That’s how I feel, lighthearted, dancing down the stairs this morning, did my exercises, played with Jack, went outside to sniff the garden. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then get ready for my version of War and Peace!  A nice cup of tea would go good right now, and then my dear girls, Musica!

I have lots of photos to cheer your heart this lovely morning . . .

Starting with these . . . during a spring rain . . .

the colors make me so happy . . .

. . . my kitchen smells like a flower shop!  And I’m all well.  My cold is finally gone, I get down on the floor every morning now and do stretches and leg lifts, lift my little weights and feel like I’m starting all over!

I couldn’t help taking a kazillion pictures of this vase full of tree cuttings . . .

But then my perpetual audience climbed on top of the fridge to survey his kingdom . . .

of which I am his people — is it the cat or the vase that is the real star of this photo?

It’s the cat.  So regal, such a star . . .

The pink cherry blossoms, heavenly!

Letting me loose with a camera can sometimes be a dangerous thing.  You should see the ones that got away!

And here’s where I go to gather the pink booty . . .

I could never do it justice with a mere paintbrush . . . never never never

Because looking into this sparkly pink pear tree is like a prayer.

The smell alone is enough to inspire the sweetest dreams . . .

And the breeze, the island breeze filled with the ocean, the blossoms, the green grass, the violets, the sky and all the good things of nature.

And Jack.  Well, my cup just runneth over. 

We had friends to tea the other day, and despite the diet  (I promise you, I am being very good!),  I made something mighty delicious —  a blueberry angel food cake with lemon glaze!  (Fat free, but filled with delicous sugar!).  I’ll give you the recipe for this the minute we reach our goal weight UNLESS there is strong request for it now, and then, of course I will give it to you!

We ate about half of it, heaven’s sugar cake, and took the other half, a quarter-cake each over to Lowely and then to Martha!  It’s so nice to have girlfriend neighbors with whom you can share the wealth and don’t get mad at you for doing it!

I used my pink dishes to match the flowers.  And then guess what I found out?  A year or so ago Joe and I made a little video called “How to Sift Flour.”  Truly one of the greats as the title implies!  But I just found out it is #1 on Google in the massive Sifting of Flour category!


Yes, if you Google How to Sift Flour, this is what you get, without even mentioning my name.  We, my girls, are number one!  In the world. On Google!  WHAT an accomplishment!  I’m kind of excited about it!  It’s the little things in life!

Remember a couple of years ago we got a new Dogwood tree for our backyard?  Well, we just placed an order for this year’s addition to the springtime floral extravaganza at this house.  We ordered a Magnolia x soulangeana, a weeping Higan Cherry Tree, and a Honey Crisp apple tree. Also seven new forsythia bushes to put behind the fence in front of our house. Not sure if they will be in stock, but it’s a good time to plant them, so we’re hoping our nursery can find them for us.  It’s so gorgeous out there, why not make more beauty if we can, so it’s almost silly crazy romantic over-the-top beautiful?  Nothing wrong with that.

Flowering trees are so special — something magical about them after a long cold grey winter.  Here’s the dogwood last year — it’s not in bloom yet this year, more to look forward to!  One of the reasons this is all especially beautiful to me this year is because . . .

I’ve had a sort of tunnel vision, like looking at the world through a straw, for a long time.

My concentration on our book, the single mindedness it takes, made the world look like this to me . . . here’s Girl Kitty.

Here I am making tea first thing in the morning. I had other things on my mind at all times:  What could I say, do, paint, dream up, remember, include, make happen, so that A FINE ROMANCE will be something you will love.♥  I wonder if other authors see the world like this when they are deep in the throes of a project?  If ever I was going to write something called “How to Write a Book” I would have to try and explain this.

This is what the kitchen looked like to me at around 4 am.

And here’s a snowy day — it registered because of its beauty but in “real life,” I was looking at the sea from the rail of the ship, or in England walking through wildflower meadows, looking at maps, touring castles, driving narrow backroads, and drinking ice cold peah ci-das in pubs!

I would look out and see Joe shoveling the snow out front and it was vaguely confusing.

He came in every day and made us a cozy fire, but my focus was always always always on something else . . . this was my background music, snap, crackle, and pop . . .

Believe it or not, even this guy never got all the way through . . . but he sure tried.

Ahhhh, here we are . . . this feels familiar . . .

Determined daily to make a movement toward the finish line . . .

One tiny brush stroke and pen mark at a time . . .

Every moment, the pure joy of creating . . . combined with the agony of wanting it to be done . . . but not too quickly, because there was enjoyment of the moment, as strange as that may seem.

Until I got to this, page 8 of A FINE ROMANCE . . .  The other 259 pages went to print as of last week, but I had to wait to do this last one.  I needed to get legal permission from several song writers in order to print excerpts from their songs in our book, because what would our book be without MUSICA? The last permission came through on Friday, and I was able to do this page.  The last one!  Oh MY!

And when I finished, the tunnel vision went totally and completely away, and the bright world came shining through . . . all new like I’d never seen it before.

Colors are brighter and prettier than ever . . .

The world is a lovely place!  Time for my fake tap dance!

Our walk to the water is more beautiful than ever — it’s 68 degrees on Martha’s Vineyard right this moment and as soon as I finish saying hello to you, we are on our way to our walk to this very spot to see the sparkle on the water.

But first, you have been so patient while I was looking at life with blinders on, you cheered me through and were with me the whole way — so, so wonderful . . .  isn’t it about time for a giveaway? YES!

It’s possible most of you have these two books . . . but maybe you have someone who you could give them to?  Or you could save them for birthday gifts.  Spanking new lighthearted copies of The Summer Book and Girlfriends Forever, and isn’t spring the perfect time?

The SUMMER BOOK is filled with delicious recipes for the season, barbecues and picnics, my picket fence garden, and stories such as “Library Days”, “How to Go to a Tea Party”, and “The Raft”.

GIRLFRIENDS FOREVER is a celebration of US — everything we love, Girl Parties, healthy recipes, decorating, clothes, beauty, exercise and a Spicy Mango Salad on page 82 that is to die for. This one also has the story of How I Met the Beatles (when I was “Just Seventeen”).

I would love to sign them, to whatever name the winner chooses: her own, her daughter’s, her sister’s, her mother’s, or her best friend’s!  Just leave a comment here to enter the drawing at the bottom of this post where you see the tiny word “comments” — (and if you don’t see it, click on www., scroll to the bottom of this post, squint because it’s tiny, and there it will be).  In a few days we’ll pull Vanna off the tennis court or out of her bubble bath (such a lady of leisure) and let her choose the winning name.  And I hope with every fiber of my being that this time, it’s you.  xoxo ♥  Hope this makes your heart take wings! Bye for now Girlfriends!

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1,887 Responses to LIGHTHEARTED ♥

  1. Susie (NY) says:

    Thank you Susan! You did it again. My smile is from ear to ear as I read through your post, especially involving Jack. You bring so much joy into my day and I am very grateful! Happy May!!

  2. Andrea S says:

    I love all your books Susan and my favorite is the Summer book. I have all the old hard copies of the Willards too. I tried to give my good friend a copy of the Summer book today for her birthday and then wondered if I had already given it to her which I had. So now I have to get her a different Susan Branch book.
    We had summer a few days ago and now it is back to winter complete with snow on May 2nd. Love weather in the plains states.

  3. elizabeth hindle says:

    Your beautiful pictures are so “what it’s all about”. Not only do I love your island, but all the calendars that I save using many of the quotes in comfort quilts for patients in the ICU where I work as a nurse. Happy SPRING to all!

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Spring to you too Elizabeth, and thank you so much for what you do! We need you!

  4. julie borg says:

    Just read the FB update that says there won’t be a desk blotter for 2014. I’m so sad! I guess I will have to write in my book of blessings how much I have loved them in the past!

    • sbranch says:

      I loved them too. But when you design for a manufacturer and license your art to them, all the business decisions are theirs alone — I don’t have any say in the matter! I’m so sorry, in more ways than one!

  5. Laura says:

    Susan, your words and illustrations always put a song in my heart! Thank you for being one who lifts others up instead of tearing them down…you are much-needed in our world today! I would feel honored to win one of your beautiful books.

  6. Michelle says:

    Just got our three boys to bed (Daddy’s working late), so I cozied up to watch the flour sifting video UNINTERRUPTED. (smile) And … (1) I’ve never seen that technique before. (2) Your voice sounds EXACTLY like I’ve been hearing in my head since 1990 when I got your 1st book! Please enter me in your giveaway and have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  7. Julie Jenkins says:

    Thank you sooooo much for the Blessings book!!!!!! I hope my girlfriends don’t read all your comments or they will know what they’re getting for Christmas!!! I’m going to make your Blueberry Lemon Angel Food cake for my Mom for Mother’s Day. I feel safe in saying she says THANK YOU!!!!

  8. Kathy Hollingsworth says:

    This is my first time to comment! I love sharing you and your ideas with my girlfriends! Keep up the good work!
    Kathy- from Muscatine Iowa (where you can use your furnace and airconditioner all in one day!)

  9. Helen Rusert says:

    I do not know if my post was made, but on this lovely day in May, let me say…you always soften my days.

  10. Lani Hee says:

    Please enter my name in the book give-a-way. The books offered are wonderful. Thank you for extending the deadline.

  11. Pam Boivie says:

    After a long, crazy day with my little blessings (twenty 2nd graders :), there is nothing like listening to a little “musica” and reading a bit of loveliness. Your words let me rest. Thank you for kind thoughts in a sometimes, harsh world!

  12. Carolyn says:

    That cake looks amazing! My mother in law is coming for my son’s graduation in a couple of weeks. I just might make that to have with coffee in the mornings! Thanks for the great idea!

  13. avrile says:

    I love coming to visit! Your books are lovely and a breath of fresh air 🙂

  14. Joy Rose from Oregon says:

    If I haven’t missed the deadline, please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

  15. Sharma J says:

    Thank you, Susan. You bring such cheer into our world. It’s always a delight to visit your blog. Thanks. <3

  16. Cindi says:

    Thank you for the lovely visit to spring!

  17. kendall says:

    I have received boundless encouragement and joy from your books, calendars, art and blog. I hope I get one of your books! Share the love!

  18. Linda Hensiek says:

    Love to read your blogs…you are so many miles away…St. Louis weather has been so crazy, warm and then cold and rainy, but the tulips, lilacs and dogwoods are in bloom!! ‘Love’ is the only book of yours I have but I have many of your calendars which I can’t seem to part with; the pictures and verses always seem to make me smile!

  19. anne says:

    Just checked your blog. I was looking for beauty. Now I can go to sleep with daffodils on the brain! Thank you!

  20. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I live in Central California and am mad with Spring Fever. I have been digging, pruning and planting up a storm -fun, fun, fun! I can’t wait for your new book Susan. Ilove England as well, and was there a few years ago. I would love to go back and when i read your new book, I know it’ll be sort of like being there again. Thanks for all of the beauty and light you shed on all of us gals!

  21. Diane Rowley says:

    I am from Colorado, patiently awaiting the spring snow to melt, and the warm spring rains to take over! Thank you for the beauty that you share ….along with the darling pictures of your kitties! I bought your first book many years ago and fell in love with your talent. When your fabric came out I had to have it…..I made a quilt so I have a piece of spring even when the ground is covered with snow. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, you are amazing!

  22. Martha Harrell says:

    After my daughter introduced me to your blog, I am a faithful follower. I have recently returned from a visit with three college friends. (We live in four different states.). I know you understand the blessings of close girl friends. I love your spring photos and inspirations; the beauty of nature gives each day hope. I would love to add your books to the few I have. Thanks for your blog.

  23. Sue Hale says:

    I would love to win an autographed copy of one of these books. I am just completing a seven-month renovation of my “new” (built in 1955 and still has pink and gray countertops in the kitchen) home in So Cal. First two items I bought were your set of six little vases and the A Day for Flowers hooked rug for my new bathroom! Can’t wait to be able to cook again!

  24. MoeWest says:

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. Spring is not quite that far along here, but it won’t be long now. Thanks for a chance in your giveaways too.

  25. Kathy H says:

    I love the tunnel vision photos. What a wonderful way to focus a scene. As always thank you for your words, photographys and paintings. It is such a joy to see a new posting from you.

  26. Linda S. says:

    How lovely…it’s spring here in North Idaho too! Everything’s in bloom and our hummingbirds arrived this week! The gross beaks stopped by to visit us too, on their way to somewhere. They don’t stay here for the summer.
    I have the summer book but have someone I could surprise with it! I have a “best friend” of 59 years I would love to give the girlfriend book to (we’ve been friends since 4 yrs. old playing in the snow in northern Wisconsin).
    Wishing you and Joe a spring filled weekend!

  27. Jackie Roisler says:

    Thank you for your wonderful sharings, artwork, musica, photos of locations I probably will not ever be able to stand-on 🙂
    Please enter me into your fab giveaway, I already know who I shall gift it to 😀

  28. Carol Jacobs says:

    I just stumbled across a recipe of yours posted on Pinterest and when I clicked the link it took me to your beautiful site! I am off to online bookstores (looks like used ones?) to seek more of your beautiful work! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent. I work in a hospital with a nursing home and assisted living attached, and volunteer at a senior center. I will share your works with the patients and seniors there; they so love this type of thing!

  29. Spring has sprung!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring blooms. I only wish my lap top had a scratch and sniff feature! 🙂
    My yard and home are filled with flowers as well, including my favorite of all, lilacs! Soon the peonies will be in bloom. I am surrounded by fields of them! I will send you photo.
    Thank you for including me in your generous giveaway, but honestly, I always leave your blog with a wonderful gift!

    • sbranch says:

      I do too and it comes from all these fabulous comments from all these fabulous women. Thank you Deborah!

  30. Lauri says:

    Hopefully I snuck into this giveaway in time! Would love to have these books, but I’m really looking forward to your new one!

  31. Linda Pennington says:

    Let me count the ways I love this blog and you, I can’t count that high, thanks for being you and for being life into your lives. Love, Linda P. (gram)

  32. Susan butler says:

    In need if a beautiful book, to brighten my heart;)

  33. Laura Ann in Vermont says:

    Please add my name to the drawing, too!

  34. Cyn LeBrun says:

    Thank you for the beauties of Spring.

  35. Rebecca says:

    Susan, Giving away books! How exciting. Thank you for the chance to enter, and for the Spring posts. I understand! It has been such a long winter in my life.
    Fondly, Rebecca

  36. Julie says:

    I looked at your blog to cheer myself and saw you are giving away two books. Wonderful! I sat by the river and watched the salmon smolts jump last night. Spring is here, in Oregon, and it’s wonderful.

  37. Susan Emily Williamson says:

    I know just what you were talking about. Went through a really rough patch with my brother just before he passed away. I could not see or think of anything…would walk around and look for things. I know for weeks I missed so much, so when I got my “sight” back, and could see what was really in front of me.. I had a “Happy Day” also. You have helped me so much over the years.
    You are a beautiful soul, and you make my world easier to deal with.
    Thank you and many happy days to you!! Susan Emily

  38. Mary Kathryn says:

    wonderful photos, what kitty sweetness you live with!


  39. Suzanne Marinace says:

    Your posts are always so heartwarming…. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of encouragement with others… <3

  40. Theresa K says:

    Oh… I would love to win these books as I don’t have them. And I would share them with my dear friend Belinda as she is always gifting me, especially her pre order gift of “A Fine Romance.”… What a blessing it would be to win!

  41. MaryAnn Matlaga says:

    I just love your books…. they make you appreciate the little things, that make life for living. The Girlfriends book will definitely be on my gift giving list this year!!! I would treasure autographed copies……. ♥

  42. cheryl ralston says:

    Enjoy everything Susan Branch! Just love the May calendar! Hope I win the books!

  43. Donna s Miller says:

    Thank you so much for all your posting–if Im feeling blue they ALWAYS cheer me up. from the flowers to the cat to house and your great outdoors. Thanks again Donna

  44. Ruthann Haluschak says:

    I love ALL your books and stickers Susan, and these books would be welcome in my home like you wouldn’t believe!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win, good luck to everyone. 🙂

  45. Karen B says:

    You’re pictures are beautiful and I can’t wait until your book is available !

  46. Karen K. says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your autographed books! I love them! And, thank you for sharing all the pictures of spring and your cats – also both favorites of mine!!

  47. Love your creativity and your way of finding joy and beauty in simplicity. Pure inspiration!

  48. Tracy Nevins says:

    i LOVE your books and drawings!! I have a cookbook…I think it’s called…from my heart to youts…or Heart to’s got those most beautiful illustrations and ideas!! I also have had calenders and scrapbook supplies….just beautiful! I’m in Florida..the weather is a bit rainy…but the kids are already in the pool…flowers are blooming…and our bunny. Mo, is happy!!

  49. LeslieBee says:

    Love the new “Days” book! And your all your wonderful photos on the post too.
    I have to admit that I already have the Girlfriends and Summer books, but if I am so lucky as to win, I get to pass them along to Mom or daughter, or other special girlfriends.

  50. cheryl says:

    I love everything about what you do. you inspire me and nurture my soul and I thank you for that. actually, if we lived closed I think we could be best friend. Don’t ever stop doing what you are doing..

  51. Vanessa says:

    Nice to add to my collection

  52. JeanE says:

    I absolutely LOVE all your books…when my girlfriends and I went away to commemorate our 40th birthdays (10 years ago), I brought along “Girlfriends Forever”, and we all got a small tattoo on the inside of our left ankles that was inspired by two little crisscrossed flowers that were used on one of the background pages in that book! A special memory for sure!

    • sbranch says:

      Cute! Girlfriends forever! Did you get to celebrate your 50th together too?

      • JeanE says:

        Planning is underway! They say your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband, so find good ones! And that I have!

  53. Coralie Badeaux says:

    Susan, though we have never met, I feel almost as if we are kindred spirits. I feel like I know you so well…like we grew up together! How is it that you appreciate and share with all of us the really important things. I so look forward to your every publication, and your blog, well, …it feeds my soul, as your recipes feed my family!

    • sbranch says:

      Girlfriends have been important to me since I was little, and we all seem to have so much in common — mostly love of home and family. But gardens and tea too, or kitties and decorating, or books and movies. So many things!

  54. Elaine Axtell Thomas says:

    Your ever-expressive and lovely descriptions bring your home and your surroundings to life for me. How very lucky you are, both to have the sights and to be able to put the beauty on paper where we can all share in your wealth!I, too, have been blessed for nearly 26 years as I gaze out my windows and watch the seasons scurry by over my deck and down into a park where the playground sends up nature’s scents and children’s giggling to my ears. This park, this location (also next door to a sledding hill), has sustained my love of nature and frivolous fun for so long. I am going to miss it when I sell my home this spring. I’m planning to write about it all some day soon before I forget what smiles have come my way as I sit with coffee or tea and just listen. Thanks to you for your many stories, your gifts of girlfriend ideas and recipes, your wisdom that transcends and makes us all sisters who share and care about the beauty of life and love wherever we may be!

  55. Diana K. says:

    I have many of your earlier books, and adore them! You have been a big inspiration to me in food, design, and in just living life… and am so excited that I have recently left the corporate world to pursue my passion once again in food! Thank you! 😉

  56. Sandi says:

    You bring sunshinme on any day with your wonderful artwork, books, pictures, and writing! And seeing the shenanigans of your kitty always makes me laugh, being a devoted cat lover! I do have many of your books in my collection and love each one! And I know each one comes from the heart. It is finally Spring here in New England {Western MA} and hope it is here to stay. Happy Spring!

  57. Cindy says:

    Every time I gaze upon something you’ve penned, read a quote you’ve borrowed, or smiled at one of your illustrations, a memory is evoked in my heart. This time the minute I spotted the quilts on the clothesline, I heard that familiar flap when the breeze was blowing and Mom had linens hanging on the clothesline. Thank you for being my memory snatcher!

  58. Sheri Burgess says:

    I just love everything about the Susan Branch website !!
    It bring a smile to my face & makes me think of all things English & thats where i want to be – thats my dream reading your posts i can close my eyes & see the flowers & cottages & have my daily cup of tea looking at beautiful things.

  59. Gemma says:

    I’d love to be entered :).

    I love your kitty, I have four of my own and run the website for our local Cats Protection. Kitties are the best :D.

  60. Cindy Madden says:


    I just love all your products, each year I look forward to your new calendar. I just love how you keep everything so simple and bring us back in from this crazy world!.

  61. Cleta waldron says:

    I follow the seasons with you,Susan….but spring is my favorite when the windows open and the quilts are washed and on the line! Dogwoods are my weakness too! Thanks for all of your creative ideas…Happy spring!

  62. Kathleen says:

    The best part of my day is looking at the Susan Branch calendar. Every time I get your posts via email I read it then forward to my mom and her friend. You have brought me so much joy and inspiration! Can’t wait to get the new book!

  63. Jean Hensley says:

    I love, love, love your blog and would love to have your books!

  64. haley jade says:

    I love your website, books and style. Would love to give any of these books as gifts but I will probably keep them for myself.

  65. Jennifer says:

    Love those flowers! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  66. Carol says:

    I have been a fan for many years…I have a lot of your books and love to get the calendar each year! I live in North Carolina and we have lots of spring flowers, but the weather is still a little cool, which I like. It will be too hot before we know it! Thank you for everything you do and I look forward to reading your book when it comes out!

  67. Jenny Synold says:

    Your books make me happy!

  68. Pam Campbell says:

    I love everything Susan Branch! My favorite is probably your calendars (hard to chose a favorite though.). I bought my first one for the recipes and have had one every year since (saved them all). I would absolutely LOVE to have these books. I have 5 already, but I want more, LOL. I have used your stickers in scrapbooks and sent letters on your stationery. I collect thimbles and wonder if you have ever considered a Susan Branch thimble? Loved the pictures of your flowers, sure hope spring comes soon here. Anyway, thanks and I sure would love more of your books!

  69. Karen Minehart says:

    Would LOVE to win these beautiful books!!!

  70. Susan says:

    I love reading your blog! The colors! The cat! The cat!! It’s beautiful!

  71. Susan Edsall says:

    From one Susan to another, “Thank You”!!! When I see I have something new from you I stop and go fix me a cup of tea in my favorite mug and sit down and enjoy reading what you’ve been up too! And it’s my time to enjoy and breath!

  72. Susan Styler says:

    Susan, I always know that I can check your blog and find some wonderful photos to brighten my day! Here in Illinois it is 40 degrees and pouring rain but the dogwood and magnolia trees have bloomed and I’m reassured Spring will be here to stay sometime soon!
    I have loved your books for years and will continue to rely on them for inspiration, beauty and laughter!

  73. Kay Roberts says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your books.
    I love your blog especially the illustrations.
    Have a wonderful Spring !!

  74. amy aguilar-cromien says:

    I have been a fan for a long time. Used to save your recipes from COUNTRY LIVING days. Every so often, i grab one of your HEART OF THE HOME cookbooks i have, and read cover to cover. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. You are such an inspiration!

  75. Deanna G. says:

    Please enter me into the book giveaway! In many a gift shoppe I have gravitated towards your work which always speaks to my heart :).

  76. I don’t really know how to express my love for your work. I have followed you since the late 90’s. Mostly for the scrapbooking, but now it has expanded to so many other crafty things I do. I can’t wait to see your work become wallpaper for my smart phone, and hoping you can find someone to create a calendar “skin” for my calendar on my phone. I know there has to be some techie that can do that!!
    Blessing to you and yours!

  77. Linda from Minnesota says:

    Would absolutely love to add to my Susan Branch book collection, thank you for having the drawing. Looking forward to spring in Minnesota and until then I’ll enjoy the spring via your beautiful pictures!

  78. Gwen says:

    We love everything Susan Branch here in North Carolina. Wish you would come this way sometime. You could write delightful book about your adventures here!

  79. Marjib60 says:

    You are so inspiring! I love your blog, your art and your kitties! Oh and of course all the lovely photos! You brighten up so many lives! Spring is here and I am looking forward to rereading Summer! xo, Marji

  80. Sandy says:

    Spring is having a very hard time arriving here in the midwest so your lovely pictures of blooming flowers are quite a treat.
    PS: I can’t wait to try the Blueberry Angel food cake!

  81. Elizabeth Holcomb says:

    I love reading your books! I learn a lot about myself and I know I’m not alone in my love of all things Susan Branch!!

  82. Gert~Iowa says:

    Oh my dear Susan…being in this Rehab Center has really messed up my computer time! I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blog or barely been on Twitter. I’m like you I’ve had tunnel vision, while I’ve been working to go home! AND the good news is tomorrow I will be blowing this joint…lol I would just LOVE to win these amazing books!

    Thank you for offering this amazing giveaway!

  83. Ansley says:

    Such an exciting drawing! I absolutely LOVE your Christmas journal book and these look sooo lovely! Love your writings about London, you bring back happy memories of wonderful trips! Thank you!

  84. Cindy says:

    I just love everything Susan Branch does! I’m looking forward to receiving her new book in the fall!

  85. Lisa says:

    Love your flour sifting lesson; that is exactly the way my Granny taught me – way back when! 🙂 I enjoyed reading about your creative process, especially the tunnel vision. I live with a creative-type husband and he so often disappears into his own head. It can be lonesome for the one(s) outside that tiny scope of focus. I am sure one of your books would help, so please enter me in your most excellent drawing!

    • sbranch says:

      I completely understand, and it’s also a little bit lonesome for the person in the tunnel. But it’s never forever, thank goodness!

  86. Terry says:


    I love your books! I just picked up your new Days from the Heart of the Home book at Barnes and Noble the other night. I have been using your Days book for 12 years. I love the new book!


  87. Rachel Ringer says:

    I love reading your blog, seeing the beautiful pictures and artwork. I dream of surrounding myself with a similar setting later in life.

  88. Gina says:

    a Susan branch book is like a vacation is it in the website is a mini vacation.

  89. Donna Cahill says:

    I gave a dear friend a copy of Girlfriends Forever. How I wish I had bought one for myself too. Maybe this will be my chance to get a copy!!!

  90. cathy geyster says:

    Love your web site! You bring so much sunshine into my life! I would LOVE to win the collection!!

  91. Margaret Hamilton says:

    Wonderful ! Wonderful. !!!

    I can smell the Vineyard air all the way out here in Santa Clarita, CA.

  92. Rhonda Ross says:

    I love all your book, calendars, artwork, etc…. I hope I win! Keep writing; keep drawing and painting! Your work is a breath of fresh air in this troubled world!

  93. Karen says:

    Love the pics and stories of Jack. I love your kitty. And I hope I am not to late to enter to win your books. I also love your art.

    Thanks, Karen

  94. Vicky MacDonald says:

    I have just gotten everything I need to make the blueberry angel food cake and am very excited. I adore lemon glaze! And just to make everything perfect my new berry dish towels arrived in the mail today straight from your store and are the cutest, happiest, most charming towels I’ve ever seen. I am delighted with the crocheted edges. The strawberry patterned one went right up on the stove handle immediately. Thank you for brightening my spirits! Hugs!

  95. Terri Pultz says:

    Thank you, Susan, for all the inspiration. I adore everything you do!

  96. Betty Frank says:

    As a displaced New Yorker now living in Florida….I SO loved the pictures of the spring flowers. It tends to make me feel so melancholy.
    Your cats are adorable and know when to “pose” for that perfect photo.

    I believe I have all of your books and I am waiting with baited breath for your newest one.

    Thank You so much for all the peaceful images.


  97. Sharon says:

    I so enjoy reading your blog. Seems to bring out the beauty in life. Thank you so much for a chance to will your lovely books. Such treasures! A wish for luck and I’m on my way.

  98. Charlene says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post. It must be such a great relief to be done the book and be able to enjoy the spring. You know I never new about Rabbit Rabbit, but now I do it every month lol!

  99. Jasmin Gaumer-Bowden says:

    I absolutely LOVE your style! Everything looks so elegant and country-ish at the same time! I am going to have purchase some of your stuff soon! 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      That’s exactly what I love — elegant country! 🙂 Just says HOME to me. Thank you Jasmin — I’m so inspired by the words of my girlfriends.

  100. Marcela says:

    Dear Susan,
    Discovering your website just a few months back has been like discovering a treasure chest! So much “happy” in this website, I can hardly take it all in!! I can be having a tough day and just browsing through the illustrations in this place is almost as a whisper saying “chin up” and “count your blessings” and I am back to smiling! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your life and also teaching your readers how to appreciate life and it’s beauty!
    and yes, please enter me in your drawing and thank you again!

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