Good Morning Girls!   Did you have stars where you are last night?  Musica!

This is our sky last night! We walked into town for dinner with our BFF Lowely and John who live one door over; they came over to “pick us up.” As we stepped out the kitchen door, we were compelled to look up; we just stood there in the middle of the grass, transfixed, heads rolling back on our necks, staring at the sky in awe — it reminded me so much of those summer nights sleeping out in the backyard when we were kids — looking into the night sky until our eyes glazed over and we fell asleep.  Martha’s Vineyard is far enough away from the big cities, this little dark island spot in the Atlantic, to get these amazing starlit skies. My photos don’t do it justice; it’s hard for the camera to focus on such little faraway pinpoints; but the stars were clear as ice last night glittering hard in the black sky. I thought you might like to see it.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to the quiet season and I’m glad we have a few more weeks of it.  Right now this island belongs to us.  Nobody comes here; it’s healed beautifully from the tourist onslaught of last year. We could walk right down the middle of Main Street last night; there was no one out but us; our footsteps on sandy sidewalk and gravely road echoed against the old clapboard houses.  Lovely to walk through the neighborhood, in the cold night air with dear friends who live just one door over, and have dinner at the French restaurant (Le Grenier) in town that has been there forever and say Hello Jean, how are you . . . the proprietor hugs Joe, they’ve been friends for many years. I had melt-in-your-mouth Sole Almondine; Joe had Soft Shell Crabs;  Lowely chose Steak au Poivre; John had Swordfish, mmmmm; we shared a little hot pan of creamed spinach and some crisp fried potatoes; it was delicious. The boys, who love us, ordered two chocolate desserts and four spoons.  

We walked home, fat and happy from a wonderful dinner and even better conversation; about how to handle life, how our work is going, where we’d love to travel, our trip to New York, their trip to Costa Rica, Lowely’s taking French lessons, how Joe and I met; two couples, holding hands under the stars, chugging up the little hill to home; past the picket fences, the old trees, porch lights on the houses throwing long shadows.

. . . under the spire of the old church and the town hall . . . home to kitties and cozy bed and feather comforter; and that was our evening!

 And today?  Today is big; I’m going to turn on the music, smooth out the tablecloth, make place cards, set the table, arrange flowers, make crepes, make basil lemon filling and fruit salad; stir up blueberry corn cake batter, and roast some cranberries; getting ready, because tomorrow, we have breakfast for twelve at our dining room table at 10:30 am — some of our dearest friends are coming to celebrate our Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and just LOVE, in general . . . So, that means I have to GO!

Thinking I might use old books like these for a centerpiece; maybe put some old photos with them.  Some glass candlesticks too.  I almost told everyone to wear their jammies, and then I thought better of it.  But we’ll have a fire.

Can’t decide between these happy no-name flowery dishes . . .

Or maybe a whole table of PINK . . .

But I’m definitely using this!  And I might even use this quilt for the table cloth, or would that be too busy? All these decisions, how much fun can one person have?

Or maybe I’ll use this old Matelassé bedspread as a tablecloth and keep the table light and bright and clean.  If Girl Kitty will get off of it.  That will be the challenge today, kitties love to spread themselves out on my projects and pretend they don’t know what they’re doing! 

I just went to the kitchen to start the tea water for Joe; the heater is humming; it’s the only noise in the old creaky house and a true comfort; it sent a blast of warm air across the wood floor making my feet very happy. I fixed myself a piece of sourdough toast, was shaking cinnamon-sugar on it and looked out back across the lawn.  There’s a heavy swath of dusty pink sky running along the roof tops, spires, and chimneys in our neighborhood; the leafless tree branches are black against the color; the sun is coming up . . . another beautiful day!  I hope it’s a good one for you!  Thanks for being here! 

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  1. Mr. B says:

    Hey….. what happened since March? Hope all is well!!! Missing my pals!!! It’s holiday time on the Vineyard!!!!

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