Day Two, Queen Mary 2

Hi Girlfriends! OK, the coast is clear, everyone out of their suitcases!

  All you wonderful stowaways, get dressed, we’re going to lunch at Todd English!  After lunch, the Queen Mary offers so many choices of what we can do next . . . You can choose between dancing lessons (today it’s the Slow Waltz), or line dancing; or off to Canyon Ranch fitness, or a watercolor art class.  We (Joe and I) have to be at UK Immigration Inspection at two, I think you should all make yourself scarce (passports being required and all that).  I’ll meet you at the Hostess Corner for needlework and knitting, or maybe you’d rather do the Martini Mixology class.  OR, the ocean air might have gotten to you, so you might want a nap!  Tea is at 4 pm.  Or, go stroll the deck, nine times around is three miles!  Tonight, the dress code for dinner is Formal.

Look what I just did!  How exciting!  It let me put up these flowers!  OMG, and look, I got a photo up!  It would not let me do this yesterday — Joe thinks maybe not as many people are on their computers right now!  Could be . . . now we’ll see if it goes through.  This is our Cocoon!  See the computer, that’s where I am right now.  See the view?  That’s our view. We love it.  Can’t believe we got all our stuff in here!

 Lowely’s (you know who Lowely is) Uncle Michael is on board!  We went to his room to have cocktails last night. They have one of the most amazing rooms on the very back of the ship, two stories, with a view over the pool!  Very modern, all sparkly, with a spiral staircase and glass tables.  Nice to go visiting on our home away from home.  OK, off I go.  Saving these minutes until I have more to say.  I feel like I’m really pushing my luck and want to make sure we get at least this! Have a wonderful day!

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203 Responses to Day Two, Queen Mary 2

  1. Georgeann from Texas says:

    Oh, this is wonderful to be able to be on board! Now I am wondering if you
    are not a formal type person do you get to eat? Looking forward to more and
    especially Beatrix Potter’s home!

    • sbranch says:

      I get to eat, oh boy do I ever! Joe and I lost 15 lbs each to go on this trip, want to be in shape for garden hopping — but on this ship, you have to watch yourself! Temptation is everywhere!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Dear Touristers: Thank you for the pretty flowers! What a lovely room with a view you have! I am so proud of you and Joe – that’s impressive lost poundage!! I’m out of the suitcase & ready for lunch & a stroll on the decks! xoxo

  2. Sandra Gillanders says:

    Wonderful room with a view! Air must smell so good out on the open sea.♥

  3. zinnia patch says:

    AHHHHH! out of the suitcase and JUST LOOk AT THAT VIEW!
    Oh thank you Susan…..What a Balll!!!!!!!

  4. Lynndee says:

    What a cosy room with a view! I’m so glad I get to come along on the journey!

  5. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Oh–I see your heart tea cup on the little round table!! And Joe’s little souvenir sailor doll from his sea voyage with his Mom–hope Jack doesn’t miss it! Love all these little details 🙂

  6. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    What Luck I have!!!! Thought I would peek to see you …..and Waalaa!!! And if
    my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me did a “Sailor” go to sea, sea, sea? Hahaha!
    You are too cute…”ok everybody out of the suitcase!” You just ALWAYS put
    a smile on my face!!!! Wish I could just Hop in your pocket!!!! Oh well, I’ll be
    dreaming of you and all your wonderful adventures!!! Take Care!!! XoXDawn
    “Oh…Petey is one lucky little guy!!!! OH,the stories he could tell……….. :)”

    • Dawn from Minnesota says:

      Do you like the watercolours of Kate Greenaway? She along with,
      Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott, had beautiful watercolours of
      children during the London Victorian Times.

  7. Peggy Cooper from Pueblo, CO says:

    Susan this is just wonderful. Love “the cacoon”. So cozy. What a pleasant way to travel. I’m opting for the martinis and then a nap :o) – followed by tea of course. I’m sure I speak for all the girlfriends when I say we’d like to see you and Joe in your formal wear, so please ask a fellow traveler to snap a pic for us. Ta ta!

  8. Mrs. Wendy S. says:

    YAY! I adore that border Sue- think I will print it and make stationary for my next penpal letter. Your artwork makes my heart smile.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the ship. We once stayed on the Queen Mary (it was not moving in San Diego but still…!) and one of our favorite things was the super deep bathtub! Absolutely made for a candle lit bubble bath.

    Can’t wait for more!

  9. Linda Wattier says:

    So excited to be on this trip with you! Sounds like there is so much to do. You’ll have to tell us about all the food. Have a great day! Beautiful day here in Spearfish,SD. Had nice rains yesterday, sun is out, and about 56 degrees. Celebrating compassion Sunday today. Our whole church goes out in the community today and paint, fix, etc. for all who need help. Also help spruce up the city. Will be checking back for more about the trip.

  10. I just love this little glimpse of your voyage! Taking a cruise is such a great adventure. My dream would be to cruise to England or Ireland. Have fun 🙂
    I can’t see what else you share. xoxo

  11. Jacquelyn Wirthlin - Las Vegas says:

    Thanks for the peek at your stateroom. Looks cozy and love the balcony. Thanks Sue.

  12. Ann says:

    Hooray! Your cabin looks so cosy Susan. What a nice place to snuggle down at night. Needlework at Hostess Corner sounds heaven to me. I’ll bring my canvas and silks and stitch away till its time to eat.

  13. Cindy Maulin says:

    hi susan…yippee!! success..looks all comfy cozy in the “cocoon”… whew!! thanks for opening that suitcase..gettin’ mighty close in there!!! love the view..and just keep on having great fun…so many choices…such a problem!?!?!?…happy sailing… love, cindy

  14. Becky says:

    Wonderful to be on this trip with you. I opened one of my old Victoria magazines last night to a article about Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top farm. I can’t wait for your pictures of it. She is my hero.

  15. ArlinrLA says:

    It’s so cozy. Just the right size. Is it windy on the balcony when the ship is moving? Think I’ll head over to the martini mixing class. And, did the moon look spectacular from the ship?

    Burbank, CA

  16. Chrissy Thrower says:

    Yay, Sue Sue! You did it! I am crazy for your beautiful view! How cool to go to Lowly’s Uncles OOH LA LA accommodations and to actually ‘know’ someone aboard ship! I am so glad to be outta that suitcase! Love your day’s choices for activities. Me poor ol knees are tired of walking the railes! Can’t wait to hear of what you wore to formal suit and pink scarf? Enjoy! ( I’ll go back to digging the garden! 🙂

  17. Mary Spring says:

    OH my God …Susan !! You are such a dear and thoughtful friend to soooo many..I’m simply amazed at all that you do..what an inspiration!!! and thank you Joe for “sharing” Susan with all of us….once again…this is sooo exciting !! the way..Debbie Tunnell posted an interesting link yesterday about keeping up with the QM2’s journey as well…so interesting…( I feel like I keep repeating myself..but this is so unbelievable to me. )…thank you..with love

  18. Rebecca L. says:

    What a view!

    What’s for dinner?

    Waving from Riverside, CA.

  19. Patricia H. says:

    How exciting and kind of amazing to post a pic in the middle of the Atlantic!! Too cloudy for us and the Flower moon last night but we’ll be in England for the Strawberry moon. Glad you’re having fun! Xx

  20. missholly says:

    So so so exciting!!! I think I would be reading on the deck or embroidering on the deck in the deck chair!! Hmmmm and people watching……must be great people watching!! Oh ….Have a ball!!

  21. joan says:

    I love “our” view!!! I just hope I don’t get seasick. =)

  22. Sheryl from Chico, CA says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am really getting excited to see the trip through your eyes. I know this is what you wanted to do for all of us and I thank you many times over. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of knowledge already just by scouring the Queen Mary II site. I suggest to your followers that they look at it; quite worth the time.
    Best wishes to you and Joe.

  23. M J Smith says:

    How fun!!! Love the room .. but I have to ask … is that sailor pete in the room with you? I think I see him close to your computer .. did he stowaway in your suitcase? Wonder if Jack stuck him in there???

  24. Rosanne from Oregon says:

    You are a peach to share this grand adventure with us girlfriends! Love your cozy cocoon – another room with a view! Temptation is not always a bad thing.;)

  25. Joan says:

    Is that Joe’s little sailor boy I spotted on the desk/dresser or did you get a new one?

  26. Angie(Tink!) says:

    Good Day My Darlings…I Love Your “Cocoon”! Cozy & Fabulous….I Think I’ll take The Martini Classes!….(even though I am a Mixologists… :-)) so You & Joe Lost 15 pounds for This Trip…omggggggg You are Brilliant!…Now You Truly Can Eat Drink & Be Merry! Yay!…Love Your Flowers & The Photo….I Love Traveling with You Sweet Sue…so Enjoy Your Day….I know it is Going to Be Scrumptious! Hugzzzz & Love….Always! xoxo Poof! ♥♫☼

  27. Mary S. says:

    Oh, I’m so happy that you got to show us a pic of your room so we can picture you in it, writing to us!! But…. where’s the porthole?!?! 🙂

  28. Becky Pingrey says:

    So in love with your “cocoon”! The kids & I are loving the webcam from the ship. Enjoy your days at sea! <3

  29. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Sounds like you are having a good time. Thanks for sharing the photo of your room–what a view out the deck! How fun to know someone else on the cruise so you can “check out” other parts of the ship! I think 7 days on the ship would be a wonderful vacation–hope the weather is good for sitting out on that deck! Have a good time! 🙂

  30. DebbieHallock says:

    Laughing as I see you brought along “Pete” ! Thanks for taking us on your trip

  31. Annelies says:

    Oh please have one pastry for ME…and maybe a tea cake or two. Have a lovely voyage. This is so much fun!!!!

  32. Jack says:

    My weakness, I learned when you took Jeanie and I on that Carabbean Cruise, are those ice cream dispensers, placed conveniently all around the ship. Just about the time you finish one cone — there’s another machine! Also, reading up on cruise ships, I found out there are 150 in operation right now — not all at sea however, so you won’t hit a traffic jam, but, you are not alone out there! I did see, in doing the online tour of the ship, that they do have some very elaborate facilities on board — so much so they don’t even quote the fare! LOL! They still don’t get any more out of being on the ship than we do ….. heh, heh! Besides I don’t want a butler rummaging around in my shoe bag!

  33. viv says:

    Thanks. This is such fun. Enjoy your afternoon.

  34. nicole says:

    wonderful! I can’t believe what I see!!!!!!!
    Have a good journey!!

  35. LindaSonia says:

    How fabulous to see exactly where you are!! I’ve never been on a cruise before, but that Queen Mary really looks like something else! How fab!! And the variety of those activities is awesome!!! How fun!! You and yours are lucky ducks!! Have fun!

  36. judi says:

    Oh, so happy to see!!! and hear from you. A giggle when looking at your cocoon – see why you call it that! Did you put the little banner up on the door?

    Will have to go to their site and see the Todd English room? YOU should be teaching the watercolor class – free passage and maybe a room like “Uncle Micheals! Maybe you can work it on the way back:)))

    Lets see, I think I would do the martini mixology class then to tea at 4. Describe all the goodies you get with the tea. Ta ta p.s. have your “butler” take a pic of you two in your formal attire standing out on your patio.

  37. Oh wonderful, You got to post the picture. What a cozy room. It has everything you need plus a wonderful view. I hope you got to see the big full moon last night. It was lovely from land bet it was even better from the ship. OK we are out of the suitcases now.. We will go back in when you get to England so we can see the sights with you. :)) I sound like the Queen.. WE do.. lol

  38. Jeanette St. George says:

    Thank you for taking us along with you, this is so fun!

  39. Tiina says:

    OMG!!! That room is huge compared to the one I had on Carnival! How fun and exciting for you both. I ‘m looking forward to hearing daily about your adventure. Don’t forget to take pictures of your food too! I loved the Grasmere Lakes (spelling?) We went to Beatrix Potter’s house too. You’ll love it! Have a great day.

  40. Ruthie P says:

    Thank you Susan,how beautiful is that!!!! Did you take your heart mugs with you? How cute are YOU!!! Just adore you.I can’t even imagine taking a water color class and seeing Susan Branch sitting beside me,that would be my highlight,wouldn’t have to leave the ship:)…have a wonderful day…xoxo Ruthie

  41. Doris P (from East Bay CA) says:

    Hi Susan! Loved seeing the picture of your Cocoon! How nice to have a balcony. So many choices of things to do… count me in for knitting, a stroll around the deck, a nap, and then tea at 4:00 sounds lovely! Have a wonderful day!
    ~Doris from East Bay

  42. Wendy says:

    Oh, nice cocoon, with a LOVELY view. Amazing to think there is a vast expanse of water out there from where we see it. Must make you ponder on one’s significance on earth! Yummy descriptions thus far. Is that Pete sitting on the desk? Can’t wait for ample food & dining room pix!

  43. Siobhan from Santa Monica, CA says:

    Oh, gosh, let the thrills begin! The Cocoon looks as cozy as one could ask for, especially for a stowaway. Can’t wait to see the piccie of afternoon tea. Gosh, this is just, as amazing as we hoped it would be! Tata for now!

  44. Betty Marie says:

    Oh ! Your room is just perfect(bliss) one doesn’t need more then this for comfort. You have the whole ship to enjoy, boy do you ever. She is a beauty!

  45. Silvia Niomi says:

    Whew! I was feeling a little fidgety in the suitcase. After being in there a three mile walk sounds good. The QM2 must be huge. It looked very big as it sailed past the webcam. Dancing, watercolor and m. mixology sound like fun adventures for the day. I bet napping is great too. Do you feel the waves at all? Are they still small today? What type of food do they serve at the Todd English?
    Your room looks very cozy.

    Ta Ta for now.

  46. What does it feel like on board the ship? I have never been on a cruise liner, so do you feel motion? Like waves and unsteadiness? Just curious.

  47. Marie (Long Beach, CA) says:

    Your cocoon looks so cozy! I’m so happy we all get to see a picture of it! I was wondering if the circle sign on your door to the balcony says “The Cocoon”?
    It’s seems to be something creative you would do! Thanks for allowing us to travel vicariously through you! Have fun today and at dinner this evening!

  48. Aunt Marti says:

    Definitely the Martini Mixology class, then a nap! Meet you at knitting — thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip.

  49. mari1017 says:

    So wonderful! What a view 🙂 I was amazed that Todd E had restaurant on QM – how cool is that??? I remember him at Figs – a long time ago nw lol. Susan, looks like you’re having a wonderful day – my teacup is ready for 4 PM your time zone? 🙂

  50. Oh, it sounds like the perfect way to travel! Makes me think I may indeed get to England someday (definitely not into flying)…And art and knitting classes?! What’s not to love?! Have a fabulous time, and thanks so much for sharing your journey…

    ♥ Carolee

  51. Oh! Life on the ocean wave . . da de da de da de da . . .

    Knew you’d have plenty of things to pick from to keep you busy! If you need anyone to sign for you at Immigration I’m your man (woman actually, more specific . . Girlfriend) as I’ve done this more than once so am an old hand, but don’t ask any more . .

    So, by the time you come off QMII you will be a seasoned dancer which is just as well with all that delicious food . . talking of which, tea is ready so I’d better go as the pinger just pinged! ♥♥♥

  52. Pom Pom says:

    How fun! The room is gorgeous and that view – breathtaking!
    Yahoo! Thanks for taking us along!

  53. Dinahsoar says:

    Whew–it feels good to be out of those bags–it was getting stuffy. Yes, you must watch it–don’t want to blow it and get all of us thrown off the ship. The main thing is to keep a low profile where we’re concerned…we’ll just shadow you and Joe. Gee…this is so exciting…I think I’ll take a gander at that watercolor class. Catch up with you later!…from the QM2 via the Hills of TN….

  54. Laura B Jenkins says:

    I see someone’s sailor boy made the trip 🙂 …and that precious Bon Voyage on your balcony door…comforts of home in the cocoon! Enjoy every minute..what a dream come true! xo

  55. RoseB says:

    Awhh wonderful – and they have needlework sessions?! Where do I book? I must admit that cruising has never appealed to me before, but your posts and tweets have really made it come alive over the last few days. Now I’m working out how to save up!

  56. Sue says:

    YIPPEE, so glad that I am finally out of that suitcase….can’t wait to take some classes, a few jogs around the deck and then FOOD and DRINKS….
    xox Sue M.

  57. Hi Susan! I am happy now that I can see your photos! How exciting all this must be and to think you are sharing this with us. You had mentioned a water color class … I can’t imagine Susan Branch taking a water color class, you are the greatest one. Also, I thought of the thrill of you walking into the class and being recognized, that would be such a treat for the participates in the class to meet you. Then again, you go incognito, take the class and share the juicy details with us. I know, my mind is rambling but I am so excited too! Thanks for remembering us all out here! ♥


    • Jacquelyn Wirthlin - Las Vegas says:

      I vote for incognito … wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in that class! lol Having too much fun on this cruise.

  58. Lynn McMahon says:

    Hi Susan~
    I think we should do the martini mixology class and then watercolor art class ~ could be VERY creative!!
    Mixing any of the others~ especially knitting & dance~ could prove dangerous and that could be the end of the trip! Sure don’twant that!!!
    Whatever you do have fun and enjoy your formal evening!
    Thanks for the heads up about immigration too!
    Happy Sunday!

    • Lynn McMahon says:

      I meant “you” and “don’t want”~ I already sound like I went to the martini mixology class!

  59. Mary says:

    Love seeing your home-away-from-home, Susan. I’m so wishing I were in the room next door! My husband and I love to cruise, so I’m well aware of the hazards of the buffet line and the tea time offerings and … well, I could go on but won’t. I believe the food at sea has 0 calories, so indulge! I’m thrilled that you can put up photos so hope you’ll keep them coming. Thanks for thinking of us!

  60. Helaine says:

    My huband and I can’t believe you are taking the time to write to us when there is so much to see and do. We are loving it……..many thanks!

  61. Terry says:

    Hi, Susan!

    Thank you! I am so excited about this trip. I walked my 3 miles, now I will go and join the knitting group. 🙂

    I think I mentioned before that my oldest sister (she hates to be called the oldest) lives in England. My husband will not fly, so I have not been to England to visit her in over 30 years. I am thinking that I do have a chance of getting him on that beautiful ship. I will share all your wonderful photos with him.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us. You are my daily happiness vitamin.

    Have a wonderful time!

  62. Gala says:

    …gasp!…sigh…the balcony. Look at the balcony!

  63. JoEllen says:

    Perfection! I would b too dazed to take a class. And black-and-blue from pinching myself! Ah, YOU, the glamorous American with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ will be ALL THAT at dinner tonight. And very ‘Audrey Hepburn at ascot’ last night at the black-and-white ball. That scene was all Cecil Beaton’s idea, you know. Those Brits are excellent at all this classy stuff. Me? I’m heading back out into heat and humidity for another round of transplanting. There isn’t a ship on the whole Cunard line that would allow me aboard today… Have a GLORIOUS DAY! xo

  64. Pat says:

    The cocoon looks fine to me and the view is wonderful. I think this afternoon I will do a little needlework, perhaps work on my Christmas quilt. Boy it feels good to be out of the suitcase.

  65. Ann Y. (Adamstown, PA) says:

    How lovely – and how great for you to share it with us instead of keeping all the fun to yourself. You are sweet. The view from your cabin is wonderful… and wow…tea, naps, walks, all that fun. Have a wonderful formal dinner and we can’t wait to hear more.

  66. MNBarbb says:

    Oh Lovely…..I feel sooo much better out of the suitcase, although, I have been perfectly happy in my ‘little cocoon’ reading your twitter and blog posts, perfectly content – anxiously awaiting every detail you share 🙂
    I have been getting photos on twitter, and then this one you’re sharing today of your cocoon. They have been so fun to see, TFSing! I think I will look into the dancing lessons….my legs are a little stiff having been in tight quarters for a bit!! So far the trip has been exquisite 😉 I am excited about the formal dinner, esp to hear about all the glitter and glam and of course, the meal! So much fun….

  67. Dale Worness says:

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Couldn’t be happier for you! LOVE your stateroom. Can’t believe you have your own spiral staircase. Guess that makes it a “town” stateroom since it’s 2 stories! Nice balcony also. The cabin my friend and I shared on our cruise 31 years ago was so tiny we had bunkbeds with no place to sit but on the bottom bunk. The whole room was no bigger than a closet and there was no porthole. Talk about claustrophobic! We really did have a lot of fun anyway. Guess next time I better try an ocean liner. Oh, could you please sign me up for line dancing? I bet the water color instructor couldn’t hold a candle to you!!!

  68. Angela says:

    Susan, my husband and I have been following this voyage since Friday at 5:00PM EST. We are having the greatest “virtual” trip with you and Joe. We even went outside last night and took pictures of the moon from our driveway. The clouds cleared long enough for us to get some great pictures and it was a perfect way to end the day of our 11th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t have asked for more!

  69. Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

    You are a clever girl, Susan, to lose weight before going on vacation. I think I might check out the watercolor class—a landscape painting doesn’t seem to difficult at the moment!!!



    • Kathy from Brevard, NC says:

      P.S. I forgot to say that I will also be going to Needlework and hubby and I will meet you all for tea at 4:00. We are all set with our Rhubarb Crumble and favorite Irish Breakfast Tea.

  70. Shanon says:

    Susan!!! Have a wonderful time! You are so lucky to be able to get away, just you and your hubby 🙂 me and my husband will have to wait til the kids have grown up a little first! take lots of pictures for all of us back in the states 🙂

  71. Hi Sue!
    What a thrill to Cyber Sail along with you on this incredible voyage! My roots in England go back to 1498 when my 13th great grandfather lived in Foxton, Leiceistershire, which is where I’m stuck and have hit a brick wall with my family genealogy. Interestingly enough, my husband discovered he’s descended from King Henry I who’s buried in Westminster Abbey! England is on our Bucket List but until then, your Tweets are a Treat!

    Smooth Sailing!
    Love, Bunny

  72. Marianne says:

    I’m so looking forward to tea — and scones, and clotted cream, and lemon curd, and dainty little sandwiches, and sweet tea breads. And not a calorie for us stowaways to feel guilty over! But lest I be accused of being a total glutton, I’m also very interested in the Queen Mary’s china for tea service. If you’re willing and able to discreetly take a snap, I’m sure we’d all love to see it. And will they have music for tea dancing? Such a civilized way to travel, and I’m Oh so glad you brought us along!!!!

    Big Hugs and Thank You!!!


  73. Jack says:

    I looked your room over very closely ….. even did an enlargement. So I guess your Loo, as it’s refered to over there, must be at the end of the hall. Just think of all the nice people you’ll meet!

    • Marianne says:

      Dads!!! — always sooo practical! Who else would have checked to see where the ‘loo’ was located? Jack, you remind me of my sweet and practical Dad. He’d kick my car tires and listen to the engine everytime I drove home to visit, even would take the car in early morning for servicing, unbeknownst to me, while I was still asleep. This went on even into my fifties until God decided he needed a good practical car-checker in Heaven. Love your posts!


  74. Helaine says:

    With all the glamor on board did you get to see la bella luna? My head would be spinning as to what to look at next. Love it, thanks, Susan and Joe.

  75. Jan says:

    This is so exciting. You are on one of my dream trips and now I am traveling with you! Wishing you fair winds and following seas!

  76. Margot says:

    That is sooo cool to see the ocean out of your room window!!! I am on vacation in Charleston. I followed the coast down on Hwy. 17 and crossed some scary bridges. I figured out why they are so steep…to let the ships through without having to raise the bridge. Duh!
    Bully on the weigh loss!
    I hope to see Miss Potter’s house too. Maybe you will bump into my sister there.

  77. Tammy in Colorado says:

    Oh, I am having a wonderful time already! I see that you brought your pink hearts breakfast mug. And is that one of your creations hanging on the door? And it looks like the curtains are a pink floral? What a lovely cocoon! I’m so glad you were able to post a picture!

    I just checked the webcam and the water is so beautifully blue!

    Happy sailing!

  78. stephanie says:

    I’m so excited!!

    Please, please can we have a pic of the little deck and the view from the deck? I’ve never been on a ship like this before – I had no idea you could have doors that open. I thought everyone was sealed in there.

    I can’t believe how many options you have for things to do!

    You don’t need a painting class, you’re already fit – so I vote for dancing!

    We’ll be needing a pic of what “tea” looks like at 4 pm!

    Have fun and thanks for sharing!

  79. Sandra says:

    Miss Susan, how cool is it that you know someone from home who is also on board? WOW! I’d go for the dance lessons…the waltz, no less!
    Dream on….

  80. Peggy says:

    Please bring the sun with you to rainy ol England! So excited for you, enjoying every blog and tweet!

  81. {oc cottage} says:

    oh! sounds like you are already off to a fun start!
    here’s to smooth sailing and hoping that
    immigration inspection turns out ok! ;}

    m ^..^

  82. Susan Simon says:

    Oh, it’s so nice to see your cocoon! Love it, and the view off the balcony looks like the weather is being kind… enjoy it. And fifteen pounds lost is wonderful. Now you can enjoy the food onboard… and the food in England, too!

    Hmmm. Since I don’t what to do first, think I will go for a walk around the deck… three miles should allow for some scones and clotted cream at tea! I am so glad you are able to post. Hope we get to see a picture of you in your gorgeous outfit for tonight…. have a wonderful, wonderful time, as I am sure you are, and I will look back soon for more updates.

  83. Shanna says:

    I love your view! I’m so glad you were able to send a photo so we could see what it looks like on board.

  84. Hi Susan, I went online to look at the virtual tour of the QMII and there were so many different types of rooms I was wondering which one you were in and now I know. It looks cozy and for this type of trip it is just perfect. I also looked at one level of dining and it all sounded delish!!! I have to laugh losing the 15# for this trip is great; but, the colorful pants you bought will sure come in handy for your trip home because of the elastic waist and roominess?? LOL it will all balance out because of all the walking you will be doing in England, so enjoy every minute. I remember on our Carribean Cruise the midnight buffets were amazing, and since we had the 8pm dinner time we only went one time just to see what they had because we weren’t hungry again by midnight!!! You are right about pacing yourself!!!! Enjoy Thank you for sharing your trip with us!!!

  85. Mary Ann - Central Highlands of Mexico says:

    No problem, I brought my passport. I’ll again be at tea and then to the outside deck. One of my favorite things is to sit and stare. Sometimes I bring a book but after a few minutes it ends up in my lap. Sit and stare, and breathe in the air. Of course now I have to figure out what nail polish I should wear for tonight. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I’ll get my hair done. Thank you so much for taking us along. This is so much fun!

  86. Patty says:

    Is that Joe’s doll sitting on the chest of drawers to the left of your computer? How sweet of you to take him along. Hope he enjoys the ride, I know that I am here in land-locked Indiana!

  87. Milanya says:

    Is that Joe’s doll on the computer desk?

  88. Vicki says:

    I’m so excited for you both!! I know you are having a splendid time, looking forward to your updates! Enjoy my dear friend!!

  89. patti frain says:

    This is the most amazing thing to watch, how lucky am I to take this cruise and not even leave home. Someday but for now this is so amazing:)

  90. Nancy B says:

    Went out to see the gorgeous moon last night and thought of you! What a sweet little cocoon you have there. I can’t even imagine a two story suite. What a life. 🙂

  91. Susan , I love that you want to show us everything! I am laughing looking at the photo!!! I cant believe you took Joe’s little sailor doll along! How funny…enjoying the blog…Angel

  92. Karen V (Connecticut) says:

    Wow, Susan, the room looks cozy and the view amazing! And it sound like there is a lot to do, considering you are on a ship! Yes, I am wondering the same thing, is it fancy dress up every night or do you have a choice? So glad that you are having a wonderful time, relax and enjoy! Can’t wait to get to England….

  93. Looks like a cozy little place–not much room to work on watercolors here!–I bet your early-rising self will have just a little problem getting back into the groove when you get back home–I see that the little sailor doll (Pete?) is making the voyage with you–won’t Jack miss him??? 🙂 Enjoy your relaxing time aboard, and let us know what you are knitting.

  94. Martha Ellen says:

    Susan I’m so glad to were able to post today with photos! Sounds like you are having a lovely time! I think I see your Emma cups and Joe’s little sailor doll-right? I’m going to tea onboard–thanks for taking us along! xoxo ♥

  95. Ann says:

    How nice to see a picture of your room and imagine you and Joe enjoying the voyage. Take a few laps around for me.

  96. Cathy McC. says:

    Oh my goodness — it’s real! So glad you were able to get a picture posted — it looks absolutely cozy and divine! I’m imagining line dancing on a ship — darn, I can hardly do it on land! Whatever you chose, I’m sure you had a ball! Wonder how long you are on board? This technology thing — the ability for us all to see and hear so quickly what you are doing — just amazes me. BTW — the super flower moon over Indianapolis was lovely last night — hope you got to enjoy it over that vast ocean — all of us girlfriends under the light of the same silvery moon! Has to be God’s blessing! Safe travels — Ethel.

  97. Nellie says:

    How exciting that you are able to send us a picture with this post! Now I REALLY wish I were along.:-)

    It’s great that you were able to lose 15 pounds in preparation for this trip! I am behind in that step of preparation.

    I hope things continue to go beautifully!

    xoxo Nellie

  98. Drucye says:

    So glad you can post pictures now–it’s going to be so exciting to be onbaord the Queen Mary! Love your cocoon and your view.

  99. CindyK says:

    Your room looks so cozy!! Is that Joe’s little sailor doll by the computer?
    Sounds like there is plenty to do! I’ll take the watercolor class thank you. And formal dress for dinner? Wow, what are we having?

  100. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan who is out to sea………sipping tea so merrily! (Did I just write that?) Your room is so cozy with a gorgeous view of the ocean!!! Did you choose to knit at the Hostess Corner? I wonder if there is pretty yarn over in the UK? Thank you for the success of your first photo……’s so exciting to come along on your dreamy trip. What a privilege and gift to share with all of us!!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!

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