that way. Fear of what? Fear of never coming home again probably. Unwarranted and unjustified, but I think my dad gave it to me even though he was never afraid of anything. But he had it in there, I know he did. Doesn’t matter because what overcomes fear? Yearning. And love of life. So putting on my big girl shoes and here we go! MUSICA . . .

This is where we are right now, in this gorgeous hotel room Joe surprised me with! It’s pink! There is music downstairs in “The Leopard Room” every night and last night it was all Frank Sinatra and people were dancing… pure back-in-time charm. 🎵🎶

Our room has two rooms! And two bathrooms! And after spending the day in this beautiful town of Palm Beach, we are almost ready to move here! ‘Course we would have to sell a LOT more books before that could ever happen.

But it’s easy to pretend . . . this is the headboard of the bed! Nutty kind of a place, with a mirror mustache headboard.

Here we are arriving yesterday, driving into 72º weather.

Downtown West Palm Beach, hunting for a camera store to get an extra battery. Palm trees. Like we stepped out of the deep snow in a winter painting, and landed in the land of milk and honey.

We left home following a huge wind storm on the Island ~ I took this picture from the car while we were boarding the boat, you can see two grounded and crashed sailboats from the storm that was just beginning to subside . . . I thought we’d had enough drama during the kissing goodbye of Jack 😿 . . . then this!

And here’s Joe, looking at the boats, and you can see the wind is still howling over our wonderful little town . . .

 . . . Car was loaded to the gills, all-knowing Petey tucked in the back seat  ~ and all of you too . . . 💞

We were so busy packing at home, running away from storms, we forgot to remember that we would be driving into spring. When we saw the first leaves, when we stopped at a gas station and got out of the car into unexpected warm weather, it was a shock!

We slept in New Jersey the first night . . . and the next morning we got up at 4 am to get an early start . . . our GPS found our hotel at our next stop, which was in  Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, (and of course, turns out our hotel was on England Street!).  We stayed at the  Williamsburg Lodge (which we heartily endorse), walking distance to everything. We loved Williamsburg so much, got there in time for lunch and got to do lots of exploring … what a wonderful place it was!  We can’t wait to go back and stay longer. Time did not allow us to see any of nearby Historic Jamestown or Yorktown . . . We’re going to need a week next time!  It was so interesting!

This broad avenue is called the Duke of Gloucester Street. No cars allowed. A meandering sort of place with old houses, historic taverns, a few shops, houses you can (but we just walked around), peanut soup to taste, William and Mary College (second oldest college in America, where they once cancelled classes because “the British were coming”) at one end of the street ~ it’s actually a 301-acre village celebrating the patriots and early history of America.

All kinds of old carriages and the clip clop of horses pulling them down the streets. I love that we had so much of it to ourselves . . . it opened for the season just two weeks before we got there ~ but we heard that four million people visit each year!

For us it was a peaceful world of human-ness, of brick and clapboard houses, huge chimneys, and picket fences galore. Who would not fall in love with this?

Most of the gates stand open and welcoming ~ they say, come in and explore, see our green gardens blooming with spring flowers, see how we lived . . . yes and even baby lambs! You’re allowed to follow your nose, and any brick path, and make your own discoveries.

Green and lush and everything popping. See the fireplace on this darling little house? They’re all huge . . . because they were the only heat in the house!

Oh yes, up one path and down the next . . . it was the perfect place for exploring.

I have never seen so many picket fences, layer upon layer of them . . . it was picket-fence heaven!

And they were all shapes . . .

This one keeps the bunnies out! In those days, just like in England, every homesteader was an artist, everything made by hand, and all the same but all very different.

The street was lined in these wonderful flags . . . the perfect flag for the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ~ this flag doesn’t leave anyone out!

There are people dressed in very realistic colonial costumes who talk to you and tell you things and stay in character while they do it.

It’s a LOT like England!

And a LOT like New England!

And a LOT like Virginia!

This gate stood open to the entrance of the historic Kings Arms Tavern where we had a delicious lunch in lovely surroundings.

This guy was watching us come up the path . . .

And we watched him back . . .

It was still crisp outside . . . so it was lovely to find this crackling fire when we walked through the door.

And here comes their famous Peanut Soup ~ Had to try it! But Joe was right, it needed a piece of toast and jam to go with it. Cranberry Jam, if we could choose. (You know how good peanut butter and Jelly taste together!) Isn’t she cute? Our waitress.

Then I got serious . . . the BEST beef stew . . . it was truly delicious, especially the gravy.

And for dessert? This is Syllabub, which I’d never had, but have heard it mentioned in  every Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Adams book I’ve ever read. Had to try it. Got it for all of us! (Yours had no calories.) SO good! Lemon whipped cream and fruit, floating on white wine and sherry. Simple and not too sweet. There are four historic taverns in Williamsburg . . . next time, we try the other three!

But the good ship Queen Victoria waits for no one . . . time was passing, and we had to move on. Here’s the Williamsburg-Scotland (yes, Scotland) Ferry . . . Joe took it as a child with his parents and was looking forward to doing it again.

This is how it looks on the GPS in the car . . . It’s only a five minute trip.

And here we go, crossing the James River . . . to the small town of Scotland and beyond . . .

Traveling across America . . . you see everything . . . old and new, big and little, gorgeous and not so much, but sometimes you get lucky and see a true showplace . . .

Which you might not recognize for what it is without the sign . . . I wonder if it’s an old movie theater? I don’t know. It was across the street from Wendy’s!

But here we are, in the land of 50 shades of blue . . .

Where the flowers on the restaurant tables look like this (and cast interesting shadows!). Also, they played wonderful Brazilian musica in the bathroom!

Where behind high hedges and baby boxwood forests there are pink castles and white mansions with gold roofs and some very rarefied air . . . but when you can see the houses from the car, the normal ones are wonderful too and look like this . . .

Or this . . .

We had a wonderful time with Joe’s big brother, Steve, and his wife Betsey  . . .

And I have to show you this thing Steve does at his house . . . See the spidery root system crawling on the trunk of this palm tree on the left? That, my dear girls, is the root system from that orchid blooming up there. Huh? you say? I understand completely, but it gets even stranger:

Here’s another one! These palm trees are in Steve’s backyard.  He buys orchids for their coffee table or dining table, and when the flowers die, he takes the plant out of the pot and TIES it, with string, to the palm trees in his yard, then leaves it alone. And after a while the orchid gloms onto the tree, the roots spread, perfectly comfortable with Florida light and humidity . . . and the plant flowers again and again!

See them all? Pretty wild eh? He has something like eight trees gussied up in this way! Know what else blooms outside here?

Gardenias! Shall we move here?

And here we are, right back where we started, this is what it looks like from the bed in our room, looking up at the canopy over our heads . . . which is where I’m going right now! Although we shall see whether sleep will occur or not! All these months, time marches on, and we are about to go!

SO excited girlfriends.  I’ve written everything down in my diary so far! It’s funny, we know what’s happening tomorrow, but it hasn’t yet, no photos have been taken, no writing has been done, we have to wait for the slow unfolding of everything. Are you all packed and ready? This is the dangerous part, smuggling you guys aboard. But we always manage, and tomorrow will be no different. Have a big breakfast, plan to be very quiet . . . And p.s., FYI, here’s the web cam from Port Everglades, from which the Queen Victoria will depart tomorrow around 5 or 6 pm . . . be sure to wave if you see us going! We’ll be outside waving back! Our first stop, on Saturday morning, will be in Cape Canaveral. (Web Cam links are courtesy of our Girlfriend, Georgie, better known on Twitter as @FarmGirlGeorgie).

One more of these before I go, love the wall with the scalloped edge . . . Good night all you sweetie pies, sleep well, see you in the morning! 😘 xoxo

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295 Responses to GOING GOING almost GONE

  1. Susie says:

    Thank you for taking us along on your trip. I loved the Palm Beach hotel. When I was a little girl, my family took the S. S. Constitution from New York to Portugal. We stopped on the Azores. I have very fond memories of our ship travel.

  2. DeLores E Johnson (Minnesota) says:


    Thanks for the interesting blog. Very interesting & even more interesting with the beautiful pictures. I am looking forward to the blogs you will be sending from England. Have a good and happy time. I wish I was one of the people going with you. Safe travels to you and Joe.


  3. mary spring says:

    …hello again, fellow travelers..’just a quick note here..’just wanted to say a big thank you to Georgie for providing us all with Queen Victoria’s travel info and web cam…my four year old grandson and I watched Her departure ; altho a little late, it added to the elegance; being lit up like a Christmas tree !!..how wonderful and special !! ..we are all so excited and so enjoying this adventure !!! ‘can’t thank you enough !!

  4. I’m following on Instagram so I hope you post lots of photos there!

    We vacationed in Colonial Williamsburg with my daughter’s family about five years ago. I’ve wanted to return ever since. It is definitely one of my happy places.

  5. Dorothy Wilson, West Palm Beach, FL says:

    You just missed our wonderful Green Market, downtown West Palm Beach, on Saturday. Glad you enjoyed the beautiful Chesterfield Hotel and the scalloped seawall in Palm Beach. Loved seeing the orchids in the palm trees. One of my favorite things to do! Being a native Florida girl, I love your sweet pictures of life on Martha’s Vinyard. I’ve been there once and bicycled from the ferry down to Edgartown. You really do live in a magical place!

    Can’t wait to hear all about the crossing and your fabulous journey! Bon voyage to you and Joe!

  6. Lynn says:

    Dear Susan and Joe,
    Seems many of us are all packed and ready to be on this trip with you! (Glad you had room for us all!) Thanks for making all the arrangements for a fun adventure! The most fun trips are always done with a group of friends!
    Your writing, pictures, paintings, musica, and quotes just add so much joy to any day! Thanks for being such a blessing to us all!
    Bon Voyage!

  7. Dixie Johnson says:

    Susan–So glad you visited Williamsburg–I’ve been there many times & love it! We’ve stayed at the Lodge & also the Colonial Houses. Every April many houses & gardens are open all over VA for Historic Garden Week—I think you would love the plantations along the James River & on the peninsulas north of Williamsburg. I was in London last July for 2 weeks–never enough! Have a wonderful time!

  8. Bonnie says:

    Oh Susan, you found our favorite Williamsburg garden with the baby lambs just over the fence! My husband and I drive the hour from our home very often to spend the day exploring this wonderful place. So glad you loved it as much as we do.
    Savor every moment of your travels and thank you for sharing every detail.

  9. Carla Herkner says:

    I always enjoy each blog entry so much! Here is a note for future use, when you decide to visit Williamsburg and/or Jamestown again, try to stay at the beautiful Inn at Warner Hall in Gloucester. I understand it is for sale and so I hope you do get to visit it. It is a beautiful bed & breakfast Inn, and it is the ancestral home of Queen Elizabeth’s American cousins. It is also the home of George Washington’s great great grandfather! Hoping you get to stay there one day. Wishing you a spectacular journey with lots of things to make you smile along the way.

  10. Barbara Anne says:


  11. ~ Del Gato Gordo Y Descarado ~ says:

    I wonder about fear-putting aside “don’t be a scaredy cat” from adults, learned reactions, leery of the unknowns, the Crap Shoot of Second Guessings, muffled intuition…and the first time of jumping off the barn roof- does fear have to do with the basic hard wiring of the instincts of survival, as in part of our DNA makeup?
    You GO Girl (and guy), the time is now and perfect /Love to all from the Mainland

    • sbranch says:

      Does it even matter, because one way or another, we all have to figure out how to get around it! Thank you dear!

  12. Beverlee Moreno-Ring says:

    Bon Voyage!
    Joined Instagram so I could follow along.. so glad you are taking us all with you. Wanted to tell you thank you for writing in this blog that you always get a little bit of fear before going on a trip, that it is just part of you and what you and feel. That happens to me too.. But you put it perfectly in saying that the yearning dissolves the fear and you move forward knowing all will be ok. Exactly… thank you for sharing that with us all. My husband and I are following in your footsteps and visiting Williamsburg in May and England (Bath) in July. When that nagging little fear bug buzzes in my ear I will remember you too feel the fear and do it anyway too 🙂

  13. Barb says:

    Have a wonderful time! I can’t wait to hear about everything!

  14. Pam Kerschner says:

    What a fun blog. Your excitement flows off the page. Kudos to Joe! That pink room is to die for. So glad you discovered Colonial Williamsburg, one of my special favorite places. I’m looking forward to many updates and photos as you continue on your journey and, in the meanwhile, I’ll see you and Joe in Charleston tomorrow. Now, looks who’s excited!

  15. Karen says:

    Beautiful blog!!!!

  16. Colleen van de Kraats says:

    I’m so excited!!!!! I didn’t have a chance to read this until this morning….Sunday.
    You, Joe and Petey have the time of your life.
    Praying for a sweet and incredible new journey.
    God bless Susan and crew,

  17. Mary/Indiana says:

    Bon Voyage! Can’t wait to live this trip vicariously through you and Joe and Petey!
    What is the name of that gorgeous pink room hotel, please and thanks? I LOVE those
    Orchids growing on Palm trees! Absolutely genius and so beautiful. And that Gardenia…
    WoW…I can smell it from here! Looking forward to your next blog and the next one and…….

  18. Liz hand says:

    Love the orchids. I buy those in the middle of the winter when I crave some flower color. Unfortunately I have not been successful at keeping them alive. I am so looking forward to “our” trip. I haven’t even heard of the Queen Victoria and since I am enjoying the series so much I am interested to see the ship named for her. Have fun!!
    Liz from Illinois

  19. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Isn’t Williamsburg the BEST?? I never tire of visiting that place because there is always something new to learn and enjoy. I am happy that you had a fantastic time here in Florida’s Palm Beach. This time of year is our most beautiful and a respite for many from the cold of northern states.

    I hope your journey is going well and is also smooth and enjoyable. Pretty soon you will be arriving to begin your great adventure. Till then, enjoy all that the Queen Mary offers and I can’t wait till they holler….Land Ho!!! Great Britain, her we ALL come!!

  20. Lorraine says:

    So far I am thoroughly enjoying our trip. Thanks for letting us tag along. I’ve never seen orchids growing on palm trees before! So fun!!!

  21. Melissa Myers says:

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for all the wonderful photos of Williamsburg. My daughter graduated from The Collage of William and Mary five years ago and I miss Colonial Williamsburg so much. It is so charming. Have a amazing trip and thanks for taking us with you. It is my life’
    s dream to visit the UK and you help me get me just a bit closer.

    Best Wishes and Safe Travels!

  22. Linda Doepker says:

    My husband and I were married in Williamsburg in a gazebo in the private garden behind the Benjamin Waller house and we return to have a picture taken as often as we can! A lovely and cherished memory for certain! Thank you for all the tugs on our heartstrings with this blog! Be blessed on your voyage….I await the sharing of your journey and the blessings you will encounter.

  23. Diana Wyckoff says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, Susan😘 The photos are beautiful, and showing us Joe’s brother’s glorious orchids growing on his palm trees is amazing😱 🌴💕 I’ve never seen that before. I’m enjoying “our” trip immensely. 🚢🎉

  24. Bonny Cooper says:

    Siiigh…Williamsburg posts so wonderful…and nostalgic. My late husband and I visited in height of intense yellowish sky heat wave, and ended up renting a bicycle built for two , and cruising down those hot streets with whatever breeze we could make!
    Excited for you and your trip❣️

  25. Nanette R Hill says:

    I fell in love with Williamsburg many years ago and designed my home after Christiana Campbells restaurant. Be sure to eat there next time and have the sweet potato muffins; they are to die for. (the recipe is in the Williamsburg cookbook). I go often experiencing all the different seasons. So looking forward to your trip. Have a fabulous time.

  26. Patsy says:

    I’m delighted that our weather here in Florida put on a show for you. It’s the perfect temp for orchids and other tropicals. Wasn’t Williamsburg a treat? I absolutely live that place. The houses, gardens, fences, animals, and of course, taverns. Many fond memories of times spent there. You are your now speaking to the huge crowd in Charleston. I’m so jealous that I could not get there. Charleston is another amazing city.

  27. Therese says:

    Thanks, as always, Susan…for the Williamsburg photos especially.
    –just finished watching the behind-the-scenes teaser for Little Women–premiering on Masterpiece Theater May 13th!! Now I want to go back and find the blog post of your visit to the Alcott homestead. This production looks fantastic. I can hardly wait! –had to share the news.
    Love to you! Thanks for letting us all stow away.

  28. Susan Webb says:

    Love Williamsburg! Our family went there lots of times:I got to go twice, with my cousins and sister and Mom and.. we had a blast. Love your planned trip and hope to see tons of pics. Our family is in the throes of making Pennsylvania maple syrup as the snow hangs on. It’s below freezing at night and not too warm (33) in the days. Our maple season (snow, ice and mud) is lasting a bit longer. This morning we loaded up the Jeep with my Mom and some goodies and off we went to my son’s WIP maple sugar shack for breakfast! What fun! It went over so well that he may do it again in two weeks. 27 degrees and the sugar shack doesn’t have walls yet; the concrete floor, new metal roof with a high pitch and Tyvec wrapped around the studs was warm and sung and cozy = what’s that word? Higgy? This spring & summer we may get the walls up on the outside (hemlock board and batten) and the interior walls. Free is the best word for choosing lumber for a maple sugar shack. The syrup this year is outstanding! Buttery flavor with medium amber color. This was the first year we had real chairs! AND a table! What joy! A restaurant burned down in town and 12 or so chairs found their way to live in the loft of the sugar shack. Free! WooHoo! It gets better every run of the sap. Enjoy England’s choicest nuggets of daily life over the pond. Did you see Darkest hour? Dunkirk? Churchill? Good movies for a trip to the British Isles. Have fun!

    • sbranch says:

      Hygge … but yes, Higgy! Close to Huggy, derived from the verb, to hug. Suesters English Dictionary. And Yes, Darkest Hour … and went to Churchill’s home, Chartwell . . . loved it all!

  29. April says:

    Love, Love, Love this!! Thank you for taking us along on your adventures! My daughter and I spent four days in Williamsburg several years ago. It was in April and everything was blooming! We saw a play in an outdoor theater, participated in the Trial of Grace Sherwood, ate lunch at King’s Arm Tavern and we even took the same Ferry! It was such a wonderful trip, I’m glad you’ll be going back to spend more time. Jamestown is great too!! Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  30. Myra says:

    Nice to know that other people have these unfounded fears when traveling! We just got back 10 days ago from a trip on the Queen Elizabeth (QV’s baby sister ship!) where my husband was a guest lecturer between San Francisco and Auckland, NZ. The night before I was “….do I really want to do this?” but by about day three I was “could I stay on for another two months?” (This was part of the world cruise so there were plenty of folks who were going to be on until early May!) Just enjoy every single moment, and especially those heavenly scones with clotted cream and jam every afternoon! Bon voyage!

  31. Trish says:

    Ooohh…. If I had known you were in my part of the country, I would have begged to take you out to lunch! I would have traded boarding school stories with Joe! We survivors of English boarding schools should stick together! I hope you enjoy a wonderful time!

  32. Anne of NH says:

    Loved this blog and all the familiar sights in Williamsburg. Have been there in two seasons…one cold…one warm…lovely both times! Missed your sailing…but hope my losing 6 more pounds aided in your squeezing me into that large suitcase! Have a great voyage…I’ll be peeking around the corners!

  33. Debra Sewell says:

    Spectacular Willard. Wonderful!! So glad you went to VA and saw historic sites. Thank you. We are so ready for your voyage and trip!!! Anxious for any news. Be safe, happy and enjoy

  34. Martha says:

    Just returned from a trip to New York City and seeing these lovely pictures were so calming. I love New York City to visit but would never want to live there. Too fast of a pace. Your trip seemed much more relaxing, calming and refreshing! Love the 50 shades of blue better than Fifty Shades of Grey! Never got half way through that book!

    There was a store in New York City that had dresses, furniture and accessories from Downton Abbey Exhibition!


    Thanks for taking us along on your trip!

  35. The headboard immediately reminded me of Hercule Poirot 🙂 Haha! Bon voyage. I’m so thankful you are taking us along. I wish I could be there for the picnic … someday maybe. We will be going to Williamburg soon. My hubby bought us a year pass for Christmas (squeaaal!), and I hope we will be able to go often. Have a lovely sea crossing!

  36. Susan Webb says:

    Hi, Susan~~
    Enjoyed your photo trip through Williamsburg! I graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1971. Williamsburg was a wonderful place to live. Thanks for the “return trip”!

    • sbranch says:

      You’ll see lots of your fellow graduates on here . . . several have replied, such a nice place for a reunion! xoxo

  37. Margot in Sister Bay says:

    Hi Susan,
    I was in Williamsburg on the 4th! I didn’t realize you were driving down. You will really need to spend a week to see everything in the Historic Triangle. After that I drove to our boat in N.C. for a Spring cleaning and a showing. It got cold, so I drove down to see my sister in Charlotte, N.C. We are coming up around the foreplace.
    Safe travels!

  38. Bethany Fagundes says:

    I am so excited to take this journey with you through your journalling! It is already a lovely ride! <3

  39. Georgie says:

    Oh sweet Susan,
    I’m late to the party but I’m glad I’m already packed! What a glorious adventure you’ve already had so far! Williamsburg! What a favorite place! Your gougeous hotel room before you boarded the ship! I waved in those early morning hours as you drive through NJ. What fun we will all have on this journey.
    Georgie from NJ

  40. Alisa AlisaMS says:

    Fabulous pictures Susan…ordering my cups…when they come..they come…no rush

    Love the gardenias in the big brothers backyard (favorite flower) can’t wait to see where you take us next! EXCITED 🙂

    Sweet and safe travels to you and dear Joe

  41. Martha says:

    I typed in a link in my last response to you & said if in NYC to your followers to see what the Downton Abbey Exhibition in NYC is because I was just there. For some reason the link didn’t come up on my response. If someone, including you are interested in seeing the Downton Abbey Exhibition in NYC just type that in on google and it will give you directions. Absolutely loved the dresses!

  42. lynn maust says:

    Susan…how are things on Martha’s Vineyard with all the snow storms???!!!!

  43. Carol from CT says:

    BON VOYAGE J & S & P ! (sounds like a corporation)

    HOOOOOOT, hoot, HOOOOOOT, hoot
    And a Bon Voyage TOOOOOT!
    Setting sail from P-Everglades, a beautiful route!
    Did Petey salute! Does all this compute ?!?!

    Good for you both; the time of your life!
    Ahoy! happy husband. Ahoy! happy wife.
    All those carry-on bags; all that great homey stuff;
    WOH – hang on to your teacup when the waves get rough!

    The sun’s on your face, the wind’s in your ear.
    “Hey it feels so good! We’re leaving the pier.”
    “HA! It’s snowing at home while we bask in the sun,
    Wish y’all were here ‘cuz the trip has begun.”

    While crossing the pond there are miles of smiles
    And stem glasses of Magner’s to drink quite in style.
    “I’m sipping my ‘peah’ during mile after mile
    Of anchors-aweigh — aaahhhh” — and meanwhile …

    Don’tcha know it this poet can’t stick with a style!
    Her brain’s in a snowdrift; I’m turning senile!
    Hey back up the boat; I’ll be rank and file!
    Come get me, come get me, this weather is vile!!
    Pllllleeeeeeeze !

    Love, Carol from CT … tra la … COME GET ME! AAAHHH !!

  44. William and Mary just elected their first female president, very exciting! As to Southside VA, you were in my neck of the woods. God speed on your journey.

  45. Ruthie Miller says:

    Oh Susan, I am right here in Florida so near to where you were. Just had lunch at The Chesterfield in the courtyard right after the Palm Beach Garden tour. You would love that! Did you know there is a sister Chesterfield in London? A beautiful, cosy, posh hotel too. I wish you had a book signing here! There is a cute little bookstore in Palm Beach.
    I have orchids hanging in my trees too! We do nothing to them and they bloom year after year. Such a gift of beauty! I would have made you tea in an Emma B mug (since yours isn’t here yet). lol.
    You will be enchanted with Wales and Ireland. Sighing. As if tea at Hill Top with like minded Beatrix lovers isn’t enough…you will have so much to fall in love with. Excited to see “go along” with you. God bless. Bon voyage!

  46. Bon Voyage-ee! (said in Bugs Bunny voice in my head) 🙂

    I love those orchid riders, wish I had palm trees and the weather for them.
    Also Gardenias! They are my favorites but difficult to keep alive in Salt Lake City. Thanks for bringing me along. Wish I could come to the pic-a-nic this time too, I feel like an alumnus, but so far not. Holding out hope for a serendipitous possibility to appear.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  47. Maureen Graham says:

    Hey Susan and Joe! I came late to the party. My sister and I were in Williamsburg a coup!e of years ago. There was a big crowd gathered around a man in a horse giving a passionate speech. We were too far away to hear and see, because we were besotted by a ewe with her lamb. All of a sudden, the man on the horse came charging around the corner on an enormous white horse! It was George Washington! Sister and I grabbed each other terrified we would be trampled, but the sweet gentleman slowed to a halt, tipped his has, and said “Good afternoon dear ladies!” We were totally enchanted!
    Bob Voyage dear ones! Thanks for taking us along!

  48. Maureen Graham says:

    BTW! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • sbranch says:

      Same to you! I’m wearing my green, and tonight is the St. Patty’s Ball on the ship! Always something! xoxo

  49. Joan Haggerty says:

    ❤️ Have Awonderful voyage

  50. Beth Barnat says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us so far! When my brothers and sisters and I were little, my parents took us to Jamestown. We toured the houses and saw the furnishings of the earliest settlers. The beds for the men were so small – like children’s beds! That’s one of the things that I remember.
    Have safe travels and may God go with you both!

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, everyone used to be smaller so they say. Although I’m reading about George Washington and they say he was 6′ tall!

  51. Lynne Neal says:

    I wanted to send you a vintage photo of a toy shop window
    With A Pete sailor doll. And how much he cost

  52. Kim Carter says:

    I’ve lived near Williamsburg all my life and have worked in the city for 35 years. I loved your photos of the Historic Area and it was so much fun to “see” familiar sites through your eyes. For a few years I worked part time as a tour guide for one of the ghost walks along Duke of Gloucester St. and we always added some history along with the stories. Colonial Williamsburg is a treasure and is one of my favorite places to wander. If you ever do come back for a longer visit, I would be so excited for our paths to cross! Safe travels to you and Joe!

  53. Marilyn L Young says:

    I’m in your pocket and ready to go! I absolutely loved seeing those photos of Williamsburg, VA We went there and ate in a lovely upstairs restaurant and they served us chicken pot pie and a coke cola! Boy they tasted good. It was kinda rainy but we walked and we walked. Later in the day we had this delicious chocolate cake made by a famous man and he was sitting their with a Priest having something to drink. He signed the book that had the recipe in it of his cake! Treasures! What a memory you brought back for me. Thanks, have fun.

  54. Alison Denler says:

    Hope you have a marvelous time!! I love your trips, your descriptions, your artwork. You are amazing and I thank you for sharing all these things with us. Can’t wait to see more!

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