Hi Girls!  So sorry, I have been away from the computer; that’s why your comments are all waiting for “moderation!”  I have to “approve” them before they go up, which I will try to do VERY soon.  I have about an hour this morning … so in the choice between approving comments or putting up a few new photos with a bit about what’s been happening, I chose photos!  I’ll approve asap!

It’s been SO fun!  This is Bette on the left, she’s a freelance stylist; Nat is from England! He’s lived in Rhode Island for eight years.  He’s a free-lance photographer; and Heather works for Yankee as the Photo Editor — she’s in charge of the shoot.  They are WONDERFUL to work with — and will all be back over here early this morning, so that’s why this is going to be short.  I need to get out of my jammies!

I was in charge of supplying the “props” — which I did; the best one being this old house, where you can do no wrong.  But here is Bette, tweaking, moving, making a story . . . trust me, Nat’s photos will be AMAZING …. he has the best camera stuff!  Such talented people.  Isn’t this pretty?  I’m leaving it this way! 🙂

Whenever I could feel like I wasn’t in the way, I slithered in to take some photos . . . but my best prop of all . . .

 . . . has been the most darling!  You would not believe what Jack did.  Nat wanted him in a shot, in front of the tea table in front of the fire.  I’m thinking, this will never happen. Cat’s are notoriously never going to do what you want them to.  I go get him, bring him in, hand him his red ball, and what does he do?  He cuddles himself in, in front of the fire, in the perfect place, and charmingly kitty-like, looking round-eyed, directly at the camera, he bats his little red ball around until Nat has taken a thousand pictures.  Who is this cat?


Thought you’d like to see everyone hard at work…here we are in the dining room.


Here’s how it looked while I was getting ready for them to come . . . and HERE’S how it looked when it was done.


Here’s Nat upstairs in the Peter Rabbit Room! img_5661

And this is Bette and Nat upstairs arranging a photo of the sewing room.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures of them in the kitchen, but I did get this video, HERE!  And here are photos of what I did to get the Peter Rabbit Room ready for the shoot, before and after.  Okay girls, gotta  go, they’re coming again this morning, but you know I’ll be back!  xoxo

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  1. judi says:

    YEA!!! What fun – thanks for the tidbit – knew Jack would come thru tooxxxooo

  2. Sandy Richmond says:

    Oh, thanks for sharing this. How exciting! And of course Jack would strike the perfect pose! Have fun today!

    • Janet [in Rochester] says:

      Sandy said EXACTLY what I was thinking – this is exciting stuff! Who knew?? Can’t wait to hear & see more. The house couldn’t look lovelier if a whole team of designers had been at it for weeks! Good luck with all the rest! PS – please give Jack [the Very Very Good Boy] an extra squeeze from me! :>)

  3. elizabeth says:

    Your home is so warm and charming…..I expect your guests are wishing they could stay!

  4. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh, my gosh! If I were in your home I think I would feel like I had died and went to Heaven! How beautiful!! You do such an amazing job taking photos yourself, I can’t imagine what theirs will look like!! But of course Jack’s is the best! Isn’t he just adorable??

    Blessings for a good day!

  5. Snap says:

    Fun Fun Fun and three cheers for Jack! I bet he got an extra treat!

  6. Barb, EW ...CT says:

    Hello Sue,

    HUG&SMILES :):):)

  7. Vicki in Cincy says:

    Hooray!! House is gorgeous…sounds like such fun! You should be so proud.. and Jack? what a little character! he is a very smart cat!! Love you!

  8. mary spring says:

    …what a dear friend you are to be always thinking of us….SO EXCITING !!!!….it’s fabulous that they let you take pictures of what’s going on !!!..Susan, everything looks SO wonderful and magical…just like you !!!…and “Yay for Jack !!!…have fun and with love….

  9. Vee says:

    Jack need his own show! Gosh he’s got a lot of personality.

  10. Terry L. Goodman says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your home is just beautiful and is truly magazine worthy! Have fun today with the photo shoot and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!!
    Love from Maryland,

    • sbranch says:

      Couldn’t be a prettier day here! Cold and clear! You too Terry, have a wonderful day!

    • Terry, where in Maryland? I’m in Frederick.

      • Janie Osborne near Cumberland Gap, Tennessee says:

        Hi Cathy,
        I lived in MD for 4 years. We lived in Gaithersburg. My husband was in the Army and worked at a research center on the Naval base in Bethesda. I worked in a radiology clinic in D.C. My co-worker and one of my best friends lives in Fredrick. I loved going to down town Fredrick. And one of our favorite places to take a day trip was to Harpers Ferry W.V. It was a wonderful place to live!

  11. Debbie P Weedsport, NY (near Syracuse) says:

    Good…no…Great Morning! I’m just checking in before I start my work day and so glad I did! Susan, I can feel the excitement in your every word! Your dear, old house is just the best backdrop for this Christmas photo story…so charming, so gracious….so YOU! Have another heart-warming day with your new friends from Yankee!
    PS ~ I couldn’t be more proud of Jack if I was his “mother”.

  12. Pam Bengier says:

    Checked in to say I was thinking of you and the photo shoot today, hope all goes well and have lots of fun – and there you were! Thinking of us – like always. Have fun today and thank you for the sneak preview!

  13. Julie Marie says:

    Oooh how fun Susan!… I’ll bet they will change the name of the magazine to Yankee Kitty!… xoxo Julie Marie

  14. Winnie Nielsen says:

    That Jack, kitty! He kicked up the meaning of adorable kitty about 10 notches! Oh, these sneak peeks from Yankee are fun and I cannot wait to see the magazine next year and all of the photos you too to share with us! I was thinking about the Yankee visit all yesterday and delighted to hear it was going fabulouly! Jack WILL be the center of attention~~ We just cannot resist that adorable face and his antics! More, more photos PLEASE!!

  15. "Auntie" says:

    Happy! Happy! Happy! Photos around your beautiful home!

    Happy 12/12/12!

  16. Wendy Louise says:

    OMG….. How beautiful and Fun and that Jack was just sent to you from Heaven above !!!!!I just love this and you are so amazing to give us such a peek, Thank-You I am so tickled. I can’t tell you how delightful this is to my soul. I’m tearing up with Happiness, can’t wait for more but, it is like Christmas and I love the anticipation best of all. Thank-you my blessed Kindred Spirit, you show us such DE-LIGHT ! XXOO 🙂

  17. Jeanette says:

    Susan, Yippeee, we have a sneak peek at all the excitement!! Thank you for sharing with us. I’ve been thinking about you wondering how everything was going.
    Everything looks so wonderful, inviting – and it’s embellishing upon all you’ve already done yourself. Gorgeous! Honestly, I wouldn’t have know anyone else but you styled it!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day, super, duper FuN!
    Jack, he’s beyond a cutie, patootie!! Give him a big, squishy hug from me!
    Sending warm, fuzzy hugs & love to you!

  18. Gail Buss says:

    Oh my gosh………..so very warm and inviting! Looking at the table setting, I could picture you having a few friends over for tea this morning! I’m so glad the staff was so nice and it went well with Jack and everything! Happy days for you. Hugs, Gail Buss, Fl XX

  19. Betty Marie, Pennsylvania says:

    Good Morning, Can’t wait to see Jack at the fireplace. Loved him on the top of the hutch. I just starting laughing as I was wondering where he would be as I was looking at your photos and there he was in all his glory.. What a cat! Susan I think you have enough story line for a great childrens book and a cat lovers book. I know you have enough with all that you do, but it just came to me and I wanted to share this. Have Heaps of fun! You just gave me a perfect start to my day….sure beats waiting for the “Dish” service man to arrive.Thanks for sharing during such a busy time. You are such a “doll,” to remember us.

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, yes, the Dish man! Good Luck!

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        A “Jack the Cat” book is a terrific idea! Maybe Jack meeting all the different animals that inhabit the Island? Hello Mr Lobster, hello Ms Seagull… And how adorable would watercolors of Jack and Girl [and Iris] be? :>)

  20. Rhonda D. says:

    So glad I checked in this morning. Exciting to get a sneak peek at your photo shoot. I was really hoping deep in my heart that you would be calm, cool and collected and really enjoy your time with Yankee Magazine. And it looks like you’re having the perfect time. I sensed they would be amazing people and figured you would have so much fun. I think anyone who lived at your house couldn’t help but end up with an amazing personality, so Jack is one blessed cat!
    Personality plus!! Enjoy the rest of your photo shoot. We’ll try to be calm, cool and collected until you’re ready to fill us in with details. Have a Happy Photo Shoot kind of day! xo

  21. Cindy Tuning says:

    You must be exhausted but in a really good way! House is lovely and sounds like Jack was too. You were right about the spice tea with half and half. I stopped taking milk in my tea a few years ago but tried this and it’s like dessert in a cup. So good.

  22. Kathleen Henry says:

    What fun !!! The house looks gorgeous…and that Jack…what a character !!! Have fun and thanks for sharing with us !

  23. Lynn McMahon says:

    ~Good Morning~
    Can’t wait to see the rest! And your kitty….what a ham!
    I have a housekeeping question….How do you keep all the kitty hair off of white furniture? ~My beagle is a notorious shedder~ it’s everywhere!~
    Good Luck today and Thanks so much for the sneek peek~almost like opening a Christmas present early……!

    • sbranch says:

      So far, I don’t know why, I’ve been lucky — my cats don’t seem to leave a lot of hair around. Of course, aging eyes probably make it SEEM like it! I’m glad you liked your pre-Christmas present! I wish you all could see this happening, it’s pretty interesting…think I will go take some more photos!

  24. Rosanna says:

    Jack is hysterical – I’m not a cat lover (I know, what’s wrong with me) but he could certainly change my mind.
    I love that Yankee is going to feature your home – my only question would be – are they going to devote the WHOLE issue to your absolutely beautiful home – and I mean the whole issue – cover to cover – just can’t get enough of your “style” – and especially at this time of the year!

    Maybe you need to do a whole book on your home and decorating style! I know you have inspired me – just catching a glimpse here and there of your interiors makes me want to start rearranging furniture, changing colors in some rooms – and bringing out all the family heirloom textiles, etc.

    • sbranch says:

      LOL, right now it feels like it! They are taking so many photos, they are in the sewing room this morning, then on their way to the Peter Rabbit room. I think they’ll use maybe ten out of all the hundreds they are taking! I know, “shop your own house” has been the motto around here for the last couple of days… pulling out table cloths and napkins I almost forgot I had!

      • Joan Lesmeister says:

        ….oh boy, sewing room photos too? Love it! Looking forward to seeing it! Umm, they wouldn’t like my sewing room – the other day my daughter said, as she stepped into mine, “hmm, what’s going on here?”! 🙂 I vote for a whole book on your home too, sign me up for one!! xoxxo

        • sbranch says:

          LOL Hmm, what’s going on in here…. be there!

        • Janet [in Rochester] says:

          Me too! :>)

        • Margot in Virginia Beach says:

          That sounds like something my sons would say…What’s going on in here. LOL When my oldest went into the ARMY I moved into his room, so I could rent out the master suite to a college kid. When my son came home for Christmas he said; Same mess, but its not my stuff. LOL

  25. Lori says:

    Thank you for giving us a preview! Looks wonderful and I am so glad that Jack was a cooperative “prop!” By the way, loving the brown bread in the can … who knew?!

  26. Diane says:

    Anxiously waiting for more photos and the Peter Rabbit room. That Jack, he is just so full of himself, isn’t he? No wonder he’s loved so much!

    Diane in North Carolina

  27. Mary says:

    Ooooh! Your home looks so warm and inviting! Can’t blame Jack for curling up in front of the fire. If I were to settle in on that couch with a book and a cup of tea, I might never get up. Have fun! Can’t wait to see more pics.

  28. sewprimitive karen says:

    So glad they got a good picture of darling Jack. And then look at him stretching out so cutely way at the top of your prim cupboard. That cat is divine.

  29. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Jack lolling around on the top of the cupboard cracked me up, laughing out loud, what a great picture! Thought about you a lot yesterday, wondering if the team from Yankee would be darling people, really appreciating your beautiful old home, & you & yours, & they are!! Tea time in front of the fireplace is so inviting, lovely my dear. Have fun today! xoxoxo

    • sbranch says:

      You never know what kind of folks might show up — these people are truly wonderful, down to earth, and interestingly, they never worked together before! I think they should start a company!

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        No kidding? I was thinking they were all “Yankee” employees. Do magazines routinely outsource the artistic work to free-lance experts? I’m clueless. :>)

        • sbranch says:

          I think they do now. Everything has gotten so expensive — so they hire photographers and stylists when they need to do the shoot. Otherwise, those folks are working on other jobs!

  30. Katy Noelle says:

    Oh, how WONDERFUL!!! What fun!!! I’m so, so very happy for you!!! and, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! and, your home is SO beautiful!!! and, your joy is so contagious… whenever I need a shot in the arm… I just come here and everything is lifted – huge smiles on my face and off I go with a pirouette! Thank you, You!!! 🙂


  31. Katy Noelle says:

    Heeeeey…. we should start a ‘fans of Jack’ FB page!!! 🙂

  32. Cathy McC. says:

    It was so wonderful to hear that all was going well at your house! That Jack is the best!!!! The “Yankee” folks look so sweet! And love the way we could see the reflection of your Christmas tree in the mirror. Really looking forward to seeing more pix and zooming in to catch all the decorating details. You are so kind to share. Have a fun day with Peter Rabbit! Ethel

  33. Sarah says:

    Your home is wonderful! In Texas where I live, my 35 year old home is considered “old,” but I grew up in a house built in 1912, and I still miss all the character! I love getting peeks of yours, to feed my soul 🙂

    And Jack is perfect. I think the whole world must adore him!! Have fun today!

    • sbranch says:

      I know, that character, left behind by all the people who lived there before. You are leaving good character in your house now — all those grilled cheese sandwiches!

  34. Diana - Highland, IL says:

    Oh, just checked in.. Just .. In… Case.. and YES! There is a post!! THANK YOU Susan!! Your home is beautiful and I just gravitate to old/older homes. .have owned two now and you just feel the comfort in them!! Thanks for the pre-peek!!! Have fun and Jack is definitely the bomb!!! Me thinks he has you wrapped around his little paws!!! 🙂

  35. Carrie says:

    Your home is tres fabulous and just oozing charm, inspiration and creativity!! It’s like something out of a fairytale and you are the noblest, most charitable and lovelies fairy of them all! Just know today will be loads of fun as well as you make everything that way, cool as a cucumber you!

    Quick footnote: I loooove there is an Englishman working on a “Yankee” photo shoot!

    Love Carrie, ardent anglophile frequently called a “Yank” by my friends in the motherland that is England 🙂

  36. Chris Wells from West Texas says:

    I am not asking how Jack got up there?! Maybe he was a Hollywood star in a former life…he sure knows how to play the role. House looks spectacular! Glad you are having a good time, now that the ground work is all finished. ENJOY!

  37. Nellie says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Susan! Are you sure Jack thinks he is a cat?!?:-) We all know how independent cats are, not usually behaving in a cute way when that is what we want.:-)

    Can’t wait to see more!!

    Happy day to you!

    xo Nellie

  38. Pam Fortune says:

    Hi Susan
    How marvellous having a personal tour of your beautiful home can’t wait for the next chapter!

  39. YEA! YEA! YEA!
    I was hoping there would be a little something from you today but I wasn’t really expecting it as I knew you were so busy! I didn’t know it would be TWO days of pictures though – zowie! SO HAPPY for you – no one deserves it more! Thought of you all day yesterday while I shopped the craft store (bought those wiggly scissors ) to spruce up my wreaths and got ready to make some banners today! Have another EXCELLENT day – and enjoy that 12-12-12 champagne!!

    • sbranch says:

      Wiggly scissors, perfect name! Very descriptive!

    • dottie (in the OC in SoCal) says:

      LOVE that wiggly scissors label — I had to search for mine but the tim with them is now on hand and waiting for some nice paper or card to cut into banner worthy pcs — I’m slowly getting in the swing of the holiday thing here. I’m thinking I’ll utilize some old cards from years past as part of the banner.

  40. Kerry S. from San Pedro, CA says:

    Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing – especially all the behind the scenes activity!
    That Jack – what a performer!! You owe him a lot of ball throwing with hardly any complaining this week!! LOL! 😉
    Hope all continues to go well!

  41. Donna Hamilton (Jefferson, Arkansas) says:

    I love the photos of your house and your style. I don’t know what room is to the right of your fireplace, but I think I could go in there and be content to just be; and that is from only the glimpse of the room from your fireplace picture.
    I would definitely purchase a book based on the decoration of your house in every season. Best wishes of the season to you and to your new friends from Yankee Magazine……-Donna H.

    • sbranch says:

      That is the “wood room” because it’s all paneled in wood; it’s the smallest room in the house, it’s where the TV is, where we are every night … reading, knitting, watching old movies! Good for afternoon naps too. Thank you Donna!

      • judy says:

        What was the “wood room” in the original life of the house? I’d love to see a diagram of the house to better visualize when you mention the different rooms: pantry, sewing room, office, etc. Thanks, Judy

        • sbranch says:

          I almost think it was a place to keep fishing poles! It doesn’t make sense, but there were two poles on the walls, and TONS of nails! It’s like a long trailer, starting at the front, there’s the front stairs and hall and my studio, then the living room is the width of the whole house, then the dining room and the wood room, then the kitchen, then the pantry, and then the only downstairs bathroom.

          • Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

            Yikes, you are so lucky to have so much room to spread out in! Our townhouse gives me claustrophobia some days! 🙂

          • sbranch says:

            I’m particularly grateful in the winter when we are so stuck inside!

          • Donna Hamilton (Jefferson, Arkansas) says:

            It sounds like it was probably a “smoking” room or gentlemen’s parlor. A lot of houses had rooms for gentlemen to retire to after dinner for cigars or pipes and drinks. I can imagine that the walls would be covered in maybe much loved fishing poles of the family heirloom variety, maybe fish or hunting trophies, a musket–things that would mean something to a man in the 1800s.

          • sbranch says:

            Very possible. Or even a downstairs bedroom, a little one, for a baby, or someone ill, near the kitchen.

  42. Lori (Elk Grove, CA) says:

    Love, love, love the photos – how beautiful everything is! Thanks for sharing these with us and Jack is quite the entertainer – he is adorable. I think kitty deserves a treat for that show! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  43. Norma Herrin says:

    As I read all the other comments I am thinking ditto ditto. My little schnauzer is peeping over my shoulder to see Jack. How fun your blog is, thank you for giving us all a big smile with each post.

  44. Deborah Norling says:

    Susan..you are absolutely correct !!…Jack is in fact Cary Grant…extremely handsome..dashing..smooth as silk..displays an array of emotions..(remembering the..Jack how do you like the Christmas tree photo )…he can be serious or a comedian…and.. A L L THE LADIES L O V E H I M ! ! …..I am also loving the Yankee visit update….I even got a bit emotional…it’s soo exciting ! Thank you for sharing with us !

  45. Sara Finally in Georgia!!! says:

    Jack was born to be a star!

  46. Kim says:

    Oh Susan! This is exciting to see what’s happening…I can’t wait to hear more about the photo shoot! Your house is simply lovely….if you don’t mind me asking, how many rooms do you have? We live in a teeny weeny house, just five small rooms…we refer to it as “the cottage”… “Lobelia Cottage” to be exact, as blue lobelia grows in our yard like a weed! Not a bad problem to have. Have fun today!

  47. Janet Rowland says:

    How precious! What a ham! Performing for his mama. Thanks for all the joy you, through your travels, pictures, blog and gifts, have brought me this year. May your Christmas be all that you wish it to be and 2013 be one of the best yet!

  48. I do LOVE your house but being a cat lover, I have to say Jack is the star of the show.

  49. Rae Ann from northern Michigan...now in Minnesota... says:

    Gorgeous decorations Susan, but that’s what we girlfriends would expect from you…I thought of you all day yesterday…were you happily exhausted last night???…I too didn’t know the shoot would be two exciting days…you and yours have aLOT of festive beautiful-ness to shoot…Yankee chose the perfect house and hostess…can’t wait to see pictures of the rest of your house all “dolled” up…xoxo…

  50. Joy Pence from Ohio says:

    I agree….keep the coffee table just like that. How festive. Now for that dashing handsome boy kitty. Up there laying around acting like he could care less about this photo shoot, then of course he came through for his momma when needed, because he knew it was important to her. 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      I guess, but seems a bit selfless for kitty world!

      • Joy Pence from Ohio says:

        Yes, because it usually is ALL about them, but I think Jack is a special kitty. He is a giver. I have a questions, in the first picture, between the two doors….are those lids hanging there? I love that idea. I have just a lid from my grandmas “Jewel Tea” collection that I have always wanted to do something with. Never thought of hanging it on the wall. Like I have said before you ARE clever!

        • sbranch says:

          Yes, they are lids. I found the biggest one, the brown transferware, in an antique store and I thought it was too beautiful to leave behind despite the fact that it had nothing to go under it! So I put it with a couple of others and hung them on the wall.

  51. BJ says:

    Sounds like Jack is stealing the show! LOL How fun. Kind of like kids — you just never know what they will, or won’t, do. Your house is so wonderful – love the decorations that we’ve seen. One feels right at home there, which is how a home should be. Glad the photo crew are such great people too, that makes things so nice.

  52. Georgie says:

    Susan! How FUN! The house is so brignt and cheery. You must have been so PROUD of little JACK! Children do have a way of surprising us when we least expect it!

    ENJOY another day of MAGIC!!!
    xoxo Georgie
    Yardville, NJ

  53. Audrianne says:

    LOVE that Jacky boy! If I weren’t so allergic to his species and could guarantee I could get one so cute it might be worth the hives, the sneezes, and itching.

    Your home is simply fetching. Oh, to me a spider on the wall, a mouse in the corner…oops, Jack might find me there.

    • sbranch says:

      Know what’s funny? When I was five I had hives, and was diagnosed as being allergic to the two siamese kitties next door! But it seems to have gone away! Yes, as mouse, stay out of our house, it would not be safe!

  54. Susan in SC says:

    Is it strange that I am beginning to feel as if I’m coming home when you post pictures of your house? Anyway, the house looks beautiful, welcoming, warm, and cozy. Can’t wait o see the finished magazine article!

  55. Barb from Ohio says:

    Hi Susan, Just checking in to see if you posted any pics from yesterday and WOW! It must have been so much fun and exciting, the house looks so good. Jack really knows how to strike the poses! Thanks for the quick update, will wait patiently for more.

  56. Hi Susan! It’s all so lovely. Yankee Magazine picked the best house for a Christmas photo shoot! How fun to have a professional stylist make your house picture perfect…..even Jack 🙂 xoxo

  57. Jane says:

    I’m so glad everything went so well yesterday…maybe Jack will end up on the cover of the magazine! You home looks gorgeous and the people so nice. I know this has been a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

    Jane From Chicago

  58. Heidi says:

    Bet the Yankee team feels very lucky to meet you, Joe, your kitties and see your house. Don’t know what to say except thank you for sharing the pictures, for sharing your home and kitties and cheer with us. Trying to comfort two friends today – not knowing quite what to say or do – your post helps the heartbreak I’m feeling for them. Thank you!

  59. Judy from Oregon says:

    It is going to be so hard to wait until next year to see your beautiful home in Yankee magazine. I am hoping that somehow I can get a copy of it here in the west. I swear Jack is the most adorable cat I have ever seen. We are so lucky that he came to your house because you are so willing to share him with us.

    • sbranch says:

      We’ll have it in our web store so everyone can get a copy if they want!

      • judi says:

        Great to hear that. Wow, Judy commented on 12/12/12 at 12:12 – that’s an uff da! Delivered 2 Birthday cards today with special inserts congratulating them on having the “perfect” birthday (day, month, year all match) even hung bells on them:) It won’t happen again until Jan. 01, 2101.

    • dottie (in the OC in SoCal) says:

      I just signed up for a year’s subscription — used to get the magazine regularly and will thoroughly enjoy a year’s worth of it since the capper will be the Christmas issue with your lovely home featured!

  60. Nancy B says:

    I thought of you all day yesterday, Susan. Can hardly wait to see your home in all its splendor. You have just the right touch to make things warm and inviting. Thanks, to you and Joe, for sharing!
    Merry Christmas!

  61. Linda Pintarell says:

    Thank you for the special treat of a sneak peek! Your house looks GORGEOUS and Jack is just the extra prop they need in the photos. What fun! Gosh, we have to wait a whole year to see the magazine 🙁 – but I would be willing to bet YANKEE magazine is going to have a BIG seller of their 2013 Christmas issue.

    • sbranch says:

      I hope so, they are struggling like all magazines, I want them around forever!

      • judi says:

        I think some “magic dust” landed on all of you – the 3 from the magazine and you and Joe. I feel strongly you will work together again. They can’t help but be enchanted by you two:)

  62. Robin - New Mexico says:

    Thank you Susan for taking the time to share your wonderful life with us! You enchance mine by your GRACIOUS blog and all the things you share so many times over. I am so excited about your Yankee Magazine shoot and of course the on-going adventures of Jack! How precious he is as are you for being so delightful!
    Thanks so much! Your house looks SUPERB!

  63. Pat Stansel says:

    Isn’t it almost magical how someone can take your things and give you a whole
    New look, how exiting!

  64. Susan ( an Ohio gal in SoCal ) says:

    Did you get a picture of Jack in front of the fireplace? Can’t wait to see it – hope we don’t have to wait until that issue comes out next year! The house looked lovely !

    • sbranch says:

      I was like the cat wrangler (supposedly; they really didn’t need me, he was so good) which means I was on the floor hiding just out of the shot, trying to “help.” I didn’t get a photo of it … but I think Nat is going to give me one!

  65. zinnia patch says:

    Hi Susan! just so tickled to see a post today….the photo shoot is all I’ve been thinking about….and oh what shots….the scene at the fireplace……breathtaking.
    And Jack………….. yes, that’s why he’s my little boyfriend!!!!!!! tee hee xoxo

  66. Lisa at My Ordinary Country Life says:

    Sigh…….I will not leave this computer until I get to see the rest (well I will but I wanted you to know how bad I want to see it)…..:)……Can’t wait to see everything but especially Mustache Jack!!!!

  67. Elaine says:

    Oh soo exciting for you ! Jack is a star ! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your photo shoot !

  68. Susan, so happy that you had a positive experience with the Yankee Staff, and that sweet boy Jack was an “Angel”. I truly think when kitties are rescued they are so appreciative and want to “thank you” by being the sweetest little creatures that they can be?? I think maybe Jack is constantly “thanking you” by his antics which just makes him plain adorable!!! Enjoy the “after glow” of your beautiful home and lovely decorations!!! Time to breathe and relax……

    • Deb from Dixie says:

      Hi Deb,
      It is so nice to see you back! I have thought of you often and kept you in my prayers. Hope you are feeling better and on the road to recovery.
      We SB girlfriends missed you!
      Sending you wishes for happy holidays filled with healing energy, love, laughter, family, friends and all the joys of the season.

      • Janet [in Rochester] says:

        Ditto that, Deb! Been thinking about you too. Here’s hopin’ you’re well on your way back! Merriest of Christmas, GF! :>)

        • Thank you Deb, Janet….I am feeling some better and have just decided there are things that happen in our lives that we must learn to live with and that is what I am trying to do. I will always have good days and sadly bad days, how I choose to handle this is going to either break my spirit or give me strength and determination to be thankful for each and every day. I appreciate your prayers and concern and wish both of you a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!!! Blessings

  69. Carol Maurer from Eureka, CA says:

    Home looks lovely as always! Jack, Jack, Jack….. what a precious thing!! You had no idea, when you got him, that he would become the center of attention at times and give your family such joy!!! Where was Kitty Girl? Staying upstairs or is she peeking around the corner and just observing? Can’t wait to see more photos!

    Carol M

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, she is so shy, did come down once to take a quick look, and then gone! No, I never had any idea I would have a cat-star in the house!

  70. suzk says:

    Can’t wait to see this edition! Love what they did with the mantle and coffee table, but I especially love the photo of Jack stretching – too funny. I wouldn’t have believed he’d pose either. My girl, Growltiger, will wait until you have the camera ready and take off like a shot – I have a lot of blurred cat photos!

  71. Carole K says:

    hahaha! That Jack! What a hambone! Thanks for taking time from your ‘shooting schedule’ to share your photos–your home looks spectacular.
    Sales of Yankee magazine next year will be through the roof! Can’t wait to see more.


  72. Pam K says:

    Miss Susan, I think I’m more excited about your Christmas photo shoot than your trip overseas! Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of year, and seeing the pictures of your house all decorated made me so happy. And excited for you! Awww, and sweet Jack. He is truly a special boy. You two are sweet souls.

    I can’t wait to see the layout next Christmas. I will be sure to get a copy of Yankee magazine and keep those pictures in my office for inspiration. I hope you know how much you inspire all your Girlfriends. And congratulations to the winner of your last giveaway. I can’t remember her name, but I know her life and Christmas were made better by winning! I love to imagine her surprise and delight. Blessings to you and yours! Pam K from Dallas

  73. Pat Mofjeld from St. Paul, Minnesota says:

    I’m glad Jack cooperated as I sure know how pets can decide not to when taking photos! I love the picture of him stretching up on the top of the cupboard but immediately thought of how dusty he would be if he did that at our house!!! Guess if I had a kitty, it would have to be gray! LOL!!! 🙂

  74. Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

    Beautiful! My very favorite pic–besides the one of Jack, of course–is the tea table. Love the sugared fruit, the candlesticks, the stacks of old books (I tried to squint real hard to see if I spotted of Gladys Tabers 🙂 ) Hope today’s shoot goes as well as yesterday’s!!
    I’m so tickled–I ordered a little pin cushion in the tin mold from your vintage page shopping site and sent the girls an e-mail to see if the little one with the house was still available–it was, and they mailed it out to me yesterday!! If you haven’t already done so, girlfriends, check them out. They are precious!!

    • Linda from Lancaster, Co PA says:

      haha, Shannon, I was squinting, too, trying to read the titles of the books! Just like you.

      • Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

        “Inquiring minds want to know!” Linda, have you by any chance ever read any of Gladys Taber’s books? She passed away in the ’80’s but she remains one of my all time favorite authors. I actually found Susan and this wonderful site because of her. I was searching for anything Gladys related one evening, and Susan Branch popped up–she is a big fan, as well. In her “about me” icon at the top of her blogs, she has a Gladys Taber Fan Club link. Her books are long out of print, but they can still be found on e-bay and sometimes in used book stores.
        Have you had a chance to come down to Hanover to visit Hobby Lobby yet?

  75. Barb from Gloucester, MA says:

    I can see why they decided to come to your house. Looks beautiful, never mind Jack who obviously believes he’s in charge of the operation. (and he just may be!)

  76. pat addison(cave junction,OR) says:

    good morning susan, hello everyone!! how lovely it all looks, and such fun. and of course Jack is the star, mine would be hiding under the bed hissing at the people. well maybe Midnight would be out and nosing about. just had to drop in and see how the shoot was going. have a fun and wonderful day. hugs….. 🙂

  77. Lori from MN says:

    Hi Susan~ Your home is just beautiful! Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration. I would just love to sit and have tea in your living room on a snowy afternoon. Jack is a hoot! Enjoy your day and hope you get to relax tonight after all the excitement. I’m off to craft and wrap.

  78. Deb from Dixie says:

    Scrumptious…..Yummy……Warm…..Inviting……Heartfelt…..Loving…..Kind…..full of Christmas merriment….that is Susan, Joe, Jack, Girl…..and your beautiful home. It is all so exciting. I just feel so very happy for you!

    Thank you for thinking of us….and giving us a glimpse into the photo shoot…..we all have been sending you the best wishes……I just know all us girlfriends feel so grateful!

    And speaking of scrumptious…….that Jack…..you could just eat him up, he is so cute! The best Christmas Elf ever!

    Have fun today! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ …. !

  79. Libby says:

    I am so excited for you ~ It will be worth subscribing to this magazine (btw, I am) just for the wonderful pictures and their stories ~ Have fun and look forward to your next blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  80. Erin @ I Heart New England says:

    Your house looks beautiful!!! I am so beyond excited to read this article next year. It truly is a dream come true! 🙂

  81. Kathy Phenix says:

    Jack, my boy! Of course you came through!! We never doubted you. Love the stretch at the top of the cupboard also. Were you trying to get the attention of the camera man?? Sometimes they do lose focus (camera people–not cats)!
    Tell your Mom that sometimes you can be allergic to Siamese cats and not to regular breeds and vice versa. It’s something to do with the different “dander”.
    Well, I’m off to take my 2:30 pm nap. Just finished a late lunch. Don’t get blinded by the flash bulbs, Jackie! Love, Charles, the cat Phenix

    • sbranch says:

      That’s what I thought. I stayed away from them for years, but I really do think it all wore off! Thank you Charles.

      • Kathy Phenix says:

        Good to know. Because I (Charles, the cat) happen to be a very handsome Sealpoint Siamese and I’d love to visit with you. But of course I wouldn’t want to cause any hives or sneezing etc. Now all I have to do is work my way up the East Coast of the USA and then hitch a ride on the ferry to MV and then find your house on the island. Piece of cake!! See ya soon! Ha!!

  82. Heartsdesire says:

    How exciting to have Yankee mag there. And what a ham that Jack is. He must have been an actor in a previous life since he played his part in the photography so well. Everything looks so beautiful and elegant and Christmassy (is that a word?).

  83. Marcia says:

    I think Jack should be on the cover of Yankee! What a good boy. Mine always do something completely inelegant as soon as I get out the camera.

  84. Mardell Lamb says:

    Hi Susan!
    Isn’t there an old saying that pets resemble/act like their owners? LOL
    My pure white kitty (who has just been christened into the house) needs a boyfriend…just sayin…

    Looking forward to hearing about the photo shoot. Bet you’re tired (but in a good way.) Thanks for the update!!

  85. Harriett says:

    All your recent holiday posts have been scrumptious! And, yes, Christmassy. I have been tying my lampshades with red velvet ribbon, thick and cushy (is that a word?) for years, but I also love your delicate, lacy organdy ones and the sprig of green is inspired. Loved the sugarplum fruits and the recipe. Picture perfect by the fire. And I spied your dictionary stand. I have been on the lookout for one. Watch it. You and Joe better stay close to home this season. (But how could you not? Everything from stem to stern is perfect! Another cruise?) I may just be on the next boat to the Vineyard. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

  86. Lynn B says:

    Thank you for sneaking in with your camera to keep us in the loop. Your home is lovely! I can’t wait to see how often Jack ends up in the magazine! If your sweet old house is the stage, then he is certainly a STAR!!

  87. Carin from Central California says:

    Gosh, Susan, I thought of you all day yesterday; “Wonder what Susan is doing now?” “Wonder what Jack is doing now” “Did she post yet?” “Has she posted now?” Peeked at your blog all day long yesterday and viola! this morning what a happy surprise. You must be walking on air. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of the girlfriends. Everything looks beautiful. I can hardly wait to see more pictures, but I will have to. As the song says, “Anticipation is making me crazy.” Jack is a darling boy and I love the picture of him stretched out on top of the armoir. Just another day in the life of Jack ;-). I made the chocolate chip cookies last night and brought a platter of them to work today – all gone before 10:30. Yum. Enjoy day 2 of your photo shoot. Yankee Magazine should come back in the summer and do a photo shoot of your lovely yard and garden.

  88. Ann says:

    So thrilled to get a peek! You just gave me an idea with the chain on your white hutch with the garland intertwined. I have a very long chain just like that from an old light fixture just sitting in a drawer. Something else to do this afternoon. Beautiful house!

  89. Sharon - Ohio says:

    Oh Susan, thanks for sharing with us and how exciting~~~ Jack is such a hoot, he is toooooo smart. Can’t wait to see more~

  90. evangeline says:

    like so many of your “girlfriends”, I didn’t think you would have time for a post today….yipee!! Thank you for taking time to give us a glimpse of the goings on….at your house..Everything is lovely and draws us in…to sit by the fire or sit at the kitchen table and “smell” the cookies baking….and “we” enjoy a cup of tea…To share in your sweet life is one of the most appreciated gifts you have given to us “girlfriends”…….thank you…evangeline

  91. Marysol says:

    Beautiful Christmas setting!

    How exhausted you must be, and especially Jack, from watching all the commotion around him. He’s such a CATch.

    And Girl kitty, you’d better get your 15 minutes!

  92. Lezlee says:

    I ordered Yankee Magazine, so I won’t miss your issue:)

    Thanks, as always, for sharing!

    Merriest of Christmas to you . . .

  93. Mary Baynes/ Indiana says:

    Your house looks sooooo Charming! The Shoot will be awesome! Can’t wait to buy the
    Magazine! You’ll have to let us know when it hits the newsstand next year. LOVE all the Christmas blogs and Willard! Your blk&wht family pics remind me of my childhood,too.

  94. Karen L., in Memphis says:

    Way to go Jack! He knew this was all for him…why else would they have come to visit.I bet Jack figured they were there to document his talents of fetch. They looked like a audience to train to throw his balls and shoot his bands. Everything look so festive and ready to celebrate!

  95. Jackie Walton says:

    Jack KNEW this was THE photo shoot — hence his willingness to please! He’s no dummy!

  96. Margot in Virginia Beach says:

    I just finished the Christmas cards and I thought I would pop onto the blog. Thank you for sharing the shoot. JACK is sooo funny! I must report that I finally found the green and red straws at a different Michaels!!! Now I must decide which cookies I will be eating. (I meant baking for my loving family.)

  97. Jody says:

    It’s looking VERY pretty and magazine-esque at your house. I’m glad Jack is still doing his own thing and not allowing himself to be all photogenic! Funny!

  98. Kathy Cronberg says:

    Jack is the cutest!! What a ham, posing for the camera 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos – beautiful!

  99. Martha Ellen of VA says:

    Susan, everything looks just gorgeous! Of course it does–you are Susan Branch!! ♥ I’m thrilled for you and Joe–You spread so much cheer! Give those sweet kitties a hug and Jack an extra flip of the rubber band. xoxo

  100. Beth in SC says:

    OH my gracious, it’s so beautiful!! And of course Jack played up to the camera, he was born to be a star! 🙂 So excited for you – what a great honor to be chosen. You’ll be the belle of the magazine!

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