Spring; Time of Rebirth

I love this quote, love it for this time of year, April love, Spring, the time of rebirth . . . here’s a song for you 

May your days be filled with good things, the kindness of a warm cozy bed, the inspiration of God, the colors of a rainbow, the joy of a wild apple tree, the generosity of the sun, the whimsy of a hummingbird, the  wonder of the moon and stars, the fragrance of something baking in the oven, the music of the breeze, and a little quiet time to yourself to contemplate all these things.  

 Deep breath . . . Ahhhhhhhh.  XOXO

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172 Responses to Spring; Time of Rebirth

  1. Cindy Tuning says:

    Simple. Beautiful. Perfect. Happy Easter!

  2. Cindy Tuning says:

    How perfect! Happy Easter.

  3. Susan says:

    Susan, I don’t have your gift for words, but I’m sending heartfelt wishes for you and your loved ones to experience all the joy of this Easter season in happiness and good health. All the best from Susan in NoVA.

  4. Shana says:

    Thank you for these wonderful wishes. You are my inspiration, and you open my eyes to the beauty of the world. Thank you for doing what you do; and never stop doing it.

  5. Mary S. says:

    Thank you for your beautiful blog! Happy Resurrection Day and Happy Passover!!
    Love and blessings,
    Mary S. from Fresno, CA

  6. Deb Surman from Illinois says:

    Happy Easter Susan, to you, Joe and all the girlfriends. Here in Illinois we’re having the most spectacular Spring, everything is in bloom just in time for this blessed holiday – even the lilacs which smell heavenly. I am so looking forward to today as you all are, sharing good food and conversation with family and friends. Keep enjoying this beautiful Spring ~

  7. Susan Craft says:

    Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring message. Wishing you and Joe the blessings and joy of Easter, Susan in Wilmington, NC.

  8. Doreen Strain - Florida says:

    Happy Easter Sue! Thank you for your thoughtful & beautiful words. FOSB 4~Ever! ~ Doreen ~

  9. Jena says:

    Happy Easter!

    • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

      Jena –
      Where in Wyoming? I was born & went to university in Laramie. Lived outside of Sheridan. Graduated from Powell high school. My sister teaches high school in Torrington! Still have lots of friends throughout the state!

  10. Linda Trokey says:

    Happy Easter to you Susan. I have that print framed and hanging in my bathroom so I see it every morning when I get up. Beautiful picture and beautiful words. Thank you again for reminding all of us of the simple things and beauty that’s all around us. Sometimes we get so busy “living,” we forget to “live.” You remind me of that every day and I appreciate you so much.

    Linda T

  11. Rosemary says:

    Lovely message this Easter Morn. Many blessings to you and yours.

  12. Dinahsoar says:

    That is one of my favorite quotes! Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Life!…from the hills of TN

  13. Lorie says:

    Happy Easter, Susan, Joe and the Kitties….It is a beautiful day in Tennessee. It’s going to be a wonderful day spent with family and friends..


  14. Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

    Just had to share with “someone” who appreciates……my daughter had her baby shower yesterday and received: an Emma Bridgewater set of baby dishes for boys – cup, plate, dish and silverware. It’s called Men at Work. No one knew who Emma Bridgewater was – except for my daughter and me!! (and the friend who gave it as a gift). LOVED IT!!

  15. Susan, thank you for such a wonderful message, reminding us what is truly important in life! Have a blessed Easter to everyone!

  16. audrey Bell from LaBarque Creek, Missouri says:

    Thank you Dear Susan for the good things you bring to our lives! My the blessings of Easter fall full upon you and yours this fine spring day!

  17. Bev says:

    Today is a remembrance of a new beginning. Happy Easter Susan and to your family. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I so look forward to all you bring, I am inspired and uplifted with happiness! Love your beautiful pics, artwork. and most of all the smiles that you bring. XOXO

  18. Kathy says:

    Beautiful music, beautiful words, beautiful artwork, beautiful photography….. beautiful YOU! Happy Easter!!!!! EARS to solid chocolate bunnies!! (Gotta eat the ears first!) XO

  19. Becky from Lockport, Illinois says:

    Blessings to you and yours in the quietude of this glorious Easter evening.

  20. Linda Wattier says:

    Happy Easter! What a beautiful weekend here in South Dakota. Enjoyed it with some of our kids that could make it home. Happy Spring to all you girlfriends.

  21. Ah – perfect! Wishing you and Joe the same.

    Love the Leonard Cohen lyric too – isn’t he amazing? I was just listening to the Live in London CD yesterday. 🙂

    Happy Easter!
    ♥ Carolee

  22. Barbara Thomas says:

    Ummmm, made the Coconut Cake with Lemon filling today. Perfect for Easter, a disaster for your diet! Scrumptious, Sue , simply scrumptious!

    Xxx/ooo Barbara from Lodi, CA

  23. Rose Utterback says:

    You always lift my spirits with your music and blog. Happy Easter to you, your hubby and your cute kitties. God Bless You!

  24. Happy Happy Resurrection Day Susan, love the music and quote, so beautiful on this day! Aaah spring! So beautiful outside! Dogwoods are blooming, bees are buzzing, and…..the HUMMERS are back!!!! Love it! Got my feeders out Saturday, hope I wasn’t late getting them out, with spring being so early this year, would hate to have lost some hummers to another area!
    Are you done packing? I bet kitties are getting nervous, but it sounds like they have a much loved pet sitter to spoil them rotten!
    Thank you for your beautiful blog Susan, you are so fun!
    Tweet Tweet!

  25. mel cunningham says:

    Dear Sweet Sue~ I just want to take a moment and thank you for your sunshine and inspirations! I am just an awful packrat, and often do not even use all my treasures, thinking to save them for a rainy day. when I just feel like sitting and doing nothing I come peek at your page and become inspired! then I get up and feather my nest for a comfortable place, instead of just a collection of “some day”. Thank you for brightening my world!!

  26. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Happy Easter Monday All! Years ago, my dear mother-in-law and her lady friends from church, always had an Easter Monday Tea. It was a fundraiser, and right now I don’t remember whose fund got raised!!! But, it was a beautiful afternoon tea! The priests would stop by for a spot of tea, and complement the ladies! I even took the afternoon off work to attend! The host homes were lovely, the flowers beautiful, and the food was fabulous! The ladies set a tea table with lace tablecloths, silver teasets, and all kinds of pretty plates with delectable treats. The homes with pianos, always had volunteers to play beautiful music. It was a wonderful tradition, and I love the memories! I’ll have teatime this afternoon, and raise a cup! Have a wonderful week dear Sue and everyone! xoxoxoxo

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      Joan, what a lovely way to have a tea and especially after the Easter holiday hub-bub. Sometimes I think the “baby went out with the bath water” with the women’s movement and all of us working so much. Maybe it was a gentler world once… 🙂

      • sbranch says:

        Lately we’ve been watching Mad Men, have you seen it Pat? I’m not so sure it was all that gentle! Now at least we have a choice! More or less.

  27. Happy Easter Monday….hope everyone had a glorious Easter and enjoyed your family and friends. We had a beautiful Church Service and loved all of the special music. Our meal was enjoyed by everyone and I can’t remember a time when I got so many compliments which was very nice to hear. Susan, the carrot cupcakes were a big hit and everyone took home some….I dyed the coconut to match the 3 pastel frostings and filled with jellybeans for little nest…they were so pretty. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration to make them. I will say by 5pm this ole girl was ready to drop and did!! My daughter and her friend from India brought me a lovely pink wave petunia with another plant inside a hanging basket to enjoy this summer and I donated at Church for a tulip and brought it home and chose the pretty pink/white ones to plant in our yard this Fall. Having a guest from another Country was so nice and their perspective of our culture was interesting. We had a beautiful day and it was enjoyed by all.

  28. Jeannine Holmes, SC says:

    Thanks for this wonderful quote . . . and lovely Easter greetings! Wishing you all those wonderful things tenfold for the way you brighten up our lives.

  29. The Cohen quote is so true; would that we would all accept not only our own cracks but the cracks of others.
    Happy Resurrection, Susan and Joe.

    • Pat Mofjeld says:

      Ok, I have to insert this now: Did any of you ever hear the saying, “The sign of a true friend is that they think you are a good egg even if they know you are slightly cracked?” LOL! 🙂

  30. Jack says:

    Just thinking about Easters past, saying to myself, “What do you remember?” and what I came up with was the thought of us all going to church together and taking up almost an entire pew — Mom and I trying to strategically place ourselves in between you movers and pokers in a manner where we could reach over to each and every one of you . . . it kinda went like, two kids, a parent, four more kids, the other parent and the last two kids, although, most of the time Mom had a baby in her arms. You all looked so nice in your Easter clothes — but we knew the devilment could explode at any minute.

    • sbranch says:

      I remember it too, always so proud that we took up a whole pew!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        ….awwww, love it, the “whole pew” & placement of the “movers” & “pokers”, we’re all alike, no matter what size the family! xo

        • We had six children in my family. Everyone looking so cute in there new Easter clothes. It was always a party.
          I really miss the big gatherings. We all live quite a distance from one another and it’s harder to get together. So much fun making new memories when we do. Hope you all had a blessed Easter.

      • Susan Bryza says:

        Weren’t you lucky to have such a big, wonderful family?!!

  31. Lynn McMahon says:

    I’m glad I’m a “crack(ed)” pot!

  32. Jennie says:

    Just finished a cup of coffee and catching up on all the posts I’ve missed after a week away. As always, your sharing is delightful! Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  33. Rosemary says:

    Just read Jack’s comment and I just love it and can so picture the scene in church. Within reach…..key! When I went to church with my cousins in the summers (we spent 6 weeks at my Grandparents’ farm in upstate NY) it did not take anything at all to get us going…a tummy growling, whatever…and we would shake with laughter. Those days were heaven on earth…from my point of view. Didn’t ask my Grandmother what she thought!

    • pat addison says:

      oh dear just read jack’s remark and i remember my dad reminding me of what i did one easter sunday. i wasn’t a little angel that day, but i couldn’t help it. we went to St. Cyril’s of Jerusalem church in Encino, CA. and we usually sat in the pew behind the nuns, my dad figuring we would at least behave around them…we didn’t!! but the incense they used that sunday made my eyes water and my nose get sneezy and dad forgot his hanky. well i had a big sneeze coming and try as i could i could not stop it so i grabbed the first thing in front of me and had let loose with a big sneeze…..right into a nun’s veil. they nuns looked back at me and the looks on their faces, well i just wiped my nose and wished i could hide under the pew seat for the rest of the service, while my parents were apologizing profusely to the sister. all the nun asked my dad was if i was going to their school next year and when dad told her “no sister.” she just looked up at heaven and said thank you lord. i was going to kindergarten at a public school the following fall, then i went to first grade at St. Cyril’s through to 6th grade. i can remember another sunday service where i tied the nun’s veils together, yes i was a little devil when i had the chance. 🙂

      • Jack says:

        Can’t figure how we missed having you in our family! You’d have fit right in … !

        • pat addison says:

          LOL!!! i didn’t mean to sneeze in her veil, but it happened!!! hmmmm tying knots and tying the nuns’ veil all together sure pays off!!! hugs…. 🙂

  34. Kim DeMichele says:

    Dear Susan, A belated Happy Easter! I just wanted to thankyou for the Carrot Cupcake recipe!!! I made them for Easter Breakfast(with eggs and country sausage and a bowl of fruit) and we finished them with our Easter desert of Lemon Lucious Pie. Your cupcakes were such a hit with my family, they want them for next Easter too!!! They were just delicious and so very moist and the cream cheese frosting was amazing!!! You continue to inspire me everyday, thankyou. Fondly, Kim D. from Dublin, OH

  35. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Hope you had a Happy Easter!!!! Our Easter Sunday on Harsen’s Island, Michigan visiting my father was sunny, windy, and a bit chilly. Though, the water of the St. Clair River was very blue, and saw several large freighters passing down the river. Infact, I woke up first (about 6:46 a.m.) grabbed my camera and sat on the front porch in my P.J.s, trying to catch the sunrise. First the sky was glowing pink, reflecting on the glass-like water, then the sun popped with a bright golden yellow! Then, in the quiet and stillness I “heard” a single swan flying very low over the water, almost as though it was gliding over the water……..it had a strange noise, as though it was a metal sound. It was a beautiful experience to see, and I took a picture with my 35mm (dinasaur) camera, so I am anxious to see how the snapshot turned out. That little part of the Easter morning, just sitting and watching nature on the island was truly a little Easter gift, to “me”. It was a blessing to be with my 87 year young father on Easter! (P.S. Your fruit compote was a big hit for our Easter breakfast…..thank you…..)

  36. Marilyn says:

    Oh! Just love, love, love apple blossoms!

  37. Grace VanAkin says:

    One of my favorite quotes, so full of hope. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Colleen says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love the Faith quote and picture. I receive your blog updates via email and this one popped up in my in-box just when I needed it. It’s perfect. Printing in color and lamenating for a bookmark! Thanks so much Susan.

  39. wendy says:

    Ahhh, yes. SWEET! Thank you and bless you & Joe!

  40. Susan Simon says:

    I just saw Peg’s post on FB and wanted to be sure and wish you a very Happy Birthday, Susan! May this day and the coming year be filled with what makes you smile the most and give you memories galore to treasure and cherish. All the best to you from one of your longtime grateful readers!

  41. judi says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday DEAR SUSAN, Happy Birthday to YOU:)

  42. Elizabeth Leonhardt says:

    Susan, you make me cry….in a good way!

  43. Ginny Sargent - New England says:

    I am so going to love living vicariously through you Susan! I have enjoyed your pre-trip bloggings and the latest Willard was fabulous. I look forward to seeing the gardens, the cottages and all those moments you will be sharing with your “girlfriends” back home. I wish for you smooth waters and sunshiny days.

    Bon Voyage!

    Ginny – New England

  44. suzee branch says:

    susan B
    ★you pick out the BEST quotes★, m’dear.
    just had to ask if you have fit in watching the dvd doc about leonard cohen called “I’m Your Man.” if you appreciate him at all, it’ll blow you away. it is a tribute concert at the syndney opera house in australia. the canadian performers are in another league. my motto, since i saw it, has become . . . “canada has secrets!” leonard cohen is so real, so beautiful and courageous and apocalyptic and esoteric. well, i’ve gone on here, but since you♥ included the quote from him, i just wanted to hope you’d seen the doc on his life. maybe when you’ve recovered and re-entered real life after england, (well, or not!) you’ll treat yourself to mr. cohen.
    suzee B

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