Willard, the Saga Continues; will it never end . . . ?


Hi Girlfriends! Willard starts going out today! Lots of you are going to click over here from Willard, which gives me this perfect opportunity to welcome you formally to my new blog! I’m so glad you’re here!   Today is our one-week, four-day anniversary of going LIVE! But who’s counting :-). I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m told not too many people can tell!  Good faking it.  I can’t believe how exciting it’s been; I LOVE your comments, they’re the best part of this blog…read some and you’ll see what I mean! 

OK, what you came here for: Here’s how to enter our drawing, just go to the column over there →  on the right, under the Twitter bird ….. click on RSS FEED. That will give you a box where you can sign up to receive an email notice every time I update this blog.  I did it, I get the email, it’s harmless; but you can always turn it off later if you don’t like it.  From that list, we will randomly pick a winner on July 5th; you have until midnight on July 4th to sign up to be entered in the drawing.

If you signed up already in this last week, consider yourself entered! The winner will receive our darling One World shopping bag filled with books: The Summer Book, my Address Book, a copy of all the Snail Mail Willards (called All Good News), and my new Mom, Tell Me Your Story. If the new calendar gets here in time, we’ll toss that in too!  I’ll announce it here of course, and Peg will let everyone know on FOSB (our Facebook page). I’ll Twitter it too, so you will have to try very hard not to know who the winner of this thing is!

Keep the books for yourself, or find yourself with four pretty good gifts to give to the people you love. Everyone is welcome, the whole world can enter; the winner could be from the USA, from Columbia, Canada, Austria, Japan or England; the more, the merrier, we will send your Bag o’ Books to you no matter where you are, because we are an equal-opportunity world-provider of making someone’s day a little brighter. 

That’s it, you can go now.  But come back tomorrow….I have a new recipe for you. Have a wonderful day! xoxo me

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60 Responses to Willard, the Saga Continues; will it never end . . . ?

  1. Gert says:

    Good morning Susan
    I love the RSS feed…getting a notice from Susan Branch in my in box to rush over and read your new news!! Now how exciting is that? Love the new blog, so fun & interesting isn’t it always fun hearing from your girlfriends??? smile..

    Can’t hardly wait for the new Willard!! Thank you so much for the ‘Bag of Books’ drawing!! How I would love to win!!!

    xoxo Gert

  2. Susan Simon says:

    Just wanted you to know that your blog is the first bookmark on my bookmarks bar, so, of course, it’s the first thing I look at most mornings…. in my mind, a great way to start the day…add in my hot cup of coffee and the blue skies, sunshine and open windows this morning, and it’s just about perfection. Thank you for doing this blog. I hope you can tell much so many of us enjoy it. Have a terrific Tuesday, Susan!

  3. Stephanie says:

    So excited about your blog! I also am so glad you have the RSS feed since I recently got acquainted with Google Reader. I’m checking your blog daily! You always bring a bit of joy to me. I have been a fan of yours for years (just like everybody else) and I appreciate your transparency and generosity in sharing your thoughts, humor, recipes and charming art. I’m sure this blog is a lot of work, but know that it is greatly appreciated! Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Nellie says:

    Good morning, Susan! I’m looking forward to reading the new Willard. I signed up via RSS feed several days ago. Reading your blog is truly a bright spot to my day! The giveaway sounds just wonderful! All of us would love to win, I’m sure. xoxo

  5. Carol Hesch says:

    LOVE the blog!! Thank you do much for doing it! It is wonderful to read after an uugghhh day! My own little special piece of joy!! Loved the new Willard too–I soooo want a clothesline between trees!!!;)

  6. Catherine says:

    I love your new blog and I’m so happy that I can now reply and let you know how much I enjoy your artwork. I have some of your books and have given the “Girlfriends” book as gifts to some pretty special people. Thanks for sharing your artwork and your joy for life!

  7. Janet says:

    Oh Susan, there’s one nice thing after another on your blog. Thank you for helping me start the day with a smile :).
    Hugs from,
    Janet xoxo

  8. mari1017 says:

    What a fun contest – thanks, Susan! I use Firefox “morning coffee” to bring up my favorites every morning, and your site is the first one up!

    have a great day – can’t wait to read the new Willard!


  9. Cheryl says:

    Love your blog and I love my Willards! I’ve been getting them for a long time now and always look forward to them. I have a special “Susan Branch” folder where I keep them all! I look forward to all your posts and am so glad you are doing this blog! Awesome! It makes me smile every time I come here. Good old fashioned charm. Have a great week!

  10. deezie says:

    I just read the new Willard!!! love love loved it. Loved the pictures. Loved it all
    Love your Blog and of course you 🙂
    Great tip on the mosquiotoes, I am off to my garden but I will rub some lemon thyme on my first.

  11. Laura says:

    Good Morning!! What a wonderful giveaway!! Have a super day!!

  12. Julia says:

    Oh Susan, Your heart is so big and so generous! Simply beautiful! THANK YOU from my heart!

  13. I’ve received your Willard emails for a long time now! It’s always a treat to open my email box and find one. I love the photo of the clothes hanging from the line. For me here on the Oregon coast when I can do that it means IT’S SUMMER! YIppEE! Hopefully I’m already signed up to enter the BOOK drawing! Have a great day! Hugs, Heidi

  14. Gail Friend says:

    Hi Susan, Congratulations on your new blog. Its wonderful. I love blogging and have been doing mine for a couple years. I cant wait to visit yours often! Thank you for having such a fun contest:)
    Have a pretty day!

  15. Sheila says:

    Thank you so much for this particular Willard (although I am a long-time fan of all things Willard).
    I was inspired by you to print out the lyrics “Old Cape Cod” to bring to the Cape this Friday and have my sibllings and their spouses sing this song to my parents as their anniversary gift (which is July 4). I hope it turns out to be very cute!
    Best wishes on the launch of your new blog.

    • sbranch says:

      What a great thing to do! There should be lots more singing in the world! Tell them Happy Anniversary from me too!

  16. Cheryl Roblyer says:

    What is the email address that “Willard” comes from so I can make sure it is not marked as spam. I didn’t get the May issue!

    thanks so much!

  17. Jenni says:

    LOVE this….LOVE Willard and love you, too!

  18. Cindy says:

    what a wonderful day… Willard, a blog entry and a giveaway!!!!

  19. Sandra says:

    Okey dokey…as commanded, I have done. Not a hardship, I assure you, as I like my dose of daily happy…thanks, Susan!

  20. Laura Jenkins says:

    What an amazing giveaway!! Love the RSS feed…as you know, with everything else, it is late in getting to aol…so, when I read the buzz on twitter, I head to your blog…usually beating out my little notice…love the reminder, though…and I know that I have Willard to look forward to in the next day or so!! What would we do without you??xo

  21. Anne M. says:

    Another bit of heaven…Thank you!

  22. A Susan Branch blog – what a delight!! I’m a fan on facebook, but the feed goes so fast, I often miss the news I really care about. Just signed up for the feed, and can’t wait to add your link to my own blog roll too!

    Love, love, LOVE your work!

    Happy summer, and happy creating!
    ♥ Carolee

  23. Brigitte de Roover says:

    Hi there !
    I just bought 2 of your books at my local Barnes and Noble and loved them sooo much I just ordered 2 new copies of your other books (Amazon still had them!)
    I cannot tell you how relaxing it is to read your books and now your blogs !
    Lovely with a cup of tea and if my youngest ones leave me alone for 5 minutes I am in heaven…(well that and a cookie too…) I’m planning to make some of your recipes and keep you updated… PS. It is soo nice to see somebody still remembers and misses Laura Ashley clothes too ! I live in the US now but every time I go back to Europe i have to go and have a look (though it’s not so much the same anymore…) Love your BEAUTIFUL website ,the tweeting of the birds make me smile every time. 🙂

  24. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Hello Sweet Sue…I am so Excited about “Willard”….I am Anxiously Awaiting…checking My E~Mail….every few Hours! Yay! & Oh How I L♥ve L♥ve L♥ve…Your… Beyond Magical Blog & You! xoxo Poof!♫♥ 🙂

  25. Dizmommy says:

    Your site just brightens my day. Thanks for the contest… fingers crossed.

  26. dawn says:

    A winner from Austria…..that’s what I’m selfishly voting for! 🙂

    I love this new blog format, and definitely feel it is a mingling of kindred spirits now that we can share and read comments.

    Oh Sue, I am so glad to have you in this world!

    Summer breezes,

  27. Lin says:

    Hi Susan! So pleased to be able to add you to my reading list! Every morning I sit down at my Blogger Dashboard and read all the news that’s come through since the day before, and now I’ll be able to see what’s up with you! Looking forward to lots of mornings with you – sending hugs!

  28. Evelyn says:

    Hi Susan,
    You blog is now my homepage so it’s the first thing I see when I connect. Love, love, love it….my daily dose of sunshine. I also love your Girlfriends book…I think it’s my favorite one. Gave both of my daughters a copy of it so they would know how important their girlfriends have been and will be in their lives. I couldn’t have gotten through some of the terrible events in my life without them. Men come and go but girlfriends are forever.

  29. Pat says:

    I’ve been reading your Willards so many years, Susan, that I consider you a favorite penpal! I was lucky enough to find your books at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore on Martha’s Vineyard many, many years ago and have followed your career ever since. I am now filling one of your cookbook scrapbooks with family recipes for my daughter as she recently became engaged.
    I am really enjoying your blog as now we hear from you more often and get to enjoy the wonderful joys you have in your life and your beautiful art work more often.

    I’d love to win your give away! Fingers crossed!

  30. That is very generous, Susan 🙂

    I just found out that I won the “Girlfriends Forever” book that was given away on the Creative Connection Blog giveaway…I’m so excited and can’t wait to receive it 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Congratulations!! Isn’t winning things fun? I won a really darling cup from someone the other day! Normally that doesn’t happen!

  31. Jeannie S says:

    I love the new blog and love the “Peggy Pie Post”. My mom had a good friend named Peggy on Long Island and it brought back memories. Thanks for setting it up so we can receive emails. Happy Summer!

  32. Cinda says:

    Hi Susan,
    I love your world!

    You are so creative and make everything you touch beautiful.

    I have been a fan for around 26 years…I bought your first “Heart of the Home cookbook while biking around Martha’s Vineyard at Goff’s bookstore. The same day I found out I was expecting my first daughter, she is 25 now. (Yikes, that can’t be!) I have all your snail mail Willards and treasure them.

    I’m so happy for you, now that you have a blog. Congratulations!

    I hope I win your give away…..all three of my daughters keep “borrowing” my “Susan” cookbooks! (The Summer book is a favorite!)

  33. Rachel says:

    It is always refreshing to pop over here and see something new 🙂 Kind of like getting Country Living UK coming up on my web browser 🙂

  34. Stephanie T says:

    Gosh, I love reading your thoughts–whether they be on your blog, in your books, or delivered via Willard. You just make me feel good…relaxed, content, and you even spark my creativity bug with your words, pictures, and photos.

    Thank you for always being there 24/7 in your cookbooks on my counter and on your website and blog. Anytime I “need” to, I can relax and enjoy your writings and artistic magic.

    Stephanie T

  35. joanne takatsugi says:

    i’m anxiously awaiting willard’s arrival all the way out here in the middle of the pacific! a daily dose of “susan” keeps those blues away! when i “downsized” my life 10 years ago… i went from a 5-bedroom house to one room and had to part with many treasures… including an extensive book collection. but i REFUSED to part with my susan branch goodies… snail mail willards… calendars… and books (among other things). i’ve pulled those out from time to time when i need to relax and rejuvenate! i’ve got all my susan branch in a crate… ready to go in case i need to evacuate! hoping that never happens… but knowing that you’ll always be with me wherever i go! i’m sending you a big “aloha” hug from these little islands in the middle of the big pond… mahalo for the joy you bring us all everyday!!

  36. Joy says:

    Visiting with you makes me feel like I’m in another world—a world where everything you cook turns out perfect, where everything you plant grows, the kitchen gets cleaned up right away, the house looks lived in and welcoming, little birdies visit you regularly, friends are easily accessible, and all’s right with the world. Thank you for sharing your little slice of heaven!! Blessings.

  37. Jamie Willow says:

    I am elated that you are blogging now…I adore adore adore your work…blessings!


  38. Lori says:

    Oh, Susan! How wonderful that you are doing a giveaway. However, you give sooo much to all of us with your books,Willards, blog, etc. Can’t thank you enough or express how you brighten my corner of the world. It is fun to know that there are others out there who feel the same. Thank you again!

  39. marie sierra says:

    wowww! you continue to amaze and delight me! i would love to win just one little book of yours never mind a bag filled with SB goodies!
    wishing you a wonderful , flower-filled day!

  40. Shirley Pearce says:

    Hi Susan,
    I have followed you for years, how many-I really don’t know. I just adore your patterns and your recipes sounds wonderful-must try a few. Some where, I believe in the 80’s, I found your pattern book and that was the beginning! Then the internet and now your Blog-what great news!

    Thanks for sharing your stories, recipes and patterns,
    Florissant, Mo.

  41. Brenda says:

    I love getting the feed to my e-mail. I have your blog on the sidebar of my blog but if I am just checking my e-mails I know I need to give you a visit! Oh I hope I win, I hope I win!!!

  42. Denise says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for offering the Bag-o-Books drawing worldwide. I’m an American living in London (married to a Tall and Handsome British chap) and was thrilled to find out that I would be allowed to enter this contest.

    May the best American Expat in the UK win!!!! 🙂

    Now … off to the kettle!

    Denise xxx

  43. pam says:

    Gosh I love the blog so much. Love checking in with you in the morning with my delicious coffee. Of course this just adds to the dearSusan experience of twitter. I ♥ u.

  44. Kim Campbell says:

    I love Willard! I also have your Autumn book which I adore as I am a November baby 🙂
    Your newsletter delights me every time I read it. I also got the compilation of your first newsletters. What a joy to read!

  45. Eugenia210 says:

    What a wonderful blog!! I love it!! Congratulations!

  46. DebrafromMD says:

    I’m delighted that there is finally a blog to read. I signed up to receive my updates through Google reader.

  47. Michelle says:

    Hi Susan,
    So this is blogging! WOW, I had not idea….I have been doing this a while because I am a Cardinal baseball nut (pen name batgirl4evr)and I am blogging with guys all night during the game. You really embellish life and thru you others find happiness. Thank you for adding some brightness to my day. I currently live in Florida and am a full time care taker for my 87 year old mother. I love her so much but there are days my hair stands on end. I read Willard to her everytime it comes in…She loves the chipping birdy!. Anyway, someday I want to make it back up there….my favorite place in the world! ..I use to go to Wheaton College ( when it was all girls) and we went to the Cape and Martha’s vineyard all the time. Oh well, hope you get to read this and know how happy you make all of us. Have your pictures and 3 calenders in my house as well. I love to decorate and it looks like we have exactly the same taste… I wish you had a magazine…(but that would be like crazy work) I’ll take what I can get……talk to you soon………….Michelle

  48. Victoria Miller says:

    Finnan Haddie — that’s what “..If I invite a boy some night to dine on my fine…” and for years I wondered what it was. But that was long before the web. At some point, I seemed to learn it was some sort of fish. I have tons of recipe books, and I’ve never noticed a recipe for it. Certainly a great dish for Father’s Day!

  49. Candice says:

    Hi Susan,
    Love the new blog! I went to England this past April, I have family there,
    and I decided before I went that I was going to eat/enjoy things that I had never tried before. My cousin fixed me smoked kipper for breakfast one morning with a soft boiled egg. I can say it was most tasty. She simmered it in water in a skillet for just a few minutes. And she makes a fish pie with smoked haddock too. It is wonderful to have access to all that wonderful fresh seafood!

  50. Kathy B says:

    Oh my!! I love the blog, the news, the recipes, so good to click over here and enjoy your art and conversation. I have been a fan for years (really – – years). I enjoy all the books and have even painted some of the sayings around my rooms over the years. Right now in the laundry room I have the Phyllis Diller quote about ironing being burried in my back yard – – makes me smile every time I see it. Added you to my favorites bar at the top of my google page, it will be a pleasure to check in and see what your up to next – – thanks for sharing with us

  51. I love the new blog and look forward to updates in my email and on my google reader. Ooooh, I hope I win! I love your books too!

  52. YAY! So excited for your blog!

  53. Barbara Thomas says:

    Just wanted to share a story of mine this week. My 96 year old Mom came to visit me in California this week from Texas. I had bought your Mom book just in time for her visit. She’s almost blind, her hands are numb and she can barely walk, but she can still talk! I wrote her stories down as fast as I could. Many of them I already knew but a few more secrets came out of her, too. She did tell me the question about “your most romatic date” was too personal to answer, which I found hilarious as she had spilled so many other things. Anyway, I loved every moment. We laughed and cried and talked and wrote for 2 days. I wish I had done this 10 years ago! I highly recommend filling out this book to everyone. She did attempt to sign the first and last page, and I will treasure it forever.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    xxx/ooo Barbara : )

    • sbranch says:

      Oh I love that! Thank you Barbara, how wonderful for you both! Thank you for tell us about this!

  54. Cat aka Bohemi-mom says:

    Cool! Okay, I subscribed to RSS so I guess I am entered. 🙂

    I have the Autumn book and will now cross fingers I win and get a copy of Summer…but…will there be a Winter and Spring volume sometime in the relatively near-ish future? :))))


  55. Nancy McGinnis says:

    Am planning to visit Marthas Vineyard. Would love to visit Susan’s store. Where could we stay in the vicinity.

    Thank you Susan for all the wonderful heartwarming everything that you do.

    Love Willard. Thank you for all the e-mails.

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