I can’t believe it, here we are, at the end of August already and all I can say is, tick-tock, how did we get here so soon, and OH GOODIE!MUSICA! I have been suffering from this hot and sticky August that seemingly will not end . . . I’m ready to move on! Love the quote, “There are only two seasons, Autumn, and waiting for Autumn!” Fits me to a T, especially right this moment. And then, a couple of days ago, at the top of my suffering, I accidentally did a happy thing . . . I opened up my Autumn Book, just to take a look. As I turned the pages a thrill went through my heart, and I realized, it’s almost here! My favorite time of year!

So I went and got some sunflowers . . . and cut marigolds from the garden for little vases . . . because 

It perked me right up! Changed everything! Sweaters are coming! Leaves! Crisp air! Corn Pudding! Makes me almost want to go on a diet. That’s how perky I feel! (“Almost” being the operative word, I am not done with toast and peanut butter yet!)
I know, not everyone looks forward to cold weather, but I love having a reason to heat up the oven and bake something! And in my glee, I planned the rest of the year: first a long breezy, colorful autumn (and can we have a normal Halloween? Why not? Everyone wears masks anyway!👺 That will cheer everyone up! The kids will be thrilled!), leaves blowing through the woods on our walk, crisp salt air off the water, quilts airing in the breeze, more cozy covers on the bed, church bells ringing and boat whistles blowing, and then a short, cozy, snow-white winter around the fireplace, with a new Christmas book and a new puzzle to do during the winter, which will be SO short I’ll have to hurry! And then, an early burst of the most flowery spring ever ~ in a brand new world filled with fresh beginnings! Covid gone, children going to school, everyone back to work, Easter egg hunts! Kitchen table Tea with girlfriends, with new remembrance, respect, and deep gratitude …

While all these nice thoughts were brewing in my head … My cups arrived on the kitchen porch!!! I’ve been waiting! I hope you got yours too … if not, you should soon. We had a little slow-down at the PO, so if you ordered one, and don’t have it yet, it’s definitely on the way!❤️

And then there’s this happy thing. Joe is outside building us a 12′ picnic table, in two pieces, one 8′ and one 4′ … so we can have a party of six for dinner, a couple at each end, and one in the middle for starry September evenings! Just planned our first one for this Friday Night!👏 I’m cooking! Joe’s grilling! Keeping our sunny-sides up.💖

Now what’s this you may be asking. It’s a surprise! Another unexpected book! It will be called Distilled Genius, Wisdom of the World, Words to Live By, (or something like that) and contain my forty-year collection of brilliant quotes from the ages, gathered into categories as I have them here in my Studio, such as Courage, Tea, Gratitude, Gardens, Happiness, all onto pages like these . . .. . . whole genius sections about Love, Dreams, Time, Girlfriends, Cooking, Creativity, Earth, Fairy Tales, Beauty . . . so on and so on… Look how cute it’s going to be! I have about 40 pages done so far. I’ve been asked to do this for years, and I do think it needs to be here for the future! Everything that has ever mattered has been beautifully said by someone whose attestment has teeth,from Marcus Aurelius, to Mark Twain, Black Elk, Rumi, Langston Hughes, C.S. Eliot, Churchill, and the Bible, to Louisa May Alcott, Toni Morrison, Shakespeare, Dickens, Anne Frank, Lincoln, and so many more … plus, plenty from that prolific genius, Anon… and lots from people with less familiar names, whose smart, funny, wise, and touching words inspire curiosity, and open whole new worlds that lie beyond them. I’ve always read quote books like novels! I hope this book will be finished for that wonderful spring I’ve been thinking about. More hope in a time of need. May have to be two books, might even be three, still waiting to see! I know, I have next year’s calendars to do, and my wonderful book, Enchanted to work on, and lots of blog posts and Zoom events and dinners to cook, and Joe and Jack, and the House of Creativity, and all those other ideas, but here I am, Girls, 73, and there is still so very much I want to do!Some of you will remember that I did my very first Zoom Webinar last week. First I had to learn how to do a Power Point slide show. That about killed me. But at the last moment, it sunk in, and I found out just how easy it is to do. All about pushing the right buttons. Then I had to write about the photos, ⬆️ that’s me reading over old diaries to make sure I had the details right ~ it was a Calgon Zoom Party, took us far, far away, back to the English Countryside!And THEN, there was a week of daily Zoom practice with the encouragement of Andrea, the wonderful person who had extended the invitation for me to speak. We got to know each other pretty well! She was very patient!

We ended up doing the same program two days in a row, because the Zoom Room had gotten so full. I knew lots of you were there, because I got pictures! This one above is from our Girlfriend Mary Brehm! She has sweet peas!

This one came from Karen England and her Kitty . . . so fun to be in everyone’s houses!

This one is from Trahlyta! I got so many wonderful photos from you guys! Thank you! The program lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. I know some of you wanted to join in, but could not ~ so, as promised, here’s a link so you can see it yourself on Youtube. In the beginning, it’s just me staring at the screen, watching the names of attendees scrolling by really fast … such a fun thing to see, so many I recognized. I wish that part showed so you could read them too … but instead you just have to watch me staring at them and saying them out loud. Might want to skip that part!IN THE MEANTIME. Guess what? There are going to be more Zoom parties. In the column on the right of this Blog
you’ll see EVENTS. Here is the Link for it, but you can get there yourself when you need to check back for new event dates. I’m about to add more, so watch for them so you can register and receive an invitation to join. 

The next one will be a Sunday Afternoon Christmas Tea Party presented by the wonderful people at Titcombs Bookshop, just over the water on the Cape, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm EST on September 20 ~ BYO Tea because you’re all invited to my first virtual book event for my new Home for Christmas book! Here’s where you can sign up! If you don’t know how to do Zoom, you can Google “Youtube how to use Zoom” and they will show you. It’s just a matter of which buttons to push ~ it’s easy. When you sign up, they will send you an invitation to our zoom party … which will have a link for you to click on the day of the event. Put it on your calendar!One flower stands out on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s the hydrangea… they are everywhere! Drive up and down the streets and that’s what you see. We moved these from another part of the garden last year, and I’m so glad we did. Aren’t they romantic? They’re just starting to turn pale pink, something they do in the fall . . . and now we can see them from the kitchen windows from this dear old house I have loved for so long.💞

We’re still going on our walk everyday … joy of life. 

It’s been very warm . . . sometimes we have to cut our way through the air, it’s so thick . . . but it’s nothing like what our California Girlfriends are suffering. We pray for them every day. You too, Girlfriends in Iowa, we know about that crazy storm that shot through your state. And now, 11′ storm surges in Louisiana.😢 🙏 2020 is some kind of year!⚡️ We were spared the other night, we were told to hunker down and expect one-inch hail ~ it got very dark out there, but it never came! Thank God. Deep breath, ahhhhhh. Remembering how much we have to be grateful for. 

The woods are still green as Sherwood Forest, but every so often there are tell-tale signs that change is on the way with bright spots like this one!

And now, look, I had to show you this sweet letter I got from someone writing about our DamPanic, Go. Be. Love. postcards! Made my day!

Dear Susan, Several weeks ago I purchased a package of your “Go. Be. Love” postcards and sent them to a number of friends. Oh, my gosh! I send lots of cards and notes and have never received so many oohs and ahhs over a card I sent. My dear friends loved the postcard and just showered me with compliments and thanks. You deserve all of the credit. You created the perfect greeting to send during this pandemic and I am so grateful to be a longtime fan and follower and saw them in your online shop. Stay safe and well. Sincerely, Marge

 Just in cases YOU might need to be “showered with compliments and thanks” I thought I would share this!And the New Pumpkin Go. Be. Love. postcards came in too …


I had this pumpkin postcard printed in honor of what our Great Grandmothers did for us only a hundred years ago this August 18th!💖 Joe carved that Halloween pumpkin a few years back for our front window  ~ I thought it would be a good way to celebrate those brave and determined women, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and best friends (and men too), who put themselves out there in a very big way for US! We should never take it for granted … they went through some very difficult and dangerous years, to make it happen!👏 Yes, Jack . . . And one more thing . . .In case YOU too need something sweet and homey to inspire you with my wind-in-the-trees formula for cozy, Kellee just put my Autumn book up at 25% off until midnight on Labor Day! You probably already have it, but maybe not, and maybe you need a gift for a friend!🍂 

And for you?

Time for a good Giveaway, don’t you agree? I think this is the perfect place to thank all of you for sticking with us through thick and thin and dampanic too, for me and for Kellee and Sheri, your kindness has meant the world to us over the years, going to work is a gift because of you, but especially these last months, you have no idea what a positive force you are. All you have to do is read the comments to know what lovely kindred spirits visit here. No matter where in the world you are, we have so much in common, I’m very proud of us.💖 Thank you.

So we’ll start here . . . 3 cups, 3 winners! As you know, these cups are mostly sold out now, but we saved these to surprise someone(s) ~ I hope one of them is YOU! Just leave a comment right at the bottom of this post, click on the teeny grey letters that say “comments,” leave a few words, and you will be automatically entered for the drawing . . . I’ll let you know who won in the next post, then I’ll send an email to the winners, who can write back with their mailing address, and voila, your cups will be on the way, either for you to keep, or perhaps to give away as a Christmas gift! And more . . .

Shipping from the printer is still on schedule for August 26th, which means we will probably have to wait until the day after Labor Day, September 8 to get HOME FOR CHRISTMAS delivered to the Studio! So, 3 more winners in this next drawing ~ and for each, a signed copy of my new book, hot off the press! If you’ve already ordered it, then Boom! You’ll have another one to giveaway! A little bit of “pay it forward.”💞
Leave a comment as suggested above … and now we will have six winners! Makes my day!
Okay dear ones, that’s all she wrote for today! I hope you’re giving yourself those hugs I talked about at the Zoom Party. They do help, and you do deserve them.❤️ Petty-pet hugs are good too! XOXOXO

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2,670 Responses to TICK-TOCK . . .

  1. Debbi says:

    I thank you for sharing your God-given gifts. I truly enjoy reading your posts. Neither my husband nor I were entitled to any time off, so my terrible jealousy of everyone complaining about being off (but getting paid better) needs the quiet of the coming autumn to cool down!

    • sbranch says:

      Here it comes!!

      • Zeena MacLean says:

        Dear Susan, been a fan of yours since the “Summer Book” was first published. Love “Willard”, Love all your books, and the blogs. Can’t wait for the Quotes book, as I have been a collector of quotes since i was in high school(Millions of years ago-1950-54)

  2. VirginiaB says:

    You probably already know this…but just in case….I saw in the paper this morning that the Lobster Claw restaurant in Orleans is closing after many years. The owner, age 81, is retiring. As he reminisced he said he had reserved a table seven days a week for Gladys Taber. She came in every day. I had no idea Gladys Taber had a Cape connection and had a small house called Still Cove in Orleans on a pond. She wrote a book about it. I know you are a Gladys Taber fan and probably know all this but thought I’d mention it just in case. Now I have to find that book! Still Cove Journal is the name.

    • sbranch says:

      I do know she lived on the cape and have that book! But I didn’t know about the Lobster Claw!!! I wonder if there’s still time . . .

  3. Jane says:

    I love your cheery posts, Susan. You always manage to cheer me up! xoxo

  4. Debbie Boerger says:

    I just finished catching up on your Tweets, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! So many people holding fast to the beliefs that most of us counted on. Your Dad was such a cutie. But they all were to me. Soon, hopefully, this very ugly time will begin to fade. We need to address the underlying issues that allowed Distopia into the People’s House and over on The Hill. It just can not be swept under our National Rug any more. See how rotten it smells??? Needs to be hung out in the hot sunshine and faced.
    Come on Ladies, We can lead our families, friends and local governments to work toward the More Perfect Union that our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors fought for………..

    We’re off to beautiful Donnell Pond to celebrate with our friend at her camp. Beautiful Day,
    Lots and Lots of Hugs,
    Debbie in Maine

  5. GAIL HELGESON says:

    Your blog always brings me joy. What a gift you have . So lovely. Such bliss. Thank you for using your talents to bring us such delight.

  6. Sherry Palla says:

    Love you too Susan! 💕 Just a note. I found you many years ago, because of somebody who left some of your stickers in the Art cabinet, at the school I taught in! Have been reading your blogs ever since. (I taught there 9 years and just retired 6 yrs ago! Ha!)
    Blessings on your Labor Day dear! Thx for the good work you do! 😊

  7. Kim cox says:

    I think I forgot to put my last name with my comment…..sorry🙃

  8. Amy Gonzalez says:

    I was so excited to see a new blog from you! I waited until the perfect moment to be able to sit down and savor every word and picture 🙂 I can’t wait for the new quote book(s)! I have a few that I slowly peruse when needing a word of wisdom or thought to ponder. I look forward to adding your collection to my collection! 🙂 Thank you, Susan, for everything. You are a gift and a treasure to brighten my days and encourage my own dreaming and creating….especially in these days. Your hopes for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021 mirror my own.

  9. lynne ward wallace says:

    Susan, During these crazy times, your wonderful art and joyful spirit is an inspiration to all of us. I love getting your emails and can’t wait to get the new calendars and book. Thanks for all you do

  10. Virginia Langpap says:

    You imbue such hope and warmth with each of your posts, Susan. Thank you for brightening my day, offering good thoughts, smile-inducing cheer, ideas, laughter, and sharing Jack – what a sharp dresser!

  11. Jean says:

    Happy Fall! I came across your Instagram post today, went to tour blog, read about your autumn cookbook, and ordered one for myself. I’ve been suffering a sort of pandepression, and this was just the pick up I needed! Thank you for that! Hopefully it will be all the inspiration I need to host some socially distant fall get togethers outside here in Wisconsin, where fall can be very beautiful.

  12. Dee G says:

    Happy Labor Day!

    I’m so excited that there are three new books in the works, especially the quotations book that I had hoped for some time you might do. I’ll have a dozen Branches on a very special book tree.

    Here’s to a lovely Autumn 🍁

  13. Becky in Burbank says:

    I’ve been on a “computer fast” for a few weeks as a kind of spiritual refresher, just staying totally offline, and it was good for me, but today I’ve come back on, and the first thing I checked was your blog… which has also been spiritually refreshing, as always! You are such a breath of fresh air and such a cozy hug at the same time! So uplifting to know you are in the world, and helping us all stay sane and peaceful. Blessings to you and yours, Sue!

    • sbranch says:

      How lovely, a computer fast! How is it in Burbank today? Is it still really hot?

      • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

        Susan i heard it was 121 degrees in Woodland Hills yesterday. unbelievable as i remember living in the valley and i cannot remember it ever getting that hot, 98-100 degrees yes but not that much. San Francisco was over 100 degrees and you know that never happens up there. unbelievable this heat wave!!

        • sbranch says:

          It really is. Plus smoke. Plus pandemic. Paradise, that’s what we called California. I should say call. 🙏💔

      • pat addison (cave junction, OR) says:

        Susan just heard on the weather channel, Denver, CO. is getting snowed on… okay ladies all of you from the overheated west coast and surrounding states lets get moving to Denver for the snow!!!! we sure could use that snow around here, gets me out of watering the lawn!!! 😀

        • sbranch says:

          Amazing, they went from 90º to snow overnight! That’s whiplash weather!

          • HveHope says:

            We went from Sweating to Shivering here in Denver!
            When my family lived in Ridgecrest, CA (very close to Death Valley, aka, the hottest place on earth), we were used to temps in the 110’s-120’s. However, the 60degree swing from this past Sun – Tues was quite the experience!!!
            If I could’ve, I would’ve sent some snow which would have melted nicely and rained on your fires. It was lovely to have the ash that had been coming down from the sky change to snow, that’s for sure! I’m hoping the fires and temps calm down SOON for you all in CA (and we have family in N. CA & Burbank)!! xxooo

      • Becky in Burbank says:

        Today wasn’t too bad, kind of overcast, but humid! The light in the sky has been very strange, though, maybe from the fires up north near Fresno? Hope all your friends and family out here are doing okay, and that you and Joe are doing well, too! 💗

        • sbranch says:

          Praying for you all… you deserve and need some very fresh air out there! Cold rain would help too. xoxo

  14. Sarah W says:

    I love reading your blog now and think the Little Things mug is charming with all of the small details in it. I am in high school and we just started going in person 3 weeks ago. I have to wear my mask, but they let us take them off once we get to our desks, which have a screen around them. The classes are great and I am blessed to see my friends again. Reading your blog is a great way for me to de-stress after homework. My favorite season is winter because fall is more of light summer in Texas.

  15. Tammy Whitten says:

    I am so excited for all of the things- especially the puzzle! It will be perfect for watching old Christmas movies (now I am craving got chocolate and I am about to go make the chicken soup recipe). Marking my calendar for all pf the goodness that is coming up. I think fall is just what we all need to give us a boost. The air is already changing. Just today one of my neighbors was saying the trees are losing their leaves a bit early- and it’s still 85 degrees outside! Thank you for all that you share with your girlfriends. We just adore you.

    • sbranch says:

      Love you back Tammy. Was just showing Joe a few colorful little flittery leaves along the dirt road where we walk this morning. Grabbing onto these minutes of fall!🍂

  16. Natalie says:

    Cannot wait for the new Home for Christmas book and looking forward to the Titcombs Zoom event on Sept. 20th event! Love your blog and catching up:

  17. Jarlath S. Hendee says:

    I am just catching up on July and August, and just have to say: The site you recommended regarding 101 things to do Inside, should be 102 things and reading your blog should be at the very top of the list. It is so nourishing and full of love and ALL things good. Thank you so much for being such a radiant sunbeam in our lives. It means a lot and it is so good to cheer us up. You are an international treasure.

  18. Lynne says:

    I cannot tell you how over the moon I am that you are writing another book 📖. ♥️♥️♥️
    Everything you do for all is Girlfriends brings a smile to my face and a jingle to my heart. Keep being you, you wonderful you. ♥️
    The Happy Heart Girl

  19. Wende Taylor says:

    Hi Sue… another wonderful blog, always such fun to read. Fall is my favourite season, time to break out the Autumn cookbook! Cheers!

  20. Rena says:

    Oh, wow! I would like to be entered to win the Christmas book, please. The five of us love Christmas so much. Thanks, Susan!

  21. Vita Avanesian says:

    Thank you for another uplifting blog post! Some how your blog always comes when I need some cheering up! Love you!

  22. Ann Pieta says:

    It’s such a joy to have someone as you, gift us with a sharing for girlfriends of kindred spirit. As I refer others to your website, I know beyond fail that their hearts will be lifted, encouraged and inspired with the gift of hope that is endlessly beautiful at its core.

  23. Teri Balch says:

    Your posts always brighten my day!! I’m so looking forward to Autumn too and have already put out a few glass pumpkins!! I cannot wait until my Christmas book arrives so I can get excited about that season too!! AND a quote book in the works??!! Be still my heart!!! Lol Have a wonderful day!!!

  24. Georgina says:

    My favorite Mug just broke! Perfect time for a new one I think 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  25. Cindy Zuch says:

    I just love reading your blog! It just brightens my day every time! I would love to win something – anything!


  26. Robin says:

    Always a day in the park that I print then take your posts to savor each word. I sit for a while taking in all your creative work in the sunny warm day! 😊

  27. Jayne Miller says:

    Today is so very dreary and depressing, but I knew where to come to get a lovely dose of happiness 🙂 Thank you, Susan, for all the love and positivity you put out into the world!

  28. Diane says:

    One of the best things about fall is your Cinnamon Apple Crisp Loose Tea!! It smells so deliciously cozy and warm and yummy that I’ve been tempted to put some in a small dish as potpourri. I brewed a large pot of it a year or so ago, along with some other beverages, for my Book Group [pre-pandemic] and everyone liked it so much we had to brew another pot! I’m so glad you still carry it in your shop.

    • sbranch says:

      And me too! I JUST poured myself a cup! I feel the same way, it’s a harbinger of fall! Autumn potpourri!

  29. Shirley B Wells says:

    I’d love to win the cups or the book–both will bring great pleasure! Thank you.

  30. Found your blog because of Gladys Taber, but have been using your calendars for years. Love your artwork and all the wonderful quotes. You are so lucky to have been to Stillmeadow, but thank you for taking us there. Have a great day!

  31. Debbie Boerger says:

    I’m realizing how many benefits there are to staying put here in Maine….other than the biggie, which is not getting Covid. Every year about this time, the plant nurseries put their shrubs on sale. I’ve stayed up here only once before, and that year I bought the crab apple tree and a new rhododendron. You have to water regularly for weeks if they are to survive. But they are so much less $, and are beginning to go dormant. There is a marvelous place called Surry Gardens, in the little village of Surry (near the slightly larger village of Blue Hill) that has all sorts of good things on sale. A nice largish hydrangea is on the list, and a smallish Japanese maple….Small, as they are major $$$ We’ve had to take down a number of sick and dying maples in the last 2 years. I’ve been paying attention to the sun and hours of daylight this year, so I can make wise choices. At least for our time on this planet. Then it will be someone else’s turn.
    Today was one to wash and refill feeders, as all the birds are tanking up to either migrate or just put on some fat for winter…We still have so many humming birds that I keep 3 feeders going for them. I’m told by a birder friend that the additional ones we are seeing now are probably coming from Canada. They are so focused on the nectar, that they light on the feeders even while they are still in my hand!!!! Be still my heart. Oh, how I adore this place. And the Lovely Tom seems to be content. He likes to keep busy, and there are gazoodles of things to do outside. Such as one last feeding of the rhodies.
    Best of all is that the apples look just great. Being that we got here in March, they were sprayed with nontoxic oil several times before the bloom, and a couple of times after. Very few worm holes. Have been watering like mad, and the old tree is just loaded. See…don’t count gnarly old things out!!
    A neighbor from up the road just walked down with zucchini and a bag of tomatoes….He’s 85, and Angus, their ancient black Lab is still going strong.

    I have a request….more Jack pictures. I love your saying he’s in his tux, a la Cary Grant. You have 2 handsome men in your home….e
    Be safe, everyone.
    Mucho Love,
    Debbie in Maine

  32. Laura says:

    Love love the “VOTE” pumpkin! 🎃 I have all of your books,, I just love how cozy they make me feel. It is finally cooling down a bit here in Chicagoland! Hooray! xx Laura

  33. Drucye says:

    Thank you for this post. I’m so looking forward to your quote book. It’s even a little cooler in Georgia; we can play golf comfortably now!

  34. Ashley says:

    I have been teaching first graders on Google Meets (like Zoom, but Google-y…complete with the normal nose-picking that no one minds when you’re six) for the past two weeks and it has been mostly awful with cute moments of six-year-old goodness, a few real computer-y headaches, a few glasses of wine at night here and there and little bit of a stubborn need to control things I cannot even for one second have control over….as we say in our house…it’s “kinda poopie”.

    All that to say…..your writing, words, thoughts, sentiments and much-needed style and outlook on life are just what I needed this morning before I get up again and go to an empty classroom and stare at a laptop with tiny, innocent faces and sing ‘You’re A Grand Old Flag’ to them with the arm motions and everything. : ) I even made skillet toast and coffee just for the occasion of reading this this morning. Thank you for sharing….I think the world needs more of you.

    • sbranch says:

      And much more of you, Sister. Never think what you do doesn’t matter, I know you know, what a HUGE thing you are for your kidlets, nose-picking and all. Keep singing!🎶

  35. Kathy Worden says:

    Love your blog.

  36. Mary Ellen says:

    Thank You Susan!
    You brighten our days!

  37. Ruty says:

    I’ve always dreamt of being an artist since I was a small child. I recall getting in trouble at age 6 in first grade for drawing when I should have been working. I’m still a child at heart at the mere age of 61. When I grown up, I want to be an artist just like Susan Branch!

  38. Laura Pritchard says:

    Oh my, Susan!
    You never cease to make my day happy!
    I love your Art! We are, for sure, kindred spirits.
    You, I, We love…love…love color and words and pictures and encouraging others and the beautiful creation God has given us to enjoy.
    Thank you for, now, evoking even more artistic creation in my Daughter.
    She is a budding artist to which I continually show her just how simple it is to just paint your “feelings”!
    I just love ya to absolute pieces!!!

  39. Cindy Berry says:

    Thanks for keeping us cheered up Susan…hugs.

  40. Janet says:

    Those mugs are so beautiful! And thanks for the hydrangea shots 🙂 That was my wedding bouquet <3

  41. Brownie says:

    What a lovely reminder that autumn begins now! Thank you! Be well and stay safe!

  42. Carol Osborn says:

    I just enjoyed a very uplifting break in the day by reading your blog. Today’s message is especially uplifting. It is the little things that matter so much these days. Here in Oregon we have been socked in by smokey smelly air from the fires around us. We are so greatful to not have suffered any losses, and feel compassion for those who have.
    I loved your comments about starting to embrace little tidbits of Fall! I have been in the same mood. I have actually started eyeing some of my Fall décor items, but so far have resisted starting decorating. One of these days….
    Thanks for your cheer and sharing your life and hobbies.

  43. Lynne Schipp says:

    Me, me..please pick me. 😊

  44. Lynne O says:

    Thank you for lovely blog, I always Enjoy it along with the MUSICA. Summer book always my favorite but Autumn Book helps me ease into this season. I Appreciate ALL the inspiration.

  45. sheila Breen says:

    I just took my Autumn book out today and it brought me the joy I was desperately seeking!

  46. Becky Borelli says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful pick me up!

  47. How bright, colorful and beautiful everything is, it definitely improves the mood! Great blog. Fall is my favourite season.

  48. Samantha (Nova Scotia) says:

    Hi Susan, I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited for your quote book. That book will be pure joy. I read quotes like novels too.. Language is moving and incredible. I will cherish that book. Take care (but it seems you already are because I had no idea you were 73! – you look amazing!!)
    Stay happy and well.

  49. Carole B says:

    Fall weather has definitely arrived here in Iowa. I’m taking your Autumn cookbook off my kitchen shelf today to find something warm and cozy to bake! Hope all is well with you and Joe.

  50. Patti Hespell says:

    I have your books, your calendars but no mugs yet. . .would love to add one to my collection! Love your Blog and so happy I just found you on Insta! YAY

  51. Diana frim Ancaster says:

    Deepest Condolences. Angels have her safely cradled.

  52. Cheryl Whitney says:

    Love the blog….it seems you put the sweetest thoughts on there just at a time that we all need a special message.

    Keep on Keepin’ On.

  53. Susan Flynn says:

    As I was so enjoying reading through your very inspirational blog I thought “Oh good, I can get my Autumn cookbook out now” which I will do this very minute!
    Feeling gratitude for your sharing of your creativity, thank you!!
    Warmest wishes, Susie

  54. Shelley Weapenicappo says:

    Hello Susan, a few years ago I was given a fine romance and I loved it….have reread it many times now. Have just found your blog and your lighthearted way of sharing made my day so much brighter. Have been off work due to health issues and let me tell you daytime tv is nothing to get excited about. Will be ordering some of your other books in the morning. Thank you so much for your bright spirit, I do feel like I have found a kindred soul

  55. JoAnne Daniels says:

    Always happy to read a new Susan Branch blog! I even made myself a cup of tea before I sat down to read it!! Jack is as cute as ever!! I learned a new term —
    “bug buckets”. We’ve always burned citronella candles but next time we’ll make a bug bucket! I shy away from the bug “zappers” — I’m afraid my fireflies might
    get zapped instead of the mosquitoes!! As the evenings are getting cooler, I’m thinking again about campfires and s’mores. Thanks for the recipes to usher in
    fall cooking. Just when I’m thinking we’re eating more of the same ‘ol things, the seasons turn and it’s time for a whole new culinary repertoire!
    Susan, I’m so very sorry to hear about your Mom. There are no words … my own Mom turns 93 in November. I try to enjoy her everyday but still worry …

    I’m thinking of ordering your puzzle as a gift for a Susan Branch fan and one for me while I’m at it! Love the VOTE pumpkin!! I’ve made my voting plan.
    NJ is mailing all voters a ballot; I’ll vote right away and drop it in the secure drop box! DONE!

    Next I must organize my life to attend one of your Zoom get-togethers.
    Loved meeting you at a book signing here in NJ a while back.
    Best wishes for a beautiful fall and continuing good health to you, Joe, and Jack.

  56. Quita Crowe says:

    Hi Girlfriend! Your art, your blogs and charming books make me smile. I have several and love to paint too. Warm fuzzies abound when you are around…. My husband and I were lucky to visit Martha’s Vinyard, October 2018. So beautiful, a late fall that year but loved our trip to the the Cape. I didn’t get to meet you but felt your presents all around. Till next time.
    Your Arizona Friend,
    Quita Crowe 😘💕

  57. Kathleen Stahulak says:

    Thank you Susan. I always look forward to the blog. Can’t wait for fall.

  58. Sondra W. says:

    I was so happy to receive the Little Things mug, which I had missed out on earlier when it was offered. It’s sitting on my sideboard where I can admire it! I looked at it today and realized that I hadn’t seen your blog post in my inbox in a while. I may have to subscribe again. Anyway, thank you for all the joy you bring!

  59. Meghan Girroir says:

    Your blog and books bring me such joy. In fact, my mother gave me my first Susan Branch book. She is no longer on earth and when I read your blog or just soak up your books-she is with me. Thank you

  60. Andrea Moore says:

    Thank you for a wonderful Zoom tea with Titcombs bookshop today. The first time I ever came to Cape Cod was 1986, I was working a temporary job working for a women painting silk by hand and I stayed at an apartment above a shop just before Titcombs on 6A. But I never stopped into the bookshop! I also never dreamed that I would end up living on Cape Cod. My first time to go to Titcombs was this Friday when I picked up my copy of your Christmas book. Thanks for telling all about the book shop today too. I loved seeing all your photos of your family adding one brother after another. I loved your painting of the family car filled up for camping…How did they do that? Such a good point that they were able to make something from nothing. What a great tribute to your parents and your family. So sorry that you have lost your parents this year. It’s so true that everyone feels just that little bit better after reading your blog or one of your books or participating in a tea with you. And that is actually HUGE that you can do that for so many people. Thank you for all your marvelous work!

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