Same ol’ same ol’

Pouring rain this morning Girlfriends and I just heard the long wail of the boat whistle.  What am I doing?  Same ol’ same ol’.  MUSICA?  Get ready, it’s a little bit of heaven.  

Painting for the calendar

My world is a bit of a Johnny-One-Note right now, just working on the 2015 calendars pretty much every day . . . in cause you wonder what I am doing, it’s this.  Which is the reason I’m not writing on the blog as much ~ mostly I’m trying to get the calendars done and turned in.  I finished the wall-calendar, the magnet calendar, the purse calendar and I’m working on the big blotter calendar right now . . . only nine months to go for that, then the Mini and I am done!  So my life is pretty much the same thing every day. Up and attem with a break now and then for a trek to the post office or supermarket — smacked joyfully in the face with cold air and snow flakes twirling off the barn in the wind for a good little wake up call. Our neighborhood smells like woodsmoke because everyone is hunkered down.

squirrel time This is when the little things in life are really all there are . . . little things like this squirrel who’s come to investigate our bird feeders . . .

view from my windowLike the peaceful little view from my studio . . .

front windowStorm after storm has come in this winter and our fireplace has been going snap, crackle and pop almost every day . . . In the photo below you can see my inspiration for the painting on the January page of my calendar . . . isn’t that fun?  I love to paint the things around me.


But yesterday was amazing ~ instead of our normal 20° day . . .  it was almost springlike ~ something we haven’t had in a long time.  Most of our snow went away, birds were singing, Joe and I put on our boots and went for a muddy walk down the dirt road to the water.  Thick fog was coming off the pond, warm air meets frozen ground blurred everything.  This morning, when I was getting the photos ready for this post, rain was sheeting down my window panes, but just now, like the flick of a light switch, I looked out and the rain has turned to snow.  Here we go again!

from my art table

I go from my studio, and this view from my art table, to the kitchen to make tea, then out on the kitchen porch to look at the black shuttered houses around us and listen to the quiet in my neighborhood ~ I have to add, it looks exactly like this right this moment … pouring snow and our ground is all white again!

Although I’m working hard, you can see I’m pretty good at procrastination.  I agree with Ellen DeGeneres who said, “Procrastination is not the problem, it’s the solution.” Everything from the gloriousness that is Downton Abbey (Daisy!  What a doll!  Poor little thing), to yesterday’s not-as-Super-as-we-expected-but-the-food-and-the-company-was-fabulous Bowl down at my girlfriend Lowely’s house.  I made French Bread stuffed with Clam Dip (then baked for three hours) from my first book.  Any little thing takes me away, and there are so many little things . . .

Merry In The Winter

Jack wants to play

Hello.  This is Jack’s “Do you have it? Should I get it? Where is it?  Throw it-throw it-throw it!” face.


There it is my little play-boy.  And to him, these are not the little things in life, these are the moments that make life worth living.


The eyes tell the whole story — IS HE NOT THE MOST ADORABLE KITTY THIS SIDE OF THE PECOS?  I MEAN, REALLY!  He kills me.  I have to grab him, roll him about, wrap him in my shawl, moosh him and kiss him.  I am mad about him, even when he steals my pencils and puts his foot in my paint water.  His newest thing is that he climbs into my chair with me at night without me even begging.  Cuddles up next to me, right there, with my hand in his neck fur.


So I do his every bidding. 


Kitty LoveI place the ball at the top of his post and wait while he stalks it, tail wagging back and forth, then suddenly he leaps up and grabs it.  Then we do it again.  Next he will stand on top of his scratching post/playground, his eyes perfectly round and full of concentration; I throw the ball to him, he catches it in midair, then drops it on the floor, I go to it, bend over and pick it up, go back, and throw it again.  And again.  When I get bored, I will do the wild and crazy thing and throw it the length of the room.  He will tear off the post, over the back of the chair, onto the couch, over the arm and across the room to where it fell, then trot back, full of kitty pride, red ball in mouth, to put it somewhere in my vicinity, and here we go again.  It’s a thrill a minute here.

JackWe do this for a while, until maybe he sees something lurking or flitting about outside. . .

the driveway

For a kitty, there’s a lot to see from our kitchen windows.  (BTW, FYI, we don’t keep Girl Kitty locked in a closet somewhere.  She lives on the bed in the Peter Rabbit room and has total access to the rest of the house ~ but most of the time we have to go to her room to give her kisses.  She’s just too shy for the real world and takes no chances.)  MAS MUSICA? 


Our driveway is sometimes lined in cardinals.  Joe shovels a path to the barn so we can get out there to where we keep the birdseed, then he sprinkles it in the path . . . and here they come! Now whenever they’re in the yard when we drive in the driveway — when we get out of the car, they don’t run.  They like us!  I hope this is OK.  I’ve never had turkeys for friends before (uh, maybe one or two along the way come to think of it); I’m not quite sure what to expect.  Is this a good thing?  So far, so good.

turkeysJack thinks the turkeys are exciting, but . . .

here kitty kitty

no where near as interesting as the neighbor’s cats . . . and this one thinks the turkeys might make a delicious lunch, or worse, really a fun toy . . . he’s actually stalking them.

Turkey standoffHe did this for a good fifteen minutes while Jack and I watched . . . we wondered what this cat would do with an entire turkey if he accidentally got one.

stalkingBut that wasn’t going to happen.  He rushed them and they scattered . . .

high alertThat blew his mind, turkeys in all directions, which should he go to first?


I don’t think the turkeys were as respectful of the kitty as the kitty thought they should be but Jack loved every moment of it.

lovely garden

what a wonderful world

hearts and roses

Valentine's DaySo I warm up some broccoli soup while the heat from the furnace vent blows across the wooden floor and wraps around my slippered feet ~ I put bread into the toaster and hang up our favorite Valentine while Frank sings “Hate California, it’s cold and it’s damp!”  

turnip gardenAnd just in case you think we have nothing blooming around here . . . no green things growing, look at this! How can you possibly think I don’t lead the most exciting life!

turnip worldWe have a turnip oops, rutabaga that loves the weather in our kitchen . . . It looks like the earth, isn’t it beautiful?  I don’t think we can eat this even though they are delicious mashed with butter and a little nutmeg or diced and roasted in olive oil on a cookie sheet in a hot oven, then just salted and peppered.  But this one, due to charm quotient, is getting a presidential pardon.

The mail

Another little thing . . . the mail, our connection to the real world.  It came and look what I got!  It’s the January/February issue of the new magazine that has the interview I posted back a few weeks ago.  I hope this lovely effort manages to be successful in this odd transitional period we are going through for things in actual print.  It’s thick (153 pages and no ads), filled with cooking, crafts, travel, how-to’s; the cover is soft and smooth, the paper is nice, the stories are interesting, and the photos are gorgeous.

My articleSo much work.  And here’s us . . .

our book

Six lovely pages of us . . .


There’s lots of Valentine ideas and decor . . .

Celebrating Everyday

. . . and a wonderful sixteen-page visit to Chatsworth House in England. (Jane Austen visited Chatsworth ~ she made it the model for Mr. Darcy’s house when she wrote Pride and Prejudice.)

the cover

Plus the recipe for these cookies is inside too ~ and so much more!

Ah yes, winter. Susan Branch Winter

little things

With love from the Heart of the Home, located right around the corner from I’m OK and So Are You.  Back to work Girlfriends! XOXO

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369 Responses to Same ol’ same ol’

  1. I am new to your blog and I am in love with it! 🙂 Love your cat pics and stories.:) My husband and I are loved by 2 black rescued kitties named Shadow and Ninja.They bring us such joy.So does your blog.Simply delightful Susan.We’re also Downton Abbey fans and I am a huge fan of England though I’ve never been there.:(Anyhow,just had to stop by and say hello.Blessings on all your endeavors.God Bless~Sharon in Salem,Oregon

    • sbranch says:

      So nice to meet you Sharon! Thank you !

    • Shannon (Pennsylvania) says:

      Welcome, Sharon! You’re going to love it here!

      PS….shout out to Linda from Lancaster and all the other PA girlfriends…hope you are all safe and warm. We have many, many trees down but are blessed to still have power. Cable TV is out, but that’s no biggie.

  2. Lorraine says:

    I enjoyed the blog entry – and all the great photos and music. It’s snowing here (again) and even though it’s very pretty, I’m getting a little weary of it. I will be more than ready for spring. My husband ordered seeds for our garden – so that gives me hope.

    I didn’t feel a romantic connection between Mary and Tom – more of an understanding. I liked the conversation in the nursery between Tom, Mrs. Crawley, and Mary – it really tugged at my heart strings… I thoroughly enjoyed the Dowager putting Mrs. Crawley in her place about the gardener. I like Mrs. Crawley, but she can be quite pious at times. Did anyone else notice in the preview for next week that indicated the Dowager is very ill? I certainly hope they’re not writing her out. That would leave a gaping hole in the fabric of Downton… I got a kick out of Mrs. Patmore saying the music made her want to “jig about” and Mr. Carson’s reaction to the singer of the band was priceless. As always, I’m looking forward to next week.

    Stay warm and safe everyone. And thank you, Susan, for brightening up these wintery days…

    • sbranch says:

      I so agree! I think if they wrote out the Dowager they would write the heart out of Downton. She strikes me as the glue. So I really hope not! The Dowager and Mrs. Crawley are perfect for each other!

      • Mary S. says:

        I agree!! I LOVE “Grandmother” – she’s my favorite character! And I also agree that she and Mrs. Crawley are a riot together!!
        Mary S. in Fresno, CA

      • Carrie says:

        The Dowager take the dirt nap? Fellowes better not or I’ll bail! Doesn’t he know, “There is nothin’ like a dame, nothin’ in this world. There is nothin’ you can name that is anything like a dame.” Down the Dowager then Fooey on Fellowes.

        Some real crackers from this episode, courtesy of the Dowager, Isobel, Mr. Carson, Dr. Clarkson, Mrs. Patmore and Earl Grantham:

        -from the Dowager to Isobel “…that halo must be getting awfully heavy.”

        -Nostrils flared, lips pursed, chin tucked in and minute herky jerky facial twitching by the Dowager as she says to Isobel while discussing if the new gardener Peg, stole her stationary items: “I wonder you don’t just set fire to the abbey and dance around it.”

        -Isobel says to the Dowager, “…how you hate to be wrong” and the Dowager, without missing a beat, “I’m not familiar with the sensation.”

        -The Dowager says to Earl Grantham about Isobel : “Part of her recovery is going back to battle.” And then speaking about what people are motivated by the Dowager says about Isobel “Her fuel, she runs on indignation.”

        -The Dowager to Isobel when revealing she had apologized to Young Gardener Peg for accusing him wrongly of stealing:
        “If you wish to understand you must come out f/behind your prejudice and listen.”

        -Dr. Clarkson’s “Game/set/match to Lady Grantham ” after the go between with the Dowager and Isobel.

        -Mrs. Patmore saying Valentino makes her shiver all over and Mr. Carson says ever so dryly “…what a disturbing thought.”

        -And what about Mrs. Patmore’s aversion to modern technology? Mixers, a refrigerator – what would happen if she traveled forward in time to see the electric knife or further yet, a microwave, apoplectic.

        ***And Edith’s fellow, Michael, I fear he’s a Nazi sympathizer. Haven’t trusted him since the get go.***

    • nanette from alabama says:

      Oh! They just cannot write the Dowager out! She’s such a favorite. It couldn’t……….wouldn’t……….be the same without her! I enjoyed your comments on Downton! I agreed about the nursery talk……it brought tears to my eyes. You could really feel their emotion. And that singer is just the cutest thing ever……..I hope he’s going to turn out to be a nice guy and I do hope Rose and Edith can start using their heads. They are so man hungry that they jump at any little attention……..without even knowing what kind of man they are throwing themselves at! what a cute line about Mrs. Crawley’s “tiara.” Yes, she’s good hearted……….she and the Dowager are quite a pair of old hens!

    • stephanie says:

      Oh I loved that scene in the nursery too! It was a great episode last week – loved the party!

  3. Jack says:

    Patricia, take note, not a single person responded in agreement with your complaint regarding Susan’s efforts to provide artwork for calendars — since 1993…let’s see that’s about 20 years, give or take a few, times twelve months and a cover and a back — that would be Four Thousand Eight Hundred separate pages of artwork to produce over this time frame, for those years! For just the big wall calendar!
    Tell me, how many calendar pages you have produced during this period ….
    You might also have a word for Salvedore Dali …aren’t you tired of those melting watches?
    Never mind that you are invading the private artistic style of the artist herself with your complaints — just understand that you are alone in this regard — at least according to the poll!
    The Blogdaddy for this Blog !

  4. Shelly says:

    Oh my we’re not the only ones with vegetables that are trying to grow. I have an onion I posted a photo of on my blog the other day that is starting to get rather tall green sprouts. As a matter of fact I keep thinking I should toss it but it’s so pretty! 🙂 Also, I mentioned to my husband that you posted a photo of Chatsworth House and how Jane Austen went there and used it as a model for Mr. Darcy’s house. I said I also love that they used it in the BBC movie and what on earth would Jane think of that if she knew! He said she would probably be thinking Can You Believe I’m 200 Years Old! If he weren’t so cute I’d smack him. 😉

  5. Lynn Cooper says:

    Loved the up and attem. My late father, a WWII Vet, used those words each and every time he was in charge of waking us up as young children. I was one of four kids in our family. We knew every song for the Armed Forces because he taught them to us.

    Enjoy the snow yet to come. Put some more logs in the fire.

  6. Cindy Stierhoff says:

    Loved the snowy video you shared with us all, have hardly ever seen it actually snow.
    That Jack is just something else, I love to see what he is up to next, literally. On the Hallmark channel they are still showing the Kitten Bowl, which aired during the Super Bowl. Anyways, there was a group of cats that were mostly black and one kitten was of the “mustache” variety, second cousin to your Jack. If you can catch it sometime this week, was so fun to watch.
    Stay warm.

  7. Mo'a says:

    Such a wonderful post…love the video. I adore snow. The turkeys look so beautiful…you caught them in the right light…great photos. Cats are funny and fun. I wonder what the orange one was thinking…perhaps there is a Napoleon complex going on there.
    Jack is as adorable as ever…he is filling a void for me…we still don’t have a cat it has been almost a year since we lost our lovely Brie.
    I baked your Orange and Lavender Polenta Cake aka Tadpole Cake 🙂 I decorated the top with marzipan using your house and heart cookie cutter…There is a photo of it on my current post on my blog. It was a great hit at your dining group dinner party…they loved the taste and texture and the house and heart decorations…and they asked for the recipe. You are making me look good 🙂

    • Sheryl says:

      I just took a fantasy trip through your blog. It takes you away to another place. Thank you. Several times I have looked at blogs from people who write notes to Susan B. They do not disappoint. Will look for you again.
      Sheryl from Chico, CA

  8. MaryO1230 says:

    Yes Jack is a most adorable kittah! My Buster (also a tux kittah) loves to play ball and seems to indulge in the same type of play behavior. Buster is not a lap kittah though, not for me. My husband is his “person of choice”.

    Such a lovely blog ! I simply adore the pics of the cardinals – so beautiful and the turkeys too! Here in San Pedro we get an influx of peacocks in the late spring/early summer. The cats of neighborhood are puzzled, but intrigued by this “meat-on-the-hoof” as it where. They are so large they intimidate the cats or simply fly (yes, peacocks can fly – at a very low level and not for very long) away. Pretty funny. God bless. Your writings always make my day! luv.m

  9. Mary S. says:

    Susan, reporting on THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON by Kate Morton! I finished it today – I thought the first half was slow, but about halfway thru it picked up and became very enjoyable and REALLY suspenseful as it went on! So I did really enjoy it a lot!! It’s one of those books that I think I will enjoy more the second time because of the surprise ending. Kind of difficult to explain…. Not as good as THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN, but definitely worth reading! (but not before SONG OF YEARS!!) lol
    Love from Mary S. in Fresno, CA

  10. Fleur says:

    Hi, Susan,
    I’m living in the Netherlands and read about you ( for the 1th time..)and your new book last week.
    I ordered it, cause I ‘m sure I will like it! Last years I also visited the Cotswolds and Shropshire; I loved it! The villages, the gardens, the sheep…
    We also visited the Bridgewaterfabric and saw how all is made and I was Lucky to buy some cheap mugs! (I posted pictures on my blog ;
    I’m looking forward to your book and will read your blog now!
    I like the countrylife, Quilting,England,etc so we have lots in common…
    Friendly greetings from Holland, ( hope my English is good enough…)

  11. Janice says:

    Love this post! Life is about the little things and they are so often taken for granted. We’ve had lots of really cold temps here in N. Alabama this winter but the only snow we’ve had was a dusting last week – when Birmingham, Atlanta and other areas received the ice/snow that created so much havoc – we were spared that 🙂 – I was in the grocery store and the clerk (a much younger gal) commented that she loved the snow because it was so “quiet”. I loved it – so true!

  12. Susan Roubal says:

    What a wonderful way to start my day- your post was full of great topics! I can hardly wait to pick up a copy of Celebrating Everyday Life with the article featuring you in it would be reason enough!! Seeing those exquisite looking cookies on the cover makes it a must! Fondant for frosting? I don’t know, but I want to get out my rolling pin and mixer.

    Wild turkeys…we have them in our rural neighborhood and they love a seed mix called “chicken scratch”. Last summer a friend watched our kitties while we were away and one of the Toms decided the road between our driveway and the neighbors up the road was ‘his’. He would chase anyone, any cars or trucks that tried to enter. Our poor friend was terrified of him! She accused us of having a trained attack turkey. He pecked at her car’s tires, bumper, mirror and even at her through the window! She started bringing a broom to fend him off while she made her way to the garage door! Next time we’ll remember to give her a garage door opener. 🙂
    There is at least one Tom in your group- he has the “beard”- that sprout of feathers high on his chest. The radio bit on the rogue turkey was pretty funny.

    Thank you for such an entertaining post! Susan in the Upper Hand of Michigan (the U.P.)

  13. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Again, you continue to make me HAPPY, dear sweet Sue! Delightful blog, love all the wonderful, positive comments…yup you all make my day! Blessings on you all! Rereading “our” wonderful book, just had one sent as a birthday gift….she’ll love it too!!!! Costco here does not have AFR on order, but gal suggested it would make a great Hallmark movie – I agreed! Taking my book with me next visit & nudging a little harder – doesn’t CA sound enticing right about now as you’re hunkered down? xoxoxoxo

  14. Ahhhh! Johnny One Note has become the Pied Piper of a Symphony! Cardinal Parades, Turkey Gatherings, Turnip Blossoms, Roaring Fires.

    Celebrating Everyday Happenings together via your Blog… pulls all of our heartstrings to beat together in rhythm!

    Special JOY to you today! HAPPY 32nd MV Anniversary! What wonderful life chapters have evolved. Hoping you can celebrate amidst the Snow, Freezing Rain and Ice. Throw another log on the fire and stay cozy!

    XOXO Georgie NJ

    P.S. Isn’t DA becoming quite intriguing? I wish they had focused a bit longer on Lady Edith’s letter!

    • sbranch says:

      Laura (on Twitter) froze it on her TV, took a picture of it, and sent it to me on DM … ask her. It’s shocking!

      • judi says:

        YUP, and the butler who made advances to the kitchen maid (and she told Mrs. Hughs and Mrs. Patmore) I believe has been set up (by author) to be Mr. Bates’ target!!!

  15. CarolK says:

    I guess Spring is trying to bust out all over, inside that is. Ray brought home roses a few weeks ago. No reason other than “I Love You”. Most of the pedals are now dried for potpourri but one little stem started to branch out with mini green leaves so now it sits on the kitchen windows sill in water with a wish over it that it will turn into a glorious rose bush. Mother Nature has given us a one-two punch too. First gads of heavy snow and now today icy rain covering every inch of EveryThing outside. I think its time to bake a chocolate cake to make us glad we’re stuck inside and I’m going to serve it with a dose of vitamin D on the side. Hugs from the Ice Palace……..

  16. Joy B says:

    Oh, Susan, I just saw in a quilt shop newsletter about some “Peter Rabbit” fabric, and had to share it with you, too. will take you to it. It’s so adorable! Unfortunately the shop that carries it locally is 2 hours away from me but maybe I will get down there before it is all gone. It has nothing to do with this lovely blog post but it made me think of you!

  17. Victoria Miller says:

    Finally, finally, finally, finally! I GOT MY COPY OF ‘A FINE ROMANCE’!!!! Why, you might ask, did I wait so long. Because a year ago this month, a renovation of our 10 unit building that is 89 years old began, and life turned topsy-turvey! Everything was packed away, I spent October – January with my daughter and family in Ohio, returned, had to stay in a finished ‘show’ apartment for a few weeks, was awash in boxes in my little studio apartment; but YAY! they are allowing me to store the boxes in the empty, completed apartment across the hall so I can actually have space to live and breathe and adapt in my BRAND NEW apartment. So far, I have three new-to-me tall bookshelves, and my friends the books, a majority of them, are at least on shelves, if not in the order they were before. I actually live in a library with a kitchen and bath, and my interests: the dollhouse (the dolls are still visiting a neighbor…they took their house with them!), the art basket, the knitting basket (more crocheting, really), the guitar, my posters, and the keyboard and other guitar are still visiting yet another friend until I’m a bit more settled in. However, I finally ordered and received A Fine Romance! Now, I’m still not in a position to just sit down with a pot of tea and relax and read and relish! And there is so much on my mind, when I do try to read, things keep popping up like burned toast (remember to….did you?…) However, I leaf through, and I like to smell it. It has a wonderful ‘brand new book’ scent. Right now it opened to the page with a painting of YOU, SUSAN, in your little yellow slicker and jeans, on a little green path, looking at a lovely field of old apple trees. I feel like I’m standing on a path staring at a room full of boxes. So, at any rate, this is why it’s taken me so long. I was waiting for the dust to settle (and settle it does…your book with get a lot of dusting!) But I truly thank you, Susan, for a fine treat and a lovely view now that there is a light near the end of the tunnel! I’m going to get some cardstock and go to the library and print out that lovely little sheep bookmark! That will give me another little treat to look forward to in amidst the moving back in.

    • sbranch says:

      Well, Congratulations Victoria, and welcome home! It sounds exciting! You’ll get there!

    • nanette from alabama says:

      I enjoyed hearing about your move into your new apartment and related because my living space is more of a library/sitting room than a “parlor.” And I have the knitting basket, the handsewing basket, the art box, a mandolin, and my very old “puppy-baby,” etc, too………..I just finished reading “A Fine Romance” for the second time…….this time read it very slowly and savored each little stop on the journey. I smelled all the smells, felt the breezes blowing, heard the sheep in the fields, could see every little nook and cranny of every tea room and garden and enjoyed it immensely………AND one of the rituals I love with the reading is to “sniff” the book when I first open it. Some of us are “kindred spirits” yet we’ve never met. 😉

  18. Debs OBrien says:

    ooops, nearly missed this! Well, there I was, pootling along, enjoying the pictures and words when up pop the turkeys! Are they real, wild ones? Or are they escapees? Amazing!

    Jack is so funny, and I’ve loved looking at your pretty birds and squirrel too. Great weather to be hunkered down, making sure that 2015 calendar gets done in time.

    Debs in Wales
    Waving from Across The Pond xoxo

    p.s. I have lettuce growing from cut stumps in a jar on my sill! Not even enough for a garnish, but something green and growing ~~ just like your “sweede” {what I call those delicious vegetables}

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, they’re wild alright and just show up whenever they want. Pretty regularly now that we’re feeding them!

  19. Loretta says:

    HI Susan, just read your blog for today…..enjoyed reading about your move from Ca. across country! What an adventure it must have been. Your house looks so cute….and I’m sure you had it decorated very cozy!! Take care….I know it’s really cold at your home….we here in Ca. are still having sunshine and nice weather. A bit chilly in the early mornings and evenings, but we are looking forward to some rain tomorrow….hopefully!! Chat again soon….Loretta/CA

  20. Lynn Rosenberg says:

    Hello Susan! I am a new fan…although I’ve loved your calendars for years. But, now I’ve read “A Fine Romance,” am following your blog and I’m so thankful for a kindred spirit in you! I’m a former English major and now busy mom of four sons, though my oldest (Caleb) has flown the coop to college in California. He’s enjoying the palm trees and flowers and bike rides while we’re snug in our icy Virginia winter. He’s an art major and sometimes complains that there’s just not enough poetry in too much sunshine! He misses gray and white and a hundred shades of brown. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU for brightening my winter this year. I’m grateful for your lovely, friendly, artsy, cozy style!

    • sbranch says:

      Perfectly said, “not enough poetry in too much sunshine.” He must have the girls lined up behind him!!!

  21. Randi Bault says:

    Lovely Blog. I remember 30 some years ago I was on my way to Reno, NV going to make lots of money and then go to Alaska and make more money so then I could go to my dream place- Hawaii!!! Well, except I met my husband Marvin in Reno and my life took a turn…instead of Alaska we moved to Lake Tahoe for a few years and then the economy took a dive and it was back to Reno. My Marvin passed away 5 years ago. I think he pulled some strings up in Heaven, because two years ago I reconnected by chance with a long lost (wealthy) cousin who decided to treat me to a week long trip to Hawaii. Now, what are the chances of that happening? I have had a very blessed life; I had a man who truely loved me and we had many happy years together and I got to realize a life dream of going to Hawaii. Now my new dream is visiting Martha’s Vineyard and/or England…all because of you Susan!!! Always have to have a dream I say. Thank you for your inspiring blogs; I love them as they always brighten my day.
    Jack reminds me of a cat I had. He was a tuxedo cat too, named Oreo (after the cookie) and a “fetch cat” he loved his catnip stuffed mouse, which we played fetch with a lot.
    I loved the snow clip- you are so right- snow is so quiet. I think it is God’s way of getting us to slow down and listen and feel peace.
    But I am looking forward to Spring! Flowers and sunshine…yesssss!!!
    Your Friend, Randi —-<—<—@

  22. stephanie says:

    I love this blog post as always! I love winter. Even having shoveled for 2 hours on Tuesday just to get another storm on Wednesday and then we’re getting another one on Saturday… yikes!

    What I love most about winter is being prepared and cozy. Just knowing I have firewood, groceries, tea, yarn to knit, books to read etc. make this a fun time (in spite of my aching shoulders from the shoveling!). This crazy weather has made me crave curry – I’ve been whipping up cauliflower curry dishes like a nut. Somehow they are very warming.

    I feel like I’m always asking you for things but this post made me wish that you would write the “Winter” book next. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the Winter and Spring books to go with your Fall and Summer. Then they can re-sell them all as a boxed set! You have so many great Winter ideas I know it would be perfection. Although – what do I know? I never would’ve imagined your Fine Romance book and that is a GEM!

    Stay warm and cozy this weekend everyone!

  23. Angie(Tink!) says:

    ♪**♫*✱•*¨*•.☆.♪•*¨❋**••*¨✱*•★.* ♪* Good Morning Sweet Sue…Thank~You for Sharing Your Winter~Wonderland! I Love Everything! Warm Hugzzz & A Cup Of Tea….& Always Kitty~Kisses & Winter Pixie~Dust Mixed with A Few Snowflakes & A Bit Of Star~Dust….Make A Wish! xoxo Poof! ♪**♫*✱•*¨*•.☆.♪•*¨❋**••*¨✱*•★.* ♪* 🙂

  24. That little house you bought is so cute! You are a brave woman to be so far from your family. On one of your pages I saw some hooked pillows and a hooked double pumpkin (I don’t know if it is a rug, pot holder or trivet), but it is beautiful. I am assuming that you make and then sell these lovely items and am wondering if you have a listing of what you make and the price of the items?

    • sbranch says:

      Actually I found the needlepoint pillows in an antique store near where my dad lives. We do sell somethings on the blog, just go to the top of the page and click on SHOPPING.

  25. My little heart ♥ sugar cubes made this issue. I loved reading your interview, Susan!

  26. Dear Sue,

    It must have taken a lot of courage to move on the other side of the country (hope you knew at least one person on the Island back then) anyway, they said that the universe rewards those who make courageous choices so that makes you proof positive that dreams (even the ones are yet to be imagined) actually do come true. Love your books but must confess that I too can’t wait for Winter and Spring!!!

  27. Pamela C Betz says:

    Dear Susan–I would love to see a larger photo of the Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt that was shown in the pic of your front window. I really enjoy your blog!

    • sbranch says:

      That’s so funny — I just made that exact quilt the border for the January page of my new 2015 blotter calendar! I’ll post a bigger photo soon.

  28. Joy Manier says:

    Hi Susan!
    Loved the music, Jack, the turkeys and the rutabaga. I’m mostly thrilled to see that you and other folks recognize the preciousness of the “everyday.” These are the things that make up our lives. I want to go out today and see if I can find a rutabaga to sprout. They do look like the earth, with the “tree of life” growing out the top!

  29. Gloria Howard says:

    I second the notion of a Winter book!
    Happy Anniversary Susan. Our lives wouldn’t be the same if you hadn’t moved to the Vineyard.
    Also, thanks for the July calendar fix from a few blogs ago. You’re allowed to make a mistake. I know there’s some Amish tradition of always making a small mistake in every quilt etc. they make, because only God can make things perfectly.

  30. Gloria Howard says:

    Oh..I forgot something. I can’t wait for your 2015 desk top calendar. I miss it so much this year. Forced to buy some other plain one for my desk. It just isn’t the same.

    • sbranch says:

      I finished designing it yesterday! It’s ready to go! This one is bigger than the old one … more room to write, more like a professional desk blotter calendar …17 x 22, but still cute.

  31. Dinahsoar says:

    It’s a wonderful life you’ve got going there! When I think of you and Jack I am reminded of they hymn “I am His and He is mine”–fitting I think. I totally understand girl kitty’s shyness. My daughter and sil have a new girl kitty who is the epitome of sweetness but very shy…she ‘lives’ in a room off of their living room, full of kitty comforts. It’s the closest thing to kitty heaven on earth. The door is left open but she never purposefully passes the door jamb and if she does forget momentarily, the instant she realizes it she runs back into the room. But any and all who go into HER room are welcomed with much love–petting and stroking her causes her to purr and cuddle against your hand. You can’t help but love her. They hope that in time she will come sit with them on the sofa. She was a rescue who was being cared for by an organization that does a catch and release, living on the college campus where my daughter works.

  32. Mary from NJ says:

    Dear Susan, Our winter birdfeeder has a new addition—an Eastern Towhee. Took me awhile to identify this cute little bird.
    And the more I read about it—I saw that it’s little birdsong is said to sound like it’s saying “drink your tea!” LOL! I had to share….

  33. Isabel says:

    Hi Susan,
    I went to the web site of Everyday Life the last time you mentioned it. It said that they do not have subscriptions, but that one issue was 35.95. I would have loved the cookie recipe for the Valentine’s cookies on the cover, but that was a little too steep a price for me. I have not had internet service for 2 weeks and am just now catching up on your blogs. Have missed seeing them but have heard on the news that you have gotten quite a bit of snow. Hang in there. Spring is coming.

    • sbranch says:

      Yes, I know … I found out they are just doing Print on Demand for those who really want a hard copy right now. You can get a subscription online and get the recipe that way. The editor told me she’s looking for backers to make the magazine available in stores at the normal price.

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