We Love Pink ♥

Did you say you “really love pink?”  Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Driving up to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo California, you can only be vaguely aware of the pinkdom that lurks within.  Maybe the streetlight or gingerbread trim on the hotel might alert you, but unless you know what to expect, you would never guess.  This hotel was built by Alex and Phyllis Madonna and opened with twelve rooms in 1958, all of them different.  It’s like the Disneyland of the Central Coast with no rides and no Mickey, but still fun. 

I’m going to go easy on you, get you used to it gradually, by taking you in through the coffee shop, where we went for breakfast the day of Judy’s show.  We’re not even inside and it’s cute already, isn’t it?  Don’t you just want to click your little wooden shoes together and make a wish?

You have to pass the bakery to get to your booth in the coffee shop.  Those are Pink Champagne Cakes they make right on the premises!   The Madonna Inn is famous for their cakes; see the Black Forest Chocolate Cakes on the bottom shelf . . . ? OMG with capital letters; I chose that for one of my wedding cakes (in my long and checkered career); I could eat the entire thing alone it is so delicious!!! A concoction of equal parts whipped cream and fudge cake with dark cherries inside.  

Pink sugar on the counter, cute Disneyesque uniforms on the wait-staff, pink leather on the counter seats . . . pink leather on the booths too.

Everything is carved, and swirly with pattern.  You’re humming the music to Danke Schoen aren’t you?

. . .  How he tore your dress, what a mess, I confess, that’s not all . . . 

There are little booths in alcoves around the counter, we’re in one of them; there are tables too, and there is a fireplace.

“Be Forever Happy” is the message carved in the wood over the counter.  Mr. Madonna made the whole thing pink because he thought Mrs. Madonna “looked good in pink.”

This is the hand-painted wall in our booth.  What I love is that the decorating was done totally by the Madonnas; the Inn is a complete reflection of their own personal style, one of a kind.  Whether it’s your style or not, it is what it is; I love the exuberance and generosity of spirit it shows!  When you drive by their own house, it looks like a part of this!  Phyllis Madonna loves to sing, she often sings at hotel events; Alex Madonna passed away a four years ago at age 85, but when he was alive he looked on, beaming, while Phyllis sang her favorite song, “I have a dream.”

Here’s my breakfast, thin crisp waffles with hot maple syrup and thick-cut bacon, and of course, pink sugar for the coffee!  You are probably saying, “come on, get to the really pink part!”  OK,  here it comes . . .

Now we have walked from the coffee shop into the dining room.  If you were running for Miss America and needed a dress, you would find just the thing at the top of these stairs …. princess-like ball gowns and tuxedoes are for sale in the shops up there. I bought a strapless gown to-the-floor, with embroidered pink flowers on a see-through overskirt for our first trip on the QEII.  That’s how excited I was. I wanted to be Audrey Hepburn.

Just past the bannister is a trellis of roses (no, not real, but very pink!), behind us and over our heads is a four-foot doll dressed all in pink full skirts swinging back and forth on a trapeze; around the other side of the trellis is . . .

. . .  what we’ve been waiting for; the formal dining room!  We had Joe’s 50th birthday here, and all our guests wore pink of course and we had pink champagne.  I also had a Valentine’s Party here for my best girlfriends; same thing, all of us in pink.

Here’s the food service station in the dining room.  I can’t begin to imagine where they got this!  They have 110 guest rooms in the hotel now and they’re all themed; there’s “The Caveman Room,” “Canary Cottage,” and “Paris Violets.”  Kellee loved the “What’s Left Room,” where everything was leftover from decorating the rest of the hotel; squares of carpeting, mis-matched sheets, all different tiles on the walls of the bathroom. There’s ballroom dancing and a live band some nights, and the men’s room downstairs is so interesting, there’s always a line of women waiting to get in to see it!

“Moons and Junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy dancing way you feel, as every fairy tale comes real, I’ve looked at love that way  . . . ” 

These are the words I think of when I think of the Madonnas; I love pink too, we are kindred spirits  . . . people who love pink are fairytale people.

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175 Responses to We Love Pink ♥

  1. Joy Hall says:

    How fun! I think the world needs more place like this! Love the cakes! Love the carving over the counter! And really, really LOVE the carpeting!

    Here’a beautiful example of someone (two someone’s I guess) following their hearts and respecting their own creativity. And we, (those who visit in person or in blogland), get to enjoy the (visual) fruits of their labor.

    Thanks for sharing this delightfully PINK place!

  2. Merry says:

    What a pretty place! I’m so glad you shared with us! 😀

  3. Peggy Cooper says:

    As Tina Fey would say “I want to go to there”!

  4. pat addison says:

    hello Susan, i just loved the Madonna Inn, it was my favorite place to visit after shopping in San Luis Obispo or Cambria. we used to head up to Arroyo Grande every Thanksgiving to visit my mom, had turkey day dinner with her, helped to put up her huge Christmas tree and then took her and our friends Christmas shoppping at Solvang one day (the day after Thanksgiving) and up the coast the next day to San Luis Obispo, Cambia and Pismo Beach for more shopping with stops at Pacific Grove to see the Monarch butterflies and then to the Madonna Inn for lunch or for a snack of black forest cake and coffee. we always visited the mens room, my girlfriends could not believe that room, and of course off to go see the other rooms like the caveman room and so on, it was well worth the trip up there. glad to find someone else who loves the Madonna Inn as much as i do. and i sure do miss that place. may have to head back there again for a visit. hope to see you there sometime!!! hugs…. 😉

  5. Christie Ray says:

    Then count me in as a “fairy tale people” !! Susan, I am so glad you decided to give us a tour of this magnificently splendid pinker than life Fairyland Inn!
    Your letter is traveling snail mail and will hopefully arrive at your post box as you are arriving at your home;)
    God speed…I know you are anxious to get a grasp again on “what day is it?”

  6. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Just so everyone will know….if you go to the Madonna Inn on your Birthday or Anniversary, they bring a huge balloon to your table, and the giant piece of cake you order is complimentary! Tom took me there on my last Birthday, and we ordered a piece of the lemon coconut….YUM! It was so gigantic, we split it, and it was still enough. Of course, this was after we had been to the Apple Farm for my Birthday dinner, and the meals there are huge too!
    Lots of good eating here in San Luis Obispo! 🙂
    (Am I making you homesick yet Susan??) 😉

    • sbranch says:

      Not yet, I’ve only been gone two days, but keep up the good work!

      • Bonnie Crawford says:

        Will do my dear…..
        We are having a heat wave, so you just missed it!
        (It was 97 in SLO yesterday…..)
        Have fun chugging along!~~~

  7. Country Gal says:

    I am a pink person as well. WOW !!! what an amzing place MMMM YUMMY! I love black forest cake to, I have that on my B-days hehe. Wonderful post and photos . I would love to go there but you have wonderfully brought it to me thankyou for that. I adore your tea pot in your last photo. Have a wonderful day !

  8. Kim Forester says:

    It’s pinkalicious, baby! And those themed rooms … Funkadelic and groovy! It’s one of a kind, that’s for sure, and full of the Madonna’s good spirited fun! There’s a lot of character in them thar rooms!

  9. Gamma Rori says:

    We ate lunch here right after you signed my books and I had a slice of their Raspberry Delight cake….it was sublime…as it melted in my mouth; it was THAT good. I ate it slow so as to savor each bite, ahhhhhh I LOVED it!!!

    Afterwards, my husband Deny (pronounced just like Denny) and I wandered around in the restaurant and enjoyed all of it, it is just beautiful! The flower gardens out front along with all of the precious bronze statues are breathtaking. I hated to leave, but with a 4 hr drive ahead of us, the photos Deny took would have to suffice, and boy do they! I will add yours to our collection so that we can remember any time we like, which will be often. The colors are so beautiful and the waitstaff were great! We had never been there before, but next time we decide to take a drive up the coast we will be sure stop and enjoy another meal there, certainly worth a second meal!!

    Hope you & Joe are enjoying your train trip home. Enjoy a cup of tea for me 🙂
    Gamma Rori >>> hugs <<<<<

    • sbranch says:

      It’s been a wonderful trip, the whole thing! Big clouds above us now, lunch in the dining car is coming up soon!

  10. CarolK says:

    Susan, That place is like being inside a huge, birthday cake! I’d love to do the back stroke across all that pink icing, nibbling at cherries along the way. My bucket list is getting longer and longer. I’m going to hold you responsible if I run out of paper. LOL

  11. Diana says:

    This must be what heaven looks like! How sweet that Mr. Madonna decorated the entire place in pink because he thought his wife looked good in the color…her life must have been full of romance! Do they still make husbands like that?!

  12. Lois Pearsey says:

    Would you believe we spent our honeymoon at the Madonna Inn. 37 years ago. Every 5 years we go back and have dinner there. The place still looks the same. Even the ladies room and mens room are a sight to see. We stayed in the “caveman room”. Such fun memories, and the champagne cake, delicious. I have a recipe that is pretty close to it.

  13. Joann says:

    This is awesome!!! We never did go inside, so your tour is delightful….maybe next time we’ll wander in!!! The bakery is way too tempting, though!! How fun—I can just see you and girlfriends all there in pink—is that adorable, or what? I know you’re looking forward to Chicago and a stroll and maybe some dinner there….how romantic….

    You’ll be ‘in the pink’ after that!!

    Love you!

  14. Sharon from Maine says:

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous place. Who would think someone could use pink with such style and grace. It makes me want to paint everything in my house pink. And those cakes look out of this world. I have to put the Madonna Inn on my bucket list! Susan I’d love to see that strapless gown you bought here if you can show it to us sometime. Thanks again for giving us a glimpse into your world!!! xxxooo

    • sbranch says:

      I kept it for posterity…. and because there it is, all beautiful in my closet, maybe someday I’ll write about it! Dream dresses.

  15. Nina says:

    Wow What a wonderful place! I too am a pink person and I love that tea pot too! I have two tea trio’s the same. Something I learned from you Susan You don’t need the whole set of crockery, glasses, etc to enjoy!
    Now if I really love something and I can’t justify buying the whole set (unfortunatly don’t get to have many dinner/tea parties I just by one or two. xxxx

  16. What a sweet place, and I love the reason it is all pink! I wish I could go there and see it all..thanks for sharing it! Come say hi ;D

  17. kate says:

    Great story, Susan! Thanks for sharing it with us. For those of us who don’t travel as much as we’d like it’s a joy to see your pics!

  18. Betsy says:

    Oh Susan. Thank you so much for the tour! Don’t you just love people who do their own thing. If it makes them happy you can’t help but be happy with them. What a fun place. Have a safe journey home.

  19. Patricia says:

    Years ago, I worked in the Commerical Interior Design Department of the John Wanamaker Department Store in Philadelphia. We had some very glamorous designers there, who made “magic” with office space! One of them, named Julie, was telling us she was going away to California for a romantic vacation… and it was to the Madonna Inn! I wish I could remember the “theme” of her room (to be honest, I think they stayed in several!). So, maybe when one of your readers has a room there, she could take photos and let us see them!
    I think I’ve seen enough pink for the day – and it’s my favorite color! A painter friend of mine even named one of his paint colors Patricia Pink!

    • sbranch says:

      What an honor!

    • Betsy says:

      Patricia….When I saw you mention John Wanamker’s in Philadelphia I felt a bit of nostalgia. I worked in their small Jenkintown store for years. It was like a second family. I met such wonderful people while working there, including my dear husband. All the people from Visual were so creative, you couldn’t help but be inspired. Shopping in the Philadelphia store was a thrill. Have you read Michael J. Lisicky’s book called Wanamaker’s, Meet Me At The Eagle? It’s such a fun read. Have a great day.

  20. Gert says:

    Oh how sweet..who doesn’t love pink? Smile.. You have captured it, it all it’s glory! Love how you have captured it, in all these pictures! I want….a piece of some of cake! Ha…


  21. I passed the test alright. I am truly a pink person and you are ALL “my people” as Susan likes to say. What a wonderful place- I’m quite sure I’d feel right at home there 🙂

  22. Nicki says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to your blog each day.

    I love the Madonna Inn too. Many years ago I had a friend who was a chef there. I was one of the lucky ones who got a look into the men’s room. If you ever get the opportunity – it is a sight !

    Thank you so much for your blog and I hope the rest of your trip is safe and a delight.


  23. Ginnie says:

    Oh, my, what wonderfulness is this! Thanks for sharing with us – an incredible spot.

  24. nicole says:

    oh!!!!! I would love a piece of that pink cake!!!! I also had “forêt noir” at my weddind!!
    A friend of mine wrote to me that she had one a cake… immedialy my imagination went wild… I saw a beautiful pink cake… then I read the end of the sentence: for one person! a cake for one! gloups! what a disapointment! 🙂

  25. Terri says:

    Can one say ohhh laa laa!! Reminds me of some places I have been over here in Europe. Like some beautiful coffee rooms and castles and some of the cafe’s in Paris… thanks so much for the pictures and telling us how it all was… blog/journal scrapbooking at its best! The cakes are awesome and PINK sugar, how cool is that? Smiles!!

    • sbranch says:

      I’ve heard they traveled quite a bit and were very impressed with their European inspirations!

      • Terri says:

        It definately shows in the decorating. How did you feel sitting in there? Like you stepped back in time? Did you have some tea? I am SURE you did! LOL!!

  26. Linda Pintarell says:

    Fond memories. In fact I’m looking at a picture right now. About 6 yrs ago, drove from San Diego to Madonna Inn for a friend’s 65th wedding anniversary party there. Took my 94 year old dad with me; had a lovely dinner in their dining room; then luncheon celebration the next day. What fun! Spent the night in one of the funky rooms. Dad really enjoyed it; he had been there in his earlier years and loved returning. He passed 4 years ago but I have such great memories – this one included.

  27. Michele Craft says:

    Loved this post! I NEED to go there! I love pink so very much! I just started a blog and have done a post on my PINK room. It’s michelecraft.blogspot.com if you want to take a looksie.
    Thanks for sharing!

  28. Deb says:

    omgosh! I remember those cakes! we would have one for every birthday, holiday celebration! (and don’t forget Apple Farms Pies!) The Madonna Inn was was always fun, the pink floral carpets, the little Putti swinging in the dining room.. the dolls, (used to have tons of dolls in the dining room..25 years ago! In the trees, under them, all over the place..) the twinkly lights, I still remember Alex and Mrs. Madonna… My favorite breakfast/lunch was the Monte Cristo Sandwich! NOM CITY!!!
    thanks for sharing !!!!
    <3 you!
    you bring back some of my Happiest Memories!

  29. Suzanne says:

    Love Madonna Inn. I wrote before that I had visited twice before. don’t tell about the men’s room, everyone should see for themselves. But the little Princess Potty in the ladies room and the small sink with the brass bunny on the faucet were so wonderful. Hope they are still there! Thanks for the memories!

    • sbranch says:

      They are, I loved that bathroom, for “Little Girls” — so charming … just off the coffee shop. The attention to detail was amazing.

  30. Karen P says:

    Oh my goodness! PINK! Pink has always been my favorite color since I was a little girl (I hardly wear anything pink nor have pink in my home….go figure?!) Love, love, LOVE the tour! I LOVE that floral carpeting….so extravagant! And the pink chocolate curls on those cakes! Something fairytales are made of! The pink booths, the pink sugar (seriously, WHO would think of that…so sweet!), the roses, on and on! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that. What a special couple the Madonnas are! xoxo….kp

  31. Maryellen says:

    OH MY GOODNESS – it is a fairytale! I love it. I must figure out a way to get my dear husband on a twain and go to this pink paradise. What a magical place!

  32. Jeanne Hedin says:

    I happen to love all things tea. As I plan a fall tea party for this weekend, I have found myself uncharacteristicly unenthusiastic about it. I just sat down to look at some recipes and get my tea party act together. Then I checked my email . . . I think what I needed was a healthy dose of PINK! 🙂 I’m smiling now and back on track. Thanks, Susan!

  33. lynn says:

    What a very fun post. It has been years since I’ve been to the Madonna Inn, and now I definitely have a hankering to go back. Thank you for sharing all the fun, fluffy pinkness 🙂

  34. JudyCinNC says:

    Wow – I cannot get over the pink champagne cakes but I do have a question – did you ever get to wear your floor-length gown at the Madonna Inn ? That would have been quite a memory. Love your sharing and including us in on all the extravagant and wonderful places we may never get to see. Judy C

  35. WendyO says:

    Ahhh! We stayed at the Madonna Inn for one night of our honeymoon 20 years ago…the Daisy Mae room. What fun!!! Thanks for posting. We love this area! We are fortunate to have family with a home in Morro Bay so we can visit. Thank you, Susan for all of your wonderful postings!!!

  36. Diana says:

    So pretty and cheery, it made me smile just looking at your photos- pinkalicious! I think its a wonderful choice for my next sister’s weekend with my 2 sisters! Your trip looks like it has been amazing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  37. Barb Kucera says:

    Can I just say “WOW” because that’s all the description this place needs.

    And PS….we would love to see the dress you bought!

  38. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Last night I made a new recipe I’d seen for Berry Lemonade Tea. It was the most delicious color of pink and as I looked at my glass I said to myself, “I just LOVE pink!” and I do. Then, today you give us a tour of the most magical pink place in the world! It is now on my list of places to go. Thank you for sharing!

  39. Francine says:

    O.k.! I voted for vintage glass, but this was pretty special! Although you lost me at the cakes. YUMMY!!!!!! I’d love to bury my face in one of those! I am just delighted that you share all of your adventures with us lucky girls! I can’t even began to imagine what it would be like to see in person! Thanks Susan!

  40. Coni says:

    Wow – That’s amazing! And who in their right mind doesn’t love pink?

    I’m curious about a couple of things:

    * Do you have a photo of the dress you bought? I’m sure we’d all love to see it!

    * What was the men’s room like? I’m dying to know!

    * I’d love to see photos of the ‘What’s Left Room’. Wonder if they have photos on their website?

    Anyway, thanks for the all-pink tour. You’ve just given me yet ANOTHER place to put on my travel list. 😉

    • sbranch says:

      Have to tell you later, because we just pulled into the Chicago station and I have to close up you know who!

      • pat addison says:

        coni thier website has photos of all the rooms, just look on accomodations and go down the list of the rooms, a picture will come up or you can just click on the room and see thumbnaills of each room and read decriptions of them. and i’m not telling what is in the men’s room, you have to see it to believe it!!! enjoy!!! 🙂

  41. Rebekah Lynch says:

    Oh my what a flood of magical memories Susan… My Mother and I and my Aunt use to go there when I was young… I have such warm memories, I cannot remember the food but I do remember the pink and wanting to spent my honeymoon in the caveman room or was there a heart shaped bath? I cannot remember… Such a wonderful place I hope I get to go to there again… I love that you know the history of the place… Thanks for sharing and bringing such warm fun memories of my mommy and me!

  42. Coni says:

    I just checked out their website, and they have fabulous photos of ALL their rooms – including the ‘What’s Left Room’. What fun!

  43. I’m glad to see that the Madonna Inn is still there. My husband and I stayed there one night on our honeymoon twentyfive years ago.

  44. Robin says:

    LOVE Madonna Inn. Growing up in the central coast my parents would buy black forest cake for our birthdays. My best friend’s father was the baker so it always came with a hello. We would eat a piece at breakfast the morning after the party. It is so good cold first thing waking up. The chocolate curls on top are heaven. And yes… my best friend father did make yummies to stick in their freezer at home. Often an eclair or something awesome would find it’s way into my friends lunch. She would share since it wasn’t a novelty in her home. Side note: meals at their house were beyond great. Still don’t know how they made mile high french toast. Beyond delicious.

    Way to hold back not revealing just what wonders exist in the men’s bathroom. The poor men have to wait for the women to go in and check it out. Talk about a tourist attraction. Each of the rooms at the Inn is unique. There are postcards available showing each room. Cave rooms… Fred & Wilma would feel right at home. Definitely an experience.

  45. Kirsten Wichert says:

    WOW! How cool are those pics of the Madonna Inn? I want to go there just like everyone else, ofcourse. Would it not be TOO MUCH FUN to all meet there sometime? We could have a pilgrimage once a year or two………hmmmmmmm something to think about ladies! Of course we’d all wear pink………oh, there I go dreaming again…….Any takers? Thanks again for the wonderful trip, Susan.

    Now, when my kids think I’m over the top with a real white picket fence accross the wall of my “cottage garden” living room…..I’ll break out these pics of the Madonna Inn for them. Thanks again Sue!

  46. Robin says:

    The goblets. Did anyone mention those??? Drinks come in huge jewel colored goblets, same goes for ice cream. You can purchase the goblets up in the gift shop. People collect them. Downstairs you can buy Godiva chocolate and wine. The story behind how Madonna got started is something to savor too. I believe it involves a huge bulldozer/demolition type truck, a set of stairs, and some cold hard determination to meet a super low bid he had submitted and won. People turned out to see him do it. He did and the rest of his awesome career made history.

  47. Noelle says:

    Gasp! OH!!! Pink is my cheerful, peaceful color – I would never want to leave there! We saw a TV show about the Madonna Inn years ago and I’ve always wanted to stay there. Now I do even more! And THE CAKES!!! Ooooooh!!

  48. Ann C. says:

    Ah- you had me at “Bakery”! All of those pretty, fluffy cakes!
    I was hoping we would get to see the dress you bought there- it sounds beautiful….

  49. Rosinda says:

    Oh my goodness, Susan!! I love all the pink!! I’m in love with the pink cakes, staircase, dining area, all of it! I can imagine how much fun you, Joe, and girlfriends had! One day, I would love to dress up in pink and drink pink champagne in a place like that! Ahh…la vie en rose! xoxo

  50. Inlandcldy says:

    I confess, I LOVE pink!! Thanks Susan, for the peek into a Pink Lover’s paradise.

    I’m also a big fan of the train and have enjoyed taking the Coast Starlight down the coast. Going home, we almost forgot to get off the train we were having such fun talking with people. What a wonderful way to travel-I’m enjoying your adventures going home on the train. Thanks for sharing little glimpses of your life with us.

  51. donna marie says:

    Pink Pink Pink!! So sweet! Thanks for sharing all the pink! I would love to see a picture of you in your lovely down to the ground gown!! I’m sure you looked just like a fairy princess! I wore vintage lilac chiffon to my Senior Prom. I danced and twirled the night away! It’s funny how the one little comment you made about your dress sparked a world of magical memories for me! You just have that affect on people! Thanks for all you do and just plain being you!

    xoxo donna marie

  52. That was so much fun! I have never been there, but now I long to go visit and enjoy all of that fab pinkness!

    Susan and Bentley

  53. Jennie says:

    I had no idea such a place existed! How much fun. I love the coffee room, simply incredible. It really does remind me of Disneyland- in all the best ways. That tree in the middle of the diningroom- wow. And I love the idea of a ‘what’s left room’- I think I would feel quite at home there because that’s pretty much how my grandma decorated her home- with carpet sample squares carpeting the hallway and leftover sheets as curtains. It’s the ultimate ‘green’ really! 😉

  54. Heartsdesire says:

    OMG, Susan. I’ll be dreaming about those cakes for weeks to come. Especially the pink ones. I live in Victoria, B.C. and I’ve been trying to get my husband to take a trip down the coast to California. He loves San Diego. Maybe this is just the incentive he needs. He’s a writer and they always need inspiration. And what’s not to love about this place. Quirky, vintage 50s, and pink! Thanks so much for showing us this beauty.

  55. deezie says:

    Hi Susan,
    Pink is one if my favorite colors. I love pink and I especially love that Pink Sugar on the counter and those yummy looking cakes! are you kidding me, they are delectable looking. What a fun place to go, makes me want to go to California just to go there. Thanks for the lovely pictures

  56. Sandra Davidson says:

    Love it, now I have to convince my husband to take me. I like the idea of travelling a cross the states by train. You are having a wonderful trip thanks for sharing it with us. It provides a lot of dreams. Blessings Sandra

  57. Pamela says:

    Oh Susan…… you are a wonderful tour guide. I have seen so many wonderful sites thru your eyes. Thank you for sharing your life with us!!!! I look forward to reading your blog each and every day! God Bless You!

  58. Julie says:

    I’ve got to share this with my daughter, her favorite color is pink!!

  59. Karen C says:

    Thank you Susan for the Great Pink Tour!
    You made my day!
    So many of us girlfriends would never get to see a place like this, if you didn’t share it with us. I,for one, had never heard of it. Not sure that I will ever get to visit in person, but I feel like in a way, I have visited there through your wonderful eye. 🙂 Much gratitude from an East coast girl. May the rest of your trip be safe and sweet.

  60. Amy D. says:

    Do you have a photo of you in the Audrey dress? We must see!!

  61. Martha Ellen says:

    The Madonna Inn is magnificent Susan! What a fun place that is quite European in decor—I love the fact Mr Madonna painted it a color that made his wife look good! They sound like a couple who were quite in love—how wonderful! I hear as we get older we should all wear more pink as it gives us a more youthful blush! xoxo ♥

  62. Evelyn says:

    Wow Susan…a feast for the eyes, very kitchsy. I’d hate to have to dust and clean there..whew, what a job. Cakes look phenomenal….hope they taste as good as they look.
    What a fun place to have a party though, nobody could possibly be in a down mood there, could they?

  63. Lee Ann G. says:

    How lovely was that special tour! Love it that this place they created described who they were and what they loved. It’s like walking through a biography of their lives….and this biography was filled with happiness and inspiration.

    When you talked about the beautiful ball gowns, it reminded me so of a just below the knee, strapless white ruffled lace party dress with can can (sp?) underneath that my mom wore to the prom in the 50’s. It had a bright red rose attached and as a little girl through adulthood, I’ve always wanted to wear one just like it somewhere. But now maybe not the strapless so much, but if I could pull it off now I would for sure. It would have been a hit in this ballroom.

    ♥Lee Ann

  64. Sandra says:

    I’m not a pink loving person but I absolutely and totally *love* this Inn; it’s so fabulously Over the Top!!! Mr. and Mrs. Madonna sound like wonderful people; the world needs more of those kind of folks…loving, caring, warm folks who found each other and stayed devoted to each other. Bless them!

  65. Judy says:

    What an amazing place. I am adding that to my list of things to see on my next trip to California. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  66. Kristen says:

    What fun…and the food looks heavenly! When I hear pink champagne I think of “An Affair to Remember.” Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful place! 🙂

  67. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Well, while it was fabulous to see the pictures of the Madonna Inn, and it is not that I am wanting to be contrary, but blue is my favorite color. My husband says I have three favorite colors: Light blue, medium blue, and dark blue! 🙂 But I will be the first to admit that the picture of that pink cake in the bakery looked lucious and I would love a slice of that with a cup of tea. And I wouldn’t be thinking the same thing if it was the color blue… LOL 🙂 But I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and having a little “tour” of the Madonna Inn–Thank you!

  68. Klaudia Federico says:

    What a nice Place we also stayed at the Madonna Inn at the “Queen Room” as we showed a friend the Restaurant Bathroom’s ..a must see… etc. we runn into a jung Men and he was telling us his Oncle build the( large ) Fireplace before you go into the pink Dinning Room that was in the 1960….or so we had a super time at the Remnants of the Past

  69. Oh Susan! Thanks for sharing The Madonna Inn with us! So glad to see its hasn’t changed! I don’t remember which room I stayed in, I know I should, It was the last time I drove up the coast with my Dad and step Mom. We stopped to have lunch on the way up to San Jose to visit my favorite Aunt & Uncle, and stayed there on the way back! I stopped there many times for lunch before that, but never stayed. I sure would like to get a fork in that pink cake! Thanks for the history of the place! That makes it so much more special!
    Enjoy your twain twip. Hope you are getting lots of rest!


  70. Debby Mc says:

    One of my favorite places to stay =-) And the breakfast in that dining room never fails to please. We’ve stayed in many of the rooms over the years; they are, each and every one, a real hoot! =-)

    • sbranch says:

      There you go girls, from Debby who knows! I’ve never stayed there, but everyone says the rooms are a lot of fun, just like the rest of it.

  71. Barbara from Western Colorado says:

    Seeing the Madonna Inn and thinking about “moons and junes”; what a purely magical thing! I love, love all things pink (even my laptop is pink) and Judy Collins music too! It is a long way from Colorado to San Luis Obispo but will be worth the trip just to walk on pink carpet, eat pink cake and sprinkle pink sugar in my tea! Thank you Susan for taking us to so many “happy places”!!!

  72. Becky says:

    I’m reminded of the classic line from Steel Magnolias….”pink is my signature color” stated in heavy Southern drawl by Julia Roberts as her mother (Sally Field) comments that the church (she is getting married) was decorated to look like someone “vomited Pepto Bismol” !!! Epic line! Girls get pink; it’s soft yet aggressive. Let’s get back to food talk…I ate at the Madonna Inn on Saturday after visiting the antique show and buying a wonderful quilt dated from 1933. They make a delicious steak salad and a tasty chocolate cream pie, and I had both. Aren’t we lucky to have a lovely spot called San Luis and surrounding areas to visit. Ain’t life grand!

    • sbranch says:

      So grand! (She says, while typing on her computer, speeding through the dark countryside somewhere about 20 minutes out of Cleveland, wearing her favorite green plaid shawl, drinking Earl Grey out of her own mug, talking to the girlfriends!)

  73. Andrea says:

    To be honest, when you wrote “pink”, I thought Pepto-Bismal pink. This is not that pink. Its pretty. Its girly. Its cute-tastic. Thanks so much for the pics. I love traveling with you, girlfriend. Shine on, you crazy, pink diamond. : )

  74. I’ve decided that the Barbie Dream House doesn’t hold a candle to the Madonna Inn?? Pink is a very soothing color and I truly think that all of we women lose our zest for the color pink especially those of us who have daughters. I also love that the Breast Cancer Research color is pink and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; so, everyone including the manly football players are supporting women by wearing pink on Sundays!! It was so appropriate for you to share your pictures during this month, and all of us need to wear the color pink every now and then just to honor the Madonna’s and women everywhere!!!! Thanks for the tour Susan.

    • sbranch says:

      You are so right . . . and just so you know, I put a special bit of art I did for breast cancer on my Facebook page for anyone to take and use on their website. Just scroll down the page a bit. ♥

  75. Carmel says:

    What a visual dream! I’m originally from CA (now living in the east) and even as a teenager my friends and I would hear women marvel about the Madonna Inn. Then as young women we would hear how we would have to find a way to see the men’s room (we never really heard why!). I’m glad to hear the women now line up as one person told us she was in a hurry and just shouted a warning to any possible man that might be in there and went in to look. Yikes! Thanks so much for giving us a tour of this magical place. Oh, those cakes are adorable! I think part of the big magic is all the love that went into all that pink and your loving eyes that help us to see it. May graces continue to fill your trip.

  76. Laura Ann says:

    My parents, brother, and I spent one night at the Madonna Inn on our way down south to Disneyland in the 70’s. It was a huge treat and I will never forget it! I just looked at the photos of all the rooms on their website, and can’t find the one we stayed in…I guess they must have remodeled some over the years! I do remember our room was very pink! I also remember eating breakfast in the coffee shop. My brother and I really wanted to stay in a cave room, but I think those were more for couples (and probably too expensive as well). Good memories. The Madonna Inn was nothing but fun–how many things can you say that about, especially today when everything seems so serious and grim.

    • sbranch says:

      The heart in that place is so evident, you have to love it just for that if for nothing else (and the cakes too! :-))

  77. Dolores says:

    I was out of town yesterday so what a delightful surprise to wake up this morning to this beautiful and magical place! I will have to go to this place! It is speaking to this pink girl’s heart! So amazing! And all the different rooms, I went through them twice! How would you even be able to pick, I would just have to close my eyes and pick! Thank you so much for another wonderful adventure!

  78. Deborah says:

    Now I will have Danke Schoen in my head playing all day! But that is an ok thing with me! I love this, are you kdding me??? !! I wish I could live there…what a fairy tale place…and I love the story of Alex and Mrs. Madonna! What independant thinkers! Way ahead of their time! Cabbage roses are one of my alltime favorite vintage themes…so that carpet is a real winner in my eyes…I would love to see the Caveman room! AND-Pink sugar!!! sooooooo perfectly pink…

  79. Jean says:

    Oh, Susan, I am a pink lover also. In fact, I have the whole set of Pink Chintz dishes, plus a cabinet full of mismatched cups and saucers and teapots, all with pink flowers! I agree with your comment about “fairytale people,” as well, because I have many fairy gardens outside. I have a tiny tea set for one of them. If I knew how to attach photos, I would.

  80. Jessie's Mom formerly known as Lisa says:

    I can not tell you how many times I have driven by the Madonna Inn and have never gone in. DAH! what was I thinking! How did I miss so much pinkalicious pinkie pink?
    Wow! This is the place for me and Jessie, who knew? My world turned pink the day she was born and has only gotten “pinker” 🙂
    Once again, thank you for opening my eyes to this, “pinkdom” palace, California treasure.
    I can hardly wait to show Jess when she gets home from school…I now know where the next girls trip is going to be! Enjoy your train ride!!!!

  81. Angie(Tink!) says:

    “Be Forever Happy”…Good Afternoon Sweet Sue…are You HOME Yet?…I just got back from running Errands…went to Our Local Farmers Market & Got some Fresh Veggies…some Apples & another Pumpkin (Hello 🙂 ) I Just sat down sipping some Fresh Apple Cider(Yum) & am Breathing in Every “Pink” Word of Your Blog…gazing at each Photo…The Madonna Inn is Gorgeous…I feel Pretty in Pink Today! So I guess I’ll fly to Twitterville to get Your Updates from the Train…Sweet Sue…This Blog is Totally “Pink~Enchantment”….Please Pass The Pink Sugar & I’ll have a Huge Slice of Champagne Cake! Thank~You~ 🙂 Oh & Sue…You are Correct! “People Who Love Pink are Fairytale People”…YES…We Are! Twirling in Pink Cotton Candy Today! Yay!…If You are Home…Welcome Home Sweet Sue & Joe!…(Kitty is a Very Happy Girl!) Meow! xoxo Poof! Wishing Everbody a Magical Autumn Weekend! ♫♥♫♥♫♥

    • sbranch says:

      We got home almost midnight last night, and now, I am SOOOOO happeeeee.

      • Angie(Tink!) says:

        Home at Midnight! Wow! You Sweet Sue & Joe Must Be so Exhausted but Like You said…”SOOOOO happeeee”..I can See You doing The Happy Dance! Twirling with Kitty! Welcome Home! & once again Thanks for Bringing Us Along on Your Travels! 🙂 it really was so much Fun! xoxo Poof!♫♥

  82. Wow Susan, everything is just amazing! I love all of the pink myself.

  83. Kimi says:

    Hi Susan

    Hey that’s a great place I love PINK love it, you are at a place I would love to be!!!!! Your breakfast look sooooo good the bacon looked a little crispy but hey its all good!

  84. What a fabulous place . . I love your blog, it is like being there with you . . Thank You <3

  85. I LOVE PINK! I live in a pink house….Angel

  86. Ohhh, those CAKES!!! And the PINK SUGAR! Super cute. Pink’s my favorite color.

  87. Rae Ann Roche says:

    WOW!!!…I’ve never heard of the Madonna Inn…but now I too have to visit…been to Pacific Grove to see the monarchs…didn’t know I was so close to a place so unique…You all need to get to the Grand Hotel in Michigan’s upper peninsula…each room there is decorated in a different theme and they have the world’s longest front porch complete with rocking chairs to enjoy…now that you have piqued our interest, Susan::you MUST show us pictures of the men’s room…pretty please with pink whip cream on top…

  88. Rae Ann Roche says:

    oops…I meant to say the Grand Hotel is on Mackinaw Island…in between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan…

  89. meppybn says:

    Oh my, your recent posts have brought back so many memories – we used to live at Shell Beach so know ALL your photos so well. Our daughter had her 7th birthday at Madonna Inn with a special friend – an evening dinner and oh so grown up!!! That was in 1990 (where has time gone?) and it all looks exactly the same 🙂 🙂

  90. Janelle says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never been to the Madonna Inn! All the times I’ve been to the Central Coast and driven by it and never ventured to it. Now it’s a must! I’ll have some cake for you Susan!

  91. Barbara I. says:

    Love your blog. The Madonna Inn is so beautiful. The cakes look wonderful.
    My favorite is black forest. That looked extra YUM. Please keep up the
    wonderful work. It is so inspiring to all…………..

  92. cecelia says:

    LOVE IT!! My 6 year old grandaughter would love it too. Can you please show us the dress you bought?? 🙂

  93. Katharine says:

    Now I know why I’m a fairy tale person. I’ve always loved pink and my bedroom has very soft pink walls that always makes me happy. My sisters sneered at the idea and I said that what i want. lol It goes well with my Barbie collection too.

  94. K. Ross says:

    I have always loved pink (I even had a pink and mossy green kitchen once), but I think this hot pink puts me into “pink overload”!! Love, love, love pink flowers, nick-nacs, and even the cake frosting and sugars — but those walls, floors, and seating are way over the top for me. Give me your Martha’s Vineyard fall colors any day! 🙂

  95. Dee says:

    I just love the flowered teapot in the last photo!

  96. Karen P says:

    All this wonderful “pinkness” had me in such a happy pink mood today (my favorite color!) and as I was sewing up a soft little Beatrix Potter print receiving blanket for my soon-to-be-born grandson, I was wishing I could have “backed” it with a pink fabric. Alas, no pink for that boy….had to be blue. But, Susan, thanks again for the wonderfully pink tour of the Madonna Inn. I love it from the tip of my pinky finger to the bottom of my pinky toes! 🙂 xoxo….kp

  97. Just a little too much pink for me.

  98. Nellie says:

    I must say that I love, love, love all this pink! Having reared three daughters, pink was – and still is – definitely a color that took top place in much of the decorating in our house.
    It is good to be able to catch up with the blog after being away for a few days!:-)

  99. Susan, I went to your Facebook page to see your “bit of art” for Breast Cancer like you suggested, and it was lovely and also a very spiritual message….just lovely. Courage and Strength to all Women who are facing this in their lives.

  100. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Oh thank you so much Susan for the “pink treat” photos of The Madonna Inn.
    I love the color pink! For my 50th birthday all I wanted was a pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer, which my hubby gave to me. I actually hugged it….and it stands on my kitchen counter for me to adore. (Special moments for me are when I mix up one of my mother’s cake recipes, as she passed 25 yrs. ago of breast cancer.) She was a great a baker. I’m curious about the pink Champagne Cake in the display case in your one photo. What does it taste like? Do you have a recipe for a Champagne Cake? I would love to know, it would look great on my pink depression glass cake stand for when I have my 13 sister-in-laws over for tea. (Yep, my husband comes from a family of 12 !!!) I’m never deleting the pink pictures, ever!

    • sbranch says:

      Love it. I know how you feel; I kiss my electrical equipment also. My camera is covered in kisses I love it so much. I don’t have a recipe for that cake I’m sorry to say, I really never saw it before that day. I think for your mom, a really beautiful angel food with pink frosting would be just as good! Your Kitchen Aid could whip you up some beautiful fluffy egg whites for it! Thirteen sister in laws!!! What a fun party that would be. You could all talk about his crazy family! How fun!

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