Getting Ready . . .

Remember this page from Girlfriends Forever?  Well, here I am again, trying on clothes with a pencil in my mouth!  Getting ready to board the Ocean Liner (this sends ((((a chill)))) through me, those words!)  Pretty soon I’ll give you a glimpse of color combos . . . when I get everything together!  Here’s the plan:

This method is no fail for me (if I take the time to do it!).  And it’s worth it:  I don’t pack too much; I don’t pack things that don’t go with anything; and I don’t forget the shoes that match the pants!  There’s a dress code on the ship; you have to dress for dinner!

My life is all about “getting ready to go” now; sending away for art supplies, going to the drug store for a new nail file and some nail polish, getting our favorite salted almonds to pack (Blue Diamond BOLD salt and vinegar, yum!), writing lists (five now), and making sure the Studio has what it needs to go on without me for a couple of months.  Thank goodness for Judy and Kellee at the Studio, they make everything possible! ♥ ♥ ♥

This morning I signed and dated new Artist’s Proofs of this painting to send to the Studio (this giclee is made from the original painting that’s hanging over the dresser in the photo above, the one in the Girlfriends book).

I also tied myself in tiny knots to sign the little round wheels for my wooden pull toys . . . this is harder than it looks!  Wood and pen don’t really mix, it’s a bumpy road!

I approved this new little gift card so we have a birdy to go into summer . . .

And now, outside I go on this clear, bright, cool, spring day, to dig holes in the garden, so that when we get home from the trip, my garden will look something like this — I love glads on a picket fence . . . they look so fresh and cottagy — and hard to believe it, July will be here before we know it!!

That’s it, seed planting time for me, hope you’re all having a wonderful day! Just had to give you the blow-by-blow! 

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198 Responses to Getting Ready . . .

  1. You are making ME excited about your upcoming trip. I know it will be fun to “join you” with the videos. That’s very generous of you and Joe… Love the little charm he made you with the Queen Mary… I love romantic things like that. And oh, oh, your cats… I love kitties!!! I had to leave my sweet cat, Sally, when I moved in to take care of my mother.. I hadn’t seen her for over two years, but this week I did… She gave me the total cold stare treatment… Those big, golden eyes! but I know she recognized me and was telling me “something” by the way she just stared and stared… Jack and his little moustache… I just am in love with him and can’t wait to see more videos… I know you will miss him so much while you are gone…

    I read your blog all the way back to the beginning in March. I just found you!!! I have loved your art, your books, your calendars… and then I found out that YOU are such a remarkable spirit… I think I knew that by the little cute touches in everything you do… Have a beautiful Easter, Susan…

  2. Lin says:

    Hi Susan! I almost missed this installment :)) I pack like you do, but don’t make a list – love your idea! Isn’t getting ready for a big trip half the fun? I am SO jealous, but I’ll live, especially when you start posting all the fun you’ll be having! When do you leave?

  3. Patricia H. says:

    Oh Susan I have to tell you something. I had previously said to bring a strip on vacation to plug all your electricals into as my husband does that. I happened to mention it last night and he said “you muppet don’t tell them that! I did that when we lived in England and visited the US….the voltage is different if they plug all their things into a US strip and plug it into a UK socket they’ll burn their hotel down!” *red faced* He was in the RAF for 15 years so needless to say I don’t do any packing, or indeed any ironing. So I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that we don’t do the strip heading that way- I recalled him doing it but didn’t recall it was when we used to come this way. Sorry!! 🙁

    • sbranch says:

      I think it’s actually a brilliant idea, because we can bring the strip along, plug all our American things into it at once, the computers, batteries, phones etc. then plug the strip into a English transformer and plug that into the English wall! Otherwise think about all the transformers we would need. And those electrical things are normally all in the same place anyway. I think it’s great!

  4. Jackie P says:

    Susan, the excitement of your trip is contagious. I am looking forward to your posts and already miss you . . . just knowing that you will be “away.” Have a wonderful voyage. (How will Jack manage without you?)

  5. Maureen says:

    Happy Birthday!! I love the book Joe purchased for you! I have an old lithograph with card players! So English I’m sure u would love it! I’m excited about your trip to England! Can’t wait to see what you send back! Pls be careful and have fun! And some fish and chips!!! Love n Stuff !!!

  6. Catherine Thompsom says:

    I have a grandaughter that thinks and loves like you. There are so few of you in the world today. Thanks for reminding me of the beautiful things in life. We have an anole(green lizard) that lives in our porch rolled up curtain returning year after year, we feed it crickets. Amazing.
    Thanks for being you;

  7. Raenell Cannady says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Susan…just now logging on after returning from a short getaway. Sounds like your day was perfect:) so happy for you! Have a wonderful year ahead too! Happy, Happy Birthday to you!….xo Raenell

  8. Carin says:

    I, too, was born on the 13th of the month, but in February, in fact it too was
    a friday! Never have I been superstitious of this date!
    You’ve given me a reason to watch “Cranford”,the PBS series tonight, which
    I “deserve”, after washing windows and carpets today.
    What a wonderful time of year to celebrate a birthday…with Mother Nature’s
    rebirth and the gift of perennials and flowering trees.
    Happy Birthday Susan !

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