~ P r i d e ~ a lovely word; I think this quote is the perfect description, and here’s a little proud MUSICA to go with it. 

I have to say, we take inordinate pride in our compost heap, it’s homemade, with love . . . but no matter how high it gets and how varied it is, with the sweet-potato peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, a little wood ash,

 and maybe a pumpkin with stars on top, making me feel like mother nature herself with the earth-feeding I’m doing . . . this crazy wild pride I have in compost . . . still . . .

. . . yes, and even after an afternoon of digging in the dirt,  planting sixty new bulbs, tulips, daffodils and crocus, under the roses, around the bird bath, thinking of the bowers of spring flowers we’re going to have in April and May, brightening our neighborhood and thrilling, what I know will then be, my winter-worn heart — even that; even coming in all tired and dirty, so proud to cross “Plant Bulbs” off my list . . . still . . .

. . . and in the morning, before the sun comes up, when the house is quiet, just the hum of the furnace, the water is on for tea, I can’t help but count my blessings as I hang a clean dish towel and stand there, letting the warm air travel over my slippers, admiring my kitchen, thinking how much I love its surfaces, how it speaks to me of home and our life here . . . how very proud I am . . .

Even when I’m patting myself on the back and polishing my fingernails on my shirt for getting the ironing done, or the laundry on the line, crossing those things off my list, Saying, Done!  Feeling proud.

Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help but feel proud that my neighbor’s dog Iris, likes me enough to come over on her own and hang out with me.  She’s here now!  ♥ I love her.

I feel pride when I surprise Joe with a German Pancake for dinner,

. . . after he’s been such a good boy and put the storm windows on this old house . . . battening down the hatches for winter . . .

There’s the deep and abiding pride I feel in watching my two men work,

They are my dream team.

And I can’t begin to tell you the pride I feel when I get a page for our new book done, and think maybe you are going to like it . . .  not to mention the TEN new pages I’ve done since I did my last post!  I’m about to start page one hundred!  So proud.  So grateful. You’re my inspiration.  Thank you xoxo

I have many blessings, and reasons to be proud, but the number one, most prideful moment of  all comes only every so often . . . and makes me feel just like the little kid looks in this photo at our Memorial Day parade!

Proud.  For some reason, nothing, makes me feel quite the same as sticking that little oval sticker on my jacket that says, “I voted.”  Putting a next to “show you care,” on my to-do list.  I usually leave that sticker on my jacket for at least a week!  All proud of myself!  ✰✫

 Proud to make my little contribution.  Feel so lucky.

Looking at the history of the world, it’s a miracle that we get to do this.  I would like to do my part today by encouraging all of you:  Go vote!  You’ll love it.  Even if you have to stand in line!  It’s such a blessing that we can.  It’s important for the rest of the world to see that we care enough to do it. It’s their world too.  I know I’m probably preaching to the choir, but I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut … woke up this morning, thought, “OH! Voting Day!”  Was excited!  Had to tell you!  And if you can, take someone with you!  Let them feel this good pride too!  I promise, at the end of the day, you will be standing taller if you do it.   No matter which side you’re on in this election, we’re all on the same side when it comes to our country! 

Love you girlfriends; we are the world!  ♥ xoxo Have a wonderful day!

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495 Responses to PROUD ✔

  1. Susan in SC says:

    How do you do it? You manage to get right to the heart of me with each post. . . I am so proud to be one of the “girlfriends.”

  2. Sara Finally in Georgia!!! says:

    What a wonderful post! We all should look around and be so greatful 🙂 It is the little things.. like when I voted today and got my sticker, I was tickled pink that this time my sticker was a peach and says, “I’m a Georgia Voter”! To most people I guess it wouldn’t be much or maybe even silly. To me though, it brought a smile to me face 🙂 Just like your post today! All of things to be greatful for! They are plently we just have to take the time to stop and pay attention.

    And another thing I am greatful for…. page 100 of your book! It looks so magical! I get so excited when you share a glimpse with us! But I do have to ask… when will we be able to get our paws on the real thing???? LOL!!!!!

  3. i voted on my way into work this morning with my little guy who is 8 yrs old. this is actually the 3rd election he has accompanied me to. the first he was 4 months old. this time ’round he was able to read everything on the ballot, so we read everything together, and i made our decisions on the screen. i always get a little emotional at the voting poll when walking away after casting my ballot, but never as much as today. even though my youngest son is not old enough to vote yet, i felt i was casting “our” ballot…not just mine. it was thrilling and as we walked out of the school we talked about how lucky we are to live in AMERICA where we can vote, because there are so many countries in this world where people don’t have the right to vote. we are truly blessed…i am so proud to have 2 boys (my oldest is 23) who care enough to be not just interested in our elections, but also who want to be involved in making a difference in this great country. i am a proud momma, and just as important a proud AMERICAN! then to top the day off even better, one of my best girlfriends popped by my office and gave me a “2013 Susan Branch Heart of the Home” calendar! for no other reason than she knows how much i love you and your books. yes, it is a beautiful day!

  4. Rebecca Walsh says:

    Count me in the list of voters and a girlfriend is having an election party.

  5. Carilyn Wolski says:

    Hello Susan! Happy Election Day!!!! Early this morning I put my small American Flags all along my front flower beds…..just to show a little red, white, and blue colors before voting!!!!! (Patriotic colors to display on this cloudy day in Dearborn, Michigan.) I am always so impressed to read that you wake up so early in the morning……how do you do it Susan? Your routine reminds me of the saying…..”Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”….is that how it goes? Anyways, you truly inspire me each and every time I read your delightful blog!!!! God Bless You and the great U.S.A. !!!!!!!

  6. Rosanna says:

    As I scrolled down, reading your lovely thoughts – and feeling proud along with you that I too take pride in the little everyday things that make a married life, a home life, a family life – I was touched by the picture of your neighbor’s dog Iris, curled up on your sofa – just like a friend who had come to visit and felt so comfortable to be with you. My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw Iris – she could be the twin of my own dog who passed away three months ago – Hazey was only ‘comfortable’ with certain people – – she had a knack for knowing who was kind and caring and loving – and fun. I would say Iris has that same knack………….thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us – I sincerely appreciate it.

  7. Laura Benthien says:

    The first thing that caught my eye is the pretty quilt you have hanging on the back of the kitchen chair! I am a quilter so of course I spied that right away 🙂 So charming just hanging out there! We just sold our current home and I am looking for just the right one for our last and final house. Our first home reminds me of yours, we also had the big heavy storms that went on the windows each fall, and off again in the spring, but alas, we arent getting any younger and a maintenance free home is on the husbands “must have” list. I am getting kind of excited about “new” decorating and new paint colors. You keep up the good work on your book and keep inspiring us all! Laura B. in Illinois

  8. Lynn B says:

    Well said, Susan, as always! I am going to vote as soon as the oil and thermostat company finishes trying to get my heat back on (hopefully with success)! And I HOPE there is a huge long line full of individuals exercising their right and enjoying the privilege. PAGE 100?!? I can’t wait!

  9. Cheryl Rooney says:

    Thanks for such a lovely post! I agree – such a sweet feeling to accomplish something and give ourselves a little pat on the back!

    What a blessing we can vote – we live in the BEST country on this planet!

  10. Pat Johnson of Paso Robles says:

    Thank you for a FABulous entry!! Today is certainly the day to dwell on the fact that voting is the important act – knowing that candidates can freely run for any office – whether local or national. Thank you for being YOU – the most beautiful, talented, caring, loveable, sharing person that you are! Today I sit in Paso Robles, looking at the temp outside – 90 degrees!! Where in the world is winter and can I send this wonderful weather to our many friends who suffered from Megastorm Sandy!! All of this month I take time to remember the numerous people who are suffering from the loss of their homes, families and belongings and living with the uncertainty of the future. I can’t even imagine how they must feel!!! I have not lost track of the fact that you are writing a wonderful book! Again – thank you for being YOU!! XXXXOOOO Pat

  11. Susan ( an Ohio gal in SoCal ) says:

    Maybe someone else has already asked – I haven’t read the other comments yet – for a recipe for the German pancakes.

    Oh, I can just tell right now that we are going to LOVE the English Diary! I think you’ll have an immediate rush of orders, too. I finally was able to get a copy of Autumn from e-bay, so I know I definitely want the new book hot off the press. E-bay is too nervewracking !

  12. Susan (Grayslake, IL) says:

    Susan … I am happy to report Tom and I voted early (love the opportunity to vote early).
    I must mention a dear friend of mine proudly became a naturalized citizen this year, and voted (early) in her very first election. She was honored to have that privilege … this should be an inspiration to every one of us. 🙂

  13. Donna says:

    Good job, Susan. Good job.

  14. Nellie says:

    We have a compost heap, too, Susan, and it really helps our organic gardening!

    Love the picture of your “men” working. Jack seems particularly helpful.:-) I know Joe wonders how he would manage without his assistance.:-)

    We have early voting in Tennessee, and we voted on the first day it was possible. We women haven’t had the right to vote for all that many years, really. Pretty sad, when one thinks about it.

    I’m more than a bit nervous about this election and wonder if I’m going to be able to stay up to watch the returns tonight.

    Have a good day, Susan!

    xo Nellie

    • Karen Saunders says:

      nellie, if you have an organic c.h., does that mean all you put in it must be organic as well??? like veg peels, etc. ?

  15. tamartime says:

    I voted…. and prayed, and posted my political opinions (just doing my part – thats how us folks who cant go out and campaign, campaign), and now I’m fixin to hit the happy store so, that I am ready to toast in celebration if my guy wins, or just get toasted if He dosent!

  16. Elly says:

    I always LOVE to scratch those little and BIG jobs off my to-do list! And it does make me feel so satisfied for a job well done!
    And yes, I VOTED TODAY!!! I stood in line for about an hour waiting for my turn in the voting booth; I was pleased to see how orderly it all was and that, regardless of what our views are, we could have pleasant conversation with one another while we were waiting. Now to wait again; for the final results to come in!
    Have a wonderful evening~

  17. Barb from Ohio says:

    Hi, Susan
    Thanks for all the great pictures today! Especially the one with Iris; she reminds me a lot of our own Katie dog, who we lost last February, but still is with us in our hearts and memories. How wonderful to be an American today and be free to vote the way we choose. In our household, we are divided on our voting but that’s okay, we never fight about it, just have healthy discussions! That’s what America is all about. My husband went after work this morning and my eighteen year old daughter went with me around 9AM and voted for the first time and we both were proud! Waited an hour in line, but it was good to see so many people exercising their right to vote. So glad the book is coming along so well, can’t wait!

    • Esther says:

      Divided in our household, too. But, as Susan says, “we’re all on the same side when it comes to our country!” Patriotic pride – love it!

  18. Marilyn (Ohio) says:

    So proud & blessed to live in the best country in the world! USA !

    You’re blog reminds me to be so grateful for the little things, just when I need it the most. To be content in want or plenty is a gift.

  19. KAREN says:

    You REALLY made my day–talking about what we should be proud of!!! I’ve always been SO-O-O-O proud of our America and when I hear all the songs about our precious country my tears start to roll down my cheeks. Just can’t help it; can’t control how my heart bursts with pride. I pray our citizens will return to the thoughts and devotion of our founding fathers who literally went through blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes death to put into place the Freedom we now enjoy. You make this devotion and pride look and sound wonderfully refreshing with your words, art work and attached musica!!! Thank You from the bottom of my pee-pickin’ heart!! 🙂

  20. Jo says:

    Like Rosanne, I live and vote in Oregon but rather than mail in our ballots, my husband and I drive to the Courthouse and hand them to the gentlemen who collect them at curbside, this way we feel that we “really” voted. Thank you so much for encouraging us to do this thing that we are so-o-o privileged to be able to do.
    Love your comfortable home, marvelous husband, delightful animals and the joy you bring to the days that your blog arrives on my “doorstep”.

  21. pat says:

    What an honor it is to be an American citizen. It is a priviledge to be able to vote today. What a wonderful country we live in.

  22. Lynn Marie says:

    Thankyou so much for the election day posting. It is such a sense of accomplishment after you have cast your vote! I love the picture of the little boy waving the flag. I expected a watercolor rendition as I scrolled down the page! The new book looks amazing and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

  23. Evelyn says:

    Such a wonderful post today!! We are so very blessed to have the privilege to cast our vote in this great land!!! I, too, am proud to wear that little sticker! Let our voices be heard by the millions on this day!! You are so right to feel proud and excited on this special day and for all the “little” things that make life so wonderful…and that aren’t so “little” after all!

  24. Mary Ann in Mexico says:

    Thank you for the wonderful post! I sent in my absentee ballot several weeks ago. I always vote no matter where I am! It’s a privilege and an honor.

  25. Brenda Caldwell says:

    I enjoyed this blog so much today! It makes me proud to read all the comments, and to know that this country has so many good people in it. Yes, we are all in this together and work together for the good of our country. God bless America and God bless you all~

  26. Great compost! The page from your book looks really enticing.
    We are seeing all about your Elections on our TV news, here in New Zealand.. ( we almost want to vote too; in your elections I mean ). ( NZ women were the first in the world to get the vote! )
    No need to reply. I can’t imagine how time consuming ( and enjoyable ) it must be to read all the comments let alone reply to them.
    Best Wishes for the election outcome of your choice.

  27. Deborah Norling says:

    Another beautiful entry…Iris is darling….I think we all envy her good fortune of living next door to you ! I love voting day too…I always get a bit emotional when I turn in my ballot….choked up with pride and immense gratitude for those who fought so hard for my right to vote and live free in America.

  28. Becky from Lockport, Illinois says:

    It’s officially a tradition now …2x I have stood in line in the crisp fall morning air a little before 6am with my neighbors waiting to cast our ballots. We are a jovial little bunch…I know a few by name but most are just friendly faces I think I know from somewhere in town. The man behind me allowed me jump back and forth between lines until I could figure where the A-L line was (I didn’t tell him I teach for a living). I VOTED!

  29. Reneelynn says:

    Just love the pic. of your neighbors dog coming to your house for a visit. 😉
    Many have given their lives so that we can have the opportunity to vote in this country and it should not be taken lightly. I Voted!

  30. Frances Fowler says:

    My Facebook post from early this morning: Although it’s the always important Election Day, I voted last week. I hope the results fall for my chosen candidate, but if they don’t, the sun will still rise, God is still on the throne, and there will be other elections. Whoever wins should consider it a humble one, seeing as how it will be by a few threads or possibly the tip of the electoral college. Tomorrow, my phone may stop ringing with political calls!

    And it’s true! I’m thankful I live in a country where I can go vote! I also feel blessed and thankful to have wonderful, quiet mornings when all is still and the tea water on. Which is always made better by a fleecy bathrobe, a cold morning, and a dog awaiting his morning scratches! Thanks as always for the beautiful photos and words 🙂

  31. Pam says:

    Liked the post Susan. I did a stack of ironing today but didn’t feel proud, just exhausted 🙂
    Love how the book is looking and can’t wait until it’s published.
    We’ve been following the election on the news over here. It sounds as though the result is going to be close.

  32. Jaimee from Nampa ID. says:

    I am very proud to say I, Jaimee Langston has voted! And I have my sticker on my shirt to prove it. I am so excited about your new book. Count me in for 3 or 4 of them.
    Thank you for sharing your Gift.

  33. Brenda from Saskatchewan, Canada says:

    Are you far enough along that your British book will be printed in 2013? I have to say “I hope not!” as my New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to go a year without buying books or magazines (other than the subscriptions we get.) A daunting resolution, but I like challenges. If your book is going to be for sale in 2013, I’ll have to get around my resolution by convincing my husband that he wants to own the book. :o)

    • sbranch says:

      My book will be printed in 2013, so you should think of another resolution. Just do magazines! 🙂

      • Rhonda D. says:

        Brenda, just ask someone to get it as a gift for you…birthday, Christmas etc. (Even an IOU if need be). There’s always ways around things you know when they’re as important as a new Susan Branch book. I can just see you enjoying that book now!

        • Diana - Highland, IL says:

          OR.. buy it for yourself for someone to give you as a gift… I do this all the time for my husband.. saves him a lot of thinking!! LOL… 🙂

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      OMG – a year without book purchases? For me that would be like a Year Without Air! Could – not – do – it. I tried once just for Lent and it about flattened me. The next year I gave up take-out food for Lent – and I mean ALL purchases of ALL edible items other than the grocery store list. Including Starbucks – and that was awful too. You have no idea how much you do things [you like] – until you purposely stop doing them. :>)

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        We stopped and got a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Latte tonight on the way home–OMG–really good! Couldn’t quite imagine pumpkin in coffee but it was good–I’m going to try Susan’s recipe for one now… 🙂

      • Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

        Hi Janet, Just read your comment..I laughed because I am such a book, magazine crazed person. I even go to the thrift stores satisty my fetish. It would surly flatten me too….LOL

        • Janet [in Rochester] says:

          I hear you, Betty Marie. When it comes to books [also CDs and DVDs] I am – as my niece teases – “messed up.” I buy books like most women buy clothes – or shoes – or jewelry. I’ve been known to buy cookbooks just to read – or for their exquisite photography. I have this giant coffee table-sized 10-lb Nat’l Geographical World Atlas – just because I love poring over maps. I have literally dozens of books on all kinds of gardening – and I don’t even have a house [just an apartment with a covered porch]. See? Messed up! :>)

  34. Rosemary says:

    I so liked the post today. It makes me think….isn’t it wonderful to think of the strong and brave women who made it possible for us to vote? I would like to believe there are those women and men among us who will do the right thing for the citizens of our country as they are elected to do.
    Now! I love the pic through the window of Joe on the ladder…cute! And, I was able to check off the pansy planting today which we do here in Texas in November. And, we put our bulbs in the fridge for 6 weeks before we plant them in December.
    A peek at the book……..goody! You are moving along pretty well, I would say!
    Have a nice week.

  35. pat addison (cave junction,OR) says:

    hello and good afternoon susan, and everyone. Happy election day, lets all get out there and make a difference and a change for this country, get out there and vote. just got done cleaning out the turkeys’ part of the barn and really cleaned it out good, also cleaned out their water container and food container, then went on and cleaned out the henhouse and gave the birds new straw for warm fluffy nests, laid down clean straw for the turkeys and all have clean food and water containers. well thats off my to do list, so is washing and ironing the curtains and scrubbing and waxing the floors. all i have left on my fall clean up list is to oil the wooden spoons and cutting boards. thats a project for this weekend, for now time to get the soup simmering on the stove and get ready for an election day supper. what a privilege it is to be able to vote in our country, for the candidate of our choice and not be forced or threatened if we fail to vote for the “so-called chosen one” for president of this country. get out and vote. and have a great day today. hugs….. 🙂

    • Chris Wells from West Texas says:

      Hey, Pat can you come over and help me clean? Or are you like me, and would much rather clean the horse stalls than the house!:)

  36. Lori Edmonds says:

    The book looks wonderful! Can’t wait until it’s done!! ….I do so love to save my “I voted” stickers so much that I don’t put them on my jacket ~ the sticky wears off too quickly ~ I stick them on the front, inside page of my Bible…my little record of patriotism!! Happy Election Day! (the German pancake looks yummy : } )

    • Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

      Lori –
      I take them off my top and put them on my SB calendar on election day!! Adds a patriotic touch to the day!! 😉

    • Dawn (Elmhurst, IL) says:

      Hi Lori,
      Those little stickers are so important to me, too! I went to Early Voting in Illinois two weeks ago, since I knew I would be visiting my parents in Arizona on Election Day. So, I made sure to pack my little voting sticker to bring along for Election Day here in Arizona. I forgot to pack other things… but I remembered the little sticker!! It’s the special little things in life that matter. (I learned that from Susan!)

  37. Ruth Thomas says:

    Proud to be an American !!! I come from a family of men who served our country. I had 6 uncles on my father’s side serve in WWII and my dear grandmother had a gold star in her window; my father continued his service in the U.S. Navy for 30 years and all 3 of my brothers served in the Army. Voting is a privilege that each of these men fought for and protected. I voted today! I hope all of you “girlfriends” did too.

  38. Jackie P says:

    Love how peaceful and welcoming your kitchen looks in the wee hours of the morning. The hum of the furnace and the sound of the kettle for your tea . . . just these thoughts alone nournish my soul! ( Voted today, too, and felt so proud. Know that feeling!) It is truly a gift to appreciate the little things that really are not so little after all . . .

    • sbranch says:

      This is the truth, when you put all the joyful little things together, they become very big indeed; a lifetime of happiness. xo

  39. Mary Giambruno says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am so excited to write this to you ….for many reasons….. but I will start with the best reason, so you dont get bored and not read the whole note…. and it is so serendipitous that you wrote about Pride today, because you should be very proud of this. I drive by a thrift store everyday and stop (almost that much) to see if I can find any treasures, well, ….. today 3 treasures, 1) a nice harstone gingerbread creamer that matches my christmas harstone dishes :), 2) not one, but two of your cookbooks, (dare I say almost vintage now)….Heart of the Home and Vineyard Seasons, 3) and the best thing, (this is why I think you will feel proud )is a note that is taped in the front page of the Heart of the home. It reads, “Dear Barb, If you never use a recipe or even try one—-I hope you will just enjoy the beauty of this “culinary morsel” 🙂 The author is a granddaughter of one of my “P.E.O. sisters” and I understand the books are very popular and may even become “collector’s items”, I know you like to try new recipes coccasionally! Enjoy!! Love Mom”
    and then written on the page is Merry Christmas and Happy Cooking with love, Mom
    So sweet!!!! and just think how proud your Grandma was of you to tell her P.E.O. sisters (whatever that is) that your books will become collectors items, and well, she was right!
    I just thought you should know about this and really, I would love for you to have the book…. if you would like to have. It sure made me smile. I think it will make you smile too.
    and lastly, I too am very proud of my compost! and so very much enjoy your work and blog!
    Kind regards, Mary

  40. Pam Gardner says:

    I voted-I’m proud too, to live in such a wonderful country where we can vote.
    I think it’s important to be proud of all the little things we do and enjoy-thanks for reminding me of that!
    Your fall kitchen is cozy, love the oranges.
    I can’t wait for the book!
    oh-do you think you might get any of E. Bridgewater’s winter pottery (new)

  41. Karen Saunders says:

    I’m beginning to feel guilty about commenting. I know you’re zeroed in on painting your book, and I don’t want to distract you so I will stop commenting so you can stop reading and answering….so we can get the book faster. That will be hard for me……..we love your blog. i love iris too…..little gray muzzle, how cute and a kindred spirit as well, keeping you company in the wee hours.

  42. Kate says:

    I love voting so much, I get up feeling like it is Christmas morning. Election day really ought to be a national holiday so everyone can get the time to vote. I have voted in every presidential election since I could first vote and it makes me proud to be an American. Funny, my blog was about voting too.

  43. Cyndi in NC says:

    Voted the 18Th of October. Like to do it early and then I don’t run out of time and have to rush to do it. You never know what will come up also. For many years I had to vote by absentee ballot. Then in 2000 I went to the polls and actually voted. It was a special feeling I can’t describe. I had always voted in past elections but there’s just something about going with my fellow citizens to actually cast my vote. We are indeed a lucky country even though there are sometimes big differences in our views. God bless the USA!! (Love the pics of your guys working!)

  44. Cyndee Randall says:

    The German Pancakes look just like the pancakes my grandmother used to make for us. She was not German but Dutch, same neighborhood. So happy to discover the recipe in “Heart.” Voted but no sticker. This small town’s part in saving a few pennies. Pride is still there. Thanks for sharing your life. Looking forward to your Journal!

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      My maternal grandmother made something similar to this pancake, that she called a “Dutch Baby”… if I’m remembering it right. She always put a couple of spoons of a thick chunky applesauce in hers. Dee-lish-iss. :>)

  45. Wendy Louise says:

    Wow, what kindred spirits,you are amazing! Your list of things to do sounds just like my list, it’s really funny. Got up early this morning and walked up the street to vote with my Hubby and Loving Daughter! What a great feeling, such pride! This is another thoroughly wonderful blog yet again! I am so proud to know you!!!!! 🙂 OOXX

  46. Sandy Richmond says:

    I voted after work today, along with many others, old and young. I consider it an honor to vote. Chris Matthews, a political show host, says it is a sacrament! : ) That picture of Joe and Jack at the window is so sweet.. And I love your neighbor Iris.. I’m proud to be an American, part of this great melting pot…

    • sbranch says:

      I can’t wait to hear today what percentage of the population voted . . . I hope it was higher and keeps getting higher.

      • dottie (in the OC in SoCal) says:

        Have you seen the percentage yet? I haven’t seen any indication of what the overall turnout was but as you say I hope it’s high and keeps increasing as that would guarantee each person was truly and fully represented. And teaching the younger generations and encouraging them to vote every time is key!

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      Just love Chris Matthews, Sandy… spent the afternoon and evening watching/listening to him on MSNBC. I just love his passion – the man speaks the truth about the country, Congress, etc. The No-Nonsense-Cut-the-Crud truth. He used to work on the Congressional staff of the late great Tip O’Neill, wrote speeches in the Carter White House. When I’m confused or on the fence about a particular issue, I find out what Chris is saying about it and then things are much clearer. I don’t agree with him on absolutely everything but he has a teacher’s gift – of being able to explain and clarify so you understand it too. :>)

      • Tawni urrutia says:

        Janet, this is so funny you mention Chris Matthews. Last night we were watching an old Mary Tyler Moore episode. Murray was having a fit of jealousy because the news room was going to watch the Pulitzer Prize winner, Chris Matthews get another award. My husband and I looked at each other…WHAT?! It was funny to hear a show from the 70’s talking about him! ❤
        Have a terrific(such a Mary Tyler Moore word!) day!
        Tawni Urrutia from Lodi, Ca

      • Sandy Richmond says:

        Hi Janet, I love his show too, and frequently watch it. No fluff on his show. And you are right, I love his passion for both politics and this country. We need more like him!

    • Chris Wells from West Texas says:

      It drives me crazy that he interrupts his guests so much! But I think it’s because he is so passionate. One day he had his wife on as a guest and guess what? He didn’t interrupt her!LOL

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        That’s so true, Chris… it used to really bother me too – that he talks over his guests so much… but then after a while he just grew on me because he has such an enthusiasm and passion for his work and the country etc. Now I think, at least he doesn’t think he’s so endlessly Right about everything like certain other [unnamed] political commentators do… Wink. :>)

  47. Ginny Sargent - New England says:

    As a member of “the choir” it cannot be said better than you Susan.

    With no better heart and love, we are Americans; hard fought and proud. We sing a mighty song this choir of ours. Of love, pride and honor we impart freedom at it’s best. Vote.

  48. A truly lovely post! Thank you so very much!

  49. sondra fox says:

    “Sandy from Chihuahua Flats” Jumped up out of bed this morning, got my shower, dressed, fed the cats, then off we went to our voting site. Our family takes great pride in our great country. Two years ago, our oldest grandson, Kyle, voted for the first time. We have a picture of our Daughter (Kyle’s mom), & Kyle at the voting site, which was taken on an earlier voting day. I have that picture on our kitchen bulletin board, where it’s reminded all of us on what a privilege it is to be able to live in a free country where we’re able to make choices & live lives we want to live. Whatever happens today, I know that all of us will proceed to help our president succeed, for it’s in his success that our country will become once again united, free, & THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Hugs, Sandy

  50. Cathy McC. says:

    Hooray for the red, white, and blue — and YOU! When I left the voting site this morning, my heart was near bursting, and I wondered if I was the only one who felt that way after voting. You assured me I am not alone. We are so fortunate to be allowed this freedom of choice. One year I voted early, and it just didn’t feel right, so I always go now on the actual election day. There appeared to be a good turnout, and several of our family members have called to make sure we went and voted. Nice!!!! Thank you for sharing more photos of your lovely home and loved ones:) Off to look at your German Pancake recipe — yum! Ethel

  51. YEA! A cute doggie in your blog!
    Although I have to admit I LOVE the picture of Joe and Jack, too! My puppy was doing the same sort of thing through the window with me last week while I was doing the Fall window washing. His little head moving up,down,up,down,up,down on the inside following my rag on the outside!
    I always like to go vote – it does make me feel good to have my say – win or lose! PLUS I will be very happy all the campaign ads will finally be OVER! Goody- at least in that respect, we all win! ;0)

  52. julie borg says:

    I love Iris! That is awesome that she comes a calling! PS I voted!

  53. Sweetmormor says:

    What a wonderful post Susan – made me feel so thankful I am an American! My mother died a week ago and we both voted early – I am cozied up for the evening with some tea – memories and thankful for my parents, family and this great country!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom.xoxo

    • Sandy Richmond says:

      Oh, my sympathy to you, Sweet Mormor

      • Jane alexander says:

        May God’s comfort and blessings to you, in the lose of your mother. Good to hear that you have found a place of peace, cozied up with a cup of tea. We care.
        Love from,
        Jane Alexander

      • Victoria Miller says:

        Very sorry to hear your mother is no longer with you. One of life’s toughest crossroads. However, I’m sure you have some great memories, and voting together is certainly a great one! Peace.

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        So sorry about your mom too, Sweetmormor. A big warm virtual squeeze is on the way… :>)

        • Sherry Palla says:

          I know how it is to lose a mom….so sorry to hear…but loosing her can make you stronger, and perhaps you’ll be able to help someone else who looses their mother in the future. God gives us each as much as we can bear. Lost my mother in Nov. elevin yrs. ago. Still miss her though. Peace be with you Sweetmomor.

        • Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

          We are never ready to say the final farewell to our parent, no matter how old they are. I remember feeling like an orphan when I lost my parents. My all your beautiful memories give you peace. ((((((HUG)))))

    • Deb from Dixie says:

      Sweetmormor, My thoughts and prayers are with you, so sorry to hear about your Mom. May God watech over you and comfort you.

      • Sherry Palla says:

        How are you doing this week Sweetmormor? Thinking and praying for you. Rest well and look to the LORD for strength…the Psalms are very comforting. And all God asks is that we be still and know that He is God. xoxo

  54. Heidi says:

    Sometimes we take the fact that we live in America for granted. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to vote. We are so lucky that we have the opportunity to spar over our choices!!!!!!!
    PS every time I see a pic of Jack I smile!!!

  55. Carol Maurer from Eureka, CA says:

    One of the first things I did this morning was to vote!! Its been on my mind all week for fear that I would forget that THIS day is voting day.

    Grandkids are here visiting us this week from Washington. My granddaughter, who is 19 has been coming down to CA for 2 weeks each summer since she was 4 years old. Our grandson, who just turned 13 is enjoying his FIRST time here. He really likes the area… so different from the desert of Eastern WA.

    We’ve been enjoying warm, sunny weather these past couple weeks. Was so afraid it would rain this week…. not good for showing guests around. I guess Mother Nature decided that we really DID NEED a summer of sorts. I mean, it’s into November and here we are in the mid 60s and higher. Can’t beat that.

    Well, all you girlfriends and Susan, have a great rest of the week!

    Carol M

  56. Dawn from Minnesota says:

    Proudly wearing my sticker! 🙂 It always happens….when I vote…. I get the same feeling….it’s as if the past, present, and future, are all happening at the same moment….and I feel sentimental, empowered, and hopeful all at once. I am feeling very lucky to call the land of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” my home! Love you Susan and always, always proud of YoU! Have fun at the Election Party…..hmmm….is it a sleepover? It could be a long night of counting…..imagine if you had to do that by hand……one, two, three…….five-hundred-thousand and fifty-one….or wait…was that five-hundred-thousand-and fifty-two?! I heard a political ad on the way to work this morning….just in case anyone is missing those political ads 😉 ….1952 I like Ike Political Ad with jingle
    It might make you smile……or hum……both are happy….so it’s a win-win!!!

  57. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

    Hummm they didn’t give me a patch to wear or a pin that I voted 🙁
    What a great blog…..:) Yep, we stand a litte taller when we vote. Great photos, thanks Susan.

    • sbranch says:

      I’m beginning to wonder who supplies these little stickers … they put them on us as we walk out, like gold stars in first grade!

  58. Nancy says:

    Susan… might need those storm windows…another one headed up the east coast I hear….Jack is seeing it well done…..;-) I hope we can pre-order your book or get on a reserve list or something! fingers crossed!!!!

  59. Nancy says:

    My three year-old grandson and I stood in line an hour and a half today to vote.
    He was a very good, patient little boy so he got to wear the coveted “I voted” sticker home to show his daddy. 😉

  60. Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

    Okay, first let me get something off my chest–I want an oval “I Voted” sticker!!! WAAAAH!!!

    Thank you. I feel better.

    Today I wore my red, white and blue flag sweater, an old fashioned sparkly flag pin on my jean jacket and a “flag” scarf round my neck. (Maybe now you get some idea of “why” I wanted an I Voted sticker…..) My first graders loved it!

    Going to vote always chokes me up. My heart is filled with pride in being an American. We are doing something that many people can only dream of! I texted each of my three sons with these words, “did you vote?” They each did!

    And now on to thoughts about your England Journal…Susan, I am so proud of you!! 100 pages! You are really being diligent. And I know this sounds strange, but I bet other girlfriends will agree…it seems as if we really WENT to England with you and Joe–smelling the ocean air on the cruise over; hunched in the back seat, digging our nails in Joe’s shoulders as we motored along; squealing with delight at Beatrix Potter’s darling cottage, watching you and Joe paint your Emma mugs. Honestly, you drew us into your travels -you captivated us through pictures and words–that I am looking forward to your journal just so I can relive my travels with you!! haha how about that for armchair traveling??

    • sbranch says:

      What a great inspiration you must be to your first graders, dressed up for election day! I’m sure many of them will do the same thing when they grow up! Thank you Linda!

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      Linda – did you have a little election with your kids? I do every Presidential year with my kindergartners and can categorically state that – in OUR room – the incumbent President ALWAYS win re-election [mostly because he’s the one the Fives have heard of]. The only “hotly-contested” races are when neither candidate is incumbent. Those years it’s anything goes! :>)

      • Susan says:

        Did you know you can borrow a few of those voting booths for student council elections? I did that for years for the main officers in my elementary school. Makes it seem authentic for the students. One year we had 49 students running for those positions! They each had to give a short speech about why students should vote for them a few days before the election. They even hung up campaign posters in designated places and passed out campaign buttons (made of construction paper). Elections for classroom representatives & alternates were held in their own classroom and were run by their teacher. Such fun!

  61. Theresa says:

    Beautiful post! I voted early this morning and it always makes me all goose bumpy when I vote! What a privilege ! I pray daily that God will continue to bless this great land!thank you Susan… Blessings from the Texas pastures!

  62. Becky Farnsworth says:

    I spent the last few days in Colonial Williamsburg in VA. So I have been walking in the footsteps of some of those who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to win the freedoms we enjoy. I was also walking in the footsteps of those who did not get to participate in the process. It was such a good reminder of what a privileged we have and how hard won it is. Then I read you post and it just fit in to my experience so well. We have other blessing today as well that they did not have back then and life is just so much more comfortable. But we can still be proud of our industry and the difference, large or small, it can make. We are creating the world for the next generations just as all of the future generations created it for us! Thank you, Susan, for being so in touch with the human sprit!

    • Deb Surman from Illinois says:

      I’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg twice, I had to go back because I loved it so much. I hope you had the chance to take in Chownings Tavern at night, sitting next to strangers by candlelight, drinking ale and playing colonial games, being sung to by minstrel singers including the waiters and waitresses, all students of nearby William & Mary college. It was one of the most magical experiences – that and dining at the Williamsburg Inn where I was first introduced to finger bowls with thin slices of lemon. Magical!

    • Susan says:

      Love Williamsburg! Took my 5th and 6th graders there from Denver and when I was teaching in Dallas. Of course we took in Washington, D. C. too! We spent a year saving up for these trips and went through a company that organizes them. We would leave early Monday morning and return late Friday night. We were on the go from 6 am until 10 or 11 pm. Great experiences for kids that live in the west!!

  63. Audrey says:

    What a lovely post! Like you, I adore my compost heap. I take a photo of my pumpkin on top of the compost pile every year. Composting definitely makes me happy and proud! I always vote on Election Day (instead of voting early) ~ the wait is always much less and I get to see all of my neighbors who volunteer at the polls. This was the first year that one of my children went with me (6-year old daughter) and she pushed the buttons for me. It’s so wonderful to pass on the pride and excitement I feel for voting!!! And she was thrilled that, when we arrived, several people knew her and greeted her by name!!! (watching the results shows as I write this….)

  64. Carol (Daisy) says:

    I was so hoping to see a post. Your posts are so relaxing and I needed that today, you know, to take a break from this election that has been going on and all. I love how you get excited about compost piles. . . so do I. 🙂 Congratulations on the progress you made on the book. It looks like a book that will be on my wish list!

  65. Debbie from Valencia California says:

    God Bless America!!!! So proud to be an American..We are so blessed to be part of this nation.

    And God Bless you Susan for coming into all of our lives with all your wonder and talent. That is a blessing in itself. Can’t wait til your book is done. Thank you for being you. 🙂

    Debbie R from Valencia

  66. jan says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for a beautiful post. I voted today in this little town of Princeton, KY. I hope my candidate wins, but we’ll know tomorrow. God bless the USA.

  67. Candice from Ohio says:

    Hello Susan,
    You hit the nail on the head with your Blog today!! I did my civic duty today and voted and took a very special person with me, my daughter who voted for the very first time! She is nineteen. Her comment when we walked out of a local church where we voted, “she felt so good” I do believe it was Pride, she was feeling!!
    And I have to say I felt pretty good too!!
    Have a great week!!
    Warm regards,

    • sbranch says:

      Love hearing that! My sister was talking about taking her 9 year old twin boys with her when she went to vote . . . getting the next generation ready!

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        This was my 20-year old niece’s first Presidential election – she was so excited and remembers going with me in the booth when she was 4 [Clinton-Dole]. And her brother, 3 years younger, was excited too – he said, “hey, this is the last election I WON’T be able to vote in…” Which I thought was neat [and very positive].

  68. Lori from Maine says:

    I have my “I Voted” sticker too!! While I was voting I stopped, and really thought about what I was doing and felt so fortunate to live in this country. So there I was, with tears in my eyes, looking around at my neighbors in the local firehouse all exercising their rights as free Americans – without any fear of reprisal, etc. and I just felt so proud!! Yahoo…what a great country!! 🙂

  69. Donna Ray from Hamlin, NY says:

    Voting, bulbs deep in the soil, the love of a good man and a neighborhood dog, a homey kitchen, more pages to thrill the girlfriends, a yummy meal, fresh linens, wormy compost, ……yep, I’d say you done good, girl! Top all that off with inspiring so many of us to thank our lucky stars and you’re getting close to button-popping pride, the best kind of pride….. dripping with gratitude. Thanks, Susan, for another timely and touching post. As always, DonnaRay

  70. Susan, so looking forward to your book! Any hints on when it may go to press? We can’t wait! 🙂

  71. Happy Election Day… Susan and Joe!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures, words and music, by Ray Charles. Had to play the, music, a few times, and brought tears to my eyes. So… proud to be an American!
    Love your star carved pumpkin, Susan. Today, here in Montana, we had a perfect Fall day,and spent the day, putting white lights, on the crab apple tree, in the garden. Can’t wait to turn on, Thanksgiving evening. This is such a wonderful time of year.Thanks Susan, for your blog, and enjoy a cup of tea, with Jack by your side,while working on your new book.Watching the election, Donna, from Montana

  72. Kathy in San Diego says:

    I voted as a proud American. You bring joy to my heart whenever I read your blogs. Thank you for this!

  73. Jenny L. says:

    You should be so very proud of your blessings and accomplishments! I love Iris. I really love how you let her get on your couch. Our neighbors have a little black dog named Steeler. We kept him one weekend and now he sits behind the fence and pines to come over all day. It is a real tear jerker. He sits there for hours waiting – even in the rain. So after a while I can’t stand it and I go over to the fence and lean over with my arms out and he jumps right into them. He is quite the jumper. He loves his family but I have more pets over here for him to play with or chase (the cats). My Lucy dog and Steeler are in love. We call them “Peas and Carrots.” Visiting neighbor dogs are the bomb!

    • sbranch says:

      They are, it’s that joy in their eyes, and the love, irresistible!

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      Awwww…. that is so precious about your next-door dog! He must have had an AWFULLY good time when you were dog-sitting! What a good neighbor you are, Jenny! :>)

  74. Charlene H. (S.F.Valley) SoCal says:

    AMEN, Susan! Your words are right on!!!

  75. Jocelyn says:

    Well with almost 200 comments you might not get to mine, but I too am proud of our country and what our forefathers stood for. I agree with so many others – God Bless America, land that I love!

  76. Judy from Oregon says:

    We no longer have the excitement of going to the polls and standing in line waiting to vote here in Oregon. It is in some ways much easier because you can do it when you have time and either mail it in or take it to a ballot box. Still though there is not that feeling of accomplishment that I used to get although I always do vote. I am looking forward to your new book coming out.

  77. Susan Ericksen of Bainbridge Island, Washington says:

    Hi Susie Q….
    Love what you say about Pride…. Pride in self, Pride in our children and family, Pride in our country, in our homes, in our accomplishments……When you have self-worth and Pride, you just about have everything. This is what can give you a great attitude. A positive attitude…..and with all of these workin’ for will have love.
    There are so many wonderful friends and family that love me and I feel so overly blessed, as I walk this beautiful Earth. The last two weeks I have been terribly sick and home alone…It is just me and my cat Dinah…I have had family shopping for me, people calling and emailing me and keeping in touch…these things mean so much to me anyway, but when you are sick (all you want is your mommy!!!) it means EVEN MORE~..Anyway, today was my first day back to work, and I have to say, I was really tired when the day was over….Drove in the yard, parked the car and on my back porch, leaning up against my back door was a gift for me….and a card…”SO glad that you are feeling better”…and it was your 2013 calendar! I was so happy and so surprised to think that someone knew how crazy I am about all of the wonderful things that you create….And here you are on my back porch!
    I love this calendar…I immediately went in, made a cup of tea, filled up my hot water bottle to put on my back, turned on the fireplace, cozied up in my big chair and sat and read every thing on every page of your calendar. I LOVE IT!!!! And thank God for all the people in my life that I love so very much and for loving me…

  78. Pam Fortune says:

    Hi Susan I am so looking forward to your new book especially as it is about my country. I gave my daughter Fleur an I.O.U for her birthday in September, so she too is looking forward to the BIG day when it will be out in the public domain, I always enjoy something to look forward to. The only bulbs I have planted this year are in a bowl for my coffee table as the pesky squirrels dig mine up for dinner as I have a small wood at the bottom of my garden so enjoy yours next spring.

    • sbranch says:

      I will send pictures when they come up! 🙂 Tell your daughter with the gorgeous name that I’ll have the book done in time for her birthday for sure!

  79. mary spring says:

    ….dear Susan…I love this always, thank you for being you !!…with love…

  80. Barbara T, Wolverine Lake MI says:

    Unlike you, we do not have a compost pile. We have a deer pile. We took our pumpkins (and many of our neighbors’) and created a big pile of broken pumpkins at the bottom of the hill. Had 4 deer there the first dusk – and man, did they enjoy those pumpkins. They also enjoyed watching us rake up leaves – gosh, why couldn’t they help? I was surprised to notice you don’t have curtains or blinds on your windows – me neither! the only exceptions are the bathrooms and the bedrooms – for privacy. We don’t have neighbors who could see, but when we have company they feel the need to close them. I would rather see what’s outside, have to know what’s going on, and enjoy the view. — obviously your neighbor’s dog is not a problem with your dear kitties! He knows where he feels comfortable, I know that you make all of us Branchies comfortable, that’s why you have such a loyal following 🙂 thanks once again for a soothing message to begin my day. oh, and I loved the S.B. needlepoint pillow that came in my mail yesterday!! Looks charming on my couch. I got the one with the teapot – lovely 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Oh good! Nice to know where these “children” end up! We do the same with curtains, all the rooms upstairs have them, the downstairs doesn’t really, except decoratively, but I like light and at night, there’s really no one who can see us.

  81. mary spring says:

    ..yes , I did Susan … and I wrote you back just a short while ago…I hope you get it..I’m not very good with the computer….a BIG heart-felt thank you , Susan !!!!..

  82. Judy from Maine says:

    Found the German pancake recipe and have already copied it into my personal cookbook. Can’t wait to try it. The recipe looks like a pop over recipe, which I love, so this should be fun in a skillet.

    • sbranch says:

      It really is fun; we had a friend staying here once who wanted to help with breakfast, so I had her make this, so easy, but when she saw how it puffed up, she was very proud of herself! Which showed me you can give pride as a gift!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        Love that pancake! Especially good with lots of melted butter, powdered sugar & fresh squeezed lemon from our lemon tree! Hubby likes strawberries & whipped cream on his! And, he’s mostly German, I’m a little bit!! Page 100 is wonderful of “our” diary! I think your bookwriting process is amazing! You truly write your books dear girl! Hope the storm goes easy on you Easterners, too close to the last one! Stay safe, warm & happy. xoxo

  83. Liz says:

    I felt very proud to vote yesterday too. I took my son with me, who was voting for the very first time. Loved seeing the pride he felt too and his interest in the whole process. I fell asleep about 9:30 but he stayed up to the very end to take it all in!

  84. Jane alexander says:

    Susan, you are one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever known. You touch such a healthy cord in the hearts of all of us Getting to know the woman behind the precious calendars I’ve loved for years, has been a true blessing. You are so much more than a wonderful artist. You help us fall in love with our own home, and realize that what we do is important. You tend to the details of your life in a way I so admire. I would say I want to be like you when I grow up….but I’ve already grown up. However, I did have grandmothers, aunts and a mother of my own who did model wonderful traits to me.

    Concerning the election….now that it is over, we certainly will continue to pray for our wonderful, and free country, the best place in the whole world, I believe.
    Love to all,
    Jane Alexander

    • sbranch says:

      My whole life, everywhere I go I meet wonderful moms, sisters, grandmas, best friends, and I always knew we needed each other. And here we are! Thank you so much Jane!

  85. Tina from Ontario, Canada says:

    Thank you for your blog… It brightens my day and always leaves me feeling happy and at peace with my world.
    I love that Iris comes to hang out with you, that speaks volumes to who you are!

    I also count myself among the lucky ones to be called a “girlfriend”.


  86. Veronica says:

    ‘Sweet Susan’; No truer words spoken. We are all one,and we are, all in this together. Blessings to you and Joe.

  87. Jan from Northern CA says:

    Good Morning Susan and girlfriends,
    I was proud to vote also. I’m very proud to be a citizen of this wonderful country. Even when things don’t go as we wanted… still have to stand back and look for the good….and there is so much of that. When you are lucky to have traveled… have the opportunity to see how the rest of this world is…..and it makes you even more appriciative of this country of ours and how lucky we are for our freedoms and opportunities.
    God Bless America, Land that I love……I will sing it to myself all day. Thank you again for your wonderful imagination via photos, your home that you share, your family and kitties of course….and just for allowing us to share your little piece of Heaven out there. You make me smile regularly.
    Jan from Northern CA

  88. Celtic Heart says:

    Home made compost is the best when it goes right . . mine has gone horribly wrong, despite my best efforts and care, because we had too much rain in the last 18 months and it is a soggy, saturated, claggy clump. You know, if there is even a single seed left in that pumpkin it could germinate and be very happy growing away in the compost heap, for I have found them to be very greedy plants that thrive best if their feet are sunk as deep as they dare in the compost heap. Guess it is all that warmth and moisture. My Great Grandfather grew all sorts of exotic fruits and vegetables on the estate where he worked by using compost as a source of heat during the colder months.

    Must go off in search of the German Pancake recipt. If there are two things that every nation seems to have in common they are bread and pancakes.

  89. Sandra Gillanders says:

    Oh so much to view and love. Think the book is going to be wonderful and I think you have done a fantastic job of completing 100 pgs. Yay! Love your neighbor’s dog on the sofa, Jack watching Joe, and all your beautiful pictures.
    Yes, I voted too and feel pride that we have that right. You always inspire me Susan. If I need to de-stress, there is nothing like having a coffee or tea and reading your blog or Willard to set things straight. Thank You!
    Sandy (sweetpeas4me)

    • Sandra Gillanders says:

      Oh, forgot to mention how beautiful and yummy that pancake looks. I may have to have a cheat day!

  90. Sherry Palla says:

    The radio station I am listening to right now, is asking people what they “are grateful for?” All of this is so timely,
    and yes I voted yesterday with a fever and stuffy head, on the way to the Dr.s. I am very grateful to live
    in America!! [Feeling much better today! Thank God!]

  91. Janet [in Rochester] says:

    Happy Day-After-Election Day, everyone! My tenth Presidential Election and OMG, I’m old! But the feeling yesterday, walking away from my polling place, was not one whit different from the first time long ago, when I was just 20. And Sue, your word for the day – PRIDE – said it all. Or almost all at least. I was also Grateful for the opportunity most of us [myself included] usually take for granted, Aware of all those places on the planet where even whispering about elections and voting could easily land you in jail [or worse] and of course, full of Patriotism. Haven’t heard officially but I think there was a good turn-out this time – at least I hope so – when there’s so much the country needs, we need everyone’s input in the voting booth. PS – every Election Day I get up extra-early in hopes of being Signature #1 in the book for my district. I’ve been close before – in ’92 I was number 3 – but haven’t made it yet [yesterday I was 11]. Next time!

    I was just thinking over the weekend ‘what’s Iris been up to lately, I wonder?’ so thanks so much for the photo of my Best Buddy. JUST LOVE IRIS! Iris for President! It’s that tail of hers… going faster than I think I’ve ever seen a tail go, in my favorite of all your YouTube videos. She just plain gets me with that tail! And up on the white couch! That is truly above and beyond hospitality to me! Most people do not invite their neighbors’ dogs inside – as much as they might love them – and certainly not on the WHITE couch! Do she and Jack play together? I wonder how much treats she managed to wheedle?? Pertsonally, I probably would have kept forking over the MilkBones until she went home – just to get away from me! :>)

    • sbranch says:

      She gets unlimited milk bones because her parents want her to gain weight, thank goodness, because we love to give them to her. She’s like our permanent trick or treater. Her tail is so wonderful, she can talk too!

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        She’s a lovey – the best! If Iris lived across the street from my house, it would be very hard for me to let her go home. Her parents would probably have the Hostage Negotiation team on ‘speed dial’… :>)

  92. elizabeth says:

    Wonderful blog! BTW, Is Joe holding up a visiting black kitty for Jack to see?

    • sbranch says:

      He’s actually rubbing off the remnants of Hurricane Sandy from the kitchen windows before he puts the storms on.

  93. Theresa from the Shire says:

    Hi Susan

    Thank you for your wonderfully patriotic ” Home IS where Our Hearts Live”…and Dorothy was so right…there is no place like home…away from all the limelight and the unsettling noises that try to interrupt our peace.
    My three oldest children age 22,21,and 18 came with me to vote, and when I went to bed late Tues night after the results I slept well knowing I have taught my children well.Crosby/Stills/Nash & Young have said it well…..Our house is a very very very fine house….but we just need two cats…and everything will be easier…love you bunches Susan!!!!…take care!

  94. Gini Gould says:

    Aw Susan. Why my tears and goosebumps? My heart knows why, and that’s all that matters. Thank you for providing Ray Charles’ “America the Beautiful”. It was a reminder that our immediate family represents all 4 time zones. We have similar feelings of love for America as these lyrics play out, no matter how far apart we are; the love is our bond to each other, and I feel it as I sing this song in my heart. We have much to thank our forefathers and the thousands of American Troops in this day for, for protecting this beautiful land for us.
    Your blog is a treasure; I smile at the “dream team”; surely the cat’s meow they are! Your kitchen is a decorator’s delight; I enjoy looking at every little detail you share and have used many of your ideas in our home. An example is, you taught me to REALLY enjoy my homemade quilts. So, I took my mother’s accordian clothes hanger from the 1930’s of 10 rungs, ea. approx. 36″ long and 4 ft. tall, and have hung my 5 beautiful quilts of old on it, (one is a Yo-yo quilt with fabric from the 20’s and 30’s!!)and placed it in one of the divided-light windows in our living room. I aced it; if there was nothing else in that room, this quilt rack stands on its own! You would recognize the other 4 quilt patterns too.
    We girlfriends are all excited about your authoring an English diary. We can’t wait! But we WILL wait with patience and with dignity for the unveiling. We are so proud of your sticktoitiveness, yet please go forward at a snail’s pace. I love Robert Frost’s wisdom about this- “There’s absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush. Everybody should be free to go very slow.”
    Bye for now Susan. Yes I voted! Hugs and love to you, every day.

    • sbranch says:

      Hi Gini! I love the sound of your accordion clothes-hanger full of quilts!!! Pure art! Cozy art!

      • Gini Gould says:

        Delighted Susan, that you are excited about my stunning Susan Branch quilt display! Last night I wondered what the source was for the Robert Frost quote. Turned immediately to my Susan Branch archives and there it was in your 18 blank cards set- CBX 025 (I had saved that CUTE box for me). Guess I didn’t have to quote Robert Frost to you; you and he had already been introduced! …and thank you for your message where I re-learned how to properly spell “accordion”. Those are two examples of being victimized to mental cul de sacing!!
        I hope you get this message. Always have wondered if we comment a day or so after your comment, does “the system” allow you to see add-on messages?

  95. Cheryl Danley says:

    I’m kind of late posting on here, but, I have a stupid question for you, Susan: (and please don’t laught TOO hard, but, I’m from Oregon and we don’t need these here so that is why I’m asking) what exactly is a storm window? Is it an additional piece of glass you place on the outside of a window to give it more strength to stand up againse the wind/snow??? :/ If you see this, thanks for taking the time to explain it to me!

    • sbranch says:

      The newest kind are double-paned insulated glass; there’s an older kind that fits permanently on windows and is half glass half screen, where you lower the glass in winter, and put it up, leaving only screen in summer, and then the very old-fashioned ones which we have on about half of our windows… mostly the bigger ones … these are separate windows that you place over your normal windows, making them double paned.xo

      • Pat Mofjeld says:

        I smiled when I read your question, Cheryl, only because my relatives in Seattle asked the same thing and I was amazed that they had single windows which were open with no screens during the summer! I’ll add one thought to Susan’s explanation: The double windows just offer more insulation from the cold temperatures. Our relatives in the Bay Area of Calif. think our furnaces run constantly in the winter because their’s does. I’ve tried to explain that in Minnesota, with double windows and good insulation, the furnaces here and in other places where we have snow and cold during the winter cycle on and then cycle off. The houses stay warm longer because of the double windows and better insulation… Besides, it gives us something else to do to mark the change of seasons…LOL! 🙂

  96. Nettie says:

    I find it absolutely heart warming to know that so many things connect so many of us. When I read what you have written I feel like the words came out of my own mouth. I so appreciate this connection to you and to your beloved Vineyard. I am a lover of The Cape, the islands, hanging clothes on the line, baking, cooking, sewing and making things homey for my friends and family. Thank you for your continuing inspiration. Enjoy each moment of the season filled with gratitude.

  97. Nettie says:

    love love love this season filled with moments of gratitude………

  98. sandy says:

    Susan, you make the world a better place. God bless you for your good heart, and for sharing it with us. I’m so glad to be a girlfriend! hugs, sandy 🙂

  99. Hi Mary

    I love the warm and cheery glow in your home and that delicious Dutch pancake!
    It’s been a busy time for me after Hurricane Sandy as I’ve been volunteering quite a bit in a local Brooklyn, NY neighborhood named Gerritsen Beach that was hit hard by flooding and wind damage. Now I’m keeping my fingers crosses that the Nor-easter storm that is occuring right now bringing heavy, wet snow doesn’t cause even more damage.

    I hope you are having nicer weather this evening! Stay warm and cozy!

  100. Susan we are so PROUD of you! The new pages you are showing us! You “think”
    we MIGHT just like it? Susan, we are going to love it! I can’t wait! Those pages look so exciting! Beautiful post as usual Susan, Good for Joe for putting up your storm windows, an good for Jack in keeping the neighbor cat at bay! Your neighbor dog is sweet, that is what we all would like to do! Come and sit a spell at Susan’s house! Mmm! The pancake looks great! And your flowers are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the new spring ones you planted!
    Hugs and blessings,

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