Brown, the color of nature and quiet, of tea and warm blankets, linen and wool and brown corduroy, thick socks, and fireplaces . . . of fairy tales and real things like wood, chocolate, and old violins, of fertile soil and plowed fields, it’s roots, it’s rustic, it’s natural, it’s texture, it’s perfect for winter. Brown is the color of cozy, the sense of belonging and protection and that’s what I hope you feel as we dip our brush into the wonderful and delicious color of BROWN. MUSICA!I have to start with this gorgeous Walter Langley 19th century painting! In her lap, pictures of house and garden, a bow in her hair, and she’s wearing an apron with a fringe of tiny pleats at the bottom over her cozy dress, the browniest brown I’ve ever seen. A girl after my own heart. I had so much fun doing RED last month, I thought, now is the time for BROWN! I keep my photos in labeled files for every subject imaginable, from “sunsets,” and “graveyards,” to “moons,” and “Girlfriends,” (to name a few) and by color too ~ I’ve always thought brown sounds boring, but as you’re about to see, and I know you’ll agree, it’s NOT. It’s luscious! It’s the color of coziness. My dad sent me the cups that make coffee hearts. I love being able to use photos that don’t necessarily fit in another “story” ~ but when the only criteria is color, a whole new world opens! So here we go!

Cozy suitcases, probably handmade. Where have they been? Paris, for sure! I hope they went via ship to England to see the English Countryside! Might have belonged to Sam Clemens. Who knows? Not one of them on wheels, and even empty, they weigh a ton. Tough traveling in the good old days. Except the owner of these most likely had baggage handlers! And what charm!

I tinged the pages brown in A Fine Romance, to make it more cozy so it will make you want to hug it at the end and go ahhhhh. These two pages have lots of brown, so nice for the eyes! 

Little brown house in the woods.

Little brown squirrel, also in the woods and slightly frosted.

Most beautiful gentle brown creatures. Here for us. How did we get so lucky?

Beauty, ruffled in the winter wind.

The real Orchard House, home of Louisa May Alcott. I hope everyone was able to see the new Little Women . . . we LOVED it … just heaven! (You can click there and see our visit to the house.)

The Alcott family’s piano. Little Women was very autobiographical . . . the piano belonged to Louisa’s real sister, Elizabeth, who, like Beth, died young, at only 22. I’m glad to the wood! Especially glad to my grandma’s cookie-stirring wooden spoon.

Yes, lovely. Please don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful😌 . . . this is how it is when we walk in 30º weather! Not a lot of skin showing! Very cozy and very brown!

Love finding wonderful things.

Plain, deep breaths of salt air . . .

Our old legs are still taking us! Out to the brown. Joe’s practically invisible!

I decided this was brown. Not gray. 

Wonderful old house . . . built to last forever.

“The little old kitchen had quieted down from the bustle and confusion of mid-day, and now, with its afternoon manners on, presented a holiday aspect that as the principal room in the brown house, it was eminently proper it should have.” Margaret Sidney

This carving was on a chest in a museum in Plymouth. Carved by someone a very long time ago. And there we were, still connecting with it and the person that made it. Some things do last forever. Little homemade handmade things.

This old book too, in the same museum.

Old brown bricks help the fire spread its warmth in our 1849 house. Then go in, and turn on the stove and make . . .

Or some other wonderful thing . . . 

Pancakes! The coziest!

These are old family recipes, in my mom’s handwriting, my grandma’s, and my great grandmother’s. Prized possessions I take very good care of. These things can so easily be lost to history, but if, in the future, these disappear, God forbid, they will never actually go away, because I have pictures! 

I think these are gingerbread, but it’s been so long, I’m not sure WHAT they are. But they are brown and cute!

Some of those old recipes went into my books!

Not sure how long it’s been since you made a homemade pie crust, but I can’t recommend it more. Do something brown!

Or make an Orange Marmalade Cake! Mmmmm! Teatime!

Or Gingerbread cake with lemon sauce . . .

Or Spiced Pecans!

Most delicious old-fashioned Pineapple Upside Down Cake, so brown and cozy!

Or just buttered toast . . . 

I have always loved to paint baskets. This old one is to carry pies to picnics. Pre-Tupperware.

This was my first Man-Kitty, I got him in Holly Oak. Cat in a basket!

And this is elegant Margot in our garden decked in brown… 

And this is her little brown dog. And ⬇️ here’s one of those photos I never put up because I can never think of a reason why! But it’s nicely brown!

Here’s another photo I can never think of a reason to show! But, remember in Martha’s Vineyard Isle of Dreams, when I went on an airplane to Vermont with Cliff and wore the “perfect flyer-girl outfit?” This is it! It also had a calf length narrow leather skirt to go with it, but I gave it away a long time ago. This jacket just went to my niece Heidi a couple of months ago. But I took a picture of it, so I have it forever! And she was thrilled and so was I!   

My basket of old letters . . .

Kept on the back porch for a quick getaway in case of emergency.😁

English Pub!

One of those golden-brown and cozy Cotswold towns . . .

Someone made this path with only brown rocks.

English pubs, because they are meant to be cozy, with old wood and old books, are almost all brown.

We took a little cruise on this wonderful old boat on Lake Windemere on a rainy day!

Wooden chairs . . . and a guy named Jack!

Plain and brown. Some of my old baskets.

These hats and bags were hanging on the inside of the front door of Holly Oak, so I painted them around, I think, 1988 . . .

Four-poster beds . . . such beautiful old wood to whom I am very glad.

Had to take a picture of it.

Was making Halloween placecards with rubber stamps and burnt edges.

A ticking clock has memories and gives a room depth.

Says it all . . .

Old wood barn in a New England snowstorm.

For this female cardinal sitting on the wisteria outside my kitchen window, I was torn, “brown” or “orange?” So I did both!

Brown for sure. This guy pulled our sleigh through the snow.

On our walk. This is a puddle and you are seeing two things, leaves under the water, and the reflection of trees above!

Not totally brown, but you know what this means? It means a personal red (Brown!) letter day! A Fine Romance has just gone into 7th printing!!! Since we publish it ourselves, some day we’ll have to stop reprinting it, but right now, in the nicest word-of-mouth way, this little book keeps-on-keeping-on. Thank you Girlfriends for liking it and making it the little engine that could.💞 

And THIS is what’s on the chair in our kitchen right now… They’re having a two-for-one sale at our cleaners, so that’s where I’m going next! Having a meeting this afternoon with Kellee and Sheri, about NEW things, and everything 2020! I hope you all enjoyed the wee Brown-Out today. You know I’ve been sick, got all kinds of flu and cough and cold after Christmas, Joe too. We are practically MADE of soup and toasted brown bread now! But it worked, we’re feeling much better! Painting again with old movies. Loving PBS Sunday, first with Howard’s End (in three parts) and afterwards, Sanditon. Both just perfection! I’m sure you’d enjoy them too. Our weather doesn’t know what to do with itself. One day it’s 50º, then we have a blizzard that melts the next day, and today, it’s bright blue skies, sunshine and 20º! January! But we are safe in our cozy brown house. Sending love, and lots of creative juice! Love You!

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652 Responses to BROWN

  1. Patricia Randall says:

    Absolutely wonderful!! As usual! 💖

  2. Bernadette M Gibson says:

    Susan, when I was in college back in the 60’s, one of my professors asked us what do we think the book, “Hailstones and Halibut Bones” was about. Couldn’t imagine. Well, what do hailstones and halibut bones have in common? They are WHITE! The book is about color. Each color has a beautiful poem about it’s beauty. One of my favorites is a line about black.
    ” Think of what starlight
    And lamplight would lack
    Diamonds and fireflies
    If they couldn’t lean against Black”
    I really urge you to get this book. It is so beautiful. I used it many times in my teaching career. I am a book maker, and I have used these poems many times in illustrations.

    • sbranch says:

      One of our other Girlfriends mentioned this book, it really sounds like my cup of tea! Thank you Bernadette!

      • “Hailstones and Halibut Bones” is a marvelous book about colors. My first graders loved this book and it sparked their thoughts when writing about a certain color. They especially liked RED! Yes Susan, your would love this book! It’s timeless and lovely!

        • sbranch says:

          I remember as a child the only Jell-O I really loved was “Red.” We never said cherry or whatever that flavor is, it was just red!

  3. Victoria Melvin says:

    Dear Susan, thanks for the Brown post! I love viewing your photos and living them with your creative eye. I love Autumn colors which always touch me the deepest ~ very satisfying and often neglected. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Vicki M ~

  4. Kathy Branch Spicer says:

    Brown could never be boring. It is the color of the earth, from which every wonderful thing springs. I am glad it got some well-deserved attention in this lovely post!

  5. Tracey says:

    Starting my day with you and this community is such a treat, thank you Susan! Your ode to brown made me appreciate my brown breakfast all the more … oatmeal, walnuts, and a touch of brown sugar! XOXO

  6. Debbie Boerger says:

    Oh, Susan, We are all happy that you are feeling much better. I’m off to a dentist’s appointment, which I had to cancel a couple of weeks ago….due to the so-called Crud. Maybe that was an inoculation for what we have coming our way in the News.
    I’m deeply thankful for this blog, which I’ll read in detail later, for I know it will help with the sadness I feel for our Republic.
    Brown IS one of my favorite colors. One wall of our living room is painted a nice, creamy chocolate, and the others a very pale kaki green. After the dentist, we are off to buy a new comfy chair…on sale…for The Lovely Tom. It’s partly leather…nice and brown.
    Then, I can look forward to reading all the comments.

    Mucho love, Dear Lady,
    Debbie in Tampa

    • sbranch says:

      Have a wonderful day Debbie!

      • Bee Stevens says:

        Debbie – In 1956 my Mother painted one living room wall a
        chocolate brown and the other three chartreuse green.
        We lived on a ranch, had dairy and beef cattle and lived in Colorado. I don’t know where she got the idea as I was 11 at the time.

        • Debbie Boerger says:

          Wow, Bee, your mother was ahead of her time…I think. I did a deep blue green down the hall, floors are brick, and the trim is white. Have a great hand made “rug” on one wall that has all the colors you can name. By Maine textile artist. Opposite that is a huge oil painting I did many years ago, deep green tones for the background and an off center black pitcher with some very abstract blooms, one of which is the Star of the show…brilliant yellow. I’m thankful I didn’t part with that painting.
          My friend and neighbor in Maine has painted walls different colors, and one of them is actually a chartreuse in her kitchen. She painted her cabinets a very dark brown, looks fantastic with the walls. I think that color is making a comeback!
          Thanks for sharing your memory.

  7. Barbara Weaver says:

    Lovely post, Susan. Just the thing for a cold (cold for one day, anyway) January day. Glad you’re feeling better! The flu is not fun.

  8. Donna Crouch says:

    I’m sorry to hear about you and Joe being sick over the holidays. Glad the worse is behind you. Reminds me when my husband and I got the Hong Kong Flu after Christmas 1968 and stayed with us into New Years 1969. Never so sick before or after. But, I haven’t had any flu since then!.
    Love brown and loved this post very much. The quote by Rudyard Kipling on your pages about The National Trust, reminds me of…..”If everyone swept their own gutter, pretty soon the whole world would be clean.” Don’t know who said it but I like it.

    • sbranch says:

      Wow maybe we all need a tiny bit of Hong Kong Flu bug! Sounds like the answer to our problems! That quote is so wonderfully true!

      • Warwickshirelass says:

        I believe the quote you are thinking of is “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
        So true …..

    • FayE in CA! says:

      Donna, “If everyone swept their own gutter…” is what I want this divided country and members of all citizens/governments to do. Kindness, civility, thoughtful debate and caring hearts for what ails societies. Cleaning our hearts is necessary…then the interactions can be more civil and we can debate anything with the end game being to learn and improve everything necessary to manage our homes and live in a society that is moving forward for good and sustainability; not crawling in the deep gutter of today’s world.

      Yes, I will make sure that my heart’s gutter is honest, true, loving and try to live in the positive…oh, how I want to wake up to a world of positivity and possibility!

      Thanks for the great quote and making me think about it.

      Oh, my…just listened to the benediction at the beginning of today’s hearing. It truly implied cleaning our own gutters as we listen to this trial. So, your quote was very timely!!

      • Debbie Boerger says:

        FayE, Donna and Warwickshirelass, All of you summed things up…things being what is going on in our Land of the Free. We’re Free to clean those gutters and windows so that we can see our neighbors more clearly.

  9. Benda Nuland says:

    My mother loved the color brown, which I thought odd when I was very young. As if brown was a color? Then as I grew older, now in my mid-60s, I came to realize that brown is the color of nature and that which is natural. Now my home has a lot of browns and greens in it. My coloring doesn’t lean toward wearing brown but my house likes it.

  10. Sharon Bates says:

    Your theme holds a special place in my family’s collection of “funnies”. We have a long list of personal stories, quotes, etc., about each family member and one of our favorites is from my father…we like to recall that “he likes any color as long as it’s brown”!

  11. Cathy Lynch says:

    Warms my heart , thank you so much. Its a mini vacation to see.

  12. Anna says:

    Glad to know you and Joe are feeling better! Browns are so cozy and comforting and “rich” like cocoa, wood anything, books, dogs, horses, wool, etc. After the holidays, I always hope to see brown rather than white when I look outdoors – it’s more soothing and energizing. Thank you for another “color memories” letter.

  13. Nancy M says:

    Oh thank you for taking time to think on brown. It’s one of my favorite colors. It’s comforting. I collect brown antique dishes- the Dot n Daisy and Brown drip pottery & others when I see them. They are my everyday dishes but definitely in the winter it is fun to serve soup out of the cute soup bowls with handles. But I enjoy wearing brown & especially love my daily dose of chocolate. My morning drink is cacao powder with almond milk heated and for my skin, hair and nails – I add in collagen and unflavored gelatin and sweeten with stevia. So my morning drink in it’s brown drip mug is cozy, warm and healthy with no guilt. ❤️ Thanks for inspiring us!!

  14. Jennifer J Lauri says:

    Ahhh…lovely brown! Bravo…welll done, my friend…well done! By the way, I recently saw the 90s version of “Little Women” with Wynona Ryder and Susan Sarandon and loved it all over again. Thomas Newman’s stirring music pulls at my heartstrings each time I hear it.

  15. Hannah says:

    Hi Susan!

    Such a fabulous post! I love the idea of highlighting one color and all of its lovely associations. I couldn’t agree more about brown being the coziest color. So warm. So inviting.

    Thank you for re-sharing the Orchard House post! I grew up adoring the book. I saw the new film with a friend over the Christmas holiday, and it’s phenomenal! (Who knew Amy could be so likeable?). Harney and Son actually has a special edition tea blend called Orchard House on their website right now! The notes are apple, cornflower, and honey, if anyone is interested.

    Cheers to a lovely week and lovely friends near and far!

  16. Hannah says:

    I forgot to ask this in my previous comment– does anyone know the pattern of the floral china featured in this post? I can’t tell if it’s Johnson Brothers Staffordshire Bouquet or not. It’s LOVELY!

    Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      It’s mix and match . . . I’m not sure what the cream and sugar are, but the teapot is Vernon Kilns Mayflower.

  17. Judy Lincicum says:

    What a delightful post Susan! I love brown and so enjoyed each and every picture and quote. You are such a delightful person with a heart of gold! I’m so sorry you and Joe have been under the weather and glad you are feeling better. I want to say again, how much your blog brings joy into my life and I look forward to hearing from you each time I open my email. God surely smiles down on you for your efforts to be so thankful for his creations and sharing this positivity with all your girlfriends. It surely lifts our spirits and makes the day and it’s cares palatable, no, enjoyable! Much love from my heart to yours. I’m so glad you were born.

  18. Amy from Salem says:

    Good morning Susan, just catching up on email and got a wonderful new blog from you. So clever! I just got home from a quilt retreat with seven quilty girlfriends. We stitched, laughted, told stories, are delicious food, stitched some more, slept just a little, Frank hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and cheered each other on. So good to hear from you and be with friends on cold January days. 🙆

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve always thought there is nothing better than a sewing bee . . . or a book club. Reasons for women to get together to laugh and talk! While accomplishing something!!! What could be better!? xoxo

  19. gail golden says:

    Such a lovely post. The only thing you left out (for me) is COFFEE!

  20. PattiH says:

    Listening to Maury Yeston, drinking coffee, and reading your Blog….delightful way to spend a cold wintry morning. Loving your Brown theme. Thank you for the gorgeous visions of warm brown hues. So glad you are watching Sanditon and Howard’s End too they are welcome diversions on a Sunday night here at my home.

  21. Dawn says:

    Love the Brown, since everything is white here in Minnesota. You inspired me to get out and find some brown hidden in the masses of white. Two Christmas’s ago my husband surprised me with your 3rd novel. It was a pleasant shock and he ordered the other 2 so I could read them in order. It was hard to wait for them to arrive. Thank you for the wonderful colored books over the years that have inspired me to cook and look at life in many colors. We are planning a fun trip to England to spend some time at Hill top farm. Loved your pictures of your trips there. Happiness to you both in 2020.

  22. Barbara Henson says:

    Dear Susan, it’s all been said . . . but once more: thank you for your
    beautiful letters. They are so inspiring and I appreciate them.
    Love & Hugs to you! Be well!

  23. Lori Culver says:

    Susan, Dear! Hope you are feeling better! If you need a great pick-me-up – a book that will make you laugh out loud, try: The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell. I know you loved Jane Eyre, so this is a must-read!

  24. Shirley Graham says:

    Loved your blog (a usual) especially the broom on the back porch! Also the barn in the snow. Reminds me of the farm where I grew up. Thanks so much!!! Hope you & Joe are all well now & continue to do so!!

  25. Jean says:

    I was feeling blue because all my brown furniture was no longer in style! After reading your lovely words about brown, I am embracing my cozy furniture! Thank you for reminding me how much I love brown! ❤️

  26. Beth Wilson says:

    When we got married in 1972 “brown tones” were in favor for everything, houses, clothing, etc. Our apartment and wedding gifts were all brown and green and orange and any other color like brown. Now I wish I had saved more of it because it comes and goes in fashion! Always love reading your words.

  27. Gale Harris says:

    I love your odes to colors. One of my all-time favorites themes in your blog.

  28. Judy Roper-Smith says:

    Such a lovely post and so comforting! I just wanted to sit down with a cup of tea and some muffins. It is a beautiful day in Dallas today, but chilly.

    Loved all the brown items in the pictures, glad you are feeling better. Look forward to the next post.

  29. Barbara Middleton says:

    Susan: Thanks again for the cheer and warmth your blogs bring to us all! I have a floor to ceiling rock fireplace in my home that is rather imposing. I recently painted my walls a light blue grey that brings out so many beautiful shades I hadn’t noticed before. Now my favorite thing in my tiny house! I’ve been a fan since I found your “Heart of the Home” in a bookstore, I guess 30 years ago now. You share a special gift with all of us in your outlook, wonderful artwork, and quotations. My daughter knows that your calendar is my favorite gift for Christmas every year! Love from the “heart of my home”!

  30. Bernadette M Gibson says:

    Susan, I sent you a note earlier and I hope you got it. It was about the book,
    Hailstones and Halibut Bones. This is what it says about Brown
    What is Brown?
    “Brown is the color of a country road
    Back of a turtle
    Back of a toad.Brown is cinnamon
    And morning toast
    And the good smell of
    The Sunday roast.
    Brown is the color of work
    And the sound of a river,
    Brown is bronze and a bow
    And a quiver.
    Brown is the house
    On the edge of town Where wind is tearing
    The shingles down.
    Brown is a freckle
    Brown is a mole
    Brown is the earth
    When you dig a hole.
    Brown is the hair
    On many a head
    Brown is chocolate
    And Gingerbread.
    Brown is a feeling
    You get inside
    When wondering makes
    Your mind grow wide.
    Brown is a leather shoe
    And a good glove——-
    Brown is as comfortable
    As love.

  31. Suzette Shoulders says:

    Dear Susan, I felt like it was about time for a wonderful blog post from you, and I looked, and there it was! I never appreciated brown very much when I was little, although I liked my brown eyes and now long for my formerly brown hair, LOL! I realized when I saw a set of “Devonshire” pattern dishes by Johnson Brothers about 22 years ago in a consignment shop for $325 that I dearly LOVED brown transferware! Have never regretted buying them, and have been using them daily for all those years! The large set didn’t include bowls, so I have had a happy excuse to haunt antique shops ever since, which is also fun. I am glad you and Joe are ‘on the mend’. The bugs this winter were sure nasty ones. Each time I go out, I think of an invisible shield around me, repelling the viruses! A friend shared that thought with me once, and I liked it so much, I made it my practice, too! Happy MLK, Junior, day to you, a day late! Suzette in snowy central Oregon

    • sbranch says:

      Brown dishes really are wonderful. They look gorgeous with food, you can make beautiful tables with them, they are so cozy! I think your shield sounds brilliant. I will have to get me one of those! 😄 xoxo

  32. julia walker says:

    Dear Susan, I’m so happy you’re better now! I found your “brown” blog very creative and interesting. It’s been said that the young people today don’t want brown furniture in their houses. What’s going to happen to all of the beautiful wood furniture of yesteryear? Sad…I’m sending this to my daughter so that she can see Orchard House. Her book group is reading “Little Women.” I loved seeing it myself! Take care now & remember: we’re one day closer to SPRING!!!!!

    Love & blessings, Julia

  33. Kimberly L Young says:

    What a lovely “brown out” you gave us. :). I was just siting here thinking about how many wonderful desserts are brown…oh my! I’m sorry that you and Joe were laid low after the holidays. It’s a bit of a protracted start to the new year ,but look at it this way….You’ve gotten it over with! When i saw that can of brown bread, my heart gave a little jump. B&M was saved for the holidays, sliced thin with a bit of cream cheese…oh yumm! I live in NC and haven’t seen it, but with the internet…waa laa, i could have it by tomorrow i suppose!
    Little Women was perfection. Most definitely want to see it again!
    Spring is just around the corner lovely, longer days,daffodils,crocus and violets in the grass.
    Hugs to you and yours,

    • sbranch says:

      Oddly, they keep that brown bread in the beans area at our market … I know why, but cans of bread should be in the bread section! Bread is bread! (Is what I think😊). Hard to find, but you might have it!

      • Vicki South of Arroyo says:

        It’s never at my grocery store. I order the brown bread from the Vermont Country Store. You can get plain or raisin; have to order two. Online, but you can also ask for their paper mail order/snail-mail catalog (I happen to love it!) which I think they’ve had since the 1940s. Generations of the Orton family run the business. They have all kinds of tried & true, old-time, wonderful stuff. But new stuff, of course, too. I’ve been ordering from them since, gosh, I guess the 1980s.

      • Kimberly L Young says:

        We just might! Now i have a reason to sleuth around the grocery store;)

    • Margot in Sister Bay says:

      Hey Kim,
      Wal~Mart has it. It’s near the baked beans.

  34. Odette says:

    I can’t understand why BROWN furniture has gone out of favor. I love it!

  35. Mandy Echavarria says:

    I just adore snuggling up to your posts with a warm cup of tea; it feels like coming home, each and every time. What a beautiful gift you have blessed the world with, to make our hearts warm and fuzzy. I especially love the Brown theme this month, my favorite being the beautiful picture of the puddle filled with leaves and gorgeous tree reflection. Thank you for reminding me that brown does not have to be boring (as I sit at my old brown work desk), but instead lusciously beautiful and COZY. Happy New Year to you!

  36. Idelsy Rebozo says:

    So glad you are feeling better! Absolutely loved this post about Brown – which might be my favorite color now!

  37. Elaine Depo says:

    usan,I enjoyed every word, every photo! I chuckled when reading the color of the day was brown. My late, dear husband was a long-time UPS driver
    so that color was one I saw constantly. He’d wear his old ratty work shirts around the house on the weekends, so it was brown then, too. Needless to say it was a pleasure to go out so I’d see him in any color but brown, We’d always have a good laugh about it! Stay cozy and enjoy the Winter!

  38. melissa quarles says:

    Thanks so much Susan…my daughters took me to Orchard House for a Christmas present…a dream come true. I really thought my heart would explode! Thank you for loving all the wonderful things this wonderful world has to offer and sharing it with us! XOXO

  39. Ginny Evans says:

    I loved your salute to brown, Susan. Such an overlooked, unappreciated color and season. And what fun to enjoy some of your color photo collection, as you had promised. LOVED it! Coincidentally, I have been working on my own little brown projects–little mixed media “sew slow meditations” of antique fabrics, papers, trims and leaves, all stitched and embellished together. You would love them, as they are very cozy. I think, too, that you have motivated me to proceed with another brown project–that of bringing together all my photos of bare trees, in all their brown glory! Hum, what can I do with those???? Thanks for dropping in!

  40. Kathy Maliszewski says:

    This latest blog, “Brown” made my day ! ! ! So glad you and Joe are feeling better. Many thanks for being Y – O – U ! ! !

  41. judy says:

    I love brown! There is something so rich about it! Sigh…

  42. Joan Brosnan says:

    So sorry to hear that you were sick with the flu. I wondered and worried a bit when you hadn’t posted since December, but now you are back “fromthe land of the dead.” Your posts are always cozy and give back happy home vibes. Thank you for doing them and sharing all the beautiful browns from your life.

  43. Vicki South of Arroyo says:

    I’ve been trying to recover from some health issues, too (a very quiet January and the past two days have been very gray, lots of clouds, some rain; really makes you want to tuck in); hope you and Joe are hale & hearty by Valentine’s Day if not ‘way sooner. Sounds like you’re more on the mend than not.

    Loving this series on color; very creative! What can you show us for yellow (daffodils; butter[!])? For orange? For green in Spring? Lots of possibilities. Lilac purples and peony pinks. Blue sky over blue ocean; summer. Keep it up with every color of the rainbow, please & thank you! Really makes me rethink ‘color’. I used to think we could only take color from nature, but you’re showing us that it’s all around us if we just look. Brown of the leather luggage; brilliant. And brown baskets; I forget I had a ton of them for decor in the 70s, like wall art. And they’re functional!

    One time, I saw a baby’s room devoid of the usual yellow, blue, pink…even green. It was lovely old brown tones of wood furniture…vintage….and white fabrics of different textures, even tatted edges on a curtain that might have been an old tablecloth or runner (much like that piece you have in your bathroom?). Was very soothing and calming for baby, but for me, too. I’m not usually into ‘neutrals’ but that room was simply beautiful. A neighbor recently took a 1950s SoCalif ranch-style, basic tract home and painted it a dark but friendly and warm chocolate brown with white shutters (and white picket fencing) and, I’m tell’in ya, what a change from its palm-tree-esque pastel; it’s just stunning, and nothing I would have thought of…

    • sbranch says:

      I have wonderful yellow for you . . . and orange too! Love your stories of beautiful brown! Hope you are feeling better Vicki! xoxoxo

  44. Rose Ann Bacher-Giallombardo says:

    This post was as lovely as a brown eyed beauty. Thank you for letting us see through your eyes how beautiful brown can be & always has been. By the way Susan, I thought that your house was white.

  45. Care Woodard says:

    Dear Susan, So glad that you and Joe are on the mend. What a wonderful ode to brown! Humblest things are the coziest! “What color do you want your floors?”, the floor guy asked me… Why the color of a cup of tea with lemon!
    I was missing you last week and so I went and looked up some of your old blogs from past Januarys and I got laughing so hard about your friend stuck in her scarf and her coat! I love how you see the gentle humor in this beautiful life! Now I’m going to order a new copy of A Fine Romance. I can’t find mine anywhere! I must have lent it out and, I am JUST realizing..Probably the girlfriend that I lent it to CAN’T give it back because she loves it so much! That’s what happened to me!

  46. Katherine M in Austin says:

    Due to the seasonal time crunch, I haven’t been keeping up with the Blog and Willard. Today, I decided to binge on Susan Branch! Much better than Netflix, The result is SMILES. I haven’t smiled so much in days. Given the omnipresent news and the awful state of our country, not to mention our world, a SMILE is an amazing gift. Thank you, Susan, for always giving me SMILES.

  47. Bonnie says:

    A lovely post, never knew I even liked brown. Maybe I should color more with it.

  48. Paula K. says:

    I love this! I am reminded of my favorite golden book as a child, The Color Kittens. A pair of kittens were painters who were trying to figure out how to make green. They mixed together many combinations before they made green. When they created brown the book said “brown as tugboat, brown as an old goat, brown as a beaver”. You remind me of them with your color posts. Such fun!

  49. Norma says:

    That was fun reading. Do some more colors,please.

    • sbranch says:

      I think I’ll do all the ones I’ve saved up. I almost started a Grey file yesterday! I still might! Gotta lot of grey around here these days!

  50. Kathy in California says:

    You have definitely made BROWN very appealing. Who would have thunk? Well done!

  51. Pamela Torchia says:

    Wow I can’t wait to try your brownie recipe! I love the color brown and everyone always reminds me of it and I haven’t found anyone that can understand why. It is such a warm tone to me. I really enjoyed this blog! I was also very happy to see the cover of your 2000 calendar because it was such a favorite of mine I kept it. I tried to venture out into all things black; shoes, purse, outfit, even dishes but always come back to brown. Thank you for this reassurance. ❤

  52. Amanda says:

    I know you won`t mind the mixed weather because it sounds just like England ! Also in case you hadn`t heard of it, there was a great BBC Drama Series on last year, `World on Fire` it`s a WWII saga, I think you`ll love it if you can come across it somehow. Glad you are both feeling better ! XX Love from South Staffs England

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you! I looked it up, looks good, I’ll see if we can find it on our TV! Love back to you Amanda. Keep the home fires burning, we shall return. xoxo

  53. Mary Gottlieb says:

    Does anyone recall Billy Baldwin’s Manhattan one room, lacquered entirely in corondel brown that you stepped down to enter…when being approached, it was
    like peering down into the interior of a jewel box, so stunning was the dramatic treatment. As a little girl who loved words, one of my favorites was burnt sienna, rather than simply brown. When I was an adult, my dear Mother knitted a coat for me in burnt sienna lined with matching pussy willow satin… can still remember how it felt against my arms. The power of imagination and
    memory…..Bless you for this “Brown” reawakening today, our Susan.

    • sbranch says:

      Mmmmm, that coat sounds heavenly!

    • Vicki South of Arroyo says:

      I remember Burnt Sienna! Thanks for the memory. I now can just ‘see’ that tone of brown! I think I knew it from my crayola box, when I was lucky enough, as a little kid, to finally get the BIG BOX of crayolas, the one that had the built-in sharpener in the back of the box. I was in Color Heaven with all those color varieties of crayons. Isn’t it kinda how we all learned color? Hmmm…gets me to thinking about it! Of course there were finger paints, too, I guess. Colored chalk. The colors of Play-Doh. Maybe the kindergarten teacher had flash cards. Then there was Mom, pointing out a color of a flower. But I think that (Baby Boomer) Big Box of crayons helped me to describe and identify colors over years afterward. I want to go out and buy a crayon right now! That smell! Childhood!

  54. Stephanie says:

    After all the lovely brown, I had to listen to Glenn Miller’s “Little Brown Jug” 🙂 Happy things.

  55. Jan Lane says:

    Oh how I adore brown. It is the colour of chocolate, coffee, gingersnaps and Hershey kisses. It is the golden brown of my children’s summer skin……and their sun kissed caramel brown hair. Their eyes are like malted milk candies. Brown reminds me of my favourite wooley sweater. It is the earth and sand beneath dirty bare feet. It is fine polished walnut wood of my baby grand piano. You can’t get an earthier, warmer and sometimes cooler colour than brown. Thank you for the peaceful thoughts which you share when you think of a quiet somber colour we cal BROWN.

  56. Rebekah Lynch says:

    Many years ago, like 50 or so I had a brown bikini, I still love it! One year I had a brown Christmas with all my brown transfer ware, another time I sent my married daughter a box of brown things for her home, which included pinecones, rocks, feathers etc. Brown things from home! Such a warm and inviting color, thanks for the coziness you just brought me! Howards End and Sanditon are just what the Doctor ordered for all of us to cheer for in the middle of Winter! Cheers Susan!

  57. Larkin Myers says:

    Brown is the color of cozy! You’re right. It’s one of my favorites for clothes and often it’s hard to find. I’m glad to hear you and Joe are on the mend. Take care and stay warm!

  58. Dee Ann says:

    Love the brown post…love my brown colored wrens….have friends with the last name of Brown. Glad you and Joe are on the mend…stay cozy.

  59. Candice in Ohio says:

    Susan, Love your brown blog! After returning from spending Christmas in England with all of our cousins for the first time ever, our scenery here in NW Ohio is very brown, compared to the greenery-scenery across the pond. That is the one thing I noticed the most how green and lush it was and it was Winter! Flowers still blooming in pots outdoors on doorsteps and the garden centers were full of lovely plants in bloom. The Snowdrops began to bloom about a week after we returned home.
    We had tea at Highgrove, not the house but a building adjacent to HRH Prince Charles and Camilla’s residence. Very nice and viewed many of Prince Charles’s watercolor paintings that lined the walls of the rooms. Landscapes and portraits of family. We also toured Highclere Castle, it was amazing and decorated by Lady Carnarvon and her elves! 79 real Spruce trees and 8,500 baubles, it was a surreal day. Photos were not allowed inside the castles, but I expected that so I made sure to purchase postcards! The tour also included the Egyptian Experience in the cellars of the castle. It was a perfect day! Check out for her wonderful blog!
    We had the most amazing time with family and made new friends too. Christmas caroling in The Bell pub, with the local Vicar emceeing the affair with corny jokes in between carols. Attended a Christmas candlelight carol service at a small very old church in Stinchcombe, Glos. where our cousin is a member of the village singers that led the carol singing. We sang the carols to the traditional Olde English tunes with warm mulled cider and mince pies afterwards. On Christmas Eve we attended the Kristingle service for the children, sang more carols and held candlelit Kristingles. So many lovely memories! Christmas Day and Boxing Day all spent with family, couldn’t ask for anything better! It was a wonderful 3 week holiday and I’m already planning our future visit. My bucket-list is very long.
    Speaking of being ill, my hubby and I both picked up a virus, (we both got our flu jabs in November), the 2nd week into our stay and it has taken us 5 weeks to finally overcome it, after 2 visits to the doctor, meds and lots of rest I can say we are finally on the mend. Wishing you, Joe & Jack a belated Happy New Year and continue to good Health! HUGS!

    • sbranch says:

      What a wonderful trip! I loved every sparkling word Candice! Glad to hear you’re getting better . . . us too, daily better. Yay for us. That was a bad one!

    • Debbie Boerger says:

      Candice, Many thanks for sharing your lovely English Christmas with us.
      I can almost feel myself there. We’ve made several one month long visits to Old Blighty, and just love it. When I try to explain England to friends here in the US, they wonder if I’m “making it up”. I assure them that all that’s beautiful, traditional and heartwarming is alive and well in the Villages of the UK. I’ve found much of it in a small village in Maine.

      My Bucket List gets longer and my years on this wonderful planet get shorter….Saving for the next one!

  60. Lisa R says:

    Having been away quite awhile, (computer issues, now a new one! Yay!) I realize how much I have missed your blog! Such a wonderful post to come back to. Love all the browns, and the music, and the recipes. My guy loves orange marmalade, so I am making him this cake right away! Thank you so much for sharing. Your blog is every bit as wonderful as I remember! xoxo

  61. Marilyn Rogers says:

    Lovely post! So glad you and Joe are on the mend. Thank you so much for the inspiring words. You always make me feel happy! God bless you.

  62. Patty says:

    And just when I was beginning to think there was too much brown when I look around the house Now I will embrace it like brown paper packages tied up with string among my favorite things Your blog always reminds me to see what’s right there in front of me Happy 202❤️

  63. Petra Lindner says:

    Such a lovely entry to brighten my day!
    Thank you!

  64. Lee says:

    This post was so nice to read; these color specific subjects are beautiful. I loved seeing one of your older recipes written on stationary from the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco! I remember going there years ago, it was so impressive to me. I’ll bet it was even more charming when that letter was written. I love staying in old hotels! Also loved those heart coffee cups, I ordered them from Amazon. They aren’t exactly the same, tempered glass instead of china, but the heart shape is. Being a retired nurse my advice for flu season is wash your hands a million times a day but sometimes even that doesn’t work! Take good care!

  65. Susie Brey says:

    Loved it, loved it!! It is raining today and the house is warm this early morning!! Your recipes look divine and warm and inviting! Thanks for setting a wonderful scene for me today!! I loved it and will start with brownies lst!! Have a super day!! I will as always feel the moment!!

  66. Lynne Pennoyer says:

    Susan your blogs just soothes my soul…thank you!

  67. Dianne Anderson says:

    Just loved this post as I’m sitting here at jury duty! Wonderful way to pass the time! Glad to hear you are feeling better – so far we have been lucky to be well! Loved the wooden spoons and old recipes – my favorite part of winter – cooking baking from old family recipes! Loved the photo toward the end of the leaves and trees! Thanks for making my morning! Dianne

  68. Anne Endler says:

    Thank-you so much for your ode to Brown! I love color so much, and brown never used to seem colorful to me; how wrong I was! Now I appreciate its warmth, and depth, and its many variations. It is a wonderful, essential, splendid color! And your post explains why!

    I am so sorry that you and Joe were sick, and I hope you will be feeling back up to speed very soon. I am sure that Jack was an excellent nurse!

  69. Linda says:

    Have done journal entries on orange ,green and pink but didn’t think of brown and it’s perfect. Thanks! Will do soon. Always look at your blogs as the treat of the day. Am grateful for your creations especially during these dark months.

  70. Kathie Bee says:

    My yoga teacher does the color and all examples for our relaxation, just like the blog. I thought Betsy was channeling through you! Fun blog. Also, I haven’t seen new england bread in a can forever. 🥰

  71. Sue Lamke says:

    So many inspiring ideas from you and your readers. It’s a spiritual lift for my day

  72. Vicki Hoppenrath says:

    Such a lovely look at brown! Made me relax during a busy day.

    I, too, am enjoying Howard’s End and Sanditon ( I am a Jane Austen freak.) I loved the new Little Women and the new PBS version.

    Thank you so much for this Blog!

  73. Genie Pinheiro says:

    Thrilled with this post. So happy you are both well. My sister’s favorite color was brown. As I am now 11 years older than when she passed, the richness of brown has grown on me, too.

  74. Janet Conn says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post as always. So relaxing. Hope you and Joe both feel better soon!

  75. Barb says:

    Your post came at the perfect time. I’ve been making brown Valentines for a monochromatic card challenge and I was feeling a bit bad that I had chosen brown. After enjoying your letter with all the words & photos of all things brown I’m feeling much better about my cards. I think I will include an excerpt with your words about brown (credited to you of course) inside my cards so everyone who receives them can understand my color choice. Thank you for your beautiful art!

  76. Anne Miller says:

    Susan, I am world weary and as always, your post made me realize that the blessings tip the scales. Thank you. My husband and I steamed around Lake Windermere in 1918 on The lady of the Lake. We felt like we were in a William Wordsworth poem. Our trip to the lake District was so inspired by YOU. “Hearts (really do) inspire other hearts with their fire.” So grateful for PBS and Susan Branch.

  77. Rosalind Murray says:

    Never thought so much about brown…so appreciate your creativity!

  78. Bee Stevens says:

    Loved your blog and I loved the comments too. Always great suggestions
    and ideas, just feels like a visit with old friends. Thank you.

  79. Priscilla says:

    Being displaced New Englanders, our home is mostly browns w/oranges We love it!! Loved your piece tonite. Hope you’re both feeling better. We’ve been sick too for wks. 🙁. Live by the beach in San Diego where it’s so damp. At least the warm weather will be here soon! Ok

  80. Val says:

    Another feast for the eyes and heart. With the cold weather, worn-out spirits (from illness and just busy-ness), I really needed this pick-me-up! It never disappoints <3

  81. Chris H says:

    I recently read a debut novel by Elise Hooper titled ‘The Other Alcott’ based on the talented but overlooked May Alcott ( Amy in ‘Little Women’ and Louisa’s real sister). Elise Hooper lived near Orchard House and visited it regularly through her growing years. She was always drawn to May’s little bedroom in the back of the house. Her Afterward gives some interesting information and there’s discussion questions included in the back

  82. FayE in CA! says:

    I just saw “Little Women” for the second time and it certainly does represent brown in beautiful ways!

    I am just finishing packing up Christmas. Decades of loving the season and shopping quests have resulted in BINS of holiday decor…except for one missing item! I searched and searched AGAIN this year for a beautiful Mrs. Claus figurine. She DOES NOT exist except in your art of Joe and Susan Claus dancing. Seriously!

    Your Mrs. Claus is the most loving, sweet and happy Mrs. Claus! The ONLY one on the planet. She IS beautiful! I have hinted on more than one occasion for the dancing duo to be put on one of your cups. When I close my eyes I own it, but when I open my eyes I DO NOT. Boo-hoo and messy sobs. Mrs. Susan Claus is the answer to my desire. I will make it my 2020 mantra to finally have the lovely Mrs. Claus in my home.

    OMG, even better than Mrs. Susan Claus on a cup, how about a work with Mrs. Susan Claus cooking at your stove in your kitchen using your wooden spoon and striped bowl? Would she wear an embroidered, ruffled apron? Of course. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to purchase that kitchen scene…one that I would frame for my holiday kitchen! It would be beyond FAB!! (I would put “beyond” in italics if I could.) Yummie…goose bumps just imagining it. Thank you in advance, dear Susan, for making my wish come true.

    Girlfriends, UNITE…if you love Mrs. Claus…the woman behind the man…put your name on the wish list for Mrs. Susan Claus in our kitchens! Cyber chant together…”We want Mrs. Claus…We want Mrs. Susan Claus.” Thank you, one and all.

    The above thoughts helped me smile while packing up holiday loves AND listening to the impeachment trial. My head is SPINNING and Mrs. Susan Claus stepped in to center me with my packing-up tasks while calming me down. Thank you, Mrs. Susan Claus.

    I will continue to send medicinal hugs your way and hope that you and Joe will be skipping through your days very soon. I know that Dr. Jack has helped with loyal, caring snuggling. I demand that the flu/cold/cough cannot revisit you again in 2020. (Oh, dear…I should have waved my magic wand when I made my demand…dang! Guess fingers-crossed will have to make up for my lack of the necessary wave-of-wand at times of demand.)

    FayE in CA!

    PS: See what happens when one spends too much time trying to keep up with the political scene? I have gone completely bonkers…escaping into La-La Land.

    PPSS: May all of the Girlfriends have health and a dream-come-true in 2020…and I DID wave my magic wand for each of you.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you darling. And me too, when it comes to the magic of Mrs. Claus! I wrote a story about her . . . I should put it out there maybe next Christmas! We’re feeling MUCH better, thank you . . . your hugs worked! xoxo

  83. Shell says:

    Your Brown post is enchanting and warm. Thank you for brightening my day with this. Now, I have to go back and read your red post.

    • Debbie Boerger says:

      Hello Shell, I’m so glad I clicked on your name. Your blog is just wonderful. Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady..:-)

  84. Ms. Day - thepinkblonde says:

    Brown, brown, brown, brown….B-R-O-W-N…brown is the color all around…B-R-O-W-N…brown is the color in the town, brown is the color on the ground…..B-R-O-W-N….BROWN!!!!! This is the song I teach my first graders in August….there are even “jazz hands” at the end on the word “BROWN!!!!”. I always think of Mr. Snuffleufogous (sp?)….from Sesame Street when we sing the Brown Song. : ). Glad you’re better. I kept checking every day for a SB blog post. The comments and replies are almost just as wonderful as the post! Thank you Susan Branch!!!

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, singing the Brown Song, how adorable! Yes, thank you for adding to the deliciousness of the comment section! XOXO

  85. Patti K. says:

    Brown=cozy! How true! I knew you would be watching
    Sanditon. ❤️

  86. Erin Gauss says:

    The BEST blog! My favorite color is brown! I
    love it in all things. So nice to see how you appreciate it too!

  87. Just to think there are so very many lovely brown things to enjoy and appreciate in this world. What a lovely gathering of them! There’s so much in your post that I have to come back a few times to savour it all in small portions. Do love that Florence Bone poem about home! And I’m so very glad, glad you and Joe are feeling so much better now. Hope Jack was a good nurse.

    Sending love and warmest thoughts…
    Bren@wordfromhome oxo

  88. Helen says:

    When I was a little girl, my Mom’s neighbor told me I looked good in brown and it was probably because I had been born in January. Of course, young girls want to look good in pink! Now I am older and wiser and brown is wonderful, like the little sparrows that I have come to appreciate because while not rare. They teach us about being able to adapt so you survive and the importance of sometimes blending in the background 💕

  89. Kathy Jacobs says:

    My cousin has been sending me your blog. I’m now a fan.
    I tried to sign up myself before but it didn’t work. Please
    Please Put me on your blog list. I especially look forward to your Art
    and the poetry and quotes. I was a PR person/book publicist before
    retirement and I also paint. Love Cape Cod! I’ll look
    forward to your always inspirational messages. Please
    Keep up your joyful blogs. I’ll be looking for the next one
    KGirlfriend. I have your “Heart of the Home” cook book.
    Treasure it! Kathy Jacobs

  90. Kathy jacobs says:

    Please add me to your blogposts. I’ve become a fan. Thanks.

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll try. I sent your address to Kellee at my Studio. Look for the blog in your mailbox, but if you don’t see it you may have to sign yourself up. Sometimes they let us do it, but other times we can’t. We don’t know why. But if anyone can make it happen, it will be Kellee!

  91. Pat Russ says:

    Lovely,warm post. Can’t wait for another color. Could that be another one of your books?

  92. Marie says:

    Thank you for the lesson in brown. With all due respect – was hoping for some Christmas party pictures – hope it was pretty and enjoyable. Thank you.

    • sbranch says:

      Ha! I got sick after Christmas and almost forgot about it! Well… maybe I can squeeze some in later! Sorry Marie!

  93. jeanie says:

    You have made brown the perfect color. And you’re spot on — it is cozy and warm. It’s why I like wood in my home and why my cottage knotty pine walls will never be covered over. It’s cold as all get out here in Michigan today but after reading this I am warm as toast!

  94. Carol says:

    I never realized it until I read your brown things letter, but I have a lot of brown things in my home. A true eye-opener! I love the cups your Dad gave you that makes the drink heart-shaped; so precious!
    Looking forward to more color letters to raise my awareness of them!

  95. Karen Saunders says:

    Know what my favorite ‘brown’ thing is you showed??? Your Grandmas cookie stirring spoon. You ONLY get that deep rich finish with constant care. My mother lovingly polished her furniture every Saturday. I didn’t share her love for the dull matte finish of the maple. She never used spray polish it was Guardsmen and she always applied it with a wet soft cloth she wrung out. Over the years this dull maple took on a deep exquisite beautiful shine. It completely transformed the furniture to heirloom quality. My mom loved taking care of her house….❤️❤️❤️

    • Debbie Boerger says:

      Karen, The things we learn by reading the comments!! Guardsmen. I must find it if it’s still being made. Maybe the Vermont Country Store? I have lots of old, maple furniture in our Maine place, all from second hand stores.
      So far, I’ve just used a piece of flannel to dust them. Those worn out LLBean flannel sheets get torn into strips for just that…and some brass polishing.
      Thank you for another memory of our mothers and grandmothers loving their homes.

      • Karen Saunders says:

        Debbie!! Thank you! You can buy Guardsmen it’s a current polish. Ironically I buy it from the same furniture store she did!! You don’t get the waxy build up as normal spray polish from the supermarket. I’m sure if you go on Amazon you can find it. It so amazed me what a transformation it made but she was ever faithful to do it once a week! (Maybe that’s the key?)💙💙💙

  96. Bambi says:

    Susan I LOVE this! I’m sad though, I missed the RED blog post. I’m going to try to find it. I hope you keep the color blog post. On another note, I can’t wait for your new book! Thanks for being a warm light in today’s world!

  97. Bambi says:

    Ok, sorry to leave another comment on the same day, but I just found the red blog Love it too. Then I thought, Susan should do a color book!!!!!!

  98. Jan Ash says:

    Thank you for making my day a lot cozier with the lovely rich browns you shared! Such a lovely and useful color, a warm or cool neutral that works with others so well. Glad you are better.

  99. Debbie Boerger says:

    Thank you, Dear Lady, for putting Brown in a much deserved spotlight. Artists know that the color Brown results from the mixture of all the primary colors. Depending upon the mix, you get infinite Shades of Brown, from cool to warm. And…Brown is a perfect canvas for any other color. My tiny kitchen in our small townhouse, which I refer to as My Cockpit, has lots of brown and one WoW wall that is Cajun Red. I put 2 shelves, stained a pale yellow on that very small wall where I put my 2 Dansk pots, one bright red, the other a strong yellow. A red basket that holds newly ironed napkins, a Romertof clay pot which I use often, my over stuffed recipe clips book with a red cover, a Kitchen Witch, a Dammit Doll in wild colors, and hanging from the dropped part of the ceiling, a bunch of deep red dried chili peppers I grew and dried and strung. The ceiling and other walls are that same pale, pale green tone, where I hung my 4 funky, fishy little plates from the South Carolina Aquarium near Wilmington. Bright and shiny, that say things such as Laugh, Dance, Sing, Savor, Eat, Celebrate, Grow, Wish, Seek, Give, Dream and 10 more healthy things to feel and do.

    Aaaaahhhh, baskets! I’ve collected antique ones, in places such as a room in Taos Pueblo, amazing contemporary ones done by Native Americans all over N. America, those given to me by “traveler” friends from all over the world. Old and new, I actually use them, especially in Maine, where they hang from wrought iron hooks from a beam in my kitchen. The flat ones are hung on walls here in Florida, and the brick of the hearth in Maine.
    I adore any “Works of Hand”, especially those made by women, cleverly carved or stained gourds, baskets with all sorts of natural Brown material woven in, such as the curled dried material that covered the new leaves of giant split leaf philodendron so common in Florida.
    I have also collected hand made boxes, all some lovely Shade of Brown. Tom brought some beautiful ones to our marriage, a sextant case, a very large, heavy gimbled compass box, engineers’ stainless tools for drawing. Having once worked on a potter’s wheel, I so respect this craft/art, and have a collection of those. And…..add woven pieces made on looms by friends who shear the sheep, card and spin the wool, collect natural plants to dye the wool, and then weave it. I have a small Navajo (Dine’) rug I watched being woven by a lovely woman on the Rez in New Mexico. As I sit here, I see it every day and appreciate the generations of women who keep these skills alive.

    In order to display all these things, I’ve put shelves in the most unlikely places. Now days, Mr. Tom makes and puts them up for me. Sitting here now, my heart just swells with contentment, looking at our treasures.
    Remember, my first training was in Art, history and illustration. Even did some set design and staging in school. So, it’s in my nature.

    Tom’s new chair has seat and back in brown leather, and wide wood arms in a
    Stickney-Mission style. Woo, woo, so lovely and “sexy”….just like my Tom, who will be 80 in March. All he wants is an Apple Dapple cake that I make only once a year….soooo rich and yummy.

    My po’ fingers have made it impossible to finish a drawing of Maine berries, with a lush, red strawberry front and center. I had 2 more surgeries this summer, and the nasty stuff is returning. Doc says it’s genetic. I think I’ll go ahead and have it printed in giclee, and I’ll send you and Carrie one, which I’d planned to do. It’s in Maine, so it will be Summer before I can do it.

    Holy Guacamole, I will totally understand if you do not air this comment!!! I sound very self-centered, but I wanted you to know how much I adore this blog. You have given all of us solace and seeing Brown with new appreciation.

    Love and appreciate you so very much,
    Debbie in Tampa

    • sbranch says:

      I would tell you you need to start your own blog to hold all your beautiful words, but I won’t because then you won’t come here!!!😘😘😘

      • Debbie Boerger says:

        Thank you, Miss Sue. I have dozens of “log” books bulging with my observations of people and places we’ve met on our travels. Sometimes, Tom will get down one and read it accompanied by the photo album that matches. My spelling is just awful…thank goodness for spell check.
        And…I come from the Deep South. We are just “Wordy” people, who love telling and collecting stories.

  100. Karen says:

    I love brown, it is all about autumn and winter. I love walking in the cold with the bare brown trees, and the brown leaves underneath the snow. I love going home to a nice fire with brown wood, and brown coffee brewing in the kitchen. Thank-you so much for reminding me of the wonderful color and all of the wonderful things that go with it. Such a beautiful blog post.

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