Whirled Three Times in My Chair!

Whew, I just skidded into the studio, whirled three times in my chair for good luck, peeled Jack off my lap (which will last about three seconds), plopped him down on his pillow on top of the fax machine (where he will stay for three seconds), and here I am: READY.  Did you miss me?  I know; I’ve been AWOL!  For your reward for PAABTCOD (patience above and beyond the call of duty), I’ll give you a new video of Jack!  Thanks Girlfriends for sticking by me!  A blog is a responsibility I don’t take lightly!  I’ve missed you!

Actually, I want to dedicate this video to an eleven-year-old Australian boy named Alexander.  Hi Alex!  His mum wrote to say how much he likes Jack, so I thought I better do one ‘specially for him, although I’m sure he’s willing to share!  Watch Jack, Alex — when he gets the ball, he tries to put it in the shoe — I didn’t catch it on this video, but he actually DOES put it in the shoe all the time!  He’s brilliant!

♥     ♥     ♥


As I watch the videos I’ve made, trying to decide which one to put up, Jack sits on my lap, facing the computer, mesmerized by the noises of the bell in the ball and by hearing me say, “Good Boy,” but mostly he likes to look at himself.  He doesn’t move on my lap, no struggling to get away, he just stares at the screen; I presume he’s thinking about his Academy Award for Best Kitty in an Action Picture with Shoes In It. 🙂 He just looked up at me as if to say, but hey, where’s the MUSICA???  Such a smart kitty!  (He whispered in my ear, “Play something for Alexander and his mum!”  I hope I chose the right song — so sweet and old-fashioned, I couldn’t resist!)

The thing I love most about this little kitty is his curiosity; it is also the bane of my existence; be very careful who has been drinking the cream if you come here to tea!  At almost six months old, he has been on every high shelf in this house; he’s interested in every door that’s open a crack, every drip of water, every pinecone or piece of sea glass, every butter dish or string on a tea bag, every toe that moves under a sheet, all buttons on my sweaters (especially if I’m wearing it); every pen, every pencil, tube of paint, or stray ant on the floor must be investigated to the nth of his powers, including, if necessary, eating it.  The other day, I saw a tiny piece of ribbon sticking out of his mouth, pulled on it, and slowly brought out about seven inches of soggy ribbon, like he’s a sword swallower.  He’s still small enough so he can disappear under the sofa and emerge with the ball in his mouth!  I missed him when I was away, and so glad to be back, under his spell.  The mustache!  I love it!  Nobody can move as fast as Jack.

But back to where I’ve been . . . the truth is, as you all know, when you go away, you pay.  That’s the way it is.  I came back with tons of new ideas (not to mention laundry, a message machine full of calls, a mailbox full of correspondence, bills to pay, house to clean); there are not enough hours in the day!  I’ve been going through all the catalogs we brought home from the New York Gift Show.  We got so many new product ideas; Joe’s been contacting manufacturers; so far, I’ve designed three cups, a hanging plaque, some big storage boxes, a kitty tray (for kitty bowls on the floor), a set of postcards, and a bird feeder that looks like our arbor.  Somebody stop me.  I don’t even know quite yet what I’m doing with them, but I’m READY!  When you get the creative bug you just have to go with it.  To the detriment of the rest of the house!  Oops, excuse me, ball-under-chair-alert, must go play . . .

 I did get my Valentine’s written!!!  That’s something!  And I scooped up all the Emma Heart Breakfast Cups we had left in our store — I hope you all got yours already!  Judy from the studio sent me this one; of course I fell in love with it — I tried to wait until the last minute so all of you who wanted one would have time to get it; I don’t mean to be hogging them.  We’ll get more in a couple of weeks, but my BFF’s and my mom deserve this, don’t you think?  Not just for Valentine’s Day, but for all year through . . . it says it all: tea, talk, love, best friends, all you have to do is look at it!  I hope none of them are reading this!

I also designed three new fabric collections for Cranston’s Quilting Treasures in the last couple of days; here are a few of the ideas I sent them; we still have a ways to go, but this helps to get us started.  The new collections will come out this May . . . and guess what?  Christmas fabric too!  Yes, we will have it right here on our web site . . . but I’d love to see it in your local quilt stores, so be sure to ask them to get it!  I hope you are plotting quilts and other projects right now, just looking at it.  That would make me very happy!

This is fabric mockup is just pasted together, but it gives you the general idea.  I really want a birthday fabric; imagine this as napkins, jammie bottoms, aprons, a birthday party dress (darling!), a scalloped edge on a white tablecloth, a birthday banner, pin cushions, as a lining for a birthday gift bag, or in a birthday quilt! Adangdorable, if I do say so myself!

And look what was waiting for me at the Post Office — hot off the presses!  My new guided Keepsake Book for Grandmas.  I’m so happy with the way it came out!

Hopefully we will have these in stock for a while . . . I want them to be around for Mother’s Day!  They should be in our web store today!

It’s even got a ribbon marker!  In the book, I asked all the questions I would have liked to have my grandma answer.  There’s also places for photos!

I would have liked to know what she remembered about her grandparents; would have loved to hear more about her childhood friends; a few details about her most romantic date; definitely would have liked to know about a favorite dress or cutest shoes.  All in her own beloved handwriting.  Would have been wonderful.  It’s too late for me and my grandma, our time together has passed, but it’s perfect timing for anyone reading this!

The minute you become a grandma, you should fill one of these out.  If you are becoming a mom, this should be part of the shower, a baby book for you, a Grandma book for the grandmas!  A priceless keepsake when she is done with it. 

There are lots of other new things, just arrived, but I’ll save them for the next WILLARD!

I just like this photo.  In my spare time, I’ve been fooling around with the little things on top of my old stove.

Home is where my heart is, that’s for sure, today is baking day!  Right after I finish saying hello to you!  Oh boy, the sun just came up, I looked out back . . . and guess what?  We’re going to have a perfect baking day . . .

I had to go get my camera, because we got a dusting . . .

In this one you can almost see the piles of individual snowflakes . . . like a blown up snow cone.

If this post seems disjointed, it’s because it is!  Every five minutes I have to stop and play with my kitty, Jack. The worst thing he does is bring me the ball and drop it behind the bookcase next to where I’m sitting now.  He looks up at me, expectantly, saying (with his eyes), “You know you’re my hero, right?”

In order to get the ball, I have to go to the kitchen and get a flashlight.  I must then get flat on my belly in a very small space; with the flashlight in one hand, and the side of my face flat on the floor, I have to wiggle an 18″ ruler around under the bookcase until I feel the ball, and then carefully drag it out.  Jack loves this game.  I’ve stuffed tissue paper in there to stop the ball from going down, but he just shreds it.  I have no train of thought left.  There’s an engine; but no passenger coaches, no sleepers, no baggage car, no caboose.  Just the engine, short and sweet; and nothing to pull.  At 7 am I take Joe his tea, and now I also take him JACK!!!  Close the door to both front and back staircases and escape to get some work done!!!  But sooner or later, the door will open, Joe will come down, we will hear the pitter patter of little claws, and the trouble begins again.  Thank goodness Jack is a napper!  He curls up on the back of the sofa around 11 am every day, for maybe 3 or 4 hours!  When he’s napping, we tiptoe around here!  “Shhhh,” we say, “Don’t wake Jack!”

Off to break eggs in a bowl.  This will be good for gathering myself!  I think the chair whirling did the trick, I feel lucky!  Bye for now!  XOXO Have a wonderful day! ♥  

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409 Responses to Whirled Three Times in My Chair!

  1. Cheryl says:

    If your house is anything like mine, the balls go to the same place that socks go to…..not that I have figured out where that is… I had a cat named Wizard who had a white mustache on black, and we always thought he looked rather like the Monopoly Man. Jack is so cute, and what a smart boy he is to make up his own games. Cats are so much fun, even when they drive you crazy, then they do something cute and you can’t be mad anymore. Thanks for a fun video!

  2. Aren’t many days like that? You set out in one direction and get waylaid and interrupted at every turn.

    I love your new fabric designs. So very… you!

  3. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi there susan!! Whew..i am exhausted just reading about your recent creative juice attack!!! but glad you had one!!! L O V E everything!!! especially the birthday fabric..everyone should have something from that on their special day!!!….the purr-fect Susan Branch touch!!! and the Grandma book is precious…it’s in the must-have/must-give department….will get one very soon….happy baking…my favorite remedy to de-stress is to bake…such a comfort!
    thanks for providing that happy spark again…love the blog as always…oh..and keep twirling..it works!!!! love, cindy

    • Cindy Maulin says:

      opps!!! hahaha meant “whirling”!!!…… i guess twirling is nice too though…happy friday!! : )

  4. theresa says:

    Susan ,
    The fabric samples were adorable ! I have 5 “Grand” Duaghters a 6 yr old, 3yr old ,2 yr old ,1 yr old and 5month old! Wouldn’t that fabric make the most irresistable, ruffle infused dresses!!! =) Thanks for being so inspiring! =)

    • sbranch says:

      How adorable!

      • Doreen Strain says:

        Theresa, I have a granddaughter too who is now 8 months old and I thought the same thing. Little dresses made out of Susan’s fabric would be adorable. Little sun dresses and a cute little birthday dress out of the birthday fabric. Mug rugs for girlfriend birthdays made out of the birthday fabric too would be a nice little gift too. FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

        • Karen P says:

          Ooohhh, yes, Doreen! Birthday mug rugs…great idea! I think, Susan, you better manufacture a LOT of that birthday one. So many potential orders already!

  5. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Hi, Susan! Just home from work and So glad you had time to blog..been looking every day. Our ‘Jack’ was named Bickey Bye. We called those plastic cage-type balls with the bell in them–Bickey Bye’s busy balls!! So much fun watching her bat them all over the house. You are so right. Those balls do disappear down the rabbit hole somewhere in the house which is also probably harboring the missing sock mates!
    Can not wait for your new designs you described!! Please hurry them up!! 🙂 Chrissy

  6. Sheila Brazzell says:

    I check your blog every morning-really missed you and then thought “she’s got a lot to do, she just got back from her trip-be patient”. It was worth the wait to see the video of Jack. Not only Jack but your whole blog makes me happy. Also enjoyed the background music of Jack’s video. Think it was Louie Armstrong?

  7. Christie Ray says:

    Oh, my dear one!! Thank you for posting another jack video! When grandson Xavier comes to visit, and he spies me reading your blog (which is at least once a day:) He INSISTS on finding the “Jack the kitty” videos!! And then he even repeats the sweet way you talk to him…over and over…it cracks me up watching the two of them (Jack AND Xavier)
    So…I have met with publisher…he LOVES everything and thinks this could really be a big hit…much squealing:)))) We meet again next Thursday to make a plan. Oh my goodness…when does the heart stop racing, and when do all the creative juices slow enough to let a gal sleep through the night?? and How lucky I feel to have this as a j-o-b!! Mother still laughs…she says…don’t they know you’ve had stories backed up in your head for your whole life? Finally a chance to let them all spill out through an adorable little mouse named Eliza:)
    Well, Missy….after reading your last post, I got online and ordered 3 great Gladys Taber books, and the first one came today…My Own Cape Cod. When I stopped for a bite of lunch, I read through the first chapter…now longing to head to New England. My vintage linen finds were tumbling in the dryer and I couldn’t help but think how wonderful to have such a sweet girlfriend, all the way up on Martha’s Vineyard, who loves what we love, introduces us to such wonderful treats…recipes, books, and even sweet girlfriends, such as Ms. Gladys, who have gone on before us.
    Yesterday you celebrated your anniversary, on the birthday of my very first girlfriend, Tara Bork, from 2nd grade. Haven’t seen her in a hundred years…lost track of each other after high school …but never ever forget her “day”..
    Hope your “day” was spectacular….cheers to you both:)

    • sbranch says:

      So funny, I remember all my best friends birthdays too — even though I haven’t seen them since I was eleven!

  8. Kate says:

    Omigosh, I love your fabric designs especially the birthday one, and the flowery one. Oh they are so beautiful and have set my creative juices running like mad with what I could make with them. I hope I will be able to get some when they come out. You did say you would sell your fabric here, right? I will be checking.

  9. Sue says:

    reading about you pulling the ribbon from Jack’s mouth reminded me of when I was young our cats ate the tinsel off the Christmas tree and my Mom would pull longs strands from their mouths! Now I have two huge labs who just eat everything in sight with no pulling anything from them! Love the heart cup. Tea with a slice of lemon would taste wonderful from it!

  10. Diane says:

    LOVE the new fabrics! I also LOVE the Grandma’s keepsake book…sure wish I could have had both of my beloved Grandmothers stories and information! As for Jack….what is there to say? He is simply the most adorable little guy! I laughed about you having to lay flat on the floor to retrieve his ball for him…..when my cats were kittens, I remember all too well having to do the same thing for them! lol. It has been a few years now so you brought back some funny memories! I was reading one of the girlfriend’s posts where she asked you what time in the morning you get up and you told her 3am-4am! One of my aunts writes christian novels for a living and she also gets up at 3am….in fact, she says she cant sleep longer than that! I thought that was very interesting because I cannot fathom getting up at that horrific time of morning! lol. Anyway, it is great to have you back….I was wondering why my days were seeming so blah and drab……..lol. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Diane … Love to know the 3 am-ers! I have a girlfriend that stays up really late and lives in CA — so when I get up, I can call her from the east coast! My 3 am is her midnight. Very handy — who can you call at 3 am that wouldn’t just hate you?

      • Diane says:

        I hate to admit that I wouldn’t be the best of girlfriends at 3am, but it is true…..so if you promise to never call and chat with me, unless for an emergency…..we can remain on excellent terms! Lol. It is absolutely wonderful that you have a great friend to talk with at those wee hours of the morn!

  11. Wendy says:

    Busy, busy, busy lady….sometimes I wonder how you do everything you do! You are such a neat person!!

    My little Alyssa and I watched the Jack video together. We loved how he somersaulted over the shoe! And Alyssa said, “I wish we had that kitty at our house!” We decided we would really like to hug him tight! Our two cats are currently sitting at the back window watching a mourning dove on the ground under the bird feeder – whiskers at attention and tails twitching. 🙂
    Have you ever heard the quote that goes “I love my cats because I love my home, and little by little they become its visible soul”? It’s my favorite!
    Oh, one more kitty tidbit: Our big boy did succeed in eating a long ribbon a couple weeks ago. I prayed and prayed that he would….pass it without incident. Two days later, he did. PHEW!!!

    LOVE your fabric designs and the heart mug and – EVERYTHING else!
    As always, thanks bunches for all of your sweet inspiration. Much love to you!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Wendy . . . love that, visible soul of the house!

      • Linda K Foster says:

        yes, just a word of warning about those ribbons/strings. they can actually be deadly. my brothers cat ate one. they can cut off circulation in the intestines and kill them! Please be careful to keep all strings, thread, etc. away from your kitties!

  12. Jeanne Hedin says:

    Glad to have you back . . . rested, creating beautiful fabrics and products, writing your blog, taking care of Jack, baking, and doing all of your “Susan things” . Yes, we did miss you.

  13. Margot says:

    I think Jack and Mr. Socks are brothers. They’re both black and white. Always up to some mischief or hunting practice, and then there is snuggling on the couch. Ahh…
    Please may we have a breakfast blog. 🙂

  14. Carol Maurer says:

    The video of Jack was so cute! He certainly is full of energy!!
    Coming home after a trip leaves one very very busy for some few days doesn’t it? Just be thankful that you didn’t have to weed the garden, mow the lawn, etc also!! 🙂
    I loved the book to be filled out by the “grandmas”. Gee, that mean me!!
    Have a great evening and rest of the week.
    Bye for now,
    Carol M

    • EsSuzy says:

      Carol, I had to reply to That means me! My sister and I, when shopping, when often discard items, saying “It looks like someone’s grandma would wear it” After the birth of my granddaughter I was about to say…”It looks like…when I say, “whoops…I AM someone’s grandma!” haha SusanL

  15. Linda Trokey says:

    Your new creations practically made me drool and I will shop your store and anywhere else your beautiful creativity is available. Have you ever thought about gift wrap? The wonderful birthday fabric made me think how fun it would be to wrap gifts in that, or a paper like it – maybe little gift tags to match? Love your fabrics and want to have them just to stack them in my craft room! Jack’s videos were so much fun to watch – we lost 3 pets (2 cats, 1 dog) within a year’s time and I’m now starting to miss the fun and love they bring into a home – we shall see.

    Beautiful winter icing on the bushes – I know you enjoy that and we have a little coming our way first of next week. Enjoy!

    Linda T

  16. Carol says:

    Susan…you always make me smile. It was bread baking and beeswax cleaning day for us..we have been beekeepers for 4 years and finally got around to cleaning some of our beeswax. It is definitely time to make some lip balm and hand cream! You always inspire me to get things done! God bless you 🙂

  17. Pink Rose Cottage says:

    That Jack! He just made my day. What a lucky lady you are. What a lucky kitty!
    And can’t wait to order my ‘Grandma’ book. Thank you so much! Speaking of books, is there any chance of a SPRING and WINTER book to go with the Autumn and Summer books? Oh how I would cherish them!! Just a thought.
    Blessings to you, dear girl.

  18. Kathy Phenix says:

    Great video. Jack is so darling! Can’t wait to get a Grandma book. I so wish I had one for both of my grandmothers. In watching “Lark Rise to Candleford” my Grandmother Lounsbury comes to mind often. She would have been Laura’s age and facing so many changes. What did she think about them all?? Machines, new clothing, the early beginnings of women’s rights?? So many changes and so many questions I want to ask. My grandmother moved from Leadville Colorado to Connecticut when she was about 18yrs old, she met my grandfather and married in 1907. I had the opportunity to wear her wedding dress in a school play. It was a brown suit like dress, not very wedding like in my mind. But it was fun to be able to wear it. I just wish I could interview her now, when I am so much more aware of the changes that can effect us. She died in 1960 and had seen so much.
    Kisses to Jack. Thanks for thinking of us as often as you do. Kathy

  19. Andrea says:

    Love your videos of Jack! My cat, Rico, does the same thing. We play fetch every day. I throw the toy – could be a ball, a stuffed mouse, but his favorite is just a “stick” (a 6″ strip of cardboard). It’s the funniest thing I ever saw. When he wants to play he brings his stick and drops it by my feet. He is with me constantly. Right now he is sitting behind me on the cushion of my overstuffed chair with his paw on my shoulder. My husband says I like the cat better than him – it’s close but I wouldn’t want to do without either one.
    Looking forward to the cat tray. Another of Rico’s strange habits is to stand in his water bowl while eating his food. Needless to say the tray will be helpful for catching the water splashes.
    Thanks so much for your blog – it always puts a smile on my face!
    Take Care – Andrea

  20. Georgie says:

    Yes! You were missed!!! But during your absence, I must share that your recipes were put to good use 🙂 Onion Casserole and Spare Ribs! Yummy in the tummy! Speaking of tummys, I am smiling at picturing you on your tummy reaching for Jack’s bell ball. I’m sure he was smiling too! You are very patient. I think I would keep a supply of bell balls and keep pullling them out when needed! LOL!

    I LOVE the birthday fabric mock up and would LOVE to see it as wrapping paper. How FUN! All the images + your fun penmanship on the Happy Birthday just somehow take me back to childhood times.

    We had a dusting last night also. This morning I ran to get my camera (every time it snows I am so excited!). Today I even thought about Christmas (imagine that!). After sitting with you a spell I am thinking gifts of Chocolate Chip Tea Biscuits might be just the perfect gift along with a teacup + a recipe card!

    So glad to have you and your creative energy back! Here’s a great thought… Maya Angelou: ‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’

    Create away Susan!!! Georgie

  21. Whoo~Hoo!!!! I love your fabric~the colors, the hearts, big and little romantic flowers, stripes and grids~I am already visualizing the companion quilting that will compliment your fabric…….if you ever need a long~armer who does only freehand whimsical quilting…..
    And the book for grandmothers……oh my~ I wanted to be a grandmother all of my life~seriously since I was a child….my Nana was the best~ And now i have 7 of my own with two more this spring (like little lambs….) and I have kept a journal for each…..I posted a story on my blog about my 9 year old g’daughter reading the story about her christening gown and how I made it~we took it out of the closet and unwrapped it and read the story together about the process…..it was really quite amazing to hear her read those words I had written long ago..I will order your book for sure~♥E

  22. Charlene says:

    Just bought two Grandma tell me your story books! One of my kids Grandmothers is always telling stories about her life, but my boys are so young they won’t listen. So this is perfect! Thank you so much Susan! I can’t wait until the Mom ones come back in stock. I’ll be getting one of those for me. 😉 And my six year old loves watching Jack too!

  23. The post was on January 21, 2011~♥E

    • Debbie P says:

      My first precious granddaughter was born 2 1/2 mos. ago and I’m so inspired by your comment! It’s been a challenge for me as she lives 15 hours away. We’ll be together @ Easter, for Isabella’s christening and I now know how I can make that day more special…I won’t be able to make her christening gown but I absolutely will be able to embroider her name on a store-bought one! I LOVE that idea! …and now, with Susan’s Grandma Book, I can start my journaling, too!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you….Both you and Susan…I have all this brand new Grandma love just ready to explode!!!….whew!…now I feel so much better!

      • sbranch says:

        Wonderful! Congratulations Debbie! There is no doubt that Isabella will know you and love you no matter where she lives!

  24. Laura Croyle says:

    Fun, Fun, Fun!! Always Love pics and videos of Jack. What a character! Love the new Grandma book! Can hardly wait until I’m a Grandma! Love the prints for new fabrics. Would also love to see them as scrapbook paper! (hint!) 🙂

  25. Kirsten Wichert says:

    Love that Jack! He is so full of personality! The fabrics are beautiful. The Grandmother’s books are too. Wow, you’ve been busy……did you say cups and wall plaques? Can’t wait! And you still have time to bake? You are amazing! (Of course, we already know that.) Who knew your secret was chair spinning? I don’t have any spinning chairs because they all look too new for me…….and I’d probably break my neck!

  26. Yvonne Shafer says:

    Susan, I went to order your Grandmother book and it’s gone!! I’m a new, first-time gran and I’m just hoping more will be available! Please say YES!

  27. Janet says:

    Welcome home… isn’t that one of THE best phrases in the en-tire English language?? Hope you had a nice break in New York – sure sounds like Creative Juices are a-bubbling away.

    Jack is just the cutest thing in the world – I really look forward to “Jack” videos & photos. The fact that you guys tiptoe around while he’s napping – lest you wake him – is hilarious! I laughed out loud – a feline toddler! :>) And of course Girl Kitty is just plain stunning – those wide clear green eyes – so serene and regal. A real lady…

    Agree with Georgie – would love see ‘Happy Birthday’ wrapping paper! Been decorating gifts and card with your stickers for as long as I can remember and everyone comments on how sweet they are, the little messages etc. And while we’re proposing our wish lists for your designs – please please consider dinnerware – fine china, casual melamine or anything in between. My own personal preference would be seasonal – one design for each season and one more for the holidays. For all of us tabletop addicts…

    Take care and keep on keepin’on…

  28. Tamar Weaver says:

    very inspirational. heart goes here.

  29. Sandy Richmond says:

    I love the Jack videos, I laugh out loud! Susan, your enthusiasm for what you do comes thru in your writing, and is very inspiring.. You are that perfect example of “do what you love, and the success will come” Keep it up!

  30. Patty says:

    Please be so careful with ribbon around Jack!!!

    If he had swallowed that he would have needed surgery…why are you even thinking of letting him go outside…outside kitties live half as long as inside ones…

    Ribbon yarn rubber bands twine dried flowers…all are a danger to a curious kitten…

    Are you truly a responsible pet owner…you are going to put this angel outside and give him access to so many dangers…I am begging you not to do this…we have never allowed a cat outside ever!!!

    • sbranch says:

      I can’t see myself fighting with a cat for 20 years that really wants to go outside — coming home with arms full of groceries and having to push the cat away from the door with my foot, worrying, worrying that someone will let him out during a party doesn’t sound good for either one of us! I’m lucky, my Girl Cat doesn’t like it outside, and I hope Jack will be like that, but I doubt it. He sits for hours in front of the windows right now. I had 3 cats before, they lived to be 17, 19, and 20 years old, and they went in and out whenever they wanted, although they weren’t allowed to stay out at night. We don’t have any predators in our neighborhood. No coyotes or anything like that. The outside kitties you speak of that live outside, really do live outside all the time, mine don’t. All naps are taken inside. I try to be a good kitty mama….don’t worry.

      • Tamar Weaver says:

        My Dear classy, gracious Lady,

        Me and your cat’s are glad that you let them go outside and enjoy nature. This, coming from the cat dis-liker. 😉

        Love, T

        • sbranch says:

          I was a cat disliker at one time, watch out, don’t touch one, it will wiggle right directly into your heart! 🙂

    • Holly says:

      As Susan said, outside cats who only live outdoors will probably have a shortened life. However, cats who mostly live inside and are allowed to go out can have very long lives! My parents have an 18-year-old cat who has been going outside his entire life and is still healthy and active and happy. My in-laws have had at least five cats that I know of through the years who all lived to be 15+ and were allowed access to the great outdoors. There may be some areas in which allowing cats outside is not wise (such as where I live – people shoot cats around here!) but if you know your neighborhood as Susan obviously does, it is fine.

      As for ribbons and things, who can kitten-proof a house 100%? My cats (and I have and have had many) have eaten cloth ribbons, curling ribbon, tails off of fuzzy play mice, the fur off the fuzzy play mice, tinsel, rings off a milk gallon jug, artificial Christmas tree branches……and never once did any of them need surgery. It’s not as if I wanted them to eat these things but they did and they do and you can’t watch them 24/7. Even when you do put things “out of reach”, they will always find it. In my experience, it all comes out in the litter box!

      Truly responsible pet owners make decisions that are best for each individual pet, carefully considering all factors in the process. I am extremely confident that Susan is a wonderful kitty parent, although she does not need my vote to make it so! 🙂

      • sbranch says:

        They shoot cats??? Good grief! Thank you Holly xoxo, love the support!

        • Cindy Tuning says:

          I just had to add my 2 cents about being a cat Mommy.As I wrote when I sent the picture of Lucy laying on the bed with my “Branched out love” quilt from the first Girlfriend Giveaway,she was a stray that found us. I was never a cat person. I love dogs.Lucy and I just connected and I had to make her part of the family. Her first year of life she survived on her own skills.She has no voice but has the biggest eyes you ever saw.She has a pampered life now but still craves the outdoors.I worry every time I let her out but it would break my heart to keep her against her will.When I walk my dog Blake, Lucy walks right along with us as if she’s also on a leash…the neighbors think this is the funniest thing.She comes back in the house with us and gets a treat right along with Blake. Sometimes she just wants to lay under a tree or visit the neighbors and sometimes will even go into their house and visit.When she wants to come in she jumps up into the window box outside my kitchen window and waits until I see her.I know this may shorten her life and it may not.I’ll always worry when she’s outside but could never take away her freedom and insincts just to protect my heart.

  31. Nettie says:

    Oh how I wish I had some of that birthday fabric! Tomorrow is my granddaughter’s birthday and I would just have to make her something fun….next year or for another grannies when it comes out….love it

  32. OH, your kitty cat is so CA-UTE!!! What a sweet little cat.

    I was wondering who won that giveaway awhile back. You were giving away these two little green ceramic birds. I think they were pie birds or salt/pepper shakers…

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      If you scroll down the blog, the winner was announced . . . but the winner was Carol Jeannie Maroni from North Carolina — we, here in the comments section, know her as Jeannie from NC!

  33. Karen Saunders says:

    that picture of Jack on the refrigerator says it all…..you do not own him…he owns you! I had a siamese kitten I got on Waldo Lookout and that’s what he was named, Waldo. I probably already told you about him. I know I did…but Jack reminds me so much of him…his personality. He HAD to be with me, and did go everywhere with me. He was on my lap when I drove. He went to the drivein with me. He went for walks with me, and my dog, and my fox. (yes, I am strange) I just can see that bond between you two and it makes me really homesick for that cat. Those kind of bonds come once in a lifetime…. sometimes more. I’ve had a lot of animals but that cat was the only one I belonged to.

    • sbranch says:

      That’s so interesting…you belonged to your cat. This one definitely owns me. But I own him too. We are kindred spirits. I was reading an old diary yesterday and came upon the day that my first “Man Cat” died and what I wrote about it. I cried. You never get over it.

    • Barbara T from Wolverine Lake, MI says:

      I want to hear more about the fox! when I was in Junior High I heard that you could de-stinkify a skunk, and desperately wanted to have a skunk. never happened. wondering about the fox. does he come in the house? or is he wild and just “hangs out” with you when you go for walks – like Dances With Wolves! which coming full circle brings us to Stands With a Fist – and I know, don’t get Susan started !!!!!!! she will be doubling over in laughter soon.

      • sbranch says:

        Kkkkkicking burrrrd…. too late! 🙂

      • Karen Saunders says:

        A farmer had the babies for sell, (didn’t say how the mother died) He was so cute, and of course I named him Aesoph!! He was a beautiful red and i potty-trained him with a cat litter box. I was going to Oregon State at the time but in the summer I worked on a lookout. We would all go for a walk in the evening (had an hour to be off the tower) We must have looked really funny walking down the road, me, dog, cat and fox!! Sometimes it got pretty wild on the lookout!! ps, you should never de-skunk a skunk. They do make great pets and they will not spray unless you accidently scare them. HOWEVER, if they get outside, by chance, off they go and then they don’t have any defense. I know I had a fox but I would not suggest anyone getting an animal that should be in the wild….it’s much better for them to be in their own habitat.

        • Barbara T from Wolverine Lake, MI says:

          Karen, so then it was a happy ending for a fox that wouldn’t have had a home. good for you! what memories you must have 🙂 and how interesting to learn about a wild animal like that. nope, leave those animals in the wild when you can, they are better off! But how cool to have a fox!!!

  34. Karen Saunders says:

    ps…the birthday material would make WONDERFUL wrapping paper. Any chance of that??

  35. Nancy B says:

    So glad you’re back! I checked often so as to get my Susan fix. Missed you!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that fabric…awesome!

  36. Sandy Perry says:

    I just love this post! I am so happy that you made a Grandma book, I have 4 grandchildren and will start on them now. They range in age from 6 to 8 months! My children were late starting and I want it all for my baby grandchildren. I have just started sewing again and love the new fabrics. I will be asking my fabric store if they can carry them. How is the pancake book coming? I see you have your Longaberger basket on the stove, I have a bunch in my kitchen too. I would love it if you had your china to buy again and of course all of your cards and the list goes on. Have a great week and can’t wait until you share with us again<3

  37. Tamra C. says:

    Truly, I almost feel guilty writing this here on what is my beloved happy place. My sweet friend Meredith had an equally adorable cat who also had a penchant for ribbon eating. One day she came home to a tassel of pink satin hanging out of her mouth and like a magician, pulled out more and more and more until it “hung up” and the remainder would come no further (let me pause here to reassure you the story has a happy ending, so keep reading). After a quick trip to the vet, it was discovered an entire other YARD was wrapped tightly in and around the kitty’s tummy and precariously close to damaging her throat, tangled as it was and “hanging up”. An expensive emergency surgery later, all ribbon was forever after kept under lock and key! This comment isn’t necessarily for public consumption, just wanted to warn Jack of the perils of ribbon consumption – good luck on finding your own hiding place and kitty proofing the sewing notions! 🙂

  38. Pat says:

    I love your fabric! Have you thought of making handkerchiefs out of it? The birthday pattern would be charming for kids’ birthdays and adults too. I am trying to find fun handkerchiefs like I had as a kid but there really aren’t any out there.

    • sbranch says:

      You can often find them in a basket somewhere in antique stores!

      • Janet says:

        Fun handkerchiefs! A terrific idea, Pat! When I was little my grandparents used to bring me those “fun” handkerchiefs as souvenirs when they came back from their yearly vacations. I have a whole pretty box full of them – along with a bar of Yardley’s English lavender soap – in one of my bedside tables. Of course now they’re all immaculately clean & crisply-starched. I have the LOVELIEST purple map of New Jersey that ever existed – no kidding. Another from Cape Cod showing lobsters and lighthouses and waves, one from the Adirondacks, one from Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, one from Washington DC with BEAUTIFUL drawings of some of our national monuments. Some my grandmother made – she knew how to “tat” – so some of them are plain linen with that exquisite white tatting along the edges. I used to watch her fingers just fly as the tatting spool [I think it was called] spun unbelievably fast. Sometimes I just like to sort through the box and it’s like turning pages – LOTS of pleasant memories. Just the prettiest “ordinariest” little things you ever saw and now thanks to Susan, I can also appreciate all the work that went into them.

        PS – I just love “visiting” here. Started reading just before Halloween and haven’t missed a post since. Then I decided I wanted to know everything I missed so I began reading the archived posts too – I’m up to August 18 and am having the LOVELIEST time.

        PPS – not news to you at all, I know – but the people “here” are the best too. I love reading everyone’s comments almost as much as the blog! Can’t say THAT anywhere else on the Internet. Everyone have a great weekend!

        =^..^= [computer kitty] :>)

  39. Debbie P says:

    Hi, Susan~
    It’s so good to hear from you again! I have to tell you that while you were catching up on your end, I decided to get busy and searched e-bay for some of your books and for Gladys Tabor books as well….what fun that was! I just received “Spring Harvest” and I’m so looking forward to reading it. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!
    Loved this post….although, I have no idea HOW you can get ANYTHING done! I have a feeling all that “play time” with Jack is refreshing for your soul….what else could it be?
    Check in w/ you tomorrow…


  40. VIVIAN says:


  41. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! I love, love, love the birthday fabric!!! How cute for making “birthday pillow cases” for gifts, and also cute for place mats!!! I can hardly wait to see your Christmas fabric! (I think Jack is making up for lost time when you and Joe were vacationing in New York!)

    • sbranch says:

      I think you’re right. He is sitting right here, giving himself a bath, on a pillow on my fax machine. He is so adorable, my boy.

  42. Nancy J. says:

    Love ALL your new things Susan, especially the Grandma Tell Me Your Story Book. Since I have 34 grandchildren thats the thing I should absolutely get!!! Glad the twirling helped. (smile)


  43. Janet says:

    Susan, Honestly can say I missed you and worried that you became ill from all your travels. I need to get a life! It’s just that your blog is so much fun. I love the fabric ideas and hope they become reality. I will check again, but is the Grandmother book already out of stock?
    Jack is quite the treat! Thanks for sharing.

    • sbranch says:

      We have a ton more Grandmother Books coming soon!!! I thought they were all here now, but we only got a few in — more very soon! Sorry!

  44. Dorothy Ann says:

    Happy Thursday…from me to you and hi to all of our Girlfriends too!
    Thank you, Susan for another wonderful and happy blog!

    O.K. I have to say it! I just have to! You are absolutely amazing…up early…blogging to all of us…sending a brand new and delightful video of Jack…designing…creating…planning new products… and showing us photos of your new fabric collections…playing with Jack…all BEFORE 7 am! So, you are one of those “morning persons”? It is about 11:50 pm here on the west coast, as I write this. I am “night person” and in fact, I have a framed poster in my kitchen that shows an adorable kitty, all sleepy-eyed and frazzled, holding a cup of tea and above him says… “NOT A MORNING PERSON”!

    P.S. Love your birthday fabric! OMYGosh…soooooo cute! You’ll be gettimg up soon, it’s almost 3am in your little corner of the world, so…”Good Morning” from Dorothy Ann.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m up! Late to the blog — it’s almost 6 am! But I woke up with an idea in my mind six feet tall in red letters and had to write it down!!! Now I’m all excited. But I have to say, this is just as possible at 11:50 pm!!! Good Morning Dorothy Ann!

  45. Annie says:

    Jack on the fridge: I’m sure he’s saying “Not guilty your honor! Of anything! Ever!” I’ve looked at this photograph about seventeen times and laugh out loud each time. Thanks for adding joy to my day Jack (via your mother Susan) 🙂 I’m going back for another look.

  46. Pigeon's Mom says:

    “I have no train of thought left!” and “Thank goodness [he’s] a napper!” … Sounds familiar; pretty much sums up some of my most frequent thoughts on my recent foray into motherhood :o)

  47. paulie says:

    oh my gosh………I blinked and the first batch of the new Grandma tell all book is gone already? Tell me it cannot be. Well I hope I am put on the waiting list for the second batch coming. This grandma needs to begin writing sooner than later. Make my day Susan, make my day! lol xx moi

    • sbranch says:

      I made a mistake because I thought they had all come in, but it was just one box! More are coming very very soon! Sorry!

  48. Ann Y. says:

    LOVE the grandmother book…glad more will be coming in becuase it is the PERFECT girlfriend is going to be a grandmother gift ! I have always given a favorite picture book/cd of lullabyes/baby book as my standard baby shower gift. How nice to have something for the grandmothers. Oh, and I did not get a chance to tell you how neat the photo of Joe in the laundry was….reminded me of an short film from the 1970’s about three Christmas trees….you could see a human face in the trees as they watched a family celebrate. All mime….one of my favorites….you photo inspired me to go looking for it ! Have a great day and thanks for sharing so much for us to enjoy !

    • EsSuzy says:

      Ann, If you have to have a shower gift while you’re waiting for Susan’s grandma book, Sharon Lovejoy has a great book for grandmas, especially gardening grandmas: Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars.

      • sbranch says:

        Yes we carry it in our store, it’s really cute.

        • Ann Y. says:

          Thank you SO much – how thoughtful to think of me that way. The baby shower is not until June so I think I will have time to get yours Susan, but good to know that I have a backup plan. I just heard about this new little baby on the way…my friend called and was so excited to say “my baby is having a baby”! Thanks again for the tip, girlfriends !

  49. Pom Pom says:

    Oh, you are making me WANT a kitten. It would mean more vacuuming. I think it would be worth it. I’m going to start calling for my kitten, and then I shall see if he comes my way. I can see why you are distracted by Jack’s antics! He’s so fun!
    I love the fabric! Yeep!

  50. B. J. H. says:

    Hi Susan! Our kitty, Jinx, brought us 21 years of joy. We still miss, miss, miss her! But we don’t miss the kitty litter box, worrying about her when we are gone, etc. We’ve thought about another kitty and decided since we travel often that we won’t get one. So THANK YOU for sharing Jack! 🙂

  51. Paula B. says:

    Hey Jack, you’re such a cutie! More snow on the way for tomorrow, stay warm and cozy and drop us a post if you’re so inclined. Love the fabrics and that they are from a New England company (in my home state). Off to see Mary Poppins at the Providence Performing Arts Centre tonight, it’s getting rave reviews. Then baking my Valentine cookies this weekend.

  52. Oh, what fun games you play with Jack! I guess Girl Kitty is not a morning cat! Fun music, and yes, I can almost see the individual snow flakes! I hope we get snow tomorrow, we’re supposed to! Our Grandson hasn’t been able to get in the snow yet since he’s started walking! His big sister (3), loves the snow!
    I’m sure Alex enjoyed the music, and watching Jack play!
    Happy Friday everyone!

  53. Jan says:

    Glad you are back! Missed you! Just love all of your new ideas and designs. Susan Branch tea cups and saucers would be wonderful! Even a tea pot to match!Love the fabric ideas too! Can’t wait until you have finished your breakfast book. I really love your cookbooks! They make such wonderful gifts. By the way, your kitty is very cute too! Keep creating, and have a great day!! ( P.S. Will be watching for the Grandma book to arrive in your store – can’t pass it up. )

  54. Jan says:

    Oh! Forgot to mention – I’m going to be Grandma again !! My oldest son and daughter-in-law are expecting their fifth. Yea !! So you see, I really am going to need that Grandma book !!

  55. Aggie says:

    I LOL at Jack in action 🙂 So adorable and that moustache is just too cute! He is you definitely your boy :{-

  56. Angie says:

    Hi Susan

    I am trying to order the Breakfast Mugs Hearts but I don’t see how to get it into my Cart. I must be doing something wrong. Help!!! I love this mug, so adorable!

    Angie V

    • sbranch says:

      I forwarded your comment to Kellee at the studio, she should get back to you soon!

      • Angie says:

        Thanks Susan, Kellee has already replied. Susan I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Gladys Taber. I just finished reading Stillmeadow Cottage and loved it. I have already sent in my membership dues for her club. Thanks again.
        Angie V

  57. BOBBIE FEY says:

    Hi Susan, Love reading your blogs………I am a fan of Elizaabeth Von Arnim and have researched her works and love her book “Elizabeth And Her German Garden”. Your quote today of Elizabeth’s has given me thought. Can you give me some insight? You are so busy and wonderfully creative………..I LOVE IT ALL! Thank you for the sharing you do. ~Happiness & Smiles~

    • sbranch says:

      Funny, I was just writing about her this morning. I had to blink when I read your email! That quote, I believe, came out of the book you’re speaking of — not sure what you are asking about insight? Thank you for being here Bobbie!

  58. The Grandma book will be a perfect gift for my best friend! Your blog is always a bright spot in my day – thank you!

  59. Jacquelyn Wirthlin says:

    What a wonderful inspiring post! So many ideas, happy colors for fabric, etc., and, of course, Jack and his antics! Have been hidden away for several weeks in Scottsdale enjoying sun, golf, shopping, etc., so haven’t really had a chance to enjoy your blog like it deserves. Home again for a bit and then back for baseball…Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres in Peoria, AZ., first week of March.
    Love the Grandma book! I will get one for my “mom-in-law” as she is our remaining grandmum. Will also get one for myself just incase my two sons get “inspired” to produce some grand kids for us to enjoy and spoil. Your keepsake books are always a treat.
    I, too, vote for giftwrap, if the opportunity avails itself. As a scrapbooker, I so appreciate those materials with your special touch. I’m down to just a precious few of your stickers, etc. … lol With so many demands on you for all this stuff, it’s no wonder you arise so early in the morning! I’m a morning person, too, and about 4 am is my best time to get up and on with the day. Thanks for sharing all the goodies we have to look forward to and a great day to you and all the Girlfriends! Jackie in Las Vegas

  60. Nnacy Jo says:

    Hi Susan,
    Ok that was pretty funny. You made me do it, I ordered the Gladys Taber Newsletter. I have most of her books, and a handwritten letter from her, so I guess the newsletter is a must. O f course I don’t have a picture of Gladys and me together, like some people do,”won’t mention any names, Susan”. But looking forward to the newsletter. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I’m writting this durning Jack’s naptime.
    Nancy Jo

  61. Debbie Rockholm says:

    Ah that Jack is so adoreable and soooo smart. Made me giggle watching him. Thank you for sharing. And love the fabric designs. I say P.J.’s Still wearing the ones you sold years back. Love love love them. Anyway, making your onion pudding this weekend. Can’t wait to try it. Looks so yummy. Well have a great weekend and happy “twirling”. thank you Susan for all that you do. So glad you are all part of our lives. 🙂

  62. susan desimone says:

    oh kittens are wonderful..I had three at one time..litter mates…you can’t imagine!!! So now Joe knows where is shoe is right? 😉
    Would love some new Susan Branch tea cups … please!!!!!! Having a girl’s pajama party brunch on Sunday and friends are already claiming their cups 🙂

  63. SharonS says:

    Glad to have you back. We missed you. Can’t wait for the new fabric. So many ideas going through my head. I am giving my craft room a makeover. Trying to give it a cozy tearoom atmosphere while still keeping it a craft room. I know that some the your fabric (teaparty) will be part of the look. Thanks for this blog. It is so encouraging, refreshing and fun! Have a great weekend.

  64. Sheri says:

    Love the Birthday fabric you designed!!! When do you think it will be available???? I will definitely be buying it. A birthday bib for a new arrival and a special tablecloth and napkins for that special day. I just love it, or have…I already said that?
    Can’t wait for the “Grandma” book. It will be a gift for my DIL at her daughter’s shower!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful things you inspire in us!!

  65. Margie from Lavender Cottage says:

    I’m so glad you’re back…..I am too. I’ve been away celebrating the life and death of a dear Uncle in Florida. Now I have to rearrange my life without him in it. Thank you so much for sharing Jack with us. It’s perfect because you can’t help but laugh and laugh while watching his antics. I’ve rewound the video 3x so far and imagine I’ll do so again and again. Love, love, love the new fabrics. I’m forcing myself to get back into sewing again and am starting with PJs and aprons but off which I want to use your fabric. Sure to be fun. I also have a very close friend who just became a grandmother (Oma) for the first time and I want her to have your book. This is just the type of sentiment she loves. Her birthday is coming up and this is just perfect. Thanks again, Dear Girl!! Happy Friday, Girlfriends….Everyone have a great weekend!!!!!

  66. Jenelle says:

    So glad you did a Grandma book, I was hoping you would. It’ll make the perfect gift, but for me or her, I don’t know which 🙂 You look like a great kitty mama.

  67. Tried to order the new grandma book and it says sold out already!!! Will there be more available?

  68. Vicki says:

    Welcome Back Susan! I just love you and your stuff to pieces! Thank you for ALWAYS brightening my day!!!!

  69. Kathleen Smith says:

    Oh-h-h…that Jack is so adorable. I can totally understand how you cannot resist that little minx! Now…the BIG question…what did you bake today for “baking day?” Thank you for making MY day just by describing YOUR day!

  70. Carol C says:

    Hi! Love the idea of SB pet dishes. We have two 13 1/2 yr. old sweet girls from the animal shelter and they will have them as soon as they hit the market place. Ours are the dog type girls and we just today bought a motor home, in part so we could travel and have them with us. At this age we can’t stand to leave them for more than a couple of days even though our neighbors are fantastic pet sitters! I want to say that dogs are very smart, too! Our Hattie, a white German Shepard, used to stand on our patio and throw the ball down the hill, chase it, bring it back and roll it down again and again when we got tired of throwing it. Hattie also has a perfect heart-shaped cowlick on her chest. She’s a beauty! Ginger, a lab mix, is adorable and loves anyone with hands that can pet. I had two cancer surgeries this past summer and spent a few weeks sleeping in the guest room on the main floor. Those dogs would not leave my bedside the whole time. Later, when Hattie had to have a cancerous toe amputated, I stayed in the guest room with her until she recovered. I have now finished chemo and am doing daily radiation treatments. Wherever I am, the girls want to be. Furry people are true blessings! We’ve had cats, too, and they’re all wonderful and add so much joy to life!

  71. Lisa R says:

    I’ve been busy this week too Susan, with company for 4 days, and other happenings. I clicked on your blog a couple of times to see if you had a post, but didn’t even have time to read it all until now. I must say, you have the cutest kitty I know right now! He’s like a mischievous little boy 🙂 I just love your stove. I think I’ve told you that before. You see, I had one like it about 20 years ago, and I can’t believe I let it get away from me! At least I can enjoy yours. Wanted you to know too, that I sometimes turn my blotter calendar over when I am working on something messy (stamping inks, etc.), and I LOVE that cute picture of you! It makes me smile every time. More joy in my life from Susan Branch!

  72. Julie Cavrich says:

    I had a feeling you were off being creative. Glad you are back. Just LOVE your Jack. Can not wait for the new fabrics. They look lovely. I liked the little scene on your stovetop. I am always moving things around in the house. My favorite thing to do. Now to get ready for more snow!

  73. Suzanne says:

    Celebrating birthdays is a huge deal to me…family, friends, co~workers, neighbors. I SOOOO look forward to the birthday fabric!!! Fabulous idea!
    Thank you!

  74. Anne says:

    Love the fabrics Susan! Especially the bday one – I like the idea of bday jammies! 100 best movie alert – “The Awful Truth” is on TCM this morning at 11:30 am. It’s snowing here in Pittsburgh – hope you’re getting some too – good movie-watching weather 🙂 Jack should be napping then!

    • sbranch says:

      We’ve got it! The Awful Truth is on here right now, such a funny movie, and pretty too! Cary looks so gorgeous in his tux! Irene Dunn is so funny and cute!

  75. Debby Gibbs says:

    I just caught up on your last three entries—feel like I’ve spent the morning in New York and back, and also had a fun time with Jack! I was AWOL, too, for awhile. As soon as I saw your new GRANDMOTHER’S BOOK, I went to the shop and tried to order one for my friend who just became a grandma last week. They’re out!!!! Please, oh please, tell me there will be more soon. It’s like I found the perfect gift and had it snatched out of my hand…..
    I also want you to know that I saw you a year ago when you were in Mission Viejo, CA. Sure wish you’d visit again! I’m a groupie—-I could listen to your life story again and again. You are a great speaker, Susan—-you talk like you write, or maybe it’s the other way around. But your BLOG brightens my day! And they’re always there when I need a Susan fix!
    Have a wonderful day and know that you are being thought of at this very moment…….

  76. Joyce in KS says:

    Especially love your entries with pictures of Jack and tales of his antics. Our Waggy is the same age, so named because he has always wagged his tail like a dog when we talk to him. He is my husband’s shadow – climbs his leg and up around his neck and then down his front wanting to be cuddled in his arms. Good thing he has on insulated overalls and a coat! Hubby complains he never gets anything done but he loves every minute of spoiling the little guy. Waggy is all black with a tiny bit of white on his neck.

  77. Denise Peter says:

    Pet dishes? When? I need one quick. As the “mom” to seven kitties at one time a while ago, I find myself with only one left and would dearly love to have a special dish just for him. He may be the last I have the great fortune to have shared my life with as he is eleven and I don’t know if another is in my future.

  78. Ronda says:

    Thank you so much for everything you do. I don’t get to visit as often as I would like, but when I do it is a wonderful visit. It is like we are kindred spirits. Thanks again. And OMG! Jack has gotten so big! Have a wonderful evening!

  79. Mary Ann says:

    Oh, oh, oh, the fabric! I can hardly stand it! I have the earlier lines, the children lines and I am so happy you are doing more. The birthday line is ust what I need for all the parties at Nana’s. Sometimes we have tea parties and pretend its our birthday (you get to do that when you are 3 3/4’s and so anxious for 4!) And heart shaped tea cakes which I saw just a few minutes ago, I am thrilled!

  80. Karen L.Wilson says:

    Love the cookies. And your Kitchen Watch Cat…too cute. He definetly has the personality for entertaining. cna hardly wait til you can write a Jack story so many possibilities. Thanks for the fun.

  81. Laurie G. says:

    Thank you for a great looking recipe. I can’t wait to make it for my tea this week with the girls.

  82. Gail says:

    Hi Susan, thanks for a delightful and interesting post….nice and chatty….love it!
    The heart pan has been on my wish list since I first saw yours! Like the idea of baking scones, biscuits and muffins in it. And, I’m looking forward to seeing your new fabric lines in person! Thanks for being such an inspiration. GK

  83. Pamela says:

    Welcome Back, Sweet Susan,
    I don’t know if you will see this amongst the last of all the comments, but I won’t let that stop me.
    Your writing always touches my heart and your photos capture life at its best.
    Will you design an “Auntie, Tell Me Your Story” book? I will never be a grandma, but I am a great auntie.

    • sbranch says:

      I’ll keep that in mind when that company requests something new, not sure if they will let me, but I can sure try!

  84. Judy Ann from Georgia says:

    I am home sick with a cold today and your valentine wishes brightened my day and brought sunshine and healing to my soul! I always have to catch my breath, when I go to the website and there is something new and exciting to gaze upon and feast at Susan’s bountiful table of goodies for us all enjoy! Thank you again!
    Judy Ann

  85. Yanira Lopez Rivera says:

    Yayyyy your back! 🙂 I absolutely love reading your blog and exploring your websites. You are such an inspiration for me. I have expanded my interests in arts and crafts and you are a big part of that. I can definitely relate to you and your kitty Jack. Although I do not have a cate, I have a Maltese (Chuito…Chui for short) he is very much the same. I find his toys and my socks in the most hilarious places. Socks go missing after laundry day and he’ll unexpectedly bring one back to me when he’s in the mood. 🙂

    God Blessing You 🙂

  86. Betty Binder says:

    The tea biscuits sound yummy! Anything Choc. yes!! But I need that heart shaped tin to put them in.
    It is way to cute!!!!! xox bjb

  87. Lisa Renee says:

    Hi everyone! Isn’t it just so nice to have a place like Susan’s blog where people “get us”? Appropo of nothing, I saw a new show called Doomsday Preppers about people getting ready for the end of “life as we know it”. They are not prepared. Susan and friends will understand what real preppers stock up on: one vintage eiderdown comforter in pink, 25 romantic DVDs, a freezer full of homemade soup stock and See’s candy, your grandmama’s best jewelry and hats plus a mink stole for good measure, minimum of 2 dozen fabulous cookie recipes with all needed supplies in abundance, a library of leather-bound antique books, a lovely chipped English teapot with plenty of Earl Grey, Chanel No. 5, Frank Sinatra records, and at least one new kitten. Do not forget to top off with all the Susan Branch books. And now you are prepared! Did I forget anything???

  88. LU Ann Hungerford says:

    Dear Susan,
    I love everything that you do. I love reading your stories, looking at all the pictures, and seeing what you have new for me to buy. I love reading Willard too. I feel like I am right there with you when you talk about your house, flowers, birds, etc. I love being outside and listening to the birds too.
    I look forward to your newsletters. Keep up the great work.

  89. anita drapeau says:

    Good Morning Susan,
    Delightful, one of my favorite words! And the perfect description for your Valentine’s Day blog. I, too, join the ranks of tear streaked romantics, after watching these wonderful “old” movies, White Cliffs of Dover, is good for an entire box of Kleenex! Room for One More is a must as well, Cary Grant and Betsy Drake made the Parents of the Year…funny, sweet and poignant!
    Gorgeous, voluptuous gardens!! How lovely to start this cold February morning with the bright promise of springtime – Thank you! And so loved the Valentine heart shaped chocolate chip scones. Yumm! Anita

  90. Gail Buss says:

    Just loved the story about you guys and friends walking down the street to dinner and all the stars in the sky……….yummy French food too………….these are the best times with dear friends who mean so much to us. Living in Florida on the gulf coast is like living in the country and we drive and drive and drive to get places but we do love the slower pace. So much nicer than the other coast. Can’t complain about the weather either. Was on a cruise for Valentine’s Day…………..fun, fun, fun. Loving life…………every day! It’s the best!
    Gail & my Joe too

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