Tea, Dishes and Cake!

Get tea in your favorite cup and come on back and click here for musica!  Today, we have lots of delicious photos, plenty of color, things for tea, dishes and cake!  But first . . . hello kitty. 

I promised Em, one of our girlfriends, who’s doing some redecorating, that I would show another photo of my chair . . . she’s looking for this fabric, or something like it, and I don’t remember where I got this.  If any of you decorators out there know what pattern this is, please leave a comment here for Em!

I’ve had several requests, so I thought I’d show you some of my dishes today!  We have to start with my kitchen cupboard because it’s like a toy for grownups!  My dad drove out from Arizona with his tool box and his dog, to help us move into our house.  The first thing I asked him to do was to take off the cupboard doors so I could see my dishes.  This is how it’s arranged today, but it’s gone through many changes: I find yellow glasses, out goes the clear ones; I find pink dishes, out go the purple ones.  Pretty much everything came from yard sales and antique stores.  You notice there’s a bowl full of kitty toys there. They’re everywhere. 

That’s a Johnson Brothers “Rose Chintz” teapot, a Martha’s Vineyard decorative plate, some of my Beatrix Potter people, an antique no-name brown transferware cup (with a singing bird on it!), my purple Windsor Ware china, some of my preferred fake fruit, topped off with my pink “Two Fond Hearts” plate!

These Minton cups belong to one of the girlfriends now . . . when my cupboards were full, I donated these to the Vintage section in our web store–I know they went to a good home! I hope she’s having a Valentine’s tea party to show them off!

More cups, most of them have no manufacturer or pattern names on the bottom; great shelf for display, useful too, doesn’t take up too much space.

Salt and pepper shakers, perfect for every occasion! 🙂

Very old Minton creamers and teapot (no pattern name is on the bottom of this set of dishes!).

I love to mix old and new for informal tea parties.  Emma mixes so well with antique dishes!

This little gem was all alone on an antique-store shelf when I found it; no name on bottom, no saucer, but look at it!  Abigail Adams probably drank out of it!  It should not be living alone!

You can mix your eras too . . . This yellow earthenware Oven Ware bowl perks up the Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz.

Love to mix and match dishes, some are one of a kind, but fit right in. This sauce bowl is English, Myott Son & Co “Swing Time” — and it’s the only piece of it I have.

 Copeland Spode and Emma Bridgewater — those English people really know what they’re doing!

A little mish-mash of small cups, flower salt and peppers, and one of my pride and joys, a tiny Japanese tea-for-one set.

This china has nothing on the bottom!  I think it should be famous!  So pretty on a summer table outside under the arbor! ♥  Makes you want to have a dinner party!

Adorable green bird salt and peppers AND, guess what?  They’re going to be my next give-away!  Surprise!  It’ll be in the next post!  (Are you dyin’? 🙂)  The bottoms twist off!

Gold-trimmed acorn plates make cake and ice cream positively elegant!

Some of you probably recognize this cup; it’s part of a tea set I designed for Lenox.  They’re not being made anymore, which seems to be the same thing you can say about EVERYTHING these days!  One of the fall-outs from the economy, at least as far as I’m concerned, are all the fun products that were requested and designed, but never got made.  Especially dishes!  

I designed tons of things for the wonderful 250+ year-old China maker, Wedgwood that, unfortunately, have never seen the light of day, until today!!  Back around 2002, Wedgwood asked for a complete collection of everything! Sugars, creamers, cake plates, butter dishes, dinner plates, mugs, tea pots, vases, jars, dresser trays, ice cream bowls, baby dishes, hanging plaques, glasses and accessories too, and pitchers . . . I love dishes so much, this was a dream job!!!

I drew and painted lots of ideas; here’s an earthenware milk pitcher and a hand-painted glass lemonade pitcher with a bird on the lid!

It’s so fun I can show them to you now — thank you again internet!  The economy started changing around the time I was painting these and, unfortunately, Wedgwood never made them (heart breaker — but I worked with really nice people at Wedgwood–it wasn’t their fault, just a sign of the times!).  I designed clear-glass formal candlesticks, and these green casual candlesticks.  Everything was measured, many things had back, side and top views; this candlestick came with my removable crystal bird bobêche.  I wanted everything to feel a little bit vintage and have wonderful details.

I designed lots of glasses, all kinds: etched, hand-painted with little flowers, cut and colored; and I named them; this champagne glass was “Sabrina.”  You have to use your imagination to hear the clear bell ring they make when you click them together — to see the sparkle they would have made when held up to the light!  My ice tea glass was thin, tall, etched, and green; I called it “Katherine” — there was also “Ingrid,” and “Audrey.”  I named them after old movies and movie stars.

This is a whistling tea cup.  When it’s filled with liquid, you can blow the bird whistle; it gurgles and sounds like chirping.

Of course, I had to have a red-lidded jar!  I had a whole line of these jars in all sizes, for cookies and sugar — the tall one for pasta had a red-striped lid.

I used lots of words; for example, I designed a set of eight cups, each one was a different shape and size, and each had different quote on them; I called them “conversation cups” because I thought they would get people talking around the table.

I guess I should stop!  I could do this all day, but you get the idea! It was a very fun job, and now that I can finally show them to you, it was all worth it!  We can pretend!  But onward and upward, it’s another day!  And my kitchen still smells like cake-baking!

Didn’t I say something about cake?  Yes, I did!  But I think I’ll give you the recipe for this absolutely delicious Milk Cake in the next post! (See that cake-edge?  I could go around the pan and cut off the edge and eat it first, it’s so good!  And the middle melts in your mouth!).  Plus, on the next post, we’ll take comments for the drawing for those green bird salt and pepper shakers; the perfect way to start thinking “spring” — and why not?  And remember, we’re all going to New York the end of the month, so stick with me!  (P.S. If you liked the music today, it’s from the Movie Midnight in Paris, which, if you haven’t seen it, I think you would love!)  Byeeeee! 

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431 Responses to Tea, Dishes and Cake!

  1. Pattie Callaghan says:

    What a beautiful palette – pink, green, white, and yellow with touches of other colors! Your cupboard is truly like a painting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Judy says:

      Hi Girlfriends! Does anyone know the name of the pattern of Susan’s beautiful set of white banded/mint green floral dishes? These are the ones she said has nothing on the bottom and would be great for a summer table under the arbor. I love the pattern and colors and would appreciate any help. Thank you!

      • Patricia from Philly says:

        Hi Judy!
        Just click on Susan’s photo and copy it, then paste the photo in an email to Replacements Ltd., and they’ll identify it for you… and maybe they’ll have some pieces. Although, keep in mind that Replacements prices are generally higher than you’d find on an online auction site like Ebay.
        Good luck!

      • Janet says:

        Judy – try sending photos of the pattern to Replacements – a tabletop company in North Carolina. Call 1-800-REPLACE or e-mail them at [email protected]. They’ll try to find it for you, if it’s findable. If not, they have JILLIONS of patterns to check out on their website – all kinds of china, flatware, stemware, serving pieces, everything to do with tabletop. I’ve gotten lots of my now-discontinued Royal Worcester Evesham Vale there – and gotten lost on their site even more! Customer service people are so nice too. Best of luck!

        • Judy E. says:

          Thanks Patricia and Janet! I’ll try my luck with Replacements and let you know. It’s good to have girlfriends with great advice!

  2. Patricia from Philly says:

    Here is a BOBECHE story you girlfriends might enjoy:
    Years ago, when my now 32 year old daughter Georgette was a wee babe, she started the nasty habit of tantrums… her pediatrician advised me that the next time she has one, to walk away, and make sure you are not in her sight while she is going through the tantrum.
    So, next day, she starts up… I walk into the kitchen, and turn my head away from her. Next thing I hear is that blood-curdling scream only a child can make.
    She had, in her anger, crawled under the dining room table, and pulled the antique lace tablecloth down with such force, that the cut glass bobeche around the candlesticks fell on her face, and split her lip open! Blood all over her face.. we were both in shock… that lovely cut crystal bobeche ended up as 3 stitches through her lip (a difficult spot for stiches to be made). To this day she has a small scar, a souvenir from her tantrum days! After that episode, we took all the bobeches off our candlesticks! Maybe now I can finally bring them out again – LOL!

    • Enikö says:

      Great story Patricia! Well, my bobeche story is a bit more X-rated than yours…thought you’d get a chuckle out of it. Soon after Jim & I fell in love, as I was setting the upstairs bedroom “stage” for romance, I lit a candle in a cut-glass candlestick on my bureau, on which lovely glass prisms were dangling from a bobeche (a birthday gift from my mom). We were sitting on the living room couch downstairs, swooning from cocktails and soft music when our flirty kisses erupted into passion. As we were swept up by the intensity of our love and desire, embracing and kissing with wild abandon, I opened my eyes ever so slightly and noted that it appeared as if we were lost in a hazy fog of light-headed love…”This must be true love,” I thought, “I can’t even see through the haze that envelopes us.”
      It was much later in the shower when I realized something was terribly wrong. My washcloth turned black as coal as I was washing my face…so disturbing…and such a mystery. Once the lights were on, I realized that my entire house was covered in black soot! “WHAT?!?!?”
      Then I discovered the burned-out candle on my bureau, the glass prisms laying oddly helter-skelter around the candlestick…with no sign of the bobeche…it had literally vanished!
      I later figured out that the bobeche must have been made in China from some horribly toxic plastic that caught on fire & created such an intense cloud of smoke when it flared-up that it filled two floors of the house with what I had perceived as the “haze of passion”. WOW!
      (It took months to clean-up the mess…all curtains, drapes, doilies and walls had to be washed…furniture steam-cleaned. Ten years and a relocation later, I occasionally still come across a little nick-nack or object with a film of soot that got missed in the clean-up and chuckle to myself, “Those were the days!”)

      • sbranch says:

        Reminds me of Like Water for Chocolate and the burning bed!!

      • Patricia from Philly says:

        Eniko, I am totally laughing so hard I am crying!!!
        “Haze of Passion” – LOL!!!
        And, I do know of the destruction you speak of, because my cousin woke up one morning to find her husband totally covered in oily soot, and everything else in her house as well!
        Her oil heater had a problem and kept mis-firing, and everything – everything! was covered in black soot. She just wanted to move away when that happened. Through her insurance, she hired a service company to come and clean everything. Even the cereal in their boxes had soot on it! Well, later on, she discovered the service company was throwing their soot-soaked rags down her bathroom toilets!
        She terminated them right there on the spot. Can you imagine waking up and seeing that on the person next to you?
        Bobeche = TROUBLE!!!

  3. Laura Ann says:

    Oh, my goodness. How can Jack be so cute? I think he got more than his fair share of cuteness. 🙂 My daughters rush over to the computer every time you post a picture of Jack because they love him so much, too.

  4. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Good Morning Susan! Snow flakes are whirling around outside, a perfect setting to enjoy your morning blog. I’m in heaven after seeing your pretty china collection. Oh my!!! I could just reach right into the computer screen and cuddle up with one your tea cups!!!! Thank you for the “eye candy”….love, love, love, all of the pink patterns!!!! Pink is my favorite color in the kitchen!!!!
    Hope you get snow soon, we are expecting 3-6 inches this weekend in lower Michigan. Take care of yourself!

  5. Enikö says:

    WOW! I’m so happy that I got to see some of your designs for Wedgewood -a dream job, for sure! Gosh, what I would give for that whistling cup of yours! I do hope they make it one day. What a gem you are…

  6. Carolyn says:

    I was holding my breath, well at least, breathing lightly as I drank in your blog today. I want every one of your dish/glass/cup/bobeche designs. They look as though they belong in a fairytale!

  7. Patti Hegge says:

    I so loved today’s posting. I adore tea, and dishes too! I loved your designs and find that my heart is wishing that somehow, someday you will be able to have those beautiful dishes produced. I collect tea cups, and enjoy having tea parties. I have cups from all over the world. My friends will sometimes bring a tea cup back from their travels. I think I may have to remove my cabinet doors too. :o)

  8. Betsy says:

    What a happy post from you today! I am a china nut! My Mom started me on Blue Willow and it will stay with me for life. However, when I saw your designs for Wedgwood I wanted them all. Couldn’t we start a movement to have an American manufacturer make them! I want every piece!!!

  9. April O'Toole says:

    Once again you’ve brightened up a snowy day! Maybe if we petition Wedgewood, they would still make your designs. I want one of Everything!

  10. Sally R. Radley says:

    Your dishes and the way you display them is beautiful, and can tell you love every one of them,,so do I!!! It does make me want to display some of mine better so we can really enjoy them,,alot of them are my husbands grandmothers,,which makes them special to us,,,I never had any grandparents,,they all died years before I was even born,,so I tell people how lucky they are to have anything of theirs!! It does make me want to go to our flea markets and antique stores, haven’t been in a long time…just thank you for letting us see your wonderful dishes!

  11. Mary says:

    Wow Susan! Thank you for a very fun visit!! I feel like I’ve really had a cozy tea party visit with you. It is sooo much fun looking at china, plates, cups… a few minutes of relaxation in the middle of a busy day! Thank you!

  12. Lori from Maine says:

    What a beautiful post, I love the colors. I started out collecting yellow-ware, just about the same time everyone else did, so I got ‘priced’ out. I have some of my grandmother’s and mom’s tea cups in a beautiful china closet.But…my big problem (according to hubby) is mugs. I love ’em. He announced the other day as he was putting away dishes (what a sweetie) that we’ve “maxed out our mug space” and I should think about getting rid of some. What to do, what to do. When I have my tea I don’t just grab any old mug. I have to pick out just the right one for my mood, the weather, etc. I know…I’ll hide them here and there in the kitchen…oops, I’ve already done that 🙁 The last mug I bought was from Stash Tea and it says ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Ahhhh, it seems to fit my moods/life right now. 🙂 Happy Thursday Susan and girlfriends. xo from SWH

  13. laurie says:

    such beautiful dishes you have, I see some of mine in among those beauties, you have inspired so many people to embrace the homelife and all it has for us to enjoy.I’m sorry that your lovely desihns did’t reach fruitation but you have such huge accomplishments in other things you must feel so proud and pleased.you always sound like your work is play, I love that, I have to say theres hardly a week go by I don’t call upon one of your booksfor recipes, you cook for real people real food, your girl friends book was such a joy when I got it, I love them all but the girl friends book is theone that when I think of you it jumps to mind, you are the perfect girlfriend and I’m blessed to have a few like you.Please be well and thankyou so much for blogging its a wonderful thing to have you right here in cyber space, we are in a complete and utter blizzard right now, your onion soup is bubbling on the stove!

  14. Susan Craft says:

    What a beautiful post! It’s a shame your designs were never manufactured. I particularly loved that charming lemonade pitcher, so cheerful and summer-y looking. I too am a dishaholic. I use Johnson Brothers Friendly Village pattern during the fall and winter and change to their Summer Chintz in the spring and summer. The chintz pattern is not vintage but pretty nonetheless. The Friendly Village dishes bring back precious childhood memories of my grandmother and a beloved aunt who served me delicious home cooked meals on those plates. Over the years I have collected 3 fine china patterns and bits and pieces of others. I have run out of storage space so now it is time to stop!
    By the way, Replacements Ltd. in Greensboro, NC has an amazing collection of vintage china and a wonderful web site. I have ordered a number of things from them and my experience has been very positive.
    Please show us more pictures of your lovely home. I loved seeing your kitchen and the Peter Rabbit room. I was inspired to do some redecorating. Thanks for your beautiful site, Susan. It is so uplifting and brings beauty into our lives.

  15. Karen Saunders says:

    Susan, I just emailed Wedgewood and said obviously they don’t know the heart of the American woman because if they did they would produce your stuff….and that we WANT it. I also said maybe Lenox would…..my bad? ANYWAY….I want it. I can’t find your dishes ANYwhere and believe me….my little fingers are worn out from looking on the internet!! What is wrong with these companies, even tho it’s hard times…..doesn’t mean we quit buying our ‘STUFF’… come on people!!

  16. pat addison says:

    good morning everyone, susan i love all the dishes and teacups, and want them all….i could get into serious trouble in your kitchen wanting to buy all the teacups and dishes. but i am curious as where you got that adorable stove you have, its so cute and reminds me of my grandma’s old woodstove, yes she used an old woodstove to cook in. matter of fact i found a website where i saw old fashioned stoves that worked, they had electric, gas and wood burning models. if you go to: http://www.heartlandapp.com/en/default.htm you can see some of them for yourself. they sell cook stoves, and fireplaces, wood burning stoves for heat and for cooking. its a wonderful site to go and see. enjoy. hugs……. 🙂

  17. Shanna says:

    After waiting for winter to begin in Northern California, it seems the rains are finally going to arrive today. I love being inside sipping tea out of pretty tea cups watching the storms while safely inside. And I love reading your posts! Kitties, tea and reading Susan Branch–a perfect winter day.

  18. Aggie says:

    On the subject of tea…I was treated to a Chinese tea this afternoon! I have Tiawanese co-workers who will be hosting lunch for Chinese New Year next week for us. Today we were treated to oolong, complete with a special pot and cups and explanation of the process.

  19. Kathy D'Amelio says:

    Ohhh how lovely to be sitting, sipping on a cup of tea, thank you for the lovely pictures of dishes. Nothing like a well brewed cup of tea, my mother who is irish thru and thru, would say. Of course it has to be in a china cup. I love your collection of tea pots. I would love to give your sweet birdies a nest to rest in at my home in CT. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  20. Sara says:

    Thank you for the glimpse into your cupboards filled with such treasures. I do hope someday your designs for Wedgewood will be created. I know I would collect them all!

  21. Connie B says:

    Thank you for your post on the beautiful dishes. My Grandmother left this world when my Mother was young but I have a collection of her gold rimmed Willow Ware which I cherish. I use it for special events and can feel her love when I carefully use them.

  22. Rosemary says:

    This wonderful post makes me weak in the knees! Your dishes are scrumptious and I am taken with all of them. What a sad thing that those that you designed were never made. I cannot imagine. They are so delicate..love the candlestick and the champagne glasses. Your dish display is so beautiful and accessible. The Minton tea pot and creamers are to DIE FOR! At what point do we have to stop collecting? I think about things like that, now. No Fun! Truly, it hasn’t happened yet! Very fun to read some of the comments, too. I am looking for the upcoming milk cake recipe. Wish I had some now.
    Beautiful day!

  23. Ellen Beeton says:

    Oh my gosh, so many beautiful things, I just don’t know what to say. I love the teapots and teacups the very most. Just gorgeous.

  24. I love your opening picture today. Sorry, I can’t help with the identity of the fabric, looks very Laura Ashley of an era gone, but not how the current collection is. It is beautiful.
    In our house we have a standing joke:
    Q: What do you call cupboards without doors?
    A: Shelves 😉
    However, your collection of dishes and such leaves my own way behind; it is such a pleasure to see yours, and I agree Emma Bridgewater blends in just so perfectly with vintage and antique. Have you seen her new collection celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of HRH Queen Elizabeth II? It is small, but I expect it will grow soon, as she usually does add more pieces for an event.
    Talking of the Diamond Jubilee, our boutiques and shops are starting to fill with all the wonderful things that can be used to host an event to celebrate. This is the time I wish I did not live at the bottom of a muddy lane but on a street so I could organise a good, old fashioned Street Party, like we did for the Silver Jubilee in 1977. Such Fun! Banners and Bunting strung across the streets from house to house, tables and chairs lined up end to end down the middle of the road (yes, down the middle of the road) and absolutely groaning under the weight of plate upon plate of scrummyummyliscious food and drink. I must see if I can talk my way to become and adopted resident of a nearby street that is hosting a Street Party . . I’m just itchin’ and a twitchin’ to bake themed cupcakes and such . . . Happy Days!

    • Patricia from Philly says:

      Deborah and Susan:
      I imagine that for the anniversary, in addition to the mug and other pieces that are on her website, Emma will do a beautiful mug like she did for the Queen’s 80th birthday (which I bought and am so glad I spent the $$ on it).
      Also, Susan, there is a watercolorist/potter on Etsy by the name of Cynthia Crane. She has lovely Staffordshire-like pieces that are so
      beautiful … I gave her your website with the hope (wishful thinking!) that she could produce your bird-whistle mug, at least. Susan, check out her wares on Etsy… they are so sweet and delicate. I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds! Please don’t be angry with me… we girlfriends just want to see that bird mug in our HANDS!

  25. Shana says:

    Dear Susan,

    You never cease to amaze me at how you can make everything better! You’ve made me want to cook with your water-color cookbooks and those designs you’ve made for the products just takes dishes to the next level…I love that whistling teacup, the candle stick and I love those glass jars with the red lids! Congratulations on having your designs finally come to life!

    What I want to know is, where can I buy these items?


    P.S. Show us more of your beautiful designs.

  26. Lena says:

    Oh my, how I would have loved a whistling teacup! I imagine it first as a grandchild cup, filled with peppermint tea and overflowing with memories, as it continued to be passed down through the generations.

    All of your designs are lovely.

  27. Mona says:

    I loved the quote at the end of your blog. It was made into a song in an animated movie called “Gay Purr-ee”. Judy Garland was the voice of Mewsette, a cat who runs away to Paris, and she sings the song. So beautiful! I hope you get a chance to see the movie if you haven’t already. It’s worth it to hear Judy sing!

    I am emotionally attached to my dishes. They are like family. Just like my cats. It seems like we all have the same hearing problem, too; we see the dishes and they start talking to us (“Take me home – you know you love me – I’ll look great next to the china”). But that’s okay, right? It makes us happy, a homey, peaceful happiness that we share everyone who comes into our home. And it’s such a shame your dishes weren’t put into production. I don’t even drink and I’d buy those lovely champagne glasses!

    And just so you know, your blogs would not be complete without a picture or two of Jack (and your lovely Girl Kitty). Thanks for including them! =^..^=

  28. Lisa Nielsen says:

    Hi Susan,

    Love, love, love the photos of your dishes and decorating. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I think the fabric on your chair is by Waverly. I don’t know the name of it, but I know that Waverly has several in that style. Good luck to the lady who asked.

  29. Sandra R says:

    I seriously want the whistling teacup!! I want alot of the the other lovely things, but I SERIOUSLY want the adorable whimsical charming delightful whistling teacup! Who knew teacups could whistle? Well, obviously Susan B did, but not me. Really, big mistake on part of Wedgewood. You do amazing work.

  30. Barbara says:

    Oh boy….you are killing me with all those fabulous dishes. I love the pink and white mug that’s front and center (with the tea strainer on it) and those adorable birdies.
    Any chances you will ever produce that lemonade pitcher because I think it looks like the kind of thing that would shout my name and I would take one glance at it and know that I NEEDED to have it. It usually goes something like “Oh hello, you’ll be coming home with me today:)”

  31. Patricia from Philly says:

    OK, so what I really want to know, from all you Girlfriends, is when shall we start planning the Friends of Susan Branch convention? And, there is really
    only one place to have it: England!!!
    (or maybe California?)

    • Jacqui says:

      What a fantastic idea! I moved to Australia from England Nov 10 BUT will be in England next October ………………

    • Karen P. says:

      Oooohhhhh!!! I vote for England!

    • Janet says:

      Psych, Patricia! I just posted the VERY SAME suggestion about 15 min ago! Great minds think alike, huh? LOL. Seriously though… this could happen. Massive organization, yes – but definitely do-able! Let’s getting going everyone! :>)

  32. Maryann Mullen says:

    I think the fabric on your chair is a Waverly Fabric…. I had a similar pattern and bought the fabric from JoAnn’s about 25 years ago. I slipcovered my couch and loveseat and many cushions…. loved the pattern. Think it was called Pleasant Hill???? or Pleasant Something. Had those roses and leaves that looked like strawberry leaves with white background…. Loved it!

  33. michelle allen says:

    I love seeing your beautiful dishes. I have an addiction to dishes too, I just wish I had more space so I could get more. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Cindy Tuning says:

    Well…now you can add Mind Reader to your list of accomplishments! I have been loving your dish pattern for a while but didn’t want to ask you what the name of it was because I didn’t want to seem like a copycat.So I Googled and searched through many patterns until I found it and ordered two teacups and saucers on e-bay. They arrived today.Love them! I crave more!! I saw Midnight In Paris night before last and also loved it. That would have been my favorite time and place also. That or NYC in the 40’s.I’m going to go make a cup of tea in my new cups now.

  35. Linda Gilliam says:

    Love love love your blog Susan..love the graphics, the stories and the wonderful nostalgic glimpses into your world! Your dishes are fabulous, thmy parents were antique dealers for years in California, wish I had key pt more than I did of my Mom’s things…sigh, the stupidness of youth…lol!
    I am SO excited about the birdies being given away, what do we have to do?

  36. Julie Cavrich says:

    I just love the acorn dish! But, as others have said, the whistling tea cup would have been grand! At least we have your beautiful paintings. Your house is so beautiful, and homey. I feel like I could just walk into your pictures. And, of course, I loved Jack. Kisses to the Kitties!

  37. Troy Louise says:

    Oh what a lovely, lovely sight to see all of your beautiful dishes. And, your designs for new ones are heavenly. I have an elephant pitcher just like yours – it was my Mothers & I know nothing about it. Do you? Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face. Hugs.

  38. Pat says:

    Hi Susan!
    You are so right that your china cupboard is a toy box for adults ..your dishes are so pretty and exactly the eclectic type I adore! If I saw a copy of your elephant creamer for sale I’d be giddy with excitement. I have a kitty creamer, a quintessential cow creamer and a lamb creamer, so I guess I am a animal shaped creamer collector ….lol
    I loved your Lenox teapot and tried to buy it from their web site a few years ago but they were out of stock and never re-stocked it 🙁
    I loved all your Lenox patterns and the Wedgwood pieces would have been so darling! If the economy improves and you get commissioned to design new china pieces PLEASE include a version of the chirping bird tea cup — that is so adorable!

    As a lifelong New York City gal ( I live in Brooklyn) I’m looking forward to your NYC adventure in your next post.

    Thanks for such a cheerful post ..it is just what I needed tonight.



    As a New York City gal ( I live in brooklyn) I look forward to your next post

    • Linda in Texas says:

      Pat, the elephant creamer was made by Shawnee Pottery. I just checked ebay and saw two for sale on the first page for Shawnee Pottery.

  39. Mary Weir says:

    THIS is why I open your blog after a long tough day of being a substitute teacher in kindergarten! What a pleasure to see your cupboard and dishes — I so adore going through this department in antique stores too! And I wasn’t going to write, just enjoy it, until I got to your beautiful Sabrina champagne glasses. They are the same shape as the ones my husband’s grandmother brought over from Ireland when they emigrated — the “cup” part anyway; our stems are smooth instead of faceted like yours. The lore is that the glasses were the only valuable she was able to keep when they left. Your flowers and leaves look so much like the ones on ours, except that the flowers are in a top “row” with the leaves on a bottom one and there are “cross hatches” seprating flower from flower and flowers from leaves. I don’t know what the correct crystal term is, but they look like cross hatches to me. They are so lovely and romantic. We should use them more often! And I so love both versions of “Sabrina” that now I’ll always think of your design when we do. Thank you for sharing and for being a bright spot (as always) in the day…evening, actually. More kindergarten tomorrow…I’m afraid I’d rather take on 8th graders any day. I think kindergarten teachers are angels with the patience of saints!

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, you should know!! 🙂 I think most teachers fit that description!

      • Mary Weir says:

        Thanks for responding Susan!
        I’m afraid I am neither angelic nor saintly and find that my patience is tried to its limit by this age. I’ve found that 4th grade is about the perfect balance for me of grown-up kids along with math I can still do — and teach — well.
        Thanks for planning to “take us along” on your NYC trip. I haven’t been able to go since I worked in Los Angeles in my 20s. I loved my business trips there — on one trip I even got to stay at the Plaza! I always stayed extra for the weekend on my own dime. Can’t wait to “see” it through your eyes.

  40. Jan says:

    Loved the pictures of your dishes! Got me thinking about my blue flowered tea cups and saucers – just like the blue flowered tea cup in your pictures. Had to go take them out of my buffet and put them out on display. I love dishes too! I have some pink glassware dishes my grandma gave me.
    Loved the drawings of your dishes- to- be, too.Thanks for the sneak peek picture from your new book. I can’t wait !!!!!

  41. I love seeing your dishes!

    It is so nice to see another who really needs therapy. I mean, really, my husband says I’ve never met a dish I didn’t like.

    Which is not true at all for I know I have met one or two through the years.

    Yours are lovely as is your home and your books and YOU. 🙂

  42. Marilyn says:

    Even though it is sunny in AZ, looking at your pictures made everything seem more like spring than anything I’ve experienced in a long time. It made me want to open the doors on my corner cupboard so I could see my dishes and crystal but with 2 cats who would be way too curious I can’t bring myself to do it. I shall have to live vicariously through your lovely pictures.

  43. jennifer says:

    MIDNIGHT IN PARIS…..is the best!! I LOVED it!!!! It’s magical.
    Have you ever seen CHOCOLAT? So so good. Was it on your list?

    Adore the birdie salt and peppers. Oh yes I do.

  44. Theresa says:

    If ever you are able to market those red-lidded jars again, I’ll buy ’em. My dream is to one day store all my pantry goods in glassware. 😉 Thank you for showing all your wonderful dishes. 🙂

  45. Oh Susan your post today is just wonderful! I love dishes and glassware and pottery and teapots (I have over two hundred of them lol). Therefore your post today was like eye candy for me! :o) Thank you for sharing them with us. The ones that you designed are just gorgeous!

    Hugs XX

  46. Paige Zeigler says:

    My sister and cousin have been big fans of yours for many years and when together the talk about you. Thankfully they have given me your wonderful cook books which I’ve cooked and baked from. These books are some of my favorite reads. Somehow I missed the other part of your artistic abilities so I am newbie to your world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art work and letting me into your home. I’m planning to re-do my decor and would truly like to base it on your pink roses, mixed patterns, and light colored walls. I also love old dishes and kitchen ware with history. It gives me a sense of belonging to see the things that were from family and friends. And, of course, it is very comforting, soothing, and peaceful to drink tea from a cup that a girl-friend gave me.

  47. Tiina says:

    pick me please! I love your blog and all the pics

  48. Karen V says:

    Dear Susan,
    Loved today’s post and getting a peek at some of your pretty dishware. I also have lots of “mix and match”, I think it makes a collection so much more interesting!
    I love the whistle cups, I have a couple with birds on them, they’re so cute but hard to find! I love that you mentioned the single tea cup, I too can never resist one pretty cup or dish, even if it’s all alone, I just figure it needs me!

  49. stephanie says:

    You are a genius! That whistle idea is brilliant. You are some kind of dishware-whisperer.

    It’s a crime that these are not made into real plates. I’m glad it’s in the blog – we can put it out there to the universe – with all our collective girlfriend chi – and let’s see if we can turn these ideas into reality.

    Part of the reason I only use old cups, mugs, plates etc. is because there is nothing ‘new’ that is more beautiful or unique. Except for your ideas – you never see things like this in the real world!

    Just absolutely fantastic!

  50. Kate says:

    Oh it makes me cry that those candle sticks and bird bobeshe are not real for me to buy! and the darling pitcher, and cup and, and oh I love it all. What about Hallmark? They always seem to have cute things kinda like this. And the Farm Chick with Country Living had stuff made too. April Cornell, Marjorie B something, the card artist from the netherlands I think, all had china and cute things made. There has to be a way! Oh there is a place now where you can get any thing you draw made into quilt fabric, Im planning on doing my antique china one of these days. (Spoonflower)
    Well Ill keep dreaming and maybe something will happen to get your wonderful ideas off the paper and into my house! Thanks for sharing the yummy ideas.

  51. Kirsten Wichert says:

    I don’t know how you keep topping yourself, Susan! This blog was especially beautiful, starting with Jack on your beautiful chair (my cats ruined one I have just like yours) and all the beautiful dishes and your designs! Just like reading my favorite magazines. Your page in Romantic Homes is lovely. I just got it. My cupboards are filled with things collected over a lifetime. Some things inherrited from Greatgrandmothers…….linnens that were handmade and embroidered, old spode (very), 2 chests of silverware. I’ve decided to use it more………what am I waiting for? I especially love collecting tea cups……matching saucers or not. When I need a gift for someone special, I give one away, so I just keep collecting! Am I making excuses?LOL Don’t care. I have teacups in just about every room. Oh, and just like the other girlfriends…….I would love to get that whistling tea cup! How cute it is! But I would settle for the bird salt and pepper shakers. ha, ha, ha. Going to make some tea now. I get a craving after reading your blog!

  52. Linda Trokey says:

    Oh Susan, your love for china and glass rivals mine. My dear friend in South Carolina has the Rose Chintz dishes and I found her another Johnson Brothers pattern, “Winchester” on ebay and gave her a couple plates. They have a little bit of yellow on them and I noticed you love a little yellow thrown in for color – such a happy and sunny color. I feel so lucky to have two of your teacups and I too, can hardly pass up china or glass in an antique store without purchasing at least one piece. I can’t wait to try the “milk cake” and am keeping my fingers crossed for those precious bird salt and pepper shakers. It’s cold here in the Midwest but you warmed my heart with your beautiful blog. Thank you!

    Linda Trokey

  53. Hello Susan 🙂 A friend just emailed your newsletter over to us because she thought you’d be right up our alley! We’ve enjoyed visiting you so much….your dishes are dishy for sure…we love collecting plates, plates and more plates ~ and tea, well, we just purchased a tea company so we are ALL about tea parties! We’ll be bookmarking you and visiting again….it was truly lovely meeting you!
    Karla & Karrie

  54. Lois Faye Burgess says:

    Hi Susan and Girlfriends!

    It was so delightful to visit your china collection! I love the blending of colors and pink has always been a favorite of mine. I have a few dishes in the rosaline pattern from luminarc dating back to the 1980’s. They are sitting in the top shelf of my mum’s china cabinet. Below are her Royal Doulton china (Glen Auldyn pattern). They seem made for each other. The only thing I am rather ashamed to admit here is I don’t like tea or coffee! There I said it–whew! I have tried both but my taste buds only pucker in displeasure. Because I love pretty mugs I content myself with sipping my milk and here it is : my Ovaltine!

    Susan, I can’t wait til you post your recipe for milk cake, as I enjoy baking! Especially when you can serve a dessert on a pretty dish. Perhaps someday, you could share when you first shared your beautiful gift of drawing and designing.

    We are supposed to get 5 cm. of snow here in the Annapolis Valley,Nova Scotia. Perfect for taking a walk in and curling up to read Pride and Prejudice. Have an lovely day everyone.


    • dottie says:

      Lois — I too have lan extensive set of Rosaline which has been little used though it traveled to Europe and back with me. I only unboxed it in the last year or so and have it on the lowest kitchen shelf and we are getting some use from it finally along with my wedding china from forty plus years ago! Why didn’t we use these things sooner is my thought! The Rosaline also is lovely with my most recent set of china which is an old-fashioned pink, blue, yellow and green floral with a fine blue line at the edges and I am going to do some mix and match with those as I did in Europe now that I have all of them available! Time to play with my toys and enjoy them.

      • Lois Burgess says:

        That’s lovely Dottie! I remember when I was buying some of the pieces the sales clerk mentioned how strong and durable they used one of the water tumblers in their bathroom. One day, their little girl accidentally dropped one in the process of rinsing her teeth and it didn’t break! Sounds like their ability to travel to and across Europe is also a testament to their durability!! Enjoy all your dishes. Thanks for the reply!

  55. Patricia from Philly says:

    Good morning everyone! Very cold here in Philly, but sadly, no snow!
    This is for EM who queried about Susan’s chair fabric: I emailed the photo to Waverly and asked them if they could identify it. I have not heard back yet,
    but (fingers crossed) maybe they’ll be kind enough to respond!

  56. KatchensKitchen says:

    Hi Susan-
    The fabric on your chair looks like it’s part of Schumacher for Waverly’s Garden Room Collection.

    There is a lighter weight, less expensive fabric that was used for pillows, curtains, tablecloths etc.

    You can sometimes find it on eBay, here is an example:


    Thank you for your wonderful blog! I’m really enjoying it!


  57. KatchensKitchen says:

    uh-oh~ I hope I didn’t break the board with my long link!

    If so~I am so sorry! (slinking away with a red face)

  58. Cindy Berry says:

    Too bad about those dishes and jars – would have loved those jars! Thanks for sharing!

  59. Karen Saunders says:

    I just finished looking at all your lovely dishes again. I love the pink and purple, but at one time in my life you’d never hear me say that. My poor Mom. I only had one older brother whom I absolutely adored. He was so good to me. And boy howdy I wanted to be with him and go everywhere with him…he was two years older than me. So of course I had to be a tomboy. My poor Mom would say “What color do you want me to paint your room?” …..and EVERYtime I would say ‘brown’.
    I didn’t really want it brown but I couldn’t pick a ‘sissy’ color. Now all I want is ‘sissy’ colors. I must be making up for lost time because I LOVE EVERYTHING PINK!!!!…..or purple, I just love all those wonderful colors. Especially in dishes. My Mom had a little girl but not really!!! (she did later….when I got a little older.) How disappointing for her when she could have dressed me up in all those little frilly dresses….. well THAT didn’t happen!!!!! oh well, she was so great to let me go off and be a tomboy with my brother and his friends. I loved my Mom….Susan, I hope you sit down and have a cup of tea with your Mom for me….I wish my Mom was still alive..I miss her.

  60. Kathleen says:

    Hi Susan! Love your dishes! I have two tips for your NYC trip. First, Fishs Eddy (Broadway at 19th st) – a dishes and glasswear shop… not to mention bowls, teapots, all sorts of servewear… I can never pass it by! They have their own lines of patterened glasswear (some NY themed) and they also sell vintage dinnerware. Such a cheerful store – I absolutely love it… think you will too. Second, for a taste of “old world” NY – The Tenement Museum on the lower east side. You get to view restored apartments from the early 1900s and hear the stories of past residents, which makes it very personal…. different and very well done… Yes, I am a fan from NYC 🙂

  61. Tracy Nassau says:

    LOVED peeking into your kitchen shelves to see the wonderful dishes ….. whats not to love about our mad obsession with china and glassware! And we have so much in common, Rose Chintz! Peter Rabbit, Hunca Munca, the Tailor of Gloucester….ALL enjoy living among my transferware as well. Do you like milk glass? I adore it bc it goes with EVERYTHING, I would love to see if you use it also.
    You know, when you were in Country Living magazine a few yrs ago….a fall issue (I saved the pages in my FALL notebook of ideas)…I went crazy over that article! It was wonderful!! I make your ginger crisp cookies every year…they are definitely a favorite of mine and I also make them at Christmas and give away lots to appreciative souls. The potatoes Anna with the purple potatoes cut out as leaves? I swooned over them, what a presentation! Well, its just two of zillions of your recipes that I love. They are just my GO TOs….esp. when I want to make something I know will be GOOD>

    (back to dishes)…. I went crazy over your purple transferware (featured in that article) and tried desperately to find that pattern. You said they were Johnson Bros…..and I thought maybe the pattern Elizabeth? …Now I noticed in your recent blog post you said the purple transferware are Windsor Ware. Are those the same ones in that older Country Living photo shoot? Now onto another magazine….I just got the latest ROMANTIC HOMES and was thrilled to see you in there…..its FINE that all the other artisans, designers, etc. had one page each, but I wanted to see a ten page feature on you! For crying out loud, they missed the boat!!! You could have easily filled ten pages with amazing valentine inspiration!
    …OK, but on another topic … I was stunned again to see my envelope on your Jan. 14th post. I was out last Saturday afternoon with my friend Nancy (we had just created amazing valentines at a lovely paperart store nearby…)and my friend Sheri sent me a text to look on the website bc she saw it first! I have to tell you…. I was so full of pure delight this entire week, gloating over my fortune and fame, to be a cherished letter from the past when we all snail mailed more!!!
    Thanks for everything you do, thank you for sharing your ARTFUL, romantic lifestyle with all of us on such a personal level, we all love and appreciate you.
    I hope you are feeling it!!!
    I’m making your choc. truffles for my Girlfriends Valentine Party on Feb. 10th (10 yrs running!)….you are CORDIALLY INVITED! And I plan on incorporating some of your other wonderful ideas I read about in the latest Willard.
    I look forward to your new book and SOMEDAY I would love to see you at a book signing….my hope is that you have a stop in St. Louis! I read someone mentioned the Tattered Cover in Denver, I love that store so much….my daughter has taken me there many many times so I would love to see you there as well:)
    Friends across the miles,

    • sbranch says:

      I wondered if the writers of those letters would find them — how could I possibly throw your letter away? So darling!!! Thank you Tracy, so nice to hear from you!!!

  62. Bobbie says:

    I love your teacups so much I linked my blog (from thistothatbybobbalou) back to you! Its a lovely snow day here in illinois and I get to leave early- I may just have to have a little tea party when I get home! I absolutely LOVE the whistling teacup! You make me smile! The girlfriends post – I laughed out loud at the song I love it! I also sent that one to my girlfriend in CA (we’ve been friends since we were 11!)

  63. Jack says:

    Nerts , mine vanished too and it was so good!

  64. Sandy says:

    That cake looks delicious! The only problem is deciding between milk or coffee to go with it! Love the birds too.

  65. Susan Simon says:

    Good morning, Susan and everyone…
    Loved seeing all the gorgeous dishes, the designs for the gorgeous glassware which were inexplicably never made. The Johnson brothers dishes made me smile; my grandma had a lot of those that were wedding gifts.

    I saw your blog while I was in Arizona; wanted to comment then but didn’t have time; and came home to a definite snowstorm here in Chicagoland… lucky to be home yesterday as so many flights were cancelled.

    Susan, when you posted about your dishes, I was hoping to see amongst all your English bone china one or two pieces of Hammersley china. It’s no longer made, but there are some really beautiful old pieces. I have collected quite a bit of it as that was my maiden name! My mom has a collection of it, too. Would love to see more of your dishes. I also wish that there was a way for all of us to give a collective nudge to get your dishes made.

    Take care, off to shovel the driveway!

  66. Shawn says:

    Tweet tweet the salt and pepper are so sweet
    Would love to win!

  67. NITA says:


  68. Jacqui G says:

    Of course, I sent those Wedgewood people a piece of my mind as well! Picked up the prettiest canister from Ebay, one of your designs with a dear little house on the lid. It came in a box with your green illustration like the Days book. Love it! Oh and love you, love the dishes…love the blog… Hope I win 🙂 xoxo Your friend, Jacqui

  69. Cyndi Harp says:

    I love the candlestick!! Boo they didn’t make them!

  70. Victoria says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your birdie salt and pepper shakers are sooo cute ! I can hear them chirping! I have never seen ceramic s/p shakers that unscrew from the bottom.
    Thank you for giving us a special tour of some of your treasures so we could see them up close. . . so much fun! It is such a thrill to find old and unique things that you never knew you just had to have…keeps me going!
    Oh how I wish your special designs had been manufactured! They are all so beautiful! Maybe we Girlfriends could convince Lenox or Wedgewood to reconsider.
    We have the same taste and I have found it difficult finding things I like, these days. Maybe, in your spare time…. (ha! ha! ha! ha!) … you could design some cabbage rose and floral prints like your beautiful chair is covered in. I too was wondering where you had found the material, and the ones you would design would even be more beautiful.
    This morning after reading your blog, I just had to drop everything and Make Cake! Yummm! Just perfect! My husband loved it! Thank you!! XO! ….and kitty kisses to Girl and Jack!

  71. I loved the Midnight in Paris movie! The costumes, the music, the setting in the past was stunning! Good Morning Joe, Susan, Girl kitty and curious Jack! He looks all well now! I love the whistling tea cup! Oh how I would love to win the beautiful green headed birds!

  72. Carolyn Harrison says:

    Thank you so much for the tour of your china cabinet, and my glimpse of those sweet little birds. What a perfect dream of spring on a icy, snowy weekend.

    I am obsessed with china and pottery, so this was a delight.

  73. Katia says:

    Oh!My Gosh! Surely, there is someone in America who could make these dishes!?!!!!!Judging by all the comments, you would not be able to keep these dishes on the shelves!!! I personally LOVE the shape of the plates, not to mention the colors!!! The white with the pink trim and flowers scattered all over,Susan those are the everyday dishes Ive been searching for !!! I knew they existed outside of my imagination!!! Pleasssssssse!!! You need a line of AMAZING tea cups & saucers too!!! 🙂

  74. heidi shorts says:

    oh susan! how can we arrange to get those BEAUTIFUL china and crystal pieces produced ??? i am in love! green glass, etched flowers, pedestals, painted words & flowers AND red lids…ooooh, my favorites!
    of course, i adore your little green birdies, too. if you hadn’t said differently, i’d have guessed you designed them…and i would be lying if i didn’t say that they would look just splendid on my table. oh, bird envy!
    i thought of you often this weekend…we flew to newport, RI for my son’s graduation from OCS for the navy. it snowed and snowed saturday and it was absolutely lovely (AND COLD) and i wondered what you were experiencing on martha’s vineyard. i kept thinking…we are SO close…we could just go visit. HA!!!
    anyway, thank you for your continual inspiration and the way i feel so content to be so low tech when i read your blogs and peek into your cozy world.

  75. Mary S. says:

    OMGoodness!! I absolutely LOVE and ADORE all the dishes, etc. you designed for Wedgwood!!!!!! I want them!! 🙁

  76. Jeanie Bragin says:

    Thank you for all the writing, drawing, painting, photographing, filming and music recording that you do for your blog and the Willard newsletter! I have been reading the blogs since before Christmas with great joy. I love everything about your work. It makes me very happy to see happy things every time I look. I love Jack! I have four cats with personality plus three foster cats (who I need to have someone adopt). I’m going to use your ideas for displaying the tea cups etc. that I have accumulated from my mother and grandmother. Thanks for including us in your happy life.

  77. Andrea Birch says:

    I love the bird s and p shakers. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing your designs. I hope they are made someday. I will buy them. You are truly gifted with incredible talents.

  78. Betsy says:

    Well that cake looks yummy!
    And I’m feeling lucky about those bird s&p’s! 🙂 fingers crossed!
    ……and toes! hahaha. 🙂

    Thanks, Susan.

  79. Pat Beckman says:

    Just can pictures those adorable salt and peppers on my hutch with all my plates or at my family tea party
    Thanks for all your blogs

  80. Marcie says:

    Your blog gives me JOY,
    I love all your “girly” stuff. Living in a house full of men and teenage boys, my daughter and I sometimes forget we are “GIRLS”. Reading your blog makes me get back in touch with my whimsical feminine side. I have even planned a tea party, (no boys allowed) my daughter and I have been collecting things for it for several weeks now, and I’ve had so much fun going to the local antique shops looking for tea cups, cake stands. I even got out my grandmothers handmade lace doilies, I can’t wait. Thank you so much for all your inspiring ideas. O and those little green birdies would be a cute addition to my table…:)


  81. Trudy says:

    I love your blog. There is so much creativity here that I feel myself becoming more so because of it. I love the birds, and I do believe that I can hear them calling my name. If you listen closely I am sure you can hear them too. Please draw my name.

  82. Deena says:

    Oh my! I feel I will never be complete now without Susan’s dishes! And I simply LOVE the green jar with the red lid!!! Surely there must be a way to get these precious items made! I will be the first in line to swoop them up!

  83. Claudia Lann says:

    Love, love, love your dish drawings for WEDGEWOOD!! How in the world could they leave these wonderful ideas unused???!!
    I especially love the lemonade pitcher, the “whistling tea cup” (I’d buy it in a heartbeat!), the red-topped jars, and the pink rimmed plate (“it’s not what’s in the plate”) and the “conversation cups” !! (Even though we didn’t SEE the cups, the IDEA was wonderful and I KNOW they would be beautiful!)
    And I think Karen Saunders had a great idea (writing WEDGEWOOD). We should all do that!

  84. bobbie says:

    Oh by the way Susan my dear- you are rubbing off on me- I found a darling pedastal bowl at the local resale shop and it somehow managed to come home with me- “this looks like one Susan would have” is what was going thru my mind as I tried in vain to talk myself out of it- I cant wait to use it with my valentine decor!!!

  85. Phyllis says:

    I collect green anything and I would love to win the salt and pepper shakers. Enjoy your blog!

  86. nettie says:

    I can hardly wait to make that cake….of course I was supposed to have lost a few pounds before I bake again after the holidays but my birthday is coming up so I just might forget about those few pounds. It would really be fun to win something but even if I don’t win, I love the blogs……..thank you

  87. Karen Baron says:

    Susan: It warms my heart to read all your lovely thoughts and inspires me to create from viewing all your lovely designs. Thank you for sharing a part of you with me. K.B.

  88. Janet Evans says:

    Will you ever do PJ’s again? Mine are just about worn out from loving. 🙁

  89. Denise Elizabeth Chrzanowski says:

    I absolutely adore your artwork! I just purchased two of your calendars today. Thanks for making my days brighter!

  90. Kit says:

    Your blog makes me feel so warm and cozy and I feel so good afterward. I lite my fire, grab a hot cup of tea and wander about my home and just smile. I have the same glass plate with the “yoke” saying. Found it at an antique store on one of my travels. Thanks for always making life so pleasant and pretty. Kit

  91. nettie says:

    loved hearing about having your colors done. 23 year ago when I finished chemotherapy two very special friends treated me to a session of having my colors done. to this day I try to wear colors that are in my palet and I always feel better when I do. Now that my hair is totally grey my colors look even prettier so don’t be afraid of when that time comes. I do so enjoy your blogs and especially your stories and your music and your dishes and oh yeah…everything!!!

  92. PauliJ says:

    Surely, the economy is well enough for someone to produce your exceptionally lovely dishes, glasses, pitchers, cake plate, green jar with the red lid, etc. by now? Oh, how I wish someone would.

    Thank you for sharing them with us, Susan. 🙂

  93. Caren Lara says:

    I love reading your blogs. I see that you were born in the same year I was 1947 so welcome to Medicare and our “Golden Years”. I would love to win something from you. I have a few of your cookbooks and have purchased some of your paper and stickers over the years. I too grew up in California, but in the SF/Bay Area and now live in the Midwest. Hope to hear from you.

  94. Joan Lesmeister says:

    That was fun! Revisiting this blog was delightful, & perfect for a Monday morning! Thank you! xo

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