There’s a Cat in the Kitchen!!

Hi Everyone!  I thought I’d show you what we’ve been up to!  Kitchen Makeover is getting there and Jack the cat has been a huge help, doing what he does best, making us laugh!  Because this is definitely a time for humor!  Musica?

He is really the only good decoration in my kitchen, and a true partner! Joe is now using my nails for paint brush displays.

It’s all coming along, the floor turned out beautiful; we’ve been washing walls; I cleaned the stove; Joe’s already painted the ceiling, and we finally settled on a wall color.  It’s going to be Benjamin Moore, Woodlawn Blue (the top one on the strip above).

I know the one on the left looks prettiest, but it’s actually going to be the one on the right!  The one on the left is Summer Shower (Benj. Moore), the original color of the kitchen, but we decided it’s just a bit too “baby” blue . . . we want to tone it down a bit . . . this is our chance, and we’re going to take it!  I think we’re going to love it!

And of course, Jack agrees.

There is a bare bulb hanging up there; he’s got his eye on it; he’s thinking, hmmm, could I swing on that?

But really, no, not now, I’m a cat, and I need a nap right this minute.

This is the most comfortable top of a ladder I ever had.

I’m dreaming of flying!

Wait a minute, what’s THAT?

FLY!!!  Gotta have it, gotta have it, gotta have it, go— ta — GOT it.  Yum.

You need help up there?

‘Cause I can come up if you need me!

I know my stuff.  I had a birthday, I turned one!


Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I LOVE these gloves.  lovelovelove, bitebitebite, love love love . . . I want them forever.

Don’t look at me, it was YOUR idea to get him.

And this is the general condition of the dining room; every surface is covered, wall-to-wall, with kitchen things.  Early every morning I fill the dishwasher with a load of dishes and bowls.  Slowly but surely, everything is getting cleaned.  When the shelves are done being painted I can put it all back!  It’s going to be gorgeous!

Because this is the real me . . . and that is what I wish I was doing . . .

 It feels like I haven’t been able to really cook anything forever!

And all my old cookbooks are dislocated, homeless, with no place to BE.

I’ve been chopping veggies and making some delicious cold salads, Broccoli salad and Coleslaw, to keep us healthy during this period of discombooberation (pizza to-go);  but what I really want to do is bake a pan of corn bread and make some apple crisp!  Here’s my corn bread recipe, from this month’s calendar page . . . until I get my kitchen back, I thought maybe I can live vicariously through YOU! XOXO

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573 Responses to There’s a Cat in the Kitchen!!

  1. Jack says:

    I remember when we lived in Carmetlitos …….I had to put bondo on the fender dent on the old Ford —then paint it with grey primer — same as your kitchen wall …..

    • sbranch says:

      Now you are going too far.

      • Tawni urrutia says:

        Susan, when your kitchen is put back together…looking cheerful and fab, i hope you’ll play frank sinatra singing BLUE SKIES and dedicate the musica to your dad!!! Jack to are hilarious!:)

  2. Cathy from Maryland says:

    Did you see the double rainbow this evening?! It’s still out there right now. We walked out of the Black Dog Tavern about 6:00 and there it was over the water. No one wanted to leave….

    • Cathy from Maryland says:

      I also wanted to mention we saw a yacht in the harbor called Vango. We noticed it because it has a small helicopter on top. We went on-line and found it’s rumored to belong to Oprah. Maybe I’ll run into her since I haven’t run into you yet. Remember, I said I had a feeling I might run into you. :-). Well, I only have two days left!

      • sbranch says:

        I was at a restaurant, the Blue Canoe, right in front of that yacht! I asked the waiter there, I heard the Oprah rumor too, but he said that yacht is just your basic billionaire’s boat; it’s been there all summer and he’s never seen anyone on it but crew!

    • sbranch says:

      Gorgeous, I did see it, ran out and took photos!!! Isn’t the weather sublime?

  3. Cathy from Maryland says:

    Good morning! We were hoping to get out on the beach to see a sunrise before we left. Is there a good spot in VH or do we have to head over to Edgartown to see it rise over the water?

    • sbranch says:

      I think it’s Edgartown — I always see it rise when we go to the boat, but it’s not over water — it must be in Edgartown! Nice and quiet and beautiful day here for you today!

      • Cathy from Maryland says:

        Yes! It WAS beautiful. My husband swam in the Sound at Lambert Cove today while I sat in a little alcove on the beach and read Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s “Gift From The Sea”.

        • sbranch says:

          That’s about as perfect as it gets!

          • Rhonda D. says:

            Cathy, Susan is right…that is just about as perfect as it gets. I grew up beside the sea, and my mom gave me that book “Gift From The Sea” a few years ago. Certainly the icing on the cake for a beautiful day by the sea.

  4. mary spring says:

    …. I can’t help but laugh every time your father, Jack, “comments”… he, so, reminds me of my father , with his sense of humor ?!?’s good to have him back with his comments …

  5. nanette from Alabama says:

    OH! love the kitchen! I have been off internet for nearly two weeks…….when I got online again, your blog was the first thing I had to check! You chose a beautiful color for the kitchen…’s going to be such a warm, cozy spot for making your tea and doing all your lovely holiday baking! Jack sure seems to approve of the whole thing! I am so happy for you, Susan!

  6. Pam K says:

    Hi there Miss Susan! I’ve been away from your blog for a while and it was such a sweet surprise when Jack greeted me back! I love what you’re doing with the kitchen. I especially enjoy the positive joy you express while doing it too because going through a renovation or any kind of routine change or alteration can tire a person out. Looks like Jack is making the most of it though.
    Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. As a girlfriend, I already feel at home there; the improvements can only make it cozier. Love to Jack and Girl Kitty! Pam K. from Dallas, TX.

  7. lol you’ve a cute papa 😀

    soon your kitchen will be allllllll finished and then you get to play! the fun part decorating and putting everything in it’s place.

    It’s back to school time here at Ingleside. Cookies, snacks, homemade pizzas and yummy meals for after school as it’s cooled WAY down and raining buckets the past few days.

    Loved the post 🙂
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

  8. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    Your daddy is too funny. Your color will be beautiful once it is all complete. I have missed you so much!!!! We have been on vacation (went to Holmes County–our Amish Country) last week. So I have not had a chance to see what you have accomplished in the kitchen. You are nearing the home stretch! And with all the help that Jack kitty is giving you, it will go fast. Girl kitty is so proper, she would never act like that crazy cat. xoxo Joy

  9. Janet [in Rochester] says:

    Quick hello and shout-out to Elizabeth in Montana! Elizabeth, thank you for writing – and what a small world! My dad grew up in the 19th Ward here in Rochester, lived on Monica Street, then Millbank Street, until he was drafted in 1950 [?] and served as an Army MP in Berlin. My mother also grew up in Rochester – and spent most of her childhood and teenage years in the St Paul Street/Maplewood Park areas.

    PS – someday I’ll have to tell the story about the connection between my dad and [drumroll] – GREGORY PECK! :>)

    • Elizabeth in Montana says:

      I grew up on Arvine Heights, went to #37 school on Congress Ave., St. Monica’s and St. Agnes. My dad was from PA and my mom was born in Toronto, but her mom was born on Tremont Street and my mom spent her summers with her grandparents on Raeburn Ave. Her grandfather was the organist at the Church of the Epiphany for many years. So glad to hear from you! I love Montana, but miss some things about Rochester (Wegmans!) 🙂

  10. Aggie says:

    I-love-Jack…..always ready to assist in your home projects : {>

  11. MARILYN P. STALEY says:

    I cannot find the place to enter your Autumn book give away.

  12. Gini says:

    Wow,what is it Susan? You’re like a close friend I’ve never met. LOVE your musica! I’ve already downloaded so much of it…thanks for introducing me! I have your Autumn book & plan to read it again tomorrow. Having best friends for dinner & will do my best to make it fun & delicious! Indian summer here in No. Calif.

  13. Jack and Girl Kitty are absolutely adorable! I especially love Girl Kitty’s response to Jack! Thanks for the big smiles and giggles that I got today! Your blog give me that good feeling every time I read it!

  14. Linda K Foster says:

    Susan, I can’t begin to tell you how much joy I have from reading your blog! Your book is looking wonderful! Can’t wait to see it in print! I saw Peter Rabbit hopping through my yard today, his white cottontail bouncing up and down! I have a granddaughter named Autumn. We live near Rockford, Michigan.

  15. Denise Leavens says:

    Jack boy is such a HOOT! I’ve come back again to get my fill of his antics. And when he’s asleep – sigh – precious. What good company he is. My one year old black Sukie discovered the outdoors this summer and has been playing least-in-sight. Once a day her little head pops out from some little nest she’s discovered and talks and talks and tells me all about it. Then she’s off again. I’m hoping that when the weather turns cold and wet she’ll be back again inside entertaining me.

  16. sondra fox says:

    Note to Roseanne from OR………Because of my “ancient-ness,” & love of animals, we’ve lost several pets over the years. Each one of them had a different personality. Each one of them won our hearts within seconds of becoming members of our family. I’ve often heard others say that they don’t want anymore animals, as it’s too hard on them (the people) when the animals pass away. I say, yes, it is very difficult when one of your pets passes away, but the joy, love, & happiness animals bring to your life is so much greater than the time when your pets pass away. I believe pet owners are very brave people. We’re brave enough to see all of the stages in a pet’s life, enjoying each & every stage, knowing that one day we’ll have to part with our pet, but knowing we shared a portion of our journey with a wonderful being. I honor the love you had for your Bailey, Roseanne.

  17. Lori from Florida says:

    Congratulations on finishing your kitchen! You are making me want to paint our bathroom. We are leaving for Maine next Thursday to visit my hubby’s family. I better get started.

  18. Debbie N. says:

    Thank you for sharing the recipe for Iowa Corn Bread. It looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it.

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