So much news, and all-all-ALL of it is good! Isn’t that wonderful? Do you find yourself smiling more these days? I do! Everything seems more beautiful than ever before. I am almost giddy sometimes! I think it’s pure unadulterated appreciation for this start-over time we are having, being with friends again, making wonderful plans! Let me share some of that with you! 🚢🥂🚂 MUSICA!🎵🎶 Tweet, tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet! 🎵

Such a springtime it’s been! Has it ever been prettier? I don’t think so. Each bloom has been like a marker, part of a seasonal parade, I’ll catch you up ~ the wisteria and the clematis has come and gone . . . . . . the sun rises with an exclamation point and the garden sings out “Yes!” And I go get the camera. The peonies were gorgeous this year! Utterly utterly…

And this one, given to me by my girlfriends last spring when my mom died ~ just the perfect thing ~ a living tribute that will come up every year with a surprise of beauty and sweet reminder of my mother. Just like her, clean, sweet, and simple on the outside, complicated, and one of nature’s wonders inside! Never stops with the giving. Joe and I just made reservations for the TRAIN … we’re going to California in September, in our room with a view, to hug and kiss my family (squeal), and have a family reunion and celebrate our mom/grandma’s life and all she was and is to us. 💞

The rhododendrons and the dogwoods bloomed beautifully ~ and as usual, I thank Mrs. Bowditch, the woman who moved into this house with her husband and four children in 1949 and planted so much of our romantic garden (we’re the caretakers now) .. they’ve come and gone ~ as all things do, and so has the mock orange, the wedding bouquet of our garden! I am in the garden often these tender spring mornings…🌱

Now it’s time for the foxgloves . . .

The roses are blooming too . . . . . . best roses I’ve had in years! Even the beautiful, fragrant, peach-colored “Just Joey’s” which bloom like mad in California, but until this year, not so much here! They’re doing great! 

And the parade marches inside, into my little vases that line…

…the little shelf above my kitchen sink. Joe laughed the other day when I told him this shelf is the very best thing they put in this house! Pure genius! My wand, my Beatrix Potter people, little vases and flowers! Birdfeeders on the other side of the windows with view of the garden! Everything I need!

I’ve been drying laundry outside and airing the quilts on breezy days ~ with wide blue skies, sunshine, sea breezes, and birdsong! It’s truly the best musica anywhere . . . 🎵   🎶🎵  🎶

I go out with my scissors to cut flowers and look back through the screen door to see Jack on his ironing board perch, watching me like a hawk! He stops me in my tracks. Everything is Him!

When he sees me looking at him, he starts flirting immediately, rolling over and squirming and almost falling off the ironing board!

He can’t help it if he’s adorable!

We pulled the tiny fountain out of the barn, filled it with water, and surrounded it with porch flowers . . .

And Joe planted our new Dahlia garden. It’s our first one ~ it’s SO exciting… the tubers arrived, we got 23 different varieties . . . and I went out and made a schematic on paper to “decorate” with the different colors, so Joe would know where to plant them. 

He did a gorgeous job … Everywhere you see a green stake is a different dahlia, all sizes, shapes, and colors ~ can’t wait until they bloom. Like a little gift under the tree that we can’t unwrap for weeks!

Doesn’t it look organized? And you know what else we did in this brand new world where we’re allowed to leave the house sometimes? We bought a new car! There it is! It’s actually a 2020, but new to us, we have joined the Subaru Forester club … isn’t it cute? I love it but, it looks like every other car on the road! We’re never going to find it in the Costco parking lot! I’m still not quite used to the push-button start. We’ve only had one car ever since my old 1982 Volvo finally said bye-bye (after 40 years of perfect service ~ I’m of the “if it ain’t broke” school of thought)! All we’ve had is the van for the last year … we’ve been joined at the hip. Now I can go somewhere, and Joe can go somewhere else, and all at the same time! How novel! Note: Rhododendrons and the wisteria . . . see how fluffy?

But I digress, we’re talking dahlias . . . and LOOK! Our first milestone, they ARE coming up! (One worries. Actually, two worries.)

Every morning, after checking on the dahlias, out to the woods we go . . . to walk the sun-dappled dirt road through the shady green to where the pond opens to the sea . . .

The wonderful thing about walking on dirt instead of asphalt, is how kind it is to your knees! Also, less breathing of car fumes… years and years of doing this adds up! 

These days (except when we get to the sea where we take them out), we walk with AirPods in our ears … Joe has one, I have the other, and we listen to the same book (from my iPhone) … it’s Hamnet now, a not-THAT fictional story of Shakespeare’s son … who’s name was actually Hamnet … it’s finely woven and beautifully written with the few Shakespeare facts we do know. . . so it’s fact-based . . . we’re only a few pages into it, but so far, I’m loving it. We love historical novels. If any of you, hint-hint, think you might be visiting Shakespeare’s home in the future, this would be a fun read!

This is the actual house of Shakespeare’s wife, Anne (Agnes) Hathaway. Joe has to watch his head! Look how crooked it is! And still standing! It’s wonderful! Can you imagine how she would feel if she knew? But again, I digress . . . we’re supposed to be walking now! Here we go… MUSICA

These days there’s lots of action around the water’s edge . . . and when you’re on foot, you don’t miss seeing the little things . . .Me, too . . .

Lots of new babies amid the sparkles, guarded by their watchful parents  . . .

Festive, happy, grateful people out digging for clams and canoeing, communing with nature! It smells wonderful out there!

The waves roll in toward “Stonehenge” of Martha’s Vineyard ~ but this stone circle is much more transient, like the seasons on the island ~ it goes away every winter, but it’s back, a little changed, every summer. But just like Stonehenge, you see it, you like it, you take pictures of it, and you wonder, “why?”  . . . People being people, because we can.💞

And one more celebratory thing before I get down to business . . . this:⬆️  Speaking of yes we can: Girlfriends, off-island, TOGETHER, having LUNCH in a FRENCH restaurant, WITH wine, in the middle of the day, AND shopping. Okay? See what I mean? It’s because we’re free, and so happy to celebrate! We’ve only done this once, but once is so many more times than we’ve done it in the last year and a half!

Soft spring nights having dinner next to the water with dear old friends . . . I turned back to look as we were leaving our table … and had to take this photo for you . . . isn’t it insane? How can this BE? Just a little moment in time. Our beautiful earth. These vaccines have set us free! I pray everyone gets them so we can live like this forever!

Speaking of beautiful … wasn’t it wonderful to see the Queen, all dressed in flowers, out and about, so chipper, joking, and full of smiles? She truly set the tone with that smile ~ an inspiration for everyone . . . she seemed as overjoyed as I’ve been feeling . . .🌸

…despite the losses. But like her, we won’t forget. We are still honoring what happened to us all… our common grief . . . I saw this memorial, each flag representing a lost soul during the pandemic, while driving through Falmouth ~ every small town and big city in America has one… But despite it all, Queen Elizabeth showed us, with her action, despite profound loss, life is for the living. At age 95, she gave hope. A profound gift to everyone.🇬🇧

spring cleaningSo, off to work we go! What have I been doing, you may ask? 

This. Spring cleaning to the nth degree! I’ve been getting ready for our neighborhood yard sale ~ happening next Saturday the 26th! And I have to say, instead of bemoaning the never-ending work that goes into doing this after twenty years🤪, I feel lucky to be lightening our load in a recycling kind of way! For all the joy I found in finding and using these charming old treasures all these years, it makes me happy to think soon it will be someone else’s turn!

Even a yard sale has it’s pretty moments! I can’t help myself. I tie things in ribbons.

I washed, and dried the linens on the line, thanking them for the memories as I say goodbye. I chose to believe that red embroidered monogram said S B … but I do believe it will be just as easy for a G B to think it was made for them!

I love these old things, I’m amazed at the kind of work that went into making them and wonder about the world they were born into … wishing they could talk! I think the initials here are D C, but it’s very hard to tell ….there might be an I in there. I never cared to know for sure, it was the beauty of the work I could not say no to!

Love all the little embroidery and lace trim . . . the heaviness of the old cottons, the sheerness of some of the fine linens…the colors in the old quilts. 

This tablecloth has tiny appliqués of flowers and butterflies all over it, sewn with the tiniest of stitches. As I fold these linens, I remember the parties where I used them, and think about the good ju-ju they will bring to the lucky person who gets them next. Letting go, while reveling in the memories.♥️ Joe brings in a box from the barn marked “Yard Sale” ~ I open it and say, “OMG, I forgot all about this!!”

These wonderful old books have decorated our tables at lots of dinner parties!

Vintage tea pots, pin cushions, sewing baskets with their strange vintage contents from a bygone era (irresistible, I have four, three for the yard sale, one for me!), books, dishes, throw pillows, cups, rugs, baskets, kitchenware, dish towels, furniture, garden things ~ Joe’s in charge of tools and man stuff  . . .  Like native Americans I believe everything has a soul and a destiny and that these things deserve to escape the cardboard box, the dark cupboard, the messy barn, to run free and be useful. My girlfriend Margot likes to anthropomorphize her things, she says it makes it easier to say goodbye ~ I laughed so hard with her on the phone when she said, “Run little pie plate, run!” And FYI: I did try to do a yard sale in my webstore, but it takes so long to measure everything (laying tablecloths and linen towels out on the dining room floor to measure them ~ Jack positions himself in the middle!), take pictures, front, back, sides, and bottom, write a description for each item, upload and send pics to Kellee so she can put them up on the website ~ and time is the one thing I’m running out of … although we did get a few things up, and I am saving others, things that are so good, they should go to you . . . which I’ll get to after this imminent looming event is over!

Yard sales . . . we have everything for PLM, People Like Me, people with . . .  

But the world does not stop for a Yard Sale! Yes, I’m telling you the truth! It does not!

New things have come in! A new dream charm! Filled with blue skies, fluffy white clouds and rainbows! Perfect timing for our world right now.

It has “Go. Be. Love.” engraved on it . . . Kellee put it up in the webstore a couple of weeks ago!

This too, Janie made us a new Courage banner . . . with the most darling gift envelope.

Can there ever be too much of this? Never! Even the good things require it! Janie also made us beach banners! A Secret Notes are back! All Here.

And LOOK, the samples arrived!!! One of each of the new cups was sent from England, so I can approve the final color! I’ve been drinking out of them! I love them! Here’s “Blessed” (the other two items in this photo are not part of the arrivals!).

And here’s “Rabbit-Rabbit” … I am thrilled with them ~ the only change I requested was to make the dark lines around the bunnies slightly lighter … I also asked them to lighten up a bit around their “toes” … I want them to look pink!

But look how cute “Rabbit-Rabbit” is with the rest of the “collection!” We needed a cup with a pink background!

And the last one is Winter! I did a reprint because so many of you asked . . . one of my prettiest cups, and smaller than the other two as you can see in the photo below.

Here are the “backs” of each cup … which I try to make as pretty as the “fronts” so no matter which hand you drink with, you are happy!💞

And here are the handles . . . the “Blessed” cup is a little hard to read in this photo, it says “My favorite prayer is Thank you.”

And the bottoms . . .

Ta-daaaa! Kellee just put them up for presale … go HERE! They should arrive from England the end of September or the first of October . . . you know they are special order and limited in number . . . I have to tell them soon how many to make … I think I know, but I just want to make sure you all get one if you want one!

But right now, for even more fun . . . how about a give-away?

I have three prizes for you today . . . one Fourth of July cup… (it’s out of stock, this is an extra I found in the cupboard!)

 And to celebrate this amazing spring, despite the fact that yesterday was the FIRST day of SUMMER! ~ two “Spring cups.” To be entered, just leave a message in “comments” down at the bottom of this post, you’ll see tiny letters and at the end of the words, click on “comments” and voila! We’ll have a drawing in a little while and announce the winner here, but for now, you are ALL winners, so enjoy!

I told you it was all good news! And now, what many of you have been waiting for ~ NEWS about the England trip!

Joe and I went out to lunch and did our favorite thing … brought our books and talked about our trip to England next year . . . I wanted to figure out really special tours for all of you who might wish to take one when you arrive, tours that would make you feel as if you were walking through my book A Fine Romance. And, I wanted you all to be able to come to the PICNIC we planned! You know we found a great travel agency, one that does tours for 15 or less people, and takes care of EVERYTHING, so you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING! Between us we worked out 3 different tours, each of them lasting 8 days, all wonderful places Joe and I have been to … your biggest problem is to choose just one! These tours are a win-win-win! They all end up in London, where you can either go home, stay for a few more days, or join another tour! And, on the last day, before you go to London, all the buses come back to the most beautiful park I’ve ever seen, called Stourhead, where, after our time on the ship together, and then time on each of the tours, we will meet back up with stories to share! Is that good or what?!

So here are the basics: but first, mas MUSICA!

The Queen Mary sails from New York harbor May 1, 2022. We will arrive in Southampton on May 8th. People who choose to go on a tour will be picked up at the ship ~ and off they will go for a week of fun in the English Countryside. I can’t wait until you see the itineraries! They’ve kept me in dreamland for the last few weeks! Different clothes, but nothing else has changed!

So far, 98 staterooms, filled with US! Kindred spirits! have been booked!👏 Isn’t that wild? The ship is almost sold out! If you try to make reservations and are thwarted in any way, ask to be put on the wait list. I’m told that many people will cancel at the end of the year (everyone has up until Dec. 31 to cancel for a full refund), so there’s a good chance you’ll get a reservation. 

To sign up for the ship crossing, contact Susan Gannon at 800-468-7752 x41663 or Cunard reservations 800-728-6273 ~ tell them you’re with  Group #TNM (USA) or, #TN3 (Canada), Voyage M211, with the “Susan Branch Girlfriend Group.” They handle the ship questions, but have nothing to do with the tours… fyi.

To see photos of the ship, go HERE.I have lots of on-board fun planned … but it’s a little early for full confirmations for some things, I’m waiting until closer to the time to make sure! I’ll be talking about this for the next year! The best part, is that we will all have each other, kindred spirits! 

Our Picnic will be in the world famous garden at Stourhead, Sunday, May 15, at approximately 12:30 pm… on a beautiful lawn in front of the grass bridge like you see below . . . it’s one of our favorite places in England, pure magic, where we had our very first picnic! You are all invited. And that includes EVERYONE, that means you, Brits, and you over there in Norway, and YOU, out there in Spain! ALL our Girlfriends, everywhere! We’ll be waiting there for you on May 15th, 2022, at 12:30 pm, join us if you can! If you’ve elected to take a tour, the buses will stop so you can get a picnic lunch, and they will bring everyone back that day! The rest of you are on your own, but England makes travel VERY easy, as I’m about to show you.

FYI on the tours, you are all welcome to join any of the tours ~ you don’t have to take the ship … you can fly over if you like, you just have to get to Southampton to meet the bus! Talk to Kelsey, as mentioned below. (FYI, speaking of below, that’s Sissinghurst White Garden!)

To see the different tours: Go to print them out and read through them, you can check out most of the places in my book if you like, … and then call Kelsey Matson and her coworker at Discover Europe LTD with your questions ~ they handle everything having to do with tours (but not the ship). Call Kelsey from 9 to 5 EST, M-F, at 866-563-7077. FYI, they have almost the exact same cancellation program as Cunard ~ for a full refund you must cancel by January 1. So that gives everyone time to try this all on for size! For any of you that may want a longer tour, maybe go to Scotland, or go up to the Lake District, just let Kelsey know. She can arrange pretty much anything as long as there are enough of you to warrant the trip. You can work it out between yourselves on my Facebook page! And remember, we are a large group. We have a year to get this done, so in case she doesn’t get back to you immediately, I promise, she is wonderful and she will!And, for you who you get off the ship but don’t wish to go on a tour? What to do, what to do? The options are basically endless. There are buses and trains to London, you can hire a private car, you can go with a group. Talk to others on my Facebook page, and perhaps put something together there. Everything you want to know is available in the Google machine.

If you feel comfortable driving and wish to do so, you’re fine, you can rent a car in Southampton. And for those of you who’d rather have a driver, there are many choices. There are cabs at the ship in Southampton, they can take you to a bus, or train, or you can arrange for a car to pick you up and take you to London (it’s only 1 hr. 42 min) where you won’t need a car, because they have cabs and the Underground! Totally civilized. They even speak a language that’s very much like English! Extremely handy! You can get a city map and do the MUST SEE things like Westminster Abbey. You can get on a red double decker bus and see the city. There are airport transfers from your hotel to the airport for your flight home. And London is where many day-trips originate, which take you everywhere, from Bath, to Sissinghurst, to Oxford! Just Google!    

Google: “London Walks”
*For other tours from London: Check out THIS
*For best things to do in London, look HERE
*For Day Trips: London by coach . . . 
*Go here to see day trips with locals who will take you to Hever (heaven place) or Chartwell (Churchill’s home), or Sissinghurst (amazing garden). 
For even more far-flung adventure, remember that some Viking cruises depart from London! Also, Paris is only a 2 1/2 hour train ride from London! They have cabs in Paris too! There are boat taxies on the Seine . . . car, shmar! We don’t need no stinking car!
Don’t forget to leave a comment for the drawing!! I have to go, have a lot more pie plates to set free! Hope you are all well, and keeping well, and getting stronger, and being hugged! Sending all my love XOXO!
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1,941 Responses to ALL GOOD NEWS

  1. Monica Duelley says:

    I love the rabbit cup! Someday I would love to visit Marha’s Vineyard, it looks so magical.

  2. Nancy Ice says:

    Always love reading your news!

  3. Melanie says:

    Love the sweet mugs!! 💕

  4. Gail Grant says:

    So delightful! Every post is something special! Can’t make the Trip, but I still love reading about it.

  5. Kathi Thaden says:

    So much going on! Love to read your blog, Susan. ♥️

  6. Rachel Scott says:

    Good Afternoon, dear Susan,
    Rabbit, Rabbit! Such a lovely post… know how to tap into what we need. Beauty, health, doing things to make our lives better. Congrats on the yard sale….so much work, some rewards, and a way to see people on the island…along with some friends. Your garden and flowers are so beautiful. We just planted 3 Knockout roses…ones that will grow in the Texas heat all summer, IF the deer will leave them alone…fingers crossed. And, one butterfly plant for me. Nicoline sent some flower seeds and I am trying to get them to germinate….maybe I will have hollyhocks and columbine. Plus, I bought pumpkin seeds, which I have always wanted to try and grow, but just never got around to it. All will have to be fenced off from the 4 legged, furry pets that think all yard things are theirs to play with….grrrrr!
    I know you and Joe are so excited about the England trip!! I am excited for you and all the girlfriends….and a bit envious. I am looking forward to photos of the places you stay and visit. Nicoline will keep me posted on what happens at the picnic.
    Letter and photos on the way.
    Love, Rachel

    • sbranch says:

      Love you back Rachel!

    • Dianne says:

      Dear Rachel I can’t help but wonder if the Nicoline you mentioned is the one I met at Sawrey House in Near Sawrey. Since you said that Nicoline will keep you posted with what happens at the picnic, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will see her there. It’s a small world, isn’t it? Do you correspond with her? I just finished a wonderful book that takes place in the Netherlands during WWII- Of Windmills & War by Diane Moody. Perhaps you can mention it to her. I have planted zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and butternut squash. So far things are doing well. My herbs seem to be flourishing. I know I have a resident chipmunk, as well as visiting squirrels. I haven’t seen the groundhog so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. We have many deer in the area, but I haven’t seen one in my yard yet. That may change, as I am seeing them along the road closer and closer to home. Good luck with your garden. Dianne in upstate New York.

  7. Bambi Willard says:

    Oh Susan your England trip is on my bucket list! I know y’all will have a marvelous time. Thank you for your blog! It gets me through MANY days where a pick me up are needed!.. I love hearing about your and Joe’s adventures and fun. thanks for sharing.

  8. Deanna Burke says:

    I love your cups! I can’t wait for Rabbit Rabbit!
    I missed the July 4th mug, so what a great surprise that would be. Or Spring! You’re so talented, I love all you do since forever and a day.

  9. Gris says:

    Rabbit, rabbit! And a Happy 4th🇺🇸 to all!

  10. Nancy Mabold says:

    Hi Susan, always enjoy reading your blogs! Love all your books and drawing! Would love to win one of the mugs! Tomorrow is my birthday, so that would be a nice gift! If not I hope that right people win them. You make my day when I read your books and try some recipes! Have been following you for many years. My mom always enjoyed your books and getting the Willatd letters in the mail. Thanks again for a chance to win.

  11. Rebecca says:

    What a refreshing and cheery post. I’m inspired by your England trip to plan a seaside trip of my own with my husband. We moved back to my hometown on the island of Cape Breton(Nova Scotia ) a few years ago, but growing up we didn’t see very many touristy things. Beautiful seaside villages, old architecture, and lots of ice cream haha.

  12. Terri says:

    Love your blog! Love your mugs! Love you❤️

  13. Diane Johnson says:

    Thank you for such a sweet blog. I always love your various quotes accompanied by all those beautiful photos, and then the richness of your words binding it all together! Makes me think I need one of those charming cups to sip my tea as I pause to go over your passages again, and then again!

  14. Karen Baron says:

    Wonderful blog post as usual. I am glad I own your Sumner book my favorite because I saw it posted for $62.62 online. I would love a 4th of July cup as I don’t have one and I have a July birthday I celebrate every 4th with my sisters. I wish I was going to England but I will be traveling in your pocket again! Bon voyage!

    • sbranch says:

      Crazy! Maybe I should think about getting that one reprinted!!! Bring it down a notch!

  15. Joyce Falvo says:

    Hi Susan, I thought I posted yesterday but I don’t see it here. What a delightful, and uplifting letter, thanks so much for your wonderful letter to all! Many Blessings to you, Joe and Jack. >^^<

  16. Joanna P. says:

    I’ve never seen the Fourth of July cup. It’s beautiful!
    I recently reread “ Martha’s Vineyard: Isle of Dreams”. I love that book SO much! I have to pause several times to savor every moment.
    Wish I was going on the Queen Mary with you all. My dear dog, Pistachio, is 17 years old though, and I won’t be taking any vacations for awhile because she would miss me too much! She was such a cute little white fluff when I got her 17 years ago.

    • sbranch says:

      I understand . . . the only reason I’ll be able to leave Jack is that he will be with a beloved “other” that he loves almost as much as me! I’m the one that will be doing the missing!

  17. Gina Miller says:

    It’s always a red letter day when I get to read a Susan Branch blog post! Thank you, Susan.

  18. Cathey says:

    Delightful post!! So much happiness to look forward to!

  19. Yvonne Harvey says:

    Preordered the Winter cup to add to my collection. I absolutely adore the Rabbit Rabbit one! Definitely pretty in pink. I think I need special shelves to display all of my Susan Branch mugs like you do. ❤️🥰

  20. Fran from Michigan says:

    Oh How I wish I could come to your garage sale, I love all old linens and lace! I have not been around lately, I had a full replacement knee surgery. It’s been ten days and I’m doing fine, Physical Therapy is SO HARD, but I’m pushing threw. I would so love to go on your England Trip, however I suffer from Vertigo and don’t do well on ships. I missed everyone. Will be checking in and out. LOVE your pictures of your garden and home. You should do a Home Tour video someday, maybe around Christmas when you decorate. Anyways, Stay safe, I’m so glad everyone is getting the vaccine. I can hug my grandbabies now!

    • sbranch says:

      Good for you Fran! Hard to put yourself down for the recuperation time, but what a difference it will make to your life! You can find some videos of my house, etc, if you Google: Youtube Susan Branch… ♥️

  21. Vicki South of Arroyo says:

    ‘Secrets of the Good Life in Sun-Drenched Summer’ — I love it so much that I copied it and hung it on my bulletin board where I can read it every day! I also loved in this wonderfully-long and lovely post of yours (photo-rich; a feast!) which I’ve run thru twice now, the photo of you with your mom, the ones of Jack thru the screen and of the sparkly ‘pond’ near your house. Sights for sometimes ‘sore’ eyes! Thank you for the post and the giveaway; can’t wait for the Rabbit-Rabbit cup (the pink is perfect) and you really got the inviting ‘brown’ of the cuppa ‘just right’ (and with such a terrific gratitude reminder as we start each new day).

    Hope your summer days continue to go swimmingly, Susan; ohmygosh, we are SO hot out here in the Pacific West of Southern California! I’m afraid when you come in the Fall that we’ll be a disappointment with such brown, barren, dry coastal cliffs and foothills; but, you of course (being a native to the area), know how that ‘goes’ here! And nothing can take away our beauty of the blue, blue Pacific O. Anyway, cheers! You’ve got A LOT going on; lots of plans!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m thinking of you, praying for rain, verrrrry difficult without it! I’m going to be so happy to see my family and old friends I’ll be in heaven!❌⭕️ to you Vicki!

  22. M. Grace says:

    Dearest Susan,

    Rabbit Rabbit!
    This post is just like enjoying the most beautiful summer day filled with everything I love.

    Hugs and Love,

  23. Kathy from Philly says:

    I so want to go with you on the crossing as we have tentative plans to travel around the same time. Our plans depend on orchestra concerts hubby wants to go to which are still up in the air. Guess I’ll live vicariously through all the Girlfriends who go. It all sounds so wonderful! Maybe I can talk him into the picnic, we’ll see. Hope I’m still in the running for a mug. HAPPY 4TH!

    • sbranch says:

      Traveling with a “quest” … a subject you want to expand your knowledge of, is IMHO … a WONDERFUL way to go! You look for one thing, and you find so much more!

  24. Nina Edwards says:

    Hi Susan~
    I’m so happy to hear that you are bouncing back, much like our country. I missed your joi de vivre. Spirit is a funny thing. It needs to be fed like any other living thing. They say that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but I’m not so sure any more. I think it just makes us grateful for the littlest bud to the company of those you love. I pray you remain well.
    Lots of love,

  25. Shay says:

    Beautiful Susan,

    This trip you’re planning is like a dream! Thank you for all the work you and Joe are putting into it for all of us. It feels incredible to have found my “tribe”. I love learning about the beautiful flowers, which I adore, from you. Can you please tell me the name of the white flower given to you in memory of your Angel Mother please? I would also be interested in another shipment for the 4th of July mug as it’s my favorite holiday. Spending the 4th on island is a dream I will realize soon!

    Lots of love,

  26. Barbara from Wolverine Lake MI says:

    hello! Happy summer! we’ve had rain after rain after rain and now I think we’re drying out just in time for the Holiday weekend. our Village launches fireworks on the 3rd every year – we call it Tiki Night. all the lakefront homes set up torches (8 ft apart) and light them at 9PM. such a glorious sight, then at 10 we set off the fireworks from a barge in the center of the lake with all the boats and people on the shore watching. we stay up late partying, then everyone sleeps in on the 4th of July – quiet and peaceful. around here it’s like Christmas- home for the holiday, and everyone is home for Tiki Night. and we decorate everything red/white/blue. it’s like decorating for Christmas. I have an antique trunk filled to the brim with decorations, quilts, towels, flags, pinwheels, jewelry, serving pieces, all patriotic. We didn’t have it last year due to Covid – so now we are READY to celebrate. My husband is out cutting the grass, and I’m brewing up lavender lemonade to serve with vodka. Yum.

    • sbranch says:

      What a wonderful celebration! It must be beautiful when all those torches are lit!!! Enjoy every moment of our glorious freedom in more ways than one!

  27. Dianna says:

    I have lots of your darling art and enjoy seeing it displayed in my kitchen. Winning the mug would be lovely!

    • dezi says:

      Dianna, Are you the Dianna who lives in Oregon with the Joe’s face Santa mug? I have been watching and watching for you to comment on SB’s blog! If so, I hope you are going to England May 2022! I accidentally lost your email address. If you still have mine, can you email me? -dezi

  28. Gail Kelly says:

    Hi Susan,
    Loved your blog as usual! Thank you so much for always keeping our spirits up and sharing your life with us all. Love, love, love your mugs. Can’t wait to order your new ones. Happy 4th of July!
    Gail K. from Calif.

  29. Greta says:

    Love your cups Susan! And can’t wait for the next book, so excited for that! Just turned my Susan Branch calendar over to July this morning-love having a as little bit of your art on my wall!

  30. Cathy says:


  31. Marcella says:

    What fun to read and see all those beautiful photographs! The rabbit mug is beyond!

  32. Barbara says:

    Love reading your blogs-all the flowers are beautiful. Happy Summer to all!

  33. Catherine Hutchinson says:

    I love all that you do Susan Branch!!! Reading your blogs, looking at your books, your love of nature, plants, flowers, cats and birds and food and admiring all the beautiful watercolor drawings makes my soul happy! Thank you!!

  34. sue says:

    Happy fourth of July. I wish I could have gone to your yard sale. Hope I win a mug. Love Sue

  35. Michele Meacham says:

    Thank you for this blog post full of so much loveliness … & a giveaway to boot!! I love a giveaway … good luck to all who have commented!!

  36. Deb says:

    Happy Birthday America!!
    I hope everyones day has a little sparkle😄🇺🇸🎆🎇

  37. Salena says:

    What a lovely post! The flowers are beautiful!

  38. Edith says:

    Love the blog, it’s hard for me to read on my phone but I do enjoy it! Can’t wait order a cup for myself, trying to decide which one will be difficult.

  39. Rachel Ringer says:

    Your plans for travel in the fall and next year sound wonderful. So nice to have trips to look forward to! Love your mug collection- hope I win one! Thanks for the chance.

  40. DJ Baggerly says:

    Every day is a blessing to behold, we just need to look around! Thank you for being you!

  41. Gert says:

    Oh Susan—your trip next year sounds like so much fun!! I’m sorry I can’t join you physically but will come along virtually. 😊 And yes, life now is so much more wonderful!! It does feel
    like we’ve been freed from a terrible lock down. Your flowers are absolute gorgeous. And Joe did an amazing job planting the dahlias. By the way they are one of my favorite flowers. And your walks….awww…I’m in awe. Tom and I used to take them each day too. Not as colorful as yours however. Ha Ha I saw a lady posted that she went to your yard sale!!!! Now that would have been soooo fun!! And I know how good it had to feel to clean out your home and barn and to know it would all get new homes. Those new cups are a must. So beautifully designed …how gifted you are!!
    Hugs to Jack from my ‘Ms. Winter’ she is such a good girl !!
    Have a blessed and safe 4th if July weekend.

    • sbranch says:

      Always love hearing from you Gert, like my touchstone to “home” … Kisses for Ms.Winter! And happy safe 4th to you too!

      • Gert~Iowa says:

        Thank you Susan…stayed in on the 4th! A very hot and muggy one! Watched fireworks out my window! Then finally Ms. Winter and I snuggled up and went to bed🇺🇸💥

        • sbranch says:

          Best place to watch! The girls on Twitter are talking about quiet fireworks, soundless, no pops and bangs… I love that idea!

  42. Gretchen says:

    Your mugs are beautiful. My mother passed away on the Fourth of July, so it has become a holiday tinged with sadness. It has been many years since I lost her. She was my best friend. I was blessed to have a wonder mother who loved books, travel, and learning new things. I am so glad you can go home to visit and give lots of hugs. Oh, how we all missed hugs. It was wonderful to give my grandchildren, the two-armed hugs.

    • sbranch says:

      Like a miracle, never going to underestimate the power of hugging again! Never going to miss an opportunity to pull my loved ones close and say the magic words. xoxo

  43. M Diskin says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your good news. I did spend a few days fantasizing about joining the SB Atlantic crossing, which was a beautiful daydream, but won’t be able to make it in 2022. Perhaps I’ll reread A Fine Romance …

  44. Joy P says:

    Been busy moving to a new church appointment and now in the process of unpacking when I took a break this morning to see your new post and to catch up! Thank you for the beautiful pictures, they have lifted my spirits and bring such light in. Now that we are settling in an older home/parsonage… I am inspired even more now to give it a touch of Susan’s inspirations!


    Hi Susan,
    Some of my most loved things have come from yard sales. Would have
    been very happy if I could have come to yours. Feel free to draw my name
    it won’t upset me.
    Nancy Jo

  46. Valerie Johnson from Weatherford, Texas says:


    I’ve been “out of pocket” for a while, but got up early this morning to enjoy your post in a quiet house with just my coffee and the hum of (no, not the furnace) my giant fan, because…..well, Texas. haha

    Your peonies are LOVELY! Jack is too! Would have really enjoyed your yard sale. Seeing your pictures reminded me of my treasured feed sack dish towels that were hand-embroidered by my grandmother and a few dresser scarves with her hand-made lace! Truly, a DIY generation!

    Thank you for another inspiring and heart-lifting post!

  47. Lucy Netherton says:

    I love all of your good news! We need it every day!!!! Enter me in the contest please! ❤️

  48. Claire says:

    Love to be entered into the drawing for the cup! I use mine (have collected a few) every morning and sometimes again for an afternoon cup of tea. Also have given them as gifts and all who have received them, love them!
    Thanks 🌸💗🌷

  49. Lisa Conard says:

    Beautiful post Susan! (And beautiful Shakespeare stack!)

  50. diana from Ancaster says:

    Yes. Please!

  51. Debbie Boerger says:

    Yippee! Rain! It began yesterday, Thursday, and it’s continued all through today. Even though it is supposed to rain all this 4th weekend, I can’t be sorry, as everything was so dry. We’ll eat our lobsters, local corn on the cob, broccoli/cranberry and walnut salad….and fresh strawberry rhubarb pie on our buddy’s porch….Out Ta’ Camp, as the Maine Folk say.
    We’ve been extremely busy, and thankful that we can still do it. But I must say that some of the chores I’ve done will not be done again by this old gal!! Like climbing up on ladders polishing brass light fixtures. I want everything to be beautiful for the visit from our “new” daughter and her 3 kids. So exciting for all of us!!!
    I love reading the comments and seeing that many of us are not taking one minute of life for granted. Smelling the roses, which by the way, are blooming like mad. A dear old neighbor told me to put coffee grounds on them. We did that the first time this year. They are the rugosa rugosa, beach roses. Heavenly aroma. They don’t seem to have the various issues that “real” roses have. That is confirmed when you go to any rocky Maine beach or even just along the roadsides.
    Ahh well, back to ironing the new sheets I bought for our honored guests.
    Thank you, Dear Lady, for all the Joy you give.
    Debbie in Maine

    • sbranch says:

      We love Rosa Rugosa too, they grow on our path to the beach, and you are so right, the smell is heavenly for a wild thing! Rain here today, drenching at times, lawn is SOOOOOO happy, tomatoes too … everything. It’s in a lull right now and I think we are going to go walking while we can! Yes, our happiness is contagious, I hear it in every comment. Hold onto the joy Debbie, you are SO GOOD AT IT!!! xoxo

      • Debbie Boerger says:

        Thank you, sweet Lady, I used to have to work so hard, and even “pretend” to be cheerful. I guess like so many things, it became a habit, looking for good things. My situation in life is so goood. Man of my dreams (after a rotten first marriage), who always assumes things will work out for the best. And it usually does! Mr. T even has parking Karma. There is always a spot right in front of any place we go….my step daughter and I always make him drive. 😉
        Happy, Happy 4th !!!!

        • sbranch says:

          You are a font of positivity, the world needs more of YOU! Good pretending… fake it till you make it. xoxoxo

  52. Beverly Brewer says:

    Hi to Susan and Joe—Fun to see your beautiful garden and read about all the GFs and their pretty, abundant spring blooms. Saw a whimsical gardening idea online that caught my eye—the enterprising gardener had taken an old-fashioned retro kitchen sink with a rather tall, ornate art-deco backsplash and planted the bowl with alyssum, which billowed up into bouffant “suds”. A couple of pretty floral plates were placed into the blossoms vertically as if ready to be washed. I had an old clawfoot tub in my garden at my last home with pretty plants, but left it for the next gardener to enjoy when I moved. Love to you both from Bev

  53. Januce says:

    I love the new mugs. Hard to choose among them. Thank you for making them.

  54. Rosarito says:

    Hi Susan and friends. Please say a prayer for me as I prepare to have cancer surgery later this month. Thank you. The cups look lovely.

    • sbranch says:

      I will start right now Rosarito! Brilliant Doctors these days, amazing things happen, I have faith in them and you.💞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Bunny Porter says:

      Sending prayers and (((hugs))) to you, Rosarita! I am a 2 time survivor.

  55. Nina Edwards says:

    Hi Again, Susan~
    I was just reading a comment that MM made about dahlias and a little lightbulb went off. Maybe one of your new mugs could just be of dahlias. They have such a beautiful bloom. I LOVED your mother’s day mug,(filled with gorgeous flowers) but as I am only an aunty I would feel silly buying it for anyone but a mom. Anyway, lots of useless information rattling around in the old noggin. Just thought I’d share.
    Continued blessings on you and yours and the whole dang world~

  56. Carla Ludwig says:

    So happy for another blog post! I absolutely love the new cups!! HAPPY Fourth of July Susan and Joe!!

  57. AnneDS says:

    Your joy in all things is catching! This post reminded me of a song that I haven’t thought of in years. It was sung by Roger Miller. “England swings like a pendulum do, Bobbies in bicycles two by two! Westminster Abbey, the Tower of Big Ben, The rosy red cheeks of the little children!” Seems fitting with the Plans unfurling. Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

  58. debbie haggard says:

    Susan, your gardens are a real delight to watch, even if only through your newsletters. I’m certain the folks who have ‘inherited’ your yard sale items are going to be thrilled 🙂 The two mugs you are giving away this time are ones that I don’t have and would love to be chosen for one of them (particularly the July 4th one). BTW, ‘Winter’ was one of my two most favorite of all of your mugs, ‘Bluebird’ being the other,,, But I think ‘Blessed’ might be added to that all time favorite list very soon!

    • sbranch says:

      I am 100% with you on that. I reach for it to take a sip of tea, see that it says Blessed on it, and feel happy every time. That’s a good thing in a cup! Nice to hear from you Debbie! Hope you win!

  59. Stacey L McCune says:

    Magical…the cups delicious.

  60. Sally Hicks says:

    First thing. Are you leaving your house? My husband died 13 months ago. He was 80. We met when I was 17 and he was 20. I am going to stay living in the country even though I can no longer walk. Just Joey is my favourite rose. When you pick it in bud it keeps opening for days. Layer after layer. I am getting a little conservatory added to our home. I will sit in it in the winter and surround myself with plants. I am so sorry for you loosing your mother. I miss my sweetheart so much but it is worse at night. I haven’t watched your blog for over a year. I watch thrillers to keep me focused. Your garden is very beautiful . Mine was in the summer. ❤️

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Sally, I am so sorry, how hard that must be, I can’t even imagine. Sending love. 🙏 No, we are not leaving the house. Not yet anyway, we will probably want to one of these days, it’s a big place, and big yard . . . and we love it dearly, but houses stay and people don’t. That’s how we got this one! We’re a permanent part of this place, forever, as were the Bowditches before us.💞 I watch HGTV to keep me focused. Whatever it takes, Girlfriend. All my love. xoxoxoxo

  61. Julie O H says:

    Wow! Your garden looks fabulous, tender loving care is evident.
    The new cups are beautiful.
    What pleasure to read your blog.
    Thanks for all good vibes 🙂

  62. Barb Urbank from Ohio says:

    Hi Susan! I just realized I hadn’t posted a comment. I’m glad your yard sale was a success, they can be fun but a lot of work, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you have depleted the clutter and hopefully no longer needed things have found a new home. Hope you are rested from that and ready to celebrate the 4th. It is usually low key here, we will probably eat out on the porch, maybe cook out too. Our grill is on it’s last legs. Time to appreciate the potentials of this country. We are still a baby as country’s go and for all our ills, especially from the last few years, we have such promise to be better. At least I feel much more optimistic this year. I am looking forward to seeing your Dahlias when they bloom, I bet they will be spectacular. Most of my plantings have been in pots on my deck and front porch, where I can enjoy them. I have enjoyed reading about your England trip and how many girlfriends are going along, because I’m on chemo, I will be an armchair traveler, or hiding in someone’s pocket along the way, savoring all your experiences and joys. Have a happy and safe 4th. Your blog is always a bright spot in my day to read, such positivity here! Hugs, Barb

    • sbranch says:

      You can hide in MY pocket Barb, you know I would love you there. Yes, we are still a baby! So much to look forward to! Happy 4th to you! Us too, low key … and we’ve had a cold rainy weekend on the Island! We had one for Memorial Day too, people going to give up on us! (I’m sort of wallowing in it, we had a bout of HOT humidity last week, cold rain? Oh yeah!) Can’t wait to show the pics of the dahlias, they are coming along. And last but not least, depleting the clutter is a dream! I’ve felt like I’m walking on air! Needed it so bad! Getting things done is always satisfying to me. Check. Get that off the list! Happy day! Love to you! xoxo

  63. SChurch says:

    Love the new mugs. I hope to travel to Great Britain someday in the future. It’s a lifelong dream of mine. I’m obsessed with everything British. Thank you for your post. I look forward to all of them.

  64. SallyD says:

    Sending hugs and many thanks for another uplifting read to brighten the day! You are truly a GIFT! Ordering my Winter cup NOW!

  65. Helen Blumberg says:


    Your books are sunshine for my soul, and just now I discovered the blog – more sunshine! Wish I were going on your trip, but I’ll just pretend to be a stowaway! Thank you for the escape you always provide, and the honor you do to those of us who love the things of house and home. – Helen

  66. Tara says:

    Susan I love your blog! I get so excited when I see your name in my email list! I just returned home from a week long road trip to Texas. It was so great to get out after such a long quarantine, and I’m so energized for the future. I love the new mugs, and I hope that I am still in time to enter your drawing. Thanks for all the joy that you bring to us!
    Good health and great joy!

  67. SYLVIA in Seattle says:

    Done Rosarito! Susan, I’m very envious of those who are able to cruise and otherwise get to England with you and the others. I will be following along with glee. Also I’m really looking forward to reports from the train on the upcoming cross country trip to the other coast. I survived the recent triple digit days – an event I could have done without, thank you very much. Most uncomfortable for life-long Seattle people. The only plus is that I lost a couple pounds unexpectedly, too hot to fix food I guess. Just sat around in my AC breeze doing puzzles and absorbing movies realizing I need more DVD’s with snow and ice settings. I’m really looking forward to those Dahlias in your beautiful garden.

    • sbranch says:

      Then THIS will cheer you up, Sylvia!☃️ Don’t worry, you will feel like you are on the boat with us right from the comfort of your favorite chair!💞🚢🥰

      • SYLVIA in Seattle says:

        Thankyou for the lovely winter scenes etc. Thankfully we are back to our normal (but slightly above normal temps) now. I loved the review from 2013.

  68. Sherry says:

    I’m so happy you made a Rabbit-Rabbit mug. I have two house rabbits myself. Their names being, Fiona and Erin (found on St. Patrick’s Day). I lost my beloved Jasper last year. This mug will be a special reminder of all my “fluffy” babies. Thank you from one California girl to another!

  69. Ann Edwards says:

    I need the blessed cup!

  70. Sheri says:

    Your blog is a delightful read everytime – thank you for the inspiring pictures, music and quotes. Always perfect.

  71. Patricia from NC says:

    Made your Kitchen Sink Barbecue Sauce recipe from your Summer Book to serve with ribs on the 4th of July. It is so yummy and always a crowd pleaser. Enjoy the holiday festivities!

  72. Happy 4th! Just read your Martha’s Vineyard book! What an enchanting delight. Couldn’t put it down! Started it Friday evening and finished it last night. Loved it!

  73. Janet Conn says:

    The trip sounds wonderful. Wish I was going, but will love reading about here on my absolutely most favorite blog in the world. Blessings to you, Joe and Jack. Happy 4th of July.

  74. Susan Hebert says:

    Thank you , Susan, for once again sharing such beauty. I wish I lived close to you to have been able to enjoy the yard sale.
    Just back from visiting in-laws, including uncles, aunts, and cousins time two, so just got a chance to read this epistle.

  75. Patty says:

    Happy Independence Day!! 🇺🇸

  76. Kristin Gjertsen says:

    In our piece of Paradise, we are enjoying the wildflower garden. Yard full of birds, bunnies, squirrels, and a cat who does two daily rounds through the backyard. Big, beautiful daisies. I am experiencing some health issues right now so not able to run wild and enjoy the freedom of being vaccinated and safe yet. Hopefully, my doctors will be able to figure out what is causing my problem in time for me to enjoy the lovely North Carolina fall season. Your joy, happiness, and exuberance warms my heart. I would love to win one of your darling mugs.

  77. Sandra says:

    Thank you for all the love, inspiration and joy you bring with your delightful blog! I love everything SUSAN BRANCH♥

  78. Karen says:

    Maybe I’m not too late? I would love 💕 one of your cups! I think I might give to my mom for her upcoming birthday!

  79. Trudy Newton Newton says:

    I enjoy all of of your posts and beautiful pictures!

  80. Bunny Porter says:

    Hello!! I just love the Rabbit, Rabbit cup! I may need to get one since my name is Bunny <3

  81. How wonderful. Strip to England with kindred spirits. What a fantastic idea!

    Debbie Walker

  82. JoAnn Petersen says:

    Love the bunny mug and every mug the trip sounds wonderful,but having broken my hip I guess the best for me is reading about it. I recently found pictures of you and I taken in Austin ,Texas on Book tour. Enjoyed seeing you and Joe .

  83. Tricia says:

    Absolutely one of your most joyful and beautiful posts. The summer flowers are stunning. I tried foxgloves in my perennial garden so many times, and never had success with them. I would give anything to be able to hang my sheets and quilts outside on a line once again. It’s such a clean fresh feeling when you lie down in bed. And I’m so excited about seeing your Dahlia garden thrive. I also had 6-7 of those in my garden, and they were exquisite and lasted into early fall. It’s a fascinating flower and so many varieties, sizes and colors. Thanks so much for sharing your summer life and experiences. ❤️❤️❤️

  84. Charlotte Schindler says:

    I am happy that your world is full of good news. Mine is rather stressful but hoping to weather the storm. Love your mugs especially the Fourth of July one.

  85. Terry Fest says:

    YEAH!!!! RELIEVED….your posts just made it easier for me to part with some of my lovely and valued possessions. I realized that I have been enjoying so many antique linens and also new purchases to me that SOMEONE WAS WILLING TO LET GO OF -I would not have had the joy these finds have brought to our home. So, now I can let my pie plate run like heck to a new adventure and let my linens slowly find their place in a home gathered with family or friends seat at the table to enjoy one another. I am ready able and willing now. I loved this new way of looking at what I have had and how passing it on will extend its joy. LOVE IT

  86. Terry Fest says:

    JOY JOY JOY when I pick up my beautifully designed mug I actually get overwhelmed every time – I find the art just puts me in a place that feels like home. Over the years I have been so fortunate to acquire your products from paper to porcelaine. They feeling each of these creative and lovely items provide seems everylasting. Your art still moves me and provides such extended joy and pleasure. An extended thank you.

  87. Terry Fest says:

    FAVORITE TRIP one of my favorite trips has been to London. I have been two times with very different itineraries. We hired a private Docent driver that enabled us to visit parts of the outside of London like Churchill’s residence, etc. Pleasurable and educational. I love all the aspects of the country and the city of London. Nothing boring about that country. Good luck to all who are embraced to experience this great adventure. Can’t wait to see the final mug that you are adding to the collection – its lovely

  88. Deborah Anderson says:

    What a wonderful trip you will have – to California and England! Can’t wait to see your pictures. Next year, my husband & I are planning a trip to Maine and Canada. He will retire, it’s my 70th birthday and our 50th wedding anniversary. A good year to celebrate for 365 days!!!

  89. Diane says:

    I love your philosophy of passing on treasured items, thanking them for their memories and then letting them go so that others can enjoy them; that they deserve to be set free from the cardboard box and crowded drawer and cupboard. I have copied several of your quotes to remind me and to make it easier the next time it’s time to clear out what I no longer use.

    • sbranch says:

      There’s a lightness . . . and also, I tell my self, if I REALLY miss something, how fun it will be to hunt for another one!

  90. Debbie O. says:

    I just love receiving your lovely emails! So much happiness in one place. Warmest regards to you!

  91. Barbara Spahr says:

    Please enter me in the drawing if it’s not too late. I always look forward to reading your posts.

  92. Sharon from SoCal says:

    Oh my goodness, just catching up on reading your latest blog and see the
    giveaway of the little Spring Cups. I have Autumn, Summer, and a Santa cup
    and put off getting the Spring Cup until one day I checked and they were sold
    out. Really love these little lambs so adding a comment and hoping for the best.
    Whoever wins will be lucky to get them.

  93. Margot B says:

    Spring really sprung! Your garden looks great! We painted the bottom of the sailboat ⛵️ and then went home and finished the garden 🪴 box. Too much rock up here.
    Sad news. Arnie’s mom past away a week and a half ago…83 years young!
    Now I am kitty 🐈‍⬛ sitting, so my son can go to Army drill. 😸

  94. Sandy Clarke says:

    Love your blog

  95. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Love the carrot on the handle of the rabbits cup! The collection of cups look fantastic together.

  96. Debbie Boerger says:

    Yesterday, I had my second acupuncture session. Really do think it’s helped some. Once again, I wiggle, trying to get comfortable, and at least one little needle falls out. Of course I got home and began scrubbing the front and dooryard doors, and may have undone the good. It’s cool and damp, but we’ve rigged up a covering for the door opening to keep the buggies out. Deep, deep blue/red. If it weren’t for our family arriving on July 16th, we’d just procrastinate another year. 😉
    After the acup. session, we went to pick up some little prints I had framed….and the giganticus Crow print…a Jamie Wyeth…that cost an arm and a leg to frame. That’s OK, I’ll get to see it every day. He’s typical weird Jamie, but I love the focus on it’s “velociraptor” ancestors…I’m kinda weird, too. Good thing we don’t have little kids coming, it could spur nightmares.
    Last but not least, I OKed the geclee prints of my last finished drawing…berries. They are very cheery. I’ll offer a couple for raffles at our little library and the histerical society.
    Will mail one to you, Dear Lady. I know you must get a truck load of gifts from all of us, but I just want you to have it to keep or pass along to a friend or family. You have given me more than you’ll ever know. We all feel that way!!
    Mucho love,
    Debbie in beautiful, Misty Maine

    • sbranch says:

      My acupuncturist does her work a little differently, and I don’t know what you call it, but the needles don’t stay in! She just touches a spot softly with the needle, I usually feel the connection immediately, and we’re done with that spot. On me she does maybe 8 or 10 spots at a visit, usually the same one on both sides of my body. I’m so happy to hear you are feeling helped by it. When I first started, I couldn’t hold the good she did for even 3 days, so I was going all the time. But after a while, I could keep for a week, then for two, and now I’m SO MUCH BETTER … I can hold and stay grounded for over a month! Practice is a good thing! I’m on the same path as you are, more creative each day! xoxoxo

  97. Rhet says:

    Your creativity is so inspiring and wonderful! I love your flower garden and wish I coul be at the yard sale….happ⁸y summer:)

  98. Cindy Ristau says:

    All Good! Beautiful everything! Always feel transported to a magical place reading your Blog! Thank you

  99. Lucy Powers says:

    Another wonderful and inspiring read. You are a bundle of adventure for all of us.
    Lucy, visiting in RI.

  100. Sondra says:

    I finally had a chance to read your post tonight, and it made me so happy! Your new mugs are beautiful, and so are the flowers. Everything just adds to the joy of being vaccinated! We’re volunteering again and just returned from an actual (not virtual) wedding. We don’t have to dream about seeing loved ones and hugging and taking vacations anymore. Life seems brand new, and I’m grateful!

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