That’s how I feel, lighthearted, dancing down the stairs this morning, did my exercises, played with Jack, went outside to sniff the garden. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then get ready for my version of War and Peace!  A nice cup of tea would go good right now, and then my dear girls, Musica!

I have lots of photos to cheer your heart this lovely morning . . .

Starting with these . . . during a spring rain . . .

the colors make me so happy . . .

. . . my kitchen smells like a flower shop!  And I’m all well.  My cold is finally gone, I get down on the floor every morning now and do stretches and leg lifts, lift my little weights and feel like I’m starting all over!

I couldn’t help taking a kazillion pictures of this vase full of tree cuttings . . .

But then my perpetual audience climbed on top of the fridge to survey his kingdom . . .

of which I am his people — is it the cat or the vase that is the real star of this photo?

It’s the cat.  So regal, such a star . . .

The pink cherry blossoms, heavenly!

Letting me loose with a camera can sometimes be a dangerous thing.  You should see the ones that got away!

And here’s where I go to gather the pink booty . . .

I could never do it justice with a mere paintbrush . . . never never never

Because looking into this sparkly pink pear tree is like a prayer.

The smell alone is enough to inspire the sweetest dreams . . .

And the breeze, the island breeze filled with the ocean, the blossoms, the green grass, the violets, the sky and all the good things of nature.

And Jack.  Well, my cup just runneth over. 

We had friends to tea the other day, and despite the diet  (I promise you, I am being very good!),  I made something mighty delicious —  a blueberry angel food cake with lemon glaze!  (Fat free, but filled with delicous sugar!).  I’ll give you the recipe for this the minute we reach our goal weight UNLESS there is strong request for it now, and then, of course I will give it to you!

We ate about half of it, heaven’s sugar cake, and took the other half, a quarter-cake each over to Lowely and then to Martha!  It’s so nice to have girlfriend neighbors with whom you can share the wealth and don’t get mad at you for doing it!

I used my pink dishes to match the flowers.  And then guess what I found out?  A year or so ago Joe and I made a little video called “How to Sift Flour.”  Truly one of the greats as the title implies!  But I just found out it is #1 on Google in the massive Sifting of Flour category!


Yes, if you Google How to Sift Flour, this is what you get, without even mentioning my name.  We, my girls, are number one!  In the world. On Google!  WHAT an accomplishment!  I’m kind of excited about it!  It’s the little things in life!

Remember a couple of years ago we got a new Dogwood tree for our backyard?  Well, we just placed an order for this year’s addition to the springtime floral extravaganza at this house.  We ordered a Magnolia x soulangeana, a weeping Higan Cherry Tree, and a Honey Crisp apple tree. Also seven new forsythia bushes to put behind the fence in front of our house. Not sure if they will be in stock, but it’s a good time to plant them, so we’re hoping our nursery can find them for us.  It’s so gorgeous out there, why not make more beauty if we can, so it’s almost silly crazy romantic over-the-top beautiful?  Nothing wrong with that.

Flowering trees are so special — something magical about them after a long cold grey winter.  Here’s the dogwood last year — it’s not in bloom yet this year, more to look forward to!  One of the reasons this is all especially beautiful to me this year is because . . .

I’ve had a sort of tunnel vision, like looking at the world through a straw, for a long time.

My concentration on our book, the single mindedness it takes, made the world look like this to me . . . here’s Girl Kitty.

Here I am making tea first thing in the morning. I had other things on my mind at all times:  What could I say, do, paint, dream up, remember, include, make happen, so that A FINE ROMANCE will be something you will love.♥  I wonder if other authors see the world like this when they are deep in the throes of a project?  If ever I was going to write something called “How to Write a Book” I would have to try and explain this.

This is what the kitchen looked like to me at around 4 am.

And here’s a snowy day — it registered because of its beauty but in “real life,” I was looking at the sea from the rail of the ship, or in England walking through wildflower meadows, looking at maps, touring castles, driving narrow backroads, and drinking ice cold peah ci-das in pubs!

I would look out and see Joe shoveling the snow out front and it was vaguely confusing.

He came in every day and made us a cozy fire, but my focus was always always always on something else . . . this was my background music, snap, crackle, and pop . . .

Believe it or not, even this guy never got all the way through . . . but he sure tried.

Ahhhh, here we are . . . this feels familiar . . .

Determined daily to make a movement toward the finish line . . .

One tiny brush stroke and pen mark at a time . . .

Every moment, the pure joy of creating . . . combined with the agony of wanting it to be done . . . but not too quickly, because there was enjoyment of the moment, as strange as that may seem.

Until I got to this, page 8 of A FINE ROMANCE . . .  The other 259 pages went to print as of last week, but I had to wait to do this last one.  I needed to get legal permission from several song writers in order to print excerpts from their songs in our book, because what would our book be without MUSICA? The last permission came through on Friday, and I was able to do this page.  The last one!  Oh MY!

And when I finished, the tunnel vision went totally and completely away, and the bright world came shining through . . . all new like I’d never seen it before.

Colors are brighter and prettier than ever . . .

The world is a lovely place!  Time for my fake tap dance!

Our walk to the water is more beautiful than ever — it’s 68 degrees on Martha’s Vineyard right this moment and as soon as I finish saying hello to you, we are on our way to our walk to this very spot to see the sparkle on the water.

But first, you have been so patient while I was looking at life with blinders on, you cheered me through and were with me the whole way — so, so wonderful . . .  isn’t it about time for a giveaway? YES!

It’s possible most of you have these two books . . . but maybe you have someone who you could give them to?  Or you could save them for birthday gifts.  Spanking new lighthearted copies of The Summer Book and Girlfriends Forever, and isn’t spring the perfect time?

The SUMMER BOOK is filled with delicious recipes for the season, barbecues and picnics, my picket fence garden, and stories such as “Library Days”, “How to Go to a Tea Party”, and “The Raft”.

GIRLFRIENDS FOREVER is a celebration of US — everything we love, Girl Parties, healthy recipes, decorating, clothes, beauty, exercise and a Spicy Mango Salad on page 82 that is to die for. This one also has the story of How I Met the Beatles (when I was “Just Seventeen”).

I would love to sign them, to whatever name the winner chooses: her own, her daughter’s, her sister’s, her mother’s, or her best friend’s!  Just leave a comment here to enter the drawing at the bottom of this post where you see the tiny word “comments” — (and if you don’t see it, click on www., scroll to the bottom of this post, squint because it’s tiny, and there it will be).  In a few days we’ll pull Vanna off the tennis court or out of her bubble bath (such a lady of leisure) and let her choose the winning name.  And I hope with every fiber of my being that this time, it’s you.  xoxo ♥  Hope this makes your heart take wings! Bye for now Girlfriends!

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1,887 Responses to LIGHTHEARTED ♥

  1. Donna Valentine says:

    Hi Susan! I just wanted to say hi and that I love all the SPRINGY pictures! They are beautiful, and help me to look forward to when spring here in Northwest Montana finally turns warm! 🙂 We are still getting frost some mornings ( can you believe that we even had ice crystals in the hummingbird feeder this morning?!!) So your post and pictures are a very sweet reminder of things to come! Have a wonderful day! Donna, from Troy, Montana

  2. Jill smith says:

    I so appreciate the berth of springtime, the tulips daffodils, dogwood. Here where we re we do get spring like that. I love the cke and cannot wait to make it. I so enjoy your blog and all te beautiful pictures and music!

  3. Kay Dallosta says:

    Oh happy day when I open your blog and see you’ve posted more beauty, Susan! You make my heart sing! Bless you, m’dear! -Kay

  4. Natalie G says:

    Your blog is by far the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Your photos and drawings are glorious. Thank you for spreading cheer every time you post something 🙂
    I love to give your books away as gifts because they are like no other. The artwork is lovely and many are filled with great recipes. P.S. I have made your Pots de Creme out of your Christmas book as our Christmas dessert 3 years in a row. Blessings to you,

  5. Linda T. in Maine. says:

    Happy May Day to you also. Love this time of year. The robins are nesting and the flowers are popping out everywhere. We had permision to dig up and re- planted 100 year old double dafodills that came from England years ago last fall. All of them came back and are SO Beautiful. Tulips are out and also my yellow phsithia bush has bloomed. It’s like spring sings to you and calls you outdoors to just come out and play amoung the beautiful flowers and listen to all the new sounds of spring. Like the birds and the Ocean Waves. I went down to the oceanside and watched about 8 seals playing and fishing about 3 hours yesterday. I saw a couple playing close like to lovers. It was such a nice sign the spring has sprung like all the Lovley books you write and paint for all of us to Love and Cherish. I so look forward everyday now the I am retired ,to look at your blog first thing in the morning. It jump starts my day. I love your blog and can not miss it ever. Keep up the good work. Good news.. I found the Autumn book finally. I am just dancing with joy. Missed 2013 calendar.. but found one and it came in the mail today. I am one happy girl inside today.Still trying for Girlfriends and Summer book. WISH ME LUCK. Your books touch the heart something wicked good. L.T.

  6. Sharon Eustace says:

    Hello Susan

    I have been a fan since you did drawings for country living. Your new summer days book looks awesome. A long time ago you had Santa Claus xmas cards. Ever thought of putting Santa in a slot of your calendar? It can be any month pick a month any month. Your work is beautiful.

  7. Kathleen V. from MI says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs with all of us.
    I would love to win one of your books. They’re just fabulous!

  8. Kay - North Central Texas says:

    I knew you couldn’t hold out for long with your blueberry angel food cake recipe. You’re too giving to last long! You always share the best recipes and adventures.

    Please enter my name on your give away. That would be a treat to win! You do help us live a good life!

  9. Patricia Cash says:

    What lovely books for your give away. Being chosen would be wonderful!!
    Blessings for a beautiful day.

  10. nwnonna says:

    So glad you are well and able to enjoy the miracle that is spring in New England. We lived outside Lexington for 3 years and it broke my heart to leave. That is why I greedily devour all the lovely photos you take of your island life. I would love to gift my friends with your books, thank you for the chance to do so.

  11. Linda Moore says:

    I love to read your blogs, Susan! I sneak onto your site at work (I’m a nurse) once in awhile and it takes me to such a cheerful and relaxing place! It’s almost like a brief visit to my favorite B & B. I’m going to have to get your Book of Summer for my sister, and perhaps also for me.

  12. Lucy powers says:

    What a great newsletter and photos………..finally seeing some blooms here in central Virginia.

  13. Diane says:

    Your flowers are a delight…we are still quite cold. And I only wish the pictures came with scents. Love them all, the quince blossom especially… And that magnolia … I could go on and on. Thanks for the promise of Spring,,,hope I am lucky!

  14. Barbara P says:

    I would love to have your books! Did you ever make a Winter book? Hint, hint.

  15. Oh, how I love your posts! I love the trees and blossoms. The gaiety and freshness fill my heart with happiness. Please oh Vanna pick me, pick me!!! Wishing you a happy May Day…Sherrie

  16. debbie mccleery says:


    Every time i read your blog I feel like I have been on a trip to Marthas Vineyard. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are truly an inspiration. I am a cancer survivor of twelve years. My only child , a son, is getting married in a month. I never thought I would be here to that. I am so blessed. I used to own a gift shop and I sold all of your books there. Thank youy again, Debbie

  17. debbie mccleery says:


    Thank you so much for your blog. It is such an inspiration. I feel like I have been on a trip to Marthas Vineyard every time I read it. I am a cancer survivor of twelve years now. My only child, a son, is getting married in a month and i am so thankful to be here to see it. I have a question, when did you go on your trip to England?Thank you again for sharing your life with us. Debbie

    • sbranch says:

      We left May 4th of last year! I’m so happy for you Debbie — your son’s wedding! Life is good.

  18. Connie Turner says:

    Loved the last email – the comment about the May Basket reminded me of when we were young – we made May Basket out of crape paper and paper cups, filled them with any flowers that were blooming – sometimes it was lily of the valley. Then left them on friends doorsteps, rang the bell and ran away. I helped my children and my granddaughters make them recently too. I was at a book signing you did years and years ago! I think it was your first book – you were at Longfellows in Acton, MA! Love to win the books.

  19. Cynthia Berens says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and art, Susan. Your art always makes me feel good and your photos of the island make me want to visit–especially the laundry blowing in the breeze. I don’t know why that one appeals to me so much, but I love it. I look forward to emails from you!

  20. Elaine Koenig says:

    How do you pick a favorite girlfriend? It’s like picking your favorite child! I can’t think of a sweeter gift!

  21. viv says:

    Thank you for always making my day brighter. I don’t have the books and would love to have then, but with over 1400 comments already, dare I dream?

  22. Maddie says:

    Here I am again! Hope dies slowly 😉 Love your blog, Susan! I love these giveaways!

  23. Jeanine says:

    I would LOVE to add these books to my library, and your yard looks lovely! We are expecting snow tonight which is unusual for Nebraska, and I’m afraid of what my poor tulips will looks like by this weekend. Thanks for the generous give away!

  24. iantha says:

    I just love reading your posts and seeing the beautiful pictures. You are so extremely talented!

  25. Kimberlee Wallace says:

    Uh-oh…not sure if my post “posted”! If it did…many apologies, my savvy is not too deep when it comes to electronic things. Kimberlee, Nakayla (my sweet daughter who enjoys you SO much just like her mommie), and our sweet “JacK” cat (Black-Jack) say “Hi-Dee-ho” from I-Dee-ho. 🙂

  26. I love your books. They are so happy and cheerful. Perfect to read on a rainy day for a little cheering up. Loved this post, so uplifting, as always. Have a lovely day.

  27. Sandy says:

    Oh do please tell me the Blueberry Angel Cake is calorie free! It looks dreamy and so “springy.” Would love to share the cookbooks with my daughter!

  28. Loretta says:

    Hi, Susan…..OMG….I can’t wait to hopefully win your books!! I so look forward to your pictures, stories, etc. The pics of the flowers are beautiful!!! Pick me, pick me, pick me…..from sunny California!! Loretta

  29. Laurie Gorski says:

    5 days of intense gardening and we are finally ready for Prom pictures Friday late afternoon! So excited to see the young couple. Finished putting down the mulch tonight. Ahhhh, how nice to relax now over a cup of tea and read thru your entry today. Love all the flower pictures and the blooming trees. Magnificent!! Thank you for your wonderful gift.

  30. gentility says:

    Vanna – Yoo Hoo – over here – ever here..Can you spot me in the crowd? Waving at you! Whew! What competition out there for these treasures!
    Like waiting patiently over an hour for a table at one of the best restaurants
    in our town… angst-ridden, but worth every minute for the prize. Again, bless
    you, Susan dear, for the joy and harmony with which you cover our world….
    Hugs to Jack…..and the girl-purrer….. Now I am off, prepping to make that
    delectable cake. It looks delishusss~

  31. Sue says:

    Hello! I would love to win your books – really enjoy your blog and photos. Thanks for all your give-aways!!

  32. This is an amazing blog, Susan! I have read it over and over and every time I find something new to love.
    I hope I’m not to late to enter the give-away…I almost missed it.
    Janet xoxo

  33. Willa says:

    O Happy Day…indeed! And we all shout for joy with and for you! You are the inspiration for trying so many things. You have reminded each of us to find the joy……to listen (really listen) to music, and birds singing, and quilts flapping. You’ve shared so much of you with us and for that I am grateful!! I have to keep myself busy so waiting for the book to arrive on my front porch will be a little less painful. Patience Willa, P*A*T*I*E*N*C*E!! Thank you, Susan, for being a friend to the masses of girlfriends that count it a privilege to call you that!! Blessed, I’m truly blessed!

  34. Lee Bowers says:

    Look forward to receiving your blog. Weather in North Carolina is cooler than usual, but still beautiful. Here we love the cooler weather….summer comes soon enough and it gets hot! Would love to win your book. Lee

  35. Linda Panikowski says:

    I just adore everything about your books. They are such a treasure! I have given them as gifts, and they are always fawned over when the proud new owner delicately turns every page. Your creations highlight so many things that I love about living in New England. Oh, and the cats! Love. 🙂 Happy May Day!

  36. Kamani says:

    The cake looks AMAZING! Love your summer book but don’t have the other one so I hope I win.

  37. Sue says:

    Your blog is such a joy to read as it reflects what is really important – namely family, home and friends. It showcases everyday life in all its beauty and the little things that make every day so special. Your trip to England gave us a change from our every day realities and let us ‘travel’ with you. Thank you!

  38. Jennie Lavezzo says:

    That was so lovely! I always feel a little lighter after reading your words.

    You always remind us to “count our blessings”. :). Thank you!

  39. Vivian V says:

    Thanks for your wonderful books, blog and website. It is so kind of you to share your thoughts, recipes and pictures with everyone. I am a cat lover and love hearing about Jack and Girl Kitty. Jack is a sweetheart and Girl Kitty has the most beautiful face. I ordered your new book and can’t wait to curl up with it and a nice cup of tea. Happy May Day!

  40. Jan Hammond says:

    Susan—-Love the flowers! We have a blanket of white on our yard here in Colorado Springs! A different May 1st—it’s springtime in the Rockies! My friend and I would love to meet you! We are so hoping for a book signing in Denver or anywhere within a couple hundred of miles!!! Your friend for years and years, Jan

  41. Susan Moore says:

    It would truly be a gift to win your books. They are so nostalgic and yummy…..a real pleasure to sit with and remember when as well as learn. The artwork warms my heart and I would love the opportunity to share these wonderful little treasures with my daughter and my grand-daughter when she is old enough. Thanks so much for the joy you give us all.

  42. Kathy says:

    Love all the pictures of spring. We are finally seeing spring here in Indiana. The cake looks mouthwatering delicious! It will be on the menu at my next gathering. Fingers crossed–hoping to be the lucky recipient of any of the beautiful, wonderful, inspiring books. 🙂

  43. Karen C from NC says:

    Oh goody, please tell Vanna to put my name in the hat! I would feel honored to win your books. Thank you for being so generous!

  44. Susan (in VA) says:

    The official Queen of Flour Sifting! All hail!

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely flowers with us. And pictures of Jack and GK are always appreciated, too. Just looking at Jack and GK makes me happy. 😀

  45. Marla says:

    Girlfriends Forever! One of my favorites – out of print?! Would love it for a “new” friend!!

  46. doris minear says:

    I look forward to your blog, I check it often as it takes me to the Vineyard. It has always been a dream to live there. I live there through your posts. I can feel the snowflakes, hear the crackling fireplace, and smell the sea air, not to mention the scents of the beautiful Spring flowers, I just baked your Pineapple Angel Food cake it is a family favorite. Looking forward to your posts.
    Doris from California

  47. Jane P W says:

    Your zest for life and all it entails as seen through your eyes and paintbrush is greatly appreciated. Have you ever painted a May pole dance? Happy childhood memories of May Day and all the beautiful spring flowers. Thank you for being a friend!

  48. Laurie - from San Luis Obispo says:

    Hi Susan – I too would love to win your books. I feel a kindred spirit to you in Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve been there once, but it was just a short visit. Both my parents are from Massachussetts and I just love everything about the east coast – except maybe the winter cold – that’s why I live on the Central Coast of California. Looking forward to receiving “A Fine Romance” book and having you sign it at Remnants of the Past in the fall! I too love all the pictures, etc on your blog – brings a smile to my face always.

  49. Sandi says:

    Susan, I discovered your website and blog last fall and could not believe I had missed out for so long. I always buy your calendar every year at Christmas for myself and my 33 year old daughter. The first time she saw mine I thought she was going to take it so she gets her own for the past five years. I bought your book Girlfriends Forever a long time ago and when I found your website I bought Sweets for the Sweets, Christmas Joy and Days from the Heart of the Home. All were signed with bookmarks except for the last one, a 1996 first edition calendar book. I thought that was why it wasn’t signed as it was a calendar book. I don’t remember The Summer Book being on there as i would have bought it too. I also pre-ordered the new coming out and need to place a second order for another one for my daughter. This was the first of 2013. Well, after that I went crazy on Amazon and started tracking down all the books. I have them all now except the little ones plus I bought another Sweets and the large Christmas book. I will probably end up buying two of all of them to give my daughter one of each and then we will pass them down to my precious grandaughters who are now five and two and one half and she thinks she is five! So this is why I need to win these books as my daughter and I bought love your calendars and books and your website/blog. I live approx. 60 miles North of Dallas on the Okla. border so I would like to put in a plea for you to have a book signing tour in that area somewhere so we four can attend.

    I love you pictures of your home inside and out and allyour breautiful flowers. In Texas my yellow daffidols have already bloomed and died

    • sbranch says:

      I will try to go there, I would love to meet the 2 1/2 year-old who thinks she’s five! Lovely comment Sandi, thank you so very much!

  50. Marilyn K Johnson says:

    I recently discovered Susan’s blog…how grateful am I. The weather here in Nebraska is very mixed up right now…from 80 degrees we have dropped to freezing with rain, hail, sleet and snow all in the same day. To have one of Susan’s books to read on days like this would thrill my soul…

    • sbranch says:

      It’s so fun to hear the weather all over the country! Love knowing what everyone is experiencing! Thank you Marilyn, think of all you have to look forward to!

  51. Judy Mattson says:

    I always look forwards to your new posts…each is full of wonderful exciting news. I love your books and hope I’m lucky enough today to be the winner of these awesome books!

  52. Sandi says:

    My email accidentally sent as I was trying to correct the daffodils spelling. So sorry. As I was trying to say they are long gone and now we are expecting temps in the 30’s by Thursday night and into Friday. What happened to May? Again I love you site and I also want to buy some coffee/tea mugs as they are beautiful. Love you girlfriends! Sandi

  53. Jamie Mattingly says:

    Oh sweet Susan, you continue to brighten our days. I don’t know which I enjoy the most, your beautifully detailed art or your fun photos. I believe your sweet lambs might just be the cutest things EVER.. I am in the sweet mode with the sweet smells of spring in the air and my first granddaughter on the way. I would love to have a Susan Branch nursery for our little one when she comes to visit…I am so excited to get my hands on your new “calander/journal” ..

  54. Chrissy says:

    I’m so glad you’ve finished this book and can hardly wait to vicariously visit merry ole England again. We missed your more frequent posts, savouring more fully the one’s you had/took time for. Thank you for you generosity both in the giveaways and sharing/pointing out this beautiful world.

  55. Sandi says:

    I am looking at my email address that is showing for another comment and it was typed in wrong. I am sending this so my email will be entered right for the drawing. I need to be in bed because I have to get up for work and I keep making typos. I’m the same Sandi.

  56. Renee Chesnut says:

    I have many of your books and have given the Girlfriends Forever to a few of my friends. One of my good friends introduced me to your Heart of the Home book and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you for making this world so much more beautiful, especially in these bleak times. A cup of tea, some sweet music, and one of your books is all I need to make me feel better.

  57. Mary V. says:

    thank you, & bless you for all you do. you make us inhale & exhale better. its a breath of fresh air. its soul cleansing.

  58. Rosemary from Oregon says:

    Happy May Day, Susan,
    I have warm memories of leaving flowers on doors and Mayflower Dances in my childhood. It always reminds me of Lilacs, Lilies of the field and Bleeding Heart flowers, all of which were in my grandmother’s garden.
    My best friend and I have celebrated Mae Day, since our mothers died years ago. Her mother’s name was Mae and my mother’s name was Dorothy Mae. We seek out a High Tea each May to toast and savor the memories. Now I have a grandaughter, Isabella Mae to carry on the tradition. Thanks for all the color and inspiration you provide. It always makes my day!
    I think the Day book would be great for a Gratitude Journal.

  59. Daralyn says:

    I am still working on getting you to Sonoma or Marin county California on your book tour! I will keep you posted … Please save a few days to explore this beautiful area of California and enjoy a cup of tea with us!

    • sbranch says:

      I adore Sonoma, but haven’t been there in a long time! Would love to go up there Daralyn!

  60. Joan McCusker says:

    Hi Susan…the colors of the flowers are so cheerful…I especially love the forsythia…you were kind enough to remind of the name a short while ago…I, too, would love the books…I’m dreaming of my name being picked…thank you, Susan, for making me happy and bringing a smile to my face…sending love xoxo

  61. Rosie (from Illinois) says:

    Guess I’d best toss my flowered hat into the ring, would love signed copies of your wonderful books! ♥

    Spring is springing here, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My tulips are out, the little red flowered bush is covered with blooms… wish I could recall what kind of bush it is, but we didn’t buy it, I dug it from the former yard of a house in the woods that is no longer there, and transplanted it here, and it’s been happy early in the spring ever since, for the last 20+ years.

    Happy birdsong and lovely days to you and yours! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Is it a quince, like the red flower in the May Basket (cone) in the post? That’s an early spring bloomer here. It has long thorns on it.

  62. Nanette Hill says:

    It is now the “Lofty month of May”. Our flowers have and are blooming beautifully, so inspiring. You just want to be outside. Spring is my favorite time. Susan, I have been a fan of yours for many years and check your website often, love the blog, as it lifts my spirits after a hard day. I am amazed at Jack and his antics. I have had cats, but none of them ever perched on the top of the door, its only 1 1/2″ wide!! I am looking forward to your new book with much anticipation. Thank you, and for all your wonderful talent.

  63. Rhoda says:

    Count me in please…I would love to have signed copies of your books!

  64. Sally L`Huillier says:

    Hi Susan — I love your books and photographs, and all your beautiful items. I would love to win your books, to give my daughter. They are all so beautiful, and I love the recipes. My Grandma gave me the love of cooking and baking, and then my Mom, and I think I`ve given that love to my daughter, as I`ve always loved cooking and baking. I hope you keep on sending all the beautiful photos and recipes — they brighten my day!! Thanks.

  65. Mary Kwiatkowski says:

    Spring in the north, the best! Hello from Florida. We traveled to Washington D. C. to see the famous Cherry Blossoms and got there a week to early! Boo Hoo. But all the other flowers were blooming. It was heavenly. To see your pictures is to relive our trip. Nature…just wonderful!

    • sbranch says:

      A blessing. And isn’t Washington DC an amazing city? So many wonderful things to see. Cried my eyes out at the Viet Nam Memorial, but so much more!

  66. Wendy says:

    Oh, my, what a lovely giveaway! Thank you for all your work that you generously give to us in this blog, Willard, reipies (some of which are now family favorites) and your gifts. It really is cheering!

    • sbranch says:

      Happy to hear that, and from everyone! It’s just so much fun to wake up to YOU every morning!

  67. Suzanne Kolhagen says:

    Dear Susan~ Thank You for the May 1st post! I was just having my tea and perusing the beautiful recipes and photos….I love your spring flowers, sifting video and especially your silly adorable kitty on the hutch! You made my day extra special. Thank You for sharing your talent and your heart. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of your new book. 🙂 Blessings to YOU

  68. Leigh Ulicny says:

    I am an artist myself and your books have been so inspirational to me. I would love to win these to to add to my collection!

  69. Carolyn Parker says:

    It makes my heart sing to read and view the wonderful eye candy of your blog.

  70. Janice Braxton says:

    I love your blog, your pictures, your recipes, your artwork, you name it! Thanks for brightening my day.

  71. It makes me happy to read your posts. I think you’ve been able to create the life you were meant to live….something we all were meant to do. We forget that the ultimate creative project is our lives.

    • sbranch says:

      You are so right. I read somewhere how that is done: “You make it up!” That’s the truth! Sounds so simple!

  72. pamela schippe says:

    Tis springtime Tis springtime Cold winter has passed Warm breezes are blowing It’s Springtime at last. Love all your books

  73. ali hartman says:

    love, love, love spring, and am amazed at how you capture it!! Thankyou for sharing your talents…..

  74. Candice OHIO says:

    Dear Susan,
    I certainly had my dose of Vitamin I (inspiration) from you today, Thank you for the wonderful recipe and the lovely photos of your Spring and Light at the end of the tunnel!! I tried the recipe last evening and must say that it is Delish!
    We have a wedding to attend his weekend, my daughters best friend and it is such a lovely time of year with all the flowering trees and Spring flowers. I hope that the weather behaves itself! Looking forward to the giveaway, I love your books and have several but would love to add to my collection!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  75. Sue says:

    All of the pictures are beautiful….I would love to live in your area, maybe someday!!!

    Please, enter me in the drawings, thanks!

  76. Nancy pierce says:

    I love your blog and look forward to all the beautiful drawings and nature photos. Such a wonderful way to forget the world’s troubles. Thanks!

  77. Happy May, Susan! Your spring flowers are over the top georgeous! So so glad you are out of your tunnel vision, but what cute visions you had to look at! Of course Jack is #1, but that vase is absolutely beautiful! I don’t know how you keep Jack or Miss Kitty for that matter from knocking down all your beautiful B Potter animals and the birds! Oh! If I won these books I would definetly have you autograph them to my Granddaughter Kaitlynn! She will be 5 in Sept. and loves all things Summer! And loves to bake with me and her mommy!
    Happy happy spring everybody!!!!~~~~~~~~
    Chirp Chirp!

  78. What a beautiful website! My first visit here….not my last! So much information and beauty at one place. Thank you for a much needed place to mediatate and dream!

  79. Amy Kitner says:

    I love my Summer and Girlfriends books. I pull them out a lot throughout he year for inspiration! I also have two of your Days books. I used one for a calendar one year then got another to keep out year after year. I can’t wait to get my copy of A Fine Romance for Christmas from my mom!!!!
    Thanks Susan

  80. Margaret says:

    Just looking at all those gorgeous blossoms and Spring flowers puts a lightness in my spirit. Thank you for making the world a brighter place! The cake looks divine!

  81. julie says:

    your flowers and trees are gorgeous! i would love to win your give-away! i would maybe keep on prize for me, and give one to my momma, who hopes to be here with me on mother’s day!! yay!

  82. Toni Hill says:

    Since my husband died suddenly the end of February, I have been soaking up all the joy and love and beauty from your blog! (Of course, I did before as well, but it is especially welcome now!) Thank you so much for several years of joy!

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Toni, I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t imagine really at all how that would be. Blessings on you that every day brings lightness of heart filled with wonderful memories.

  83. Lisa says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am enjoying seeing your photos of Spring! I am so happy that Spring has arrived! I live in the mountains in France and we are having an explosion of bright green leaves right now! There is still snow on the mountain peaks so it makes for stunningly beautiful views with the green next to the rugged snow capped mountains.
    I love your books. My mother used to give them to me as gifts on my birthdays or for Christmas. She has been gone now for 11 years. I think of her often but one of the things that triggers my thoughts to go to her is when I open your books. She has written lovely inscriptions inside each book cover.
    I am entering the drawing for the books so that if I am the lucky recipient I can gift them to my daughters.
    Happy Spring!

  84. Cindy A. says:

    I don’t have either of these books…yet. Hoping to win one, but if I don’t then I’ll just have to buy myself a Mother’s Day gift and then a birthday gift since the month of May is my birthday, and it will be here before I know it. I thank the good Lord for giving you such talent, and I thank you for so graciously and willingly using it to brighten our day.

  85. Elaine says:

    I have both of the books, but would love to give them to a girlfriend. I would really, really love to have the Blessings book. Such a great idea to just jot down something great for each day. Vanna – fo your thing and draw my name, please!

  86. Susan Hann says:

    Always enjoy your blog – such beautiful pictures! Just thought I’d pass this funny along. My granddaugher was telling me the other day that the grass is wet in the morning because it is covered with “morning goo”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her the word is “dew”. Have a nice day everyone!

  87. Karen Pfanenstiel says:

    Spring has finally arrived in Central New York! The flowers are in bloom and gorgeous just like your pictures. Happy May Day to you!

  88. Judith Mellenthien says:

    Susan, Your blogs lighten up my life and put “spring” in my step. I would love to be chosen for your books. I got started late and have very few but I am buying them as I can and would like to get as many as possible. I have found that some are not available but will keep checking websites. Thank you again for all you share with us.

  89. Beth says:

    Thanks to a girlfriend, I found you. Thanks to you, I found Gladys Taber. you’re both blessings in my life. Would be thrilled to win the books.

  90. Dolli says:

    You are always a bright spot in my day! When things are looking down I can always count on you to cheer me up!
    Thank you for all you do to keep us all upbeat and enjoying the simple, sweet things of life!

  91. Paula B. says:

    Somehow I missed reading a few posts but luckily stopped and caught up today. Also, enjoying the seventy degree (real Spring) weather we are having in southern New England. As I was out running errands today I had to admire the many yards that had gardens of blooming tulips and daffodils, oh, and the forsythia, just breathtaking. Our lilac bush is just beginning to bud, yep, warmer weather has finally arrived. Looking forward to seeing more posts highlighting springtime on the Vineyard!

  92. lani nelson says:

    Oh Spring- It is a beautiful thing!
    Thank you for your wonderful photos.
    I get to play in my yard all weekend!


  93. Every time I need a little quote to boost me I click on your blog. Thanks for sharing the optimism.

  94. Tegre says:

    Would love to win the books, thanks for all of your postings and Happy Spring to you.

  95. Donna Lynn Kawano says:

    It’s so nice to see your lovely garden and all of the lovely flowers that are in bloom! Thank you for all that you do and for filling our lives with your wonderful thoughts, ideas and talents! You really brighten my day and have done so for many, many years. I can’t wait to receive your new book! 🙂

  96. Marcella Seeley says:

    I have both books, but my daughter has started her collection of Susan Branch books, and she needs these two! We have to continue the tradition.
    Happy Spring from Garland, TX!

  97. Karen Friedrich says:

    I’m soooooo glad that you added the book”Counting Our Blessings,Book of Days” I used the Book of Days as my journal(I should have bought more at the time!) I am so happy I found your blog!

  98. Linda White says:

    I love your website and look forward everyday to what surprises you have in store for us. You never fail to lift my spirits. Every night I read the next day’s inspirational quotes from my bedside book collection. It would be a joy to add your book(s) to my required (and treasured) bookshelf.

  99. Marion Powell says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I love it and you!

  100. Mary in Mesa says:

    It is so special to flip our S B calendars each month with me (Mom) and my two wonderful daughters on the phone together. That’s togetherness!

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