Home At Last!

We’re Home!  We got home Friday night. I woke up this morning to an almost-full snow moon peeking through the bare branches of the tree outside our bedroom window.  The house is quiet, the streets are deserted, I’m back to my morning routine of ball throwing for Jack, tummy rubbing for Girl, and tea with stretching exercises.  Mrs. Miniver was on TV this morning (giving good reason to cry hysterically, one of my favorite things to do any time of day, as long as it’s only a movie!); tea kettle is steaming, heater’s humming. I think the house is happy to have us back, but probably not as happy as we are!  Going away is wonderful, but coming home is even better!

Especially when your house has critters in it.  I couldn’t wait to get in the door!  Hugs and a belly rub for Girl Kitty; her curiosity forced her to stick around and watch us for a while, but then, because she’s eleven years old and set in her ways, up the stairs she goes, back to her spot on our bed.  My little beloved Jackie Boy, now almost six months old, follows me everywhere I go.  He is here right now, in my studio as I’m typing, curled up under the lamp on my art table. I can’t keep my hands off him; I pick him up, roll him around, all furry and soft; he stretches full length, arching his back and putting his front paws above his head, purring the whole time, trusting me.  Such a little doll.  Isn’t that mustache amazing?  He still picks up the ball in his mouth and brings it back to me when I throw it!  He somersaults across the floor at least three times when he pounces on the ball; you can always tell where he is because there’s a bell in the ball.  I don’t get much done; I write one sentence; I hear the jingle of the ball drop at my feet; I stop, throw it; it bounces off the back of the sofa, he jumps four feet in the air to catch it; he drops and rolls with it, because he is a drama king.  I type another half of a sentence, he is back, the ball rolls at my feet, jingling.  Ask not for whom the bell tolls . . . I get nothing done.  I take Joe his tea at 7 am and I also take him Jack!  I wrap his strong little kitten body around my neck like a fox fur and up the stairs we go.

I’ve been unpacking, doing our travel laundry — is there anything better than being buried in warm laundry on a chilly Saturday afternoon while watching an old movie?  I’ll ask Joe.  He says, “no there’s not!”  He was so cozy in there, I had to go get the camera.

Joe had gone downtown to the PO earlier, to collect the mail — in the pile was my December Friends of Gladys Taber Newsletter — late because it was forwarded to me by Kellee from my Studio in California; but anytime it comes is OK with me!  I just love this newsletter; I made a cup of tea and sat down to read it, while Joe wallowed on the sofa in the clean laundry.  The perfect couple camaraderie for people celebrating their 25th anniversary (the real day is tomorrow)! 

This might be the best issue of all from the Friends of Gladys Taber!  Full of Gladys’ Butternut Wisdom and comfort-food recipes from her kitchen: old-fashioned baked beans and ham pie. I knew they were including my recipe for Butternut Bisque in one of their newsletters, but I didn’t know which one; plus I’d forgotten all about it, so it was a thrill and a surprise when I turned the page and there it was! In case you’re new to my blog and haven’t heard about one of my favorite authors, Gladys Taber, you can click on her name and read more about her (and get her Newsletter for yourself!).  And in case you’d like the recipe for Butternut Bisque, which is delicious and nutritious and a very good place to use some of that fabulous Chicken Stock you’ve been making, here it is:

BTW, this recipe came from my first book, Heart of the Home, which was written before I’d heard of immersion hand blenders!  These hand-held blenders go right into the pan and make things so much easier; no more “pureeing the soup in batches!”

Here are a few more New York pictures — from our last day . . . with some Breakfast at Tiffany’s MUSICA . . .

Because, I thought I would take you window shopping on Madison Avenue.

Without it, our trip wouldn’t be complete!  It was our last morning in the city, we went for coffee at a wonderful French bakery, Le Pain Quotidien, on Lexington and 64th; we had big bowls of Café Au Lait–I had oatmeal with berries and Joe had poached eggs on toast; then we walked a couple of blocks over to Madison Avenue to take photos.  I couldn’t bring you to New York without showing you some fashion!  That just wouldn’t right!

I simply HAD to have those yellow shoes!  Ha ha.  Did you believe me?  No, I know, you’re way too smart for that! 🙂

Walking down Madison Avenue is like walking through the pages of Vogue Magazine.  There are reflections from the street in all of these windows; some of the photos almost look like double exposures!

I actually like this outfit quite a lot.

Pretty.  But not my color.  You have to be a winter to really wear pure white well!

Lots of this bright green, in fact, lots of color!  These stores have names like Michael Kors, Jil Sander, Yves St. Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Georgio Armani, and Chanel. I don’t shop here, it’s really not my lifestyle, I’m more of the jammies all day long type of person, but I LOVE to look!

Here’s another pair of shoes I’m sure mean nothing but comfort for the foot! The color specialists at Pantone say this orange is THE color of the season.  It’s on everything.  The good news is that when we see more color introduced in fashion it’s traditionally meant that the economy is on its way UP!  So this is good, no matter how we feel about Tangerine!

Pretty frock.

Purses, scarves, perfume and jewelry.

I think Cleopatra wore shoes just like this!

Cutie bow in the back of this dress.  (BTW, Those are windows from across the street reflected in the fur stole, not a pattern!) What real people in the street were wearing was even more interesting to me!  New York street style, at least this week, was leggings and boots, some with dresses, some with tunics, all with coats and scarves.  Such cute boots: short, furry, and buckled; tall or mid-calf; heels or flat; dressy or casual. For young and old.

The neighborhood is just beautiful; these are two churches next to each other.

Lots of brownstones, change of paint and door style, and voila, it’s a different house.

New York is a big city, but it has a human scale, too; lots of wonderful little neighborhoods, even pigeons feel at home making their mark in New York.

So we packed the car, took one last trip through SoHo . . . and drove back the way we came, through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, in time to have clam chowder in front of the fire at one of our favorite places in Falmouth (the Nimrod) and catch the 7 pm boat back to Martha’s Vineyard and home.

As we were coming in, Joe took this picture standing on the front of the boat on the freight deck; the ferry is moving into the slip where it will dock so the vehicles can drive off onto the island.

From a block away, down our dark street, we could see the twinkle lights in the upstairs window of our house; we still have a little tree there.  It was our Kitty Babysitter’s way of saying welcome home. 

It’s lovely to go out and run around in the world for a while; wonderful to see the sights!  I love to travel, but I especially love to come home to purring kitties, warm laundry with an old movie, a dinner of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, our very own bed, and a cup of tea to drink with a snail mail letter.  Throw in a little armchair window shopping and/or Superbowl watching, and you have it all; the simple joys of home. ♥  Have a wonderful day girlfriends!  Hope you enjoyed New York!!!

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347 Responses to Home At Last!

  1. deborah says:

    Susan, thank you for that trip! Even thought I LIVE in NY state, I have never gone to the city, and may never ever get there, so I really loved your tour!
    Glad you arrived home safe and sound, to enjoy the rest of February with your cat’s and all the hometown glory that you are surrounded with.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Girl Kitty is beautiful and Jack is still adorable. Had to laugh at the picture of Joe. It looked as though you had unpacked Joe along with the clothes! And there really is no place like home.

  3. Carol K says:

    Welcome back home…..and Happy 25th Anniversary to the both of you. I feel the same way ~ just love to travel but love even more returning home. BTW, just saw an old movie last night that I think you’d love. 1943 Monty Wooley and Gracie Fields in Holy Matrimony. Check it out, it is sooooooooooooo neat.

  4. Linda Pintarell says:

    I may be #1 for comments;not sure. Just happened to be on-line this AM and jumped on. Thank you for taking us on your trip; but like you said, so lovely to come home. I have started a little notebook that I keep on my desk entitled “Notes from Susan’s Blog” to write down ideas, places, books, movies, etc., etc. from you…and the other bloggers. Just too much stuff I want to remember and its hard to go back and find it. Thank you for enhancing the lives of your girlfriends!

  5. Joan says:

    HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!! Welcome back.

  6. Linda in Texas says:

    Hi Susan, Welcome Home!

    I loved going to New York with you. Those shoes!! Even if I were 25 (which I obviously am not) I don’t think I would risk life and limb in those “works of art.” Has anyone ever seen anyone walk in those? I just imagine it can’t be a pretty sight. lol

    I agree with you about home. I think it’s one of the most precious words in the English language, filled with comfort, peace, love, and all those good things.

    Your pancakes look scrumptious. Gotta go find something to eat.

    • pat addison says:

      hello Linda, you asked if anyone has seen someone walking in those shoes, i did, a young lady in her early 20’s and i can’t be sure if she was drunk or or just being in those shoes made her wobbly, but she was wobbling all over the place. can a person get busted for drunk walking in extremely high heels???? LOL!!!!

      • Linda in Texas says:

        Pat, you made me laugh about “get busted for drunk walking.” lol What a hoot!

        I’ve seen TV personalities sitting at a round table setup and one of the women usually has on shoes like those. I always wonder if she wears flip flops over to the desk and then dons her shoes after she is seated.

  7. Maryellen says:

    Thank you for another lovely letter; so perfect for a Sunday afternoon. I do agree that the best part of travel is the homecoming! What a wonderful celebration for your anniversary, but I do believe my favorite part is sharing blueberry pancakes at the end of the day.

  8. Victoria Miller says:

    Glad you are back home with the family after your wonderful New York adventure. Your photos are so wonderful. Girl Kitty, Jack, and Joe are all adorable. And New York — I was there once, long ago, for a weekend. I loved Central Park and F.A.O. Schwartz. I’m sorry I never got to dine at Tavern on the Green. That seemed such a magical place. I just took two books by Gladys Taber out from the library, having enjoyed the quotes you post here. They are third from the top on the tall stack. Today is Superbowl Sunday and I’m thilled because it’s the quietest it ever gets in our town, other than the occasional bursts of joy. Not much of a sports fan, I get a nice quiet day. Yes, someone once said, tapping her heels together, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”

  9. Paula Jones Denton says:

    Good afternoon, Susan !
    So enjoy your blog. My dear friend, Nancy Jo, introduced me to you recently and I am so glad that she did. You make me chuckle out loud just like she does 🙂 We laugh about the same things and enjoy the same things. The way I see it, laughing is a requirement to stay sane.
    There’s so much more I could go on about, but that would require a couch for me and a particular degree for you. Suffice it to say, thank goodness for my sister, many other good friends, Nancy Jo and your Girlfriend book that Nancy gave me (pgs. 22,23), Little Jack, Girl and reading your blog. It’s a real tonic for what ails ya !

  10. Bee Stevens says:

    Thank you for sharing your delightful NY trip – I love the scarf in the
    window shopping section. Happy Anniversary. I know you were glad to
    see your kitties and be back in your own home/nest.

  11. Anne says:

    You’re right – Jack’s mustache is amazing – he looks French! I think you should call him Jacques or Jean 🙂 Both of your kitties look so sweet. Welcome Home and thanks for the Butternut bisque – can’t wait to make some!

  12. Lin says:

    Lovely pictures of New York! Welcome home, Susan!

  13. Sandy Richmond says:

    I’m with you Susan. I love to travel to different places, but agree there is no place like home. Sun shining in the windows in my house today, and Susan Branch ribs in the oven….

  14. Susan Bryza says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Sue. Looks like you two had a wonderful time! I love to visit NYC for a few days, but then it is time to leave the crowds and come back home and get back to nature. Your home is in such a beautiful location! And – you have the companionship of those two wonderful little children (oops, I mean kitties) waiting for you.

    I went on a mini-retreat yesterday. Just sitting for the half-hour allocated for prayer/meditation while gazing at the lake made me realize once again what was important in life. In 116 days my husband and I are going to retire and take up full-time Rving in our Airstream camper.

    Thanks for your blog today. I saw your tweet that you were home on Friday and I kept looking all day yesterday. I’m afraid I’m quite addicted to your “happy genes” and domesticity. I’ve been cooking a lot more – with your encouragement. I have your blotter at work and it makes me happy just to look at it. Thanks so much for being such an upbeat person in the midst of all the negativity in the world!

    And – Happy 25th anniversary tomorrow!!:)

  15. Martha Ellen says:

    Welcome back to the House of Creativity! There is no place like home!
    I enjoyed seeing all the fashions on Madison Ave—though I certainly don’t wear “high fashion”, it is fun to window shop. Don’t see how anyone could walk in those shoes—Not fitting to my lifestyle.
    Your blueberry pancakes look delish–good ole comfort food to welcome you back home.
    Girl Kitty and Jack are too cute for words. I know they were glad to have you back home to play with! ♥

  16. Deb from Dixie says:

    Happy Sunday!
    Beatrix Potter really sums it up well……………love the journey, travel and the adventures, the sights and sounds…..but in the end, you click your heals together three times and the truth….becomes apparent, “There’s No Place Like Home”.
    Humble or grand….home welcomes you back….envelopes you with comfort, furry friends and simple pleasures!
    Thanks for all the NYC photos….ah, brings back such good memories……it is such a great city…I always loved to go….traveled there alot for my job……but I loved coming home even more. Taking a deep breath and relaxing from the constant pulse of the city.
    The window shopping……fab! I just do not know how anyone wears those shoes……I admire the woman who can pull it off….heels, 5-6 inch spikes of wobbling terror and pain…ha ha ! Ah, fashion……
    I really enjoyed the trip…thanks again for taking us girlfriends along.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Joe and …….Go Pats!

  17. Miss Pat says:

    Where I live, we are preparing for the Superbowl live. Indianapolis has been a delightful, fun-filled city this past week. However, I will be watching it at home, with August the cat, Romeo the dog, and granddaughter Brook-Glen all cuddled on the couch.
    Happy 25th Anniversary tomorrow. Have a lovely day.

  18. Mia Sophia says:

    Hi Susan…I can’t be first to comment?!? Loved the blog and your trip through beautiful photos. Darling shoes…if you are sitting! NYC is something special but nothing compares to Home Sweet Home and furry friends to greet you. Glad you enjoyed a wonderful anniversary trip for two. Welcome Home.

  19. paulie says:

    WELCOME HOME WELCOME HOME SUSAN AND HUB! Oh my gracious what a wonderful tour of New York I had that you gave me. The fashions, oh my gosh, who can wear those shoes unless you are walking on your toes? They look like something out of the old comic books don’t you agree? The femm fatales of yesteryear when the comics were all made of dreams and cartoons? And here we are……well back to the trip. It was so fabulous and the pictures are just so beautiful Susan. To put thing all into perspective though,there is no place like home for sure for sure. Nothing like it in the world. Enjoy enjoy and so happy you are back again. Welcome Back!….Blessins!

  20. Nellie says:

    I agree. The best thing about being on a trip is the coming home.:-) While it is really good to travel, seeing other places, doing other things – returning home is like slipping into that comfy robe and slippers.

    The fashion show was good – though I absolutely cannot imagine wearing shoes with those high heels! It has to be painful.

    Welcome home, and happy anniversary! xoxo

    • sbranch says:

      My feet used to be made of silly putty and I never felt a thing when dancing in my backless Candies! 🙂

  21. jeannine leonard says:

    thank you for sharing your travels with us, and we always love hearing stories of your precious kitties. Welcome Home!

  22. Our trip to NY was fantastic!! You really take us along COMPLETELY with the way you describe sights, smells,textures…..that tangerine…….oh my…
    I was also so glad to be home and I don’t even live there~haha! You are one of my favorite writers for sure~♥Eileen
    btw~please check the comment next to your Youtube posting this morning~lol!

  23. Deb Huch says:

    Welcome home!

  24. Home, sweet home! Jack’s little mustache, to me, seems straight out of a silent movie. I saw a picture on my Facebook page of a fluffy white cat who had a solid black marking on its forehead in the shape of a top hat. Together, they would make a team ready for the stage! I never knew about Gladys Tabor, nor would I ever have fallen in love with her comfortable style of writing books, without this website. Nor did I know that my mother, years ago in the early 70’s, would come home from teaching and let Gladys’s books soothe her world. Glad you had fun on your trip to New York (it’s made for window shopping!) and got to come home, full of simple comforts and fluffy kitties who love you 🙂 Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!

  25. michelle allen says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you cherish everyday together.

  26. Susan Simon says:

    Hello, Susan and everyone!
    Loved the trip to New York and all the window shopping… one of my favorite things to do in downtown Chicago. It looks like you had good weather for your day on the town… and your clam chowder dinner sounds wonderful. I remember that recipe from your first book… in fact, it’s in the cookbook holder on my kitchen counter, open to the chicken stock and soup recipe that I intend to make later this week. Now I may have to add another “soup night” for dinner this week… that bisque sounds fabulous and we are both working hard on losing a few pounds before summer comes round.

    You are right about coming home being wonderful… it is such a good feeling. Even when we are only gone a few days, our dogs are always leaping with joy when we come in… the cat, well, she lets me pet her and makes sure we know she disapproved of us being gone. I am sure Girl Kitty and Jack were ecstatic to see you walking in the door!

    Have a good rest of the day, everyone… have to run a few errands before we have our iChat conversation later today… just fabulous to be able to talk and see friends in both California and Scotland all at the same time. Technology sure is amazing sometimes!

  27. Kathy T. says:

    Loved the commentary and pictures of NYC. But I love your neighborhood pics much better! My dream is to one day visit Martha’s Vineyard, and I’m sure I will feel like I know it all by heart before I even get there!

  28. WELCOME HOME….the kitties looked adorable and I’m sure so happy that Mom/Dad are back home. Susan, maybe it is my age and I love, love, love, shoes always have…even in my younger years I would NEVER have worn some of the shoes you took pics of…UGH really not feminine (in my opinion)….forget comfort which is what I am into now. We are snuggling in for the afternoon of watching football, having chili, and enjoying our beautiful sunny 46 degrees in IN which is not normal for February. So happy you had a wonderful trip, I enjoyed myself and thank you for taking me along.

  29. So glad you had such a wonderful time in NYC, the music is wonderful! Jack and Girl Kitty look so glad to have you back! I bet Jack didn’t let you out of his sight, being the first time you left him with the sitter, bet the sitter spoiled him as well though!
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Madison ave, I like the illusions in the windows, the music makes it feel like I am going to run into Audrey Hepburn around the corner, dark glasses and all. Love that movie! what fun to just walk down the street to have breakfast! Sigh!!!!!
    tweet tweet!

  30. Bevarla says:

    loved all the gorgeous clothes/shoes/etc. pictures … you are such a pro!!!! … but … more than anything, just loved the pics of the kitties!!!! so precious! thanks for sharing!!!

  31. Dawn says:

    Welcome home, Susan!! Thanks so much for sharing your NYC adventures with all of us. It was so much fun…. almost like being there! Happy 25th Anniversary tomorrow! I’m so happy that you and Joe can celebrate again in the nicest place of all… Home Sweet Home!!
    Warm hugs,

  32. Rita Baker says:

    Thanks for the great travelogue and photos, and your wonderful descriptions and observations. Glad you arrived home safely – yes, there’s no place like home. When we travel we take our sheltie Andy with us as we did with our previous sheltie Champ. I love having the dog with us, showing him all the interesting sights we can in the places we are visiting, and having his furry body on the bed with us at night. I’m glad we can do this – it must be hard to leave the kitties. Anyway, welcome home!

    • sbranch says:

      We crossed the country with Girl Kitty, we needed to bring her from CA to MA — and it was so much fun to have her with us. Although I think we liked it better than she did!

  33. Andrea B says:

    Hi Susan, I have never been to NY City, so thank you very much for the tour!! I loved it, but I do agree, there is no place like home!!

  34. Nnacy Jo says:

    Hi Susan,
    Well I sure did enjoy your trip to NY, BUT I’m glad you are back home. Makes me nervous when you go away. I’m ok now.
    Nancy Jo

  35. Colleen says:

    Thank you again for taking us along! Always good to get back home, right?

  36. Laurie says:

    hi susan,
    thank you for all the photos, esp. of Jack and Girl Kitty. Wow, that was a whirlwind trip to NY, I feel right there with you when I read your lovely blog.

  37. Sue says:

    What a fun read…love the tea pot in the background in the first shot, love the cat, the warm laundry, the pics from your trip…
    I am sitting here in sunny Northern Calif. feeling guilty about being indoors. Your blog was just such a fun little trip for my brain! Thank you.
    Now I need to go back upstairs to continue cleaning up my craft room!

  38. Chris Wells says:

    What a great trip….glad you are home safe and sound. I know the kitties are glad you are both back. “There is no place like home.” It smells and feels so right! Have a Hot Milk Cake in the oven, it’s our Super Bowl dessert, with Vanilla Bean Sauce. Just wanted to wish you Happy Homecoming. Have an enjoyable Sunday.

  39. Georgie says:

    Welcome Home from New York, New York! What a whirl wind trip for you! And the best part is… you still get to celebrate your anniversary. I just love lingering celebrations.

    There is something to be said for window shopping. Those shoes were quite over the top 🙂 The colors were gorgeous, but oh so tall. Isn’t amazing how we can look and look and, sometimes just be satisfied with looking? (just sometimes…)

    We settled in last night with the delicious bubbly crusty Onion Casserole. Joe came downstairs and said, Georgie, the house smells wonderful! What are you making? It made me feel very happy. The end result was yum, Yum, YUM! Tonight it’s spareribs time!

    Thanks for bringing the girlfriends along on your trip. Along with the kittys and the lit tree in the window, We are all glad you’re back safe and sound and happy! There’s nothing like seeing the light in the window and knowing you’ve come home. Georgie

  40. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan..your trip sounded wonderful but there’s no place like home…and your homecoming sounded delightful…we are cozied up ourselves today…i whipped up a batch of ham ‘n’ beans and the cornbread is baking away..my husband just lit the fire and we are getting ready for the Super Bowl festivities>>>>your side of the country being well-represented!!! Happy you all had a fun and interesting trip to NY and all your travels were safe…thank you for taking us along…many smiles here!!! wonder who will buy those shoes?!?!?! mom would have said..”someone with more money than brains!!!” ; ) gotta go…cornbread calling…thank you again Susan!
    love, cindy p.s. happy REAL anniversary tomorrow…xo…

  41. Jeanette says:

    Susan, Welcome home! So glad you had such a marvelous trip – a feast for the eyes and tummy! Happiest of Anniversary’s to you both, looks like wonderful memories were made. Cozy, heartfelt, homey hugs to you!!! xoxo, Jeanette
    P.S. just wondering if you made it to Paper Presentation? If not, there’s always next time…:)

    • sbranch says:

      Hmm, forgetting, what is paper presentation? I guess not!

      • Jeanette says:

        It is a paper, journals, art supply, pens, stickers – uber store I mentioned in a post before you left. Along with Fishes Eddie, a fabulous store with plates, bowl, platters, glassware and accessories. Perhaps you can visit online and then consider for your next trip. 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          Oh yes, they are on my list. We tried hard to make it to Fishes Eddie, but we ran out of hours in the day! We have a good list now for next time!

          • Jeanette says:

            I can certainly understand that! Too much to do in a city that big, speaking from experience. Have a splendid day!!!

  42. Jody Gray says:

    Everytime I read your blog I get a sense of contentment, peace. I love your website and absolutely LOVED the pics of NY. Someday I hope to travel east and see the sites, first hand. Thanks you so much and glad your home safe and sound.

  43. Country Gal says:

    Thanks for taking us on your trip, I have never been there ! Nice clothes in the shop windows but like you I am a sleep pants/sweatshirt/leggings/yoga pants home body type person . I am all for comfort now a days , I guess thats a sign of getting old lol ! I do love going places but love coming to our Home Sweet Home and our girls more , nothing like Home ! Have a wonderful day !

  44. Sheila Brazzell says:

    Susan and Joe,
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip to NYC. Thanks for the window shopping trip.
    Who can walk in those shoes? They’re pretty to look at. So glad to see Girl Kitty and Jack.
    There really is “no place like home”.

  45. dottie says:

    Love the photo from the arriving ferry — Joe had photography talent creds, too, obviously. And once again — I liked the out of the ordinary photo — the pigeon tracks in the sidewalk!

    Girl is SO pretty — and Jack is SO cute –getting more handsome in every photo offered. I’m loving your blue and cream stripe sofa in the wood room! Glad you are home and snug — Super Bowl day but all I’m concerning myself with is dinner — keilbasa with carrots and onions and a fish of Potatoes Anna! Easy and comforting. Any football grazing is simply up to the individual watching the game!

    • sbranch says:

      Sounds wonderful!

    • dottie says:

      OOPS! — I meant to ask about your teapot on the stovetop — what is the item sitting on the burner under the teapot? Does this keep the tea warm in the same way a tea cozy would? Is the burner on or is it just utilizing the warmth of the pilot light? It wouldn’t work with an electric stove most likely — but I’m contemplating a switch to gas if it can be done.

      • dottie says:

        fish=Dish Oh my, oh my! My typing is BAD!

      • sbranch says:

        It’s the cast iron burner grate that goes over the flame. On the back 2 burners of these old stoves the grates are solid, and diffuse the heat differently than the open grate; and yes, they keep the teapot warm. The burner isn’t on, it’s just the pilot light. Hope that made sense!

  46. Terry B says:

    My heart warms whenever I read your blog. Thank you! I was watching Mrs. Miniver too – it was on last night.
    Today I am reminded of a favorite quote by T. S. Eliot –
    “And in the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  47. Kimi says:

    His Susan

    Boy oh boy its nice to have ya back home looks though you have a lot of fun New York yes its a great place to go visit but not to stay no-way(home) where you live is the place to be!!! Girl kitty is so pretty what a lovely PINK NOSE I so could kiss her Jack not so small any more looks like this handsome boy is getting big. Susan I know how you feel about being home man their just nothing like it makes one very thankful don’t ya think?… God Bless and happy your home…..

  48. shirley burt says:

    After al the rushing around, husband smoking ribs, my baking a praline cheesecake, and putting the tiny flowers in the bunny bud vases, I allowed myself a peek at the computer. AHHHHH, there was your blog. Oh so nice a treat, the pictures, the text and the final note from Beatrix Potter. Now I can smile at all the super bowl guests. You have created a stress-free me. Thank you a bunny bunch. I needed that.

  49. nancy earl says:

    Dear Susan, I have hear you sing praises for Gladys taber and would love to try out a book. Which one would you recomend, she has quite a few. I appreciate any feed back on this and thank you for your time

  50. Sarah says:

    Le Pain Quotidien!!! LOVE that place. There are several in Washington, DC that we frequent. There’s also a wonderful location in Bethesda. It is my daughter’s one birthday mandate that we got there every year for her birthday. No argument from me!. Those big bowls of milk they bring with the little pot of chocolate to make that Belgian hot chocolate, well, there are just no words. 🙂 I could live on that stuff and you’d never hear another peep out of me. 🙂 Glad you’re home!

  51. Patty says:

    Susan, I loved your trip! The visit to see Pooh and his friends was meaningful to me since I sometimes make mohair teddies. I enjoyed all your other posts along the way. You do draw us in, making us feel as though we are along. How nice of the kitty’s babysitter to welcome you home in that special way! Glad you two are home safe … Happy Anniversary!

  52. Welcome Home!

    I Love the coming home… hate the unpacking lol, but love coming home after camping 🙂 now, I know you weren’t camping lol, but that’s the only place I go lol!!

    Loved seeing whe window shops 🙂 esp those flowered green pants with the white top! They look like cozy pj pants.. .I’d wear them! I’m tying to find pants that are as cozy as pj pants 😉 but i’ll just guess the price was sky rocketed lol

    Nice to have you home again… as Laura Ingalls said… Home is the nicest word there is <3

    I do agree!

    Denise of Ingleside, PEI <3

  53. pat addison says:

    welcome home and Happy Anniversary. just celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary last sunday (jan 29th) and this weekend we are caring for some critters we rescued from a guy my husband knows, 11 chickens, 2 turkeys and 3 ducks all in sad condition from neglect and little to no feeding and certainly not the right food, looked like bird seed he was feeding them, not chicken feed and cracked corn. anyway they are all looking better, the ducks are very happy, they have a small kiddy pool to swim in and enjoy and its emptied out daily and clean water put in, they are overjoyed, i’m watching them right now as they head over to the pool to discover we just filled it and its sparkling clean. nothing like a bath in clean water for them. so they are out there splashing and quacking and having fun getting the chickens all wet. we have also been adopted by a lil kitten, a tiger striped tabby, 4-6 months old and female and she is adorable and adjusting to my 3 rambunctious babies, we call her miss kitty. i enjoyed your trip to new york, loved the window shopping, one of these bright years when i can i plan to go see new york myself, with a stop over in new england as well, maybe in the fall. have a great day, welcome home and have a wonderful anniversary celebration. Hugs……… 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      So happy the animals found YOU!

      • pat addison says:

        well we saw the conditions those poor animals were living in and we could not turn our backs on them, in just 3 days the turkeys are showing much better coloring in their feathers and on their necks, the ducks are actually cleaner and the hens are showing signs of coming around and may start laying eggs again, i have never seen such scrawny hens in my life, all due to neglect and someone not caring to take care of them all. it made me sick and so sad for those animals. i think they are alot happier now, good food, a place to sleep at night, and clean water sure makes a difference. the guy was just going to leave them there to die, i can’t imagine anyone doing that. well we have them and they are enjoying life at our home now. 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          Truly makes me sick. There’s a quote that goes something like “You can tell the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” If there is one thing we know for sure, we are here to protect those who can’t take care of themselves. THANK YOU for doing that …. xoxo

    • Kimi says:

      Dear Pat

      We have some very beautiful people in our world! But the most beautiful of those people are the ones who love the animals and each other, and that make you beautiful!!! (Thank you for being beautiful) God bless you!

      • pat addison says:

        thank you kimi and pat and susan for those compliments, i’m blushing!! but we did what we thought and felt was right to do, we could not stand to see the animals in that place and in that condition so we took to our home and we are looking after them, the ducks just had their morning swim and splashed the hens again..hehehehe!!! i have reported that guy to the ASPCA here as there were also 2 goats there in sad condition, they are both filthy and one goat keeps walking on his front knees which is telling me that his front hooves are sore and tender for some reason, we are trying to get them out of there and to a good family who will care for them, but since we know nothing about goats we couldn’t take them. but we are desperately looking for people who own goats to come and get them and rescue them. thank you all again, but we only did what we felt was right to do. 🙂

  54. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the fun description of your trip Susan! We were just in NYC last weekend and discovered a great place to eat that wasn’t too expensive…when I read your previous post saying you were in NYC and eating at the tea shop I wanted to tell you about it but figured there was no way you’d be able to go… ha! It was Le Pain Quotedien! We were sitting in Central Park last Sunday about 5pm while my daughter searched on her smart phone for a place to eat…Le Pain Q popped up. At the same time, my husband was asking a man on the next park bench if he knew of any places close by, not too expensive, where we could eat before heading to the airport…he said “There’s a little ‘Bread’ place nearby that is popular”…same place! We thought we had “discovered” it but turns out it’s all over the world. We enjoyed it and wish there was one down here in Georgia. I do enjoy your blog!

  55. Susan says:

    Welcome home Susan and Joe. And Happy 25th Anniversary! My husband, Richard, and I also spent our 25th anniversary in NYC along with our children. We had brunch at the top of the World Trade Center while there (3 weeks before the awful disaster). We will remember it always and the wonderful people who waited on us and made our delicious meal that day.

  56. Happy 25th Anniversary Susan & Joe!! NYC was very nice…but if I lived where you live, I would NEVER leave home 🙂

  57. Lesley Baker says:

    Hi Susan! Welcome home!I’ve just got in from my birthday brunch and checked your blog..lovely ,as always.!!and then right at the end I find a photo of my breakfast!!…I usually have eggs benedict or french toast when we go out for brunch,but this morning I had blueberry pancakes and maple syrup…..I had crispy bacon with mine…delish!!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Joe
    from lesley.

  58. Kelly J. says:

    Thanks for taking us along on your adventure and “back, safe, home again” (Richard Scarry…a big favorite around here back in the day, but a saying we still say when we return home from just about anywhere) And happy, happy anniversary to you and the laundry guy 🙂

  59. Patricia says:

    Just came in from a very long bike ride with Alice around the park- very cold but sunny. And yay! A post from Susan!! I’m so cold that after seeing Joe buried in the warm laundry I just turned my dryer on and have bribed husband into burying me as soon as the clothes warm up: in exchange for buffalo chicken dip for the Super Bowl later! 😉 xx

  60. Carla says:

    Susan, you are SO much fun ! ( I wish I could put a little pink heart at the bottom of the exclamation point.)

    I get yippeed with joy when I come here and see a new blogging.

    Welcome back home~ I bet “Jackie Boy” and Girl Kitty are so glad you and Joe are back. : )

  61. Pamela Jewett says:

    Hi Susan,

    Had a wonderful time with you, but it is always good to be home. I’m sure your kitties were happy to see you both.
    The laundry photo was great. It brought a smile to my face.
    Thank you for all of the photos. The subjects you choose are of things that everyone is interested in. Good eye!
    xoxo Pam

  62. Ann says:

    Welcome home! Happy Anniversary!
    And are you quite sure that handsome little Jack isn’t related to Salvador Dali?

  63. Kathleen says:

    Okay, if you’re not a “Winter”, what did you decide you are? We have similar coloring and it would be fun to know! Oh, and I love traveling along with you!!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m an Autumn! Read further down on the blog, I did a story about finding out what my colors were — very interesting process!

  64. Jane S. says:

    Girl Kitty has the most beautiful eyeliner!

  65. Karen P says:

    So glad you made it home safe and sound from your fun anniversary trip to New York! And no “at sea adventures” to share about this trip back to the island! So happy to see that nice, calm water! Thanks for the trip down Madison Avenue….so fancy! And, alas, Beatrix sums it all up so well….why roam when everything we want and need is in our own little “thatched roof cottage!” Love it! Love her! Love you, too! xoxo….kp

  66. Paulie says:

    Whoops…I disappeared….so am here again to say WELCOME back – so glad to see you home again. it was a GRAND trip you shared . Loved every bit of it and had a wonderful time. Great pictures Susan! Love the warm clothes shot…….made me chuckle…..and brought back some great memories. I will bet that little kitty will be your shadow now for awhile if not getting even with you for leaving which they sometimes can do. LOVED seeing the high fashion, esp.. the shoes. Give me the Mary Janes any day – lol! Enjoy being back home you two – there is no place like home for sure. I agree with Dorothy…………. Blessings……..

  67. Terry Lummer says:

    Hi, Susan!

    So glad you had a wonderful time. When my husband and I go into NY he has to drag me out. I want to stay forever! My mom and dad were from Brooklyn, so I tell my husband that NY is in my blood.

    At Vogue Knitting Live they passed out a card with the spring 2012 colors. Ten beautiful colors. On the card the color that matches those yellow shoes is called, “Solar Power.” Great name, huh? The color that matches the orange shoes is called, “Tangerine Tango.” I love that name too. I found it encouraging when you said that bright colors mean that the economy is looking up. I love good news!

    Have a wonderful anniversary day tomorrow!


  68. Cyndi Harp says:

    I know what you mean about getting home after a long trip. We made it back from Okinawa on Friday after noon after spending the night in DC. We arrived in the States about 2:30pm to a bright sunny but cool day. It was wonderful spending almost 3 weeks with our daughter Katie, son in law Andy and our darling grand dog Jenna but I was so happy to see our house and to pick up our dog Rusty. It was fun to go to places we like and to eat at our favorite restaurants and find new ones. Of course the best part was being with our kids. Thank goodness they will be coming back to the States in about a year, maybe sooner. Got a pot of chili on the stove, Super Bowl is coming on, it’s good to be home, life is good!!! Loved the pictures, glad you are home safe with your kitties.

  69. Pam T. says:

    Thank you so much for taking us along, Susan! New York is such a wonderful city. We had the good fortune to be able to visit there a few years ago with some wonderful friends who knew all the ins and outs. We just tagged along with our chins on the ground and took in all the incredible sights. Your blog and photos made it feel like we were there again! Especially the shop windows and gorgeous buildings. There is no other city like it. As a little girl, I always dreamed of growing up and living in a “big city”. That didn’t quite happen, but my appreciation for New York and all is represents never waned, so it was a dream come true to visit there. Growing up in a tiny mid-western town, I always longed for the tall buildings and hustle bustle. As a grown-up, I now know that God placed me where he did because it’s where I belonged. Wouldn’t trade it for the world! Life in Southern California has its own charm as well and while I’m here, I’ll do my best to appreciate it, too.Thank you for the opportunity to appreciate New York again, and then come happily “back home” to my own purring kitties and cozy house with a yard and trees and everything that makes it “Home”. Welcome home! 🙂

  70. Beth says:

    I love Glady’s Tabor! It’s so cool that you mentioned her in this post and included a link to your other post about Glady’s. Recently, I found 3 of her books at a YMCA used book sale. $1 each!!! Hallelujah and be still my heart! They are ones I did not have and I am so relishing every page as I read each night. When finished, I will add them to the rest of my collection. Oh and I did not know about the Glady’s Tabor newsletter. Sweet! Thanks for sharing your connection with her.
    Enjoying your blog from my home on this cozy Sunday,

  71. Thank you so much for the trip to New York! I did feel like I was taggin’ right along with you! Loved peaking in the shop windows! so loved the “pretty frock”! but I have to say when I saw the pic of the ferry, I felt like I was going home! A very enjoyable “trip” and, again, thank you so much!
    Pink Hugs,

  72. Carolyn (SoCA) says:

    If it were possible, I would be purring right now. The sun is bathing me as I read your blog. Joy!

  73. Joanie B says:

    Hey! Only one thing better than being buried in warm clothes from the dryer. Ask your sweetie to heat your towel in the dryer while you are showering and bring it in all warm when you are ready to dry off. Wondrous!

    I always think of Charlie Chaplin when I see Jack. Happy Anniversary and many more! I use your blog as a reward to inspire me to do less welcome chores. Thanks for making my life brighter.

  74. JudyCinNC says:

    Love all the pictures – and so glad you had safe travels. Everytime I see sweet Jack’s little face I want to call him “Jacque” with his cute little french mustache. So darling. Judy C

  75. Cynthia Krynock says:

    I have been to NY, via airplane and airport….but this was my first “real” trip into the city…thank you for taking me along! I have always loved window shopping, being a Chicago Girl, and this was no exception! Too, not my style, but it was fun seeing all the pretties! Made note of The Nimrod, putting that on my list of ‘to do places to eat’…..and I do agree, as I am sure most of the girls do, that coming home becomes a treat, as much as getting to travel is…it is easy to take home for granted sometimes…we love it…and then we go away and return, and we realize how incredible it is to have our own little corner of the world…

    Thank-you again, for giving us this wonderful tour of the Big Apple…and the great photographs to make us feel like we were there with you….I could swear that I saw my reflection in one of those windows!


  76. Ann says:

    Looks like you and Joe had a wonderful anniversary trip. Loved the fashion show! Honestly, I don’t know who could wear those shoes for more than 5 minutes. Guess I’m showing my age.

  77. Karen Z says:

    Welcome home Susan! Thank you so much for taking us all with you to New York!OXO

  78. Lori Hemmis says:

    Welcome Home! Thanks for the NY trip. Girl Kitty likes belly rubs? Here we thought our Henry kitty was just copying Hannah (our 10 yr old Lab). Had a very good time in the kitchen today making your Spareribs and Onion Pudding:) Made Yummy to the Tummy for three:) Thanks for all you do.

  79. Lois Burgess says:

    Welcome home Susan and Joe!
    So glad you had a wonderful anniversary trip to New York and could fit us all into your suitcase!! Your pictures were wonderful Susan–thanks for sharing your trip with us. You and Joe definitely sound like true kindred spirits along with being sweethearts:) I too loved the fresh laundry pic and your description of Jack’s antics as you tried to type! I hadn’t noticed his sweet mustache before. What a cutie. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!


  80. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Glad you made it home safe and thanks, again, for taking us along! That is my famous saying: “It is good to go, but even better to come home!” (and that is even when our critters have gone along with us!) But I am thankful we have a home we love to come home to and isn’t it funny how good one’s own bed feels after a trip?! 🙂 p.s. Some of the shoes in the photos from New York look almost impossible for anyone to walk in…I’m not sure I could even take one or two steps in them!

    • sbranch says:

      Maybe they are just pieces of NY Fashion Art and not really meant for actual wearing?

      • pat addison says:

        no thats the style for spring this year. loved the outfits but the shoes i can live without!!! well my feet can live without… 😉

  81. Barbara McGatlin says:

    Susan,Enjoyed your lastest entry.I was espically fond of your remarks about the cats.We now have three,two outside and one inside.Libby is our lone inside cat,she is nine years old.She is alone because Alexander,our cat of twenty two years was put down a couple of weeks ago.For many of those years he was my companion,someone to greet me at night,sleep on my feet, and someone to watch tv with.He was such a good and faithful friend.I am not really a cat person but my daughter is(Alexander was her cat before college and after) and my husband is(Alexander became his cat thirteen years ago)I’m telling you all this to say”Well done for your love of creatures great and small”

  82. Gert says:

    Oh Susan I am so glad you are home as are you & the kitties I’m sure! smile.. I think this is always the best part of taking a vacation….coming home!

    • sbranch says:

      So right Gert — worth going just to get to the good part! 🙂

    • Gert says:

      Sorry..only half of my comment posted…but at least the important part did..”home”! lol Am reading Gladys Taber newsletter right along side you…don’t you just love her? As I read her works I feel like we could have been kindred spirits! So different yet so much alike! Thank you for introducing me to her!


  83. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Welcome Home Susan ! I loved seeing all of your fashion photos from NYC ! It was 1987 when I visited NYC with my girlfriend, to visit another girlfriend who lived in Manhattan. (Lots of fun memories!!!) Anyways, glad you returned home safe and sound and hope you have the best 25th Anniversary ever !!!!

  84. Sara says:

    Loved the trip but I must say it is comforting to have kitty faces in the pics again 🙂

  85. Joanne Conte says:

    I love your blog! Thanks for the tour of NYC. I live in the Bronx, and I go to the city often, but I so enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. I am also from the jammies and sweats school of fashion, but it was fun to see all those beautiful clothes and “comfortable” shoes!

    I am especially happy to see that you enjoyed the New York Public Library. I work for the library as an Information Assistant in one of the library branches in the Bronx. I go to meetings at the Schwarzman building or the Lion’s Building as I call it, and I am always amazed at just how awesome that building is. In fact I recently took the Celebrating 100 special centennial exhibit
    tour with my son, who was visiting during Christmas from Oregon where he is pursuing his master at Oregon State. The docent was so knowledgeable about the library’s holdings such as one of the original remaining copies of The Gutenberg Bible and of course the most loved treasure, Winnie The Pooh and Friends that I didn’t want to leave the building. I hope that you visited the whole exhibit.

    All in all, I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip to NYC. By the way, I blog for the library, check out our blogs at http://www.nypl.org. Happy 25th

    • sbranch says:

      I took so many photos in there . . . could have stayed there all day. Yes, we saw the Gutenberg Bible too — I was amazed at what perfect condition it was in, how professionally made it looked! Beautiful! Love the celebration of BOOKS! Thank you Joanne!

  86. Julie Cavrich says:

    I may have said this before, but Girl looks like an Angel in that picture. Jack is his handsome self. I loved the shopping trip. I could never walk in those shoes, but I liked the red dress. Will have to make some blueberry pancakes this
    week. By the way, your Hot Milk Cake was great! Happy Anniversary to you and

  87. Linda H says:

    I have a magnet on my refrigerator with a quote by Jane Austen–“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

  88. Tamar Weaver says:

    That was awesome.

  89. Pamela says:

    Dearest Susan,
    Thanks so much for sharing your live with us. Times have been tough lately, but reading about your cozy life reminds me of better days and is very comforting. One of my favorite things about Gladys Taber was her ability to make even doing the simplest thing seem magical. That’s also one of my favorite things about you. Love those kitties too.

  90. Nancy says:

    Happy 25th Anniversary tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I was very happy to see Girl Kitty’s sweet head peeping over the cake pans when I opened up my Romantic Homes magazine tonight. 😉 I know she and Jack are happy to have you home.

  91. Pigeon's Mom says:

    pigeon tracks! love!! welcome home!

  92. Diane says:

    Welcome home! I have to tell you that I was dying laughing through this entire blog! lol. I cannot tell you how often you make me laugh and smile in your blogs! This one was another priceless one….you even know how to weave a funny story out of window shopping pics! lol. The picture of Joe had me loudly laughing….and I had to explain it to my daughter who also cracked up….and the picture of Jack, along with your stories about him always make me happy. He looks like the cat version of “Hercule Poirot” , if you are familiar with him? lol. That same mustache!! Have you ever considered writing mysteries….with Jack Poirot? lol. I am begging you to give us a pic of Jack wrapped around your neck…..I have only known one other cat to allow that! I could go on and on about this blog, but I know you dont have the time, so I will end it now with THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for taking us with you to NY…..how fun this week has been…..AND….I am definitely going to make the bisque this week. I love butternut squash and this one sounds like the perfect recipe. xxxoooo and have a wonderful week getting all settled back into your life at home!

  93. Lori from Maine says:

    Welcome home! I’m in mourning because my beloved Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl, so this will be a very short note 🙂 xoxo from SW Hbr

  94. Lori from Maine says:

    Welcome home! This will be a very short note because, alas, my beloved Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl. sigggghhhhhh….. 🙁 xoxoxo from SW Hbr.

    • sbranch says:

      Ohhhh, cheer up, I’m so sorry!!

      • Karen P says:

        Thanks for letting us express our mutual disappointment via your blog, Susan! 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          Commiseration is a good thing!

          • Karen P says:

            Commiseration and a cup of Earl Grey lavender tea to drown my sorrows! 🙂 (THANK YOU SO MUCH

          • Karen P says:

            (Oops….hit publish before I was done….) Just wanted to thank you for the tip about the Earl Grey Lavender tea! It is WONDERFUL! Had a hard time finding it but now I have a source. And I found a recipe online for Earl Grey Lavender Tea Scones…have to try it soon. xoxo…kp

          • sbranch says:

            It is hard to find, but isn’t it the most delicious thing? I save it for 4 o’clock every day!

          • Karen P says:

            It is such a wonderful treat! Hard to explain the flavor to someone, isn’t it? Very luxurious! I am having a cup right now (with my raspberry Linzer cookies made from Annie Hall cookie dough!). AND, for those times when I can’t find it in the store, I have located a recipe for making my own. Have ordered some organic lavender buds, and loose Earl Grey is always readily available! I’m eager to try my own! My new obsession!!!

          • sbranch says:

            I would think it would be easy . . . the one I have also has a few rose petals in it!

          • Karen P says:

            oooohhhhh….rose petals!!!! Hmmm….I may have to try that come this summer when I have roses. I thought bergamot (which is an ingredient in Earl Grey tea) was dried Bee Balm leaves but apparently not…it’s some orange oil essence! Anyway, sorry to go on and on about this! I’m excited about this new discovery that you shared with us! Keep the ideas coming!!!! You’re a treasure trove! xoxo…kp

          • sbranch says:

            I’ve heard there’s a bitter orange from Italy called Bergamot. Although I think mostly what is used is an oil. But not sure, will love to hear what you discover! xoxo

    • Karen P says:

      My GB Packers didn’t even make it there….I know how you feel, Lori! So sad…..xoxo…kp

  95. Holly says:

    Isn’t returning home from a trip the best? Extra nice if you have kitties! They are always so glad to see us. Thanks for taking us along, and for all the wonderful photos. I’ve really enjoyed seeing New York through your lens.

  96. Laura B Jenkins says:

    Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home…I agree…always exciting to get away and see new things….but, love the key in the door, smells of home sweet home..not to mention, the furry loved ones who miss us so…Thank you for New York..loved your view of the city.
    Also love your diamond quilted striped fabric on the “laundry pile” sofa picture…source? Have a perfect place to use that fabric..xoxo

  97. Debbie '51 says:

    Oooh… you’re HOME!! It never matters how much fun I have, or how meaningful my trip, I’ve learned that being homesweethome is the best place to be! Sounds like Girl Kitty and Jack were so happy to see you, too.
    Thank you, Susan, for taking us with you on your wonderful adventure! I enjoyed it so much! And, those shoes!!! I would love to have them – I’d take them home and plop a plant in them! HA! I can’t imagine actually using them as protection for feet, that’s for sure! But I must say, I do love the tangerine color. It’s one of the colors that I look good in and I have learned to be brave enough to wear it and it makes me happy!
    Just love the warm cuddly laundry man you have – he’s adorable! Does he fold it, too?
    Anyway, have a wonderful anniversary – I’m sure you and your honey will cook up some romance for your special day.♥
    Please give the kitties and extra scritch for me!

  98. Linda says:

    Window shopping even via someone elses eyes is a perfect way to end my Sunday!! I love clothes and window “art” so this was a real treat…thank you.The song “No matter where you ramble or how far you roam..be it ever so humble there is no place like home!”…..now this will bounce around in my head all evening!The kitties are so beautiful and maybe a children’s book featuring them would be a cute idea! Again–no people in the city…have always thought that the streets would be packed especially during the daytime!! Thanks for the trip !

    • sbranch says:

      One cab driver told us that it’s really packed at Christmas time! Just wonderful at the end of January!

  99. Marie says:

    “East, West, Home is best!” I don’t know who originally said this but it is so very true. I love to go a visitin’, but I do love to come home more. I love visitors as well, but it’s always nice when they leave and we are alone again too. Maybe I am wierd, I don’t know. They do say, “There’s naught so queer as folk!” (An old Yorkshire saying.) Enjoyed your little holiday break away and have enjoyed coming home with you as well. xxoo

  100. Dorothy Ann says:

    Welcome Home! Susan and Joe!
    I don’t know who is more adorable…Girl Kitty being “tummy rubbed”…Jack and his amazing bouncing ball tricks…cozy Joe, all wrapped in warm laundry…or you, Susan, showing us photos of mile-high-heeled shoes in the shop window on Madison Avenue. Well. I love the one you said you simply HAD to have! No, I didn’t believe you, but then again, you would look so cute in those yellow-ruffled shoes. I took a fancy to that gorgeous white purse that was in the perfume and jewelry photo. So classic. Susan, do you happen to remember the name of the shop where you photographed that purse?

    You did it again, Susan. You wow-ed us girlfriends with more traveling adventures and photos. The New York window-shopping pics and all the other ones were absolutely fabulous.

    And, just as we all did when you and Joe first left the Vineyard on the ferry, we followed you along your Anniversary Sojourn, right up to when your ferry docked and you returned to “the treasures of your home” (The Beatrix Potter quote is so lovely). Wecome back dear friend and thank you for bringing us along on your trip. Dorothy Ann

    • sbranch says:

      I really should have taken notes on the stores, but no, I don’t know which one the purse was in, sorry! Glad you could come along Dorothy Ann!

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